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Solid Viper Records :: Teen Pop
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Artist Title Label Price Condition Media
 4 Cal-Quettes I'm Gonna Love Him Anyway / Most of All Capitol 4657 $24.99 VG 7in Info Buy
   196?,nice girl group soundTeen Pop   Item # 22450-45
 Allen, Nancy Let's Tell Them Tonight / I'm Not the Same Girl I Was Siana 45-719 $18 VG+ 7in Info Buy
   196?,wlpTeen Pop   Item # 29486-45
 Alley Cats Puddin' n' Tain (Ask Me Again, I'll Tell You the Same) / Feel So Good Philles 108 $9 VG 7in Info Buy
   196?,Phil Spector,solTeen Pop   Item # 30431-45
 Alpert, Dore Tell It to the Birds / Fallout Shelter Carnival 701 $30 EX 7in Info Buy
   1962,wol,first labelTeen Pop   Item # 27488-45
 Alpines Shush-Boomer / Skier's Melody Challenge 59230 $21 VG+ 7in Info Buy
   196?,wlpTeen Pop   Item # 25316-45
 Angels A Moment Ago / same Caprice C-107 $9 VG 7in Info Buy
   1960Teen Pop   Item # 22304-45
 Angels And the Angels Sing Caprice LP-1001(M) $85 VG+/VG+ LP Info Buy
   1962,wlp,slrwTeen Pop   Item # 197961
 Angels I Adore Him / Thank You & Good Night Smash S-1834 $15 VG/VG 7in Info Buy
   196?,pic sleeve & 45,coTeen Pop   Item # 27725-45
 Angels Little Beatle Boy / Java Smash S-1885 $11 VG+ 7in Info Buy
   196?,beatles-relatedTeen Pop   Item # 27763-45
 Angels My Boyfriend's Back / I Adore Him Smash All Time Smash Hits S-1407 $10 VG+ 7in Info Buy
   reTeen Pop   Item # 11757-45
 Angels My Boyfriend's Back / Now Smash S-1834 $9 VG 7in Info Buy
   Teen Pop   Item # 19329-45
 Anka, Paul Young, Alive & in Love RCA Victor LSP-2502 $15 VG+/VG+ LP Info Buy
   1962,orig inner sleeve,sol,slrw obcTeen Pop   Item # 191753
 Ann-Margret Gimme Love / It Do Me So Good RCA Victor 47-7952 $10 VG+ 7in Info Buy
   196?,wolTeen Pop   Item # 28208-45
 Ann-Margret I Just Don't Understand / I Don't Hurt Anymore RCA Victor 47-7894 $10 VG+ 7in Info Buy
   196?,tear olTeen Pop   Item # 28207-45
 Ann-Margret Inka Dinka Doo / Begin the Beguine RCA Victor VP-5-2551 $21 VG+ 7in Info Buy
   196?,record only,small hole 33rpm,stereo,black labelTeen Pop   Item # 8587-45
 Ann-Margret What am I Supposed to Do / Let's Stop Kidding Each Other RCA Victor 47-7986 $24.99 VG/M- 7in Info Buy
   1961,pic sleeve & 45,slrwTeen Pop   Item # 30150-45
 Annette Pineapple Princess / Luau Cha Cha Cha Buena Vista F-362 $18 VG+/VG- 7in Info Buy
   196?,pic sleeve & 45Teen Pop   Item # 29103-45
 Annette Pineapple Princess / Luau Cha Cha Cha Buena Vista F-362 $21 VG+/VG 7in Info Buy
   196?,pic sleeve & 45,wolTeen Pop   Item # 29281-45
 Annette Tall Paul / Ma - He's Making Eyes at Me Disneyland F-118 $8 VG 7in Info Buy
   196?Teen Pop   Item # 30975-45
 Annette Tall Paul / Ma - He's Making Eyes at Me Disneyland F-118 $8 VG 7in Info Buy
   196?,wolTeen Pop   Item # 28158-45
 Annette The Monkey's Uncle / How Will I Know My Love Buena Vista F-440 $18 VG/VG 7in Info Buy
   1965,pic sleeve & 45,Beach Boys backing vocalsTeen Pop   Item # 25432-45
 Annette Train of Love / Tell Me Who's the Girl Buena Vista F-359 $24.99 VG+/EX 7in Info Buy
   196?,pic sleeve & 45Teen Pop   Item # 29451-45
 Annette Wild Willie / Lonely Guitar Buena Vista F-339 $10 VG 7in Info Buy
   196?Teen Pop   Item # 23918-45
 Annette Wild Willie / Lonely Guitar Buena Vista F-339 $18 EX 7in Info Buy
   196?Teen Pop   Item # 29324-45
 Arnold Sisters Jelly Bean / Angel Laughter Sound Stage 7 45-2523 $9 VG+ 7in Info Buy
   1964,wlpTeen Pop   Item # 28125-45
 Austin, Charlotte My First Date / The Busy Buzz Barbie Sings! 12565/66 $20 VG 7in Info Buy
   1961Teen Pop   Item # 28152-45
 Austin, Charlotte & Bill Cunningham Barbie Sings! Mattel 840 $55 VG+/VG+ 7in Info Buy
   1961,gfld with three 45sTeen Pop   Item # 30447-45
 Avalon, Frankie A Whole Lotta Frankie Chancellor CHL-5018(M) $40 VG+/VG+ LP Info Buy
   1961Teen Pop   Item # 196032
 Avalon, Frankie And Now About Mr. Avalon Chancellor 5022 $12 EX/VG LP Info Buy
   1961Teen Pop   Item # 61588
 Avalon, Frankie Dede Dinah / Ooh La La Chancellor C1011 $7 VG+ 7in Info Buy
   1958Teen Pop   Item # 30976-45
 Avalon, Frankie Dede Dinah / Ooh La La Chancellor C1011 $8 VG 7in Info Buy
   1957Teen Pop   Item # 28228-45
 Avalon, Frankie Don't Let Me Stand In Your Way / A Miracle Chancellor C-1115 $9 VG 7in Info Buy
   196?Teen Pop   Item # 14207-45
 Avalon, Frankie Don't Throw Away All those Teardrops / Talk, Talk, Talk Chancellor C-1048 $18 VG+/M- 7in Info Buy
   196?,pic sleeve & 45Teen Pop   Item # 29452-45
 Avalon, Frankie Married / True,True Love Chancellor C1087 $8 VG 7in Info Buy
   196?Teen Pop   Item # 10885-45
 Avalon, Frankie S/T Chancellor CHL-5001(M) $30 VG/VG LP Info Buy
   1958,orig,smsplt,soc,Al CaiolaTeen Pop   Item # 139592
 Avalon, Frankie S/T Chancellor CHL-5001(M) $45 VG+/EX LP Info Buy
   1958,orig,Al CaiolaTeen Pop   Item # 191746
 Avalon, Frankie Sings Cleopatra Plus 13 Other Great Hits Chancellor CHLS-5032 $175 VG+/SS LP Info Buy
   Rare still sealed original stereo pressing from the early 1960's. Cover has minor corner bump. Seal is partly slit at opening near top and the back cover has a light smear stain under the shrink (add'Teen Pop   Item # 203031
 Avalon, Frankie Summer Scene Chancellor 5011(M) $30 EX/VG+ LP Info Buy
   1960Teen Pop   Item # 61634
 Avalon, Frankie Swingin' on a Rainbow Chancellor CHLX-5004(M) $20 VG/VG+ LP Info Buy
   1959,gfld,photo page intact,pull-out missing,writing on inside cover,sobcTeen Pop   Item # 198878
 Avalon, Frankie Swingin' on a Rainbow Chancellor CHLX-S-5004 $20 VG/VG+ LP Info Buy
   1959,gfld,pull-out missing,tears on inside cover,woc,sl spinewearTeen Pop   Item # 134791
 Avalon, Frankie Swingin' on a Rainbow Chancellor CHLX-S-5004 $20 VG/VG+ LP Info Buy
   1959,gfld,pull-out missing,tocTeen Pop   Item # 152051
 Avalon, Frankie Swingin' on a Rainbow Chancellor CHLX 5004(M) $40 VG+/VG+ LP Info Buy
   1959,gfld,photo page & pull-out poster intact,sm smspltTeen Pop   Item # 121205
 Avalon, Frankie The Young Frankie Avalon Chancellor CHL-5002(M) $18 VG/VG+ LP Info Buy
   196?,wocTeen Pop   Item # 134977
 Avalon, Frankie Two Fools / Just Ask Your Heart Chancellor C-1040 $18 VG/VG+ 7in Info Buy
   196?,pic sleeve & 45,rwTeen Pop   Item # 29667-45
 Avalon, Frankie Venus / I'm Broke Chancellor 1031 $5 VG+ 7in Info Buy
   196?Teen Pop   Item # 30992-45
 Avalon, Frankie Venus / I'm Broke Chancellor 1031 $12 VG/EX 7in Info Buy
   196?,pic sleeve & 45,slrwTeen Pop   Item # 29444-45
 Avalon, Frankie Welcome Home / Dance the Bossa Nova Chancellor C-1125 $18 VG/EX 7in Info Buy
   196?,pic sleeve & 45,slrw,tocTeen Pop   Item # 29445-45
 Avalon, Frankie Why / Swingin On A Rainbow Chancellor C 1045 $6 VG 7in Info Buy
   Teen Pop   Item # 7592-45
 Avalon, Frankie Why / Swingin' On A Rainbow Chancellor C-1045 $8 VG 7in Info Buy
   Teen Pop   Item # 11798-45
 Avalon, Frankie Why / Swingin' On A Rainbow Chancellor C-1045 $11 VG-/VG 7in Info Buy
   picture sleeve and record,stain on pic. sleeve,rough shapeTeen Pop   Item # 11799-45
 Avalon, Frankie Why / Swingin' On A Rainbow Chancellor C-1045 $12 VG/VG 7in Info Buy
   picture sleeve and record,woc,seam splitTeen Pop   Item # 19654-45
 Avalon, Frankie Why / Swingin' On A Rainbow Chancellor C-1045 $15 VG+/VG+ 7in Info Buy
   picture sleeve and record,woc,seam splitTeen Pop   Item # 22076-45
 Avalon, Frankie You Are MIne / Ponchinello Chancellor C 1107 $7 VG+ 7in Info Buy
   Teen Pop   Item # 7537-45
 Avalon, Frankie You Excite Me / Darlin' Chancellor C1016 $8 VG 7in Info Buy
   196?,wolTeen Pop   Item # 13815-45
 Baker, Vicky Yutta-Tutta / I am What I am London 45 LON 9661 $13 VG 7in Info Buy
   196?Teen Pop   Item # 30009-45
 Bell Notes Old Spanish Town / She Went That-A-Way Time Records Inc. 1010 $8 VG 7in Info Buy
   tol,somewhat worn labelTeen Pop   Item # 11781-45
 Bell, Trudy This Friend of Mine / Willie Philips 40021 $24.99 EX 7in Info Buy
   1962,wlp,ocsTeen Pop   Item # 28722-45
 Bertell Dache Not Just Tomorrow, But Always / Love Eyes United Artists UA 290 $22 VG- 7in Info Buy
   1961,early Tony Orlando,Carole King/Teddy Randazzo arrangements,answer song to Shirelles' ?will you still love me tomorrow'Teen Pop   Item # 26700-45
 Bey Sisters Captain Johnson / What Will My Future Be Decca 9-30853 $13 VG 7in Info Buy
   195?-6?Teen Pop   Item # 22619-45
 Binkley, Carolyn I Want a Baby Brother for Christmas / Mister Pilot Columbia 43918 $21 VG 7in Info Buy
   196?,wlpTeen Pop   Item # 15210-45
 BJ's Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head / Where Is This Old World A'Goin'? MFM ST-4501 $45 EX 7in Info Buy
   196?,girl popTeen Pop   Item # 19357-45
 Black, Flip Dreams of a Fool / My Book of Memories Jubilee 45-5458 $18 VG 7in Info Buy
   196?,wlp,wol,solTeen Pop   Item # 29049-45
 Blackbeard & the Pirates Lovers Never Say Goodbye / Show Me the Way to Go Home AD Presents 102 $75 VG 7in Info Buy
   1961,iowa releaseTeen Pop   Item # 30197-45
 Blane, Marcy Bobby's Girl / A Time to Dream Seville 45-120 $9 VG 7in Info Buy
   196?,Billy MureTeen Pop   Item # 14860-45
 Blane, Marcy Bobby's Girl / A Time to Dream Seville 45-120 $11 VG+ 7in Info Buy
   196?,Billy MureTeen Pop   Item # 28627-45
 Bleyer, Janet Cause You're My Lover / Nothin' to Do Cadence 1279 $10 VG+ 7in Info Buy
   1955,Chordettes memberTeen Pop   Item # 29955-45
 Bobbsey Twins A Change of Heart / Part-Time Gal Cadence 1324 $10 VG 7in Info Buy
   195-6?Teen Pop   Item # 13369-45
 Bourland, Jan Heartbeat / The Wild Ones Dynasty 622 $24.99 VG 7in Info Buy
   195?-6?,djl,wolTeen Pop   Item # 13434-45
 Brent, Tony Girl Of My Dreams / Don't Play That Melody (Merci, Monsieur Schubert) Roulette R-4113 $8 VG 7in Info Buy
   djl,wolTeen Pop   Item # 11771-45
 Brooks Brothers Sometimes / Warpaint London 45-1987-V $13 VG+ 7in Info Buy
   1962,wolTeen Pop   Item # 13527-45
 Brown, Elaine If There's a Chance / Ev'ry Night (About this Time) Ray Star 782 $55 VG+ 7in Info Buy
   195?-6?,wol,djl,early soul girl group soundTeen Pop   Item # 13430-45
 Brown, Kenny When You Go / Standing By Toppa 45-1040 $18 EX 7in Info Buy
   1961Teen Pop   Item # 26938-45
 Burns, Ronnie Double Date / Kinda Cute Verve V-10125x45 $13 EX 7in Info Buy
   1958,George Burns' sonTeen Pop   Item # 29319-45
 Buskirk, Ronnie I Just Can't Help Believin' / It's Getting Better Columbia 4-44745 $35 VG 7in Info Buy
   196?,wlp,Mann/Weil Brill BuildingTeen Pop   Item # 25966-45
 Cameron, Johnny Fantasy / I Double Dare You 20th Fox 45-179 $15 VG 7in Info Buy
   1960Teen Pop   Item # 28123-45
 Campbell, Jo Ann (I'm the Girl On) Wolverton Mountain / Sloppy Joe Cameo C-223 $5 VG 7in Info Buy
   196?Teen Pop   Item # 28434-45
 Campbell, Jo Ann A Kookie Little Paradise / Bobby, Bobby, Bobby ABC-Paramount 45-10134 $20 VG 7in Info Buy
   1960,wolTeen Pop   Item # 28167-45
 Campbell, Jo Ann A Kookie Little Paradise / Bobby, Bobby, Bobby ABC-Paramount 45-10134 $20 VG 7in Info Buy
   1960Teen Pop   Item # 29951-45
 Campbell, Jo Ann Motorcycle Michael / Puka Puka Pants ABC-Paramount 45-10200 $24.99 VG- 7in Info Buy
   1961,wolTeen Pop   Item # 28166-45
 Campbell, Jo-Ann Wait a Minute / I'm in Love With You Gone Gone 5014 $18 VG+ 7in Info Buy
   196?Teen Pop   Item # 4769-45
 Cane, Stacey Who are You / Funny Face Jubilee 45-5500 $15 VG 7in Info Buy
   196?,wlp,wol,h2o olTeen Pop   Item # 28991-45
 Caravelles The Last One to Know / You Don't Have to Be a Baby to Cry Smash S-1852 $8 VG 7in Info Buy
   196?Teen Pop   Item # 21859-45
 Carlo Baby Doll / Write Me a Letter Laurie 3151 $40 EX 7in Info Buy
   196?,djl,ex-Dion & the BelmontsTeen Pop   Item # 19376-45
 Carlson, Cathy Angel Wine / Hold My Hand DCP/MGM DCP 102 $10 VG+ 7in Info Buy
   1971,wlp,swolTeen Pop   Item # 14472-45
 Carr, Cathy Heart Hideaway / The Boy On Page Thirty-Five Fraternity F-743 $10 VG+ 7in Info Buy
   wolTeen Pop   Item # 11751-45
 Carr, Cathy Heartbroken / Half Pint Boogie Coral 9-60907 $18 VG 7in Info Buy
   1953Teen Pop   Item # 28253-45
 Carr, Cathy In Place of You / I Waded in the Water Laurie 3161 $13 VG+ 7in Info Buy
   196?Teen Pop   Item # 13317-45
 Carr, Cathy Little Sister / Dark River Roulette R-4219 $8 VG 7in Info Buy
   1958Teen Pop   Item # 26224-45
 Carr, Cathy Sailor Boy / The Next Time the Band Plays a Waltz Laurie 3147 $13 VG+ 7in Info Buy
   196?,orig company sleeveTeen Pop   Item # 13316-45
 Carr, Cathy To Know Him, is to Love Him / Put Away the Invitations Roulette R-4107 $11 EX 7in Info Buy
   195?-6?,Phil Spector coverTeen Pop   Item # 28899-45
 Carr, Cathy With Love / First Anniversary Roulette R-4125 $6 VG 7in Info Buy
   1958,wolTeen Pop   Item # 14212-45
 Carr, Cathy With Love / First Anniversary Roulette R-4125 $12 M- 7in Info Buy
   1958,djl,wolTeen Pop   Item # 7214-45
 Carroll, Andrea It Hurts to Be Sixteen / Why am I So Shy Big Top 45-3156 $12 VG 7in Info Buy
   1963,solTeen Pop   Item # 30185-45
 Carroll, Bernadette My Heart Stood Still / Sweet Sugar Sweet Julia 1106 $24.99 VG+ 7in Info Buy
   1963,wolTeen Pop   Item # 24964-45
 Carroll, Bernadette Party Girl / I Don't Wanna Know Laurie LR-3238 $11 VG 7in Info Buy
   1964,ocsTeen Pop   Item # 30356-45
 Carroll, Lisa Ask Me No Questions / Outside of Heaven Gallant 118 $20 VG- 7in Info Buy
   196?Teen Pop   Item # 18938-45
 Carson, Deedee Seventeen / I'll Walk Into the Sea Crystalette 739X $9 VG 7in Info Buy
   1960,wlpTeen Pop   Item # 30783-45
 Caruso, Dick Pretty Eyed Baby / Lyin' Kisses MGM K12868 $20 EX 7in Info Buy
   195?-6?,orig sleeveTeen Pop   Item # 15992-45
 Caruso, Dick Pretty Little Dancin' Doll / We've Never Met MGM K12932 $20 VG 7in Info Buy
   1960,djl,sol,wolTeen Pop   Item # 30824-45
 Castle, Angee Candy & Cake / Let's Pretend Cub K9028 $13 VG 7in Info Buy
   1959Teen Pop   Item # 30011-45

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