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Solid Viper Records :: Gospel
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Artist Title Label Price Condition Media
 Abyssinian Baptist Gospel Choir Under the Direction of Professor Alex Bradford Columbia CL 1548(M) $75 VG/EX LP Info Buy
   195?-6?,six eye label,slrwGospel   Item # 188814
 Alleluia Chorus Volume 1 Vilar Sound Recording 41911 $30 EX/M- LP Info Buy
   196?-7?,oswGospel   Item # 177635
 Allen, Rance Group A Soulful Experience Truth TRS-4207 $15 VG/VG LP Info Buy
   1975,rw,co,smspltGospel   Item # 203509
 Allen, Rance Group Phenomenon Bellmark D1-71806 $19.99 SS LP Info Buy
   1991Gospel   Item # 139952
 Allen, Rance Group Phenomenon Bellmark D1-71806 $19.99 SS LP Info Buy
   1991,co,sost 'Miracle Worker'Gospel   Item # 156515
 Anderson, Marian He's Got the Whole World in His Hands & 18 Other Spirituals RCA Victor Red Seal LM-2592(M) $20 VG+/EX LP Info Buy
   1962,gfld,shaded dog label,wobcGospel   Item # 191006
 Anderson, Marian Spirituals RCA Victor Red Seal LM-2032(M) $24.99 SS LP Info Buy
   1956Gospel   Item # 141624
 Anderson, Marian / Todd Duncan / Josh White / John Johnson American Negro Spirituals Allegro LEG-9026(M) $12 VG+/EX LP Info Buy
   195?-6?,wobcGospel   Item # 187094
 Andrews, Inez Chapter Five ABC Songbird SB-269 $10 VG/VG+ LP Info Buy
   1978,Gene Barge,prst oc,slrwGospel   Item # 122828
 Andrews, Inez Live at the Munich Gospel Fest ABC Songbird SBLP-254 $15 EX/EX LP Info Buy
   1974,osw,co,insertGospel   Item # 139974
 Andrews, Inez Live at the Munich Gospel Fest ABC Songbird SBLP-254 $24.99 SS LP Info Buy
   1974,coGospel   Item # 182641
 Andrews, Inez More Church in the Home SongBird SBLP-239 $24.99 VG/M- LP Info Buy
   1974,Gene Barge,h2o oc,coGospel   Item # 182018
 Andrews, Inez More Church in the Home SongBird SBLP-239 $40 SS LP Info Buy
   1974,Gene Barge,coGospel   Item # 197978
 Angelic Choir Negro Spirituals Musidisc 30 CV 968 $15 VG/VG LP Info Buy
   1950s-1960s. Rare France pressing original.Gospel   Item # 212720
 Angelic Gospel Singers I've Got Victory Malaco MAL 4407 $24.99 SS LP Info Buy
   1986Gospel   Item # 182242
 Angelic Gospel Singers Out of the Depths Malaco MAL 4424 $24.99 SS LP Info Buy
   198?Gospel   Item # 182638
 Angelic Gospel Singers Standing On the Highway Nashboro 7270 $50 SS LP Info Buy
   1983Gospel   Item # 182246
 Arthur, Jerry A Man Marching Toward a Cross KBK SM 201 $20 VG+/VG+ LP Info Buy
   197?,autographed obcGospel   Item # 153906
 Arthur, Jerry Sings Soul Sounds Ja Ec 2769-S $20 EX/VG+ LP Info Buy
   197?,oswGospel   Item # 153913
 Artistic Sounds Message to a Nation Savoy SL 14455 $50 VG+/M- LP Info Buy
   1977,coGospel   Item # 203516
 Assembliettes Sing Jesus Use Me Fredlo 6906LP $35 VG+/EX LP Info Buy
   1969,autographed ocGospel   Item # 194236
 B.C. & M. Choir My Sweet Lord Creed C 3029 $45 VG+/VG+ LP Info Buy
   1971,osw,George Harrison songGospel   Item # 152179
 Bailey, Philip Triumph Horizon SP-754 $6.95 VG+/EX LP Info Buy
   1986,lyric sleeve,sost 'Thank You'Gospel   Item # 153203
 Bailey, Philip Triumph Horizon SP-754 $17.99 SS LP Info Buy
   1986,lyric sleeve,sost 'Thank You'Gospel   Item # 156504
 Baker, Gene A Time for Singin' & a Time for Prayin' Choreo AS-13 $30 VG/EX LP Info Buy
   1962,rwGospel   Item # 192548
 Baker, Gene A Time For Singin' And A Time For Prayin' Choreo A-13 (Mono) $40 VG+/M- LP Info Buy
   1962 original press, still in the shrink.Gospel   Item # 208410
 Banks, B.T. From the Master in the Sky Nashboro NA 8655 $19.99 SS LP Info Buy
   1984Gospel   Item # 182092
 Banks, Willie & the Messengers Heaven Must Be a Beautiful Place Peacock PLP-186 $6.95 VG/VG LP Info Buy
   1973,coGospel   Item # 210831
 Barnes, Luther & the Red Budd Gospel Choir When We All Get to Heaven AIR 10058 $14.99 SS LP Info Buy
   1983 cutoutGospel   Item # 203011
 Barnes, Luther & the Sunset Jubilaires Oh My Lord AIR 10123 $16.99 SS LP Info Buy
   1988Gospel   Item # 182649
 Barrett Sisters I've Got A Feelin' A&M WR 8378 $24.99 SS LP Info Buy
   1987Gospel   Item # 139793
 Barrett Sisters What Shall I Render (Unto God) New Birth NEW-7045G $50 SS LP Info Buy
   197?-8?Gospel   Item # 202253
 Barrow, Cathy Trusting is Believing Pinebrook PB1295 $10 VG/VG+ LP Info Buy
   197?,autographed obc,rwGospel   Item # 202697
 Barrow, Cathy Trusting is Believing Pinebrook PB1295 $17.99 SS LP Info Buy
   197?Gospel   Item # 144395
 Bell, Martin Songs from the Way of the Wolf: The Gospel In New Images Seabury Press SP-90270 $40 VG+/VG+ LP Info Buy
   1970Gospel   Item # 185201
 Berger, Bill I'm On My Way M&B 51876 $150 VG+ LP Info Buy
   197?,plain coverGospel   Item # 202888
 Bertholf, Shirley Shirley Bertholf Enterprises KM-2334 $24.99 EX/EX LP Info Buy
   1978,oswGospel   Item # 182901
 Bibleletts Till He Came Gospelway LP 1004 $50 SS LP Info Buy
   197?Gospel   Item # 139987
 Blind-Boys Swing Hot Sweet Chariot Time S/2088 $7.95 VG/VG LP Info Buy
   196?Gospel   Item # 129766
 Blue Aquarius S/T Gospel Truth GTS-2725 $7.95 VG+/EX LP Info Buy
   1973,gfld,coGospel   Item # 181375
 Blue Aquarius S/T Gospel Truth GTS-2725 $8.95 VG/EX LP Info Buy
   1973,gfld,djl,co,smspltGospel   Item # 198244
 Blue Aquarius S/T Gospel Truth GTS-2725 $17.99 SS LP Info Buy
   1973,gfld,coGospel   Item # 57773
 Blue, Sylvester It is Finished Clarion CL 1135 $10 VG/M- LP Info Buy
   1980,rwGospel   Item # 183398
 Boatwright, McHenry The Art of...Spirituals Golden Crest Recital Series RE 7024 $15 VG+/EX LP Info Buy
   195?-6?Gospel   Item # 154357
 Boggs, Professor Harold God is Soul Food Nashboro 7106 $75 SS LP Info Buy
   197?Gospel   Item # 197981
 Bradford Singers Angel On Vacation Vee-Jay VJLP5037(M) $30 VG+/M- LP Info Buy
   196?Gospel   Item # 182025
 Bradford, Alex A Lifetime Believing Cotillion $18 EX/M- LP Info Buy
   wlpGospel   Item # 39742
 Bradford, Clea Now Mainstream 56042(M) $15 VG+/EX LP Info Buy
   196?,coGospel   Item # 205391
 Bradford, Prof. Alex The Best of... Savgos RI 5007 $19.99 SS LP Info Buy
   1984 pressing, still factory sealed cutout.Gospel   Item # 202709
 Bradford, Rev. Alex Obey His Will Checker ACK-10092 $60 VG+/M- LP Info Buy
   197?-8?,osw,coGospel   Item # 182749
 Brenda Nothing Is Impossible Sound House SH 425 $20 EX/VG LP Info Buy
   197?,oswGospel   Item # 151607
 Bright Stars Stayin' Strong Nashboro NA 7221 $8.95 VG/EX LP Info Buy
   1980,sl h2o ocGospel   Item # 181974
 Brockington Chorale Ensemble Recorded Live at the Refuge Bibleway Church of Christ Arctic LPM 1001(M) $75 VG-/VG- LP Info Buy
   1963,wlp,rwGospel   Item # 209911
 Brooklyn Allstars The New Sound of the... Jewel LPS 0051 $24.99 SS LP Info Buy
   197?,co,sl stains obcGospel   Item # 202397
 Brooks, Rev. Conrade He'll Be There Black Label BL-9609 $10 VG/EX LP Info Buy
   1982,rw,coGospel   Item # 206391
 Brown, Carmen Small Things Birthright BRS-4031 $50 VG+/VG+ LP Info Buy
   1982,oswGospel   Item # 202996
 Brownlee, Hazelle No Weapon Formed Against Me Sun of Righteousness SRS-1258 $65 SS LP Info Buy
   197?-8?Gospel   Item # 156350
 Brueur Sipple, Barbie Journey to Jesus Bond B101 $50 VG/VG+ LP Info Buy
   1972 original private pressing. Still in the shrink with a seamsplit cover.Gospel   Item # 186697
 Brunson, Rev. Milton & the Thompson Community Singers Moods, Images & Reflections HOB Is Gospel HBX 2171 $12 VG+/EX LP Info Buy
   1974,co,oswGospel   Item # 96784
 Brunson, Rev. Milton & the Thompson Community Singers The Voices of... HOB HBX 2178 $20 VG/VG LP Info Buy
   1975,rw,tocGospel   Item # 188786
 Brunson, Rev. Milton & the Thompson Community Singers The Voices of... HOB HBX 2178 $30 VG+/VG+ LP Info Buy
   1975,oswGospel   Item # 171913
 Brunson, Rev. Milton & the Thompson Community Singers The Voices of... HOB HBX 2178 $50 SS LP Info Buy
   1975Gospel   Item # 140000
 Bryant, Sammie Rev. C.L. Franklin Presents... Checker LP-10018 (Mono) $125 VG/VG+ LP Info Buy
   1966 original blue label mono pressing. Cutout cover with some ringwear, writing on label.Gospel   Item # 203096
 Butler, Rev. John A. Truth & Life Wajji WR-1301 $45 SS LP Info Buy
   1988Gospel   Item # 157322
 Byrd, Billy & the Rangers Gospel Guitar Scripture 109 $7.95 VG/VG LP Info Buy
   196?,rw,wobc,staple ocGospel   Item # 144754
 Caesar, Shirley First Lady...FromThe Heart UA $24.99 SS LP Info Buy
   1978Gospel   Item # 47289
 Caesar, Shirley Go Take A Bath Hob $24.99 SS LP Info Buy
   1975,gospelGospel   Item # 39212
 Caesar, Shirley Greatest Hits of ... Volume 1 Vesper VSP 1 $17.99 SS LP Info Buy
   1977Gospel   Item # 104346
 Caesar, Shirley Tell It to the Lord UpFront UPF-174 $7.95 VG+/VG+ LP Info Buy
   197?Gospel   Item # 139958
 Campbell, Lamar & Praise Ready Tyscot TR89115 $17.99 SS LP Info Buy
   1989 still sealed with promo marking on coverGospel   Item # 203018
 Caravans Share! Birthright BRS-4002 $40 VG/VG+ LP Info Buy
   1976,rw,autographed obc by Dolores WashingtonGospel   Item # 164871
 Caravans / Staple Singers A Gospel Program Savgos RI 5005 $50 SS LP Info Buy
   1984 cutout, still factory sealed.Gospel   Item # 202998
 Carolyn Gospel Music Queen Mission MR-CS-399 $24.99 SS LP Info Buy
   197?,h2o obcGospel   Item # 123203
 Carver, Phil With All My Strength Philip H. Carver $50 SS LP Info Buy
   1985Gospel   Item # 199330
 Chariots Quartet Jesus is Still the Answer Benson Sound LPS-601 $24.99 SS LP Info Buy
   197?Gospel   Item # 154632
 Cheeks, Rev. Julius & the Young Adult Choir of the First Baptist Church of Marshall Heights We'll Lay Down Our Lives for the Lord Savoy SGL 7040 $24.99 VG/VG LP Info Buy
   1979,2lp,rw,smspltGospel   Item # 150632
 Christ Universal Temple Ensemble Tower of Power U-71116 $85 VG/EX LP Info Buy
   Bob Mayes musical director. Original press, cover has ringwear.Gospel   Item # 187805
 Christian Tabernacle Church Swing Hallelujah Elektra EKL-270(M) $65 VG/VG+ LP Info Buy
   196?,gold guitarist labelGospel   Item # 197472
 Christian Tabernacle Church Swing Hallelujah Elektra EKS-7270 $150 VG+/EX LP Info Buy
   1960s original gold guitarist label. Small stain on back cover.Gospel   Item # 180983
 Circle Singers African Mass / The Creation (A Rock Cantata) Optimum 1760 $150 VG/VG+ LP Info Buy
   1972. Cover has tape and some ringwear.Gospel   Item # 186287
 Clark, Paul Good to be Home Seed S-1001 $40 VG/EX LP Info Buy
   1975,slrw,insertGospel   Item # 190210
 Clawson, Cynthia It Was His Love Triangle TR 116 $24.99 SS LP Info Buy
   1979Gospel   Item # 161501
 Cleveland, James The Best Of James Cleveland HOB H 253(M) $20 VG/SS LP Info Buy
   Original 1970s? pressing still factory sealed. One corner has a heavy crease.Gospel   Item # 213447
 Cleveland, James & the Cleveland Singers And the Cleveland Singers Savoy MG-14188(M) $15 VG-/EX LP Info Buy
   196?,h2o oc,smspltGospel   Item # 203515
 Cleveland, James & the Cleveland Singers Think of His Goodness to You Savoy SL 14438 $50 VG/EX LP Info Buy
   1979,osw,co,h2o ocGospel   Item # 182128
 Cleveland, Rev. James God's Way (Is the Best Way) Savoy SL 14631 $40 SS LP Info Buy
   1981Gospel   Item # 156512
 Cleveland, Rev. James The Love of God Thunderbird TDR-302 $40 SS LP Info Buy
   1980Gospel   Item # 156511
 Cleveland, Rev. James & Shirley Caesar 16 Golden Greats of the King & Queen of Inspirational Music Trip TOP-16-41 $10 VG/EX LP Info Buy
   1978,rwGospel   Item # 189307
 Click-Clacks Gospel Contrast GospelTone GT103 $24.99 VG+/EX LP Info Buy
   1977,co,Johnny Otis productionGospel   Item # 129784
 Click-Clacks Gospel Contrast GospelTone GT103 $28 VG+/M- LP Info Buy
   1977,co,Johnny Otis productionGospel   Item # 195349
 Clyde Bradley Singers Of St. Louis MO. Savoy MG-14177(M) $20 M-/VG LP Info Buy
   195?-196?,oswGospel   Item # 89209
 Cole, Nat King Signs Hymns & Spirituals Capitol ST-2454 $8.95 VG+/EX LP Info Buy
   196?,re,coGospel   Item # 178942
 Cole, Nat King Signs Hymns & Spirituals Capitol T-2454(M) $15 VG+/EX LP Info Buy
   196?,coGospel   Item # 208218
 Coleman, Lander Keep in the Middle of the Road Golden $13.99 SS LP Info Buy
   ex coverGospel   Item # 39675
 Collingridge, Ruth The Church Is Mighty Aglow WA-101 $35 VG+/EX LP Info Buy
   1975,2lpGospel   Item # 148166
 Colmanaires Of Washington, D.C. Cotillion SD 059 $24.99 VG+/VG+ LP Info Buy
   1971,coGospel   Item # 166499
 Commissioned On the Winning Side Light 72005 $19.99 SS LP Info Buy
   1987Gospel   Item # 139973
 Commissioned Ordinary Just Won't Do Light 72026 $19.99 SS LP Info Buy
   Still factory sealed from 1989Gospel   Item # 195141
 Commissioned Will You Be Ready? Light 72019 $17.99 SS LP Info Buy
   Still factory sealed from 1988Gospel   Item # 195140
 Community Renewal Chorus & All God's Children Who Cares for the City? Custom Fidelity CFS-2933 $35 VG/VG+ LP Info Buy
   1972,gfld,slrwGospel   Item # 199388

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