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Solid Viper Records :: Psych
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Artist Title Label Price Condition Media
 45 Lucky Planet Liberty LBG 83419 $45 VG/VG+ LP Info Buy
   1970 UK gatefold cover. Prog rock with Neil Innes production. Original pressing with textured cover which has ringwear.Psych   Item # 209167
 Aditus Posicion Adelantada Aditus 004 $125 VG/EX LP Info Buy
   1983,Venezuela,prog rock,woc,wolPsych   Item # 173202
 Affection Collection S/T Evolution 2007 $30 VG/EX LP Info Buy
   1969 pop-psych produced by Norman Petty. Cover has ringwear and two cutout holes. Vinyl is Excellent.Psych   Item # 206129
 Agape S/T Mark MRS-2170 $195 VG/VG LP Info Buy
   1960s original psych. Cover has ringwear.Psych   Item # 185645
 Aguaviva S/T Capitol SMAS 774 $20 VG+/M- LP Info Buy
   1971,gfld,green target label,'Robot','Rolling Stones',strange spanish sounding psych,coPsych   Item # 109793
 Aguaviva S/T Capitol SMAS 774 $24.99 EX/M- LP Info Buy
   1971,gfld,green target label,'Robot','Rolling Stones',strange spanish sounding psychPsych   Item # 27406
 Aguaviva S/T Capitol SMAS 774 $32 SS LP Info Buy
   1971,gfld,green target label,'Robot','Rolling Stones',strange spanish sounding psych,coPsych   Item # 109794
 Akkerman, Jan & Thijs van Leer Focus Mercury 824-524-1 $7.95 VG/VG+ LP Info Buy
   1985,prog-rock,soc,rwPsych   Item # 122302
 Alexander Rabbit The Hunchback of Notre Dame (The Bells Were his Friends) Mercury SR-61291 $70 VG+/EX LP Info Buy
   1970,coPsych   Item # 197280
 Alpha III The Dream Alpha III Artistical Productions $30 SS LP Info Buy
   1992,2lp,reissue of 'aleph' & 'temple of delphos',symphonic prog from brazil,unplayed in original plastic sleevePsych   Item # 197614
 Appletree Theatre Playback Verve Forecast FTS3042 $70 VG/EX LP Info Buy
   196?,co,slrw,wocPsych   Item # 193007
 Ars Nova Ars Nova Elektra EKS 74020 $20 VG/VG+ LP Info Buy
   1968,gfld,gold label,rwPsych   Item # 201459
 Ars Nova Sunshine & Shadows Atlantic SD 8221 $20 VG/VG LP Info Buy
   1969,white label promo,prst oc,rwPsych   Item # 197194
 Arthur Dreams & Images LHI 12,000(M) $250 VG+/M- LP Info Buy
   1967. Rare folk psych. DJ label,slight ringwear,mono,Lee Hazlewood production.Psych   Item # 185935
 Ashby Ostermann Alliance Divide DI 1001 $75 VG+/M- LP Info Buy
   Local Illinois private press heavy progressive jazz rock from 1981. Includes patented soft poly lined inner sleeve.Psych   Item # 213678
 Atlantis Ooh, Baby Vertigo 6360621 $40 VG+/EX LP Info Buy
   1974,GermanyPsych   Item # 210604
 Backman, Bernard Portrait of Man Mandala 69-52 $75 VG+/VG+ LP Info Buy
   1969,christian folk-psych,insertPsych   Item # 151706
 Bangor Flying Circus S/T Dunhill DS 50069 $8.95 VG/VG- LP Info Buy
   196?-7?,psych,socPsych   Item # 212231
 Bangor Flying Circus S/T Dunhill DS 50069 $18 VG/VG+ LP Info Buy
   196?-7?,psych,wlpPsych   Item # 210658
 Baroque Head S/T Ophic Egg OES 6917 $18 VG/VG+ LP Info Buy
   1971,rwPsych   Item # 201794
 Beacon Street Union The Clown Died in Marvin Gardens MGM SE-4568 $30 VG/VG+ LP Info Buy
   1968,psych,swol,slrw,sobcPsych   Item # 145618
 Beacon Street Union The Clown Died in Marvin Gardens MGM E4568(M) $32 VG/VG LP Info Buy
   1968,psych,yellow djl,dj mono,socPsych   Item # 129396
 Beast S/T Cotillion SD 9012 $30 VG+/EX LP Info Buy
   1969,co,abstract expressionist cover art,psychPsych   Item # 197185
 Blackberry Winter Blackberry Winter Chamus BW201 $250 SS LP Info Buy
   Self released private press prog psych from Nebraska circa 1975. Still factory sealed, original edition. Includes several excellent tracks, especially 'After The Rain', 'Answers' and the moody masterwPsych   Item # 213763
 Blackwood Apology House of Leather Fontana SRF 67591 $35 VG+/VG+ LP Info Buy
   1969,gfld,psych,co,socPsych   Item # 197347
 Blessitt, Arthur Soul Session at His Place Creative Sound CSS 1530 $95 EX/EX LP Info Buy
   1972. Spoken word on one side, xian rock on the other side. 'Minister to Sunset Strip'. Psychedelic cover art still in shrink.Psych   Item # 142898
 Bliffert You'll Like Bliffert O No.1 $50 VG/VG+ LP Info Buy
   197?,rural psych,Freddie Bliffert,local singer songwriter and group,rwPsych   Item # 197290
 Blues Magoos Gulf Coast Bound ABC ABCS-710 $125 M-/VG+ LP Info Buy
   1971 original promotional 1st edition. Gatefold cover has promo stamp indentations on the front and is still in the original shrink wrap. Original deep groove rare white label promo. Vinyl has one isoPsych   Item # 214356
 Bogaert, Robert Independent Study Why 1 $150 VG/M- LP Info Buy
   Rare 1979 private press label Illinois folk psych. From Reverberation Vinyl blog site: Robert Bogaert is a hidden gem of lost Illinois psych-folk-rock, according to those who have rediscovered his 197Psych   Item # 213630
 Bono, Sonny Inner Views Atco SD 33-299 $18 VG+/EX LP Info Buy
   1967,psych,orig purple/brown label,swol,socPsych   Item # 175684
 Bonzo Dog Band Keynsham Imperial LP-12457 $20 VG/EX LP Info Buy
   1970,orig,gfld,prst oc,rw,wocPsych   Item # 197325
 Boyce, Tommy & Bobby Hart Test Patterns A&M SP 4126 $24.99 VG/EX LP Info Buy
   196?,brown label,slrw,coPsych   Item # 201949
 British Casuals Hour World Mainstream S/6124 $28 VG/VG+ LP Info Buy
   196?,orig psych,co,woc,'Jesamine'Psych   Item # 125804
 British Casuals Hour World Mainstream S/6124 $28 VG/VG+ LP Info Buy
   196?,orig psych,co,sm tear oc,slrw,'Jesamine'Psych   Item # 183346
 British Casuals Hour World Mainstream S/6124 $30 VG/EX LP Info Buy
   196?,orig psych,co(bb),small smsptPsych   Item # 116686
 Brother Fox & the Tar Baby S/T Capitol ST-544 $24.99 VG/VG+ LP Info Buy
   1969,second issue,green target label,sl stains oc,slrw obcPsych   Item # 197282
 Brothers With Marj Snyder Rock Musical Journey of Faith Discovery 1-5001 $125 VG-/EX LP Info Buy
   1972 private pressing from Walnut Creek, California. Rarely offered original U.S. pressing. Brothers are Rick Riso and Tony Sbrana. Recommended christian psychedelic acid folk rock with both male andPsych   Item # 213606
 Brown, Arthur The Crazy World of Arthur Brown Track SD 8198 $40 VG+/EX LP Info Buy
   1968,psychPsych   Item # 134477
 Brown, Bobby The Enlightening Beam of Axonda Destiny DR 4002 $50 VG/VG+ LP Info Buy
   1972,slrw,wobc,obscure california hippie spacey psychPsych   Item # 192164
 Buckinghams In One Ear And Gone Tomorrow Columbia CS 9703 $18 VG+/EX LP Info Buy
   196?,psychPsych   Item # 191522
 Buckwheat Pure Buckwheat Honey Super K SKS 6004 $24.99 VG/M- LP Info Buy
   1969,pop-psych,rwPsych   Item # 183293
 Burchette, Master Wilburn Psychic Meditation Music Burchette BB 002 $100 VG/VG+ LP Info Buy
   1974,cool cover art,rw,smsplt,private cosmic/psych/occultPsych   Item # 195753
 Burdon, Eric & the Animals Love Is MGM SE 4591-2 $35 VG/VG/EX LP Info Buy
   1968,2lp,woc,wol,psychPsych   Item # 134683
 Burdon, Eric & the Animals Love Is MGM SE 4591-2 $35 VG/VG+ LP Info Buy
   1968,2lp,slrwPsych   Item # 207767
 Burdon, Eric & the Animals The Twain Shall Meet MGM SE 4537 $20 VG/VG+ LP Info Buy
   196?,rwPsych   Item # 209395
 Burman, R.D. Joshila OST Polydor 2392 040 $70 VG/VG+ LP Info Buy
   1973,India,Bollywood,gfld,funky psych beats,Asha Bhosle,Kishore Kumar,Lata Mangeshkar,swocPsych   Item # 141866
 Burman, R.D. Yaadon Ki Baaraat OST Odeon D/MOCE.4194(E) $125 VG/VG+ LP Info Buy
   1973,India,Bollywood,funky psych beats,Asha Bhosle,Kishore Kumar,Lata Mangeshkar,woc,split spine,smspltPsych   Item # 141850
 Byrd, Joe & the Field Hippies The American Metaphysical Circus Columbia Masterworks MS 7317 $24.99 VG+/VG LP Info Buy
   1969,orig,rare psych,osw,blank back coverPsych   Item # 197261
 Byrd, Joe & the Field Hippies The American Metaphysical Circus Columbia Masterworks MS 7317 $40 VG+/EX LP Info Buy
   1969,orig,rare psych,slrwPsych   Item # 175361
 Cake A Slice of Cake Decca DL 75039 $125 VG+/M- LP Info Buy
   1968,rare 2nd pop-psych release,coPsych   Item # 192690
 California Poppy Pickers Hair-Aquarius Alshire S 5153 $5.95 VG+/VG LP Info Buy
   196?,pop psych/exploitoPsych   Item # 74683
 California Poppy Pickers Hair-Aquarius Alshire S 5153 $6.95 VG+/VG+ LP Info Buy
   196?,pop psych/exploitoPsych   Item # 46576
 California Poppy Pickers Hair-Aquarius Alshire S-5153 $8.95 VG+/M- LP Info Buy
   1979,pop psych/exploitoPsych   Item # 57976
 California Poppy Pickers Hair-Aquarius Alshire S-5153 $24.99 SS LP Info Buy
   1979,pop psych/exploitoPsych   Item # 170682
 California Poppy Pickers Sounds of '69 Alshire S 5152 $35 VG/EX LP Info Buy
   196?,toc,pop psych/exploitoPsych   Item # 156393
 Candymen Bring You Candy Power ABC ABCS-633 $24.99 VG/VG+ LP Info Buy
   1968,pop psych,slrw,coPsych   Item # 197165
 Candymen S/T ABC ABCS 616 $6.95 VG/VG+ LP Info Buy
   196?,pop psych,socPsych   Item # 160400
 Candymen S/T ABC ABCS 616 $12 VG/EX LP Info Buy
   196?,co(bb),pop psychPsych   Item # 59944
 Cats 45 Lives Rare Earth RS521DJ $24.99 VG/VG+ LP Info Buy
   1970,djl,psych/dutchbeat,rwPsych   Item # 171772
 Cats 45 Lives Rare Earth RS521 $24.99 VG/EX LP Info Buy
   1970,psych/dutchbeat,rwPsych   Item # 197546
 Chad & Jeremy Of Cabbages & Kings Columbia CS 9471 $24.99 VG+/VG+ LP Info Buy
   196?,pop-psych classic,orig 360 label,rw obc,swobcPsych   Item # 176341
 Chad & Jeremy Of Cabbages & Kings Columbia CL 2671(M) $30 VG+/M- LP Info Buy
   196?,pop-psych classic,orig 360 label,djts ocPsych   Item # 194419
 Chad & Jeremy The Ark Columbia CS 9699 $40 VG+/VG+ LP Info Buy
   1968,pop-psych classic,orig 360 label,rw obcPsych   Item # 167829
 Charlebois, Robert & Louise Forestier Robert Charlebois avec Louise Forestier Gamma GS-120 $75 VG+/M- LP Info Buy
   1968,Canada,orig,textured cover,insert,psychPsych   Item # 181415
 Cherry People S/T Heritage HTS 35,000 $12 VG+/VG LP Info Buy
   196?,gfld,contour-raised cover,coPsych   Item # 100299
 Cherry People S/T Heritage HT 35,000(M) $15 VG/VG+ LP Info Buy
   196?,gfld,djl,dj mono,contour-raised cover early press,swoc,soc,sol,wolPsych   Item # 71742
 Cherry People S/T Heritage HTS 35,000 $15 VG+/VG+ LP Info Buy
   196?,gfld,contour-raised coverPsych   Item # 191351
 Cherry People S/T Heritage HTS 35,000 $20 VG+/M- LP Info Buy
   196?,gfld,contour-raised coverPsych   Item # 209401
 Children Rebirth Atco SD 33-271 $45 VG-/VG+ LP Info Buy
   1968 original pressing. Messy cutout corner lower left. Tear on back cover. Vinyl is VG+.Psych   Item # 203169
 Chirco Visitation Crested Butte CB 701 DJ $150 VG/M- LP Info Buy
   1972,wlp,rare orig,psych/prog,slrwPsych   Item # 186651
 Christie Yellow RIver Epic E 30403 $15 VG/VG LP Info Buy
   1970,psych,yellow label,smsplt,slrwPsych   Item # 127074
 Christie Yellow RIver Epic E 30403 $20 VG/EX LP Info Buy
   1970,psych,yellow label,co,rwPsych   Item # 170459
 Christie Yellow RIver Epic E 30403 $20 VG/EX LP Info Buy
   1970,psych,yellow label,wobc,rwPsych   Item # 187112
 Christmas, Keith Fable of the Wings Polydor 24-4511 $24.99 VG/VG LP Info Buy
   1970 USA. Rare acid-folk with Mighty Baby. Cover is cutout and has ringwear. Side one label has large magic marker writing. Vinyl has some marks but plays surprisingly well.Psych   Item # 210517
 Circus S/T Hemisphere KS 6679 $35 VG/VG+ LP Info Buy
   1974,12:25 'Old Age',rw,Corky Siegel production,swoc,slight warp - napPsych   Item # 180328
 Clicker Harde Har Har Har Clicker CRS-1001 $32 VG+/EX LP Info Buy
   1975. Madison, Wisconsin prog/psych private press.Psych   Item # 136437
 Collage S/T Smash SRS 67101 $30 VG/EX LP Info Buy
   196?,pop-psych,rwPsych   Item # 183415
 Colonel Bagshot Oh! What a Lovely War Cadet Concept 9037-50010 $75 VG/VG+ LP Info Buy
   197?,rare green label,insert,visually disc look m- but plays vg on one track due to poor pressing quality,co,mouse chew damage on lower left corner,breaks 'six day war' used by dj shadow,fuzz psychPsych   Item # 172347
 Colours Atmosphere Dot DLP 25935 $35 VG/M- LP Info Buy
   196?-7?,stains ocPsych   Item # 201886
 Colours S/T Dot DLP 25854 $18 VG/EX LP Info Buy
   196?,psych,rw,co,wobcPsych   Item # 183271
 Covington, Joe E. Fat Fandango Grunt BFL1-0149 $8.95 VG+/EX LP Info Buy
   1973,gfld,co,psychPsych   Item # 105332
 Crimson Bridge S/T Myrrh MST 6503 $45 VG/VG+ LP Info Buy
   197?,rare xian folk/psych,osw,h2o ocPsych   Item # 173043
 Dalton, Karen In My Own Time Just Sunshine 6008 $250 SS LP Info Buy
   1973 rare original still sealed copy of legendary folk psych song stylist. With Amos Garrett,John Hall,John Simon. Fred Neil cover notes. Includes the beautiful 'Something on Your Mind' by Dino ValentPsych   Item # 30596
 Darling & Street Possible Dream Vanguard VSD 79363 $24.99 VG/EX LP Info Buy
   1975,co,folk psych,swoc,swolPsych   Item # 108635
 Darling & Street Possible Dream Vanguard VSD 79363 $24.99 VG+/EX LP Info Buy
   1975,co,folk psychPsych   Item # 171815
 Dave & Susanne Walking in the Sunshine Christy CLS 101 $250 VG+/VG LP Info Buy
   1960s private press sunshine pop/folk psych lp. Autographed back cover.Psych   Item # 191854
 Daybreak After The Rain Holy Kiss HK 01 $35 VG+/VG+ LP Info Buy
   1976. Rare private press xian country rock. Autographed back cover.Psych   Item # 87629
 Deacon, Michael When You Know It's Home... MustardSeed S80-1512 $75 VG/EX LP Info Buy
   1977. Private press xian folkrock SSW from Omaha. With Herb Pilhofer.Psych   Item # 145678
 Design Design Epic E 30224 $32 SS LP Info Buy
   196?,soft psychPsych   Item # 28661
 Desroches, Pierre The Flow of Life private press $75 VG+/VG LP Info Buy
   1973,private press folk obscurity,autographed obc,sm tear obcPsych   Item # 121965
 Dilcher, Cheryl Special Songs Ampex A-10109 $150 VG+/M- LP Info Buy
   1970 original 1st press promo label with promo sticker. Includes original lyrics inner sleeve insert in nice shape.Psych   Item # 214142
 Doctor Pop Lucia Carolina y Otros Exitos Arcano DKL1-3342 $95 SS LP Info Buy
   1976 original pressing, still factory sealed cutout. Rare spanish proggy pop-rock.Psych   Item # 194507
 Doyle, Brendan Musical Mystical Bear Alba House Communication RAH1055 $75 VG+/M- LP Info Buy
   1972,psychPsych   Item # 120347
 Dupree, Simon & the Big Sound Without Reservations Tower ST-5097 $50 VG+/M- LP Info Buy
   1967. Original pressing. Mod/R&B/Soul. Cover has a cutout and small seamsplit.Psych   Item # 207758
 Dust & Ashes From Both Sides Custom Fidelity CFS 2088 $20 VG+/M- LP Info Buy
   1969,folk psych,osw,tear obcPsych   Item # 182589
 Dust & Ashes The Lives We Share Avant Garde AVS 137 $15 VG/EX LP Info Buy
   1972,xian folk-psych,rwPsych   Item # 179157
 Dust & Ashes The Lives We Share Avant Garde AVS 137 $18 VG/VG+ LP Info Buy
   1972,xian folk-psych,autographed obcPsych   Item # 129822
 Earth Opera S/T Elektra EKS 74016 $24.99 VG/EX LP Info Buy
   1968,gfld,brown label,psych,co,spinewear,Elektra catalog insertPsych   Item # 136484
 Earth Opera S/T Elektra EKS 74016 $28 VG/M- LP Info Buy
   1968,gfld,brown label,psych,co,rw,soc,swoc,sm tear ocPsych   Item # 183207
 Eclection S/T Elektra EKS 74023 $40 VG/EX LP Info Buy
   Rare butterfly label 2nd pressing. This is much rarer than the original gold label. Unipak gatefold cover.Psych   Item # 213767

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