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Artist Title Label Price Condition Media
 Adams, Bryan Heaven (lp,live) / Diana / Fits Ya Good A&M AMY 256 (1985,UK,pc) $11 VG+/EX 12in Info Buy
   80sRock   Item # 17097-12
 Adams, Bryan & Tina Turner It's Only Love (album version,live version) A&M SP-17358 (1984,wlp) $8 EX 12in Info Buy
   80sRock   Item # 17075-12
 Alarm Absolute Reality / Majority / Reason 36 I.R.S. L33-17108 (1985,wlp,pc,rw) $8 VG/VG+ 12in Info Buy
   80sRock   Item # 17178-12
 Art of Noise & Max Headroom Paranoimia (extended,lp) / Why Me? / A Nation Rejects China 4V9 43017 (1986,pc,prst obc,soc) $6 VG+/M- 12in Info Buy
   80sRock   Item # 17089-12
 Art of Noise & Tom Jones Kiss (art of noise mix,battery mix,7 inch version) China 871 039-1 (1988,djl,wol) $6 EX 12in Info Buy
   80sRock   Item # 17088-12
 Bonedaddys Push Am Forward (extended dance remix,backward never instrumental mix,lp version) / Soul Makossa (gn Chameleon V-74550 (1988,pc,co,soc) $6 VG+/EX 12in Info Buy
   80sRock   Item # 17103-12
 Book of Love Modigliani (Lost in Your Eyes) (i dream of jeanne mix,requiem mass,mo'dub'iani,7 inch remix) Sire 0-20650 (1986,pc,slrw,toc) $6 VG/VG+ 12in Info Buy
   80sRock   Item # 17169-12
 Bunburys Fight (No Matter How Long) / same Arista ADP-9735 (1988,djl,Barry Gibb) $8 EX 12in Info Buy
   80sRock   Item # 17151-12
 Cetera, Peter Livin' in the Limelight / Album Excerpts Full Moon PRO-A-990 (1981,djl,pc,soc) $8 VG/M- 12in Info Buy
   80sRock   Item # 17085-12
 Collins, Phil Sussudio (extended mix,lp verion) / The Man with the Horn Atlantic 0-86895 (1985,osw) $5 VG+ 12in Info Buy
   80sRock   Item # 17118-12
 Communards Don't Leave Me this Way (mega mix,gotham city mix,original) MCA 23665 (1986) $8 M- 12in Info Buy
   80sRock   Item # 17165-12
 Dolby, Thomas Hot Sauce (extended,murder dub,7 inch remix) / Salsa Picante (extended) EMI Manhattan V-56114 (1988,pc,co) $5 VG+/M- 12in Info Buy
   80sRock   Item # 17115-12
 Eurythmics Would I Lie to You? (lp,extended) / Here Comes that Sinking Feeling RCA PW-14079 (1985,wlp) $8 M- 12in Info Buy
   80sRock   Item # 17087-12
 Fixx Less Cities, More Moving People / Deeper & Deeper MCA FIXXT 7 (1984,UK,pc,soc) $8 VG+/VG+ 12in Info Buy
   80sRock   Item # 17180-12
 Franke & the Knockouts You're My GIrl / She's a Runner / Tonight / One for All Millennium DJL1-4101 (1981,pc,soc,special limited $8 VG/M- 12in Info Buy
   80sRock   Item # 17086-12
 General Public Tenderness (special dance mix) / Never You Done That (special dance mix,dub mix) I.R.S SP-70413 (1984,pc) $6 VG+/M- 12in Info Buy
   80sRock   Item # 17166-12
 Genesis Invisible Touch (special remix dance version,lp version) / Last Domino Atlantic 0-86816 (1986,co) $5 M- 12in Info Buy
   80sRock   Item # 17111-12
 Genesis Land of Confusion (extended,short) / Feeding the Fire Atlantic 0-86761 (1986,pc,co,slrw) $7 VG+/M- 12in Info Buy
   80sRock   Item # 17110-12
 Haircut 100 Fantastic Day / Ski Club of Great Britain Arista CLIP 123 (1982,UK,pc) $15 SS 12in Info Buy
   80sRock   Item # 17171-12
 Hall, Daryl Foolish Pride (extended remix,edited remix,dub) / What's Gonna Happen to Us RCA 5748-1-RD (1986,djl,pc) $6 VG+/M- 12in Info Buy
   80sRock   Item # 17120-12
 Industry Still of the Night (extended,dub,edit) Capitol SPRO-9226 (1983,djl) $24.99 EX 12in Info Buy
   80sRock   Item # 17167-12
 Matt Bianco Don't Blame it on that Girl (extended version,rare groove mix) / Wap Bam Boogie (orig,12 inch versio Atlantic DMD 1243 (1988,djl,pc,co,soc,slrw) $5 VG+/VG+ 12in Info Buy
   80sRock   Item # 17114-12
 Michael, George Monkey (extended version,acappella,extra beats) Columbia 44 07849 (1987,pc) $5 VG+/M- 12in Info Buy
   80sRock   Item # 17078-12
 Midnight Oil Blue Sky Mine (food on the table mix) / same Columbia CAS 2020 (1990,wlp) $8 M- 12in Info Buy
   80sRock   Item # 17077-12
 Nails Every Time I Touch You / Mood Swing / Home of the Brave RCA JW-13922 (1984,wlp) $7 VG+ 12in Info Buy
   80sRock   Item # 17189-12
 Nevil, Robbie Wot's it to Ya (extended to ya remix,dub to ya mix,to ya remix) Manhattan SPRO-79076 (1986,djl,pc,co,slrw) $9 VG+/VG+ 12in Info Buy
   80sRock   Item # 17108-12
 Palmer, Robert Discipline of Love (Why Did You Do It) (lp version,edit) Island PR 791 (1985,wlp) $5 M- 12in Info Buy
   80sRock   Item # 17082-12
 Palmer, Robert Early in the Morning (extended,single,instrumental) / Disturbing Behavior EMI Manhattan V-56113 (1988,pc,co) $6 VG+/M- 12in Info Buy
   80sRock   Item # 17083-12
 Palmer, Robert Johnny & Mary Island PRO-A-906 (1980,djl,pc,soc,special one side $8 VG+/M- 12in Info Buy
   80sRock   Item # 17084-12
 Rea, Chris I Can Hear Your Heartbeat (new re-edited club mix) / Let it Loose (extended club mix) Magnet MAGE-256 (1983,Canada,pc,soc) $10 VG+/VG+ 12in Info Buy
   80sRock   Item # 17074-12
 Roman Holliday Don't Try to Stop It / same Jive JD 1 9084 (1983,djl) $8 EX 12in Info Buy
   80sRock   Item # 17173-12
 Ventura, Jesse ?The Body' The Body Rules / Showdown With Mr. V Rhino RNTT 6000 (1984,picture disc,clear vinyl sle $20 M- 12in Info Buy
   80sRock   Item # 17141-12
 VHF One Chance EP Straight-Face SF2186 (1986,4-track ep,promo insert $15 M- 12in Info Buy
   80sRock   Item # 17174-12
 Wang Chung Don't Be My Enemy (extended Dance Mix) / Wait (extended dance remix) Geffen 0-20252 (1984,PC,co) $6 VG+/M- 12in Info Buy
   80sRock   Item # 17102-12
 Wang Chung Let's Go (shep's mix,let's dub!,edit) / The World in Which We Live Geffen 0-20602 (1986,pc,co) $7 VG+/M- 12in Info Buy
   80sRock   Item # 17101-12
 Wang Chung To Live & Die in L.A. (edit,lp) Geffen PRO-A-2364 (1985,pc,soc) $7 VG+/M- 12in Info Buy
   80sRock   Item # 17090-12
 Waybill, Fee You're Still Laughing (long,short) Capitol SPRO-9246 (1984,djl,Tubes member) $9 M- 12in Info Buy
   80sRock   Item # 17127-12
 Wham! Careless Whisper (extended mix,instrumental) Columbia 44-05170 (1984,pc,slrw) $8 VG+/EX 12in Info Buy
   80sRock   Item # 17116-12
 Wham! Everything She Wants (remix) / Like a Baby Columbia 44-05180 (1984,pc,slrw) $8 VG/EX 12in Info Buy
   80sRock   Item # 17092-12
 Wham! I'm Your Man (extended stimulation,acappella) / Do It Right (instrumental) Columbia 44-05322 (1985,pc) $10 VG+/M- 12in Info Buy
   80sRock   Item # 17096-12
 Young, Paul Come Back & Stay (extended,lp,single) Columbia AS 1798 (1983,wlp,pc,rw,soc) $7 VG/EX 12in Info Buy
   80sRock   Item # 17080-12
 Piscopo, Joe I Love Rock 'n Roll (Medley) / The First Rehearsal Columbia 44-03254 (1982,pc) $8 VG+/VG+ 12in Info Buy
   Comedy   Item # 17159-12
 Twitty, Conway Dialogue/White Christmas-Dialogue/Christmas is for the Birds / Salutation / White Christmas / Christ Warner Bros PRO-A-2091 (1983,djl,pc) $15 VG+/M- 12in Info Buy
   Country   Item # 17197-12
 3rd Party Can U Feel It (lcd galactica mix,dj greek's metro nrg dub,lcd club mix,presta mix) DV8 31458 2123 1 (1996,pc,osw) $5 M-/M- 12in Info Buy
   Dance   Item # 17134-12
 Average White Band Spirit of Love (radio short,beat mix,long beat mix,new york mix,dance mix,dub mix) Track TRK-58831-1 (1988,Chaka Khan,Ronnie Laws) $5 SS 12in Info Buy
   Dance   Item # 17136-12
 Brown, Russ Gotta Find a Way (vocal,radio edit,instrumental) Jump Street JS 1001 (1985,osw,co) $12 VG+ 12in Info Buy
   Dance   Item # 17152-12
 Club House Do It Again/Billie Jean / Infusion Atlantic 0 86988 (1983,pc,slrw,sost) $9 VG+/M- 12in Info Buy
   Dance   Item # 17095-12
 Coldcut ft. Lisa Stansfield People Hold On (full length disco mix,speng mix,radio mix mix,new jersey jazz mix,a cappella) Tommy Boy TB 931 (1989,wlp,pc,prst oc,soc) $8 VG+/M- 12in Info Buy
   Dance   Item # 17119-12
 Estus, Deon Me or the Rumours (club version,instrumental,7 inch version,vicious rumours dub,grapevine dub) / Lov Mika 887 724 (1988,pc,slrw,co) $6 VG/M- 12in Info Buy
   Dance   Item # 17129-12
 Fox, Samantha I'm All You Need (extended) / Touch Me (I Want Your Body) (extended) / Do Ya Do Ya (Wanna Please Me) Jive FOXY T 4 (1986,UK,pc) $6 VG+/M- 12in Info Buy
   Dance   Item # 17160-12
 Khan, Chaka (Krush Groove) Can't Stop the Street / instrumental Warner Bros. 0-20367 (1985,pc,45 rpm,toc) $7 VG/VG 12in Info Buy
   Dance   Item # 17198-12
 Khan, Chaka Earth to Mickey (extended,instrumental,a cappella voices) / CK's Duet Space Rap (hi nrg mix same bpm Warner Bros 0-20623 (1986,pc) $5 EX/M- 12in Info Buy
   Dance   Item # 17163-12
 Kitt, Eartha Where is My Man / instrumental Streetwise SWRL 2217 (1983) $8 EX 12in Info Buy
   Dance   Item # 17187-12
 Kitt, Eartha Where is My Man / instrumental Streetwise SWRL 2217 (1983,pc,osw,wobc,co) $9 VG+/EX 12in Info Buy
   Dance   Item # 17170-12
 Lorber, Jeff ft. Karyn White Facts of Love (passion mix,dub) / Sand Castles Warner Bros 0-20545 (1986,pc) $6 VG+/M- 12in Info Buy
   Dance   Item # 17168-12
 Murdock, Lydia Life in America (club mix,long version,instrumental) Team TRS 3003 (1984,no cover) $11 M- 12in Info Buy
   Dance   Item # 17133-12
 Murdock, Lydia Life in America (club mix,long version,instrumental) Team TRS 3003 (1984) $15 SS 12in Info Buy
   Dance   Item # 17132-12
 Murdock, Lydia Superstar (long version) / instrumental Team TRS 3001 (1983) $12 SS 12in Info Buy
   Dance   Item # 17135-12
 Negrete, Joe & Rick Quintana The JDC Mixer No. 9 JDC 0117 (198?,mix of Digital Emotion,Topazz,Splas $20 VG+/EX 12in Info Buy
   Dance   Item # 17190-12
 Ohio Players Sweat (extended dance mix,dub,short dance mix,european version,album) / Rock the House Track TRK-58813-1 (1988,plain cover) $13 SS 12in Info Buy
   Dance   Item # 17137-12
 Prince Little Red Corvette (dance mix) / Lady Cab Driver Warner Bros 92-0107-0 (1982,Germany,pc) $20 VG+/M- 12in Info Buy
   Dance   Item # 17164-12
 Rococo Italo House Mix (extended,radio) / New House (extended,radio) Nastymix IGU-76985-1 (1990,pc,osw) $5 EX/EX 12in Info Buy
   Dance   Item # 17140-12
 Terry, Todd & Shannon It's Over Love (tee's club mix edit,funky green dogs miami club mix edit,blak n spanish full vocal e Mercury FESX 37 (1997,UK,pc,soc,sol,rw,woc) $5 VG/VG+ 12in Info Buy
   Dance   Item # 17146-12
 Turner, Ruby It's Gonna Be Alright (brixton bass mix,extended,upso mix part 3,7 inch edit,upso mix part 4 dub) / Jive 1290-1-JDX (1989,pc) $7 VG+/EX 12in Info Buy
   Dance   Item # 17192-12
 A Taste of Honey Disco Dancin' / Boogie Oogie Oogie Capitol 8507 (1978,osw) $20 EX 12in Info Buy
   Disco   Item # 17162-12
 Amuzement Park Groove Your Blues Away / Love Show Down Our Gang OG 12 901 (1982,wlp,disco/boogie/modern s $13 VG 12in Info Buy
   Disco   Item # 17149-12
 El Coco Love Exciter / Dance Man AVI AVI-12-270-D (special pour disco,1979,rw,soc) $11 VG/VG+ 12in Info Buy
   Disco   Item # 17193-12
 First Choice Love Thang (remix by Tee Scott) / Great Expectations (Tom Moulton mix) Salsoul GG 502 DJ (1979,wlp) $40 EX 12in Info Buy
   Disco   Item # 17156-12
 Jackson, Mick Weekend / instrumental Atlantic DK 4713 (1978,wol) $8 VG+ 12in Info Buy
   Disco   Item # 17195-12
 KC & the Sunshine Band Do You Feel All Right / I Will Love You Tomorrow Sunshine Sound SSD 202 (1978,pc,slrw,45rpm) $12 VG+/VG+ 12in Info Buy
   Disco   Item # 17186-12
 Moore, Melba Miss Thing / same Epic AS 660 (1979,wlp) $7 VG 12in Info Buy
   Disco   Item # 17185-12
 Nunn, Bobby She's Just a Groupie / instrumental Motown PR-105 (1982,wlp) $9 VG+ 12in Info Buy
   Disco   Item # 17150-12
 Starr, Maurice Bout Time I Funk U / Baby Come On RCA Victor PD-11598 (1979,co,sost) $15 SS 12in Info Buy
   Disco   Item # 17154-12
 Stevo Pay the Price / Party Night T.K. Disco TKD-135 (1979) $45 VG+ 12in Info Buy
   Disco   Item # 17155-12
 Williams, Wilson Up the Down Stairs / I Like Being in Love with You ABC DM-12 (1978) $15 VG+ 12in Info Buy
   Disco   Item # 17157-12
 Beastie Boys Love American Style EP Capitol V-15483 (1989,pc,osw,sost) $15 VG+/VG+ 12in Info Buy
   Hip-Hop   Item # 17176-12
 Dis 'n' Dat Freak Me Baby (lp,accapella,suite remix,bass club remix,freaked out house mix,freaked out break beat Epic Street 49 77846 (1994,pc,slrw) $4 VG/VG+ 12in Info Buy
   Hip-Hop   Item # 17147-12
 East Coast Crew The Final Word--No More Roxanne (Please) / instrumental Chit CH 3000 (198?) $5 M- 12in Info Buy
   Hip-Hop   Item # 17139-12
 Kelis Trick Me (jaxxbackclash rerub) / same Virgin VSTDJY1922 (2004,EU) $9 VG+ 12in Info Buy
   Hip-Hop   Item # 17182-12
 Libretto Volume (main,radio,instrumental,acappella) / Slumfunk (main,radio,instrumental,acappella) Dim Mak DM 060 (200?,pc,slrw) $6 VG+/M- 12in Info Buy
   Hip-Hop   Item # 17148-12
 Nemesis Pusherman / Last Night Profile PRO-7293 (1990,white label test pressing) $24.99 VG+ 12in Info Buy
   Hip-Hop   Item # 17177-12
 Newcleus We're So Hyped! / instrumental Super Power HAL 1277 (1988) $12 M- 12in Info Buy
   Hip-Hop   Item # 17199-12
 Obscure Disorder Overdose Music / Lyrically Exposed (Parts 1 & 2) (vocal / instrumental) Audio Research AR-005 (2000,re,early A-Trak,pc,osw $30 M-/M- 12in Info Buy
   Hip-Hop   Item # 17143-12
 Richie Rich Turn it Up (club mix,hard core remix,7 inch version,instrumental) / Salsa House Mercury 872 187-1 (1988,pc,osw) $6 VG+/EX 12in Info Buy
   Hip-Hop   Item # 17183-12
 Screwball Torture (clean,dirty,instrumental) / Turn it Up (clean,dirty,instrumental) Hydra/Landspeed HYD 9111 (2001,pc,sol) $9 VG+/EX 12in Info Buy
   Hip-Hop   Item # 17145-12
 A House Call Me Blue (lp,blue-green version) / Some Intense Irish Brogue Sire PRO-A-3321 (1988,djl,pc,slrw,soc) $5 VG/M- 12in Info Buy
   Indie   Item # 17158-12
 Rave-Ups These Wishes / Big Wide River Fun Stuff RU-104 (1986,pc,silk-screened cover $10 VG+/EX 12in Info Buy
   Indie   Item # 17194-12
 World Party Ship of Fools / same Chrysalis VAS 2482 (1986,djl) $7 M- 12in Info Buy
   Indie   Item # 17076-12
 Autograph My Girlfriend's Boyfriend Isn't Me / same RCA JR-14023 (1985,pc,wlp,woc) $6 VG/VG+ 12in Info Buy
   Metal   Item # 17179-12
 Kiss I Was Made for Lovin' You / Charisma Casablanca NBD 20169 (1979) $10 VG 12in Info Buy
   Metal   Item # 17184-12
 Addotta, Kip White Boy Rapp EP Laff A-230-S (1984,pc) $6 VG+/VG+ 12in Info Buy
   Novelty   Item # 17196-12
 Addotta, Kip White Boy Rapp EP Laff A-230-S (1984,pc,soc) $8 VG+/M- 12in Info Buy
   Novelty   Item # 17131-12
 Idol, Billy Don't Stop EP Chrysalis PV 44000 (1981,pc,4 trks) $8 VG+/M- 12in Info Buy
   Punk   Item # 17144-12
 Son of Sam Hallelujah! Geronimo! EP Rouska TITAN 1T (1988,UK,pc,co) $9 VG+/VG+ 12in Info Buy
   Punk   Item # 17191-12
 Underlings Centurion / Life Under Gold / Rusted Lips Midnight Music DONG 35 (1987,France,pc) $15 VG+/VG+ 12in Info Buy
   Punk   Item # 17188-12
 Wylie, Pete Sinful! / same Virgin PR 2020 (1986,djl,pc,co,rw,ex-Crucial Three $7 VG/EX 12in Info Buy
   Punk   Item # 17175-12
 American Breed We're Only in it for the Money (american version,instrumental,long dance version) ABM 912 (blue colored vinyl wax) $12 SS 12in Info Buy
   Rock   Item # 17138-12
 Bishop, Stephen Everybody Needs Love / Vagabond from Heaven / Bish's Hideaway / same ABC SPDJ-39 (1978,wlp,pc,rw,toc,soc) $7 VG/EX 12in Info Buy
   Rock   Item # 17099-12
 Bishop, Stephen The Big House / Let Her Go / The Story of a Boy in Love / Sex Kittens Go to College Warner Bros PRO-A-907 (1980,djl,pc,sl h2o oc,soc) $10 VG/EX 12in Info Buy
   Rock   Item # 17098-12
 Bowie, David Day-In Day-Out (extended dance mix,extended dub mix) / Julie EMI America V-19234 (1987,pc,soc) $7 VG+/EX 12in Info Buy
   Rock   Item # 17126-12

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