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Solid Viper Records :: Christian
1861 Total Records
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Artist Title Label Price Condition Media
 10th Select Choir of Senior Lutheran Colleges 13th International Church Music Seminar ?? $13.99 SS LP Info Buy
   197?Christian   Item # 157415
 16 Singing Men In Nashville Superior ZLP 767 $40 VG+/EX LP Info Buy
   197?,oswChristian   Item # 167462
 2nd Chapter of Acts In the Volume of the Book Myrrh MSA-6542-LP $8.95 VG/VG+ LP Info Buy
   1975,rwChristian   Item # 201104
 3 M's Mary Marilyn Marlin Artronics 2672 $20 VG+/VG LP Info Buy
   1972,private pressChristian   Item # 126505
 3 M's Mary Marilyn Marlin Artronics 2672 $24.99 VG+/VG+ LP Info Buy
   1972,insert,private pressChristian   Item # 122028
 3 M's Mary Marilyn Marlin II Artronics 7053 $28 EX/VG+ LP Info Buy
   197?,osw,private pressChristian   Item # 122029
 4B's Consecration Fredlo 6606LP(M) $24.99 VG+/VG+ LP Info Buy
   1966,oswChristian   Item # 184402
 Abraham Brothers It BMC SLP 4328 $24.99 VG+/VG+ LP Info Buy
   197?Christian   Item # 144596
 Abraham Brothers One Way Mark Five FM-4679 $24.99 VG+/VG+ LP Info Buy
   197?Christian   Item # 144595
 Acapella Project Glad Benson RO2445 $12 EX/M- LP Info Buy
   1988Christian   Item # 205727
 AD Art of the State Kerygma KRR 5401 $7.95 VG/VG+ LP Info Buy
   1985,slrw,soc,lyric sleeveChristian   Item # 175563
 Adams, Moody What Moody Adams Told an Atheist On Television MAEA $32 VG+/EX LP Info Buy
   197?,'America's 'In' Evangelist - Miami HeraldChristian   Item # 150649
 Adkins, Mike Thank You for the Dove MA 1061 $19.99 SS LP Info Buy
   197?Christian   Item # 170423
 Advent Christian Home Children's Choir Something Beautiful private $24.99 VG+/VG+ LP Info Buy
   197?Christian   Item # 144627
 Aga, Bruce In Concert KM 3282 $28 EX/EX LP Info Buy
   197?-8?,autographed obc,oswChristian   Item # 137162
 Agajanian, Dennis Rebel to the Wrong Light E1-60086 $24.99 SS LP Info Buy
   1981Christian   Item # 185988
 Alaskan Journeymen My House Shall Stand BIG BG 26 $6.95 VG+/VG+ LP Info Buy
   197?,decorative cover artChristian   Item # 108275
 Albertson, Elbert Songs from the Heart Creation CRS 1043 $35 VG/M- LP Info Buy
   197?,rwChristian   Item # 198110
 Alexander, Billy Move that Mountain Pax R-2409 $18 EX/EX LP Info Buy
   1979Christian   Item # 182757
 Alexandersen, Stephen Let the Music Move Me White Horse WHR 1001 $24.99 VG+/M- LP Info Buy
   1977,white wax,lyric sleeveChristian   Item # 144589
 Alice I'm Going Higher Rite 34125 $30 VG+/VG+ LP Info Buy
   196?-7?Christian   Item # 154421
 All Saints Church Youth Choirs Sing! Children Of God Audio Engineering Associates AEA 1337 $50 EX/EX LP Info Buy
   1976,in shrink,lyrics inserts (insert has coffee stains)Christian   Item # 210708
 Allen Sisters S/T Daystar DSLP 7904 $75 VG+/M- LP Info Buy
   1970s original Joliet, IL private press, still in the shrink.Christian   Item # 210413
 Allen, A.A. Harvest Time Miracle Revival 139(M) $35 VG+/VG+ LP Info Buy
   195?-6?,orange wax,2' smspltChristian   Item # 127320
 Alpers, Frank The King Is Coming World WPM LPA-9 $15 VG/VG+ LP Info Buy
   197?Christian   Item # 154620
 Alpha Omega A Letter to a Friend Alpha Omega NR6970 $24.99 VG+/VG+ LP Info Buy
   1975Christian   Item # 138023
 Alpha Omega Jesus Christ Wants You ?? $40 SS LP Info Buy
   197?Christian   Item # 161444
 Ambassador Trio The Sounds of His Coming Shalom S-3025 $40 SS LP Info Buy
   197?Christian   Item # 153033
 Ambassador Youth Choir of the Back to the Bible Broadcast Voices of Youth Good News 1532(M) $8.95 EX/EX LP Info Buy
   196?,oswChristian   Item # 191838
 Ambassadors Chosen Vessels Prayerlight WWR 668-463 $40 VG+/VG+ LP Info Buy
   197?,oswChristian   Item # 167351
 Ambassadors In Gospel Country Sacred Artist LP 2069 $5.95 EX/VG+ LP Info Buy
   196?,oswChristian   Item # 93863
 Ambassadors We Came to Praise the Lord private $16.99 SS LP Info Buy
   1981,1939 Packard antique car cover artChristian   Item # 184946
 Ambassadors We Came to Praise the Lord 106032 $17.99 SS LP Info Buy
   1981,1939 packard cover artChristian   Item # 150697
 Amigos Something Special Brentwood 5017 $12.99 SS LP Info Buy
   1982Christian   Item # 65787
 Amos, Daniel S/T Maranatha HS 777-24 $15 VG+/M- LP Info Buy
   1976,gfldChristian   Item # 166588
 Amplified Version Alive Chrism R-7089 $19.99 SS LP Info Buy
   Still factory sealed from 1979.Christian   Item # 195346
 Anders, Eric Eric Anders & Family EA 102 $8.95 VG+/EX LP Info Buy
   197?,oswChristian   Item # 177056
 Anderson College Choir In Sacred Concert Robert Oakes Jordan Laboratory 3074(M) $12 VG/VG+ LP Info Buy
   1966,rw,toc,wobcChristian   Item # 192888
 Anderson College Choir Music of the Church of God Word W-3123-LP(M) $8.95 VG+/VG+ LP Info Buy
   196?Christian   Item # 193530
 Anderson College Choir S/T Robert Oakes Jordan Laboratory 3074(M) $12 VG/VG+ LP Info Buy
   1966,rw,tocChristian   Item # 193532
 Anderson College Male Chorus Brothers, Lift Your Voices Pinebrook PB 1439 $18 VG/M- LP Info Buy
   197?,geometric cover art,slrw,tocChristian   Item # 188258
 Anderson College Male Chorus Brothers, Lift Your Voices Pinebrook PB 1439 $24.99 EX/M- LP Info Buy
   197?,osw,geometric cover artChristian   Item # 187976
 Anderson College Quartet Anderson College Presents: ACQ BN1035 $15 VG/VG+ LP Info Buy
   197?-8?Christian   Item # 149630
 Anderson, Dave Through it All Fellowship H 223 $18 EX/EX LP Info Buy
   1971,autographed ocChristian   Item # 169641
 Anderson, Dave Through it All Fellowship H 223 $18 VG+/M- LP Info Buy
   1971,autographed ocChristian   Item # 177078
 Anderson, Dave & Barb The Best of Album Fellowship F-237 $30 VG+/VG+ LP Info Buy
   1981Christian   Item # 150012
 Anderson, Ed & Margaret Psalm 91 EM Productions LPS 1903 $15 EX/VG+ LP Info Buy
   1977,in shrinkChristian   Item # 211804
 Andrews, Dana And God Said (Stories from the Bible in Word & Song) Epic 5LN 3534(M) $12 VG+/VG+ LP Info Buy
   196?,gfld,bklt intactChristian   Item # 190276
 Andrews, Dana And God Said (Stories from the Bible in Word & Song) Epic 5LN 3534(M) $15 VG+/EX LP Info Buy
   196?,gfld,bklt intactChristian   Item # 189327
 Andrus, Blackwood & Co. Following You Greentree 2R-3515 $20 VG+/EX/VG+ LP Info Buy
   1978,2lpChristian   Item # 163179
 Andrus, Sherman Soon Coming Shalom LPG 1143 $32 VG/VG LP Info Buy
   1976,rw,autographed ocChristian   Item # 161507
 Anthony, Dick Sweet Sweet Spirit Rainbow Sound R-5034-LPS $10 VG+/EX LP Info Buy
   1970s. Cover in shrink but has rackwear.Christian   Item # 211344
 Antioch S/T K&R KRS-1081 $65 SS LP Info Buy
   1981Christian   Item # 154348
 Apostles Feature their Bass London Paris QCA LP 312 $32 EX/EX LP Info Buy
   1973,oswChristian   Item # 155343
 ARC Ministries S/T Pinebrook PB-1892 $12 VG/VG+ LP Info Buy
   198?,slrwChristian   Item # 179443
 ARC Ministries S/T Pinebrook PB-1892 $20 EX/M- LP Info Buy
   198?,oswChristian   Item # 161423
 Archers Fresh Surrender Light LSB-5707 $8.95 VG/EX LP Info Buy
   1977,soc,slrwChristian   Item # 180451
 Archers Golden Classics Light LS-5847 $7.95 VG+/EX LP Info Buy
   1980Christian   Item # 154408
 Armageddon Experience S/T MM MMS 300 $20 VG/VG LP Info Buy
   197?,'Carpenter Man','O Happy Day',interesting, obscure xian rock group, sounds like mamas and papas or bs&t maybe,rw,Michael OmartianChristian   Item # 203601
 Armen, Kay If You Believe MGM E-3276 (Mono) $15 VG/EX LP Info Buy
   1950s-60s original press. Tape on cover and autographed.Christian   Item # 186753
 Arnold, Eddy Praise Him, Praise Him RCA Victor LPM-1733(M) $8.95 VG/EX LP Info Buy
   1967,sl nicotine stains obc,Fanny Crosby HymnsChristian   Item # 198435
 Arnold, Eddy Praise Him, Praise Him RCA Victor LSP-1733(E) $12 EX/EX LP Info Buy
   1967,osw,Fanny Crosby HymnsChristian   Item # 190046
 Arthur, Bettie A Way of Life Supreme SS-2067 $15 VG+/EX LP Info Buy
   197?,oswChristian   Item # 157944
 Arties Peace Bridge S-2230 $24.99 VG/EX LP Info Buy
   197?,wlp,toc,soc,wobcChristian   Item # 187186
 Atwood, Rudy Crown Him With Many Crowns Word $12 EX/M- LP Info Buy
   1977Christian   Item # 54396
 Atwood, Rudy My Savior First of All Word WST-8603-LP $5.95 EX/M- LP Info Buy
   1975Christian   Item # 54395
 Augustana Luther League 18th International Youth Conference Delta XCTV 63603(M) $32 VG/VG+ LP Info Buy
   1960Christian   Item # 161415
 Ayala, Bob Joy By Surprise Myrrh MSB-6577 $35 VG/VG LP Info Buy
   1976,gfldChristian   Item # 212088
 Ayres, Fr. Bill You Are Loved: Prayers for Children for School & Home William H. Sadlier 5490-5 $45 VG+/VG+ LP Info Buy
   1974,lyric sleeveChristian   Item # 157044
 B.C. Sonlight Of Trinity Western College Creative Productions CRS 1006 $32 EX/EX LP Info Buy
   197?,Canada,oswChristian   Item # 169712
 Babcock, Tim & Jolene Second Edition Pinebrook PB 1447 $24.99 EX/EX LP Info Buy
   1970s private press still in shrink.Christian   Item # 203686
 Back to the Bible Broadcast Promos Series #18 Good News SS-26783-01 $32 EX LP Info Buy
   196?,one-sided 10-inch lp,radio spots,no coverChristian   Item # 165834
 Bagwell, Wendy & the Sunliters Faith is the Way Hilltop JS-6061 $7.95 VG+/VG+ LP Info Buy
   197?Christian   Item # 166548
 Bailey, Bob Looking Forward Light LS-5852 $16.99 SS LP Info Buy
   1981Christian   Item # 182645
 Baize, Bill & the Stamps Quartet Jesus, Let Me Write You a Song Skylite SLP 6178 $15 EX/EX LP Info Buy
   1977,oswChristian   Item # 154157
 Baker Eddy, Mary Science & Health Chapter III: Marriage First Church of Christ Scientists SH5507 $35 VG/VG+ LP Info Buy
   1951,private,woc,christian scienceChristian   Item # 151332
 Baker, Kenny The Stranger of Galilee & Other Sacred Solos Kenart LP KA-5 $15 VG+/VG+ LP Info Buy
   196?-7?,oswChristian   Item # 193550
 Baker, Kenny The Stranger of Galilee & Other Sacred Solos International LP 5121(M) $30 VG/VG+ LP Info Buy
   195?-6?,toc,rwChristian   Item # 199451
 Baldwin, Ann Heart-to-Heart Songs Music City MC-AB-127 $40 VG+/VG+ LP Info Buy
   196?,socChristian   Item # 166549
 Baldwin, James The James Baldwin Trio QCA 110211 $35 M-/M- LP Info Buy
   197?,osw,crudely drawn portraits cover artChristian   Item # 179903
 Balfouria SIng Along Play Along MEN LP 218 $5.95 VG+/VG+ LP Info Buy
   196?Christian   Item # 94697
 Ballantine, Eddie Let Freedom Sing of God & Liberty Miranda 161(M) $35 VG+/VG+ LP Info Buy
   195?-6?Christian   Item # 208510
 Ballerino FMS, Bro. Gregory R. Come Let Us Worship: Contemporary Folk Mass Songs Gregorian Institute M/S-144C $75 SS LP Info Buy
   197?Christian   Item # 201720
 Bannister, Brown Talk To One Another Reunion 7-01-01112-5 $10 SS LP Info Buy
   1986Christian   Item # 212856
 Baptist Bible College 25 Years 1950/1975 American Artists AAS-1246-LP $19.99 SS LP Info Buy
   1975,gfldChristian   Item # 157989
 Baptist Bible College Giants of the Past Artist's $32 SS LP Info Buy
   1979,4lpChristian   Item # 157990
 Barbara Sings For Life Lazarus Productions LP-1003 $40 VG/VG LP Info Buy
   1973. Rare and beautiful private xian psych folk featured on waxidermy website and acid archives.Christian   Item # 190489
 Barber, Dan & Wendy Ann Cahoon Embers B&L $250 VG+/EX LP Info Buy
   1984. Rare private press progressive xian rock/folk psych. Cover still in shrink.Christian   Item # 210858
 Barclay, William The Beatitudes Word W-6120-LP(M) $12 EX/VG+ LP Info Buy
   196?,oswChristian   Item # 161416
 Barnabas Approaching Light Speed Light LS 5829 $16.99 SS LP Info Buy
   1983Christian   Item # 97048
 Barrett, Ethel The Holy War Christian Faith Recordings EB-2031 $95 SS LP Info Buy
   Original 2xLP in gatefold cover. Still factory sealed in very clean archive condition. Has cirular breathe hole on back shrink wrap.Christian   Item # 214423
 Barrows, Cliff Everybody Sings! Word WST-8387-LP $6.95 VG+/VG+ LP Info Buy
   196?Christian   Item # 166552
 Barrows, Cliff Everybody Sings! Word W-3387-LP(M) $16.99 SS LP Info Buy
   196?Christian   Item # 170269
 Barrows, Cliff Exciting Songs On the Way Light LS-5621-LP $10 EX/VG+ LP Info Buy
   1973,oswChristian   Item # 129803
 Barrows, Cliff Exciting Songs On the Way Light LS-5621-LP $12 EX/M- LP Info Buy
   1973,oswChristian   Item # 157851
 Bash-N-the-Code Big Mouth Myrrh 7-01-686006-X $12 VG+/M- LP Info Buy
   1987,lyric sleeveChristian   Item # 208104
 Becker, Margaret The Reckoning Sparrow SPR 1161 $6.95 EX/EX LP Info Buy
   1988,oswChristian   Item # 127261
 Bell, Martin Songs from the Way of the Wolf: The Gospel In New Images Seabury Press SP-90270 $40 VG/EX LP Info Buy
   1970,slrwChristian   Item # 191675
 Bell, Martin Stories from the Way of the Wolf: The Gospel In New Images Seabury Press SP-80570 $65 EX/M- LP Info Buy
   1970,in shrinkChristian   Item # 185672
 Belling, Andy The New Messiah Columbia KC 31713 $12 VG/M- LP Info Buy
   1972,gfld,h2o ocChristian   Item # 204477

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