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New Arrival Records


80'S ROCK:

150843	10,000 Maniacs:  Blind Man's Zoo  (Elektra 960815-1 LP)  $11  EX/EX  1989,lyric sleeve
148024	38 Special:  Wild-Eyed Southern Boys  (A&M SP 4835 LP)  $9  EX/M-  1980,osw
153416	ABC:  The Lexicon of Love  (Mercury SRM-1-4059 LP)  $7  EX/VG+  1982,inner sleeve,osw
150912	Abdul, Paula:  Forever Your Girl  (Virgin V1-90943 LP)  $7  VG+/EX  1988,lyric sleeve
148328	Alarm:  Declaration  (IRS SP-70608 LP)  $9  VG+/EX  1984,lyric sleeve
155025	Alarm:  S/T  (IRS SP 70504 LP)  $5  VG+/VG+  1983,5 song EP
153425	All About Eve:  S/T  (Mercury 834 260-1 LP)  $7  VG/VG+  1988,djl,lyric sleeve,sost "Every Angel",sl spinewear,prst obc,goth/shoegaze
149229	Armatrading, Joan:  Me Myself I  (A&M SP 4809 LP)  $6  VG+/EX  1980,modernist wood chair cover art,osw
153688	Armatrading, Joan:  Secret Secrets  (A&M SP-5040 LP)  $8  VG+/EX  1985,lyric sleeve,sobc
149133	Armatrading, Joan:  Sleight of Hand  (A&M SP 5130 LP)  $4  VG+/EX  1986,lyric sleeve
153685	Armatrading, Joan:  The Key  (A&M SP-4912 LP)  $5  VG+/EX  1983,lyric sleeve,soc
153687	Armatrading, Joan:  Walk Under Ladders  (A&M SP 4876 LP)  $7  VG+/VG+  1981,lyric sleeve,sobc
148423	Art of Noise:  In Visible Silence  (China BFV 41528 LP)  $7  VG+/EX  1986,inner sleeve
147444	Art of Noise:  (Who's Afraid of?) The Art of Noise!  (Island/ZTT 90179 LP)  $12  VG+/EX  1984,prst obc,sost "Close","Beatbox"
154999	Bangles:  All Over the Place  (Columbia C 39220 LP)  $8  VG+/EX  1984
151975	Bangles:  Different Light  (Columbia FC 40039 LP)  $6  VG+/M-  1986,lyric sleeve
148243	Barnes, Jimmy:  Freight Train Heart  (Geffen GHS 24146 LP)  $9  VG+/M-  1988,lyric sleeve,prst oc,Neal Schon,David Lindley
151839	Belew, Adrian:  Mr. Music Head  (Atlantic 81959-1 LP)  $12  VG+/M-  1989,digital
151910	Benatar, Pat:  Tropico  (Chrysalis FV 41471 LP)  $14  SS  1984,lyric sleeve
153277	Bird, J.:  S/T  (Bermuda Dunes BDLP-S-11483 LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  1983,"Body Harmony"
147446	Blue Steel:  Nothing But Time  (Asylum 6E-308 LP)  $9  EX/EX  1981
146969	Bluesbusters:  Accept No Substitute  (Landslide LD-1009 LP)  $9  EX/VG+  1986,osw,members of Little Feat,Dixie Dregs,Bob Seger,Paul Butterfield,Nicolette Larson
151277	Bobby & the Midnites:  S/T  (Arista AL 9568 LP)  $9  VG/EX  1981,slrw,Bob Weir,Billy Cobham,Grateful Dead member
148911	Bobby & the Midnites:  S/T  (Arista AL 9568 LP)  $10  VG+/EX  1981,lyric sleeve,co,Bob Weir,Billy Cobham,Grateful Dead member
148456	Book of Love:  S/T  (Sire 1-25355 LP)  $8  EX/EX  1986,lyric sleeve
151384	Brady, Paul:  Hard Station  (21 T1-1-9001 LP)  $13  EX/M-  1981,osw,co,lyric sleeve
147272	Bramble:  S/T  (Creative Arts Studio CAS-0019 LP)  $35  EX/EX  1983,osw,spartanburg sc band
152607	Brickell, Edie & New Bohemians:  Shooting Rubberbands at the Stars  (Geffen GHS 24192 LP)  $14  EX/EX  1988,lyric sleeve
152463	Briley, Martin:  Fear of the Unknown  (Mercury SRM-1-4026 LP)  $17  VG/EX  1981,co,soc,lyric sleeve
152464	Briley, Martin:  Fear of the Unknown  (Mercury SRM-1-4026 LP)  $18  VG+/EX  1981,co,lyric sleeve
152455	Broken Home:  S/T  (Atlantic SD 197274 LP)  $5  VG+/EX  1980,prst oc,djts oc
147453	Bronski Beat:  Truthdare Doubledare  (MCA 5751 LP)  $10  VG+/EX  1986,co,lyric sleeve
146967	Brown, Julie:  Goddess In Progress  (Rhino RNEP 610 LP)  $17  EX/EX  1984,osw,mini lp,"Homecoming Queen's Got a Gun"
148129	Brown, T. Graham:  Brilliant Conversationalist  (Capitol ST-12552 LP)  $21  VG+/M-  1987,osw,sost "Anything to Lose"
153790	Browne, Jackson:  Hold Out  (Asylum 5e-511 LP)  $6  EX/EX  1980,lyric sleeve
150828	Burnett, T-Bone:  Talking Animals  (Columbia C 40792 LP)  $9  VG+/M-  1987,lyric sleeve
153417	Burnette, Billy:  Gimme You  (Columbia NFC 37460 LP)  $6  VG+/EX  1981,prst obc
151630	Cacavas, Chris & Junk Yard Love:  S/T  (Heyday HEY 006 LP)  $12  VG+/EX  1989,co,slrw,soc,Johnette Napolitano
152976	Cannata:  Images of Forever  (Carrere Z 44032 LP)  $11  VG/EX  1988,lyric sleeve,prst obc
153943	Carnes, Kim:  Mistaken Identity  (EMI America R-133770 LP)  $7  EX/EX  1981,osw,record club issue,"Bette Davis Eyes"
146870	Chapman, Tracy:  S/T  (Elektra 9 60774-1 LP)  $17  SS  1988,co,sost "Fast Car"
151732	Cheetah:  Rock & Roll Women  (Epic EPC 85522 LP)  $17  VG/EX  1981,Australia,gfld,sost "Spend the Night",aussie hard rock with female vocals a la runaways & heart
153439	Chemay, Joe Band:  The Riper the Finer  (Unicorn 9501 LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  1981,co
153126	Choir Invisible:  Sea to Shining Sea  (PVC 6905 LP)  $16  EX/VG+  1984
154994	Choirboys:  Big Bad Noise  (WTG P 45112 LP)  $9  VG/EX  1988,slrw,lyric sleeve,prst obc
154995	Cole, Jude:  S/T  (Warner Bros 1-25553 LP)  $10  VG/EX  1987,lyric sleeve,prst oc
154979	Craaft:  S/T  (Epic E 40290 LP)  $6  VG+/EX  1986,prst obc
154986	Cross:  Shove It  (Virgin 1-90857 LP)  $8  VG+/EX  1988,Roger Taylor of Queen,sost "Love Lies Bleeding",prst oc,co
151269	Cross, Christopher:  Another Page  (Warner Bros 23757 LP)  $12  VG+/M-  1983,"All Right",Quiex II,audiophile,prst oc
151383	Crossfire:  East of Where  (Headfirst HF 9704 LP)  $16  VG+/M-  1981,djl,audiophile pressing
155023	Cruzados:  S/T  (Arista AL8-8383 LP)  $9  VG+/EX  1985,Tito Larriva,co
155006	Culture Club:  Colour By Numbers  (Virgin QE 39107 LP)  $11  EX/VG+  1983,osw,sost "Karma Chameleon"
148784	Culture Club:  From Luxury to Heartache  (Epic E 40345 LP)  $6  VG+/M-  1986,osw,lyric sleeve,sost "Move Away"
153089	Daily Planet:  No Time To Lose  (Planetunes DP 1082 LP)  $75  VG+/EX  1982,local Iowa hard rock band
155004	Dare:  Out of the Silence  (A&M SP-5221 LP)  $10  VG/EX  1988,rw,sost "Abandon",soc,prst obc
151810	Darts:  Across America  (Kat Family JW 37356 LP)  $15  VG+/M-  1981,wlp,prst obc
149237	Dayne, Taylor:  Tell It To My Heart  (Arista AL-8529 LP)  $6  VG+/EX  1987,soc
154983	De Film:  S/T  (Portrait R 40412 LP)  $7  VG/EX  1985,rw
146843	Dead Can Dance:  The Serpent's Egg  (4AD CAD 808 LP)  $22  VG+/VG+  1988,UK,lyric sleeve,soc
154982	Dead Or Alive:  Youthquake  (Epic FE 40119 LP)  $10  VG+/EX  1985,slrw
155021	Dee, WIllie:  Abrupt Edge  (Rocshire XR22015 LP)  $9  VG+/VG+  1983,djl,co,insert
154984	Dekka Danse:  Waltz In the Wilderness  (CBS 25963 LP)  $23  EX/EX  1984,UK
155020	Des Barres, Michael:  Somebody Up There Likes Me...  (MCA 5763 LP)  $10  EX/EX  1986,osw,co
153806	Dexys Midnight Runners:  Too-Rye-Ay  (Mercury SRM-1-4069 LP)  $10  VG+/VG+  1982,lyric sleeve
148406	Dickie, Tom & the Desires:  Competition  (Mercury SRM-1-4018 LP)  $12  VG+/EX  1981,co
153442	Dig:  S/T  (Atlantic 81721-1 LP)  $3  VG/EX  1987,soc,rw
152983	Dire Straits:  Making Movies  (Warner Bros BSK 3480 LP)  $13  EX/EX  1980,osw,lyric sleeve
154355	Dixon, Don:  Most of the Girls Like to Dance But Only Some of the Boys Like To  (Enigma ST-73239 LP)  $11  VG+/M-  1985,co,REM-related
151158	Dolby, Thomas:  Blinded By Science  (Harvest MLP-15007 LP)  $11  VG+/EX  1982,mini-lp,co,slrw
149778	Drama:  Scenes from a Distance  (RCA Victor NFL1-8046 LP)  $10  VG+/M-  1985,co,osw,sost "Paralyze"
151003	Dregs:  Industry Standard  (Arista AL 9588 LP)  $14  EX/EX  1982,osw,Steve Howe,sost "Crank It Up"
155022	Drew, David:  Safety Love  (MCA 42171 LP)  $8  VG+/VG+  1988,osw,sost "Green Eyed Lady"
150818	Duke Tomatoe & the Power Trio:  I Like My Job!  (Warner Bros 25836 LP)  $25  SS  1989,John Fogerty prod,co
155005	Easton, Sheena:  A Private Heaven  (EMI America ST-17132 LP)  $7  EX/EX  1984,osw,lyric sleeve
151911	Easton, Sheena:  Madness Money & Music  (EMI America R 114422 LP)  $28  SS  1982,rca music club issue
155268	Easton, Sheena:  The Lover In Me  (MCA 42249 LP)  $9  M-/M-  1988,osw,sost
153426	Eddie, John:  The Hard Cold Truth  (Columbia C 40883 LP)  $10  VG+/VG+  1989,lyric sleeve,prst obc
153434	EIEIO:  Land of Opportunity  (Frontier FLP 1017 LP)  $15  EX/M-  1986,osw
151663	Faber, George & Stronghold:  S/T  (Sound Image 25783-1 LP)  $7  VG+/EX  1983,co,insert
151775	Fabulous Thunderbirds:  What's the Word  (Chrysalis CHR 1287 LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  1980
153437	Fabulous Thunderbirds:  What's the Word  (Chrysalis PV 41287 LP)  $14  VG+/EX  1980
153430	Farrar, John:  S/T  (Columbia 36475 LP)  $11  VG/EX  1980,lyric sleeve,woc,prst obc
151662	Forbert, Steve:  Little Stevie Orbit  (Nemperor JZ 36595 LP)  $9  VG+/M-  1980
152984	Foreigner:  4  (Atlantic SD 16999 LP)  $10  VG+/M-  1981,osw,sost "Urgent",lyric sleeve
152965	Francour, Chuck:  Under the Boulevard Lights  (EMI America SW-17032 LP)  $28  VG+/EX  1980,co,osw,lyric sleeve
151211	Frey, Glenn:  The Allnighter  (MCA 5501 LP)  $8  VG/EX  1984,Quiex II,audiophile,sost "Smuggler's Blues",prst oc
155045	Gabriel, Peter:  S/T  (Geffen GHS  2011 LP)  $12  VG/VG+  1982,lyric sleeve,soc
153823	Gabriel, Peter:  S/T  (Mercury SRM-1-3848 LP)  $6  VG+/EX  1980,insert
150089	Georgia Satellites:  S/T  (Elektra 60496-1 LP)  $6  VG+/M-  1986,co
153399	Gibb, Barry:  Now Voyager  (MCA 5506 LP)  $8  VG+/EX  1984,prst oc,lyric sleeve,sost "Shine Shine"
153440	Gibson, Debbie:  Out of the Blue  (Atlantic A1 81780 LP)  $6  EX/VG+  1987,osw,lyric sleeve
148890	Go 90:  S/T  (Silent Si 0001 LP)  $9  EX/VG+  1984,osw,lyric sleeve,local Portland band
152987	Go-Go's:  Beauty & the Beat  (IRS SP-70021 LP)  $13  EX/EX  1981,osw,co,sost "We Got the Beat",lyric sleeve
154990	Green, Jack:  Humanesque  (RCA Victor AFL1 3639 LP)  $10  VG+/EX  1980,lyric sleeve,osw,co
149528	Hall & Oates:  Ooh Yeah!  (Arista AL-8539 LP)  $6  EX/EX  1988,osw,"Everything Your Heart Desires"
151356	Hall, Jennifer:  Fortune & Men's Eyes  (Warner Bros 25628 LP)  $7  VG+/M-  1987,lyric sleeve,prst oc
152969	Harlequin:  Lovecrimes  (Columbia NFC 37536 LP)  $9  VG+/VG+  1980
149131	Hay, Colin James:  Looking for Jack  (Columbia C 40611 LP)  $6  VG+/M-  1987,lyric sleeve
151155	Healey, Jeff:  See the Light  (Arista AL-8553 LP)  $9  EX/EX  1988
153379	Hindu Love Gods:  S/T  (Giant 1-24406 LP)  $17  EX/EX  1990,osw,Warren Zevon,REM members
153661	Holland, Jools:  Meets Rock 'a' Boogie Billy  (IRS SP-70509 LP)  $18  VG+/EX  1984,sobc
149537	Honeydrippers:  Volume One  (Esparanza 7 9 02201 LP)  $8  EX/VG+  1984,osw,mini lp,sost "Sea of Love"
148333	Hoodoo Gurus:  Mars Needs Guitars!  (Elektra 60485-1 LP)  $6  VG/VG+  1985
151280	Hornsby, Bruce:  The Way It Is  (RCA Victor AFL1-5904 LP)  $10  SS  1986,"Every Little Kiss"
152456	House, Dixon:  Masked Madness  (A&M SP-4878 LP)  $9  VG+/EX  1981,lyric sleeve,prst obc
149168	House, James:  S/T  (Atlantic 80051 LP)  $9  VG+/M-  1983
151151	Icehouse:  Man of Colours  (Chrysalis OV 41592 LP)  $10  EX/EX  1987,custom sleeve,soc,prst obc
147452	Icehouse:  S/T  (Chrysalis CHR 1350 LP)  $12  EX/EX  1981,osw
149461	Incredible Casuals:  That's That  (Rounder 9015 LP)  $11  VG+/M-  1987,co,soc
147442	Jankel, Chas:  S/T  (A&M SP-4862 LP)  $11  VG+/EX  1981,"Ai No Corrida"
149482	Jason & the Scorchers:  Still Standing  (EMI America ST-17219 LP)  $8  VG+/M-  1986,co
154949	Jett, Joan & the Blackhearts:  Album  (MCA 5437 LP)  $14  VG+/EX  1983,gfld
154948	Jett, Joan & the Blackhearts:  I Love Rock N Roll  (Boardwalk NB1 33243 LP)  $12  EX/VG+  1981,osw
152964	Jett, Joan & the Blackhearts:  Up Your Alley  (Blackheart FZ 44146 LP)  $16  SS  1988,inner sleeve
147882	Joel, Billy:  Storm Front  (Columbia C 44366 LP)  $9  EX/EX  1989,lyric sleeve,"We Didn't Start the Fire"
153432	Jones, Steve:  Mercy  (MCA 42006 LP)  $6  VG+/EX  1987,co
151247	Joy Rider:  Tired of Phoney  (RCA MFL1-8520 LP)  $13  SS  1984,co,mini-lp
151250	Juniper:  Lies  (Allegiance AV 436 LP)  $17  VG/EX  1983,co,slrw
151243	Kamon, Karen:  Heart of You  (Columbia BFC 39407 LP)  $11  VG+/EX  1984,prst obc
153420	Katt, Billy:  Secret Smiles  (MCA 5346 LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  1982,co
146799	Knight, Holly:  S/T  (Columbia C 44243 LP)  $10  VG+/EX  1988,lyric sleeve,prst obc
148782	L.A.:  Doyawanna  (Radio RR 16035 LP)  $10  VG+/EX  1981,djts oc,prst obc
148792	Lamb, Bill:  Riff Rockin'  (Warner Bros 1-23881 LP)  $12  VG+/EX  1983,lyric sleeve,sost "Terminal Beach",prst oc
147276	Langrehr:  Nervous Brain  (Decision DR 002 LP)  $30  SS  1985,st louis mo band
152977	Lauper, Cyndi:  A Night To Remember  (Epic E 44318 LP)  $9  VG+/EX  1989,lyric sleeve
153421	Lauper, Cyndi:  True Colors  (Portrait OR 40313 LP)  $10  VG+/EX  1986,lyric sleeve
147894	Lavoie, Daniel:  Tension Attention  (Kebec-Disc KD-584 LP)  $8  VG+/VG+  1983,Canada
151382	LeBlanc, Don:  Beatin' the Pavement  (Music Machine LPSMM102 LP)  $22  EX/EX  1981,Canada,"Superfunk",osw
155027	Lennon, Julian:  Mr. Jordan  (Atlantic 81928-1 LP)  $11  VG+/EX  1989,lyric sleeve
153791	Lewis, Huey & the News:  Fore!  (Chrysalis OV 41534 LP)  $8  EX/M-  1986,osw,lyric sleeve,sost "Stuck With You"
146812	Lewis, Huey & the News:  Off the Record Special  (Westwood One OTRS 83-50 LP)  $28  VG/M-  1983,2lp,radio show with music,interviews & commercials,dj cue sheet insert
152466	Leyden Zar:  S/T  (A&M SP-4860 LP)  $11  VG+/EX  1981,slrw
148798	Life:  S/T  (Elektra 6E-339 LP)  $12  VG+/M-  1981,wlp,lyric sleeve,prst oc
153378	Lilac Time:  S/T  (Mercury 836 744-1 LP)  $10  VG+/VG+  1988,djl,prst obc,lyric sleeve
153383	Little Steven:  Voice of America  (EMI America ST-17120 LP)  $11  SS  1984,poster?
151167	Livgren, Kerry:  Seeds of Change  (Kirshner JZ 36567 LP)  $9  VG/EX  1980,Kansas member,rw
151166	Livgren, Kerry:  Time Line  (CBS BFZ 39368 LP)  $10  VG+/EX  1984,lyric sleeve,Kansas member
149452	Loggins, Kenny:  Vox Humana  (Columbia FC 39174 LP)  $8  VG+/EX  1985,lyric sleeve
149169	Lone Justice:  S/T  (Geffen GHS 24060 LP)  $8  VG+/EX  1985
147370	Mal & Val:  Touchdown  (Orbit OR-101 LP)  $9  EX/M-  1981,4 song EP,osw,no insert
153410	McClinton, Delbert:  The Jealous Kind  (Capitol ST-12115 LP)  $4  VG/VG+  1980,rw
153436	McMahon, Gerard:  No Looking Back  (Full Moon 1-23784 LP)  $8  VG/VG+  1983,soc,lyric sleeve,prst oc
153267	McMurrin, Dennis:  S/T  (Salek Street SS 103 LP)  $18  SS  1986,local iowa release
149611	Men At Work:  Cargo  (Columbia QC 38660 LP)  $12  EX/M-  1982,osw,sost "Overkill"
151780	Messina, Jim:  Messina  (Warner Bros BSK 3559 LP)  $9  VG+/EX  1981,lyric sleeve
148148	Messina, Jimmy:  One More Mile  (Warner Bros 1-23825 LP)  $12  VG+/M-  1983,prst oc,lyric sleeve
148783	Miami Sound Machine:  Primitive Love  (Epic FE 40131 LP)  $3  VG+/VG+  1985,Gloria Estefan,osw
147519	Miami Sound Machine:  Primitive Love  (Epic FE 40131 LP)  $4  EX/VG+  1985,Gloria Estefan,osw,sost "Conga"
155002	Modern Romance:  Trick of the Light  (Atlantic 80072 LP)  $9  VG/VG+  1983,djts oc,prst obc
147346	Montana:  Change In the Weather  (Waterhouse 14 LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  1981,insert
149704	Naked Prey:  Under the Blue Marlin  (Frontier FLP 1016 LP)  $33  SS  1986,paisley underground/neo-psych
155028	Newcity Rockers:  S/T  (Critique 90623-1 LP)  $13  VG+/EX  1987
153156	Night:  Long Distance  (Planet P-10 LP)  $6  VG+/EX  1980,lyric sleeve,prst oc
155017	Noel:  S/T  (4th & B'way BWAY 4009 LP)  $15  VG+/M-  1989,djl,sost "Silent Morning"
148661	Nora:  Foreign Legions  (New York Music Co. NYM-5 LP)  $11  VG+/M-  1984,insert,poster,bklt,prst obc,soc,outer sleeve,Carmine Appice,Bernard Purdie,Horace Ott production
149457	Nova, Aldo:  S/T  (Portrait ARR 37498 LP)  $10  VG/EX  1982,lyric sleeve,rw
147435	Nova, Aldo:  Twitch  (Portrait FR 40001 LP)  $7  EX/M-  1985,osw
147621	Oak:  Set the Night On Fire  (Mercury SRM-1-4009 LP)  $15  VG+/M-  1980,co
153441	Oingo Boingo:  Boingo Alive  (MCA 2-8030 LP)  $16  EX/EX  1988,2lp
152970	Orchestral Manoeuvres In the Dark:  Dazzle Ships  (Virgin OVED 106 LP)  $10  VG+/EX  1983,UK
154993	OXO:  S/T  (Geffen GHS 4001 LP)  $9  VG+/EX  1983,lyric sleeve,prst oc,sost "Whirly Girl"
153427	Oz, William:  S/T  (Capitol ST-12015 LP)  $9  VG/EX  1980,lyric sleeve,rw,co
148128	Palmer, Robert:  Clues  (Island ILPS 9595 LP)  $5  VG+/EX  1980,"Johnny & Mary",osw
147649	Parachute Club:  At the Feet of the Moon  (RCA Victor AFL1-5337 LP)  $7  VG+/VG+  1984,lyric sleeve
147648	Parachute Club:  S/T  (Current WAVE 2 LP)  $8  VG+/EX  1983,Canada,lyric sleeve
148653	Partland Brothers:  Electric Honey  (Manhattan ST 53050 LP)  $12  SS  1986,sost "Soul City"
148800	Patton, Robbie:  Orders From Headquarters  (Atlantic 80006-1 LP)  $12  VG+/EX  1982,lyric sleeve
152973	Payolas:  No Stranger to Danger  (A&M SP-6-4908 LP)  $8  VG/VG+  1982,sost "Romance",Mick Ronson production,prst obc
148803	Penfield, Holly:  Full Grown Child  (Dreamland DL-1-5003 LP)  $9  VG+/EX  1980,djl,slrw,prst obc
147449	Perry, Steve:  Street Talk  (Columbia FC 39334 LP)  $8  EX/EX  1984,osw,journey singer,sost "Oh Sherrie",lyric sleeve
155091	Pocketwatch Paul & the Rhythm Rockets:  Blue Wave  (Jamor CT-11493 LP)  $16  VG+/VG+  1983
153769	Poi Dog Pondering:  Fruitless  (Columbia CAS 2219 LP)  $15  EX  1990,wlp,plain cover
154898	Police:  Zenyatta Mondatta  (A&M SP-3720 LP)  $8  EX/VG+  1980,osw,orig inner sleeve
148993	Pony Express Band:  Northern Country  (Audio Phonic 39816 LP)  $25  VG/VG+  1981
149171	Powers, Lance:  S/T  (LTB SR 113 LP)  $28  VG+/VG+  1984,5-track ep,soc
149172	Powers, Lance:  S/T  (LTB SR 113 LP)  $30  VG+/EX  1984,5-track ep
149173	Powers, Lance:  S/T  (LTB SR 113 LP)  $45  SS  1984,5-track ep
154893	Pretenders:  Extended Play  (Sire MINI 3563 LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  1981,mini lp,swoc
151674	Pretenders:  Extended Play  (Sire MINI 3563 LP)  $14  VG+/M-  1981,mini lp
146826	Pretenders:  Get Close  (Sire 1-25488 LP)  $4  VG+/VG  1986,lyric sleeve
154951	Pretenders:  Learning to Crawl  (Sire 1-23980 LP)  $10  VG/EX  1983,orig inner sleeve
154892	Pretenders:  S/T  (Sire SRK 6083 LP)  $7  VG+/EX  1980
151144	Pursuit of Happiness:  One Sided Story  (Chrysalis CHS-41757 LP)  $14  EX/M-  1990,lyric sleeve,prst obc
147443	Q-Feel:  S/T  (Jive VA 66005 LP)  $10  VG+/M-  1983,co,sost "Dancing In Heaven"
147450	Quarterflash:  Back Into Blue  (Geffen CHS 24078 LP)  $8  VG+/M-  1985,osw,lyric sleeve
152960	Quick:  One Light in a Blackout  (Epic FE 37989 LP)  $9  VG+/EX  1982,co,lyric sleeve
147362	Raisins:  S/T  (Strugglebaby SBLP 3228 LP)  $23  VG+/EX  1983,Adrian Belew production
154300	Raitt, Bonnie:  Nick of Time  (Capitol C1-91268 LP)  $10  VG+/VG+  1989,purple label,lyric sleeve
155007	Rea, Chris:  Tennis  (Columbia JC 36435 LP)  $9  VG+/VG+  1980,lyric sleeve
151149	Red Hot Chili Peppers:  Out In L.A.  (EMI E1 29665 LP)  $14  VG+/M-  1994,orig inner sleeve
148807	Red Rider:  As Far As Siam  (Capitol ST-12148 LP)  $14  EX/EX  1981,osw,lyric sleeve
148806	Red Rider:  Don't Fight It  (Capitol ST-12028 LP)  $12  VG/EX  1980,soc,co,lyric sleeve
152956	REM:  Fables of the Reconstruction  (IRS 5592 LP)  $12  EX/EX  1985,osw,orig inner sleeve
154031	REM:  Reckoning  (IRS SP-70044 LP)  $10  VG+/VG+  1984,soc,orig inner sleeve
148153	REM:  We Are Having a Heavenly Time!  (PFM Q-9022 LP)  $28  VG+/EX  1985,fan club-only live lp
148809	Rings:  Rhythm Method  (MCA 5264 LP)  $9  VG+/EX  1981,prst oc
154978	Roaring Boys:  S/T  (Columbia BFC 40194 LP)  $17  VG+/EX  1986,lyric sleeve
152959	Rockets:  Live Rockets  (Capitol SQ 12270 LP)  $15  VG+/VG+  1983,prst oc
152955	Rockmelons:  Tales of the City  (Atlantic 61949-1 LP)  $6  VG+/M-  1988,co,sost "New Groove"
146879	Romantics:  In Heat  (Nemperor FZ 38880 LP)  $5  VG+/VG+  1983,lyric sleeve
152954	Rotondi:  Play On  (ROM 26001 LP)  $11  VG/EX  1988,woc,wol,lyric sleeve
152958	Roulettes:  S/T  (Takoma TAK 7090 LP)  $23  VG+/EX  1981,prst oc
151152	Royal Court of China:  S/T  (A&M SP-5174 LP)  $8  VG+/M-  1987,sost "It's All Changed"
151241	Rush, Jennifer:  Heart Over Mind  (Epic FE 40825 LP)  $6  VG+/EX  1987,lyric sleeve
152966	Saffan, Mark & the Keepers:  S/T  (Planet P-12 LP)  $14  VG/EX  1981,prst oc,rw
152437	Saffan, Mark & the Keepers:  S/T  (Planet P-12 LP)  $17  EX/M-  1981,djs oc
152431	Saleet, Norman:  Here I Am  (RCA NFL1-8002 LP)  $28  SS  1982,sost "Magic In The Air"
153381	Schneider, Helen & the Kick:  Smuggled Out A-Live  (Mirage 90083-1 LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  1983,co
153780	Scritti Politti:  Provision  (Warner Bros 1-25686 LP)  $6  VG+/VG+  1988,prst oc,lyric sleeve
148475	Sexton, Charlie:  Pictures for Pleasure  (MCA 5629 LP)  $9  VG+/EX  1985,lyric sleeve
153339	Shepard, Vonda:  S/T  (Reprise 25718-1 LP)  $14  VG+/M-  1989,prst oc,lyric sleeve
151156	Sherbs:  The Skill  (Atco SD 38-137 LP)  $9  VG/EX  1980,lyric sleeve,stain oc
152469	Shot In the Dark:  S/T  (RSO RS-1-3096 LP)  $15  VG/M-  1981,wlp,stain oc,prst obc
153770	Simply Red:  Picture Book  (Elektra EKT 21 LP)  $9  EX/EX  1985,Germany
150838	Smithereens:  Especially for You  (Enigma ST-73208 LP)  $6  VG+/M-  1986
151146	Smithereens:  Green Thoughts  (Capitol C1-48375 LP)  $8  VG+/EX  1988
154839	Spence, Judson:  S/T  (Atlantic 81902-1 LP)  $8  VG+/M-  1988,co,lyric sleeve,sost "Hot & Sweaty",prst obc
146858	Split:  S/T  (Vielklang LC 8711 LP)  $8  VG/VG+  1989,Germany,tear oc,inner sleeve
154987	St. Paul:  S/T  (MCA 42060 LP)  $15  VG+/EX  1987
147671	Stacey Q:  Better Than Heaven  (Atlantic 81676-1 LP)  $12  EX/M-  1986,"2 of Hearts"
150064	Stars On:  Stars On Long Play  (Radio RR 16044 LP)  $12  EX/EX  1981,includes medley of beatles songs,prst oc
150065	Stars On:  Stars On Long Play  (Radio RR 16044 LP)  $18  SS  1981,includes medley of beatles songs
151819	Starship:  Knee Deep in the Hoopla  (Grunt BXL1-5488 LP)  $9  EX/M-  1985,osw,sost "We Built this City"
155018	Stephenson, Van:  Righteous Anger  (MCA 5482 LP)  $10  VG+/VG+  1984
151270	Stewart, Al:  Indian Summer - Live  (Arista A2l 8607 LP)  $13  VG+/M-  1981,2lp,co
151664	Stray Cats:  Rant n' Rave  (EMI America SO-17102 LP)  $9  VG/VG+  1983,orig inner sleeve,sm tears oc
151665	Stray Cats:  S/T  (Arista STRAY-1 LP)  $14  VG+/VG+  1981,Germany
149648	Style Council:  Introducing...  (Polydor 815 277-1 LP)  $9  VG+/VG+  1983,7-track mini-lp
152962	Style Council:  The Cost of Loving  (Polydor 831 443 LP)  $9  VG+/EX  1987,lyric sleeve
148650	Sudano, Bruce:  Fugitive Kind  (Millennium BXL1-7760 LP)  $25  SS  1981,co
152433	Sue Saad & the Next:  S/T  (Planet P-4 LP)  $33  EX  1980,white label test pressing,plain cover
155024	Sundholm, Roy:  East To West  (Ensign BXL1-4181 LP)  $8  VG+/M-  1981
146760	Survivor:  Eye of the Tiger  (Scotti Brothers FZ 38062 LP)  $9  EX/EX  1982,osw,lyric sleeve
155008	Survivor:  Vital Signs  (Scotti Bros FZ 39578 LP)  $8  EX/EX  1984,osw,lyric sleeve,sost "I Can't Hold Back"
146871	Swing Out Sister:  It's Better To Travel  (Mercury 832-213-1 LP)  $9  EX/EX  1987,osw,sost "Breakout"
155000	Thinkman:  The Formula  (Island 90515-1 LP)  $11  VG/EX  1986,Rupert Hine,lyric sleeve,rw,dmm
151661	Thompson Twins:  Into the Gap  (Arista AL8-8200 LP)  $7  VG+/M-  1984,"Hold Me Now"
153431	Thompson Twins:  Set  (Hansa LA-470 LP)  $18  VG+/VG+  1982,Mexico
151660	Thompson Twins:  Side Kicks  (Arista AL 6607 LP)  $9  VG+/EX  1983
146808	Thunder:  S/T  (Atco SD 38-129 LP)  $6  VG/VG+  1980,co,wobc,slrw,sm burn mark on edge of vinyl dnap
151397	Trans-X:  Living On Video  (Atco 90518-1 LP)  $14  VG+/M-  1986,co,prst obc
147610	Urban Dance Squad:  Mental Floss for the Globe  (Arista AL-8640 LP)  $13  VG+/EX  1990,sost "Deeper Shade of Soul"
148655	Urgent:  Cast the First Stone  (Manhattan ST 53004 LP)  $18  SS  1984
148222	VA-$100,000 Gold:  Nick Gilder,Pure Prairie League,Shalamar,Linda Ronstadt,Blondie,Spencer Davis Group,Michael Johnson,Crystal Gayle,Dr. Hook,Randy Van Warmer,Carole Bayer Sager,Robbie Dupree  (Nestle BU 5420 LP)  $14  SS  1982
146954	VA-Attack of the Killer B's Vol. 1:  Laurie Anderson,Blasters,T-Bone Burnett,Marshall Crenshaw,Peter Gabriel,Gang of Four,John Hiatt,Pretenders,Ramones,Roxy Music,Talking Heads,Time  (Warner Bros 1-23837 LP)  $10  VG+/EX  1983
149703	VA-Beach Boys,Terence Trent d'Arby,Taylor Dayne,Debbie Gibson,Will to Power,George Michael,Icehouse,Phil Collins,Basia,Bobby McFerrin,Kylie Minogue,Henry Lee Summer:  Gold & Platinum Vol. 6  (Realm 1P 7899 LP)  $9  SS  1989
154827	VA-Boomtown Rats,Roseanne Cash,Steve Forbert,Ian Gomm,Judas Priest,Romantics,Sorrows:  Exposed: A Cheap Peek at Today's Provocative New Rock  (CBS X2 37124 LP)  $14  VG+/M-  1981,2lp
147445	VA-Brian Willia,Dave Rowley,Bob Engeman,Jace Boleros,Roger LaBarge,Denny McMurrin,Guy Drollinger,Craig Erickson,Voyager,Akasha Madness:  First Flight: First Annual Iowa Album  (Snowflake SFK-0025 LP)  $12  EX/EX  1980,osw,local iowa compilation
153477	VA-Brief Encounter,Craig Williams,Hunter,Mesa,Ollie Ryce,the Kind,Marv Jonesi,Rob Kleeman,Chip Trindl,Jeff Hoerter,Mark Jaylin,Mammoth:  WKQX Hometown Album Vol. 2  (KQX-101F LP)  $16  SS  198?,local chicago comp
153507	VA-Bruce Springsteen,Bruce Hornsby,Midnight Oil,U2,INXS,Bangles,White Lion,Foreigner,Europe,Pink Floyd,Robert Plant,Lita Ford,Tommy Conwell,Georgia Satellites:  Gold & Platinum Vol. 5  (Realm 1P 7898 LP)  $9  SS  1989
149400	VA-Clash,Elvis Costello,Ian Dury,Paul McCartney,Pretenders,Queen,Who,Rockestra,Rockpile,Specials:  Concerts for the People of Kampuchea  (Atlantic SD 2-7005 LP)  $11  VG+/EX  1981,2lp,co,beatles
152974	VA-Jim Schwall,Jem,New Avenue,Rhythm Rockers,Tug,Psycho Gene & the Neons,Natty Scratch,PS,Mudsharks,Spoonbills,Hi Fi,Blue Collar Boys:  KFMH 99 Plus  (River Music Werks 43490 LP)  $10  VG/VG+  1984,local iowa compilation,lyric sleeve,h2o oc
149974	VA-John Rice,Marta Barbec,Curly Ennis,Chris Griffith,Michael Fitzsimmons,Dr. John Walker,Cid & Slim,Jon Lawton,Risky Shift:  Howard Street Alive!  (Sneaky Petes 40797 LP)  $11  VG+/M-  1982,Omaha local comp
153389	VA-Michael "Raz" Rescigno,Unstoppable,Bobby Hayden,the Day,Kenny Miles,Billy Lemas:  The Best of Los Angeles 1987  (Mike Rafone MRR-021 LP)  $13  VG+/M-  1987,osw,feat members of the Ozzy Osbourne Band,Bandfinger,Lita Ford Band,Meat Loaf,Sabu,Savoy Brown,Giuffria,Fat Back Band,Drifters
149949	VA-Modern Talking,Go West,Stephen Tintin Duffy,Frankie Goes to Hollywood,Pia Zadora,Dead or Alive,Blind Date,Opus,Paul Young,Adventures,Moti Special,Twins,Gary Moore & Phil Lynott,China Crisis,Sandra,Working Week:  Rock-Pop Music Hall  (Ariola 42 423 4 LP)  $12  VG/VG+  1985,Germany
153768	VA-Strangers,Funeral Party,Martin Sexton,Glory Bayonette,World Bang:  Snickers New Music Search 1990-91 Finalists  (Thirsty Ear CV-9003 LP)  $28  EX  1991,promo-only,plain cover
150006	VA-Tina Turner,Heart,Motels,Belouis Some,Freddie Jackson,George Clinton,Power Station,Katrina & the Waves,Eric Martin,Marillion,April Wine,Helix:  Capitol Hits Sampler  (Capitol SPRO-9481 LP)  $12  EX  1985,promo-only,plain cover,p-funk
149965	VA-U2,Belinda Carlisle,Sting,Terence Trent D'Arby,World Party,Bryan Ferry,Lou Reed,Eurythmics,Pretenders,Grateful Dead,INXS,Thompson Twins,Huey Lewis & the News,Talking Heads,Simple Minds,Waterboys,REM,John Farnham,Aswad,Bryan Adams,Basia,Peter Gabriel,Bruce Hornsby & the Range,Martin Stephenson & the Daintees,Sade,John Cougar Mellencamp,Dire Straits:  Greenpeace Rainbow Warriors  (Geffen GHS 24236 LP)  $11  VG+/M-  1989,2lp
146769	VA-Winter Warnerland:  Jeff Lorber,Good Question,Cold Chillin' Juice Crew,Traveling Wilbuurys,Gardner Cole,James Ingram,Apollonia,PM,Secret Weapon,Daniel Lanois,Mark O'Connor,Jim Horn,Pee-Wee Herman,Tommy Page,ZZ Top,Bulletboys,Jesse Ed Davis,Los Lobos,REM,Hugo Largo,Lou Reed,Danielle Dax,Throwing Muses,Ofra Haza,54-40,Honeymoon Suite,Julie Brown,Peter Cetera,Randy Travis  (Warner Bros PRO-A-3328 LP)  $28  VG+/M-  1988,2lp,christmas,promo-only comp of christmas music & radio id's,green & red wax
146846	Vairas:  Vokalnis Instrumentinis Ansamblis, Vadovas V. Katilius  (Melodiya C60 26245 009 LP)  $18  EX/M-  1987,USSR,soviet rock
153789	Van Halen:  Diver Down  (Warner Bros BSK 3677 LP)  $7  EX/EX  1982,sost "Pretty Woman",osw,orig inner sleeve
152712	Vaughan, Stevie Ray:  Couldn't Stand the Weather  (Epic FE 39304 LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  1984
150892	Vaughan, Stevie Ray:  Soul to Soul  (Epic FE 40036 LP)  $15  VG+/M-  1985
148451	Vega, Suzanne:  S/T  (A&M SP6-5072 LP)  $7  VG+/VG+  1985
154777	Walkin' Shoes:  S/T  (Courtney/World WRA1-588 LP)  $45  SS  1987,Canada
153521	Wall, Wendy:  S/T  (SBK K1-92807 LP)  $17  SS  1989,sost "Real Love"
154972	Walsh, Joe:  Got Any Gum?  (Warner Bros 1-25606 LP)  $8  VG+/VG+  1987,prst oc,lyric sleeve
152972	Wild Choir:  S/T  (RCA Victor AEL1-5810 LP)  $10  EX/EX  1986,lyric sleeve,osw,co
151004	Wilde, Kim:  Close  (MCA 42230 LP)  $11  VG+/M-  1988,sost "You Came"
150992	Willie & the Poor Boys:  S/T  (Passport PB 6047 LP)  $8  VG+/EX  1985
152714	Winwood, Steve:  Arc of a Diver  (Island ILPS 9576 LP)  $6  VG+/EX  1980
147721	Winwood, Steve:  Back in the High Life  (Island 1-25448 LP)  $13  SS  1986,lyric sleeve
154027	Yello:  One Second  (Mercury 832 675-1 LP)  $7  VG/VG+  1987,soc,spinewear
153429	Yipes!:  A Bit Irrational  (Millennium BXL1-7750 LP)  $11  VG/EX  1980,rw
147685	Young, Paul:  The Secret of Association  (Columbia FC 39957 LP)  $7  VG+/EX  1985
147760	ZZ Top:  Afterburner  (Warner Bros 1-25342 LP)  $14  SS  1985


152828	Allison, Luther:  Gonna Be a Live One In Here Tonight!  (Rumble RR 1001 LP)  $36  VG+/VG+  1979
152829	Allison, Luther:  Power Wire Blues  (Rumble RR 1004 LP)  $38  VG+/EX  1980,orig
154729	Benay, Ben:  The Big Blues Harmonica of...  (Capitol ST-2484 LP)  $25  VG/VG+  196?,rw
150832	Big Twist & the Mellow Fellows:  S/T  (Flying Fish 229 LP)  $7  VG+/VG+  1980
148709	Bland, Bobby:  Come Fly with Me  (ABC AA-1075 LP)  $13  VG/VG+  1978,wobc
154764	Brown, Mel:  Blues for We  (Impulse/ABC AS-9180 LP)  $28  VG+/VG+  1969,gfld,co
154765	Brown, Mel:  Chicken Fat  (Impulse AS-9152 LP)  $50  VG+/VG+  1967,gfld,orig
155408	Butler, George "Wild Child":  Lickin' Gravy  (Rooster Blues R7611 LP)  $20  SS  1988
152577	Carr, Leroy:  Blues Before Sunrise  (Columbia C 30496(M) LP)  $23  VG/VG+  197?,rw,1932-34 recordings,Scrapper Blackwell,Josh White
152801	Chenier, Clifton:  I'm Here!  (Alligator AL 4729 LP)  $12  VG/EX  1982,zydeco,scratch oc
147334	Collins, Albert:  Love Can Be Found Anywhere (Even In a Guitar)  (Imperial LP-12428 LP)  $28  EX/VG  1968,osw
152707	Collins, Albert, Robert Cray & Johnny Copeland:  Showdown!  (Alligator AL 4743 LP)  $20  VG+/VG+  1985
152651	Dupree, Champion Jack:  Blues from the Gutter  (Atlantic SD 8255 LP)  $25  VG/VG+  1958,1970,re
152952	Dynatones:  Shameless  (Warner Bros 1-25672 LP)  $11  VG+/EX  1988,prst oc
146850	Green, Lil:  Romance in the Dark  (RCA Victor LPV-574(M) LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  1971,gfld,co,1940-46 recordings,Big Bill Broonzy
151715	Hawkins, Screamin' Jay:  I Put a Spell On You  (Epic BN 26457(E) LP)  $40  EX/EX  1969,re,osw,yellow label,co
146851	Hooker, John Lee:  Driftin' Thru the Blues  (Custom CM 2048(M) LP)  $12  EX/VG+  196?,osw
154904	Hooker, John Lee & Canned Heat:  Boogie With Hooker n' Heat  (Trip TSX-3501 LP)  $18  VG/VG+  1974,2lp,rw
152611	Howlin' Wolf:  Chester Burnett AKA...  (Chess 2CH 60016 LP)  $12  VG/VG+  1972,2lp,co,rw
148277	Hunter, Ivory Joe:  Mean Woman Blues  (Grand Prix K-415(M) LP)  $8  EX/VG+  196?,osw
152652	Johnson, Robert:  King of the Delta Blues Singers  (Columbia CL 1654(M) LP)  $38  VG/VG+  1961,2 eye label,rw
151172	King, B.B.:  Friends  (ABC ABCD 825 LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  1974,Vince Montana,Memphis Horns,co
152572	King, B.B.:  Live at the Regal  (MCA 27006 LP)  $10  VG+/VG+  1971,1980,re,slrw
155474	King, B.B.:  Live In Cook County Jail  (ABC ABCS 823 LP)  $12  VG+/EX  1971,osw
152820	King, B.B. & Bobby Bland:  Together for the First Time...Live  (MCA 2-4160 LP)  $15  VG+/EX  1974,1980,2lp,re
149165	King, Freddie:  Burglar  (RSO SO 4803 0698 LP)  $10  VG/VG  1974,co,orig inner sleeve,Brian Auger,Eric Clapton
146854	Leadbelly:  Last Sessions Vol. 1  (Folkways FA 2941(M) LP)  $32  VG/VG+/VG  1953,1962,2lp Box,booklet,smsplts
146855	Leadbelly:  Last Sessions Vol. 2  (Folkways FA 2942(M) LP)  $33  VG/VG+  1953,1962,2lp Box,booklet,smsplts
154846	Leadbelly:  The Legendary...  (Olympic OL-7103(E) LP)  $13  VG/VG+  1973,rw
151054	Mahal, Taj:  Recycling the Blues & Other Related Stuff  (Columbia KC 31605 LP)  $6  VG/VG  1972,woc,smsplt
152838	Mahal, Taj:  S/T  (Columbia CS 9579 LP)  $9  VG+/VG+  197?,re
151002	Mayall, John:  USA Union  (Polydor 24-4022 LP)  $11  VG/VG  1970,gfld,soc,co
152654	McDowell, Mississippi Fred:  I Do Not Play No Rock'n'Roll  (Capitol ST-409 LP)  $37  VG/VG+  1973,green target label
154989	Mighty Flyers:  From the Start to the Finish  (PAUSA PR 7201 LP)  $14  VG+/M-  1985,co,Rod Piazza
150884	Miller, Clarence "Big":  Revelations & the Blues  (Columbia CS 8411 LP)  $28  VG/VG+  195?-6?,six eye label,prst ol,djs obc,woc
154770	Moore, Rev. Gatemouth:  After Twenty-One Years  (BluesWay/ABC BLS-6074 LP)  $48  VG/EX  1973,wlp,prst oc,rw,gospel-blues
152518	Nighthawks:  Jacks & Kings "Full House"  (Adelphi AD 4125 LP)  $22  SS  1980,Pinetop Perkins,co
154381	Nighthawks:  Live  (Adelphi AD 4110 LP)  $12  VG/EX  1976
155016	Omar & the Howlers:  Hard Times in the Land of Plenty  (Columbia FC 40815 LP)  $8  VG+/VG+  1987
153466	Outlaw Blues Band:  S/T  (Bluesway BLS-6021 LP)  $28  VG/VG+  1968,orig,gfld,rw,smsplt
152795	Professor Longhair:  Crawfish Fiesta  (Alligator AL 4718 LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  1980,Dr. John
152673	Professor Longhair:  Live On the Queen Mary  (Harvest SW-11790 LP)  $22  EX/VG+  1978
152866	Professor Longhair:  Mardi Gras In New Orleans  (Nighthawk 108 LP)  $28  EX/M-  1981,1949-57 recordings
152900	Professor Longhair:  New Orleans Piano: Blues Originals Vol. 2  (Atlantic SD 7225 LP)  $15  VG+/VG+  1972,gfld,1949-53 recordings
154737	Reed, Jimmy:  Just Jimmy Reed  (Vee Jay VJLP 1050(M) LP)  $45  VG+/VG+  1962
154736	Reed, Jimmy:  Rockin' With Reed  (Vee-Jay VJLP 1008(M) LP)  $75  VG/VG+  1959,orig black rainbow label
154735	Reed, Jimmy:  The Best of the Blues  (Vee Jay VJLP 1072(M) LP)  $11  VG/VG+  196?
154734	Reed, Jimmy:  The Ultimate...  (BluesWay BLS-6067 LP)  $21  VG+/M-  1973,wlp,prst oc
152393	Seals, Son:  Midnight Son  (Alligator AL 4708 LP)  $17  VG/M-  1976,sl h2o oc
149110	Siegel-Schwall Band:  S/T  (Wooden Nickel WNS-1002 LP)  $13  VG/VG  1971,gfld,rw
147356	Smith, Bessie:  Nobody's Blues But Mine  (Columbia G 31093(M) LP)  $16  VG/M-  197?,2lp,Philip Hays cover art,djts obc,slrw
147355	Smith, Bessie:  The World's Greatest Blues Singer  (Columbia GP 33 LP)  $10  VG/EX  197?,2lp,rw,Philip Hays cover art,no bklt
151055	Taylor, Hound Dog & the HouseRockers:  S/T  (Alligator 4701 LP)  $25  VG+/M-  1973
152659	Taylor, Koko:  S/T  (Chess/MCA CH-9263 LP)  $18  VG+/EX  1969,1987,re,1965-69 recordings
152788	Taylor, Koko:  The Earthshaker  (Alligator AL 4711 LP)  $17  VG+/M-  1978,Pinetop Perkins,Johnny Moore
155257	VA-Bessie Smith,Duke Ellington,Ma Rainey,Clara Smith,Ida Cox,Leadbelly,Memphis Jug Band,Rosetta Howard,Maggie Jones,Trixie Smith,Sippie Wallace,Blind Lemon Jefferson,King Oliver,Louis Armstrong,James Pete Johnson,Jimmy Yancey,Jelly Roll Morton,Fats Waller,Mary Lou Williams,Roosevelt Sykes,Champion Jack Dupree,Speckled Red,Memphis Slim,Count Basie:  The Blues  (Joker SM 3947 LP)  $50  VG+/VG+/EX/EX/EX/EX/EX  1982,Italy,6lp box,bklt
152849	VA-Elvin Bishop,Katie Webster,Paladins,A.C. Reed,Roy Buchanan,Lonnie Brooks,Kenny Neal,Little Charlie & the Nightcats,Kinsey Report,Maurice John Vaughn,Tinsley Ellis,Siegel-Schwall Band:  Genuine Houserockin' Music III  (Alligator AL 103 LP)  $8  VG+/EX  1988,co
149980	VA-Jim Pitts,Tony McPhee,Jo-Ann Kelly,Brett Marvin,Graham Hines,Groundhogs:  I Asked for Water, She Gave Me...Gasoline.  (Imperial LP-12455 LP)  $32  VG+/VG+  1969,co
147544	VA-John Mayall,T.S. McPhee,Savoy Brown,Eric Clapton & Jimmy Page,Dharma Blues Band,Jeremy Spencer:  Anthology of British Blues Vol. 2  (Immediate Z12 52 014(E) LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  196?-7?,co
155217	VA-Little Richard,Little Milton,Z.Z. Hill,KoKo Taylor,Albert King,Jimmy Reed,Slim Harpo,Denise LaSalle,Latimore,Bobby Bland,Luther Ingram,McKinley Mitchell,Robert Cray,Johnnie Taylor,J. Blackfoot,Johnny Winter,Shirley Brown:  Down Home Blues  (Malaco MAL 2002 LP)  $9  VG+/EX  1988,2lp
152052	Vinson, Eddie "Cleanhead" / Roy Brown / Wynonie Harris:  Battle of the Blues Vol. 4  (King 668 LP)  $18  SS  198?,re
147195	Waters, Muddy:  At Newport 1960  (Chess/MCA CH-9198 LP)  $17  EX/M-  1960,1986,re
152922	Waters, Muddy:  Fathers and Sons  (Chess LPS 127 LP)  $18  VG/VG+  1969,2lp,orig,Otis Spann,Duck Dunn,Paul Butterfield,Buddy Miles,Phil Upchurch
152663	Waters, Muddy:  The Best of...  (Chess/MCA CH-9255 LP)  $15  VG+/M-  1955,1987,re
152914	Wells, Junior:  Electric Blues Chicago Style Vol. 1  (Goody GY 10.001 LP)  $28  VG/VG+  196?-7?,France,wobc,Buddy Guy
152596	White, Bukka:  Parchman Farm  (Columbia C 30036(M) LP)  $29  VG+/VG+  197?,slrw,1940 recordings
152678	Williams, Big Joe:  S/T  (Archive FS 218 LP)  $11  VG/EX  196?-7?,rw


151534	Bossa Rio:  Alegria!  (Blue Thumb BTS-8817 LP)  $33  VG+/EX  197?,gfld,co,wlp,produced by Sergio Mendes
151522	Bossa Rio:  S/T  (A&M SP-4191 LP)  $48  VG+/EX  1969,wlp,prst obc,Sergio Mendes production
147787	Carnival:  S/T  (World Pacific WPS-21894 LP)  $31  VG/EX  196?,rw,co
155424	Fest, Manfredo:  Manifestations  (Tabu JZ 35636 LP)  $27  VG/EX  1979,wlp,insert,slrw,djts obc
155246	Hyman, Dick:  Brasilian Impressions  (Command RS 911 SD LP)  $16  VG+/VG+  196?,gfld
148041	Los Indios Tabajaras:  Casually Classic  (RCA Victor LSP-3505 LP)  $17  EX/VG+  1966,osw
155238	Los Indios Tabajaras:  S/T  (RCA Camden CXS-9031 LP)  $17  VG+/EX  197?,gfld,2lp,"Girl From Ipanema" "Hawaiian Wedding Song" "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes"
148042	Los Indios Tabajaras:  The Best of Los Indios Tabajaras  (RCA Victor LSP-4007 LP)  $16  EX/VG+  1968,osw
152084	Los Indios Tabajaras:  Two Guitars  (RCA Victor AFL1-3241 LP)  $14  VG+/EX  1979,osw
151642	Mendes, Sergio:  S/T  (Elektra 7E 1027 LP)  $13  VG/EX  1975,wlp,prst oc,soc,slrw,"Here Comes the Sun" beatlesong,"Someday We'll All Be Free"
155093	Mendes, Sergio:  So Nice  (Pickwick SPC 3149 LP)  $13  EX/VG+  196?,osw,formerly Tower release
150167	Mendes, Sergio & Brasil '66:  Fool on the Hill  (A&M SPX 4160 LP)  $12  VG+/EX  1968,gfld,brown label,beatlesong,soc
151824	Mendes, Sergio & Brasil '77:  Love Music  (Bell 1119 LP)  $11  VG+/M-  1973
149073	Mendes, Sergio & Brasil '77:  Vintage 74  (Bell 1305 LP)  $21  VG+/VG+  1974,gfld,"Superstition",soc,woc
149020	Mendes, Sergio & Brasil '77:  Vintage 74  (Bell 1305 LP)  $28  VG+  1974,white label test pressing,hand written label,"Superstition"
153321	Mendes, Sergio & Brasil '88:  Magic Lady  (Elektra 6E 214 LP)  $14  VG+/EX  1979,co
147826	Mendes, Sergio & the New Brasil '77:  S/T  (Elektra 7E-1102 LP)  $18  SS  1977,Stevie Wonder,Dave Grusin,Michael Sembello,Oscar Castro Neves
151050	Menescal, Roberto:  The Boy from Ipanema Beach  (Kapp KL-1418(M) LP)  $28  VG+/EX  196?,woc,partial smsplt,Eumir Deodato
155179	VA-Castro Barbosa,Gilberto Alves,Black-Out,Jorge Veiga,Orquestra e Escola de Samba:  Carnaval do Rio  (Copacabana CLP 11.074(M) LP)  $18  EX/VG+  196?,osw
147496	Wanderley, Walter:  Brazilian Blend  (Philips PHS 600-227 LP)  $12  VG+/VG  196?
152995	Wanderley, Walter:  Cheganca  (Verve V6-8676 LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  196?,gfld
147494	Wanderley, Walter:  Organ-ized  (Philips PHS 600-233(E) LP)  $13  VG+/VG  196?,sexy girl cover art


150419	Aesops Fables:  Aesop's Fables  (Telecast Marketing PCA 973 LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  1973, fables
148058	Atlas Tale-Spinners:  Robin Hood  (Atlas EN 10.001(M) LP)  $95  VG+/VG+  1960,France,gfld,early tale spinners (possible first ever)
151331	Bailey, Charity:  Music Time With...  (Folkways FC 7307 LP)  $25  VG/EX  1960,ten inch lp,osw,insert,sol,soc
147975	Baird, Bill:  Slugger Ryan Plays Honky Tonk Music for Little Rascals  (Wonderland RLP 1426(M) LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  196?,puppet "plays" piano
150486	Baker, Buddy:  Songs from the Electric Company TV Show  (Disneyland STER 1350 LP)  $55  SS  1973
147000	Bentley, Dick:  Ali Baba & the Forty Thieves / Sinbad the Sailor  (Wonderland RLP 1451(M) LP)  $10  VG/VG+  195?-6?,deep groove,smsplt,woc
155480	Bermejo, Luz & Guillermo:  Los Abuelitos  (Discobolo DB 30055 LP)  $35  EX/M-  197?,Mexico,osw
150492	Bozo the Clown:  Bozo & his Pals  (Capitol Creative Products L-6686 LP)  $18  VG+/VG  197?,Mel Blanc,swoc
152183	Brazelton, Ambrose:  And the Beatles Go On & On  (Kimbo LP 8080 LP)  $18  VG/VG  1971,bklt,slrw,all beatlesongs
150485	Candle:  Adventures In Agapeland  (Birdwing BWR 2054 LP)  $18  VG+/VG+  198?,picture disc
154163	Caroleers:  Favorite Christmas Carols  (Caroleer X 1704(M) LP)  $12  VG/EX  196?,wobc
149769	Caroleers:  Twas the Night Before Christmas  (Diplomat SX 1720 LP)  $18  VG+/VG+  196?
154694	Casper the Friendly Ghost:  A Trip Through Ghostland in Story & Songs  (Wonderland LP 113(M) LP)  $28  VG+/VG+  196?
155325	Charles, John D. & Margaret Crain McNeil:  Come Sing With Me  (Judson Press  LP)  $35  VG+/EX  1970?
150481	Chipmunks:  Chipmunk Punk  (Excelsior XLP 6007 LP)  $20  VG+/EX  1980,co,covers of Cars,Tom Petty,Blondie,Queen,the Knack
154911	Chipmunks:  The Very Best of...  (United Artists UA-LA570-E LP)  $12  VG/VG+  1975,slrw,co
150483	Chipmunks:  Urban Chipmunk  (RCA Victor AFL1-4027 LP)  $12  VG+/EX  1981,lyric sleeve,poster,"The Gambler","Luckenbach Texas"
150482	Chipmunks:  Urban Chipmunk  (RCA Victor AFL1-4027 LP)  $13  EX/EX  1981,lyric sleeve,poster,"The Gambler","Luckenbach Texas"
148388	Cooper, Joseph:  An Introduction To Strings, Reeds, Brass, Percussion  (Golden GW-221 LP)  $21  SS  197?
147436	Dukas, James:  The Jungle Books  (Golden LP-216 LP)  $13  EX/VG  196?-7?,osw
149772	Dukas, James:  The Sorcerer's Apprentice  (Panda PAN-3025 LP)  $20  VG+/VG+  196?-7?,framable George Buckett cover art
150493	Easter Comes to Thorn Mountain:  Story & Songs  (Secret SRL 6000 LP)  $18  VG+/VG  1984
153924	Emergency:  Great Adventures, Exciting Stories, Sound and Music  (Wonderland WLP 310 LP)  $52  VG/EX  1976,slrw,from the TV series "Emergency"
151776	Flintstones:  Songs of the Flintstones  (Golden LP 66(M) LP)  $28  VG/VG  1961,smspt
150484	Flintstones:  Wilma Flintstone Tells the Story of Bambi  (CSP P 13906 LP)  $22  VG+/EX  1965,1977,re
154909	Frank, Sid & Ralph Stein:  Time To Tell Time  (Wonderland  LP-199(M) LP)  $12  EX/VG+  196?,osw,no booklet
147382	Funtime Playhouse:  Silly Nursery Rhymes  (Aim Q 1509 C LP)  $15  VG/VG  197?-8?
150193	Gaither, Bill:  The Very Best of the Very Best for Kids  (Word WSB-8835 LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  1980,lyric sleeve
147342	Gemini:  Swingin'  (Gemini GR 1002 LP)  $21  VG+/VG  1983,lyric sleeve
150184	Gemini & Phyllis S. Weikart:  Rhythmically Moving 2  (High/Scope 308046X LP)  $17  VG+/VG+  1983,Sandor & Laszlo Slomovits
151981	Glazer, Tom & Dottie Evans:  Space Songs  (Motivation MR 0312(M) LP)  $43  EX/VG+  1959,booklet,osw
146992	Gold, Marty:  The Children's Bible  (Peter Pan DM101 LP)  $25  VG+/EX  1974,2lp,comic book intact
150919	Happy Chipmunks:  More Christmas Fun With the...  (Holiday HDY-1951 LP)  $12  EX/EX  1982,osw
150926	Happy Time Chorus & Orchestra:  Songs from Walt Disney & Others  (Happy Time HT-1004(M) LP)  $24  EX/VG+  196?,osw
149635	Hawthorne, Grace & Larry Mayfield:  Christmas Fever  (Lillenas L-9022 LP)  $35  EX/VG+  1981,osw
154851	Hiles, Betty Goodman:  I Think I'll Just Be Me  (GWM ED GE50 LP)  $15  VG+/VG+  1979,gfld,large bklt,recording with children's voices
154850	Hiles, Betty Goodman:  It's Christmas  (GWM ED GE49 LP)  $16  VG+/EX  1979,gfld,large bklt,recording with children's voices
150489	Izen, Marshall:  Aesop's Fables  (Columbia Book & Record Library CC 24501 LP)  $18  VG+/VG  196?-7?
155422	Izen, Marshall:  Aesop's Fables  (Columbia Book & Record Library CC 24501 LP)  $38  EX/EX  196?,orig,box set with 96-page book
153075	Jacobs, Peter & Hanneke:  Save Colby's Clubhouse!  (Maranatha! 018282 LP)  $11  EX/EX  1986
148391	Jacobs, Walt:  Santa's Own Christmas  (Capitol T-2836(M) LP)  $23  SS  196?,original,sl h2o oc,cover vg
154849	Karloff, Boris:  The Three Little Pigs & Other Fairy Tales  (Caedmon TC 1129 LP)  $28  VG+/VG+  1962,later pressing
151782	Kingsley, Gershon & Michael Shapiro:  Boom Crack Ping! - The Sounds Of Early America  (Peter Pan 8143 LP)  $15  VG/VG  197?
151964	Krasnow, Hecky (producer):  Trains, Planes & Space Ships  (Harmony HL 7110(M) LP)  $58  VG+/VG+  195?,spaceship cover art,stories with sound effects & music,Tony Mottola
152135	Landry, Carey & Carol Jean Kinghorn:  Hi God!  (NALR HG3-LAN LP)  $10  VG/VG+  1973,2lp,rw,soc,smsplt
154914	Lucky, Harrell & Larry Benson:  The Hokey Pokey & Other Favorites  (Melody House MH-33 LP)  $28  VG+/VG+  196?,gfld,sol
146789	Lucky, Harrell C.:  Sing Along With Lucky  (Melody House MH-40 LP)  $35  EX/EX  197?,osw
152046	Luther, Frank:  Babar Songs & Stories  (Vocalion VL 3666(M) LP)  $35  VG+/VG+  196?
151962	Mah-Na Mah-Na:  S/T  (GRT 20003 LP)  $25  VG+/VG+  196?-7?,co,"as heard on sesame street",weird puppet cover art
147767	McCormack, Marie:  Songs & Games of Physical Fitness for Boys & Girls  (Golden LP-114 LP)  $35  VG+/VG+  196?,woc,"posture pete" cover art
151783	Melvin the Magnificent:  Sugar, Sugar - A Circus Story With Songs  (Peter Pan 8087 LP)  $18  VG+/VG  197?,co
153074	Metcalfe, Jean & Ann Todd:  Red Riding Hood / Goldilocks & the Three Bears / The Water Babies  (Golden Wonderland GW-205 LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  197?
149365	Miller, Mitch:  God Bless America: 14 Patriotic Songs for Young Americans  (Golden LP 134(M) LP)  $12  EX/EX  196?-7?,osw,Naval Cadet Choir,Sandpipers,Bert Parks,military band
153080	Mostel, Zero:  How the Grinch Stole Christmas  (Random House LP)  $15  VG+/VG+  1975
146997	Mr. Pickwick Players & Singers:  Here Comes Peter Cottontail  (Mr. Pickwick SPC 5145(E) LP)  $18  VG+/EX  1975,osw
146990	Muppets:  Favorite Songs from Jim Henson's Muppets Vol. 1  (Magic Video SM 1044-1 LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  1986,osw
148168	Nancy & Sluggo:  Listen, Laugh & Learn  (Kid Stuff KSS 5020 LP)  $25  VG/VG+  1982,sm tears oc
146790	Pearson, Johnny:  Lummi Sticks  (Twinson LP)  $38  VG+/EX  1961,ten inch lp,inserts
152765	Pease, James:  Peter & the Wolf   (Panda PAN-3017 LP)  $17  VG+/VG+  197?,George Buckett framable cover art
150921	Pellowski, Anne:  The Star Maiden & Other Indian Tales  (CMS 500(M) LP)  $22  VG+/VG+  195?-6?
151639	Peter Pan Orchestra:  Pepino, the Italian Mouse & Other Children's Favorites  (Peter Pan 8020 LP)  $15  VG/VG  196?,mouse on scooter cover art
151799	Peter Pan Singers & Players :  Hansel & Gretel / Thumbelina / Blinky the Lighthouse Ship  (Peter Pan BR 506(E) LP)  $28  VG+/VG+  1972,Read N Hear book & record,george peed cover art
150488	Pink Panther:  A Pink Panther Christmas  (Kid Stuff KSS 5007 LP)  $19  VG/VG+  1981,co
153081	Pot Belly Bear:  Songs & Stories  (CSP P 15459 LP)  $21  VG+/VG+  1980, the merrill station childrens voices
150922	Puff 'N Toot Singers & Orchestra:  All-Time Children's Hits Vol. II  (Peter Pan 8178 LP)  $38  SS  197?
148601	Raffi:  More Singable Songs  (Shoreline SL-0004 LP)  $9  VG+/VG+  1977,Canada,lyric sleeve
150487	Rankin/Bass:  Frosty's Winter Wonderland  (Disneyland 13687 LP)  $17  VG+/EX  1976,christmas,narrated by Andy Griffith
148063	Regney, Noel Singers & Orchestra:  Merrily We Sing & Learn French Vol. 1  (Columbia CL 1782(M) LP)  $18  VG/EX  1962,petite fille avec des ballons cover art,six eye label,prst ol,djs obc
146795	Rocky:  Rocky's Fun and Fitness Album  (Kid Stuff KSB 1018 LP)  $9  VG/VG  1983,rocky theme,no poster,co
147001	Rocky:  Rocky's Fun and Fitness Album  (Kid Stuff KSB 1018 LP)  $11  VG/EX  1983,rocky theme,no poster,co
153076	Romper Room:  Visits Mother Goose In Nursery Land  (Peter Pan 8064 LP)  $14  VG+/VG+  197?,woc
154912	Roth, Kevin:  Lullabies for Little Dreamers  (CMS 696 LP)  $10  EX/VG+  1985,osw
148745	Sandpiper Chorus & Orchestra:  A Golden Christmas Sing-A-Long  (Golden LP 67(M) LP)  $12  VG+/EX  196?,bklt
153077	Sesame Street:  Happy Birthday  (CTW 22078 LP)  $16  VG+/VG+  1977
150490	Sesame Street:  Sesame Street Fever  (Sesame Street CTW 79005 LP)  $25  VG+/VG+  1978,gfld,Saturday Night Fever parody cover art
150746	Sesame Street:  Sing the Hit Songs of Sesame Street  (Sesame Street CTW 22057 LP)  $10  VG/VG  1974
150839	Sesame Street:  Sing the Hit Songs of Sesame Street  (Sesame Street CTW 22057 LP)  $13  EX/VG+  1974,osw
153082	Sharbutt, Del & Elliot Lawrence:  Thumbelina & the Ugly Duckling  (Peter Pan P 5016 LP)  $22  VG+/VG+  196?
155303	Sing Along for Children:  Vol. II  (Happy Time HT-1016(M) LP)  $25  EX/EX  196?,osw
148366	Songs from Walt Disney:  and Others  (Happy Time HT-1004 LP)  $10  EX/VG  196?-7?
148680	Sorensen, Jacki:  Aerobic Dancing for Physical Education  (Kimbo Educational KEA-1125 LP)  $19  VG+/EX  1978,2lp,"The Hustle",woc
153083	Stern, Bill & Bill Simon:  Space Stories & Sounds  (Lion L70086(M) LP)  $75  VG+/VG+  195?-6?,stories by HG Wells & Jules Verne
148716	Stewart, Georgiana:  My Teddy Bear and Me  (Kimbo KIM 7039 LP)  $33  VG+/EX  1984,gfld
151646	Stewart, Georgiana:  Outer Space Musical Playlet  (Kimbo LP 9079 LP)  $35  VG/VG+  1974,2lp,book,woc
148920	Stewart, Georgiana Liccione:  Fine Motor Skills for Secondary Special Education & Learning Disabilities  (Kimbo KIM 7058 LP)  $17  VG/VG  1978,smsplt,bklt
147078	Streep, Meryl & George Winston:  The Velveteen Rabbit  (Dancing Cat DC 3007 LP)  $8  EX/M-  1985,new age,prst obc
150480	Tale Spinners:  Davy Crockett  (United Artists UAC 11030(M) LP)  $18  VG+/VG  1963
150478	Tale Spinners:  Sing Along With Chipper & his Playmates  (United Artists UAC 11032(M) LP)  $35  VG+/VG  1963
154438	Tale Spinners:  The Count of Monte Cristo  (United Artist UAC 11044(M) LP)  $18  VG/VG+  196?,smsplt
150477	Tale Spinners:  The Nutcracker Suite  (United Artists UAC 11011(M) LP)  $17  VG+/VG+  1962
150479	Tale Spinners:  Treasure Island  (United Artists UAC 11013(M) LP)  $27  VG/VG+  1962,smsplt,split spine
148982	Teaching Johnny:  How to Become a Better Reader & S-P-E-L-L-E-R  (Pequa  LP)  $25  VG/VG  196?,soc,red wax
151915	Thomas, Marlo & Friends:  Free To Be...a Family  (A&M SP-5196 LP)  $20  EX/M-  1988,osw,lyric sleeve,Phil Donahue,Fat Boys,Pat Benatar,Mel Brooks,Soul Asylum,Elaine May & Mike Nichols
150915	Tripp, Paul & Ray Carter:  Songs from the Birthday House  (Musicor XTV-105731(M) LP)  $25  VG+/VG  196?
150175	Union of American Hebrew Congregations:  To See the World Through Jewish Eyes Vol. 1: Early Childhood  (UAHC LP)  $48  VG+/M-  197?,2lp
150176	Union of American Hebrew Congregations:  To See the World Through Jewish Eyes Vol. 2: Primary Grades Ages 5-8  (UAHC 571500 LP)  $48  M-/EX  1983,osw
150177	Union of American Hebrew Congregations:  To See the World Through Jewish Eyes Vol. 2: Primary Grades Ages 5-8  (UAHC 571500 LP)  $68  SS  1983
149743	VA-Glad Songs! Glad Days!:  Janet Williams,Charles Williams,Larry Dittberner,Carol Cannon,Meg Read,Claudia Swingley,Roger Zabinski,Sun Swingers  (UA UAS-533-48780 LP)  $15  EX/VG+  1970,osw,insert
148744	VA-Merry Christmas:  James Kenney,Golden Orchestra,Sandpipers  (Golden LP 102(M) LP)  $18  VG+/VG+  196?,osw
148251	VA-Percy Faith,Robert Goulet,Carillon Singers,Lynn Anderson:  Sounds of Christmas for Children  (CSP P 11405 LP)  $15  SS  1972,gte/sylvania promo item
155478	Villa Alegre:  More Songs from Villa Alegre 2  (Peter Pan 8171 LP)  $47  VG+/VG+  197?,bilingual kids' show
148592	Walt Disney:  A Christmas Adventure In Disneyland  (Disneyland 1355 LP)  $27  EX/EX  1973,osw
151282	Walt Disney:  Adventures of Little Hiawatha & His Friends  (Disneyland ST-1917(M) LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  1963,four complete stories with songs
154853	Walt Disney:  An Adaptation of Dickens' Christmas Carol  (Disneyland D 3811 LP)  $15  VG+/VG+  1974,bklt
146785	Walt Disney:  Aristocats Commercial Radio Announcements  (Buena Vista CR 3082 LP)  $45  VG+  1970,radio spots,swol,sol,no cover
146989	Walt Disney:  Brer Rabbit  (Disneyland ST-3907 LP)  $10  VG+/VG  1970,gfld,full-color illustrated book and record,smspt
146991	Walt Disney:  Christmas Carols From All Of Us To All Of You  (Disneyland 1354 LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  1973
146784	Walt Disney:  Fantasia Commercial Radio Announcements  (Buena Vista CR 3043 LP)  $45  VG+  1969,radio spots,wol,no cover
149717	Walt Disney:  Highlights from Scheherazade  (Disneyland STER 3987 LP)  $22  SS  1970,gfld,bklt
149715	Walt Disney:  It's A Small World  (Disneyland ST 3925 LP)  $28  SS  1966,gfld,full-color illustrated book and record
150920	Walt Disney:  Lady & the Tramp  (Disneyland DQ-1231(M) LP)  $16  VG+/VG+  1962, all the songs from the film
150923	Walt Disney:  Learning To Tell Time Is Fun  (Disneyland DQ-1263 LP)  $17  VG+/VG+  1964,clock hands on back cover
146797	Walt Disney:  Merry Christmas Carols  (Disneyland 2514 LP)  $13  VG+/EX  1980
153843	Walt Disney:  Merry Christmas Songs  (Disneyland 2V 8105 LP)  $18  VG+/EX  1978,2lp
155413	Walt Disney:  Mickey Mouse Disco  (Disneyland 3111 LP)  $38  VG+/VG  1979,picture disc and custom cover
152059	Walt Disney:  Old Yeller  (Disneyland 1024(M) LP)  $11  VG/VG+  1974,smsplt,narrated fess parker & dorothy mcguire
146995	Walt Disney:  Sleeping Beauty  (Disneyland DQ-1228 LP)  $9  VG+/EX  1964,197?-8?,re
146798	Walt Disney:  So Dear to My Heart  (Disneyland DQ-1255(M) LP)  $15  VG/VG  1964
146998	Walt Disney:  Songs from Bedknobs & Broomsticks  (Disneyland STER-1326 LP)  $7  VG+/VG  1971,co
151285	Walt Disney:  Songs from the Jungle Book & Other Jungle Favorites  (Disneyland 1304 LP)  $14  VG+/VG  1967
147886	Walt Disney:  Story of Sleeping Beauty  (Disneyland ST-3911(M) LP)  $8  VG+/VG+  196?,gfld,bklt intact
151283	Walt Disney:  The Arabian Nights / The Voyages of Sinbad the Sailor  (Disneyland STER-3988 LP)  $19  VG/VG+  1970,gfld,full-color illustrated book and record,rw
146993	Walt Disney:  The Aristocats & Other Cat Songs  (Disneyland 1333 LP)  $17  EX/VG+  1970,osw
147186	Walt Disney:  The Jungle Book  (Disneyland 3948 LP)  $18  EX/EX  1967,gfld, full color illustrated book, orginal cast soundtrack,swoc
146786	Walt Disney:  The Living Desert / The Vanishing Prairie Commercial Radio Announcements  (Buena Vista CR 3267 LP)  $40  VG+  196?-7?,radio spots,sol,no cover
147810	Walt Disney:  The Prince & the Pauper  (Disneyland DQ-1311(M) LP)  $12  VG+/EX  1962,based on the novel by mark twain
146999	Walt Disney:  The Rescuers  (Disneyland 1369 LP)  $6  VG/VG  1977,story and songs from the orginal motion picture sound track,bob newhart,eva gabor
154913	Walt Disney:  The Story of Black Beauty  (Disneyland DQ-1338(M) LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  1966
154693	Walt Disney:  The Ugly Duckling   (Disneyland DQ-1283MO LP)  $33  SS  1969
146985	Walt Disney:  The Wizard of Oz  (Disneyland DQ-1328 LP)  $11  VG/VG  1969,197?-8?,re
151287	Walt Disney:  The World Is a Circle from Lost Horizon  (Disneyland STER-1352 LP)  $19  EX/EX  1973,osw
147178	Walt Disney:  Treasury of Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes  (Disneyland ST 3935 LP)  $23  EX/M-  1965,gfld,bklt intact
154852	Walt Disney:  Tubby the Tuba  (Disneyland 1287(M) LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  1963,80s pressing,narrated by Annette Funicello
146996	Walt Disney:  Uncle Remus  (Disneyland 1205 LP)  $13  VG+/EX  1963,197?-8?,re
151284	Walt Disney:  Winnie the Pooh & Tigger Too  (Disneyland 3813 LP)  $15  VG+/EX  1974,gfld,inner booklet
150348	Wayman, Joe:  The Colors of My Rainbow  (Good Apple GA104 LP)  $23  VG/EX  1978,slrw,swoc
151834	White, Ruth & David:  Musical Math Multiplication  (Tom Thumb T-3010 LP)  $11  EX/VG  1978,osw
148900	White, Ruth & Jim Mandell:  Action Songs for Holidays & Special Days  (Tom Thumb T312 LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  1979,gfld,woc
150918	Wibble Wabble Singers & Orchestra:  Irwin & Peppino the Chipmunk  (Peter Pan 157 LP)  $28  VG+/M-  197?
151286	Wibble Wabble Singers & Orchestra:  Irwin the Disco Duck Vol. 2  (Peter Pan 8195 LP)  $18  VG+/VG+  197?,George Peed cover art
149757	Wild Honey Singers:  Child's Introduction To Elvis Presley  (Kid Stuff KSB 1002 LP)  $45  VG+/VG+  1978,gfld,booklet attached with lyrics
146984	Wonderball Singers & Orchestra:  Great Hits from Grease & the Wiz  (Wonderland WLP 316 LP)  $17  VG+/VG+  1978
150917	Wonderland Imagination Theatre:  The Call of the Wild  (Wonderland LP 287 LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  1973
149074	Wonderland Imagination Theatre:  War of the Worlds  (Wonderland LP-299 LP)  $40  VG+/VG+  1973
149619	Woody Woodpecker:  Woody Woodpecker's Family Album  (MCA MCAP-13300 LP)  $35  EX  197?-8?,picture disc,Grace Stafford,Mel Blanc,Clarence Wheeler,plain cover
148365	Zimet, Connie & Steve Clayton:  Children's Favorite Motion Pictures  (Golden Double GD-604 LP)  $18  VG+/VG+/EX  197?,2lp


154686	Adler, F. Charles:  KOHS: Symphony No. 1 / SCOTT: Binorie Variations / Hornpipe / Chantey  (CRI 103(M) LP)  $34  VG/EX  196?,Vienna Orchestra,smsplt
154319	Adler, F. Charles / Alfredo Antonini / William Strickland:  LUENING: Symphonic Fantasia / Kentucky Rondo / ANTHEIL: Serenade No. 1 for Strings / HOWE: Stars; Sand  (CRI 103(M) LP)  $36  VG+/EX  196?,Vienna Orchestra,Oslo Philharmonic
149669	Aliberti, Armando:  Ballets from the Operas  (Westminster Satellite Series SS-710 LP)  $21  EX/EX  196?,osw,pieces by Poncielli,Gounod,Verdi,Saint-Saens,Rimsky-Korsakov
151771	Ancerl, Karel:  Festival In Stereo  (Supraphon 86 036 XK LP)  $35  EX/EX  197?-8?,Germany,2lp
154171	Anderson, Marian:  The Lady from Philadelphia  (RCA Victor Red Seal LM 2212(M) LP)  $18  VG/EX  1958,shaded dog label,ost of "See It Now" tv series
150534	Ansermet, Ernest:  MARTIN: Concerto for Wind Instruments, Timpani, Percussion & String Orchestra / Etudes for String Orchestra  (London STS15270 LP)  $25  SS  1962,1975,re
150531	Ansermet, Ernest:  ROUSSEL: The Spider's Banquet / Petite Suite / HONEGGER: Pacific 231  (London STS15395 LP)  $25  SS  1975,1978,re
154657	Antonini, Alfredo / F. Charles Adler:  MOORE: Farm Journal / BAUER: Suite for String Orchestra / Prelude & Fugue for Flute & Strings  (CRI 101(M) LP)  $34  VG/EX  196?,Vienna Orchestra,Oslo Philharmonic,smsplt,split spine
154656	Antonini, Alfredo / Karel Husa / Russell Stanger:  HOVHANESS: Triptych / HUSA: Mosaiques for Orchestra / STRAIGHT: Development for Orchestra  (CRI 221 USD LP)  $36  VG+/EX  196?-7?,Stockholm Radio Symphony Orch,London Philharmonic
154688	Antonini, Alfredo / Tutti Camarata:  CLAFLIN: Teen Scenes for String Orchestra / McBRIDE: Pumpkin Eater's Little Fugue / Workout for Small Orchestra / KAY: Round Dance & Polka for Strings  (CRI 119(M) LP)  $36  VG+/EX  196?,St. Cecilia Academy Orchestra,New Symphony Orchestra
150377	Ashley, Robert:  Beloved Waltzes of Great Composers  (AVI AVC-2011 LP)  $28  SS  1977,co,Pro Musica Symphony,pieces by Lehar,Rodgers,Porter,Waldteufel,Ivanovic,Rosas,Berlin
150376	Ashley, Robert / George Richter:  RAVEL: Bolero / HAYDN: Symphony No. 100 in G major "Military Symphony"  (AVI AVC-2019 LP)  $28  SS  1977,co,Hamburg Radio Symphony,Royal Danish Symphony
150497	Austin, Michael:  Organ Music of Karg-Elert  (Polydor 2460 231 LP)  $31  EX/M-  1974,UK
154672	Avshalomov, Jacob:  BLOCH: Suite Symphonique / Symphony for Trombone & Orchestra  (CRI SD 351 LP)  $18  EX/M-  1976,osw,Portland Junior Symphony
154690	Avshalomov, Jacob:  HARRIS: Elegy & Dance / DIAMOND: The World of Paul Klee / BERGSMA: Chameleon Variations / LEES: Prologue, Capriccio & Epilogue  (CRI 140(M) LP)  $36  VG+/EX  196?,Portland Junior Symphony
154662	Avshalomov, Jacob:  MOORE: Piano Concerto On Chinese Themes & Rhythms / HUTUNGS: Symphonic Poem On Chinese Street Sounds & Cries / J. AVSHALOMOV: How Long, O Lord  (CRI 210(M) LP)  $36  VG+/EX  196?,Portland Junior Symphony
154647	Avshalomov, Jacob:  WARD: Divertimento / AVSHALOMOV: Phases of the Great Land  (CRI 194(M) LP)  $48  SS  196?,Portland Junior Symphony
148648	Bader, Roland:  MOZART: Requiem  (Vox STPL 512.740 LP)  $12  EX/M-  196?,osw,Urusla Buckel,Margarete Bence,Hans Mielsch,Bach Choir,Stuttgart Philharmonic
152133	Baltsa, Agnes:  Presenting...  (Legendary LR 114 LP)  $38  VG+/EX  197?,arias from Rossini,Bellini,Tchaikovsky,Berlioz,Strauss
154691	Barati, Geoge:  LEE: Polynesian Suite / Symphony No. 1  (CRI 195(M) LP)  $36  VG+/EX  196?,Nurnberg Symphony,Gaugin woodcut cover art
154661	Baron, Samuel:  Plays 20th Century American Music for Solo Flute  (CRI SD 212 LP)  $38  EX/EX  196?-7?,pieces by Riegger,Hovhaness,Kupferman,Wigglesworth,Mamlok,Martino,Perle
149593	Baroque Chamber Ensemble:  The Heritage of France Vol. II  (Baroque BU 1821(M) LP)  $13  EX/EX  196?,osw,pieces by Barriere,Corrette,Couperin,Leclair,Mondonville,Philidor
149599	Battistini, Mattia:  Verdi & Donizetti Arias  (Belcantodisc BC223(M) LP)  $35  EX/EX  195?-6?,soc
148995	Berganza, Teresa & Narciso Yepes:  Canciones Populares EspaÒolas  (Deutsche Grammophon 2530 875 LP)  $38  VG+/M-  1977,Germany,bklt,swol,swobc,pieces by de Falla & Garcia Lorca
147683	Bernstein, Leonard:  Mass: A Theatre Piece for Singers, Players & Dancers  (Columbia Masterworks M2 31008 LP)  $18  VG+/M-  1971,2lp box,libretto,tobc
150157	Bernstein, Leonard / Eugene Ormandy:  Tchaikovsky's Greatest Hits Vol. 1  (Columbia  MQ 32055(Q) LP)  $15  EX/M-  1973,quadraphonic,osw
150533	Bertini, Gary:  WEILL: Symphonies No. 1 & 2  (Argo 7RG 755 LP)  $21  SS  196?-7?,gfld,BBC Symphony Orch,bklt
150208	Biggs, E. Power:  Bach Organ Favorites  (Columbia Masterworks MS 6261 LP)  $9  VG+/M-  196?,re
150209	Biggs, E. Power:  Bach Organ Favorites Vol. 4  (Columbia Masterworks MS 7424 LP)  $7  VG/EX  196?,re,rw
155120	Biggs, E. Power:  Historic Organs of France  (Columbia Masterworks MS 7438 LP)  $15  EX/EX  197?,osw
149250	Bjoerling, Jussi & Robert Merrill:  Operatic Duets  (RCA Victor Red Seal LM 7007(M) LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  195?,ten inch lp,pieces by Verdi,Puccini,Bizet
149261	Bjoerling, Jussi & Robert Merrill:  Sing Operatic Duets  (RCA Victor Red Seal LRM-7027(M) LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  195?,ten inch lp,pieces by Verdi
150369	Bliss, Sir Arthur:  BLISS: A Colour Symphony  (London LL 1402(M) LP)  $58  VG+/M-  195?,LSO
149586	Bloser, Josef:  BEETHOVEN: Christ on the Mount of Olives  (Vox STDL 500.870 LP)  $50  SS  196?-7?,Stuttgart Philharmonic
154671	Bolle, James / Zoltan Rozsnyai:  THOMSON: Symphony No. 3 / HELPS: Symphony No. 1  (CRI SD 411 LP)  $38  VG+/M-  1979,New Hampshire Symphony,Columbia Symphony Orch
152012	Boskovsky Ensemble:  Lollipops aus Wien  (Vanguard Stereolab VSD-2096 LP)  $15  VG+/EX  196?,Joseph Low watercolor cover art,orig black label,partial smsplt,pieces by J. Strauss,Mayer,Haydn,Schubert,Lanner,Stelzmueller
150374	Breitner, Prof. Ernst:  TCHAIKOVSKY: Symphony #4 in F minor  (AVI AVC-2022 LP)  $28  SS  1978,co,Suddeutsche Philharmonie Orchestra
152011	Bucquet, Marie-Francoise:  Stravinsky Piano Music  (Philips 6500 385 LP)  $28  VG/VG+  197?,Netherlands,djs oc,djs ol,smspt
153445	Camarata & the Kingsway Symphony Orchestra:  Puccini Spectacular  (London Phase 4 SPC 21019 LP)  $40  SS  196?,gfld,
153446	Camarata & the Kingsway Symphony Orchestra :  Verdi Spectacular  (London Phase 4 SPC 21012 LP)  $28  SS  196?,gfld
153444	Camarata & the Kingsway Symphony Orchestra & Chorus:  The Exotic Rimsky-Korsakov  (London Phase 4 SPC 21033 LP)  $33  SS  196?-7?,gfld
151217	Canadian Brass:  More Greatest Hits  (RCA Victor 5628-1-C LP)  $12  SS  1988,dmm,pieces by Khachaturian,Rossini,Rodriguez,Bizet,JS Bach,Debussy,Gershwin,Barber
149289	Canadian Brass:  Royal Fanfare  (Vanguard BSD-71254 LP)  $12  EX/EX  1973,osw,pieces by Le Jeune,Holborne,Gabrieli,McCauley,Pezel,Bach,Mendez,Calvert,Josquin,Scheidt,Joplin
152222	Carpenter, Anna-Mary:  From Islets to Ibert  (Micside MM-7032 LP)  $38  VG+/EX  196?-7?,private press,sobc,pieces by Mozart,Chopin,Sibelius,Brahms,Debussy
150606	Casals, Pablo:  At Montserrat - Eight Choral Works  (Everest SDBR 3196(E) LP)  $12  VG+/EX  196?
151868	Choir of New College Oxford:  For Unto Us a Child Is Born  (Musical Heritage Society MHS 912398Y LP)  $23  VG/VG+  1989,pieces by Mendelssohn,Handel,Grueber,Byrd,Schuetz,Carter,Poulenc,Vaughan-Williams,Daquin,Schein,di Lasso,Pettman,Scheidt,Johnston,Willcocks,soc,woc
152138	Cliburn, Van:  BRAHMS: Concerto No. 1  (RCA Victor Red Seal LSC-2724 LP)  $15  VG+/M-  1964,Erich Leinsdorf,Boston Symphony,sl seamwear
152165	Cliburn, Van:  My Favorite Chopin  (RCA Victor Red Seal LSC 2576-B LP)  $13  VG+/EX  1961,Germany,soc
150372	Cliburn, Van:  SCHUMANN: Concerto in A minor  (RCA Victor LSC-2455 LP)  $27  VG+/M-  1960,Living Stereo,Fritz Reiner,Chicago Symphony,woc,wol,shaded dog label
151875	Cliburn, Van:  TCHAIKOVSKY: Concerto No. 1  (RCA Victor Red Seal LM-2252(M) LP)  $16  VG/EX  1958,orig,shaded dog label,Kiril Kondrashin
152141	Cliburn, Van:  TCHAIKOVSKY: Concerto No. 1  (RCA Victor Red Seal LSC-2252 LP)  $19  VG+/EX  1958,60s pressing,Kiril Kondrashin
152143	Cliburn, Van:  TCHAIKOVSKY: Concerto No. 1  (RCA Victor Red Seal LSC-2252 LP)  $25  VG/EX  1958,orig,Living Stereo,shaded dog label,Kiril Kondrashin,smsplt
152144	Cliburn, Van / Dr. Joseph Maddy:  VAUGHN-WILLIAMS: Serenade to Music / TAYLOR: Through the Looking Glass  (RCA Victor Red Seal LSC-2807 LP)  $28  VG+/VG+  1965,Cliburn's only release as a conductor,Interlochen Youth Orchestra & Chorus
152981	Connery, Sean & Antal Dorati:  PROKOFIEV: Peter & the Wolf / BRITTEN: The Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra  (London Phase 4 SPC.21007 LP)  $25  VG+/M-  196?,gfld,Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
154683	Cornman, Robert / William Strickland:  BARLOW: Mon Ami Pierrot / Cortege from Ballo Sardo / Circus Overture / CLAFLIN: Concerto for Piano & Orchestra  (CRI 178(M) LP)  $36  VG+/EX  196?,Lamoureux Orchestra,Iceland Symphony Orch
149668	Czech Chamber Orchestra:  MOZART: Eine kleine Nachtmusik / Divertimento in D major / Adagio & Fugue in C minor  (Parliament PLPS-163 LP)  $12  EX/EX  196?,osw
149591	Czech Philharmonic Chorus:  Rarities from the ClassicalEra  (Crossroads 22 16 0066 LP)  $23  EX/M-  196?,osw,co,Nusici Pragenses,Prague Chamber Harmony,pieces by Dusek,Myslivecek,Filia,Kozeluh,Rossler-Rosetti
149600	de Luca, Giuseppe:  1876-1950  (Belcantodisc BC245(M) LP)  $15  EX/EX  195?-6?,soc,pieces by Meyerbeer,Donizetti,Thomas,Tchaikovsky,Verdi,Franchetti,Gounod
149601	de Lucia, Fernando:  1860-1925  (Belcantodisc BC215(M) LP)  $35  EX/EX  195?-6?,soc,pieces by Rossini,Bizet,Thomas,Gounod,Leoncavallo,Boito,Mozart
148889	De Waart, Edo:  GERSHWIN: An American In Paris / Cuban Overture / Porgy & Bess  (Philips 6500 290 LP)  $18  EX/M-  196?-7?,Netherlands,Orchestre National de l'Opera de Monte-Carlo
149014	DeGaelani, Jan, Leslie Guinn & Gilbert Kalish:  Songs by Stephen Foster  (Nonesuch H-71268 LP)  $15  VG+/M-  1972,gfld,bklt intact
149522	Dorati, Antal:  BEETHOVEN: Wellington's Victory / Leonore Overture No. 3 / Prometheus Overture  (Mercury LPS 9000 LP)  $20  EX/EX  195?-6?,gfld,maroon label,London Symphony Orch
150367	Dorati, Antal:  DELIBES: Coppelia (complete)  (Mercury SR2-9005 LP)  $115  VG/M-  196?,2lp,maroon label
148061	Dorati, Antal:  MENDELSSOHN: Fingal's Cave Overture / Symphony No. 3 "Scotch"  (Mercury SR 90123 LP)  $22  VG+/EX  195?-6?
149035	Dorati, Antal:  R. STRAUSS: Don Juan / Death & Tranfiguration  (Mercury MG50202(M) LP)  $22  VG+/EX  195?-6?,maroon label,Minneapolis Symphony
152124	Dorati, Antal:  SCHULLER: Seven Studies On Themes of Paul Klee / FETLER: Contrasts for Orchestra  (Mercury MG50282(M) LP)  $35  VG+/M-  196?,wlp,Living Presence,Minneapolis Symphony,Paul Klee cover art
149520	Dorati, Antal:  Strauss Waltzes  (London Phase 4 SPC 21018 LP)  $28  EX/EX  197?,gfld,London Philharmonic
150532	Dorati, Antal:  Strauss Waltzes  (London Phase 4 SPC 21018 LP)  $38  SS  197?,gfld
150529	Dorati, Antal:  SZYMANOWSKI: Symphony No. 3 / Symphnony No. 2  (London Digital LDR 71026 LP)  $18  SS  1981,audiophile,Detroit Symphony
152122	Dorati, Antal:  TCHAIKOVSKY: 1812 Festival Overture / Capriccio Italien   (Mercury SR90054 LP)  $23  EX/EX  196?,Living Presence,Minneapolis Symphony
152123	Dorati, Antal:  TCHAIKOVSKY: Serenade in C major / ARENSKY: Variations on a Theme by Tchaikovsky  (Mercury SR90200 LP)  $28  VG/EX  196?,Living Presence,Philharmonica Hungarica,h2o damage
149321	Dorati, Antal:  The St. Petersburg Sugarplum  (Mercury SR 90528 LP)  $10  VG/VG+  196?,smsplt,pieces from Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker,LSO
149670	Dorati, Antal / Frederick Fennell / Stanislaw Skrowaczewski:  An Evening at the Ballet Russes  (Mercury Wing SRW 18095 LP)  $15  EX/EX  196?,osw,pieces by Khachaturian,Shostakovich,Prokofiev,Gliere
148647	Douatte, Roland & the Collegium Musicum of Paris:  Symphonies & Fanfares for the King's Supper  (Nonesuch H-71009 LP)  $12  VG+/EX  196?,pieces by Mouret,Couperin,Lully,de la Lande,Philidor
149204	du PrÈ, Jacqueline:  HAYDN: Cello Concerto in D / MONN: Cello Concerto in G minor  (Angel S-3580 LP)  $15  VG+/M-  1969,Sir John Barbirolli,London Symphony Orchestra
149048	Dupre, Marcel:  Dupre at Saint-Sulpice Vol. 4  (Mercury MG50230(M) LP)  $55  VG+/EX  1959,maroon label,deep groove,pieces by JS Bach
152125	Dupre, Marcel:  FRANCK: Piece Heroique / Three Chorales  (Mercury SR90168 LP)  $43  VG+/EX  195?-6?,Living Presence
152365	Eger, Joseph:  Classical Heads  (Probe/ABC CPLP 4516 LP)  $28  EX/VG+  1970,osw,co,pieces by Berlioz,Ives,Gabrieli,Prokofiev,Stravinsky,Sinfonia of London,Ambrosian Singers
150370	Ehrling, Sixten:  BERWALD: Overtures & Tone Poems  (Nonesuch H-71218 LP)  $26  EX/EX  196?-7?,Orchestra of the Swedish Radio,osw
155350	Elmore, Robert:  Bach On the Biggest  (Mercury SR 90127 LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  195?-6?,Living Presence,"world's largest organ"
149198	Elsasser, Richard:  Fritz Kreisler Favorites for Organ  (MGM E3238(M) LP)  $23  EX/EX  196?,osw
155356	Estrin, Morton:  Great Hits You Played When You Were Young Vol. 3  (Connoisseur Society CSQ-2065(Q) LP)  $13  VG+/EX  1974,quadraphonic,pieces by Liszt,Massenet,Poldini,Grieg,Satie,Mozart,Bach,Chaminade,Schubert,Chopin,Beethoven,Schumann,Debussy
149595	Faerber, Jorg:  MOZART: Sinfonia Concertante in E flat Major / HAYDN: Sinfonia Concertante in B flat Major  (Vox STPL 514.180 LP)  $21  EX/EX  196?-7?,osw
150495	Farberman, Harold:  Classical Percussion  (Cambridge CRM 805(M) LP)  $48  VG+/EX  1965,soc,Ralph Gomberg,Phyllis Curtin
154668	Farberman, Harold / Eugene Ormandy:  IMBRIE: Symphony No. 3 / SCHUMANN: Credendum (Article of Faith)  (CRI SD 308 LP)  $36  VG+/EX  1973,London Symphony Orch,Philadelphia Orch
149046	Fennell, Frederick:  Ballet for Band  (Mercury MG50256(M) LP)  $28  VG+/EX  195?-6?,maroon label,pieces by Rossini,Gounod,Sullivan,Eastman Wind Ensemble
149049	Fennell, Frederick:  British Band Classics Vol. 2  (Mercury MG50197(M) LP)  $78  VG+/EX  195?-6?,wlp,pieces by Jacob,Holst,Walton,Eastman Wind Ensemble,military helmet cover art
150362	Fennell, Frederick:  Conducts Music by Eric Coates  (Mercury SR90439 LP)  $47  VG+/M-  196?,maroon label,Living Presence
150500	Fennell, Frederick:  Conducts Music by Eric Coates  (Mercury SR90439 LP)  $49  EX/M-  196?,maroon label,Living Presence
147801	Fennell, Frederick:  Country Gardens & Other Favorites by Percy Grainger  (Mercury Wing MGW-14060(M) LP)  $10  EX/EX  195?-6?,osw,2nd issue
149047	Fennell, Frederick:  Wagner for Band  (Mercury MG50276(M) LP)  $32  VG+/EX  195?-6?,wlp,Eastman Wind Ensemble
152148	Fiedler, Arthur:  TCHAIKOVSKY: Swan Lake  (RCA Victor Red Seal LSC-2688 LP)  $28  VG+/M-  1964,osw,slrw,Boston Pops
149252	Fiedler, Arthur & the Boston Pops:  ADDINSELL: Warsaw Concerto / LISZT: Liebestraum No. 3 / GRIEG: Peer Gynt Suite No. 2  (RCA Victor Red Seal LRM-7052(M) LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  1954,ten inch lp
148109	Fiedler, Arthur & the Boston Pops:  Boston Tea Party  (RCA Victor Red Seal LM-2213(M) LP)  $10  VG+/EX  1958,pieces by Nicolai,Bolzoni,Lehar,Balfe,Vaughan-Williams,cover art
148110	Fiedler, Arthur & the Boston Pops:  Family Fun With Familiar Music  (RCA Victor Red Seal LM-2549(M) LP)  $11  VG+/M-  1961,pieces by Tchaikovsky,Beethoven,Bach,Sibelius,Humperdinck,Mendelssohn,Weber,Anderson,Sousa
149384	Fiedler, Arthur & the Boston Pops:  Favorite Dances & Marches  (RCA Victor Red Seal LSC-2744 LP)  $10  EX/EX  1964,osw,pieces by Khachaturian,Elgar,Falla,Gould,Copland,Shostakovich,Anderson,Ginastera,Tchaikovsky
153632	Fiedler, Arthur & the Boston Pops:  Great Music for Great Lovers  (RCA Red Seal LSC-3260 LP)  $13  EX/M-  1972,osw,co,swobc,pieces by Lehar,Puccini,Schubert,Liszt,Offenbach,Mozart
152100	Fiedler, Arthur & the Boston Pops:  J. STRAUSS JR: Fledermaus / Gypsy Baron  (RCA Victor Red Seal LSC-2130 LP)  $16  VG/M-  1960,Living Stereo,shaded dog label,wol,woc
149254	Fiedler, Arthur & the Boston Pops:  Liszt & Brahms Hungarian Music  (RCA Victor Red Seal LRM-7002(M) LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  195?,ten inch lp
149251	Fiedler, Arthur & the Boston Pops:  LISZT: Hungarian Rhapsodies Nos. 1 & 2 / BRAHMS: Hungarian Dances Nos. 2 & 5  (RCA Victor Red Seal LRM-7002(M) LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  195?,ten inch lp
148108	Fiedler, Arthur & the Boston Pops:  More Classical Music for People Who Hate Classical Music  (RCA Victor Red Seal LM-2470(M) LP)  $11  VG+/M-  1961,pieces by Herold,Grieg,Massenet,Liszt,Suppe,Tchaikovsky,Brahms,Weber
152113	Fiedler, Arthur & the Boston Pops:  Offenbach In America  (RCA Victor Red Seal LSC-1990 LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  1960,Living Stereo,shaded dog label
150078	Fiedler, Arthur & the Boston Pops:  Sleeping Beauty Waltz  (RCA Victor PRM 177(M) LP)  $8  VG+/VG+  1965,gfld,promo item for Abbot Labs pharamaceutical,pieces by Tchaikovsky,Liszt,Borel,Waldteufel,Massenet,Schrammel,Sinigaglia,J Strauss Jr
152858	Firkusny, Rudolf:  BEETHOVEN: Piano Concerto No. 5 "Emperor"  (London Phase 4 SPC.21097 LP)  $25  VG/EX  1973,gfld,co,silver cover,Uri Segal,New Philharmonia Orch
150207	Fox, Virgil:  Bach Live At Fillmore East  (Decca DL 75263 LP)  $12  VG+/EX  1971,heavy organ
149088	Freni, Mirella & Luciano Pavarotti:  S/T  (London Jubilee JL 41009 LP)  $12  EX/M-  1981,Canada,prst oc,Leone Magiera,Orchestra dell 'Ater
148761	Galway, James:  Nocturne  (RCA Red Seal ARL1-4810 LP)  $21  SS  1983,pieces by Debussy,Chopin,Mougeuet,Massenet,Stravinsky,Faure,Field,Liszt,Grieg
150159	Gibson, Alexander:  GOUNOD: Faust Ballet Music / BIZET: Carmen Suite  (RCA Victor Red Seal LSC-2449 LP)  $650  VG/M-  1960,Living Stereo,shaded dog label orig,woc,wol,Royal Opera House Orchestra
150366	Gomberg, Harold & Galimir String Quartet:  BRITTEN: Fantasy for Oboe & Strings / String Quartet No. 1 in D  (Counterpoint CPT-504(M) LP)  $38  VG+/M-  195?,deep groove
150361	Gould, Morton:  GROFE: Grand Canyon Suite / BEETHOVEN: Wellington's Victory  (RCA Victor Red Seal LSC-2433 LP)  $18  VG/EX  1960,insert,Living Stereo,grand canyon cover art,shaded dog label,woc
152152	Gould, Morton:  Piano Favorites Played by the Orchestra  (RCA Victor Red Seal LSC-2579 LP)  $35  VG/EX  1962,shaded dog label,woc,wol,pieces by Chopin,Brahms,Schubert,Mendelssohn,Liszt,Rachmaninoff,Schumann,Rubinstein
149325	Gould, Morton:  TCHAIKOVSKY: 1812 Overture / BEETHOVEN: Wellington's Victory  (RCA Gold Seal AGL1-2700 LP)  $10  VG+/M-  1978
148942	Greene, Lorne & Sir Malcolm Sargent:  PROKOFIEFF: Peter & the Wolf / Classical Symphony  (RCA Victor Red Seal LM 2783(M) LP)  $18  EX/EX  1965,osw,narrated by lorne greene of bonanza,london symphony ochestra
150325	Gruner-Hegge, Odd:  GRIEG: Peer Gynt Suite No. 1 / No. 2  (RCA Camden CAS-480 LP)  $18  SS  1959
147726	Hand, Frederic:  Baroque & On the Street  (CBS FM 36687 LP)  $13  EX/EX  1981,Eric Weissberg,pieces by Vivaldi,Bach,Purcell
149036	Hanson, Howard:  BLOCH: Concerto Gross No. 1 for String Orchestra With Piano Obbligato / Concerto Grosso No. 2 for Strings  (Mercury MG50223(M) LP)  $18  VG+/EX  195?-6?,wlp,Eastman-Rochester Orchestra
149041	Hanson, Howard:  LOEFFLER: Deux Rapsodies / BARLOW: Night Song / McCAULEY: Five Miniatures  (Mercury MG50277(M) LP)  $28  VG+/M-  195?-6?,wlp,Eastman-Rochester Orchestra
149042	Hanson, Howard:  The Composer and His Orchestra Vol. 2  (Mercury MG50267(M) LP)  $21  VG+/EX  196?,wlp,Eastman-Rochester Orchestra
152119	Hanson, Howard:  THOMSON: Symphony on a Hymn Tune / The Feast of Love / HANSON: Four Psalms  (Mercury SR90429 LP)  $32  VG/EX  1965,Living Presence,rw
154643	Harrison, Guy Fraser / George Barati:  LA MONTAINE: Concerto for Piano & Orchestra / STEVENS: Symphonic Dance  (CRI 166(M) LP)  $48  SS  196?,Oklahoma City Symph Orch,London Philharmonic
150667	Heifetz, Jascha:  A Treasury of Favorite Violin Encores  (RCA Red Seal R233261(M) LP)  $23  EX/EX  1975,2lp,osw
149255	Heifetz, Jascha:  BIZET: Carmen Fantasie / SAINT-SAENS: Introduction / Rondo Capriccioso / Havanaise / SARASATE: Zigeunerweisen  (RCA Victor Red Seal LM 163(M) LP)  $17  VG+/VG+  195?,ten inch lp,Donald Voorhees
152166	Heifetz, Jascha:  BRUCH: Violinkonzert Nr. 1 g-moll / MOZART: Violinkonzert Nr. 4 D-dur  (RCA Victor Red Seal LSC-2652 LP)  $21  VG/EX  195?-6?,Germany,tear oc,soc,Sir Malcolm Sargent
152108	Heifetz, Jascha:  MENDELSSOHN: Concerto in E minor / PROKOFIEFF: Concerto in G minor  (RCA Victor Red Seal LSC-2314 LP)  $22  VG/EX  1959,Living Stereo,shaded dog label,Charles Munch,Boston Symphony,woc,wol
152099	Heifetz, Jascha:  TCHAIKOVSKY: Violin Concerto  (RCA Victor Red Seal LSC-2129 LP)  $28  VG+/VG+  1958,Living Stereo,shaded dog label,Fritz Reiner,Chicago Symphony
149684	Hochmuth, Reiner & Horst G–bel:  Salut d'Amour  (Thorofon MTH 266 LP)  $35  EX/M-  197?,Germany,digital,pieces by Paganini,Haydn,Schumann,Goltermann,Popper,Dvorak,Goens,Boccherini,Elgar,Faure,Bach,Kreisler
149685	H–ltzel, Michael:  MOZART: Four Horn Concertos / Concert Rondo  (Spectrum SR-101 LP)  $35  EX/M-  197?,osw,Camarata Academica
150717	Horbenko, Sergey & Chorus of the Black Sea Cossacks:  The Cossacks!  (Vox STPL 515.040 LP)  $17  SS  1963,re,military chorus
153030	Horne, Marilyn:  Sings Rossini  (London OS 26305 LP)  $38  SS  1973,co,Henry Lewis,Royal Philharmonic
151889	Horowitz, Vladimir:  New Recordings of Chopin  (Columbia Masterworks M 32932 LP)  $12  EX/M-  1974,osw
152851	Horowitz, Vladimir:  RACHMANINOFF: Piano Concerto No. 3 / HAYDN: Sonata No. 52 in E flat  (Seraphim 1-60063 LP)  $11  VG/EX  197?,rw,soc,Albert Coates,LSO,1930 recordings
149660	I Musici:  LOCATELLI: Four Concerti Grossi  (Philips World Series PHC 9032 LP)  $35  M-/M-  196?,osw,insert
148232	Isbin, Sharon:  Dances for Guitar  (Pro-Arte PAD 191 LP)  $22  EX/EX  1984,osw,digital,pieces by Barrios,Florida,Rodrigo,Lauro,Vianna,Savio,Turina,Granados
154677	Jahoda, Fritz / William Strickland / London Czech Trio:  BRUNSWICK: Septet in Seven Movements / GIDEON: Lyric Piece for String Orchestra / NEWLIN: Piano Trio, Op. 2  (CRI 170(M) LP)  $48  SS  196?
152155	Janigro, Antonio:  Concertos for Cello  (RCA Victor Red Seal LSC-2365 LP)  $33  EX/EX  1960,Living Stereo,shaded dog label,osw,Solisti di Zagreb
148394	Janis, Byron:  PROKOFIEV: Piano Concerto No. 3 / RACHMANINOFF: Piano Concerto No. 1  (Mercury MG 50300(M) LP)  $35  SS  1962,Moscow Philharmonic,Kyril Kondrashin
152146	Janis, Byron:  RACHMANINOFF: Concerto No. 1 / R. STRAUSS: Burleske  (RCA Victrola VICS-1101 LP)  $15  EX/EX  1965,osw,Frtiz Reiner,Chicago Symphony
155112	Johnson, Christopher Robin:  Guitarist  (Allegro Artists DR 62451 LP)  $35  VG+/EX  1982,pieces by Albeniz,de Falla,Debussy,Lauro,Tarrega,Barrios,Villa-Lobos,Duarte
154685	Johnson, Thor:  FISCHER: Hungarian Set / NAGEL: Trumpet Concerto / CHOU: Landscapes / LESSARD: Concerto for Flute,Clarinet, Bassoon & Strings  (CRI 122(M) LP)  $34  VG/EX  196?,partial smsplts,soc
154674	Jones, Samuel:  JONES: Let Us Now Praise Famous Men / Elegy / COOPER: Symphony No. 4  (CRI SD 347 LP)  $38  VG+/M-  1976,osw,Houston Symphony
149291	Julliard String Quartet:  DEBUSSY: String Quartet in G minor / RAVEL: String Quartet in F  (RCA Victor Red Seal LM-2413(M) LP)  $60  SS  1960
149571	King's College Choir, Cambridge:  A Festival of Lessons & Carols from King's  (EMI ASD 3778 LP)  $16  VG+/M-  1979,UK,insert
151980	Kohon String Quartet of New York University:  IVES: String Quartet Nos. 1 & 2  (Vox STDL 501.120 LP)  $18  VG+/M-  196?,american gothic cover art
154692	Korn, Richard:  HOVHANESS: Meditation on Orpheus / KELLER: Symphony No. 3 / WOOD: Poem for Orchestra  (CRI 134(M) LP)  $34  VG+/VG+  196?,Asahi Orchestra,soc
154316	Korn, Richard:  HOVHANESS: Meditation on Orpheus / KELLER: Symphony No. 3 / WOOD: Poem for Orchestra  (CRI 134(M) LP)  $38  EX/EX  196?,Asahi Orchestra
150077	Kostelanetz, Andre:  OFFENBACH: Gaite Parisienne / BIZET: Carmen Highlights  (CSP CSRP 6106 LP)  $13  EX/EX  196?,re,osw,"Columbia Special Archies Series" gold sticker
154665	Krenz, Jan / Jonathan Sternberg:  DONOVAN: Passacaglia on Vermont Folk Tunes / Epos / BASSETT: Variations for Orchestra  (CRI SD 203 LP)  $36  VG+/EX  196?,Polish National Radio Orch,Radio Zurich Symphony
154659	Krenz, Jan / William Strickland:  DIAMOND: Music for Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet / THORNE: Burlesque Overture / Rhapsodic Variations for Piano & Orchestra  (CRI 216 USD LP)  $38  EX/EX  196?-7?,Polish National Radio Orch
154660	Krenz, Jan / William Strickland:  SMITH: Second Piano Concerto / HOIBY: Concerto for Piano & Orchestra  (CRI 214 SD LP)  $38  EX/EX  196?-7?,osw,Polish National Radio Orch
155055	Kunzel, Erich:  TCHAIKOVSKY: 1812 Overture / Capriccio Italien / Cossack Dance from Mazeppa  (Telarc Digital DG-10041 LP)  $24  VG+/M-  1979,Germany,gfld,Cincinnati Symphony
150158	Lanchbery, John:  In a Monastery Garden: Music of Ketelbey  (Angel SS-45012 LP)  $28  VG+/M-  1979,45rpm,co
154389	Lanza, Mario:  A Legendary Performer  (RCA Red Seal CRL1-1750(E) LP)  $15  SS  1976
153011	Lanza, Mario:  ROMBERG: The Student Prince  (RCA Victor Red Seal LSC-2339 LP)  $15  EX/EX  1960,re
149290	Laredo, Jaime:  BRAHMS: Sonata No. 3 in D minor / J.S. BACH: Partita No. 3 in E  (RCA Victor Red Seal LM-2414(M) LP)  $60  SS  1960,sealed,review sticker oc
152109	Laredo, Jaime:  BRAHMS: Sonata No. 3 in D minor / J.S. BACH: Partita No. 3 in E  (RCA Victor Red Seal LSC-2472 LP)  $65  VG/EX  1961,shaded dog label,woc,wol,smsplt
152116	Leinsdorf, Erich:  MAHLER: Symphony No. 1  (RCA Victor Red Seal LSC-2642 LP)  $18  EX/M-  1963,Boston Symphony
152117	Leinsdorf, Erich:  MAHLER: Symphony No. 3  (RCA Victor Red Seal LSC-7041 LP)  $32  VG+/M-  1967,2lp box,Shirley Verrett,Boston Symphony,bklt
150156	Leinsdorf, Erich:  MOZART: Jupiter Symphony / Eine kleine Nachtmusik  (RCA Victor Red Seal LSC-2694 LP)  $12  VG+/M-  1964,Boston Symphony Orch,toc
152142	Leinsdorf, Erich:  PROKOFIEFF: Symphony No. 5  (RCA Victor Red Seal LSC-2707 LP)  $15  VG+/M-  1964,shaded dog label,Boston Symphony,insert
155154	Leinsdorf, Erich:  PROKOFIEV: Excerpts From the Ballet Romeo & Juliet  (Sheffield Lab LAB-8 LP)  $18  VG+/M-  1977,limited edition,green label,audiophile,gfld,booklet,Los Angeles Philharmonic
155315	Leinsdorf, Erich:  PUCCINI: Turandot  (RCA Victor Red Seal LSC-2539 LP)  $20  SS  1961,feels like flex re,Nilsson,Tebaldi,Bjoerling,Tozzi,Rome Opera House Orchestra
155153	Leinsdorf, Erich:  WAGNER: Ride of the Valkyries / Tristan & Isolde Prelude to Act 1 / Siegfried's Funeral Music / Forest Murmurs  (Sheffield Lab LAB-7 LP)  $15  VG+/M-  1978,gfld,booklet,audiophile,Los Angeles Philharmonic
148053	Leinsdorf, Erich / Felix Slatkin / Joseph Levine:  More I Like Tchaikovsky  (Capitol SP 863 LP)  $8  VG+/VG+  196?
154321	Lenchner, Paula / Samuel Brill & Eduard Flipse / Celius Dougherty & Vincenz Ruzicka / William Strickland:  FRANCO: The Virgin Queen's Dream Monologue / Fantasy for Cello & Orchestra / HOWE: Castellana / Stars; Sand  (CRI 124(M) LP)  $36  VG+/EX  196?,Rotterdam Philharmonic,Vienna Orchestra
150504	Leningrad Kirov Ballet Company & the Leningrad Philharmonic:  TCHAIKOVSKY: Swan Lake  (Melodiya/Celebria 27018 LP)  $50  SS  1972,2lp
150181	Leonard, Ronald & Lincoln Mayorga:  Suzuki Cello School Record 1  (Summy-Birchard CO-17904 LP)  $14  VG+/VG  1979,osw
150364	Levine, Joseph & the Ballet Theatre Orchestra:  BERNSTEIN: Fancy Free / COPLAND: Rodeo  (Capitol P-8196(M) LP)  $38  VG/M-  196?,dog-eared corner
154663	Lipkin, Arthut Bennett:  KAY: Fantasy Variations / BEREZOWSKY: Christmas Festival Overture / DELLO JOIO: New York Profiles  (CRI SD 209 LP)  $36  VG+/EX  196?,Oslo Philharmonic
154670	Lipkin, Arthut Bennett:  Lipkin Conducts  (CRI SD 259 LP)  $18  VG+/EX  196?-7?,Royal Philharmonic,pieces by Hovhaness,Rogers,Still,Travis,Cohn,cool modern cover art
149662	Maag, Peter:  SCHUBERT: Music to Rosamunde  (Turnabout Vox TV 34330 LP)  $28  SS  196?,Philharmonica Hungarica
155244	Maazel, Lorin:  Gala New Year's Concert In Vienna  (Deutsche Grammophon 2532 002 LP)  $16  VG+/M-  1980,Germany,digital,pieces by J. Strauss,Offenbach,Ziehrer
153735	Maazel, Lorin:  TCHAIKOVSKY: Romeo & Juliet / Nutcracker Suite  (Telarc Digital 10068 LP)  $24  VG+/M-  1981,Germany,gfld,Cleveland Orchestra
153732	Maazel, Lorin:  TCHAIKOVSKY: Symphony No. 4  (Telarc Digital 10047 LP)  $23  VG+/EX  1979,Germany,gfld,Cleveland Orchestra
149050	Maazel, Lorin / Herbert von Karajan:  Musik f¸r Kinder  (Deutsche Grammophon 2535 108 LP)  $15  VG+/EX  1975,Germany,soc,pieces by Prokofieff,Mozart,Brahms
151896	Mackerras, Charles:  OFFENBACH: Gaite Parisienne / J. STRAUSS II: Graduation Ball  (Capitol P 8654(M) LP)  $22  SS  196?,vg+ cover
153734	Margalit, Israela & Lorin Maazel:  CHAUSSON: Concerto for Piano, Violin & String Quartet  (Telarc Digital DG-10046 LP)  $21  EX/M-  1980,Germany,gfld,Cleveland Orchestra String Quartet
150371	Martinon, Jean:  DVORAK: Slavonic Dances  (RCA Victor Red Seal LSC-2419 LP)  $100  VG/M-  1960,london symphony orchestra,woc,shaded dog label
146960	Martinon, Jean:  SHOSTAKOVICH: The Age of Gold Ballet Suite / Symphony No. 1  (RCA Victor Red Seal LM-2322(M) LP)  $16  VG+/EX  1959,london symphony orchestra,woman with volleyball cover art
152097	Masselos, William:  IVES: Piano Sonata No. 1  (RCA Victor Red Seal LSC-2941 LP)  $23  VG+/M-  1967,osw,soc
148310	Mauceri, John:  Richard Rodgers: Three Ballets  (Polydor 829 675-1 LP)  $18  EX/EX  1986,digital,osw
148520	McDonald, Susann:  The Virtuoso Harp  (Klavier KS-543 LP)  $28  VG/EX  1975,pieces by Glinka,Spohr,Liszt,Renie,slrw
149095	Mehta, Zubin:  Bolero: Sensational Orchestral Showpieces  (London CS 7132 LP)  $14  VG+/M-  1978,,Los Angeles Philharmonic,pieces by Bizet,Verdi,Suppe
150528	Mesple, Mady:  Coloratura Arias from French Opera  (Seraphim S-60215 LP)  $18  SS  197?,Paris Opera Orchestra
154646	Mester, Jorge:  CHANLER: The Pot of Fat  (CRI 162(M) LP)  $48  SS  196?,Dixie Stewart,Arthur Burrows
148968	Mitchell, Emily:  Harp Recital  (Argo ZK 92 LP)  $35  VG+/M-  1980,Netherlands,pieces by CPE Bach,Flothuis,Guridi,Caplet,Holliger,Sheriff,inserts
150155	Mitchell, Marjorie & Vladimir Golschmann:  BLOCH: Concerto Symphonique / LITOLFF: Scherzo  (Vanguard VRS-1078(M) LP)  $25  VG/EX  196?,rw,swobc,Vienna State Opera Orch
149585	Monks of the Abbey of St. Thomas:  A Treasury of Gregorian Chant Vol. III  (Vox STPL 516.480 LP)  $10  EX/VG+  196?-7?,osw
154318	Monod, Jacques:  PISK: Passacaglia / SCHWARTZ: Concertino for Chamber Orchestra / MILLS: Prelude & Dithyramb / GIDEON: Symphonia Brevis  (CRI 128(M) LP)  $18  EX/EX  196?,osw,Radio Orchestra of Zurich,op art cover
152110	Monteux, Pierre:  FRANCK: Symphony in D minor  (RCA Victor Red Seal LSC-2514 LP)  $38  VG/M-  1961,shaded dog label,woc,wol,smsplt,Chicago Symphony
152139	Monteux, Pierre:  STRAVINSKY: Petrouchka  (RCA Victor Red Seal LSC-2376 LP)  $50  VG+/VG+  1960,shaded dog label,Living Stereo,vinyl is close to EX,swobc,Boston Symphony
148157	Morini, Erica:  TCHAIKOVSKY: Violin Concerto in D major  (Westminster XWN 18397(M) LP)  $25  EX/EX  1957,Tiffany Diamond cover art
155079	Morris, Richard:  Sonic Fireworks Vol. 1  (Crystal Clear CCS-7010 LP)  $15  VG+/M-  1979,direct-to-disc,audiophile,Atlanta Brass Ensemble,pieces by Copland,Bliss,Brahms,Gigout,JS Bach
152106	Munch, Charles:  BEETHOVEN: Symphony No. 3 in E flat ("Eroica")  (RCA Victor Red Seal LSC-2233 LP)  $38  VG+/EX  1958,Living Stereo,shaded dog label,Boston Symphony
152763	Munch, Charles:  BEETHOVEN: Symphony No. 3 in E flat ("Eroica")  (RCA Victrola VICS-1626 LP)  $15  VG+/VG+  1958,197?,re,slrw
153310	Munch, Charles:  BEETHOVEN: Symphony No. 9 / Symphony No. 8  (RCA Victor Red Seal LSC-6066 LP)  $50  VG+/VG+  1959,2lp box,shaded dog label,living stereo,bklt,sm tear oc,Boston Symphony,Leontyne Price
149260	Munch, Charles:  Conducts French Music  (RCA Victor Red Seal LRM-7016(M) LP)  $20  VG+/VG+  195?,ten inch lp,pieces by Ravel,Boston Symphony
152114	Munch, Charles:  DEBUSSY: Afternoon of a Faun / Nuages / Fetes / Printemps  (RCA Victor Red Seal LSC-2668 LP)  $22  VG+/VG+  1963,Living Stereo,shaded dog label,Boston Symphony
152149	Munch, Charles:  J.S. BACH: The Six Brandenburg Concertos  (RCA Victor Red Seal LSC-6140 LP)  $70  VG/EX  1958,3lp box,Living Stereo,shaded dog label,Boston Symphony,woc,wol,insert
152103	Munch, Charles:  MENDELSSOHN: Italian & Reformation Symphonies  (RCA Victor Red Seal LSC-2221 LP)  $30  VG/M-  1958,Living Stereo,shaded dog label,Boston Symphony,woc,wol
152164	Munch, Charles:  RAVEL: Bolero / La Valse / Pavan for a Dead Princess  (RCA Victor Red Seal LSC-2664 LP)  $13  VG+/M-  1963,re,Boston Symphony
149199	Munch, Charles:  RAVEL: Daphnis & Chloe  (RCA Victor Red Seal LM-1893(M) LP)  $17  VG+/EX  1955,gfld,bklt intact,Boston Symphony
152150	Munch, Charles:  RAVEL: Daphnis & Chloe  (RCA Victor Red Seal LSC-2568 LP)  $50  VG/EX  1961,Living Stereo,shaded dog label,Boston Symphony,smsplt
150537	Murray, Thomas:  Master Works for Organ Vol. 10  (Nonesuch H-71310 LP)  $28  SS  1975,pieces by Franck
150185	Music Minus One Piano:  Mozart Piano Conerto In A Major  (MMO 351(M) LP)  $15  VG/VG+  196?
151926	New York Brass Quintet:  Baroque Brass  (RCA Victor Red Seal LSC-2938 LP)  $17  EX/EX  1967,David Stone Martin cover art,osw,pieces by Holborne,Gabrieli,Purcell,Bach,Adson,Susato
154679	New York Brass Quintet / / Laszlo Varga et al / Arthur Weisberg:  SCHULLER: Music for Brass Quintet / Fantasy Quartet for Four Celli / BLACKWOOD: Chamber Symphony for Fourteen Wind Instruments  (CRI 144(M) LP)  $48  SS  196?
150543	New York City Opera Company:  MOORE-LaTOUCHE: The Ballad of Baby Doe  (Deutsch Grammophon 2709 061 LP)  $32  SS  1976,re,3lp box
148940	New York Light Opera:  Celebrates Golden Days of Operetta  (Hazlerigg Productions HP 1001 LP)  $18  VG/EX  1984,autographed oc,private press,pieces by Herbert,Bickness,DeKoven,Romberg,Friml
150373	Norddeutsche Philharmonie Orchestra:  TCHAIKOWSKY: Symphony #6 "Pathethique"  (AVI AVC-2003 LP)  $28  SS  1977,co
149589	Novaes, Guiomar:  CHOPIN: Etudes, Op. 10 & Op. 25  (Vox STPL 510.930(E) LP)  $21  SS  196?-7?
149659	Novaes, Guiomar:  CHOPIN: Piano Concerto No. 1 in E Minor  (Vox STPL 510.710(E) LP)  $12  EX/M-  196?-7?,osw,Jonel Perlea,Bamberg Symphony Orch
149588	Novaes, Guiomar:  CHOPIN: Waltzes (complete)  (Vox STPL 58170 LP)  $15  M-/M-  196?-7?,osw
150527	Oistrakh, David:  KHACHATURIAN: Concerto in D minor  (Melodiya/Odyssey Y 34608 LP)  $15  SS  1977,re,Moscow Radio Symphony,Aram KHACHATURIAN
150540	Oistrakh, David:  Oistrakh Omnibus  (Decca DX B-141(M) LP)  $21  VG+/M-  195?-6?,2lp,die-cut slipcover,concerti by Brahms,Tchaikovsky,Mozart
152070	Ormandy, Eugene:  America  (Columbia Masterworks MS 7289 LP)  $10  EX/EX  197?,osw,Philadelphia Orchestra,pieces by Sousa,Gottschalk,Gershwin,Copland,Ives,Gould,Grofe,Foster
149266	Ormandy, Eugene:  America  (Columbia Masterworks MS 7289 LP)  $11  EX/M-  197?,osw,swobc,Philadelphia Orchestra,pieces by Sousa,Gottschalk,Gershwin,Copland,Ives,Gould,Grofe,Foster
150359	Ormandy, Eugene:  BARTOK: Miraculous Mandarin Suite / Two Portraits / Deux Images  (Columbia Masterworks MS 6789 LP)  $21  M-/M-  196?,osw,360 label
150519	Ormandy, Eugene:  COPLAND: Billy the Kid / Appalachian Spring  (RCA Red Seal LSC-3184 LP)  $38  SS  1970
153299	Ormandy, Eugene:  DELLO JOIO: Air Power  (Columbia Masterworks ML 5214(M) LP)  $25  VG/VG+  196?,six eye label,sm tear oc,jet & moon cover art,Philadelphia Orchestra
149663	Ormandy, Eugene:  Five Treasured Recordings from the Heritage of Greatness on RCA Red Seal  (RCA Red Seal SP-33-555(M) LP)  $12  EX/M-  1969,osw,soc,Fritz Kreisler,Marian Anderson,Lauritz Melchior,Emanuel Feuermann,Kirsten Flagstad,pieces by Paganini,Brahms,Wagner,R. Strauss,Beethoven
150360	Ormandy, Eugene:  STRAVINSKY: Pethrushka Suite / KODALY: Hary Janos Suite  (Columbia Masterworks MS 6746 LP)  $18  M-/M-  196?,osw,360 label
151906	Ormandy, Eugene:  TCHAIKOVSKY: 1812 Overture / Romeo & Juliet  (Columbia MQ 31276(Q) LP)  $15  VG+/M-  1972,quadraphonic,osw,faint woc,Mormon Tabernacle Choir,Valley Forge Military Academy Band,Philadelphia Orchestra
150039	Ormandy, Eugene:  The Magnificent Sound of...  (Columbia Masterworks PHS 1 LP)  $18  VG+/M-  1962,2lp,djs ol,pieces by Saint-Saens,J. Strauss,Grieg,Tchaikowsky,Bizet,Liszt,Borodin,Bach,Glinka,Handel,Debussy,Ravel,Sibelius,Berlioz
149671	Ormandy, Eugene / Arthur Fiedler:  Sibelius' Greatest Hits  (RCA Red Seal ARL1-0115 LP)  $12  EX/EX  1973,osw,co
155314	Paillard, Jean-Francois:  PACHELBEL: Canon in D/ Suite in B-flat / Suite in G / FASCH: Concerto in D for Trumpet & 2 Oboes / Sinfonia in G / Sinfonia in A  (RCA Red Seal FRL1-5468 LP)  $18  SS  1977,Maurice Andre
149040	Paray, Paul:  Curtain Up!: Heroic Overtures  (Mercury MG50359(M) LP)  $35  VG+/M-  196?,wlp,pieces by Rossini,Offenbach,Suppe,Bizet,prst obc,Detroit Symphony
152121	Paray, Paul:  MENDELSSOHN: A Midsummer Night's Dream / Symphony No. 5 "Reformation"  (Mercury SR90174 LP)  $35  VG/EX  196?,Living Presence,woc,wol,Detroit Symphony
149830	Patti, Adelina / Lilli Lehmann:  1843-1919 / 1848-1929  (Belcantodisc BC219(M) LP)  $35  EX/EX  195?-6?,soc,pieces by Mozart,Gounod,Bellini,Tosti,Bishop,Yradier,Handel,Meyerbeer
152118	Paumgartner, Bernhard / Kurt Redel:  HANDEL: Oboe Concertos in G minor & B flat major / TELEMANN: Oboe Concerto in F minor / DITTERSDORF: Oboe Concerto in G major / J.S. BACH: Suite for Orchestra No. 5 in C minor  (Mercury SR90403 LP)  $35  EX/EX  1964,pink djl,Living Presence,Evert van Tricht,prst obc
152162	Pavarotti, Luciano:  Bravo Pavarotti!  (London PAV 2001-2 LP)  $25  SS  1978,2lp,poster
149086	Pavarotti, Luciano:  Greatest Hits  (London PAV2003-4 LP)  $10  EX/M-  1980,2lp
149084	Pavarotti, Luciano:  Luciano  (London PAV 2013 LP)  $12  VG+/M-  1982,co,pieces by Leoncavallo,Verdi,Donizetti,Puccini,de Curtis,Tosti,Bellini,di Capua,Franck
149085	Pavarotti, Luciano:  Luciano  (London PAV 2013 LP)  $17  SS  1982,co,pieces by Leoncavallo,Verdi,Donizetti,Puccini,de Curtis,Tosti,Bellini,di Capua,Franck
153611	Pavarotti, Luciano:  Mattinata  (London OS 26669 LP)  $13  SS  1983,pieces by Caldara,Ciampi,Bellini,Durante,Giordani,Rossini,Gluck,Tosti,Donizetti,Leoncavallo,Beethoven
153612	Pavarotti, Luciano:  O Holy Night  (London OS 26473 LP)  $13  SS  1976,christmas
149087	Pavarotti, Luciano:  O Sole Mio: Favorite Neapolitan Songs  (London OS26560 LP)  $8  VG+/EX  1979,insert
152153	Pennario, Leonard:  LISZT: Concertos Nos. 1 & 2  (RCA Victor Red Seal LSC-2690 LP)  $20  EX/M-  1964,shaded dog label,dynagroove,Rene Leibowitz,LSO
152115	Pennario, Leonard:  RACHMANINOFF: Concertos Nos. 1 & 4  (RCA Victor Red Seal LSC-2788 LP)  $18  VG+/M-  1965,Andre Previn,Royal Philharmonic,soc
149501	Petri, Michala et al.:  VIVALDI: Concerti da Camera  (Philips Digital Classics 411 357-1 LP)  $38  VG+/M-  1984,Netherlands,2lp,Heinz Hollinger,Felix Ayo,Klaus Thunemann,Pasquale Pellegrino,Christiane Jaccottet,Thomas Demenga,Jonathan Rubin
149702	Poellein, John:  HONEGGER: King David  (UC 62061(M) LP)  $28  VG/VG+  196?,2lp,Univ of Connecticutt Chorus,Choirs of Storrs Congregational Church,Myles Ludwig,smsplt
150539	Ponti, Michael & Volker Schmidt-Gertenbach:  LITOLFF: Concerto Symphonique No. 3 / RHEINBERGER: Piano Concerto in A-flat major  (Candide QCE 31112(Q) LP)  $38  SS  1979,Berlin Symphony Orch,quadraphonic
150042	Previn, Andre:  Previn Plays Gershwin  (Angel SFO-1-36810 LP)  $12  VG+/EX  197?,gfld,LSO
148268	Previtali, Fernando:  VERDI: La Traviata  (RCA Gold Seal AGL2-4144 LP)  $35  SS  1981,2lp box,libretto,re,Anna Moffo,Robert Merrill,Rome Opera House Orchestra & Chorus
152145	Reiner, Fritz:  BEETHOVEN: Symphony No. 5 "Coriolan Overture"  (RCA Victor Red Seal LSC-2343 LP)  $38  VG/EX  1959,Living Stereo,shaded dog label,woc,wol,Chicago Symphony
152140	Reiner, Fritz:  R. STRAUSS: Till Eulenspiegel (Death & Tranfiguration)  (RCA Victor Red Seal LSC-2077 LP)  $50  VG/EX  1958,Living Stereo,shaded dog label,woc,wol,Vienna Philharmonic
152112	Reiner, Fritz:  SCHUBERT: Unfinished / Symphony No. 5  (RCA Victor Red Seal LSC-2516 LP)  $23  VG/VG+  1961,Living Stereo,shaded dog label,Chicago Symphony,woc,wol
152104	Reiner, Fritz:  Spain  (RCA Victor Red Seal LSC-2230 LP)  $135  VG/EX  1958,gfld,Living Stereo,shaded dog label,Chicago Symphony,woc,wol,bklt intact,pieces by Granados,Falla,Albeniz
152102	Reiner, Fritz:  TCHAIKOVSKY: Pathetique  (RCA Victor Red Seal LSC-2216 LP)  $33  VG+/EX  1958,Living Stereo,shaded dog label,Chicago Symphony
149661	Rekai, Sandor:  Orchestral Dances  (Vox STPL 513.020 LP)  $15  EX/M-  196?,osw,pieces by Brahms,Khachaturian,Dvorak,Liszt,Smetana
149311	Rescigno, Nicola:  de BANFIELD: Lord Byron's Love Letter  (RCA Victor Red Seal LM-2258(M) LP)  $21  EX/EX  195?,osw,libretto by Tennessee Williams
150375	Richters, Walthier:  TCHAIKOVSKY: Symphony #5 in E minor  (AVI AVC-2027 LP)  $28  SS  1978,co,Norddeutsche Philharmonie Orchestra
149833	Ros-Marba, Antoni:  Orquestra Nacional de EspaÒa  (Ediciones Interamericanas de Musica OEA-008 LP)  $35  EX/M-  1979,pieces by Turina,Gerhard,Jose,Arambarri
149657	Rosbaud, Hans:  MOZART: Don Giovanni (abridged)  (Vox STPL 515.110 LP)  $22  SS  196?-7?,Anna Moffo,Antonio Campo
149200	Rose, Leonard & Glenn Gould:  J.S. BACH: The Three Sonatas for Viola da Gamba & Harpsichord  (Columbia Masterworks M 32934 LP)  $11  VG/EX  1974,soc,slrw
152184	Rostal & Schaefer:  In Concert  (Windsor PMB 176 LP)  $18  VG/EX  1977,UK,autographed oc,sl h2o oc,pieces by Mozart,Chopin,Lecuona,Liszt,Schubert,Debussy,beatles medley
152182	Rostal & Schaefer:  Two-Piano Portrait  (Windsor PBM 704 LP)  $38  VG+/EX  1981,UK,autographed oc,pieces by Rossini,JS Bach,Sinding,Chopin,Addinsell,Grieg,Offenbach,"When I'm 64" beatlesong
149498	Rubinstein, Artur:  CHOPIN: "Funeral March" Sonata in B-flat minor / Sonata in B-minor  (RCA Victor Soria Series LD 2554(M) LP)  $35  SS  1961,slipcover,seal partially open,sun damage on spine
149259	Rubinstein, Artur:  CHOPIN: Scherzi Nos. 1 & 2 / Nocturnes Nos. 3 in B & 12 in G  (RCA Victor Red Seal LRM-7015(M) LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  195?,ten inch lp
155164	Rubinstein, Artur:  FALLA: Nights In the Gardens of Spain  (RCA Victor Red Seal LM-2181(M) LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  1958,shaded dog label,San Francisco Symphony,partial smsplt
152147	Rubinstein, Artur:  MOZART: Concerto No. 24  (RCA Victor Red Seal LSC-2461 LP)  $18  VG/VG+  1961,shaded dog label,woc,wol,Josef Krips,Alfred Wallenstein
152111	Rubinstein, Artur:  RACHMANINOFF: Concerto No. 2 / LISZT: Concerto No. 1  (RCA Victor Soria Series LD 2554(M) LP)  $125  VG/M-  1962,shaded dog label,woc,wol,Fritz Reiner,Alfred Wallenstein
152105	Rubinstein, Artur:  The Five Beethoven Concertos  (RCA Victor Red Seal LSC-6702 LP)  $115  VG+/EX/VG+/VG+/EX/VG+  1957,5lp box set,Living Stereo,shaded dog label,bklt,Symphony of the Air,Josef Krips
154667	Samuel, Gerhard:  HARRISON: Symphony On G  (CRI 236 USD LP)  $38  EX/EX  196?-7?,osw,Royal Philharmonic
150523	Santi, Nello:  Jewels of Wolf-Ferrari  (London CS6154 LP)  $16  EX/M-  195?-6?,osw
150223	Scherchen, Hermann:  I Dig Rimsky-Korsakoff  (ABC Music Guild Now Generation Series IDS-9902 LP)  $35  EX/EX  196?,osw,Vienna State Opera Orchestra,psych cover art
150525	Schilhawsky, Paul von & Rudolf Albert:  MOZART: Concerto No. 18 in B flat major / Concerto No. 24 in C minor  (Nonesuch H-71059 LP)  $18  SS  196?-7?,Orch of Radio Bavaria
150535	Schippers, Thomas:  Music of Samuel Barber  (Columbia Odyssey Y 33230 LP)  $28  SS  1974,re,New York Philharmonic
155155	Schwarz, Gerard:  The Classic Trumpet Concerti of Haydn/Hummel  (DMS Delos D/DMS 3001 LP)  $60  EX/M-  1979,digital,gfld,Y Chamber Symphony of New York,Japanese pressing
155156	Schwarz, Gerard:  The Sound of Trumpets  (DMS Delos D/DMS 3002 LP)  $58  VG+/M-  1979,digital,gfld,New York Trumpet Ensemble,Japanese pressing
155108	Schwarz, Gerard & Elmar Oliveira:  VIVALDI: The Four Seasons  (DMS Delos D/DMS 3007 LP)  $20  VG+/M-  1980,digital,gfld,Los Angeles Chamber Orch,Japanese pressing
150541	Schweitzer, Albert:  FRANCK: Chorale No. 1 in E major / Chorale No. 2 in B minor / Chorale No. 3 in A minor  (Columbia Masterworks ML 5128(M) LP)  $15  VG/M-  195?,six eye label,toc
150085	Segovia, Andres:  Granada  (Decca Gold Label DL 710063 LP)  $15  EX/M-  195?-6?,osw,co,pieces by Aguado,Sor,Ponce,Albeniz,Tansman,Granados
152006	Sills, Beverly & Julius Rudel:  Welcome to Vienna  (EMI Angel AV-34037 LP)  $13  EX/M-  198?,digital remaster,co,London Philharmonic,pieces by Lehar,Korngold,J. Strauss Jr.,Heuberger,no insert
150526	Simonov, Yuri:  SHCHEDRIN: Anna Karenina (complete)  (Melodiya/Angel SRB-4126 LP)  $35  SS  197?,2lp,co,Bolshoi Theater Orchestra
149368	Slatkin, Felix / Harold Byrns:  Percussion!  (Capitol P-8299(M) LP)  $23  VG/EX  195?-6?,hi-fi percussion,pieces by Milhaud,Chavez,Bartok,smsplt,swobc,Concert Arts Orchestra,Los Angeles Chamber Symphony
153733	Slatkin, Leonard:  DVORAK: Symphony No. 9 in E minor (From the New World)  (Telarc Digital DG-10053 LP)  $24  VG+/M-  1980,Germany,gfld,bklt,St. Louis Symphony
154654	Solomon, Izler:  BAZELON: Symphony No. 2 / Chamber Concerto No. 2 "Churchill Downs"  (CRI SD 287 LP)  $38  EX/EX  1971,Indianapolis Symphony Orch
152945	Solti, Georg:  MAHLER: Symphony No. 8 (Symphony of a Thousand)  (London OSA 1295 LP)  $17  VG/EX  197?,2lp box,Chicago Symphony,english press
149096	Solti, Sir Georg:  MUSSORGSKY: Pictures from an Exhibition / RAVEL: Le Tombeau de Couperin  (London LDR 10040 LP)  $23  VG+/M-  1980,digital,Chicago Symphony,sm tears oc
150363	Stein, Horst:  BEETHOVEN: Symphony No. 5  (Somerset P-19400(M) LP)  $35  SS  195?-6?,London Philharmonic
149016	Stern, Gunnar:  SMETANA: The Moldau / The Bartered Bride Overture / LISZT: Les Preludes  (Somerset SF-15000 LP)  $10  VG+/EX  196?,osw,London Philharmonic Orchestra
150502	Stokowski, Leopold:  BEETHOVEN: Symphony No. 6 "Pastoral" / MOUSSORGSKY: Night On Bald Mountain / SCHUBERT: Ave Maria  (Disneyland WDL-4101C(M) LP)  $18  VG+/EX  1961,from Fantasia
149256	Stokowski, Leopold:  BORODIN: Dances of the Polovetzki Maidens / In the Steppes of Central Asia  (RCA Victor Red Seal LRM 7056(M) LP)  $11  VG+/EX  1953,ten inch lp
154684	Stokowski, Leopold:  COWELL: Persian Set / HARRISON: Suite for Violin, Piano & Small Orchestra  (CRI SD 114 LP)  $38  VG+/M-  197?
149257	Stokowski, Leopold:  ENESCO: Roumainan Rhapsodies Nos. 1 & 2  (RCA Victor Red Seal LRM 7043(M) LP)  $18  VG+/EX  195?,ten inch lp
154689	Stokowski, Leopold:  GOEB: Symphony No. 3 / WEBER: Symphony On Poems of William Blake  (CRI 120(M) LP)  $34  VG/EX  196?,rw,toc
152151	Stokowski, Leopold:  LISZT: Hungarian Rhapsody No . 2 / ENESCO: Roumainan Rhapsodies No. 1 / SMETANA: The Moldau / The Bartered Bride  (RCA Victor Red Seal LSC-2471 LP)  $100  VG/EX  1961,shaded dog label,woc,wol,sm smsplt
149350	Stokowski, Leopold:  MUSSORGSKY: Pictures At An Exhibition / DEBUSSY: The Engulfed Cathedral  (London Phase 4 SPC 21006 LP)  $18  EX/EX  196?-7?,gfld,New Philharmonia Orch,cover is Russian architect's rendering of the Great Gate of Kiev which was never erected - story on inside cover
154669	Stokowski, Leopold / Gail Kubik:  JOSTEN: Jungle / Canzona Seria / KUBIK: Symphony Concertante  (CRI SD 267 LP)  $36  VG+/EX  197?,American Symphony Orch,French Radio Orch
154642	Strickland, William:  COWELL: If He Please / WARD: Hush'd Be the Camps Today / SOWERBY: Classic Concerto for Organ & String Orchestra  (CRI 165(M) LP)  $38  VG+/M-  196?,Japan Philharmonic Symphony Orch,op art cover
154658	Strickland, William:  COWELL: Variations for Orchestra / If He Please / Synchrony  (CRI 217 USD LP)  $38  EX/EX  196?-7?,Polish National Radio Orch,Oslo Philharmonic
154645	Strickland, William:  IVES: Washington's Birthday / Hallowe'en / The Pond / Central Park In the Dark / FLANAGAN: The Lady of Tearful Regret  (CRI 163(M) LP)  $48  SS  196?,Imperial Philharomic of Tokyo,Oslo Philharmonic
154682	Strickland, William:  LEIFS: Iceland Overture / ISOLFSSON: Passcaglia / COWELL: Symphony No. 16 "Icelandic"  (CRI 179(M) LP)  $38  VG+/M-  196?,Iceland Symphony Orch
154681	Strickland, William:  PISTON: Concertino for Piano & Chamber Orchestra / IVES: The Fourth of July / CARPENTER: Concertino for Piano & Orchestra  (CRI 180(M) LP)  $38  VG+/M-  196?,Goeteborg Symphony Orch
154676	Strickland, William:  RIEGGER: Canon &  Fugue in D minor / BECKER: Concerto Arabesque for Piano & Orchestra / IVES: Thanksgiving  (CRI 177(M) LP)  $48  SS  196?,Oslo Philharmonic,Iceland Symphony
154320	Strickland, William:  RUGGLES: Organum / MOORE: In Memoriam / WARD: Symphony No. 2  (CRI 127(M) LP)  $17  VG+/EX  196?,Japan Philharmonic Symphony Orch,op art cover
154678	Strickland, William:  TALMA: Toccata for Orchestra / FINE: Alcestis / PERRY: A Short Piece for Orchestra / DANIELS: Deep Forest / HOWE: Spring Pastoral  (CRI SRD 145 LP)  $48  SS  196?-7?,sponsored by the National Council of Women of the US
154666	Strickland, William / Franz Litschauer:  PISTON: Concerto for Orchestra / RUGGLES: Men & Mountains / HIVELY: Icarus / SWANSON: Short Symphony  (CRI SD 254 LP)  $36  VG+/EX  196?-7?,Polish National Radio Orch,Vienna State Opera Orch
154664	Strickland, William / Igor Buketoff:  WARD: Sacred Songs for Pantheists / Symphony No. 3  (CRI 206(M) LP)  $36  VG+/EX  196?,Polish National Radio Orch,Iceland Symphony Orch
154675	Strickland, William / Irene Jacobi:  JACOBI: Concerto for Cello & Orchestra / Hagiographa  (CRI 174(M) LP)  $38  EX/EX  196?,osw,Oslo Philharmonic,Claremont String Quartet
150183	Suzuki, Shinichi & Shizuko:  Suzuki Violin School Vol. 2  (Summy-Birchard VN-27900 LP)  $14  VG/VG+  1979,geometric cover art,smsplt
150530	Svetlanov, Yevgeny:  Orchestral Works of Rimsky-Korsakov  (Quintessence PMC 7189 LP)  $23  SS  1981,Critic's Choice series,State Academic Symphony Orchestra
155165	Svetlanov, Yevgeny:  SCRIABIN: The Poem of Ecstasy / RACHMANINOFF: The Isle of the Dead  (Melodiya/Angel R-40019 LP)  $17  VG+/EX  196?-7?,USSR Symphony Orchestra
150538	Svetlanov, Yevgeny:  SCRIABIN: The Poem of Ecstasy / RACHMANINOFF: The Isle of the Dead  (Melodiya/Angel R-40019 LP)  $25  SS  196?-7?,USSR Symphony Orchestra
149658	Swarowsky, Hans:  SCHUMANN: Concerto in A minor / Symphony No. 1 in B flat Major  (Audio Fidelity FCS 50,015 LP)  $45  SS  1965,Anton Kamper,Vienna State Opera Orch
150191	Swarowsky, Hans:  TCHAIKOVSKY: Symphony No. 3 in D major "Polish"  (Urania UR 126(M) LP)  $17  VG+/EX  196?
150503	Szell, George:  DVORAK: Symphony No. 2 in D minor  (Epic BC 1111 LP)  $17  EX/VG+  196?,osw,Cleveland Orch
149697	Szell, George:  One Hundred Men & a Perfectionist  (Columbia Sound of Genius SOG-5 LP)  $15  EX/EX  196?,osw,Cleveland Orch,pieces by Dvorak,Janacek,Bizet,Mendelssohn,Wagner,Mozart,Brahms
152107	Szeryng, Henryk:  BRAHMS: Violin Concerto  (RCA Victor Red Seal LSC-2281 LP)  $135  VG+/VG+  1958,Living Stereo,shaded dog label,LSO,Pierre Monteux
149037	Szeryng, Henryk & Antal Dorati:  BRAHMS: Violin Concerto In D major  (Mercury MG50308(M) LP)  $28  VG+/EX  196?,wlp,London Symphony
149039	Szeryng, Henryk & Charles Reiner:  Plays the Music of Fritz Kreisler  (Mercury Olympian MG50348(M) LP)  $18  VG+/EX  196?,maroon label
149587	Szoke, Tibor:  SUPPE: Overtures  (Vox STVX 425.940 LP)  $10  EX/EX  196?,osw,S¸dwestfunk Orchestra
148711	Thomas, Kurt:  J.S. BACH: St. Matthew Passion  (L'Oiseau-Lyre/London OL 50113/14/15/16(M) LP)  $45  VG+/VG+  1956,UK,4lp box set,spine split,Agnes Giebel,Lore Fischer,Helmut Kretschmar,Kantorei der Dreikonigskirche,Collegium Musicum Orchestra,nice heavy vinyl,records are all nearly ex
149249	Toscanini, Arturo:  BEETHOVEN: Fourth Movement from Symphony No. 9 in D minor "Ode to Joy"  (RCA Victor Red Seal LRM 7046(M) LP)  $28  VG+/VG+  195?,ten inch lp,NBC Symphony Orchestra,Eileen Farrell,Jan Peerce,Nan Merriman,Robert Shaw Chorale
149044	VA-Antal Dorati,Paul Paray,Frederick Fennell:  Curtain Up!: Orchestral March Favorites  (Mercury MG50292(M) LP)  $25  VG+/EX  196?,wlp,pieces by Tchaikovsky,Prokofiev,Chabrier,Berlioz,Grieg,Beethoven,Gounod,Meyerbeer
149038	VA-Antal Dorati,Paul Paray,Frederick Fennell,Eastman Wind Ensemble:  Curtain Up!: More March Favorites  (Mercury MG50325(M) LP)  $25  VG+/EX  196?,yellow djl,pieces by Berlioz,Saint-Saens,Mendelssohn,Walton,Grainger,San Miguel,Strauss,prst obc
152154	VA-Arthur Fiedler,Morton Gould,Robert Russell Bennett:  Music for Frustrated Conductors  (RCA Victor Red Seal LSC-2325 LP)  $58  VG/EX  1959,Living Stereo,shaded dog label,baton insert,bklt,smsplt,toc
152348	VA-Arturo Toscanini,Leopold Stokowski,Arthur Fiedler,Jussi Bjoerling,Jan Peerce,Leonard Warren,Erna Berger,Nan Merriman,Emil Gilels,Robert Shaw Chorale,George Melachrino:  Ezio Pinza Presents: I Hear Music...  (Magnavox (M) LP)  $18  VG/EX  195?-6?,magnavox hi-fi demo record,smsplt
150524	VA-Aurele Nicolet,Maurice Andre,Helmut Winschermann,Franz Klein,Erich Penzel:  Virtuoso Wind Concertos  (Nonesuch H-71148 LP)  $12  SS  196?-7?,pieces by Vivaldi,Fasch,Albinoni,Stamitz,Telemann
150455	VA-Carlo Curley,Donald Westfield,George Thalben Ball:  Voicing: A Study In Controlling Classical Sounds  (Allen Organ Company A0 980V LP)  $16  VG/EX  1980,organ demo record,slrw
154881	VA-Dmitri Mitropolous,Rochester Pops,Andre Kostelanetz,Eugene Ormandy,Cleveland Pops,World of Strings Orchestra:  Your Own World  (Aetna Life Insurance XTV69852(M) LP)  $25  VG/EX  1961,gfld,special promo item for Aetna's New Horizons Club Dinner
149681	VA-Eugene Ormandy,Erich Leinsdorf,Fritz Reiner,Arthur Fiedler,Vladimir Horowitz,Itzhak Perlman:  Prokofieff's Greatest Hits  (RCA Red Seal ARL1-0113 LP)  $13  SS  1973,co,scratch oc
149831	VA-Guerrina Fabbri,Irene Abendroth,Sigrid Arnoldson,Maria Galvany,Maria Michailowa,Emma Albani,Eugenia Mantelli:  The Great Prima Donnas Vol. 2  (Belcantodisc BC 208(M) LP)  $35  EX/EX  195?-6?,soc,pieces by Rossini,Gounod,Verdi,Weber,Massenet,Donizetti,Rubinstein,Tchaikovsky,Chaminade
150079	VA-Ignace Jan Paderewski,Josef Hofmann,Maurice Ravel,Serge Prokofiev,George Gershwin,Camille Saint-Saens,Wanda Landowska,Ferruccio Busoni:  Legendary Piano Immortals  (Murray Hill S-4358 LP)  $16  VG+/M-/M-/EX/M-/M-  1965,5lp box,pieces by Chopin,Liszt,Beethoven,Mozkowski,Schumann,Rubinstein,Scarlatti,Ravel,Prokofiev,Gershwin,Saint-Saens,Mozart,Lanner,Bach
149664	VA-Licia Albanese,Robert Merrill,Lucrezia Bori,John McCormack,Zinka Milanov,Jussi Bj–rling,Geraldine Farrar,Enrico Caruso,Elisabeth Rethberg,Ezio Pinza,Erna Berger,Jan Peerce:  Ber¸hmte Liebesduete (Great Love Duets)  (RCA Red Seal HR 210(M) LP)  $15  VG+/EX  195?-6?,Germany,soc,pieces by Leoncavallo,Puccini,Verdi,Gounod,Mozart
149829	VA-Margarethe Siems,Eva von der Osten,Minnie Nast,Viorica Ursuleac,Margit Bokor,Alfred Jerger:  Richard Strauss' Chosen Interpreters  (Belcantodisc BC 248(M) LP)  $35  EX/EX  195?-6?,soc
148005	VA-Nord Deutsches Symphony,Trans-World Symphony,101 Strings,London Philharmonic Chorus:  Astounding High Fidelity! In Stereo  (Valiant V-4933 LP)  $13  VG+/EX  195?-6?,cover art,pieces by Beethoven,Handel,Tchaikovsky,Grofe,Chabrier,smsplt
152013	VA-Seiji Ozawa,Christopher Parkening,Mirella Freni,Aldo Ciccolini,Olivier Messian,Iannis Xenakis,Lorin Hollander,Rafael Fruhbeck de Burgos,Aleksander Slobodyanik,Grace Mumbry,Jacqueline du Pre,Daniel Barenboim,Gwyneth Jones,Agustin Anievas,Rodion Shchedrin:  The New Spirit of Angel  (Angel SNP-7 LP)  $12  VG/M-  196?,promo,gfld,blue label,psych cover art,slrw,pieces by Bartok,Albeniz,Puccini,Satie,Messiaen,Xenakis,Falla,Haydn,Schubert,Brahms,Verdi,Chopin
149007	VA-Sir John Barbirolli,Daniel Barenboim,John Browning,Carlo Maria Giulini,Lorin Maazel,Leonard Pennario:  Great Motion Picture Themes  (Angel S-36813 LP)  $14  EX/M-  197?,osw,co,pieces by R.Strauss,Mahler,Liszt,Mozart,Tchaikovsky,Chopin from 2001,Death In Venice,Mephisto Waltz,Elvira Madigan,Music Lovers,Five Easy Pieces
149828	VA-Zelie de Lussan,Felia Litvinne,Olympia Boronat,Salome Kruszelnicka,Medea Mei-Figner,Blanche Marchesi:  The Great Prima Donnas  (Belcantodisc BC205(M) LP)  $35  EX/EX  195?-6?,soc,pieces by Bizet,Gounod,Thomas,Meyerbeer,Verdi,Massenet,Bellini,Tosti,Boito,Napravnik,Goldschmidt
149292	Valletti, Cesare:  SCHUMANN: Dichterliebe  (RCA Victor Red Seal LM-2412(M) LP)  $60  SS  1960,insert
149509	Valletti, Cesare:  Town Hall Recital  (RCA Victor Red Seal LM-2411(M) LP)  $18  EX/EX  1960,insert,pieces by Pasquini,Mozart,Wolf,Berlioz,Obradors
154644	van Vactor, David:  GREEN: Sunday Sing Symphony / VAN VACTOR: Symphony No. 2  (CRI 169(M) LP)  $48  SS  196?,Hessian Radio Symphony Orch
154655	van Vactor, David / William Strickland:  VAN VACTOR: Symphony No. 1 / JOSTEN: Symphony in F  (CRI 225 USD LP)  $36  VG+/EX  196?-7?,Frankfurt Radio Symphony Orch,Polish National Radio Orch
152766	Voisin, Roger:  Trumpet Music  (Kapp KCL-9062(M) LP)  $18  VG+/VG+  1961,Emanuel Vardi,pieces by Purcell,Stradella,Lully,Monteverdi,Fischer,Petzold,Fantini
152946	von Karajan, Herbert:  BEETHOVEN: Symphony No. 9 / Symphony No. 8  (Deutsche Grammophon 2707 013 LP)  $18  VG+/M-  197?,Germany,2lp box,bklt,Berlin Philharmonic
150365	von Karajan, Herbert:  BRITTEN: Variations & Fugue On a Theme of Frank Bridge / VAUGHN-WILLIAMS: Fantasia On a Theme by Thomas Tallis  (Angel 35142(M) LP)  $45  VG+/M-  1955,Philharmonia Orch
152167	von Karajan, Herbert:  MOZART: Symphony No. 40 in G minor / HAYDN: Symphony No. 104 "London"  (RCA Victor Red Seal LSC-2535 LP)  $23  VG/VG+  1961,shaded dog label,woc,wol,Vienna Philharmonic
154687	Waldman, Frederic:  BERGSMA: Scenes from the Wife of Martin Guerre  (CRI 105(M) LP)  $48  SS  196?,Mary Judd,Regina Sarfaty
149682	Wallenstein, Alfred:  TCHAIKOVSKY: Symphony No. 6 in B minor (Pathethique)  (Audio Fidelity FCS 50,002 LP)  $15  EX/EX  1959,osw
154315	Watanabe, Akeo:  COWELL: Music 1957 / KELLY: Symphony No. 2  (CRI 132(M) LP)  $38  EX/EX  196?,osw,Japan Philharmonic Symphony Orch
154680	Watanabe, Akeo / Harold Aks:  TRIMBLE: Symphony In Two Movements / Five Episodes for Orchestra / TALMA: La Corona  (CRI 187(M) LP)  $48  SS  196?,osw,Japan Philharmonic Symphony Orch,Dorian Chorale
154317	Watanabe, Akeo / William Strickland:  SESSIONS: Symphony No. 1 / BERGSMA: Music On a Quiet Theme / SMITH: Tetrameron  (CRI 131(M) LP)  $36  VG+/EX  196?,Japan Philharmonic Symphony Orch,op art cover
150501	Webster, Beveridge:  Modern American Piano Music  (Dover HCR-5265(M) LP)  $17  VG+/M-  1966,pieces by Copland,Sessions,Carter
149594	Winograd, Arthur:  Marches from Operas  (Audio Fidelity FCS 50,008 LP)  $35  VG+/EX  1959,pieces by Berlioz,Bizet,Verdi,Mozart,Borodin,Glinka,Rimsky-Korsakov,Meyerbeer,Wagner
150499	Wolff, Albert:  ADAM: Giselle  (RCA Victor LSC-2301 LP)  $33  VG/EX  1959,gfld,bklt,Paris Conservatoire Orch,shaded dog label
148189	WQXR Quartet:  MILHAUD: String Quartet / TURINA: La Oracion del Torero  (Polymusic PRLP 1004(M) LP)  $18  VG/VG+  195?-6?,smsplts
149003	Yepes, Narciso:  TARREGA: Recuerdos de la Alhambra  (Deutsche Grammophon 410 655-1 LP)  $22  M-/M-  1983,Germany,osw,digital
149832	Zenatello, Giovanni:  Verdi Arias  (Belcantodisc BC210(M) LP)  $35  EX/EX  195?-6?,soc


152800	Adams, Don:  S/T  (Signature SM 1010(M) LP)  $38  VG/VG+  196?,wlp,smsplt
146856	Alesia, Frank & Timothy Blake:  Forgive Me Father, I Have Sinned...  (Laff A-171 LP)  $20  EX/EX  197?,osw,co,cover art
152989	Alexander, Lou:  The Earth Shattering...  (United Artists UAS 6718(E) LP)  $10  VG+/VG+  196?,osw,co
148215	All in the Family:  2nd Album  (Atlantic SD 7232 LP)  $12  VG+/EX  1972
147048	All in the Family:  S/T  (Atlantic SD 7210 LP)  $7  EX/VG  1971,insert,osw
148214	All in the Family:  S/T  (Atlantic SD 7210 LP)  $7  VG+/VG+  1971,insert
151972	All in the Family:  S/T  (Atlantic SD 7210 LP)  $14  SS  1971,insert
147705	Allen, Marty & Steve Rossi:  Two Funny for Words  (Reprise R-6104(M) LP)  $15  VG+/VG  196?,tri-color label
155339	Banks, Dr. Murray:  How To Live With Yourself...or...What to Do Until the Psychiatrist Comes  (MB 101(M) LP)  $40  VG+/VG+  1965,gold label,crazy waiting room caricature cover art
155340	Banks, Dr. Murray:  How To Live With Yourself...or...What to Do Until the Psychiatrist Comes  (MB 101(M) LP)  $41  VG+/VG+  1965osw,,gold label,crazy waiting room caricature cover art
151186	Banks, Dr. Murray:  How To Live With Yourself...or...What to Do Until the Psychiatrist Comes  (Record Distributing BC-12475(M) LP)  $55  VG+/VG+  1965,South Africa,rare import pressing,crazy waiting room caricature cover art
148306	Berman, Shelley:  Let Me Tell You a Funny Story...  (Metro M-546(M) LP)  $12  EX/EX  196?,osw
151668	Bernhard, Sandra:  I'm Your Woman  (Mercury 824 826-1 LP)  $16  VG+/EX  1985,lyric sleeve,co
148447	Bernhard, Sandra:  I'm Your Woman  (Mercury 824 826-1 LP)  $18  VG+/M-  1985,lyric sleeve
149570	Blanchard, Donald "Red":  Command Performance Before His Fan Club  (Evergreen EGLP 300S(M) LP)  $13  EX/VG  196?,autographed oc,osw
155219	Bold, Davey:  A Bold Knight  (Norman NL-103(M) LP)  $13  VG+/EX  196?
148585	Booker, Bob & George Foster:  Beware of Greeks Bearing Gifts  (Musicor MXS-3173 LP)  $13  EX/EX  1968,osw,co,Jackie O parody,Mort Drucker cover art
150180	Booker, Bob & George Foster:  You Don't Have To Be Jewish  (Kapp KRL 4503(M) LP)  $9  VG/VG+  1966,woc
152380	Boreson, Stan & Doug Setterberg:  Honey/Little Green Apples & Other Swedish Smorgasbord  (Golden Crest CRS 31020 LP)  $15  VG+/VG+  196?,wobc
147892	Borge, Victor:  Caught in the Act  (Columbia CL 646(M) LP)  $11  EX/EX  196?,two eye label,osw
149557	Borge, Victor:  Presents His Own Enchanting Version of Hans Christian Andersen  (Decca DL7-34406 LP)  $23  VG+/EX  1966,promo item for Eastern Airlines,Arthut Szyk cover illustration
154295	Bowman, Don:  The All New Don Bowman  (Mega M31 1015 LP)  $17  VG+/EX  1972,content warning to radio programmers on back cover,co
147608	Brill, Marty & Larry Foster:  James Blonde  (Colpix CPL 495(M) LP)  $15  VG+/VG+  1965,James Bond secret agent parody comedy album,slrw
148921	Brooks, Foster:  The Lovable Lush  (MCA 514 LP)  $11  EX/EX  1973,re,osw
149533	Burns, George:  I Wish I Was 18 Again  (Mercury LP)  $7  EX/EX  1980,osw
150139	Capp, Al:  On Campus  (Jubilee JGS 2072 LP)  $10  VG+/VG+  196?,cartoon cover art by al capp,smsplt
148919	Carlin, George:  Class Clown  (Little David LD 1004 LP)  $14  EX/M-  1972,gfld
151188	Cheech & Chong:  S/T  (Ode SP-77010 LP)  $11  EX/VG+  197?,osw
151804	Clark, Doug & the Hot Nuts:  On Campus  (Gross 102(M) LP)  $28  EX/VG+  196?-7?,osw
150780	Clay, Andrew Dice:  Dice  (Def American DEF 24214 LP)  $9  VG+/VG+  1989
151879	Cohen, Myron:  Everybody Gotta Be Someplace  (RCA Victor LPM-3534(M) LP)  $13  EX/EX  1966,osw
151730	Cohen, Myron:  It's Not a Question!  (RCA Victor LPM-3791(M) LP)  $13  EX/EX  1967,osw
152354	Cole, Harry King:  Listen...Here's Harry King Cole Live!  (Dee Cee 3315 LP)  $38  VG+/VG  196?,from "Hee-Haw"
147893	Cooper, Pat:  Our Hero  (United Artists UAS 6446(E) LP)  $14  EX/VG+  196?,"An Italian Wedding",osw
151191	Cooper, Pat:  Spaghetti Sauce & Other Delights  (United Artists UAL 3548(M) LP)  $17  EX/VG+  196?,Herb Alpert parody cover art,osw
148318	Cosby, Bill:  For Adults Only  (Uni 73112 LP)  $12  VG/EX  1971,rw
153008	Cosby, Bill:  S/T  (Uni 73066 LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  196?-7?,gfld
153009	Cosby, Bill:  Wonderfulness  (Warner Bros W 1634(M) LP)  $12  VG/SS  196?,gold label,inner seal intact
150406	Dana, Bill:  Hoo Ha! Direct from Noshville  (Capitol ST-464 LP)  $20  VG+/M-  196?-7?,green target label,Don Knotts,Bernie Koppel
148612	De Leon, Jack:  The Firsta Family  (Poppy PYS-5706 LP)  $13  VG/VG+  1972,rw
150138	Devroe, Billy & the Devilaires:  An Assortment of Party Naughties Vol. II  (Tampa TP-39(M) LP)  $35  VG/VG+  195?,cheesecake cover art,sm tear oc,partial spine split
150567	Dolce, Joe:  Christmas Album  (Montage ST-72002 LP)  $10  EX/M-  1981,osw,sost "Shaddup You Face (It's Christmas)"
153065	Doud, Earl & Alen Robin:  Score 3 Points: The Official Robin-Doud National Political Survey Test  (Capitol T 2629(M) LP)  $25  SS  1967,co,bent corner,cover vg+
152376	Drew, Charley:  Sings Witty Ditties Album 2  (Gala GBR 2(M) LP)  $48  EX/EX  195?-6?,osw,party record
146861	Firesign Theatre:  Dear Friends  (Columbia KG 31099 LP)  $10  VG/VG  1972,2lp,partial smsplt
152617	Firesign Theatre:  Dear Friends  (Columbia KG 31099 LP)  $12  VG/VG+  1972,2lp,slrw
152618	Firesign Theatre:  Don't Crush that Dwarf, Hand Me the Pliers  (Columbia C 30102 LP)  $12  VG/EX  1970,poster,slrw,partial smsplt
152619	Firesign Theatre:  Everything You Know Is Wrong  (Columbia KC 33141 LP)  $11  VG+/EX  1974,slrw
152616	Firesign Theatre:  I Think We're All Bozos On This Bus  (Columbia CQ 30737(Q) LP)  $35  VG+/EX  1972,quadraphonic
149846	Flender, Harold:  Candid Telefun  (United Artists UAL 4075(M) LP)  $26  VG+/VG+  195?,funny monkeys cover art
147606	Foxx, Redd:  Pass the Apple, Eve Part 2  (Gusto/King KSD 1073 LP)  $18  EX/EX  1975,osw,X-Rated
155220	Frye, David:  I Am the President  (Elektra EKS-75006 LP)  $10  VG/VG+  1969
152350	Gaines, Leonard & Gwen Davis:  At Home With That Other Family  (Roulette R 25203(M) LP)  $25  SS  196?,Joan Rivers,Buck Henry,George Segal!,seal partially open,yet another first family take-off
151189	Gallagher:  S/T  (United Artists LT-1019 LP)  $11  VG/VG+  1980,black/white raised cover art
152375	Harrison, Wes:  You Won't Believe Your Ears  (Philips PHM-200-103(M) LP)  $33  EX/VG+  196?,Comedy & Sound Effects
147003	Hudson & Landry:  Hanging in There  (Dore LP 324 LP)  $8  VG+/VG+  197?
153055	Hudson & Landry:  Losing Their Heads  (Dore LP 326 LP)  $16  VG+/EX  197?
147898	Imus, Don:  1200 Hamburgers to Go  (RCA Victor LSP-4699 LP)  $16  VG+/VG  1972,Jack Davis cover art
153651	Imus, Don:  This Honky's Nuts  (Bang BLP-407 LP)  $13  VG/VG+  1974,rw
148929	Jimenez, Jose:  My Name...Jose Jimenez  (Signature SM 1013(M) LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  1960,Bill Dana,liner notes by Steve Allen
148358	Jimenez, Jose:  Our Secret Weapon  (Kapp KS-3320 LP)  $15  VG+/EX  1963,Bill Dana,jose jiminez in the military
151496	Jones, Spike:  My Man  (Liberty LST-7370 LP)  $17  VG/EX  196?,soc
151502	Jones, Spike:  Plays Hank Williams Hits  (Liberty LST-7401 LP)  $42  EX/M-  196?,osw
151497	Jones, Spike:  The Best of Spike Jones Vol. 2  (RCA ANL1-2312(E) LP)  $10  VG+/M-  1977,yellow label
151512	Jones, Spike:  The Hilarious Spike Jones!  (Pickwick ACL-7031 LP)  $7  EX/M-  1976
150407	Juhlin, Wayne:  My Kinda Town  (Penway P 1001 LP)  $29  VG/EX  1975,private press,woc,Richard J. Daley Chicago parody
153061	Kinison, Sam:  Have You Seen Me Lately?  (Warner Bros 25748-1 LP)  $14  VG+/EX  1988,sost "Wild Thing",prst oc
147752	Lehrer, Tom:  An Evening Wasted With...  (Reprise R-6199(M) LP)  $18  EX/VG+  196?,tri-color label,osw
148676	Lehrer, Tom:  That Was the Year That Was  (Reprise R 6179(M) LP)  $15  VG+/EX  1965,orig tri-color label
148144	London, Marc & Ron Clark:  The "President" Strikes Back!  (Kapp KL-1322(M) LP)  $18  VG+/M-  196?,jfk parody
148152	Lord Windersphere & Mr. Paul Boomer:  The Return of the Crepitation Contest  (Laff LP A-193 LP)  $33  VG/EX  197?
147607	Mabley, Moms:  At the "UN"  (Chess LP 1452(M) LP)  $20  EX/VG+  1961,orig,osw
151654	Mabley, Moms:  I Got Something to Tell You!  (Chess LP-1479(M) LP)  $17  VG+/VG+  1963
148295	Mason, Jackie:  I Want to Leave You With the Words of a Great Comedian...  (Verve V-15034(M) LP)  $14  VG+/VG+  196?,sm tear oc
148298	Miles, Jackie:  J. Schwartz, New York?  (Warner Bros WS 1726 LP)  $12  EX/M-  196?,osw,co
152186	Miller, Dennis:  The Off-White Album  (Warner Bros 1-25780 LP)  $11  VG+/EX  1988,beatles parody cover art,prst oc,soc,insert
152171	Monty Python:  Instant Record Collection  (Charisma CAS 1134 LP)  $25  VG/EX  1977,UK,pop-up cover,orig inner sleeve
153854	Nanni, Nino:  Chic to Chic!  (Carlton LP 12/108(M) LP)  $11  VG/VG+  196?,soc,smsplt
148897	National Lampoon:  Missing White House Tapes  (Banana/Blue Thumb BTS 6008 LP)  $15  EX/EX  1974,co
147438	National Lampoon:  That's Not Funny, That's Sick!  (Label 21 IMP2001 LP)  $18  VG+/EX  1977
151185	Newhart, Bob:  The Very Funny...  (Harmony HS 11344 LP)  $6  VG/VG  197?,re of "bob newhart faces bob newhart",rw
151992	Parks, Andy:  Sex, School...and Like Other Pressures  (Capitol T-2799(M) LP)  $34  SS  196?,co,"Makin' Out","Pillhead"
151187	Pryor, Richard:  Here and Now  (Warner Bros 23981 LP)  $8  EX/M-  1983,osw,co
148324	Pryor, Richard:  L.A. Jail  (Tiger Lily TL 14023 LP)  $27  VG/EX  1976,h2o oc,rw
148272	Reiner, Carl & Mel Brooks:  2000 and Thirteen  (Warner Bros BS 2741 LP)  $6  VG+/EX  1973,re
148334	Reiner, Carl & Mel Brooks:  2000 and Thirteen  (Warner Bros BS 2741 LP)  $10  EX/VG+  1973,orig,osw
152372	Rogers, Will:  S/T  (Distinguished Recordings DR 3001(M) LP)  $11  EX/EX  196?-7?,osw,liner notes by Eddie Cantor
152044	Rogers, Will:  The Voice of...  (American Heritage AM 11794 LP)  $13  VG/EX  1973,slrw
153016	Rowan & Martin:  At Work  (Atco 33-257(M) LP)  $21  VG/VG+  1960,re,wlp,dj mono,prst oc
148901	Sahl, Mort:  At the Hungry I  (Verve MG V-15012(M) LP)  $22  VG+/EX  196?,smsplt
155255	Sales, Soupy:  Still Soupy After All These Years  (MCA 5274 LP)  $18  VG+/EX  1981,prst oc
147707	Schafer, Kermit:  All Time Great Bloopers Vol. 1  (Brookville 2 2873 LP)  $18  VG+/EX  197?,2lp
153936	Schafer, Kermit:  Pardon My Blooper! Vol. 1  (Jubilee LP-2001(M) LP)  $30  VG+/VG+  195?,10 inch LP,swoc
153935	Schafer, Kermit:  Pardon My Blooper! Vol. 2  (Jubilee LP-2002(M) LP)  $30  VG+/VG+  195?,10 inch LP,swoc
154398	Schafer, Kermit:  The Best of Pardon My Blooper!  (Bloopers PMB 1-2 LP)  $10  VG+/VG+/EX  197?,2lp
148209	Schafer, Kermit:  The Best of Pardon My Blooper!  (Bloopers PMB 1-2 LP)  $17  SS  197?,2lp
154397	Schafer, Kermit:  The Best of Pardon My Blooper! 2nd Series  (Bloopers PMB 3-4 LP)  $10  VG+/VG+/EX  197?,2lp
148210	Schafer, Kermit:  The Best of Pardon My Blooper! 2nd Series  (Bloopers PMB 3-4 LP)  $17  SS  197?,2lp
148211	Schafer, Kermit:  The Best of Pardon My Blooper! 3rd Series  (Bloopers PMB 5-6 LP)  $17  SS  197?,2lp
148296	Sherman, Allan:  Allan In Wonderland  (Warner Bros WS 1539 LP)  $11  EX/EX  1963,co
148297	Sherman, Allan:  Live!!! (Hoping You are the Same)  (Warner Bros WS 1649 LP)  $16  EX/EX  196?,gold label,co
147811	Silvers, Phil:  Bilko Marches  (Promenade 2088(M) LP)  $15  VG+/VG  1958
146750	Silvers, Phil:  Phil Silvers & Swinging Brass  (Columbia CL 1011(M) LP)  $13  VG+/VG  1959,smsplt,Nelson Riddle,Charlie Shavers,Urbie Green,Hank Jones
147601	Smothers Brothers:  It Must Have Been Something I Said!  (Mercury MG-20904(M) LP)  $9  EX/VG+  196?,osw
148679	Smothers Brothers:  Mom Always Liked You Best!  (Mercury SR 61051 LP)  $12  VG+/EX  1965
147609	Spooner, Russ:  You've Just Been Spoonerized  (Mega M51-5007 LP)  $13  VG+/EX  1972,co
146752	Stang, Arnold:  Arnold Stang's Waggish Tales  (ABC-Paramount ABC-294(M) LP)  $17  EX/VG+  195?-6?,cover art
149746	Stivers, Tim:  This Ole Boy!  (NR9933 LP)  $13  EX/EX  197?,private press,osw
154757	Stoun, Sylvia:  Sex Is the Thing (That Started It All)  (Jubilee JGM 2063(M) LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  196?,adults only,"saucy sylvia"
149873	Tenowich, Tom & Norm Liebmann:  Sex is Not Hazardous to Your Health  (Beverly Hills BH 1133 LP)  $28  EX/EX  197?,Tom Bosley,osw
148603	Tucker, Phil:  All Tuckered Out  (Imperial LP 9115(M) LP)  $15  VG/VG+  195?-6?,smsplt
150422	Uncle Lar' & Li'l Tommy:  Animal Stories Vol. 2  (WLS 890 LP)  $13  EX/M-  1982,osw
147766	VA-Judy Carne,Arte Johnson,Ruth Buzzi,Henry Gibson,Goldie Hawn,Dave Madden,Gary Owens,Dick Whittington,Joanne Worley,Connie Stevens:  Laugh-In '69  (Reprise RS 6335 LP)  $21  VG+/EX  1969
155254	VA-Ruth Buzzi,Goldie Hawn,Gary Owens,Barbara Feldon:  Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In  (Harmony KH 30976 LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  197?,re
155221	Walker, Jimmie:  Dyn-O-Mite  (Buddah BDS 5635 LP)  $9  VG/VG+  1975,slrw
154796	White, Slappy:  The First Negro Vice President  (Brunswick BL 754146 LP)  $21  VG+/EX  196?
148723	Whittinghill, Dick & Bob Arbogast:  At Carnegie Hall  (Dot DLP 3500(M) LP)  $13  VG+/EX  196?,"Sight vs. Sound",wobc
155253	Williams, Robin:  A Night at the Met  (Columbia C 40541 LP)  $12  VG+/M-  1986
152379	Yankovic, Weird Al:  In 3-D  (Rock N' Roll BFZ 39221 LP)  $7  M-/EX  1984,osw,sost "Eat It"


154525	Acuff Jr., Roy:  California Lady  (Hickory/MGM H3G-4514 LP)  $13  VG+/EX  1974,co,swobc
154275	Acuff, Roy:  Back In the Country  (Elektra E1-60012 LP)  $14  VG+/VG+  1982,wlp,prst obc
148998	Acuff, Roy:  Great Speckled Bird & Other Favorites  (Harmony HS 11289(E) LP)  $10  EX/EX  196?-7?,osw
154352	Acuff, Roy:  Night Train to Memphis  (Harmony HS 11403(E) LP)  $12  VG/VG+  197?,slrw
148828	Acuff, Roy:  Night Train to Memphis  (Harmony HS 11403(E) LP)  $15  EX/EX  197?,osw
148999	Acuff, Roy:  S/T  (Hilltop JS-6028(E) LP)  $15  EX/EX  196?,osw
150628	Adams, Sheila:  Love Me Like a Woman  (Ovation OV 1738 LP)  $11  VG+/EX  1979,osw,co
154219	Alabama:  Feels So Right  (RCA Victor AHL1-3930 LP)  $5  VG+/M-  1981
154284	Alabama:  Mountain Music  (RCA Victor AHL1-4229 LP)  $4  EX/VG+  1982,lyric sleeve
148830	Albert, Urel:  Saturday Night at Nashville  (Spar MA 3016 LP)  $35  VG/VG  1974
148829	Allen, Reb:  Country Hits  (Somerset SF-31900 LP)  $9  VG+/VG+  196?,smsplt
153334	Anderson, Bill:  Always Remember  (Decca DL 75275 LP)  $12  VG/EX  1971,slrw,wobc
154162	Anderson, Bill:  Christmas  (Decca DL 75161 LP)  $15  VG+/EX  196?,co,swobc
153333	Anderson, Bill:  Don't She Look Good  (Decca DL 75383 LP)  $6  VG+/EX  1972,wobc,wol
148831	Anderson, Bill:  Get While the Gettin's Good  (Decca DL 4855(M) LP)  $8  VG+/VG+  196?
154582	Anderson, Bill:  I Can Do Nothing Alone  (Decca DL 4886(M) LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  196?,wlp
153284	Anderson, Bill:  Love Is A Sometimes Thing  (Decca DL 75206 LP)  $7  VG+/EX  1970,wobc
149181	Anderson, Bill:  Love...  (MCA 2371 LP)  $8  VG+/M-  1978,co,slrw
154491	Anderson, Bill & Jan Howard:  If It's All The Same To You  (Pickwick SPC-3681 LP)  $8  SS  1969,co,re
147512	Anderson, Herb Oscar:  What Would I Be  (Verve V6-5021 LP)  $28  SS  196?,Cecil Taylor production,Don Sebesky arranger
154285	Anderson, John:  I Just Came Home To Count Memories  (Warner Bros BSK 3599 LP)  $7  EX/EX  1981,prst oc
153348	Anderson, Liz:  Cookin' Up Hits  (RCA Victor LPM-3852(M) LP)  $19  VG/VG+  1967,funny cover art,soc,partial smsplt
153325	Anderson, Lynn:  Songs that Made Country Girls Famous  (Chart CHS 1022 LP)  $15  VG/EX  196?-7?,djl
153329	Anderson, Lynn:  The World of...  (Columbia G 30902 LP)  $10  VG/EX  197?,2lp,djts oc
153328	Anderson, Lynn:  With Love, From Lynn  (Chart CHS-1013 LP)  $25  SS  1969
153327	Anderson, Lynn:  Wrap Your Love All Around Your Man  (Columbia KC 34439 LP)  $10  VG/EX  1977,wobc,prst obc
155204	Arnold, Eddy:  Country Songs I Love To Sing  (RCA Camden CAS-741(E) LP)  $7  VG/VG+  1963
154578	Arnold, Eddy:  Let's Make Memories Tonight  (RCA Victor LPM-2337(M) LP)  $14  VG/VG+  1961,soc,sol,wobc
155144	Arnold, Eddy:  My World  (RCA Victor LPM-3466(M) LP)  $7  VG/VG+  1965,orig black label
155143	Arnold, Eddy:  Somebody Like Me  (RCA Victor LPM-3715(M) LP)  $7  VG+/VG+  1966,osw
148834	Arnold, Eddy:  Songs I Love To Sing  (RCA Camden CAS-741(E) LP)  $12  SS  1963,re,co
153326	Arnold, Eddy:  Standing Alone  (RCA Victor LSP-4390 LP)  $11  VG/M-  1970,co,wobc
148833	Arnold, Eddy:  The Best of...  (RCA Victor LSP 3565 LP)  $9  EX/VG  1967,osw,re,Country Music Hall Of Fame Series
155148	Arnold, Eddy:  The Best of...  (RCA Victor LSP 3565 LP)  $11  EX/EX  1967,osw,re,Country Music Hall Of Fame Series
148832	Arnold, Eddy:  The Everlovin' World of...  (RCA Victor LSP-3931 LP)  $11  EX/M-  1968,osw
154502	Arnold, Eddy:  The Romantic World of...  (RCA Victor LSP-4009 LP)  $8  EX/EX  1968,osw,co
154506	Arnold, Eddy:  Wanderin' With...  (RCA Victor LSP-1111(E) LP)  $9  VG+/VG+  1967,co,re
148835	Arnold, Eddy:  World of Hits  (MGM M3JB 5017 LP)  $6  VG/VG/VG+  1976,2lp
148019	Ashley, Leon & Margie Singleton:  Ease Up & 11 Other Hits By Special Request  (Ashley ALP 3750 LP)  $17  EX/VG  197?,osw
151830	Atkins, Chet:  A Legendary Performer Vol.1  (RCA CPL1-2503 LP)  $8  VG+/VG+  1977,bklt
148840	Atkins, Chet:  And His Guitar  (RCA Camden CAS 659(E) LP)  $10  VG+/VG+  1964,re
148841	Atkins, Chet:  Class Guitar  (RCA Victor LSP-3885 LP)  $12  EX/EX  1967,re,orange label,osw
151791	Atkins, Chet:  Collector's Series  (RCA Victor AHL1-5495 LP)  $11  VG+/EX  1985
151796	Atkins, Chet:  Country Music  (Time Life STW-117 LP)  $9  VG+/M-  1981
155375	Atkins, Chet:  Country Pickin'  (RCA Camden CXS-9006(E) LP)  $9  VG+/VG+  1976,2lp
151831	Atkins, Chet:  East Tennessee Christmas  (Columbia FC 39003 LP)  $13  EX/EX  1983
148845	Atkins, Chet:  From Nashville With Love  (RCA Victor LPM-3647(M) LP)  $15  VG+/VG+  1966,black label
151832	Atkins, Chet:  Great Hits of the Past  (RCA Victor AHL1-4724 LP)  $10  VG+/VG+  1983,co
148839	Atkins, Chet:  Guitar Country  (RCA Victor LSP 3429 LP)  $9  VG/VG  1965,re,orange label,co
148846	Atkins, Chet:  Hometown Guitar  (RCA Victor LSP-4017 LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  1968,orange label
148836	Atkins, Chet:  Music from Nashville My Home Town  (RCA Camden CAS 981 LP)  $6  EX/EX  1966,osw,re
148837	Atkins, Chet:  Solo Flights  (RCA Victor LSP-3922 LP)  $14  VG+/VG+  1968,black label
154606	Atkins, Chet:  Stay Tuned  (Columbia  FC 39591 LP)  $13  SS  1985,sost "Cosmic Square Dance"
148844	Atkins, Chet:  Superpickers  (RCA Victor APL1-0829 LP)  $11  EX/VG+  1973,osw,Charlie McCoy
151793	Atkins, Chet:  The Best of Chet Atkins & Friends  (RCA Victor APL1-1985 LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  1976
148231	Atkins, Chet:  The Best of...  (RCA Victor LPM-2887(M) LP)  $12  EX/EX  1964,black label,osw
149466	Atkins, Chet:  The First Nashville Guitar Quartet  (RCA Victor AYL1-3741 LP)  $9  VG+/M-  1979,best buy series re,John Pell,Liona Boyd,John Knowles
151797	Atkins, Chet:  The First Nashville Guitar Quintet  (RCA Victor AHL1-3302 LP)  $13  VG+/EX  1979,orig,John Pell,Liona Boyd,John Knowles
148842	Atkins, Chet:  The Guitar Genius  (RCA Camden CAL 753(M) LP)  $13  EX/VG+  1963,osw,vocals by brother Jim Atkins,Elvis Presley's "Heartbreak Hotel"
151801	Atkins, Chet:  The Magic of...  (Heartland HL 1086 LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  1990,2lp,osw,co
148843	Atkins, Chet:  The Magic of...  (Heartland HL 1086 LP)  $15  VG+/M-  1990,2lp
148847	Atkins, Chet:  The Most Popular Guitar  (RCA Victor LPM-2346(M) LP)  $9  VG+/VG+  1961,silhoutted girl in sheer dress cover art,black label
148838	Atkins, Chet:  Travelin'  (RCA Victor LSP-2678 LP)  $11  VG+/EX  197?,re,orange label
151800	Atkins, Chet:  Work It Out With...  (Columbia FC 38536 LP)  $9  EX/VG+  1983,osw
150441	Atkins, Chet & Hank Snow:  C.B. Atkins & C.E. Snow by Special Request  (RCA Victor LSP-4254 LP)  $13  VG/VG+  1970,co,rw
151795	Atkins, Chet & Jerry Reed:  Me & Jerry  (RCA Victor AHL1-4396 LP)  $14  VG+/EX  1970,re,black label
147773	Atkins, Chet & Les Paul:  Chester & Lester  (RCA Victor APL1-1167 LP)  $12  VG+/EX  1976
149076	Atkins, Chet with Arthur Fiedler & the Boston Pops:  The "Pops" Goes Country  (RCA Victor Red Seal LM-2870(M) LP)  $15  VG+/VG+  1966,soc,sol
152023	Autry, Gene:  Famous Favorites  (CBS Special Products P 18964(M) LP)  $25  VG+/M-  1986,toc
147283	Autry, Gene:  Favorites / Live from Madison Square Garden  (Republic RE-1968 LP)  $17  VG/VG+  197?,2lp,smsplt,spine split
152024	Autry, Gene:  Gene Autry's Country Music Hall Of Fame Album  (Columbia PC 1035(E) LP)  $9  EX/EX  197?,osw
152045	Autry, Gene:  Golden Hits  (CBS Special Products P 19737(M) LP)  $11  EX/VG+  1985,osw
152026	Autry, Gene:  His Golden Hits  (CBS Special Products P 19863(M) LP)  $25  VG+/M-  1986,toc
152025	Autry, Gene:  You Are My Sunshine & Other Great Hits  (Harmony HS 11199(E) LP)  $11  VG/EX  196?-7?,slrw
154795	Axton, Hoyt:  Joy to the World  (Capitol SMAS-788 LP)  $21  EX/EX  1971,gfld,co
149804	Axton, Hoyt:  Life Machine  (A&M SP 3604 LP)  $16  VG+/VG+  1974,photo cover,Linda Ronstadt,Leland Sklar,Merry Clayton,Tom Scott,Terry Reid,Clydie King,Milt Holland,Flo & Eddie
154009	Bailey, Don / Jerry Shook:  Country & Western Hits  (Somerset SF-18300 LP)  $12  SS  196?,songs of Eddy Arnold & Webb Pierce
151772	Baldknobbers:  Live & In Color  (American Artists AAS-1099 LP)  $28  VG/VG+  197?,slrw
154119	Bandy, Moe:  It Was Always So Easy (To Find an Unhappy Woman)  (GRC GA 10007 LP)  $18  SS  1975,dj promo issue
149275	Bandy, Moe & Joe Stampley:  Just Good Ol' Boys Holding the Bag  (Columbia JC 36202 LP)  $6  VG+/VG+  1979,osw
153245	Bare, Bobby:  Cowboys and Daddys  (RCA Victor APL1-1222 LP)  $18  VG/EX  1975,co,slrw,wobc
154044	Bare, Bobby:  I Hate Goodbyes / Ride Me Down Easy  (RCA Victor APL1-0040 LP)  $13  VG/VG+  1973,djts oc,soc,woc
154372	Bare, Bobby:  I Hate Goodbyes / Ride Me Down Easy  (RCA Victor APL1-0040 LP)  $13  VG/VG+  1973,Germany,soc,wol,toc
153246	Bare, Bobby:  The Real Thing  (RCA Victor LSP-4422 LP)  $16  VG+/VG+  1970
154045	Bare, Bobby:  Where Have All the Seasons Gone  (Mercury SR-61316 LP)  $13  VG/EX  196?-7?,wlp,rw,soc,woc
153622	Bare, Bobby / Hillsiders:  The English Country Side  (RCA Victor LSP-3896 LP)  $23  EX/VG+  1967,osw,co
154556	Barlow, Jack:  Catch the Wind  (Dot DOS-25995 LP)  $10  VG+/VG+  196?-7?,swobc
154533	Barnes, Max D.:  Rough Around the Edges  (Ovation OV 1749 LP)  $12  VG/EX  1980,co,soc,rw
154515	Barnett, Don:  Guitar Country  (Medallion LPST-217 LP)  $28  VG/VG+  197?,rw
149722	Beasley, William (producer):  25 Country Hits  (Hit 447 LP)  $65  SS  196?,exploito cover versions
153524	Beasley, William (producer):  Country & Western Current Hits  (Modern Sound 607 LP)  $28  VG/VG+  196?,exploito cover versions,sm tear oc
153639	Belew, Carl:  Country Songs  (Vocalion VL 3774(M) LP)  $35  VG+/VG+  196?
154215	Bellamy Brothers:  Beautiful Friends  (Warner Bros BSK 3176 LP)  $6  VG/EX  1978,prst oc
151260	Bellamy Brothers:  Featuring Let Your Love Flow  (Warner Bros BS 2941 LP)  $11  EX/M-  1976,co
155198	Bellamy Brothers:  Plain & Fancy  (Warner Bros BS 3034 LP)  $8  VG/VG+  1977,slrw
155429	Bellamy Brothers:  Sons of the Sun  (Warner Bros BSK 3491 LP)  $8  EX/EX  1980,osw,lyric sleeve
155137	Bellamy Brothers:  When We Were Boys  (Elektra E1-60099 LP)  $8  VG+/VG+  1982,osw
154216	Bellamy Brothers:  You Can Get Crazy  (Warner Bros BSK 3408 LP)  $6  VG+/VG+  1980,lyric sleeve
155195	Bellamy Brothers:  You Can Get Crazy  (Warner Bros BSK 3408 LP)  $13  SS  1980,lyric sleeve,co
155293	Bishop, Bob:  Somewhere In the Country  (ABC ABCS-667 LP)  $14  VG/VG+  196?,co,rw
148954	Blanchard, Jack & Misty Morgan:  Birds of A Feather  (Wayside WSS 33-001 LP)  $9  VG/EX  196?,wlp,rw,smspt
149544	Bluegrass Special:  Mountains, Mines & Memories  (King Bluegrass KB-554 LP)  $15  EX/VG+  197?,osw
150835	Bob-O-Link's Country Hoedown:  Live Vol. 2  (American Artists AAS 1366-LP LP)  $23  SS  1977
154187	Bond, Johnny:  Ten Little Bottles  (Starday SLP 333(M) LP)  $16  VG/EX  196?,orig yellow label,rw,wobc
155442	Boxcar Willie:  Daddy Was a Railroad Man  (Column One AL-C-1004 LP)  $13  EX/EX  1978,osw
151959	Boxcar Willie:  King of the Road...20 Great Tracks  (Warwick WW 5084 LP)  $11  VG+/M-  1980,UK
151960	Boxcar Willie:  King of the Road...20 Great Tracks  (Warwick WW 5084 LP)  $17  SS  1980,UK
155440	Boxcar Willie:  S/T  (Column One AL-C-1001 LP)  $12  VG+/M-  1976
155441	Boxcar Willie:  Sings Hank Williams & Jimmie Rodgers  (Column One AL-C-1001 LP)  $15  EX/EX  1979,osw
153335	Brown, Jim Ed:  Angel's Sunday  (RCA Victor LSP-4525 LP)  $10  VG/EX  1971,slrw,wobc,co
154456	Brown, Jim Ed:  It's That Time of Night  (RCA Quadradisc APD1-0572 LP)  $15  VG+/VG+  1974,osw,quadraphonic,co
153336	Brown, Jim Ed:  It's That Time of Night  (RCA Victor APL1-0572 LP)  $13  VG+/M-  1974,wobc
155385	Brown, Jim Ed & the Browns:  S/T  (Dot MCA-39072 LP)  $13  VG+/M-  1986,co
154327	Brown, Marti:  Ms. Marti Brown  (Atlantic SD 7278 LP)  $9  VG/EX  1973,prst oc,woc,wol,co
155433	Browns:  Sweet Sounds by the...  (RCA Victor LPM-2144(M) LP)  $33  M-/VG+  195?-6?,osw,deep groove,dog on top label
154366	Bryant, Jimmy:  Bryant's Back In Town  (Imperial LP-9310(M) LP)  $18  VG/VG+  196?,sol,sobc,slrw
154323	Buck Owens' Buckaroos:  America's Most Wanted Band  (Capitol ST-8-2722 LP)  $25  SS  196?
153354	Buckskins:  Let's Go West Again  (MVM 179(M) LP)  $18  VG/VG+  195?-6?,woc,wol,toc
153684	Burke, Fiddlin' Frenchie:  S/T  (20th Century T-479 LP)  $14  VG+/EX  1975,djl,co
155431	Bush, Johnny:  Bush Country  (Power Pak PO #217 LP)  $15  EX/EX  197?,osw
149276	Butler, Carl & Pearl:  Our Country World  (Columbia  CS 9651 LP)  $15  VG+/VG  196?,360 label
154586	Byrd, Jerry:  Country Steel Guitar Hits  (Mercury Wing MGW 12315(M) LP)  $22  EX/VG  1965,osw
153052	Calderon, Blondie:  Feelings Sentimientos  (Amistad LP)  $95  SS  1976,private press,Ray Price's pianist/bandleader
154476	Campbell, Glen:  A New Place In the Sun  (Capitol ST-2907 LP)  $9  VG/EX  1969,rw
154513	Campbell, Glen:  Basic  (Capitol SW-11722 LP)  $10  VG+/EX  1978,lyric sleeve,co
154333	Campbell, Glen:  By the Time I Get To Phoenix  (Ember NR 5041 LP)  $10  VG/VG+  196?,UK,woc,soc
149277	Campbell, Glen:  Country Shindig  (Surrey S S-1007 LP)  $15  VG+/VG  196?
154593	Campbell, Glen:  Country Soul  (Starday SLP 424 LP)  $16  VG/EX  196?,rw
147896	Campbell, Glen:  Hey, Little One  (Capitol ST 2878 LP)  $9  EX/VG+  196?,osw
153280	Campbell, Glen:  I Remember Hank Williams  (Capitol SW-11253 LP)  $14  VG+/EX  1973,co
154514	Campbell, Glen:  It's Just a Matter of Time  (Atlantic America 90483-1 LP)  $12  VG+/M-  1985,prst obc
154503	Campbell, Glen:  Limited Collector's Edition  (Capitol ST-93157 LP)  $6  VG/VG+  196?,gfld,no poster or book
154512	Campbell, Glen:  Live at the Royal Festival Hall  (Capitol SWBC-11707 LP)  $12  VG+/M-  1977,2lp,co
154652	Campbell, Glen:  Oh Happy Day  (Capitol SW-443 LP)  $12  VG+/M-  197?,co,long scratch on cover
148862	Campbell, Glen:  Southern Nights  (Capitol SO-11601 LP)  $7  EX/VG  1977,osw
149278	Campbell, Glen:  That Christmas Feeling  (Capitol ST 2978 LP)  $9  VG+/VG+  196?
147902	Campbell, Glen:  The Astounding 12-String Guitar of...  (Capitol ST-2023 LP)  $18  EX/VG+  196?,osw
154529	Campbell, Glen:  Try a Little Kindness  (Capitol SM-389 LP)  $9  VG+/M-  197?,re,osw,co
154238	Cannon, Ace:  Baby Don't Get Hooked On Me  (Hi XSHL 32076 LP)  $8  VG/VG+  1973,soc,swobc
154237	Cannon, Ace:  Super Sax Country Style  (Hi SHL 32090 LP)  $8  VG/VG+  1975,wol,soc,wobc
154324	Cargill, Henson:  This Is Henson Cargill Country  (Atlantic SD 7279 LP)  $22  VG/EX  1973,co,prst oc,woc,wol
155100	Carllile, Thumbs:  All Thumbs  (Smash MGS 27085(M) LP)  $22  VG/EX  196?,rw,co
155430	Carter Family:  'Mid the Green Fields of Virginia  (RCA ANL1-1107(E) LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  1975,osw
153676	Carver, Johnny:  Afternoon Delight  (ABC Dot DOSD-2042 LP)  $13  SS  1976,co
152074	Carver, Johnny:  Leaving Again  (Imperial LP-12412 LP)  $14  VG/EX  196?,wobc
148878	Carver, Johnny:  Please Don't Tell (That Sweet Lady of Mine)  (ABC ABCD-843 LP)  $28  SS  1974,Canada,co
153281	Carver, Johnny:  Really Country  (Imperial LP-9347(M) LP)  $15  VG+/EX  196?
148866	Cash, Johnny:  Any Old Wind that Blows  (Columbia KC 32091 LP)  $17  EX/M-  1973,osw
149768	Cash, Johnny:  At San Quentin  (Columbia CS 9827 LP)  $14  EX/VG+  196?,orig 360 label,osw,sost "A Boy Named Sue"
148869	Cash, Johnny:  Biggest Hits  (Columbia FC 38317 LP)  $12  VG+/EX  1982
154573	Cash, Johnny:  Bitter Tears  (Columbia CL 2248(M) LP)  $29  EX/EX  196?,osw,orig two eye lbl,sost "The Ballad of Ira Hayes",ballads of the American Indian,one of his best albums!
154565	Cash, Johnny:  Blood, Sweat & Tears  (Columbia CS 8730 LP)  $12  EX/VG+  1962,osw,360 label
148874	Cash, Johnny:  Blood, Sweat & Tears  (CSJ-356 LP)  $12  VG/VG+  1962,Taiwan
151945	Cash, Johnny:  Country Classics  (CSP P 16915 LP)  $19  SS  1983
154569	Cash, Johnny:  From Sea to Shining Sea  (Columbia CS 9447 LP)  $21  VG+/VG+  1967,osw,360 label
153265	Cash, Johnny:  Greatest Hits Vol. 1  (CBS S 63062 LP)  $18  VG+/VG+  1967,Netherlands
153264	Cash, Johnny:  Greatest Hits Vol. 1  (Columbia CS 9478 LP)  $6  VG+/VG+  197?,re
148872	Cash, Johnny:  His Original Great Hits  (Blaine House DM 68451(E) LP)  $25  VG+/M-  1973,2lp
154570	Cash, Johnny:  Hymns from the Heart  (Columbia CS 8522 LP)  $15  EX/VG+  196?,2nd press 360 label,osw
154568	Cash, Johnny:  I Walk the Line  (Columbia CS 8990 LP)  $13  EX/VG+  1966,osw,360 label
155187	Cash, Johnny:  I Would Like To See You Again  (Columbia KC 35313 LP)  $10  VG+/VG+  1978
150340	Cash, Johnny:  Man In Black  (Columbia C 30550 LP)  $25  VG/EX  1971,orig black inner sleeve,slrw,"The Preacher Said 'Jesus Said'" with Billy Graham,"Singin' In Viet Nam Talkin' Blues"
154571	Cash, Johnny:  Mean as Hell!  (Columbia CS 9246 LP)  $18  EX/VG+  196?,osw,360 label
154540	Cash, Johnny:  Now Here's...  (Sun LP 1255(M) LP)  $19  VG/VG+  1961,orig,slrw
154567	Cash, Johnny:  Now, There Was A Song!  (Columbia Limited Edition LE 10019 LP)  $10  VG+/VG+  197?,osw
150387	Cash, Johnny:  One Piece at a Time  (Columbia KC 34193 LP)  $12  EX/EX  1976,osw,sost
154572	Cash, Johnny:  Orange Blossom Special  (Columbia CS 9109 LP)  $13  EX/VG+  1965,360 label,osw
153648	Cash, Johnny:  Original Sun Sound of...  (Sun LP 1275 LP)  $31  VG/VG+  196?,toc
148863	Cash, Johnny:  Ride This Train  (Columbia CL 1464(M) LP)  $25  VG+/EX  196?,orig six eye label,sost "Going to Memphis"
155330	Cash, Johnny:  Sings "I Walk the Line"  (Share 5000 LP)  $14  VG/VG+  197?
148868	Cash, Johnny:  Sings "I Walk the Line"  (Share 5000 LP)  $15  EX/VG  197?,osw
154066	Cash, Johnny:  Sings Hank Williams  (Sun SLP 1245(M) LP)  $25  VG+/VG  1960,osw
150434	Cash, Johnny:  Sings the Ballads of the True West  (Columbia C2S 838 LP)  $16  VG+/VG+  196?,2lp,orig 360 lbl,slrw
155331	Cash, Johnny:  Sings the Greatest Hits  (Share 5003 LP)  $14  VG/VG+  197?
150435	Cash, Johnny:  The Rough Cut King of Country Music  (Sun 122 LP)  $8  EX/EX  197?,osw
148870	Cash, Johnny:  The Walls of a Prison  (Harmony KH 30138 LP)  $20  EX/EX  197?,staple through cover
148876	Cash, Johnny:  This Is Johnny Cash  (Harmony HS 11342 LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  197?,"Lorena"
148877	Cash, Johnny:  This Is Johnny Cash  (Harmony HS 11342 LP)  $14  EX/EX  197?,"Lorena",osw
148756	Cash, Johnny:  With His Hot & Blue Guitar  (Sun 1220(M) LP)  $35  VG/VG  1956,orig,smsplt,spine split
154067	Cash, Johnny / Jerry Lee Lewis:  Sing Hank Williams  (Sun 125 LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  197?
154065	Cash, Johnny / Linda Ronstadt / Roy Clark:  A Concert: Behind Prison Walls  (Pointed Star PS 10178 LP)  $13  VG/EX  1978,gfld,die-cut cover,promo item for Napa Auto Parts
148867	Cash, Johnny & June Carter:  Carryin' On With...  (Columbia CS 9528 LP)  $28  EX/EX  196?,360 label,osw
148871	Cash, Johnny & June Carter:  Give My Love to Rose  (Harmony KH 31256 LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  197?
154564	Cash, Johnny & June Carter Cash:  Johnny Cash & His Woman  (Columbia KC 32443 LP)  $15  VG/VG+  1973,rw
153968	Cash, Rosanne:  Seven Year Ache  (Columbia JC 36965 LP)  $7  EX/EX  1981,osw
155332	Cash, Tommy:  Cash Country  (Epic E 30556 LP)  $12  VG/EX  197?,rw,co,yellow label
153673	Cato, Connie:  Whoever Finds This, I Love You  (Capitol ST-11606 LP)  $13  SS  1977,co
149429	Charles River Valley Boys:  Beatle Country  (Elektra EKL-4006(M) LP)  $29  EX/VG+  1966,wlp,osw,co
153953	Clark, Roy:  Live!  (Tower T-5055 LP)  $35  SS  196?,co
148852	Clark, Roy:  S/T  (Hilltop JS-6046 LP)  $12  SS  196?,co
153964	Clark, Roy:  Sings Lonesome Love Ballads  (Capitol T-2542(M) LP)  $15  VG/VG+  196?,co,woc
153898	Clark, Roy:  The Incredible...  (Dot DOS-25990 LP)  $15  VG/EX  1971,wlp,wobc,rw,prst oc,wol
148851	Clark, Roy:  The Other Side of...  (Dot DLP 25977 LP)  $9  VG/VG  196?-7?,co
151955	Cline, Patsy:  20 Golden Hits  (Deluxe DLP-7887 LP)  $15  SS  1987
154480	Cline, Patsy:  A Portrait of...  (MCA 224 LP)  $8  VG+/VG+  1964,197?,re
148781	Cline, Patsy:  Greatest Hits  (MCA 12 LP)  $5  EX/VG  1973,osw,re
154492	Cline, Patsy:  The Patsy Cline Story  (MCA 2-4038 LP)  $11  VG+/EX  197?-8?,2lp,re
155102	Cochran, Hank:  Hits from the Heart  (RCA Victor LPM-3303(M) LP)  $13  EX/VG+  1965,osw
154485	Cody, Buck:  Plays Western Swing  (Wizard LP-101 LP)  $28  VG/VG+  196?,smsplt
154086	Cohn, Nudie:  Nudie & his Mandolin  (Nudie CFS-3212 LP)  $35  VG/EX  197?,gfld,bklt intact,smsplt,Tex Williams,album by the famous "rodeo tailor"
148549	Cole, Trilly:  Trilly, Live in Printers Alley  (LSI 75-9-01 LP)  $25  VG+/VG  197?,autographed obc
148859	Collins, Tommy:  On Tour  (Columbia CS 9578 LP)  $28  VG+/VG+  196?,360 label,wol,woc
148850	Collins, Tommy:  The Dynamic...  (Columbia CS 9310 LP)  $25  VG/VG+  196?,360 label
154235	Colter, Jessi:  Diamond in the Rough  (Capitol ST-11543 LP)  $4  VG/EX  1976,co,soc,sol,wobc,Waylon Jennings,"Hey Jude" beatlesong
154236	Colter, Jessi:  That's the Way a Cowboy Rocks & Rolls  (Capitol ST-511863 LP)  $5  VG/VG+  1978,soc,wobc,Waylon Jennings,sol
154250	Compton Brothers:  Haunted House/Charlie Brown  (Dot DLP 25974 LP)  $5  VG/VG+  197?,woc,rw
148396	Conley, Earl Thomas:  Too Many Times  (RCA 5619-1-R LP)  $12  SS  1986,co
154013	Copas, Cowboy / Hawshaw Hawkins / Don Gibson:  The Nashville Sound  (Pentagon AS 121 LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  196?,osw,sm smsplt
154245	Copas, Cowboy / Patsy Cline / Hawkshaw Hawkins:  Gone, But Not Forgotten  (Starday SLP 346 LP)  $12  VG/VG+  196?,rw,swobc
147279	Country Breeze:  At the Crossroads With...  (Ladder CB 77771 LP)  $18  SS  197?,private press
154005	Country Fiddlers ft. Wade Ray:  Down Yonder & Other Old-Time Favorites  (Pickwick CAS-25145 LP)  $11  VG/EX  1967,rw
153520	Country Persuasion:  This Time from the South  (Venture 1009AB LP)  $35  VG+/EX  1987,osw
153702	Country Road:  Big Country Hits  (Pickwick JS-6166 LP)  $15  SS  197?
148853	Country Road:  Sing the Hits of Johnny Cash  (Hilltop JS-6082 LP)  $6  VG+/VG+  196?
148140	Country Shindig Gang:  Legacy  (History 1978 LP)  $18  VG+/EX  1978
154297	Craddock, Billy Crash:  You Better Move On  (Cartwheel CTW-AL-05001 LP)  $10  VG+/EX  197?,co
155192	Cramer, Floyd:  Class of '65  (RCA Victor LSP-3405 LP)  $8  VG+/VG+  1965
153342	Crum, Simon:  The Unpredictable...  (Capitol T-1880(M) LP)  $45  VG/VG  196?
153341	Crum, Simon:  The Unpredictable...  (Capitol T-1880(M) LP)  $55  VG+/VG+  196?
148266	Daniels, Charlie:  Homesick Heroes  (Epic FE 44324 LP)  $10  VG+/M-  1988,lyric sleeve
148713	Davis, Danny & the Nashville Brass:  Amana Presents: America 200 Years Young - A Musical Celebration Of The American Bicentennial  (RCA Special Products DPL1-0176 LP)  $17  EX/EX  1976,osw,promo item,history of Amana colonies and manufacturing on back cover,includes "Bicentennial Medley" with "America The Beautiful" "Yankee Doodle" etc.
149331	Davis, Danny & the Nashville Brass:  Travelin'  (RCA APD1-0034(Q) LP)  $18  EX/VG+  1973,quadraphonic,osw
148029	Davis, Danny & Willie Nelson:  With the Nashville Brass  (RCA Victor AHL1-3549 LP)  $10  EX/EX  1980,osw,sost "Night Life"
146880	Davis, Jimmie:  You Are My Sunshine  (Decca DL 8896(M) LP)  $14  EX/EX  196?,osw
148849	Davis, Mac:  It's Hard to Be Humble  (Casablanca NBLP 7207 LP)  $7  VG+/EX  1980,slrw
148848	Davis, Mac:  S/T  (Trip TLP-9502 LP)  $8  EX/EX  197?,osw,co
153531	Davis, Skeeter:  Blueberry Hill & Other Favorites  (RCA Camden CAL-899(M) LP)  $15  EX/VG+  1965,osw,staple oc
153286	Davis, Skeeter:  It's Hard To Be A Woman  (RCA Victor LSP-4382 LP)  $18  VG/EX  1970,slrw,wobc
151251	Davis, Skeeter:  The Best of the Best of...  (Gusto GT-0014 LP)  $9  EX/VG+  1978,osw
154484	Davis, Skeeter:  The End of the World  (RCA Camden CAS-2607 LP)  $13  VG+/EX  1963,1973,re,osw
151358	Dawn, Delisa:  Memories of You  (Stardom LP)  $35  VG/EX  197?,rw,autographed oc
153324	Dean, Jimmy:  Dean's List  (Columbia CS 9677(M) LP)  $21  VG/VG+  196?,wlp,dj mono,djts oc,wol,wobc
153288	Dean, Jimmy:  Jimmy-the Dean of Country Music  (RCA Victor LSP-4323 LP)  $17  VG/EX  1970,co,wobc,slrw
154563	Dean, Jimmy:  The Songs We All Love Best  (Columbia CS 8988 LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  196?,360 label
153287	Dean, Jimmy & Dottie West:  Country Boy & Country Girl  (RCA Victor LSP-4434 LP)  $28  VG+/EX  1970,co,wobc
147916	Dennis, Marv:  Some of Marv Dennis' Greatest Hits...We Hope  (Garpax GPX-7602 LP)  $28  VG/VG+  1976,spinewear
154478	Denver, John:  Dreamland Express  (RCA Victor AFL1-5458 LP)  $11  EX/VG+  1985,osw,sost "Don't Close Your Eyes Tonight",lyric sleeve
154479	Denver, John:  Greatest Hits Vol. 2  (RCA Victor AQL1-2195 LP)  $6  EX/VG+  1977,re,osw
149477	Denver, John:  Greatest Hits Vol. 3  (RCA Victor AJL1-5313 LP)  $5  VG+/VG+  1984,stain oc
154226	Denver, John:  Windsong  (RCA Victor APL1-1183 LP)  $7  VG+/VG+  1975,gfld,lyric sleeve
151845	Dickens, J.J.:  Teardrops On the Roses  (Bonny TSS 222 LP)  $27  VG/VG  197?,chicago private press,slrw
146980	Dighton, Dave:  Green, Green Grass of Home  (Double Dee DD 1017 LP)  $17  VG+/EX  197?,autographed oc
153842	Dobson, Bonnie:  S/T  (RCA Victor LSP 4219 LP)  $9  VG/EX  1969,rw,soc,co
154102	Douglas, Steve:  To a San Antone Rose  (Dorman LP)  $35  SS  1989
154093	Dove, Ronnie:  S/T  (MCA 309 LP)  $11  VG/EX  1973,slrw,oc
148016	Draper, Rusty:  Gamber's Guitar  (Blue Ribbon BRM-8004(M) LP)  $9  EX/VG+  196?,osw
148854	Drusky, Roy:  All Time Country Hits  (Mercury Wing MGW 12283(M) LP)  $8  VG/VG+  196?,wobc,smsplt
153966	Dudley, Dave:  Keep On Truckin'  (Mercury SRM-1-669 LP)  $12  VG/VG+  1973,wlp,slrw,wobc
153960	Dudley, Dave:  Special Delivery  (United Artists UA-LA366-G LP)  $8  VG+/EX  1975,co
154489	Duffy, John:  Hootenanny  (Design DLP-613(M) LP)  $11  EX/VG+  196?,osw
153965	Duncan, Johnny:  In My Dreams  (Columbia JC 36508 LP)  $6  VG/EX  1980,wlp,prst obc,soc
153951	Duncan, Johnny:  Johnny One Time  (Columbia CS 9824 LP)  $14  VG+/M-  196?,djts oc,360 label
153885	Duncan, Johnny & June Stearns:  Back to Back  (Columbia CS 9910 LP)  $15  VG/EX  196?,wobc,360 label
154532	Durham, Buddy & Ben Smathers:  Square Dance Hootenanny  (CSP CSRP 9017 LP)  $12  EX/EX  196?,re,osw
154794	Edwards, Stoney:  A Country Singer  (Capitol ST-741 LP)  $75  VG+/EX  1971,co,wobc,wol
153883	Edwards, Stoney:  Mississippi You're On My Mind  (Capitol ST-11401 LP)  $27  VG/VG+  1975,co,wobc,wol
148856	Edwards, Stoney:  Mississippi You're On My Mind  (Capitol ST-11401 LP)  $35  EX/M-  1975,osw
148855	Edwards, Stoney:  S/T  (Capitol ST-11090 LP)  $28  EX/M-  1972,osw
154113	Emmons, Buddy:  Sings Bob Wills  (Flying Fish FF-017 LP)  $18  VG+/EX  1976,co
152178	Estill, Steve:  One Day, After the Music Died  (Sounds Fantastic Studio NR7571 LP)  $38  VG+/EX  1976,private press
153895	Everette, Leon:  I Don't Want to Lose  (Orlando ORC-1101 LP)  $35  VG+/EX  1980,wobc,wol
148389	Fairchild, Barbara:  Mississippi  (Columbia KC 34307 LP)  $15  SS  1976
155333	Fargo, Donna:  Fargo  (Warner Bros BSK 3470 LP)  $11  SS  1980,co
154207	Fargo, Donna:  Shame On Me  (Warner Bros BS 3099 LP)  $10  VG/EX  1977,swobc,slrw
154208	Fargo, Donna:  The Happiest Girl in the Whole U.S.A.  (Dot DOS-26000 LP)  $13  VG/VG+  1972,rw,"Funny Face"
153580	Felts, Narvel:  Season's Greetings  (Cone LP 8802 LP)  $35  EX/M-  1988,osw,postcard,christmas
148858	Fender, Freddy:  Are You Ready For Freddy  (ABC Dot DOSD-2044 LP)  $6  VG+/M-  1975,co
154508	Fender, Freddy:  Rock 'n' Country  (ABC Dot DOSD-2050 LP)  $9  VG+/M-  1976,wlp,co,sost "You'll Lose A Good Thing"
154613	Fender, Freddy:  Since I Met You Baby  (GRT 8005 LP)  $4  VG/EX  1975,co,smsplt
148963	Fender, Freddy:  Since I Met You Baby  (GRT 8005 LP)  $5  VG+/EX  1975,co
155428	Fifth Quarter:  First of the Fifth Quarter  (GDS 820846 LP)  $13  EX/VG+  198?,osw,insert
153675	Flatt, Lester:  Lester Raymond Flatt  (Flying Fish FF-015 LP)  $13  VG/EX  1975,gfld,co
149114	Flatt, Lester & Earl Scruggs:  At Carnegie Hall  (Columbia CL 2045(M) LP)  $20  EX/EX  1963,two eye label,swobc
155096	Flatt, Lester & Earl Scruggs:  At Carnegie Hall  (Columbia CS 8845 LP)  $13  M-/EX  1963,197?,re,osw
154311	Flatt, Lester & Earl Scruggs:  At Carnegie Hall  (Columbia CS 8845 LP)  $18  VG+/VG+  1963,360 label
147730	Flatt, Lester & Earl Scruggs:  Hard Travelin'  (Columbia CS 8751 LP)  $10  VG/VG+  1963,orig,"Ballad of Jed Clampett"
155097	Flatt, Lester & Earl Scruggs:  The Fabulous Sound of...  (Columbia CS 9055 LP)  $12  EX/EX  197?,re,osw
154368	Fletcher, Cecil:  Songs From a Thousand Hills & Nap-Sin-Ekee  (Thousand Hills TH 0001 LP)  $14  EX/EX  1976
154200	Foley, Red:  Songs Everybody Knows  (Decca DL 4603(M) LP)  $15  VG+/VG+  196?,swobc
153253	Foley, Red:  Souvenir Album  (Decca DL 8294(M) LP)  $18  VG+/VG+  1956,60s pressing,his first album,german shepherd cover
153262	Foley, Red:  The Red Foley Story  (Decca DXSB 7177 LP)  $20  VG+/VG+  196?,2lp
150605	Ford, Tennessee Ernie:  America the Beautiful  (Capitol SM-412 LP)  $9  EX/VG  197?,re,osw
149808	Ford, Tennessee Ernie:  The History of American Music 6-12  (Feel the Spirit DPE 861 LP)  $75  EX  197?,6lp,radio show,no cover
151249	Forman, Peggy:  Presenting...  (Dimension DLP-5004 LP)  $15  SS  1981,demo
154301	Frazier, Dallas:  Singing My Songs  (RCA Victor LSP-4338 LP)  $12  VG+/M-  1970,co,swobc
153886	Fricke, Janie:  Somebody Else's Fire  (Columbia FC 39975 LP)  $9  VG+/EX  1985
146956	Friedman, Kinky:  Lasso from El Paso  (Epic PE 34304 LP)  $22  VG+/VG+  1976,T-Bone Burnett,Levon Helm,Mick Ronson,Ron Wood,Eric Clapton,Rick Danko,Rob Stoner,Richard Manuel,Dr. John,Roger McGuinn,Ringo Starr,Ronnie Hawkins
149280	Frizzell, Lefty:  Greatest Hits  (Columbia CS 9288(E) LP)  $9  VG/VG+  196?,360 label,h2o oc,wobc
149279	Frizzell, Lefty:  Saginaw Michigan  (Columbia Limited Edition LE 10027 LP)  $10  EX/EX  197?,re,osw
150334	Garrison, Glen:  Country! Country!  (Imperial LP-9346(M) LP)  $15  VG/EX  196?,sm tear oc,smsplt
154493	Gayle, Crystal:  Crystal  (United Artists UA-LA 614-G LP)  $8  EX/VG+  1976,no poster,osw,sost "You Never Miss a Good Thing"
148131	Gayle, Crystal:  Love Songs  (Hallmark SHM 3125 LP)  $11  EX/M-  1980,UK,osw
152300	Gayle, Crystal:  Miss the Mississippi  (Columbia JC 36203 LP)  $10  VG+/VG+  1979,lyric sleeve,sobc,prst obc
152301	Gayle, Crystal & Gary Morris:  What If We Fall In Love  (Warner Bros 1-25507 LP)  $6  EX/M-  1987,osw,sost "Theme from Another World"
153888	Geezinslaw Brothers:  Can You Believe...  (Capitol T-2570(M) LP)  $19  VG+/VG+  196?,co
152304	Gibbs, Terri:  Over Easy  (MCA 5443 LP)  $3  VG+/M-  1983,prst oc
152303	Gibbs, Terri:  Some Days It Rains All Night Long  (MCA 5315 LP)  $3  VG+/M-  1982
149282	Gibson, Don:  With Spanish Guitars  (RCA Victor LSP-3594 LP)  $14  VG+/VG  1966
155384	Gibson, Don:  With Spanish Guitars  (RCA Victor LSP-3594 LP)  $17  EX/EX  1966,osw,co
152305	Gill, Vince:  When I Call Your Name  (MCA 42321 LP)  $8  VG+/M-  1989,prst obc,digital
154249	Gilley, Mickey:  Flyin' High  (Playboy KZ 35099 LP)  $9  EX/EX  1978,osw
149283	Gilley, Mickey:  The Very Best of...  (Heartland Music HL 1146 LP)  $12  EX/EX  1991,2lp,osw
152306	Glaser, Jim:  Everybody Knows I'm Yours  (MCA 5723 LP)  $3  VG+/M-  1986,prst obc
153838	Graham, Gary:  On the Road Again  (History HLPS-1989 LP)  $11  VG+/EX  197?
153522	Gray, Claude:  Treasure of Love  (Hilltop JS-6051 LP)  $24  SS  196?-7?,re
148960	Greene, Jack:  Greene Country  (Decca DL 75308 LP)  $15  EX/M-  1971,osw,co
155107	Greene, Jack:  Until My Dreams Come True  (Decca DL 75086 LP)  $7  VG+/VG+  196?
148008	Greene, Johnny:  Live at Olive Hill  (Major MRC 2297 LP)  $10  VG+/VG+  1977,osw
149575	Greene, Lorne:  Young At Heart  (RCA Victor LSP-2661 LP)  $14  VG/VG+  1963
152315	Greenwood, Lee:  Greatest Hits Vol. 2  (MCA 42219 LP)  $8  EX/M-  1988,digital,prst obc
152310	Greenwood, Lee:  If Only for the Night  (MCA 42300 LP)  $8  VG+/EX  1989,prst obc,digital
152314	Greenwood, Lee:  If There's Any Justice  (MCA 5999 LP)  $5  VG+/EX  1987,digital,prst oc
152313	Greenwood, Lee:  Inside & Out  (MCA 5305 LP)  $6  VG/EX  1982,prst oc,lg soc
152307	Greenwood, Lee:  Inside Out  (MCA 5305 LP)  $5  VG+/EX  1982,prst oc
152309	Greenwood, Lee:  Somebody's Gonna Love You  (MCA 5403 LP)  $3  VG+/EX  1983,prst oc
152312	Greenwood, Lee:  Streamline  (MCA 5622 LP)  $3  EX/EX  1985,prst obc
152308	Greenwood, Lee:  This Is My Country  (MCA 5305 LP)  $7  VG+/M-  1988,prst obc,digital
152311	Greenwood, Lee:  You've Got a Good Love Comin'  (MCA 5488 LP)  $6  VG+/EX  1984,prst oc,sost "God Bless the USA",lyric sleeve
154242	Griff, Ray:  Songs for Everyone  (Dot DOS 26013 LP)  $10  VG/VG+  1973,soc,sol,rw,co
154257	Hagers:  Motherhood, Apple Pie & the Flag  (Capitol ST-783 LP)  $12  VG/eX  197?,soc,rw,co,woc
154494	Haggard, Merle:  5:01 Blues  (Epic E 44283 LP)  $9  VG+/VG+  1989
155461	Haggard, Merle:  A Friend In California  (Epic FE 40286 LP)  $8  EX/EX  1986,osw
154495	Haggard, Merle:  Chill Factor  (Epic E 40986 LP)  $10  VG+/EX  1987,lyric sleeve,sticker wear oc
154527	Haggard, Merle:  Christmas Present  (Capitol SM-11230 LP)  $13  VG+/EX  1979,re,swobc
155460	Haggard, Merle:  I'm a Lonesome Fugitive  (Capitol ST-2702 LP)  $30  EX/VG+  1967,orig,osw
153330	Haggard, Merle:  It's Not Love (But It's Not Bad)  (Capitol 11127 LP)  $15  VG/EX  1972,orange label,co
148961	Haggard, Merle:  Keep Movin' On  (Capitol ST-511365 LP)  $9  EX/VG  1975,osw
155105	Haggard, Merle:  Kern River  (Epic FE 39602 LP)  $8  EX/VG+  1985,osw
148861	Haggard, Merle:  Pride In What I Am  (Capitol SKAO-168 LP)  $18  VG+/VG+  196?,gfld,orig black/rainbow label
155459	Haggard, Merle:  Sing Me Back Home  (Capitol ST-2848 LP)  $35  EX/M-  1968,orig,osw,co
150439	Haggard, Merle:  The Best of the Best of...  (Capitol ST 511082 LP)  $15  SS  1972
148962	Haggard, Merle:  The Fightin' Side of Me  (Capitol ST 451 LP)  $17  EX/EX  1970,osw,green target label
154588	Hall, Connie:  Country Songs  (Vocalion VL 73752 LP)  $12  EX/VG+  196?,osw
154057	Hall, Tom T.:  Ballad of Forty Dollars and His Other Great Songs  (Mercury SR 61211 LP)  $9  VG/VG+  196?-7?,slrw,soc
154504	Hall, Tom T.:  Country Classics  (Philips 6336 262 LP)  $8  VG/VG+  1972,UK,soc
154334	Hall, Tom T.:  Greatest Hits  (Mercury 6338 120 LP)  $9  VG/VG+  1972,Netherlands,sobc,sm tear obc
153921	Hall, Tom T.:  I Witness Life  (Mercury SR 61277 LP)  $18  VG+/VG+  196?-7?,wobc
148860	Hall, Tom T.:  Songs of Fox Hollow  (Mercury SRM 1-500 LP)  $17  VG+/VG+  1974,for children of all ages,no booklet
154595	Hall, Tom T.:  We All Got Together And...  (Mercury SR-61362 LP)  $14  VG/EX  1972,co,wobc
154202	Hamblen, Stuart:  Beyond the Sun  (RCA Camden CAL-537(M) LP)  $13  VG/EX  1959,wobc
148138	Hankins, Bobby:  Country Sounds of the Bobby Hankins Show  (White Lightnin 1001(M) LP)  $25  VG/VG  196?,soc,woc
155382	Hankins, Bobby:  Country Sounds of the Bobby Hankins Show  (White Lightnin 1001(M) LP)  $27  VG+/VG  196?
155383	Hanlon, Ray:  My Best For You  (Lode NR-5592 LP)  $35  VG/EX  197?,autographed oc,slrw
155351	Harden Trio:  Tippy Toeing  (Columbia CL 2506(M) LP)  $17  VG+/VG+  196?,wlp,djts oc,soc
150398	Harrell, Bill & the Virginians:  I Can Hear Virginia Calling Me  (Rebel 1592 LP)  $21  EX/EX  1980,osw
153581	Harris, Emmylou:  Angel Band  (Warner Bros 1-25585 LP)  $14  VG+/EX  1987,sost "Someday My Ship Will Sail",prst oc
154522	Harris, Emmylou:  Blue Kentucky Girl  (Warner Bros  BSK 3318 LP)  $9  VG+/EX  1979,lyric sleeve
152329	Harris, Emmylou:  Elite Hotel  (Reprise MSK 2286 LP)  $13  VG/EX  1975,djl,prst oc,lg soc
155262	Harris, Emmylou:  Light of the Stable  (Warner Bros BSK 3484 LP)  $15  VG+/EX  1980,Christmas
153541	Harris, Emmylou:  Profile II: The Best of...  (Warner Bros 1-25161 LP)  $9  VG+/EX  1984,co
154521	Harris, Emmylou:  Quarter Moon In a Ten Cent Town  (Warner Bros BSK 3141 LP)  $7  VG/EX  1978,toc,lyric sleeve
155549	Harris, Emmylou:  Roses In the Snow  (Warner Bros BSK 3422 LP)  $7  VG/M-  1980,soc,toc
154559	Harris, Emmylou:  Roses In the Snow  (Warner Bros BSK 3422 LP)  $9  VG+/VG+  1980,lyric sleeve
155548	Harris, Emmylou:  Roses In the Snow  (Warner Bros BSK 3422 LP)  $9  VG+/M-  1980
155458	Harris, Emmylou:  Thirteen  (Warner Bros 1-25352 LP)  $18  VG+/M-  1986
153251	Hart, Freddie:  Bless Your Heart  (Capitol ST-11073 LP)  $4  VG+/EX  1972,co,wol,slrw
154122	Hart, Freddie:  People Put to Music  (Capitol ST-11504 LP)  $15  SS  1976,co
153956	Hart, Freddie:  Trip to Heaven  (Capitol ST-11197 LP)  $10  VG+/VG+  1973,co,wobc,wol
149882	Haskell, Jeff:  Switched-On Buck  (Capitol ST-679 LP)  $16  VG+/VG  1971,green target label,osw,songs of Buck Owens on the moog,electronic
153254	Hawkins, Hawkshaw:  The Country Gentleman  (RCA Camden CAS-931(E) LP)  $18  EX/VG+  1966,osw,staple oc
153920	Heintz, Frannie:  Modern Square Dancing  (Colpix CP 474(M) LP)  $28  EX/EX  1964,osw,Lee Wayne & the Nomads
148244	Heintz, Frannie:  Modern Square Dancing  (Reprise R-6102(M) LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  1963
154071	Henry, Ed:  Country & Eastern  (Epic LN 24249(M) LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  196?,wlp,horse outside bergdorf goodman in manhattan (58th & 5th) cover art
148903	Hensley, Walter:  The 5-String Banjo Today  (Capitol ST-2149 LP)  $33  VG/EX  196?,woc
148967	Highway 101:  S/T  (Warner Bros 1-25608 LP)  $8  EX/M-  1987,osw,lyric sleeve,sost "The Bed You Made for Me"
154104	Hill, Billy:  I am Just a Rebel  (Reprise 1-25915 LP)  $13  VG+/M-  1989,prst oc,Bob Tillery cover art,sost "Too Much Month at the End of the Money",alt-country/cowpunk
155252	Homer & Jethro:  At the Convention  (RCA Victor LPM 2492(M) LP)  $18  VG/VG+  1962,Jack Davis cover art,smsplt
154531	Homer & Jethro:  At the Country Club  (RCA Victor LSP-2181 LP)  $17  VG/VG+  1960,sm tear oc
154363	Homer & Jethro:  Country Comedy  (RCA Camden CXS-9012(E) LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  1971,2lp,Jack Davis cover art
154394	Homer & Jethro:  The Best of...  (RCA Victor LPM-3474(M) LP)  $15  EX/VG+  1966,osw,staple hole oc
151190	Homer & Jethro:  Will Drive You Nuts With Their Version of the Standards  (King 639(M) LP)  $38  VG/VG+  195?-6?,smsplt
154374	Hopkins, E.J.:  Championship Fiddlin'  (Stoneway STY 101(M) LP)  $18  VG+/VG+  196?
152079	Horton, Johnny:  America Remembers...  (CSP P 15593 LP)  $13  EX/M-  1980,osw
148965	Horton, Johnny:  The Unforgettable...  (Harmony HS 11291(E) LP)  $15  EX/EX  196?,osw
153263	Horton, Johnny:  The World of...  (Columbia G 30884(E) LP)  $15  VG+/VG+  197?,2lp
155203	Houston, David:  Almost Persuaded  (CSP P 11521 LP)  $8  VG/VG+  197?,re,rw
154070	Houston, David:  Greatest Hits  (Epic BN 26342 LP)  $13  EX/EX  196?-7?,osw,yellow label
155400	Howard, Jan:  Stars of the Grand Ole Opry  (First Generation FG LP-GOOS-03 LP)  $11  EX/EX  1981,osw
154099	Hunter, Ernie:  All About Fiddling  (Stoneway STY-143 LP)  $15  SS  197?
155139	Husky, Ferlin:  The Hits of...  (Capitol DT-1991 LP)  $11  EX/VG+  196?,osw,Starline red/white lbl
155396	Illinois Country Opry:  3rd Year Anniversary  (Gee Pee 834G-4319 LP)  $8  VG+/EX  1971
155398	Illinois Country Opry:  4th Anniversary Album  (Gee Pee PRP-40121 LP)  $8  EX/VG+  1972,osw
155397	Illinois Country Opry:  6th Anniversary Album  (Gee Pee NR5191-1 LP)  $8  EX/VG+  1974,osw
155399	Illinois Country Opry:  7th Year Anniversary Album  (Gilbert NR6445-1 LP)  $7  VG/VG+  1975,rw
155395	Illinois Country Opry:  Treasure Album To You...From Us  (Golden Voice LP S 200-13 LP)  $7  VG/VG+  196?-7?
154273	Jackson, Stonewall:  Bad Ass  (Little Darlin' SP-10379 LP)  $10  VG/VG+  1979,toc
154440	Jackson, Stonewall:  Greatest Hits Vol. 2  (Columbia CS 9770 LP)  $10  EX/VG+  196?,re,osw
155134	Jackson, Stonewall:  The Sadness in a Song  (Columbia CL 1770(M) LP)  $10  VG+/VG+  1962,orig two eye label
149627	Jackson, Wanda:  Blues In My Heart  (Capitol ST-2306 LP)  $22  EX/EX  196?
154483	Jackson, Wanda:  Cream of the Crop  (Capitol ST-2976 LP)  $11  VG/VG+  196?,co,staple oc,smsplt
153269	Jae, Jana:  Live!  (Lark LRS 811 LP)  $8  VG/EX  1981,rw
154096	Jae, Jana:  The Devil You Say!  (Lark LRS 801 LP)  $18  SS  198?,Buckaroos,vg+ cover
155199	James, Sonny:  Empty Arms  (Capitol ST-734 LP)  $10  VG+/VG+  197?,osw
154092	James, Sonny:  That Special Country Feeling  (Capitol SQBO-91357 LP)  $28  VG+/VG+  196?,2lp
154510	James, Sonny:  Young Love  (RCA Camden CAS-2140 LP)  $9  VG+/VG+  1967,swobc
154069	Jennings, Waylon:  Collector's Series  (RCA AHL1-5473 LP)  $18  SS  1985,co
154042	Jennings, Waylon:  Good Hearted Woman  (RCA Victor LSP-4647 LP)  $13  VG/VG+  1972,djts oc,soc,woc,co
153283	Jennings, Waylon:  S/T  (Vocalion VL 73873(E) LP)  $20  VG+/VG+  1973
152290	Jennings, Waylon:  The Early Years  (RCA 9561-1-R LP)  $13  EX/EX  1988,osw,co
153250	Jennings, Waylon:  This Time  (RCA Victor APL1-0539 LP)  $11  VG+/EX  1974,prst oc,wobc
155196	Jersey, Jack:  Honky Tonk Man  (EMI ST-11388 LP)  $12  VG/VG+  1975,co,woc,slrw,Jordanaires
155089	Johnsons:  Workin' Late  (Home Run HR-1105 LP)  $35  VG+/VG+  198?,autographed oc
153677	Jones, George:  And Friends  (RCA Victor LSP-4738 LP)  $13  VG/EX  1972,djts oc,soc,woc,Melba Montgomery,Gene Pitney,Brenda Carter
154088	Jones, George:  Anniversary: Ten Years of Hits  (Epic KE2 38323 LP)  $13  VG+/M-  1982,2lp,prst obc
154109	Jones, George:  Four-O-Thirty Three  (RCA Victor LSP-4785 LP)  $15  VG+/M-  1972,djts oc
153352	Jones, George:  King of Broken Hearts  (United Artists UAS 6442 LP)  $35  EX/EX  1965,osw
154222	Jones, George:  Nothing Ever Hurt Me (Half as Bad as Losing You)  (Epic E 32412 LP)  $9  VG+/VG+  1973
147731	Jones, George:  Sings His Songs  (RCA Victor APL1-0612 LP)  $15  EX/EX  1974,osw,co
154103	Jones, George:  Sings the Great Songs of Leon Payne  (Musicor MS 3204 LP)  $18  VG/VG+  196?,wlp,soc,swoc,prst obc
154589	Jones, George:  Sings the Songs of Dallas Frazier  (Musicor MS 3149 LP)  $15  VG/VG+  1968,rw obc
153350	Jones, George:  The Great...  (United Artists UAL 3457(M) LP)  $21  VG+/EX  196?
154591	Jones, George:  Walk Through This World With Me  (Musicor MS 3119 LP)  $15  VG/VG+  196?,rw
154590	Jones, George & Gene Pitney:  S/T  (Musicor MS 3044 LP)  $16  VG+/VG+  1965,slrw
154105	Jones, Reesa Kay:  Simply For You  (K.A.Country KA-1000 LP)  $14  VG+/VG+  197?,autog
154149	Jordanaires:  Spotlight On the...  (Capitol ST-1742 LP)  $28  VG/EX  196?,smsplt,toc
148349	Judds:  Christmas Time With...  (RCA Victor 6422-1-R LP)  $14  EX/EX  1987
152276	Jump 'n the Saddle Band:  S/T  (Atlantic 80141-1 LP)  $10  VG+/M-  1984,djts oc,sost "the curly shuffle",prst obc
154370	Karl & Harty:  S/T  (Old Homestead OHCS 137 LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  197?
154126	Kelton, C.B. & Teri:  How Great Thou Art  (Crusade LPS 1105 LP)  $17  SS  197?
153893	Kendalls:  Movin' Train  (Mercury 812 779-1 M-1 LP)  $15  SS  1983,co
154369	Kincaid, Bradley:  Mountain Ballads and Old-Time Songs  (Bluebonnet BL107 LP)  $25  VG/VG+  1963,smsplts
152330	Kristofferson, Kris & Rita Coolidge:  Full Moon  (A&M SP-4403 LP)  $14  VG/VG+  1973,gfld,soc
149792	La Costa:  With All My Love  (Capitol ST 11391 LP)  $10  VG+/EX  1975
154234	lang, k.d.:  Shadowland  (Sire 9 25724-1 LP)  $10  VG+/VG+  1988,lyric sleeve,"The Owen Bradley Sessions"
152295	lang, k.d.:  The Making of Shadowland  (Sire Words & Music W&M 153 LP)  $21  VG+/M-  1988,promo-only interview & music lp,with Loretta Lynn,Kitty Wells,Brenda Lee,Grant Turner
153241	Lee, Johnny:  Bet Your Heart On Me  (Full Moon/Asylum 5E-541 LP)  $6  VG+/EX  1981,co
153579	Lee, Johnny:  Greatest Hits  (Warner Bros 1-23967 LP)  $10  EX/EX  1983,osw,co,sost "Lookin for Love"
153899	Lee, Johnny:  H-e-e-ere's Johnny!  (GRT 8022 LP)  $15  VG/M-  1977,wlp,slrw
153279	Lee, Johnny:  Sounds like Love  (Full Moon/Asylum 60147 LP)  $3  VG+/EX  1982,wlp,sost "Cherokee Fiddle"
148171	Leigh, Barbara E. & the Everlov'ins:  S/T  (Everlov'in EV5003 LP)  $35  VG+/M-  197?,autographed oc
154518	Lewis, Hugh X.:  Just Before Dawn  (Kapp KS-3494 LP)  $18  VG/VG+  196?
154199	Lewis, Hugh X.:  The Hugh X. Lewis Album  (Kapp KL-1462(M) LP)  $18  VG+/VG+  196?,swobc
154604	Locklin, Hank:  Please Help Me, I'm Falling  (RCA Victor LSP-2291(E) LP)  $19  EX/VG+  1960,black label
153971	Locklin, Hank:  S/T  (Forum Avon 7G-504 LP)  $22  SS  196?
154185	Locklin, Hank:  S/T  (RCA Camden CAL-705(M) LP)  $10  VG+/EX  1962,swobc
154108	Locklin, Hank:  The Mayor of McLellan, Florida  (RCA Victor LSP-4800 LP)  $15  VG+/M-  1972,djts oc
152378	Lonzo & Oscar:  Straight Songs  (Lonzo & Oscar SoN 74161/2 LP)  $28  VG+/VG+  196?-7?,autographed obc
152377	Lonzo & Oscar:  Take Your Pick: The Humerous or Serious Sides of...  (Chalet LPS-1510 LP)  $28  VG+/VG+  196?-7?,autographed obc by lonzo,slrw
154312	Louvin, Charlie:  Here's a Toast to Mama  (Capitol ST-416 LP)  $23  VG/VG+  1969,green target label,osw,partial smsplt
154322	Louvin, Charlie:  Hey Daddy  (Capitol ST 8-0142 LP)  $15  VG/VG+  1968,smsplt,toc
154543	Louvin, Charlie:  Hey Daddy  (Capitol ST-142 LP)  $16  VG+/VG+  1968,osw,co,sm smsplt
154326	Louvin, Charlie:  Will You Visit Me On Sundays?  (Captiol ST-2958 LP)  $28  VG+/VG+  1968,co,osw,staple oc
153894	Louvin, Charlie:  Will You Visit Me On Sundays?  (Captiol ST-2958 LP)  $33  VG+/M-  1968,co,wobc
154382	Lowe, Jim:  The Door of Fame  (Mercury MG-20246(M) LP)  $50  VG+/VG+  195?-6?
153276	Lucas, Tommy:  Marie  (LC NR13044 LP)  $35  VG/EX  197?,private press
155451	Lulu Belle & Scotty:  Sweethearts Still  (Starday SLP 351(M) LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  1975
154303	Luman, Bob:  Come On Home & Sing the Blues to Daddy  (Epic BN 26463 LP)  $12  VG/VG+  196?,yellow lbl,co,rw,sol,soc
153891	Luman, Bob:  When You Say Love  (Epic KE 31375 LP)  $11  VG+/EX  1972,yellow lbl,wobc
150724	Lynam, Ray & Philomena Begley:  The Two of Us  (Release BRL 4035 LP)  $20  VG+/VG+  1973,Ireland,soc
148662	Lynn, Judy:  Parts of Love  (Amaret ST5011 LP)  $10  VG/EX  196?-7?,wlp,djts oc,woc
155402	Lynn, Loretta:  Allis-Chalmers Presents...  (Allis-Chalmers MSM-35013 LP)  $35  EX/EX  1978,merch sleeve,promo item from tractor company
155434	Lynn, Loretta:  Before I'm Over You  (Decca DL 74541 LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  196?,wobc,sobc
154528	Lynn, Loretta:  Country Christmas  (Decca DL 74817 LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  196?-7?,swobc
148288	Lynn, Loretta:  Crisco Presents Loretta Lynn's Country Classics  (MCA LP)  $45  SS  1979,promotional item for Crisco
152278	Lynn, Loretta:  Don't Come Home a Drinkin' (With Lovin' On Your Mind)  (Decca DL 74842 LP)  $15  EX/VG+  196?,osw
155136	Lynn, Loretta:  Don't Come Home a Drinkin' (With Lovin' On Your Mind)  (Decca ST-91166 LP)  $14  VG+/VG+  196?,woc,capitol record club issue
154524	Lynn, Loretta:  Entertainer of the Year  (MCA 300 LP)  $14  VG/EX  1973,"Rated X",slrw,swobc
153343	Lynn, Loretta:  God Bless America Again  (Decca DL 75351 LP)  $14  VG/VG+  1972,rw,woc
155404	Lynn, Loretta:  Greatest Hits Vol. 2  (MCA 420 LP)  $6  EX/VG+  1974,osw
153349	Lynn, Loretta:  Here's Loretta Lynn  (Vocalion VL 73853(E) LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  196?,slrw
155403	Lynn, Loretta:  I Wanna Be Free  (Decca DL 75282 LP)  $13  EX/EX  1971,osw
155405	Lynn, Loretta:  Woman of the World / To Make a Man  (Decca DL 75113 LP)  $13  EX/VG+  196?-7?,osw
155463	Lynn, Loretta & Conway Twitty:  We Only Make Believe  (MCA 8 LP)  $9  EX/VG+  197?,re,osw
152294	Maddox Brothers & Rose:  Columbia Historic Edition  (Columbia FC 39997(M) LP)  $15  VG/M-  1985,prst obc
148331	Maddox, Rose:  The One Rose  (Capitol T-1312(M) LP)  $25  VG+/VG  196?
154534	Maines Brothers Band:  The Boys Are Back In Town  (Mercury 826 143 LP)  $13  VG+/M-  1985,co,soc
153892	Mandrell, Barbara:  I'll Be Your Jukebox Tonight  (Capitol C1-90416 LP)  $9  VG+/M-  1988,co
153922	Mandrell, Barbara:  In Black & White  (MCA 5295 LP)  $11  VG+/EX  1982,lyric sleeve,prst oc
153345	Mandrell, Barbara:  The Best of...  (Columbia KC 1119 LP)  $10  VG+/M-  1977,osw
155138	Martin, Bobbi:  For the Love of Him  (United Artists UAS 6700 LP)  $12  EX/EX  1969,co,osw
154441	McAnally, Mac:  No Problem Here  (Ariola SW-50029 LP)  $11  VG/VG+  1978,gfld,co,wol,woc
154526	McCall, C.W.:  C.W. McCall & Co.  (Polydor PD-1-6190 LP)  $15  EX/EX  1979,wlp,prst obc
155106	McClain, Charly:  Radio Heart  (Epic FE 39871 LP)  $10  EX/EX  1985,osw,sost "With Just One Look In Your Eyes"
153200	McClinton, O.B.:  If You Loved Her That Way   (Enterprise ENS-7506 LP)  $10  VG+/EX  1974,co,osw
155448	McClinton, O.B.:  Just for You  (CBS Special Products P 20336 LP)  $11  VG+/EX  1988
153199	McClinton, O.B.:  Obie From Senatobie  (Enterprise ENS-1029 LP)  $18  EX/EX  1973,co,osw
155449	McClinton, O.B.:  The Only One  (CBS Special Products P 20335 LP)  $10  VG/EX  1988,toc
155099	McCoy, Charlie:  Greatest Hits  (Monument PW 38387 LP)  $8  EX/EX  1982,re,osw
154523	McCoy, Charlie:  The Real McCoy  (Monument Z 31329 LP)  $8  VG+/VG+  1972,co
153248	McDaniel, Mel:  Now You're Talkin'  (Capitol C1-48058 LP)  $11  VG/VG+  1988,prst oc
152331	McDowell, Ronnie:  All Tied Up in Love  (Curb/MCA 5725 LP)  $10  VG+/M-  1986,prst obc
154313	McDowell, Ronnie:  I Love You, I Love You, I Love You  (Scorpion GRT-8028 LP)  $14  VG/EX  1978,wlp,co,rw
154233	McDowell, Ronnie:  The King Is Gone  (Scorpion GRT-8021 LP)  $10  VG/EX  1977,elvis tribute,soc,rw
155193	McEntire, Reba:  Heart To Heart  (Mercury SRM-1-6003 LP)  $28  EX/M-  1981,osw
152296	McLain Family Band:  Troublesome Creek  (Country Life CLR 15 LP)  $13  EX/M-  1985,osw
154364	McMillan, Roy:  Time To Think  (Rebel SLP 1540 LP)  $14  EX/VG+  1974,osw,insert
154537	Middleton, Eddie:  S/T  (Epic PE 34882 LP)  $6  VG/EX  1977,wlp,djts,soc,rw
150303	Miller, Jody:  Good News!  (Epic KE 32386 LP)  $12  VG/EX  1973,lg soc,slrw,wol
153278	Miller, Jody:  Good News!  (Epic KE 32386 LP)  $12  VG/EX  1973,wobc
149545	Miller, Jody:  The Nashville Sound of...  (Capitol ST-2996 LP)  $11  EX/EX  196?,co
154558	Miller, Roger:  A Tender Look at Love  (Smash SRS-67103 LP)  $13  VG/VG+  196?,staple holes oc,slrw
154608	Miller, Roger:  The 3rd Time Around  (Smash SRS-67068 LP)  $7  VG/VG+  1965,slrw
154331	Milsap, Ronnie:  Lost In the Fifties Tonight  (RCA Victor AHL1-7194 LP)  $12  VG+/M-  1986
154223	Milsap, Ronnie:  Night Things  (RCA Victor APL1-1223 LP)  $10  VG+/EX  1975
154224	Milsap, Ronnie:  Pure Love  (RCA Victor AHL1-0500 LP)  $10  VG+/EX  1974,re,co
154336	Milsap, Ronnie:  Where My Heart Is  (RCA Victor APL1-0338 LP)  $11  VG/VG+  1973
154225	Milsap, Ronnie:  Where My Heart Is  (RCA Victor APL1-0338 LP)  $13  VG+/EX  1973
154551	Monroe, Bill:  Kentucky Blue Grass  (MCA 136 LP)  $12  VG/VG+  1977,slrw,swobc
150438	Monroe, Bill:  The Father of Blue Grass Music  (RCA Camden CAL-719(M) LP)  $14  EX/EX  1962,osw
153890	Montgomery, Melba:  Melba Toast  (Musicor MS-3113 LP)  $17  VG+/VG+  196?,co
154325	Montgomery, Melba:  S/T  (Elektra EKS 75069 LP)  $11  VG/EX  1973,wlp,co,woc,wol,prst oc
150446	Montgomery, Melba:  S/T  (Elektra EKS 75069 LP)  $13  EX/M-  1973,co,osw
153919	Morris, Dick:  Reflections of a Wasted Youth  (Progress NR 17938 LP)  $8  VG/EX  1989,local nashville c&w artist
151266	Murphey, Michael:  The Heart Never Lies  (Liberty LT-51150 LP)  $8  EX/M-  1983,osw,sost "Don't Count the Days"
153331	Murray, Anne:  Christmas  (Capitol C1-90886 LP)  $7  VG+/VG+  1988,soc
149701	Murray, Anne:  Christmas  (Capitol C1-90886 LP)  $10  EX/M-  1988,osw
153736	Murray, Anne:  Harmony  (Capitol ST-12562 LP)  $9  EX/M-  1987,osw,lyric sleeve
153332	Murray, Anne:  Highly Prized Posession  (Capitol SN-16081 LP)  $12  SS  1974,re,co
146893	Murray, Anne:  Love Song  (Capitol ST-11266 LP)  $6  VG+/EX  1974,osw,sost,osw
155401	Murray, Anne:  Talk It Over in the Morning  (Capitol ST-821 LP)  $11  EX/M-  197?,osw
154116	Nashville String Band:  Identified!  (RCA Victor LSP-472 LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  1971,coChet Atkins,Homer & Jethro
148293	Nashville String Society:  S/T  (GWP ST 2020 LP)  $15  EX/EX  1970,osw
151370	Naylor, Jerry:  Love You Most of All  (MGM Special Products PRO-909 LP)  $19  EX/EX  1973,osw,Rodeway Inns promo,"Honky Tonk Women" rolling stones song,"If You Don't Know Me By Now"
147933	Nelson, Bonnie:  Live at the Country Palace  (Hop-A-Long HPS-111 LP)  $11  VG+/EX  197?,osw
153665	Nelson, Willie:  Always On My Mind  (Columbia FC 37951 LP)  $7  VG/EX  1982,soc,sticker wear oc,prst obc
149839	Nelson, Willie:  Angel Eyes  (Columbia FC 39363 LP)  $10  VG+/EX  1984,Ray Charles special guest
154064	Nelson, Willie:  Before His Time  (RCA Victor APL1-2210 LP)  $12  VG+/M-  1977,prst obc
149838	Nelson, Willie:  City of New Orleans  (Columbia FC 39145 LP)  $9  M-/EX  1984,osw
150436	Nelson, Willie:  Country Willie  (United Artists UA-LA410-G LP)  $9  EX/M-  1975,osw
154286	Nelson, Willie:  Don't You Ever Get Tired of Hurting Me  (RCA Victor CPL1-5174 LP)  $10  VG+/VG+  1984,co,60s recordings,toc
149841	Nelson, Willie:  Greatest Hits (& Some that Will Be)  (Columbia KC2 37542 LP)  $10  VG+/M-/EX  1981,2lp
148032	Nelson, Willie:  Greatest Hits (& Some that Will Be)  (Columbia KC2 37542 LP)  $11  VG+/M-  1981,2lp
148779	Nelson, Willie:  Hello Walls  (Pickwick SPC-3584 LP)  $7  EX/VG+  1978,osw
149835	Nelson, Willie:  Me & Paul  (Columbia FC 40008 LP)  $13  EX/M-  1985,osw
154063	Nelson, Willie:  My Own Way  (RCA Victor AHL1-4819 LP)  $11  VG+/EX  1983,co
149840	Nelson, Willie:  Somewhere Over the Rainbow  (Columbia FC 36883 LP)  $10  EX/M-  1981,osw
152332	Nelson, Willie:  Stardust  (Columbia JC 53051 LP)  $11  VG/EX  1978,lg soc,prst obc,Booker T. Jones
154365	Nelson, Willie:  Stardust  (Columbia JC 53051 LP)  $12  VG+/EX  1978
148780	Nelson, Willie:  Stardust  (Columbia JC 53051 LP)  $13  M-/VG+  1978,osw,sost "Georgia On My Mind",Booker T. Jones
147915	Nelson, Willie:  Stardust  (Columbia JC 53051 LP)  $19  SS  1978,sost "Georgia On My Mind",Booker T. Jones
154060	Nelson, Willie:  Sweet Memories  (RCA Victor AHL1-3243 LP)  $5  VG+/EX  1979,prst obc
154218	Nelson, Willie:  The Sound In Your Mind  (Columbia KC 34092 LP)  $7  VG+/VG+  1976
154610	Nelson, Willie:  The Troublemaker  (Columbia KC 34112 LP)  $11  EX/VG+  1976,osw
149836	Nelson, Willie:  Tougher than Leather  (Columbia QC 38248 LP)  $10  EX/M-  1983,osw
154062	Nelson, Willie:  What Can You Do To Me Now  (RCA Victor APL1-1234 LP)  $10  VG/EX  1975,orig,soc,slrw
148778	Nelson, Willie:  Willie and Family Live  (Columbia 35642 LP)  $7  EX/VG+  1978,2lp,osw,sost "Whiskey River"
154061	Nelson, Willie:  Willie and Family Live  (Columbia 35642 LP)  $9  VG+/EX  1978,2lp,wlp,djts oc
149837	Nelson, Willie:  Without a Song  (Columbia FC 39110 LP)  $9  EX/EX  1983,osw
149843	Nelson, Willie & Kris Kristofferson:  Music from Songwriter  (Columbia FC 39531 LP)  $12  EX/EX  1984,osw
148030	Nelson, Willie & Ray Price:  San Antonio Rose  (Columbia PC 36476 LP)  $12  EX/EX  1980,osw
148031	Nelson, Willie & Roger Miller:  Old Friends  (Columbia PC 38013 LP)  $12  VG+/M-  1982,osw
149834	Nelson, WIllie & Waylon Jennings:  Take It To the Limit  (Columbia FC 38562 LP)  $12  EX/M-  1983,osw,sost
155103	Newbury, Mickey:  After All These Years  (Mercury SRM-1-4024 LP)  $8  VG/EX  1981,chewed corner,lyric sleeve,co
152265	Newbury, Mickey:  Lovers  (Elektra 7E-1030 LP)  $13  VG/EX  1975,wlp,prst oc,soc,slrw,lyric sleeve
153952	Newbury, Mickey:  The Sailor  (ABC Hickory HB-44017 LP)  $12  VG/EX  1979,prst oc,partial smsplt
148067	Newman, Jimmy:  Jimmy Newman Style  (Decca DL 75136 LP)  $9  VG/VG  196?,"Boo Dan",rw,co
154251	Newman, Jimmy:  Jimmy Newman Style  (Decca DL 75136 LP)  $11  VG/VG+  196?,"Boo Dan",wlp,rw,soc,swobc
155185	Newton, Juice:  Juice  (Capitol ST-12136 LP)  $7  EX/EX  1981,osw,sost "Angel of the Morning"
155186	Newton, Juice:  Quiet Lies  (Capitol LP)  $5  EX/VG+  1982,sost "Love's Been A Little Hard On Me",osw
153678	Norma Jean:  I Guess That Comes from Being Poor  (RCA Victor LSP-4745 LP)  $15  VG/EX  1972,djts oc,soc,woc
153679	Norma Jean:  S/T  (RCA Victor LSP-4510 LP)  $15  VG/EX  1971,soc,woc
153680	Norma Jean:  Thank You for Loving Me  (RCA Victor LSP-4691 LP)  $14  VG/VG+  1972,djts oc,soc,woc
148556	O'Kanes:  S/T  (Columbia C 40459 LP)  $5  VG+/EX  1986,lyric sleeve,soc
149547	O'Roark, Mike & the Free Born Men:  Pickin' With Feelin'  (King Bluegrass KB 533 LP)  $13  EX/EX  197?,osw
152318	Oak Ridge Boys:  American Made  (MCA 5390 LP)  $3  VG+/M-  1983,prst oc
152334	Oak Ridge Boys:  Greatest Hits  (MCA 5150 LP)  $5  VG+/M-  1980,die-cut cover,prst oc
152319	Oak Ridge Boys:  Greatest Hits 2  (MCA 5496 LP)  $9  VG+/M-  1984,die-cut cover,prst oc
152333	Oak Ridge Boys:  Greatest Hits Vol. 3  (MCA 42294 LP)  $5  VG+/M-  1989,prst obc
152335	Oak Ridge Boys:  Monogahela  (MCA 42205 LP)  $6  VG+/M-  1988,digital,prst obc
152317	Oak Ridge Boys:  Together  (MCA 3220 LP)  $5  VG/M-  1980,insert,prst oc,lg soc
152337	Oak Ridge Boys:  Together  (MCA 3220 LP)  $6  VG+/M-  1980,insert,prst oc
153834	Osborne Brothers:  Midnight Flyer  (MCA 311 LP)  $15  VG+/EX  1973,co
155094	Owens, Buck:  Buck 'Em  (Warner Bros BS 2952 LP)  $8  EX/VG+  1976,osw,co
155133	Owens, Buck:  Carnegie Hall Concert  (Capitol T-2556(M) LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  1966
152283	Owens, Buck:  Hot Dog!  (Capitol C1-91132 LP)  $12  EX/M-  1988,co,lyric sleeve
154111	Paris, Jack:  My Music, My Friends  (2-J LP-101 LP)  $9  VG/EX  1974,rw,soc
154112	Paris, Jack:  My Music, My Friends  (2-J LP-101 LP)  $13  VG/EX  1974,rw,autographed obc
154110	Paris, Jack:  Nashville-Heart & Soul  (50 States FS-ST-1005 LP)  $13  VG/EX  1980,autographed obc,rw
153978	Parton, Dolly:  Country Six Pack 1987  (United Stations LP)  $48  VG/VG+  1987,3lp,November 25-29 radio broadcast,music & interviews,cue sheets,woc,toc
153249	Parton, Dolly:  Joshua  (RCA Victor LSP-4507 LP)  $19  VG/EX  1971,co,sl h2o obc,wobc
153340	Parton, Dolly:  Just the Way I Am  (RCA Camden CAS-2583 LP)  $9  VG+/VG+  1972
155197	Parton, Dolly:  Love Is Like a Butterfly  (RCA Victor APL1-0712 LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  1974
146965	Pathfinder:  Hard Times  (Triple Tree TTR 83002 LP)  $11  VG/VG+  1983,8x10 promo photo
154277	Paycheck, Johnny:  Armed and Crazy  (Epic KE 35444 LP)  $6  VG+/VG+  1978
148747	Paycheck, Johnny:  Greatest Hits  (Epic KE 33091 LP)  $10  VG/EX  1974,djts oc,slrw,wobc
154054	Paycheck, Johnny:  Greatest Hits Vol. 2  (Epic KE 35623 LP)  $12  VG+/EX  1978,wlp,djts oc,prst obc
154055	Paycheck, Johnny:  Take This Job & Shove It  (Epic KE 35045 LP)  $12  VG+/EX  1977,wlp,djts obc,prst obc
146951	Pierce, Webb:  Number One Hits  (NR3696 LP)  $17  VG+/EX  197?,promo-only,autograph on cover
154362	Piper Road Spring Band:  Live  (Fiends Club PRSB 6360 LP)  $12  VG/VG+  1980,gfld
154131	Plummer Family:  Tenth Anniversary Album  (Dungeon D 2043 LP)  $15  VG+/VG+  1982,autographed obc
147964	Posey, Sandy:  S/T  (MGM SE-4480 LP)  $21  EX/EX  1967,"I Take It Back",osw
153666	Price, Ray:  Burning Memories  (Columbia CS 9089 LP)  $23  SS  196?,360 label,co
155147	Price, Ray:  For the Good Times  (Columbia C 30106 LP)  $9  VG/VG+  197?,rw
153975	Price, Ray:  Welcome to My World  (Columbia G 30878 LP)  $25  VG+/VG+  197?,2lp
154574	Pride, Charley:  You're My Jamaica  (RCA Victor AHL1-3441 LP)  $7  VG/EX  1979,Canada,sticker wear oc & ol,co
152322	Rabbitt, Eddie:  Greatest Hits Vol. 2  (Warner Bros 1-23925 LP)  $5  VG/EX  1983,lg soc,lyric sleeve
152321	Rabbitt, Eddie:  Greatest Hits Vol. 2  (Warner Bros 1-23925 LP)  $7  VG+/M-  1983,sost "Drivin' My Life Away",prst oc,lyric sleeve
152320	Rabbitt, Eddie:  Greatest Hits Vol. 2  (Warner Bros 1-23925 LP)  $11  SS  1983,co
152253	Rabbitt, Eddie:  Radio Romance  (Elektra 60160-1 LP)  $4  VG/EX  1982,lg soc,lyric sleeve
152327	Rabbitt, Eddie:  Radio Romance  (Elektra 60160-1 LP)  $6  VG+/EX  1982,wlp,lyric sleeve,prst obc
154214	Rabbitt, Eddie:  S/T  (Elektra CM-3 LP)  $6  VG+/EX  1975
152326	Rabbitt, Eddie:  Step By Step  (Elektra 5E-532 LP)  $6  VG+/M-  1981,lyric sleeve
152325	Rabbitt, Eddie:  Step By Step  (Elektra 5E-532 LP)  $7  VG+/M-  1981,wlp,lyric sleeve,prst obc
153641	Rainwater, Marvin & Mike Cowdery:  Country Music Is Alive & Well North of the Mason-Dixon Line  (Hoky 107 LP)  $38  VG/VG+  1981,djts oc,woc
151907	Raven, Eddy:  Love & Other Hard Times  (RCA AHL1-5456 LP)  $17  SS  1985,co,sost "Operator, Operator"
150440	Raye, Susan:  Willy Jones  (Capitol ST-736 LP)  $15  EX/M-  197?,vintage photos of LAX airport obc,osw,red target label,Buck Owens "Bakersfield Sound" productions
154400	Read, Wallace "Cheese":  Cajun House Party - C'ez Cheese  (Arhoolie 5021 LP)  $17  VG+/VG+  1980
155201	Reed, Jerry:  Just to Satisfy You  (RCA Custom Edition DRL1-0056 LP)  $8  VG/VG+  1973
154332	Reed, Jerry:  Lord, Mr. Ford  (RCA Victor APL1-0238 LP)  $17  VG+/VG+  1973,Germany,sobc
153977	Reeves, Del:  Down at Good Time Charlie's  (United Artists UAS 6705 LP)  $18  VG+/EX  1969,djs obc,wobc,wol
154337	Reeves, Del:  Gettin' Any Feed for Your Chickens?  (United Artists UAS 6530 LP)  $15  VG+/VG+  196?,co,slrw
155202	Reeves, Del:  S/T  (Koala KO 14188 LP)  $8  VG/VG+  1979,rw,smsplt,toc
154274	Reeves, Del:  Six of One, Half a Dozen of the Other  (United Artists UAS 6595 LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  1967,swobc
154053	Reeves, Del & Billie Jo Spears:  By Request: Del & Billie Jo  (Pickwick SPC-3727 LP)  $8  VG+/VG+  1976,re
154373	Reeves, Jim:  Bimbo  (RCA Victor LPM-1410(M) LP)  $33  VG/VG  1957,orig,slrw
153969	Reeves, Jim:  Moonlight and Roses  (RCA Victor LSP 2854 LP)  $16  EX/EX  1964,black label,osw
155146	Reeves, Jim:  Talkin' To Your Heart  (RCA Victor LSP 2339 LP)  $15  VG/EX  1961,rw,smsplt
154209	Reeves, Jim:  There's Always Me  (RCA Victor AHL1-3827 LP)  $9  VG+/EX  1980,prst obc
155206	Reeves, Jim:  Twelve Songs of Christmas  (RCA ANL1-1927 LP)  $13  EX/VG+  1963,re,osw
154592	Reeves, Jim:  Yours Sincerely  (RCA Victor LSP-3709(E) LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  1966
155135	Reeves, Jim:  Yours Sincerely  (RCA Victor LSP-3709(E) LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  1966,osw
155386	Reno, Don & Red Smiley:  Bluegrass Hits  (Dot DLP 3490(M) LP)  $20  VG/VG+  196?,soc,rw,toc,sol
155200	Rice, Bobby G.:  You Lay So Easy On My Mind  (Metromedia BML1-0186 LP)  $15  VG/VG+  1973,rw,djts oc
154229	Rich, Charlie:  Every Time You Touch Me (I Get High)  (Epic PE 33455 LP)  $6  VG+/EX  1975
152251	Rich, Charlie:  Greatest Hits  (Epic PE 34240 LP)  $3  VG/VG+  1976,slrw,sobc,prst obc
152249	Rich, Charlie:  I Still Believe In Love  (United Artists UA-:A876-H LP)  $6  VG/EX  1978,co,soc,sm tear oc
148216	Rich, Charlie:  Lonely Weekends  (Sun 110 LP)  $10  EX/EX  197?,osw,co
154228	Rich, Charlie:  Rollin' With the Flow  (Epic PE 34891 LP)  $7  VG+/EX  1977,soc
152252	Rich, Charlie:  S/T  (Epic AS 50(M) LP)  $6  VG/VG+  1973,radio-only wlp,lg soc
154212	Rich, Charlie:  The Best of...  (Epic PE 31933 LP)  $7  VG+/EX  1972,co
154509	Rich, Charlie:  The Fabulous...  (Epic BN 26516 LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  196?-7?,yellow label,prst obc,swobc
152250	Rich, Charlie:  The Silver Fox  (Epic PE 33250 LP)  $4  VG/M-  1974,soc,grammy award winner "Behind Closed Doors"
154272	Ritter, Tex:  Blood On the Saddle  (Capitol SM-1292 LP)  $15  VG+/VG+  1960,198?,re,gunslinger cover art
154186	Ritter, Tex:  Deck of Cards  (Camay CA 3044(M) LP)  $13  VG/EX  196?,woc,slrw,sm smsplt
152453	River Saint:  S/T  (Van Dyke 14041 LP)  $150  SS  197?-8?,private press
153667	Robbins Jr., Marty:  Columbia Records Presents...  (Columbia CS 9944 LP)  $38  VG/M-  1969-70?,360 label,rw,djs obc,Charlie Daniels
154481	Robbins, Marty:  All Around Cowboy  (Columbia JC 36085 LP)  $16  EX/EX  1979,osw
154204	Robbins, Marty:  Come Back to Me  (Columbia FC 37995 LP)  $13  VG/M-  1982,tear obc
151957	Robbins, Marty:  Country Classics  (CSP P 16914 LP)  $12  SS  1983
148317	Robbins, Marty:  Golden Collection  (Lotus WH5009 LP)  $17  VG+/EX  197?,UK
154335	Robbins, Marty:  Golden Memories  (Heartland P 18826 LP)  $9  VG+/VG+  1985
155205	Robbins, Marty:  Gunfighter Ballads & Trail Songs  (Columbia CS 8158 LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  197?,re,osw
148022	Robbins, Marty:  More Greatest Hits  (Columbia CS 8435 LP)  $7  EX/VG+  197?,osw,re
155095	Robbins, Marty:  No. 1 Cowboy  (CSP P 15594 LP)  $11  EX/EX  1980,osw
151958	Robbins, Marty:  No. 1 Cowboy  (CSP P 15594 LP)  $16  SS  1980
148516	Robbins, Marty:  Song of the Islands  (Columbia CL 1087(M) LP)  $15  VG+/VG+  195?-6?,orig six eye label,slrw,hula dancers cover art
154243	Rodriguez, Johnny:  Introducing  (Mercury SR 61378 LP)  $11  VG/VG+  1973,rw,co,soc,sol
154575	Rodriguez, Johnny:  My Third Album  (Mercury SRM-1-699 LP)  $6  VG/EX  1974,rw,co
154298	Rogers, David:  She Don't Make Me Cry  (Columbia C 30972 LP)  $10  VG+/EX  197?
152236	Rogers, Kenny:  Daytime Friends  (United Artists UA-LA754-G LP)  $5  VG/EX  1977,co
152241	Rogers, Kenny:  Kenny  (United Artists LOO-979 LP)  $7  VG+/M-  1979,co,orig inner sleeve
152242	Rogers, Kenny:  Kenny  (United Artists LOO-979 LP)  $8  EX/M-  1979,osw,orig inner sleeve
152239	Rogers, Kenny:  Kenny  (United Artists LWAK-979 LP)  $5  VG+/VG+  1979,gfld,orig inner sleeve
152240	Rogers, Kenny:  Kenny  (United Artists LWAK-979 LP)  $6  VG+/EX  1979,gfld,orig inner sleeve
152254	Rogers, Kenny:  Love Lifted Me  (Liberty LN-10207 LP)  $7  VG/EX  1976,soc
152244	Rogers, Kenny:  Share Your Love  (Liberty LOO 1108 LP)  $4  VG/VG+  1981,co,lg soc,woc
152245	Rogers, Kenny:  Share Your Love  (Liberty LOO 1108 LP)  $5  VG/EX  1981,lg soc
154442	Rogers, Kenny:  Ten Years of Gold  (Liberty LO-835 LP)  $11  SS  1977,co
152237	Rogers, Kenny:  The Gambler  (United Artists UA-LA934-H LP)  $3  VG/EX  1978,lg soc,co,no poster
152238	Rogers, Kenny:  The Gambler  (United Artists UA-LA934-H LP)  $3  VG+/VG+  1978,sobc,co,no poster
152243	Rogers, Kenny:  Twenty Greatest Hits  (Liberty LV-51152 LP)  $7  VG/M-  1983,lg soc,orig inner sleeve
151924	Rogers, Kenny & Dottie West:  Every Time Two Fools Collide  (United Artists UA-LA861-H LP)  $11  EX/M-  1978
152247	Russell, Bobby:  Saturday Morning Confusion  (United Artists UAS-5548 LP)  $4  VG/EX  1971,split spine,rw,soc
153242	Russell, Johnny:  Here Comes...  (RCA Victor APL1-1211 LP)  $7  VG/EX  1975,co,wobc
153519	Russell, Johnny:  She's In Love With a Rodeo Man  (RCA Victor APL1-0542 LP)  $13  VG+/EX  1974,wobc
155389	Sanders, Harlan:  Off & Running  (Epic KE 34305 LP)  $10  VG/VG+  1976,wlp,rw,woc,djts oc,wol
154576	Sanders, Ray:  A Rose By Any Other Name  (United Artists UAS 6822 LP)  $8  VG+/VG+  1972,"Imagine" by John Lennon of the beatles
152257	Schneider, John:  A Memory Like You  (MCA 5668 LP)  $3  VG+/M-  1986,prst obc,digital
152259	Schneider, John:  Greatest Hits  (MCA 42033 LP)  $5  VG+/EX  1987,prst obc
152323	Schneider, John:  Too Good to Stop Now  (MCA 5495 LP)  $3  VG+/M-  1984,prst oc,co,sost "If You Believe"
152258	Schneider, John:  You Ain't Seen the Last of Me  (MCA 5973 LP)  $5  VG/M-  1987,prst obc,digital,sm tear oc
154470	Scruggs, Earl:  I Saw the Light With Some Help from My Friends  (Columbia KC 31354 LP)  $13  VG+/EX  1972,with Linda Ronstadt,Nitty Gritty Dirt Band,Stacey Belson,Arloff Boguslavaki
152289	Scruggs, Earl:  Top of the World  (Columbia FC 38295 LP)  $9  VG/EX  1983,spinewear,prst obc
153247	Seals, Dan:  The Best  (Capitol CLT-48308 LP)  $11  VG+/M-  1987,prst oc
154584	Seely, Jeannie:  Can I Sleep In Your Arms  (MCA 385 LP)  $10  VG+/VG+  1973,co
154580	Seely, Jeannie:  Greatest Hits  (Monument KZ 31911 LP)  $7  VG/VG+  1972,rw,wobc
154581	Seely, Jeannie:  Please Be My New Love  (Decca DL 75228 LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  1970,co,slrw
154371	Shelton Brothers:  Bob & Joe  (Old Homestead OHCS 201 LP)  $25  VG+/VG+  1993
153344	Shepard, Jean:  Heartaches And Tears  (Capitol T 1663(M) LP)  $18  VG/VG+  196?,orig rainbow label,smsplt,wobc
153897	Shepard, Jean:  I'll Do Anything It Takes  (United Artists UA-LA-307-R LP)  $8  VG/EX  1974,wobc,sobc
153896	Shepard, Jean:  Just Like Walkin' In the Sunshine  (Capitol ST-11049 LP)  $10  VG/VG+  1972,co,wobc,wol
153516	Sheppard, T.G.:  T.G.  (Warner Bros 25282 LP)  $11  SS  1985,co,sost "You're Going Out Of My Mind"
154906	Sherley, Glen:  S/T  (Mega M31-1006 LP)  $13  EX/VG+  1971,gfld,co,inmate at Vacaville prison in California,Johnny Cash liners
151714	Shine:  Live All In the Game & Your Favorite Requests  (NoMountain NMR-011 LP)  $17  VG/EX  1981,rw,midland texas group
154010	Shook, Jerry / Red Sovine:  Country & Western Hits  (Somerset SF-18300 LP)  $18  EX/EX  196?,osw,songs of Chet Atkins & Tennessee Ernie Ford
154287	Skaggs, Ricky:  Love's Gonna Get Ya!  (Epic E 40309 LP)  $10  VG+/EX  1986,co
154550	Smith, Arthur "Guitar":  The Arthur Smith Show Presents a Tribute to Jim Reeves  (Dot  DLP 3769(M) LP)  $22  VG+/VG  196?,osw
154068	Smith, Cal:  Country Hit Parade  (Kapp KS-3628 LP)  $13  EX/VG+  1970,osw,co
154609	Smith, Carl:  I Want To Live & Love  (Columbia CS 9093 LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  196?,360 label
153617	Smith, Carl:  Take It Like A Man  (Harmony HS 11317(E) LP)  $10  EX/VG+  197?,osw
153285	Smith, Connie:  I Love Charley Brown  (RCA Victor LSP-4002 LP)  $18  VG+/VG+  1968,wobc,wol,co
154549	Smith, Connie:  I Never Once Stopped Loving You  (RCA Victor LSP-4394 LP)  $11  EX/VG+  1970,osw
154305	Smith, Sammi:  Her Way  (Zodiac ZLP-5004 LP)  $8  VG/VG+  1976,rw,soc,wobc
154206	Smith, Sammi:  Something Old, Something New, Something Blue  (Mega M31-1011 LP)  $13  VG/EX  1972,rw
154583	Snow, Hank:  Big Country Hits (Songs I Hadn't Recorded Until Now)  (RCA Victor LPM-2458(M) LP)  $27  VG+/VG+  1961
152292	Snow, Hank:  The Last Ride  (RCA Camden CDS 1048(E) LP)  $10  VG+/VG+  1969,UK,soc
153353	Sons of the Pioneers:  Tumbleweed Trail  (RCA Victor LSP-2456 LP)  $18  VG/VG+  1962,smsplts
154603	Sons of the Pioneers:  Visit the South Seas  (RCA Victor LSP-4194 LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  1969,osw,co
149699	Southern Pacific:  Killbilly Hill  (Warner Bros 1-25409 LP)  $10  EX/M-  1986,osw,lyric sleeve
155194	Southern, Hal:  Mr. Hillbilly Heaven  (El Dorado EDLP 601 LP)  $13  VG/VG+  1978,swol,rw
154536	Sovine, Red:  Giddy-Up Go  (Starday SLP 363 LP)  $13  EX/VG+  196?,osw
154046	Sovine, Red:  Woodrow Wilson Sovine  (Starday SD-970X LP)  $11  EX/EX  1977,osw
154255	Spears, Billie Jo:  Country Girl  (Capitol ST-560 LP)  $13  VG/VG+  197?,co,soc,wobc,wol
154579	Stampley, Joe:  Soul Song  (Dot DOS-26007 LP)  $4  VG+/VG+  1973
153835	Stanley Brothers:  Banjo In the Hills  (Gusto K-872 LP)  $12  EX/VG+  1976,osw
150423	Starcher, Buddy:  History Repeats Itslef  (Decca DL 74796 LP)  $9  VG+/VG  196?,slrw
152338	Stevens, Ray:  Crackin' Up  (MCA 42020 LP)  $3  VG+/M-  1987,prst obc,digital
152261	Stevens, Ray:  Greatest Hits Vol. 2  (MCA 42062 LP)  $3  EX/M-  1987,prst obc
152260	Stevens, Ray:  The Very Best of...  (Barnaby BR-6018 LP)  $7  VG+/M-  1975
152262	Stevens, Ray:  Your Own Best Friend  (Warner Bros BSK 3195 LP)  $6  VG/M-  1978,lg soc,prst oc
148327	Stevenson, B.W.:  My Maria  (RCA Victor APL1-0088 LP)  $5  VG+/VG+  1973,co
149298	Stewart, Gary & Dean Dillon:  Brotherly Love  (RCA AHL1-4310 LP)  $13  SS  1982,co,sost "Play this Old Working Day Away"
154988	Stewart, Wynn:  Above & Beyond the Call of Love  (Hilltop JS-6050(E) LP)  $10  VG+/VG+  196?
154258	Stewart, Wynn:  It's a Beautiful Day...Even Though It's Raining  (Capitol ST-561 LP)  $15  VG/EX  197?,co,soc,wobc,partial smsplt,sol
148884	Stockard, Ron & the Illinois Band:  Beautiful Illinois  (Cornbelt RS 001 LP)  $12  EX/M-  197?-8?,osw,private press
154611	Stringbean:  Me & My Old Crow (Got a Good Thing Going)  (Nugget NRLP-102 LP)  $22  VG+/VG+  197?,from Hee-Haw,sm tear oc,side 2 label missing
154302	Stuckey, Nat:  Take Time to Love Her / I Used It All On You  (RCA Quadradisc APD1-0080(Q) LP)  $15  VG/EX  1973,quadraphonic,soc,co
154281	Swan, Billy:  At His Best  (Monument MG 7629 LP)  $5  VG+/VG+  1976,prst obc
154091	Swan, Billy:  Four  (Monument KZ 34473 LP)  $9  VG/EX  1977,wlp,djts oc,rw,soc,prst obc
154585	Swan, Billy:  Rock 'N' Roll Moon  (Monument PZ 33805 LP)  $7  VG/VG+  1975,wobc
150474	Tabuchi, Shoji:  Live at the Grapevine Opry  (ASR 0009-LPS LP)  $17  VG+/M-  197?-8?,autographed ol
150726	Terrie, Chris:  Ode to Billie Joe  (Custom CS 1085 LP)  $12  VG/M-  196?
153582	Thomas, B.J.:  Midnight Minute  (Reprise 25898-1 LP)  $11  VG+/M-  1989,prst oc,sost "Don't Leave Love"
154203	Thomas, B.J.:  Some Love Songs Never Die  (MCA 5195 LP)  $7  VG+/EX  1981
150755	Thompson, Hank:  A Six Pack to Go  (Capitol DT-2460 LP)  $10  EX/VG  196?,osw,partial smsplt,"a program of their biggest beer-drinkin' hits!"
146945	Thompson, Hank:  A Six Pack to Go  (Capitol T-2460(M) LP)  $10  VG+/VG+  196?,slrw,partial smsplt,"a program of their biggest beer-drinkin' hits!"
155374	Thompson, Hank:  Especially for You  (Capitol Custom SRB-2317 LP)  $62  VG+/VG+  196?,autographed obc,wobc,duophonic stereo
146944	Thompson, Hank:  Favorite Waltzes  (Capitol T-1111(M) LP)  $13  VG+/VG  196?,osw
146946	Thompson, Hank:  Greatest Hits, Vol. 1  (Dot DOS-26004 LP)  $9  VG+/VG+  1972,osw
153674	Thompson, Hank:  Greatest Hits, Vol. 1  (Step One SOR 0025 LP)  $11  EX/EX  1987,osw
147033	Thompson, Hank:  Kindly Keep It Country  (Dot DOS-26015 LP)  $18  SS  197?
155101	Thompson, Hank:  Luckiest Heartache in Town  (Capitol ST-2342(M) LP)  $15  VG+/VG+  196?,slrw,co
146942	Thompson, Hank:  Sings the Gold Standards  (Dot DLP 25864 LP)  $7  VG+/VG  196?-7?,co
146943	Thompson, Hank:  The Best of...  (Capitol Starline T-1878(M) LP)  $9  VG+/VG  196?
154459	Thompson, Hank:  The Best of...Vol. 2  (Capitol SM-2661 LP)  $10  VG+/VG+  197?,co
150469	Thompson, Hank:  Where Is the Circus  (Warner Bros W 1664(M) LP)  $11  VG+/EX  196?,gold label,lost clown cover art
153539	Thompson, Sue:  And Love Me  (MGM Hickory H3G 4515 LP)  $15  VG+/EX  1974,co
152042	Thompson, Sue:  With Strings Attached  (Hickory LPM 130(M) LP)  $35  EX/EX  196?,capitol record club issue
149546	Thrasher Brothers:  Pick'n & a-Grin'n  (Prestige 760834 LP)  $15  EX/EX  197?,osw
150758	Tillis, Mel:  24 Great Hits  (MGM MG-2-5402 LP)  $7  VG+/VG+  197?,2lp,toc
146915	Tillis, Mel:  California Road  (RCA AHL1-5483 LP)  $11  SS  1985,co,sost "You Done Me Wrong"
153963	Tillis, Mel:  It's a Long Way to Daytona  (Elektra E1-60016 LP)  $10  EX/EX  1982,wlp,sost "Always You, Always Me",prst obc
150738	Tillis, Mel:  Let Me Talk To You  (Kapp KS-3543 LP)  $18  VG+/EX  196?,osw
150754	Tillis, Mel:  Love Revival  (MCA 2204 LP)  $10  EX/EX  1976,osw
154385	Tillis, Mel:  M-M-Mel  (MGM M3G 5002 LP)  $13  VG/EX  1975,co,slrw
150739	Tillis, Mel:  Me & Pepper  (Elektra 6E-236 LP)  $10  SS  1979
153261	Tillis, Mel:  Mel's Favorites  (Tee Vee TV-1040 LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  1979,2lp,slrw
150759	Tillis, Mel:  On Stage at the Birmingham Municipal Auditorium  (MGM SE-4889 LP)  $8  VG/VG+  1973,wlp,osw,rw
153962	Tillis, Mel:  The Arms of a Fool / Commercial Affection  (MGM SE 4757 LP)  $21  VG/M-  196?,yellow djl,h2o oc,djs obc
150760	Tillis, Mel:  The Arms of a Fool / Commercial Affection  (MGM SE 4757 LP)  $27  SS  196?
150761	Tillis, Mel:  The Best of...  (MGM MG-1-5021 LP)  $8  VG/VG+  1976,rw
154283	Tillis, Mel:  The Best of...  (MGM MG-1-5021 LP)  $11  VG+/EX  1976,wlp
153900	Tillis, Mel:  & The Statesiders  (MGM M3G 4987 LP)  $13  VG/M-  1975,wobc,co
150757	Tillis, Mel:  & The Statesiders  (MGM M3G 4987 LP)  $20  SS  1975,osw,co
154107	Tillis, Mel:  The Very Best of...  (MGM SE-4806 LP)  $11  VG/EX  1971,yellow djl,rw,soc,woc,prst obc
154594	Tillis, Mel:  Welcome to Mel Tillis Country  (MGM MG-1-5022 LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  1976,co
153961	Tillis, Mel:  Would You Want the World to End  (MGM SE-4841 LP)  $10  VG/EX  1972,wlp,wobc,djs obc
153901	Tillis, Mel & Sherry Bryce:  Living and Learning/Take My Hand  (MGM SE 4800 LP)  $8  VG/EX  1971,yellow djl,h2o oc,wobc,djs obc
154052	Tompall & his Outlaw Band:  The Great...  (MGM M3G 5014 LP)  $9  VG+/EX  1976
153337	Tompall & the Glaser Brothers:  S/T  (MGM E 4465(M) LP)  $28  VG/EX  196?,wlp,sm tear oc
154256	Tompall & the Glaser Brothers:  Vocal Group of the Decade  (MGM M3G-4976 LP)  $14  VG/EX  1975,co,soc,sol
149896	Tompall & the Glaser Brothers:  Vocal Group of the Decade  (MGM M3G-4976 LP)  $15  VG+/EX  1975,co
153889	Town & Country Swingers:  S/T  (UA FSD 1541 LP)  $35  VG+/VG+  197?,private press,autographed oc,south dakota group
147776	Trask, Diana:  Diana's Country  (Dot DOS 25989 LP)  $10  EX/EX  196?-7?,osw,co
153976	Travis, Randy:  Always & Forever  (Warner Bros W1-25568 LP)  $5  VG+/EX  1987,lyric sleeve
154596	Travis, Randy:  Always & Forever  (Warner Bros W1-25568 LP)  $5  EX/VG+  1987,lyric sleeve,osw
154288	Travis, Randy:  Old 8x10  (Warner Bros 1-25738 LP)  $9  VG+/EX  1988,lyric sleeve
146914	Travis, Randy:  Storms of Life  (Warner Bros 25435 LP)  $5  EX/VG+  1986,osw,sost "1982"
155390	Trent, Buck:  Live from the Hee Haw Theatre  (RVN BT-235 LP)  $48  EX/EX  1982,autographed oc
149628	Tribune, Mark & the Alamo Band:  Home Sweet Home  (MT&A MS4140 LP)  $35  EX/EX  198?,osw
154465	Tubb, Ernest:  Favourites  (Stetson HAT 3011 LP)  $17  VG/EX  1956,198?,UK,re,sobc,swobc
150740	Tubb, Ernest & Loretta Lynn:  The Ernest Tubb/Loretta Lynn Story  (MCA 2-4000 LP)  $25  SS  1973,2lp
150748	Tubb, Justin:  S/T  (Dot MCA-39032 LP)  $15  SS  1985,sost "Walking the Floor Over You"
154338	Tubb, Justin:  That Country Style  (Vocalion VL 3802(M) LP)  $10  VG/VG+  196?
152285	Tucker, Tanya:  Greatest Hits  (Capitol C1-91814 LP)  $12  SS  1989,co
147030	Tucker, Tanya:  What's Your Mama's Name  (Columbia KC 32272 LP)  $6  VG+/VG  1973,"Blood Red & Goin Down"
150744	Turner, Hank:  Country & Western Hits  (Harmony HS 11250 LP)  $11  VG+/M-  197?,re
147042	Twitty, Conway:  A Night With...  (MCA 5817 LP)  $12  SS  1986,co
150750	Twitty, Conway:  Borderline  (MCA 5969 LP)  $11  SS  1987,sost "Julia"
147045	Twitty, Conway:  Classic Conway  (MCA 1574 LP)  $9  SS  1983,co
147043	Twitty, Conway:  Conway  (MCA 3063 LP)  $12  SS  1978,sost "Boogie Grass Band"
155462	Twitty, Conway:  Fallin' for You for Years  (Warner Bros 1-25408 LP)  $14  SS  1986,co,lyric sleeve
150751	Twitty, Conway:  Georgia Keeps Pulling On My Ring  (MCA 2328 LP)  $8  VG/EX  1978,co,toc
153882	Twitty, Conway:  How Much More Can She Stand  (Decca DL 75276 LP)  $18  VG/EX  1971,slrw,wobc,prst obc
150752	Twitty, Conway:  How Much More Can She Stand  (Decca DL 75276 LP)  $33  SS  1971
147039	Twitty, Conway:  I Can't See Me Without You  (Decca DL7-5335 LP)  $10  VG+/EX  1972,osw,slrw
148350	Twitty, Conway:  I Wonder What She'll Think About Me Leaving  (Pickwick SPC-3739 LP)  $12  SS  1971,co
147037	Twitty, Conway:  Linda On My Mind  (MCA 469 LP)  $13  SS  1975
149898	Twitty, Conway:  Sings the Blues  (MGM SE-4837 LP)  $15  VG/VG+  1972,co,swobc,rw
147040	Twitty, Conway:  You've Never Been This Far Before / Baby's Gone  (MCA 359 LP)  $7  VG/VG+  1973,rw
150458	Twitty, Conway:  You've Never Been This Far Before / Baby's Gone  (MCA 359 LP)  $16  SS  1973
153970	Tyler, T. Texas:  S/T  (Forum Avon 7GS-2502 LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  196?,osw,sl h2o oc
154201	Tyler, T. Texas:  S/T  (Forum Avon 7GS-2502 LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  196?
154184	VA-Bill Anderson,Ernest Ashworth,Roy Drusky,Connie Hall,Lewis Pruitt,Elmer Snodgrass:  Introducing:  (Decca DL 74091 LP)  $13  VG+/EX  196?,soc
154780	VA-Bob Baker,Country Classics,Frank Bell,Larry Heaberlin,Tom Reeves,Kimberly Lynn,Bobby & Dee Awe,Shorty Followill,Wanda Moyer,Frankie Lee,Rex Young,Jack Selover:  Hawkeye Jamboree  (Ven-Jence V-J LP No. 1 LP)  $34  EX/EX  196?-7?,osw
154296	VA-Buck Owens,Freddie Hart,Susan Raye,Tony Booth,Buddy Alan,Dave Gray & the Bakersfield Brass:  Best of Bakersfield  (Capitol ST-11111 LP)  $13  VG+/EX  1972,co,swobc
154000	VA-Buck Owens,Freddie Hart,Susan Raye,Tony Booth,Buddy Alan,Lawanda Lindsey,David Frizzell:  Bakersfield, Nashville West  (Capitol ST-11238 LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  1973,co
153703	VA-Buck Owens,George Jones,Jimmy Dean,Roger Miller:  4 Kings of Country Music  (Nashville NLP 2032 LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  196?,osw
153996	VA-Bud Titus,Goldie Fields,Doye O'Dell,Lonnie Barron,Tom Tall,Ray Lunsford,Kelleys,Larry Thornton,Rovers,Whitey Knight,Casey Clark,Evelyn Harlene:  Golden Goodies Country & Western  (Crown CST 480 LP)  $11  VG/EX  196?,slrw
153704	VA-Buddy Spiker,Chubby Wise,Ramona Jones,Crook Brothers,Ward Allen,Fiddlin' Arthur Smith,Jerry Rivers,Shorty Lavender,Scotty Stoneman,Howdy Forrester,Arthur "Guitar Boogie" Smith,Curly Cline,Benny Martin,Tommy Hill:  Fiddlers Hall of Fame  (Starday SLP 209 LP)  $15  VG/VG+  1975,re,swobc
154079	VA-Chet Atkins,Bobby Bare,Skeeter Davis,Don Gibson,Norma Jean,Waylon Jennings,Jim Reeves,Connie Smith,Hank Snow,Bobbi Staff,Porter Wagner,Dottie West:  Big Country Hits  (RCA Victor LSP-3606 LP)  $13  EX/VG+  1966,osw
154008	VA-Clyde Moody,Reno & Smiley,Cowboy Copas,Moon Mullican,Ruby Wright:  14 Great All Time Country & Western Waltzes  (King 890(M) LP)  $18  VG/VG+  196?,smsplt
154248	VA-Cowboy Copas,Stanley Brothers,Reno & Smiley,Al Dexter,Jim Eanes,Tommy Scott,Jim Bobo:  Christmas Songs By These Famous Country Artists  (King 811(M) LP)  $38  SS  196?
154006	VA-Crystal Gayle,Willie Nelson,Eddie Rabbitt,Larry Gatlin,Barbara Mandrell,Don Williams,Charlie Daniels Band,Statler Brothers:  Sundown  (K-tel WU 3530 LP)  $15  SS  1980
154024	VA-Dave Dudley,George Morgan,Red Sovine,Willis Brothers,Johnny Bond,Minnie Pearl:  The Man Behind the Wheel  (Gusto SLP 404 LP)  $18  SS  1975,re
154019	VA-Del Reeves,Margie Singleton,Skeeter Davis,Claude Gray,Ferlin Husky,Lonnie Irving,Billy Walker,Joe Barry,Melba Montgomery:  Super Country Hits 1960's  (Gusto GT-0008 LP)  $11  VG+/EX  1978,swobc
154007	VA-Don Gibson,Roy Acuff,Jimmy Newman,Bob Luman,Bill Haley,Billy Byrd:  Country & Western Bonanza  (Camay C-3001(M) LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  196?,toc
154075	VA-Dottie West,Bobby Bare,Donna Fargo,Johnny Rodriguez,Marty Robbins,Porter Wagoner,Jerry Reed,Dolly Parton,Faron Young,Roy Clark,Waylon Jennings:  Country Sunshine  (Adam VIII A 8011 R LP)  $10  SS  1974,co
154072	VA-Eddy Arnold,Chet Atkins,Bobby Bare,Jim Ed Brown,Floyd Cramer,Jimmy Dean,Don Gibson,George Hamilton IV,Sonny James,Waylon Jennings,Roger Miller,Jim Reeves,Connie Smith,Nat Stuckey,Porter Wagoner,Skeeter Davis:  From Nashville With Love  (RCA Record Club R 213764 LP)  $25  VG+/VG+  1972,3lp,toc
154023	VA-Eddy Arnold,Chet Atkins,Gene Autry,Browns,Skeeter Davis,Don Gibson,Hank Locklin,Jim Reeves,Hank Snow,Sons of the Pioneers,Porter Wagoner,Del Wood:  Diamonds By the Dozen Country Style  (RCA Victor LSP-2668 LP)  $18  VG+/VG+  1963
154018	VA-Flatt & Scruggs,Reno & Smiley,Grandpa Jones,Hylo Brown,Jimmie Skinner,Red Allen,Bill Clifton,Sam & Kirk McGee,J.E. Mainer's Mountaineers,Jim & Jesse McReynolds,Stanley Brothers,Lonesome Pine Fiddlers,Stringbean,Carl Story,Country Gentlemen,Kentucky Travelers:  The Bluegrass Hall of Fame  (Gusto SLP 181(M) LP)  $5  VG+/VG+  197?,re
154076	VA-Gene Autry,Elton Britt,Bradley Kincaid,Jim Reeves,Mrs. Jimmie Rodgers,Hank Snow,Ernest Tubb:  When the Evening Shadows Fall: A Tribute to the Legendary Jimmie Rodgers  (RCA Victor LSP-4073(E) LP)  $33  SS  1968
154002	VA-George Jones,Johnny Bond,Willis Brothers,Frankie Miller,Hank Penny,Wayne Raney,Larry Kingston,Lattie Moore:  Haul Off and Love Me  (Nashville NLP 2084 LP)  $9  VG/VG+  196?-7?,osw,smsplt,swoc
154017	VA-George Jones,Roger Miller,Don Gibson,Rex Allen,Melba Montgomery:  Country Favorites  (Buckboard BBS 1038 LP)  $9  VG/EX  1976,rw,swobc
154020	VA-George Morgan,Tommy Cash,Johnn Bush,Kendalls,Sandy Posey,Mike Lunsford,David Houston,Del Reeves,Harlan Howard,Billy Walker:  Super Country Hits 1970's  (Gusto GT-0009 LP)  $11  VG+/EX  1978,swobc
150467	VA-Glen Campell,Bobbie Gentry,Bob Moore,Jim Reeves,Everly Brothers,Osborne Brothers,Eddie Arnold,Lynn Anderson,Chet Atkins,Ray Price:  Country Standards from House of Bryant Vol. 1  (House of Bryant HB-1001 LP)  $17  VG+/EX  196?-7?,osw,airplay promo only,all songs written by Felice & Boudleaux Bryant
154486	VA-Green Sisters,Martin Boys,Country Gentlemen,Lonnie Glosson,Buck Cody,Eva Reed,Tom Dunbar,Crystal Martin:  Direct from Codyland & Live from Buck Cody's Frontier Jamboree  (Codyland CLLP 1001 LP)  $38  VG/VG+  196?,smsplt
153705	VA-Hank Williams Jr.,Mel Tillis,Sherry Bryce,Tompall & the Glaser Brothers,Don Gibson,Ray Griff,Jeannie C. Riley,Billy Walker,Lois Johnson,Conway Twitty:  10 Giant Country Hits By 10 Super Country Stars Vol. 3  (MGM SE-4922 LP)  $10  SS  1973
153706	VA-Hank Williams Jr.,Tompall & the Glaser Brothers,Mel Tillis,Sherry Bryce,Conway Twitty,Don Gibson,Billy Walker,Jeannie C. Riley,Lamar Morris,Ben Colder:  10 Giant Country Hits By 10 Super Country Stars Vol. 4  (MGM SE-4923 LP)  $10  SS  1973
154246	VA-Jack Blanchard,Misty Morgan,Melanie Mountain,Susan Thomsen,Randy Hudson,Louis Skatell,Dale Locke,Junior Stevens,Brenda Thompson,Jim Voytek,Kenny Antcliff:  The Very Best of Autumn Hill Vol. 1  (Autumn Hill AHL 1002 LP)  $38  SS  197?
154074	VA-Jerry Lee Lewis,Roger Miller,George Jones,Statler Brothers,Leroy Van Dyke,Flatt & Scruggs,Faron Young,Dave Dudley,Tom T. Hall,Bobby Bare,Roy Drusky:  The Nashville Package of Original Country Hits  (Mercury SR-61375 LP)  $8  VG+/EX  196?-7?,swobc
154081	VA-Jerry Naylor,Kay Adams,Ray Sanders,Alice Rene,Eddie Miller:  Country Opera: The Legend of Johnny Brown  (Tower T-5045(M) LP)  $15  VG/VG+  196?,partial smsplt,swobc
147493	VA-Jessi Colter,Waylon Jennings,John Dillon,Steve Cash,Bernie Leadon,Eric Clapton:  White Mansions: A Tale from the American Civil War 1861-1865  (A&M AMLX 6004 LP)  $20  VG+/M-  1978,booklet
153682	VA-Jessi Colter,Waylon Jennings,John Dillon,Steve Cash,Bernie Leadon,Eric Clapton:  White Mansions: A Tale from the American Civil War 1861-1865  (A&M AMLX 6004 LP)  $29  SS  1978,booklet,prst oc
154244	VA-Joe Stampley,David Houston,Mary Kay Place,Johnny Rodriguez,Ferlin Husky,Johnny Duncan,Willie Nelson,David Wills,Little David Wilkins,Lynn Anderson:  Don't Stop the Music  (Columbia House 1P 7032 LP)  $18  SS  1978
154015	VA-Johnny Bond,Carter Family,Patsy Cline,Cowboy Copas,Roy Drusky,Dave Dudley,Flatt & Scruggs,Johnny Horton,George Jones,Buck Owens,Minnie Pearl,Webb Pierce,Red Sovine,Faron Young:  Country Music Spectacular from Nashville, Tennessee  (Starday SVS-6401(E) LP)  $35  VG/EX  1967,4lp box,bklt,woc
150188	VA-Johnny Cash,Johnny Horton,Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs,Mitch Miller,New Christy Minstrels,Jim & Jesse,Carter Family,Stonewall Jackson:  Songs & Sounds of the Great Age of Steam  (American Heritage/CSP P 12716 LP)  $25  VG+/EX  1975,George Innes cover art,songs & train sounds
154118	VA-Johnny Long,Texas Bill Strength,Dave Dudley,D.J. Chapman,Joe Rodgers,Marvis Thompson,Les Cunningham,Betty Lee,Barbara Lee Mack,Duke Larson,Muleskinners:  Country-Western Hits Vol. 3  (Bud-Jet BJ-303 LP)  $17  VG/VG+  196?,smsplt
154073	VA-Lee Williams,Jeannie Denver,Nick Carter,Slim Pickins,J.D. Band:  The Music Festival Show  (Westwood WRS72 LP)  $33  VG+/VG+  1975,UK,autographed obc
153671	VA-Leonard Bernstein,Wintley Phipps,Betty Buckley,Bill Champlin,Glen Campbell,Marie Osmond,Sandi Patti,Mark Isham,Kate Smith,Dobie Gray,Will D. Campbell,Johnny Cash,Willie Nelson,Jessie Colter,Waylon Jennings:  They Come to America  (Word 7-01-900710-4 LP)  $12  VG+/M-  1986,djts oc
154012	VA-Leroy Van Dyke,Faron Young,Carlisles,Magie Bowes,Flatt & Scruggs,Anita Carter,Del Wood:  Stars of the Grand Ole Opry  (Mercury Wing SRW 16296 LP)  $15  VG+/VG+  196?
155145	VA-Leroy Van Dyke,Faron Young,Carlisles,Magie Bowes,Flatt & Scruggs,Anita Carter,Del Wood:  Stars of the Grand Ole Opry  (Mercury Wing SRW 16296 LP)  $16  EX/VG+  196?,osw,co
154016	VA-Liz Anderson,Duane Eddy,Chet Atkins,Skeeter Davis,Don Gibson,John Hartford,Waylon Jennings,Michael Nesmith,Hank Snow:  Fantastic Country Vol. 1  (RCA Special Products PRS-387 LP)  $9  VG+/VG+  1972
154078	VA-Lonesome Pine Fiddlers,Buzz Busby,Kentucky Travelers,Carl Story,Stanley Brothers,Red Allen,Bill Harrell,Vern & Ray:  Blue Grass Banjo  (Mountain Dew S 7062 LP)  $15  EX/M-  196?-7?,osw
154080	VA-Lynn Anderson,Mel Tillis,Jerry Wallace,Jody Miller,Johnny Paycheck,Mac Davis,Barbara Fairchild,David Allan Coe,Roger Miller,George Jones:  Nashville On My Mind  (Columbia House 1P 6373 LP)  $13  SS  1975
154247	VA-Margie Singleton,Country Johnny Mathis,Red Sovine,Sleepy LaBeef,Benny Barnes,Sonny Burns,Tibby Edwards,Hoot & Curly,Merle Kilgore,Eddie Bond:  Stars & Guests of the Louisiana Hayride  (Guest Star GS 1492 LP)  $25  SS  196?
149976	VA-Marty Robbins,Jim Nabors,Jody Miller,Johnny Cash,Nashville Strings,David Houston,Freddy Weller,John Wesley Ryles:  Country Memories Vol. 1  (CSP P 13839 LP)  $11  SS  1977,artists rendition of grand ole opry cover art
153701	VA-Mel Tillis,Jeannie C. Riley,Billy Walker,Michael Parks,Ronnie Sessions,Hank Williams Jr,Lamar Morris,Tompall & the Glaser Brothers,Luke the Drifter Jr,Ben Colder:  10 Giant Country Hits By 10 Super Country Stars Vol. 2  (MGM SE-4921 LP)  $10  SS  1973
154548	VA-Mel Tillis,Narvel Felts,Mike Lunsford,Nashville Harmonica,Red Sovine,Roy Wiggins:  Mel Tillis & Friends  (Starday Power Pak PO-295 LP)  $13  SS  1977
153699	VA-Osborne Brothers,Merle Travis & Joe Maphis,Pinnacle Boys,Lester Flatt,Benny Martin,Josh Graves,Grandpa Jones,Chubby Wise,Bluegrass Cardinals,Jim Silvers,Eddie Adcock:  The World's Greatest Bluegrass Bands 2  (CMH 5901 LP)  $14  VG+/EX  1979,2lp
154117	VA-Pete Drake,Flatt & Scruggs,Tommy Hill,Tommy Jackson,Joe Maphis,Leon McAuliffe,Boots Randolph,Reno & Smiley,Arthur Smith,Bob Wills:  Fire On the Strings  (Starday SYM 0127(M) LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  1967
154004	VA-Ray Price,Tammy Wynette,Jimmy Dean,Marty Robbins,Carl Smith,Stonewall Jackson,Skeeter Davis,Johnny Cash Family,Chet Atkins:  A Country Style Christmas  (Columbia House 3P 6316 LP)  $14  VG+/EX  1975,3lp box
154011	VA-Red Sovine,Hylo Brown,Merle Kilgore,Bobby Sykes,Benny Martin,Tom O'Neal,Willis Brothers,Lonnie Irving:  Diesel Smoke, Dangerous Curves and Other Truck Driver Favorites  (Gusto SLP 250 LP)  $23  SS  197?,truck stop waitress & jukebox cover art
154516	VA-Roburt Anderson,Kate Miller,Jon Clarke:  Hollywood Gold  (Rainbow HG-587 LP)  $33  VG+/EX  197?-8?
153700	VA-Roger Miller,Jenny Lou Carson,Ernest Ashworth,Justin Tubb,Mitchell Torok:  Country Star Parade Vol. 2  (Vocalion VL 73804(E) LP)  $12  VG/EX  196?,woc,co
153887	VA-Ronnie Milsap,Waylon Jennings,Jerry Reed,Charley Pride,Willie Nelson:  Country's Winning Team  (RCA DJL1-3387 LP)  $13  VG+/EX  1979,promo sampler
152417	VA-Ronnie Milsap,Waylon Jennings,Jerry Reed,Charley Pride,Willie Nelson:  Country's Winning Team  (RCA DJL1-3387 LP)  $19  SS  1979,promo sampler
154082	VA-Roy Acuff,Bailes Brothers,Alcoyne Beasley,Jordanaires,Pee Wee King,Lulu Belle & Scotty,Kirk McGee,Joe & Rose Lee Maphis,Minnie Pearl,Clyde Moody,Del Wood:  The 4th Annual Fan Fair Reunion Show  (Foundation 1001 LP)  $18  SS  1976
154003	VA-Scotty Stoneman,Howdy Forrester,Chubby Wise,Buck Ryan,Buddy Spicher,Shorty Lavender,Ken Clark,Harry Choates,Mac Magaha,Benny Martin,Fiddlin' Arthur Smith,Curly Fox,Jerry Rivers,Fiddlin' Red Herron,Joe "Red" Hayes,Tommy Jackson:  16 Fiddler's Greatest Hits  (Gusto SD-3014 LP)  $11  VG/EX  1977,swobc,rw
153698	VA-Shirley & Squirrely,Randy Goodrum,Bob Gelotte,Ed Bernet,Johnny Hemphill,Mac Wiseman,Curtis Young,Oscar Ray:  All Ears: 10 Original Song Hits with a CB Theme  (Realistic 50-6002 LP)  $8  VG/VG+  197?,smsplt,cb cover art
154021	VA-Tex Ritter,Hank Thompson,Sonny James,Red Simpson,Wanda Jackson,Merle Haggard,Buck Owens,Ned Miller,Ferlin Husky,Jean Shepard:  Golden Moments of Country & Western Music  (Capitol SQBO-90985 LP)  $10  VG+/VG+  196?-7?,2lp
154022	VA-Uncle Dave Macon,Bill Monroe,Minnie Pearl,Hank Snow,Carter Family,Kitty Wells,Porter Wagoner,Don Gibson,Sonny James,Dolly Parton:  Stars of the Grand Ole Opry 1926-1974  (RCA Victor CPL2-0466 LP)  $16  VG+/VG+  1974,2lp,bklt,toc
154188	VA-Uncle Dave Macon,Bill Monroe,Minnie Pearl,Hank Snow,Carter Family,Kitty Wells,Porter Wagoner,Don Gibson,Sonny James,Dolly Parton:  Stars of the Grand Ole Opry 1926-1974  (RCA Victor CPL2-0466 LP)  $18  VG+/EX  1974,2lp,bklt,slrw
154077	VA-Willie Nelson,George Jones,B.J. Thomas,Mark Gray,Larry Gatlin,Janie Fricke,Johnny Rodriguez,David Allan Coe:  CBS Records Salutes Country Music Month 1984  (CBS AS 1882 LP)  $11  VG+/M-  1984,wlp,promo-only
154299	Van Dyke, Leroy:  Golden Hits - The World's Most Famous Auctioneer  (Sun 131 LP)  $9  VG+/VG+  1974,swobc
150448	Van Dyke, Leroy:  Greatest Hits  (Decca DL7 5346 LP)  $16  VG+/EX  1972,autographed oc
150756	Van, Gary:  The Country Side  (Justice M-350 LP)  $35  VG/EX  196?,autographed,slrw
146922	Vickery, Mack:  Live at the Alabama Women's Prison  (Mega M31-1002 LP)  $35  VG/EX  196?,wlp,co,great cover art of barefoot women in prison getting an autograph,toc,rw
150384	Wagon Wheels:  On Stage  (Wagon Wheel NR7848 LP)  $35  VG/EX  197?,illinois country group,autographed oc
150476	Wagoner, Porter:  Experience  (RCA Victor LSP-4810 LP)  $11  EX/EX  1972,osw
147031	Wagoner, Porter:  You Got-ta Have a License  (RCA Victor LSP-4286 LP)  $10  VG/EX  1970,slrw,co
155443	Wagoner, Porter & Dolly Parton:  Porter Wayne & Dolly Rebecca  (RCA Victor LSP-4305 LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  1970,osw,co
154120	Wagoner, Porter & Dolly Parton:  Say Forever You'll Be Mine  (RCA APL1-1116 LP)  $20  SS  1975,co
148292	Wagoner, Porter & Dolly Parton:  Two of a Kind  (RCA Victor LSP-4490 LP)  $15  EX/EX  1971,osw
154253	Wakely, Jimmy:  Blue Shadows  (MCA Coral CB-20033 LP)  $9  VG/EX  1973,soc,sol,co
154560	Wakely, Jimmy:  Blue Shadows  (MCA Coral CB-20033 LP)  $10  VG+/EX  1973,swobc
146923	Wakely, Jimmy:  Now & Then  (Decca DL 75192 LP)  $22  VG+/EX  1970,osw
146920	Walker, Billy:  Greatest Hits  (Monument KZ 31912 LP)  $13  SS  1972
146921	Walker, Billy:  The Walker Way  (Monument SLP 18047 LP)  $6  VG/VG+  1967,rw
154049	Walker, Charlie:  Break Out the Bottle - Bring On the Music  (RCA Victor APL1-0181 LP)  $10  VG/EX  1973,djts oc,soc,slrw
154050	Walker, Charlie:  I Don't Mind Goin' Under (If It'll Get Me Over You)  (RCA Victor LSP-4737 LP)  $13  VG/VG+  1972,djts oc,soc,woc
154051	Walker, Charlie:  Recorded Live In Dallas, Texas  (Epic BN 26483 LP)  $15  VG/VG+  1969,rw,soc,woc,prst obc
154460	Walker, Jerry Jeff:  Reunion  (MCA 5199 LP)  $11  VG+/EX  1981,lyric sleeve,prst oc
155141	Walker, Jerry Jeff:  Ridin' High  (MCA 2156 LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  1975,gfld
154462	Wallace, Jerry:  Another Time, Another World  (Liberty LST-7564 LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  196?,slrw
154304	Wallace, Jerry:  S/T  (MGM M3G 5007 LP)  $6  VG/VG+  1975,co,soc,rw,wobc
150723	Wallace, Jerry:  Shutters & Boards  (Hilltop JS-6125(E) LP)  $8  VG+/EX  197?
154252	Wallace, Jerry:  Superpak  (United Artists UXS-95 LP)  $11  VG/VG+  1972,2lp,soc,sol,co
154463	Wallace, Jerry:  Sweet Child of Sunshine  (Liberty LST-7597 LP)  $8  VG+/VG+  196?,"Son",slrw
154282	Ward, Jacky:  Rainbow  (Mercury SRM-1-5013 LP)  $7  EX/EX  1978,prst obc
147032	Ward, Jacky:  Rainbow  (Mercury SRM-1-5013 LP)  $12  SS  1978
154467	Wariner, Steve:  Down In Tennessee  (RCA Victor AHL1-7164 LP)  $12  SS  1986
154466	Wariner, Steve:  One Good Night Deserves Another  (MCA 5545 LP)  $9  SS  1985
148158	Warren, Floyd & the Ramblers:  Western Swing  (Lodestar LP 69-62(M) LP)  $38  VG+/VG+  1962?,waterloo iowa kwwl-tv group,swoc
154121	Watson, Gene:  Beautiful Country  (Capitol ST-11715 LP)  $23  SS  1977,co
152341	Watson, Gene:  Between This Time & the Next Time  (MCA 5170 LP)  $8  VG/M-  1981,prst oc,soc
152342	Watson, Gene:  Between This Time & the Next Time  (MCA 5170 LP)  $9  VG+/M-  1981,prst oc
146928	Watson, Gene:  Heartaches, Love & Stuff  (Curb MCA-5520 LP)  $11  VG+/M-  1984,osw,co
152340	Watson, Gene:  Sometimes I Get Lucky  (MCA 5384 LP)  $3  VG+/M-  1983,prst oc,swobc
152339	Watson, Gene:  This Dream's On Me  (MCA 5302 LP)  $3  VG+/M-  1982,prst oc
146934	Weaver, Charlie:  Sings For His People  (Columbia CL 1345(M) LP)  $12  VG/VG+  195?-6?,sm tear oc,six eye label
146917	Weaver, Dennis:  One More Road  (Ovation OVQD/1440(Q) LP)  $8  VG/VG+  1975,woc,wlp,co,quadraphonic,toc
154468	Weaver, Dennis:  One More Road  (Ovation OVQD/1440(Q) LP)  $15  SS  1975,quadraphonic
154498	Weaver, Dennis:  People Songs  (ABC ABDP-847 LP)  $17  SS  1974,co
150409	Webb, Jay Lee:  She's Looking Better By the Minute  (Decca DL 75121 LP)  $14  EX/EX  196?,osw,co
146918	Weller, Freddy:  Games People Play/These Are Not My People  (Columbia CS 9904 LP)  $15  VG/EX  196?,360 label,toc,slrw
149891	Weller, Freddy:  Go For the Night  (Columbia JC 36231 LP)  $17  SS  1980
155140	Wells, Kitty:  Burning Memories  (Decca DL 4612(M) LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  196?,co
150410	Wells, Kitty:  Christmas Day With...  (Decca DL 74349 LP)  $28  SS  196?
149888	Wells, Kitty:  Country Heart  (Vocalion VL 73875 LP)  $11  VG/EX  196?,osw,h2o damage -mostly obc
154457	Wells, Kitty:  Open Up Your Heart & Let the Sunshine In  (Pickwick JS-6158 LP)  $15  SS  197?,re
154090	Wells, Kitty:  The Kitty Wells Show  (Decca DL 4831(M) LP)  $15  EX/EX  196?,co
154048	Wells, Kitty:  They're Stepping All Over My Heart  (Decca DL 75277 LP)  $13  VG/VG+  196?,rw,soc,woc,prst obc
153697	Wells, Kitty:  Your Love Is the Way  (Decca DL 75245 LP)  $11  VG/VG+  1970,djs obc,rw,soc,woc
153518	West, Dottie:  Careless Hands  (RCA Victor LSP-4482 LP)  $15  VG+/EX  1971,co,wobc,wol
153244	West, Dottie:  Carolina Cousins  (RCA Victor APL1-1041 LP)  $10  VG/VG+  1975,wol,co,wobc
153517	West, Dottie:  Country Girl  (RCA Victor LSP-4004 LP)  $11  VG+/EX  1968,co,wobc
153243	West, Dottie:  Forever Yours  (RCA Victor LSP-4433 LP)  $15  VG+/EX  1970,swol,swobc,co
154461	West, Dottie:  High Times  (Liberty LT-51114 LP)  $9  VG+/EX  1981,co
146931	West, Dottie:  House of Love  (RCA APL1-0543 LP)  $15  SS  1974,co
153346	West, Dottie:  Loving You  (RCA Camden ACL1-0482 LP)  $10  VG/VG+  1974,co,h2o obc
150380	West, Dottie:  Special Delivery  (United Artists LT-1000 LP)  $8  VG+/VG+  1979
150378	West, Dottie:  Suffer Time  (RCA Victor LSP 3587 LP)  $15  VG+/VG  1966,swobc
150381	West, Dottie:  The Sound of Country Music  (RCA Camden CAS-2155 LP)  $17  VG+/VG+  1967,toc
154464	West, Shelly:  West By West  (Warner Bros 1-23775 LP)  $10  VG+/VG+  1983
154098	White, Bob & Clyde Brewer:  Seven Come Eleven  (Stoneway STY-141 LP)  $15  SS  197?
147035	Whitman, Slim:  Mr. Songman  (Epic FE 37403 LP)  $18  SS  1981,sost "Can't Help My Falling In Love With You"
150379	Whitman, Slim:  Sings Million Record Hits  (Imperial LP-9102(M) LP)  $38  VG+/M-  196?
146916	Whitman, Slim:  The Very Best of...  (United Artists UA-LA245-G LP)  $9  VG/EX  1974,co,sl h2o oc
149887	Whitman, Slim:  Unchain Your Heart  (Sunset SUM-1112(M) LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  196?,osw
154454	Wilburn Brothers:  A Portrait  (MCA 2-4011 LP)  $23  SS  1973,2lp
146912	Wilburn Brothers:  Carefree Moments  (Vocalion VL 3691(M) LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  196?
154449	Wilburn Brothers:  Cool Country  (Decca DL 74871 LP)  $25  SS  196?
154451	Wilburn Brothers:  It Looks Like the Sun's Gonna Shine  (Decca DL 75123 LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  196?,osw,co
154453	Wilburn Brothers:  Little Johnny From Down the Street  (Decca DL 75173 LP)  $21  SS  1969,co
154450	Wilburn Brothers:  That Country Feeling  (Vocalion VL 73876 LP)  $13  VG+/EX  196?,osw
154452	Wilburn Brothers:  The Big Heartbreak  (Decca DL 75058 LP)  $25  VG+/VG+  196?,swobc
154314	Wilkins, Little Dave:  King of All the Taverns  (MCA 2215 LP)  $13  VG+/EX  1976,co
149890	Wilkins, Little David:  New Horizons  (Playboy KZ 35028 LP)  $12  VG+/M-  1977,djts oc,djl,prst obc
149889	Wilkins, Little David:  S/T  (MCA 445 LP)  $12  VG+/M-  1974,sl h2o damage
153683	Willenbrink, Paul:  Harmonica (By Paul)  (Stoneway STY-154 LP)  $12  SS  197?
150186	WIlliams Jr, Hank:  Whiskey Bent & Hell Bound  (Elektra 6E-237 LP)  $7  VG+/VG+  1979
146936	Williams Jr., Hank:  Bocephus  (MGM M3G 4988 LP)  $17  EX/M-  1975,osw
154546	Williams Jr., Hank:  Eleven Roses  (MGM SE 4843 LP)  $13  VG/EX  1972,rw,staple hole oc
153696	Williams Jr., Hank:  Eleven Roses  (MGM SE 4843 LP)  $14  VG/EX  1972,wlp,co,soc,woc,rw
146937	Williams Jr., Hank:  Eleven Roses  (MGM SE 4843 LP)  $15  EX/EX  1972,osw
154547	Williams Jr., Hank:  Eleven Roses  (MGM SE 4843 LP)  $21  SS  1972,co
154602	Williams Jr., Hank:  Five-O  (Curb/WB W1-25267 LP)  $11  EX/M-  1985,osw
146939	Williams Jr., Hank:  Greatest Hits  (MGM SE-4656 LP)  $8  EX/VG  197?,osw
154599	Williams Jr., Hank:  Greatest Hits III  (Curb/WB 1-25834 LP)  $11  EX/M-  1989,osw,"There's a Tear in My Beer"
154519	Williams Jr., Hank:  Habits Old & New  (Elektra 6E-278 LP)  $11  VG+/M-  1980,wlp,prst oc
154541	Williams Jr., Hank:  Living Proof  (MGM M3G 4971 LP)  $10  EX/EX  1974,osw,co
154597	Williams Jr., Hank:  Major Moves  (Warner/Curb W1-25088 LP)  $9  EX/EX  1984,osw
154598	Williams Jr., Hank:  Man of Steel  (Warner Bros W1-23924 LP)  $13  EX/EX  1983,osw
154600	Williams Jr., Hank:  Montana Cafe  (Curb/WB W1-25412 LP)  $10  EX/EX  1986,osw
146938	Williams Jr., Hank:  Singing Songs of Johnny Cash  (MGM SE-4675 LP)  $23  EX/VG+  197?,osw
153833	Williams Jr., Hank:  Singing Songs of Johnny Cash  (MGM SE-4675 LP)  $23  VG/VG+  197?,yellow djl,soc,woc
153523	Williams Jr., Hank:  Singing Songs of Johnny Cash  (MGM SE-4675 LP)  $35  SS  197?
154601	Williams Jr., Hank:  Strong Stuff  (Elektra E1 60223 LP)  $10  EX/EX  1983,osw
154554	Williams Jr., Hank:  Sweet Dreams  (MGM SE 4798 LP)  $10  VG+/VG+  1971,Mike Curb Congregation
154469	Williams Jr., Hank:  Sweet Dreams  (MGM SE 4798 LP)  $11  EX/VG+  1971,Mike Curb Congregation,osw
155142	Williams Jr., Hank:  The Last Love Song  (MGM SE-4936 LP)  $15  VG+/VG+  1973,osw,co
146940	Williams Jr., Hank:  The Last Love Song  (MGM SE-4936 LP)  $17  EX/EX  1973,osw
150472	Williams, Art:  Love In My Mind  (Buffalo BUFF-L-2003 LP)  $25  VG+/EX  1979,UK,autographed obc,toc
149895	Williams, Don:  Country Boy  (ABC Dot DO 2088 LP)  $16  SS  1977,insert,sl h2o damage oc
154083	Williams, Don:  Greatest Hits  (ABC Dot DOSD-2035 LP)  $9  VG/EX  1975,wlp,co,soc
154377	Williams, Don:  I Believe In You  (MCA 5133 LP)  $11  EX/VG+  1980,osw
146913	Williams, Don:  Prime Cuts  (Capitol C1-91444 LP)  $13  VG+/M-  1989,co
154220	Williams, Don:  Visions  (ABC Dot DO-2064 LP)  $7  VG+/EX  1977
153355	Williams, Don:  Volume III  (ABC Dot DOSD-2004 LP)  $9  VG+/EX  1974,wlp,prst oc
154205	Williams, Don:  Yellow Moon  (MCA 5407 LP)  $10  VG+/EX  1983,Canada,co
154221	Williams, Don:  You're My Best Friend  (ABC Dot DOSD-2021 LP)  $7  VG+/EX  1975
154545	Williams, Hank:  14 More Greatest Hits Vol. 3  (MGM SE 4140 LP)  $15  VG/VG+  197?,rw,woc
151953	Williams, Hank:  20 Greatest Hits Vol. 1  (Grand Canyon 35001 LP)  $22  SS  197?,Germany
151954	Williams, Hank:  20 Greatest Hits Vol. 2  (Grand Canyon 35002 LP)  $22  SS  197?,Germany
154444	Williams, Hank:  24 Greatest Hits Vol. 2  (MGM MG-2-5401 LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  1977,2lp,wlp
150383	Williams, Hank:  Anthology of Country Music: Early Country Live Vol 2  (ACM-10 LP)  $38  SS  197?
150466	Williams, Hank:  Greatest Hits  (MGM SE 3918 LP)  $9  VG+/VG+  197?,re,swirl label
155380	Williams, Hank:  Greatest Hits  (MGM SE 3918 LP)  $10  EX/VG+  197?,re,swirl label,osw
150465	Williams, Hank:  Greatest Hits  (Polydor SE 3918 LP)  $7  VG+/VG+  197?-8?,re,osw,toc
151956	Williams, Hank:  Greatest Hits Vol. 1  (RTB 2223074 LP)  $18  SS  1984,Yugoslavia
150468	Williams, Hank:  I Won't Be Home No More  (MGM SE-4481 LP)  $10  EX/VG  196?,And Strings,osw
153997	Williams, Hank:  In the Beginning  (MGM SE-4576 LP)  $11  VG/VG+  196?
154445	Williams, Hank:  Let Me Sing A Blue Song  (MGM SE3914(E) LP)  $28  VG+/M-  196?,co,toc
148026	Williams, Hank:  Live at the Grand Ole Opry  (MGM MG-1-5019 LP)  $15  EX/M-  1976,osw,1949 recording
153998	Williams, Hank:  Movin' On - Luke the Drifter  (MGM SE-4380(E) LP)  $15  VG/VG+  196?
154446	Williams, Hank:  On Stage Volume 2  (MGM SE-4109 LP)  $22  SS  196?
150463	Williams, Hank:  The Essential...  (MGM SE-4651 LP)  $11  EX/VG+  196?-7?,osw
153999	Williams, Hank:  The Great Hits of...  (MGM Special Products SE-4267-4(E) LP)  $21  VG/VG+  196?,2lps from the 4lp "hank williams story" release,toc
155388	Williams, Hank:  The Legendary...  (Reader's Digest RB4-224 LP)  $15  EX/M-  1985,osw
150462	Williams, Hank:  The Spirit of...  (MGM E-3955(M) LP)  $14  VG+/VG  196?
154447	Williams, Hank:  The Spirit of...  (MGM SE-3955 LP)  $18  VG+/M-  196?,osw
153967	Williams, Hank:  The Very Best of...  (MGM SE-4168 LP)  $17  EX/VG+  196?
154367	Williams, Hank:  The Very Best of...  (Polydor MIP-1-9347(E) LP)  $17  VG+/M-  1973,Canada,soc,re
154455	Williams, Hank:  The Very Best of...Vol. 2  (MGM SE-4227 LP)  $16  VG+/M-  196?,toc,osw
153593	Williams, Hank:  Treasury  (MGM/Columbia House P4S 5616 LP)  $32  VG+/EX  197?,4lp box
149886	Williams, Hank:  Wait for the Light to Shine...  (MGM SE-3850(E) LP)  $12  VG+/EX  196?-7?
150460	Williams, Hank & Audrey:  Mr. & Mrs Hank Williams  (Metro MS 547(E) LP)  $8  VG/VG+  196?,smsplt,spine split
150464	Williams, Hank & Hank Jr.:  The Legend of Hank Williams In Song & Story  (MGM 2-SES-4865 LP)  $18  VG/EX  1973,2lp,sl h2o oc
150461	Williams, Hank & Hank Jr.:  The Legend of Hank Williams In Song & Story  (MGM 2-SES-4865 LP)  $35  SS  1973,2lp,messy cutout corner
150725	Williams, Johnny:  Your Cheatin' Heart & Other Hank Williams Favorites  (Custom CS 1023 LP)  $22  SS  196?,seal partially open
153694	Williams, Lawton:  Between Truck Stops  (Mega M31-1004 LP)  $15  VG/EX  196?-7?,wlp,soc,woc
146935	Willis Brothers:  The Best of...  (Starday SLP-960 LP)  $11  VG+/EX  1975,toc
153955	Wills, Bob:  Here's That Man Again  (Kapp KL 1542(M) LP)  $18  VG/VG+  196?,wlp,djts oc,soc,wol,wobc,prst obc
148087	Wills, Bob:  The Best of Bob Wills  (MCA 153 LP)  $12  EX/EX  1973,re,osw
153351	Wills, Bob:  The Great...  (Harmony HL 7345(M) LP)  $15  VG+/EX  196?
154230	Wills, Bob & Tommy Duncan:  Together  (Sunset SUS-5108 LP)  $10  VG/VG+  196?,soc,sol,wobc
153836	Wills, Chill:  Hello, Cousin  (Metromedia MD 1017 LP)  $15  VG/VG+  196?-7?,wlp,rw,soc
148576	Wilson, Norro:  Dedicated To: Only You  (Smash SRS-67116 LP)  $8  VG+/EX  196?,co
153692	Wise, Chubby:  Grassy Fiddle  (Stoneway STY-157 LP)  $15  SS  1975
153347	Wood, Del:  Mississippi Showboat  (RCA Victor LPM-2091(M) LP)  $12  VG/VG+  1960,toc
146929	Worth, Marion:  A Woman Needs Love  (Decca DL 74936 LP)  $11  EX/VG  196?,osw
146930	Worth, Marion:  Sings Marty Robbins  (Columbia CS 9087 LP)  $11  EX/VG  196?,osw,360 label
154458	Wright Brothers:  Made In the U.S.A.  (Warner Bros 1-23736 LP)  $9  VG/EX  1982,sost "Younger Girl",prst oc
146924	Wright, Johnny:  Hello Vietnam  (Decca DL 4698(M) LP)  $11  VG+/EX  196?,military
153695	Wright, Sonny:  I Love You Loretta Lynn  (Kapp KS-3614 LP)  $18  VG/VG+  196?,rw,soc,woc,djs obc
150728	Wynette, Tammy:  Christmas with Tammy  (Epic E 30343 LP)  $9  EX/VG+  196?-7?,osw
146926	Wynette, Tammy:  Christmas with Tammy  (Epic E 30343 LP)  $15  SS  196?-7?
150459	Wynette, Tammy:  D-I-V-O-R-C-E  (Epic BN 26392 LP)  $14  VG+/VG  196?,orig yellow label
154085	Wynette, Tammy:  Stand By Your Man  (Epic BN 26451 LP)  $13  VG/VG+  196?,yellow label,soc
150743	Wynette, Tammy:  Take Me to Your World  (CSP P 11518 LP)  $8  VG+/VG+  197?,osw
154089	Wynette, Tammy:  Tammy's Touch  (Epic BN 26549 LP)  $13  VG/VG+  196?-7?,rw,soc
154555	Wynette, Tammy:  The Ways to Love a Man  (Epic BN 26519 LP)  $18  SS  196?-7?
146933	Wynette, Tammy:  'Til I Can Make It On My Own  (Epic KE 34075 LP)  $27  SS  1976
154084	Wynette, Tammy:  Womanhood  (Epic KE 35442 LP)  $9  VG/VG+  1978,wlp,slrw,soc,djts obc,prst obc
154507	Wynette, Tammy:  Your Good Girl's Gonna Go Bad  (Epic BN 26305 LP)  $24  VG+/VG+  196?,orig yellow lbl,osw
150470	Young, Faron:  Aims At the West  (Mercury SR-60840 LP)  $17  VG+/VG  1963
154383	Young, Faron:  It's a Great Life  (Tower T 5022(M) LP)  $18  VG+/VG+  196?,slrw
146932	Young, Faron:  It's Four In the Morning  (Mercury SR-61359 LP)  $8  EX/VG  1972,osw
153252	Young, Faron:  It's Four In the Morning  (Mercury SR-61359 LP)  $8  VG+/VG+  1972,slrw,wobc
150473	Young, Faron:  Mansion Over the Hilltop  (Sesac A-801/802(M) LP)  $38  VG/VG+  195?-6?,Anita Kerr Singers,soc,toc,woc
153282	Young, Faron:  Most Requested  (Faron Young DY-CS-101 LP)  $28  VG/VG+  1968,wol,rw,wobc
150475	Young, Faron:  The Love of God  (Sesac A-803/804(M) LP)  $36  VG/VG  195?-6?,Anita Kerr Singers,soc,toc,woc
150471	Young, Faron:  The Young Approach  (Capitol ST 1634 LP)  $15  EX/VG  196?,center logo on black/rainbow label,osw
150727	Young, Faron:  Wine Me Up  (Mercury SR 61241 LP)  $12  VG/VG+  196?,smsplt


150536	Albright, William & Sydney Hodkinson:  New Music for Organ  (Nonesuch H-71260 LP)  $45  SS  1971,works by Bolcom & Albright,Univ of Michigan Electronic Music Studio
154648	Davies, Dennis Russell:  OVERTON: Pulsations / TRIMBLE: In Praise of Diplomacy & Common Sense  (CRI SD 298 LP)  $48  SS  1972,Richard Frisch
148142	DeMars, James / Glenn Hackbarth:  Desert Songs / Metropolis  (Orion ORS 85492 LP)  $35  VG+/M-  198?,TOS Performing Arts Ensemble,ASU New Music Ensemble
151622	Eden Electronic Ensemble:  Plugged In Joplin  (Pye 12010 LP)  $12  VG/VG+  1974,soc,smsplt
150496	Foss, Lukas:  Echoi for 4 Soloists / Time Cycle (Chamber Version)  (Epic LC 3886(M) LP)  $35  VG+/M-  1963?,wlp,Group for Contemporary Music at Columbia University,Improvisation Chamber Ensemble
148973	Hankinson, Mike:  The Unusual Classical Synthesizer  (ABC Westminster Gold WGS-8182 LP)  $7  VG/VG  1972,Putney V.C.S. 3 Synthesizer,multi-electrical sockets cover art,sm tear oc,woc
150201	Jarre, Jean Michel:  Rendezvous  (Dreyfus 829 125 LP)  $6  EX/EX  1986
154673	Kolb, Barbara / Walter Mays / Dennia Russell Davies:  KOLB: Looking for Claudio / Spring River Flowers Moon Night / MAYS: Concerto for Alto Saxophone & Chamber Ensemble / RHODES: Divertimento for Small Orchestra  (CRI SD 361 LP)  $48  SS  1976,some electronics
152567	Partch, Harry:  The World of...  (Columbia MQ 31227(Q) LP)  $32  VG/EX  1972,quadraphonic,slrw
147647	Sakamoto, Ryuichi:  Left Handed Dream  (Alfa ALR-28025 LP)  $28  EX/EX  1981,Japan,obi,Adrian Belew,soc
154650	Schuller, Gunther:  HARBISON: Piano Concerto / STOCK: Inner Space  (CRI SD 440 LP)  $48  SS  1980,Robert Miller
152187	Sounds Galactic:  An Astromusical Odyssey  (London Phase 4 SP 44154 LP)  $25  VG+/EX  197?,djl,gfld,prst oc,"Spinning Wheel","Telstar","Across the Universe" beatlesong
151164	Sylvain, David & Holger Czukay:  Plight & Premonition  (Venture 1-90904 LP)  $16  VG+/M-  1988,co,prst oc,Japan/Can members
152368	Western Brass Quintet / Abraham & Arlene Stokman:  ZUPKO: Masques / Nocturnes / Fluxus II  (CRI SD 425 LP)  $23  VG/EX  1980,spinewear,modern american composers series
154649	Wyton, Alec:  HAMILTON: Epitaph for this World & Time / Voyage  (CRI SD 280 LP)  $48  SS  1971,Barry Tuckwell,Larry King,David Agler
150788	Zeitgeist:  Bowers/DeMars/Stockhausen  (Sound Environment TR1015 LP)  $48  VG+/VG+  197?-8?


152415	Ames, Nancy:  I Never Will Marry  (Liberty LST-7329 LP)  $17  VG/VG+  196?,soc,woc,smsplt
152449	Armstrong, Frankie:  Songs & Ballads  (Antilles AN-7021 LP)  $18  VG/EX  1975,sl h2o oc
154517	Baez, Joan:  Diamonds & Rust  (A&M SP-4527 LP)  $14  EX/VG+  1976,lyric sleeve
146983	Baez, Joan:  Farewell, Angelina  (Vanguard VRS-9200(M) LP)  $18  VG+/VG+  1965,orig mono
154059	Baez, Joan:  Honest Lullaby  (Portrait JR 35766 LP)  $11  VG/EX  1979,wlp,lyric sleeve,soc
154058	Baez, Joan:  S/T  (Vanguard VRS-9078(M) LP)  $23  VG+/VG+  196?,soc
152273	Baez, Joan:  The Best of...  (Emus ES 12001 LP)  $15  EX/EX  197?,re
147395	Baez, Joan:  The Best of...  (Squire SSQ 33001 LP)  $22  VG+/EX  1963,re of Veritas LP
150639	Barrier Brothers:  Gospel Songs Bluegrass Style  (Cumberland MGC 29522(M) LP)  $15  VG+/VG+  1965,osw
152374	Barton, Cathy & Dave Para:  Ballad of the Boonslick  (private 82582 LP)  $18  M-/EX  1982,osw
149732	Bassette, John:  Country - The Saga of the Emerald City Cowboy  (Busted Penny AF 601 LP)  $48  SS  1980
147942	Bibb, Leon:  Sings  (Columbia CL 1762(M) LP)  $19  VG+/EX  1961,orig six eye label,staple oc
154520	Bikel, Theodore:  Bravo Bikel  (Elektra EKL-175(M) LP)  $15  VG/VG+  1960,orig,gfld,soc
153266	Bikel, Theodore:  Sings Jewish Folk Songs  (Elektra EKL-141(M) LP)  $14  EX/VG+  196?,orig,bklt
148237	Bikel, Theodore:  Songs of a Russian Gypsy  (Elektra EKL-150(M) LP)  $28  VG+/VG+  195?,orig
153693	Blake, Norman:  The Fields of November  (Flying Fish 004 LP)  $25  SS  197?,bent corner
153222	Bright Morning Star:  Sweet & Sour  (Flying Fish FF 478 LP)  $11  VG/EX  1988,prst oc
150836	Brothers Four:  Greatest Hits  (Columbia CS 8603 LP)  $16  VG+/EX  1962,360 label
153046	Brothers Four:  Roamin' with...  (Columbia CL 1625(M) LP)  $18  VG+/EX  196?,six eye label,prst ol
151557	Brothers Four:  Sing Lennon-McCartney  (Columbia CL 2502(M) LP)  $24  VG/VG+  196?,orig 360 label,Beatles Songbook,lg soc,swol,djs obc
151556	Brothers Four:  Sing Lennon-McCartney  (Columbia CL 2502(M) LP)  $30  VG+/EX  196?,orig 360 label,Beatles Songbook,columbia stereo insert
150837	Brothers Four:  The Big Folk Hits  (Columbia CS 8833 LP)  $17  VG+/VG+  1963,360 label,sm tear obc
154511	Bud & Travis:  In Concert  (Liberty LDS-12001 LP)  $15  VG/VG+  196?,2lp,rw,smsplt
152281	Bull, Sandy:  Fantasias for Guitar & Banjo  (Vanguard VRS-9119(M) LP)  $38  VG+/VG+  1963,orig,Billy Higgins
150405	Carre, Yvonne:  World Wide Folk Bag  (Somerset SF-28900 LP)  $10  EX/VG+  196?,osw
148307	Carre, Yvonne:  World Wide Folk Bag  (Somerset SF-28900 LP)  $11  EX/EX  196?,osw
154544	Cherry Hill Singers:  S/T  (Life L-1020(M) LP)  $15  VG/VG+  196?,prst ol,soc,slrw,prst obc
155189	Clairseach:  Ann's Harp  (Clairseach 2381 LP)  $15  VG+/EX  1981
155328	Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem:  Come Fill Your Glass With Us  (Tradition TR 1032 LP)  $11  VG/VG+  196?,rw,wobc
154499	Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem:  The Best of...  (Tradition TR 2050 LP)  $12  EX/M-  197?,osw
153681	Clements, Vassar:  S/T  (Mercury SRM-1-1022 LP)  $15  VG/EX  1975,wlp,slrw,John Hartford,Charlie Daniels
151318	Cleveland, Sara:  S/T  (Philo 1020 LP)  $14  VG/EX  1975,woc,sobc
152892	Cohen, Leonard:  Songs of Leonard Cohen  (Columbia CS 9533 LP)  $11  VG/VG+  197?,re,rw
147371	Cohen, Leonard:  Songs of Leonard Cohen  (Columbia CS 9533 LP)  $12  VG/EX  197?,re,slrw
152891	Cohen, Leonard:  Songs of Love & Hate  (Columbia C 30103 LP)  $13  VG/EX  197?,2nd label,slrw,orig inner sleeve,booklet insert
147950	Collins, Judy:  So Early In The Spring  (Elektra 8E-6002 LP)  $7  VG+/EX  1977,2lp,lyric sleeves,"Send in the Clowns"
146905	Collins, Judy:  Wildflowers  (Elektra EKS 74012 LP)  $6  VG+/EX  197?,re,butterfly label,"both sides now",osw
154501	Collins, Judy:  Wildflowers  (Elektra EKS 74012 LP)  $9  EX/VG+  196?,gold label,sost "both sides now",osw
152282	Conway, Brian & Tony DeMarco:  The Apple In Winter  (Green Linnet SIF 1035 LP)  $25  VG+/M-  1981,co
148177	Crandell, Richard:  In the Flower of Your Youth  (Cutthroat S-8109 LP)  $38  VG/EX  1980,smsplt,soc,eugene oregon private press
152287	Critton Hollow:  Great Dreams  (Flying Fish FF 468 LP)  $11  VG+/M-  1988,prst oc
155326	Crumit, Frank:  Mountain Greenery  (Living Era AJA 5001(M) LP)  $25  SS  1981,UK,1928-28 recordings
151412	Currie, John Revue:  400 Years  (Dyna House CD 2027 LP)  $12  EX/M-  197?,UK?,gfld
153087	deWolf, Dean:  High Tide  (Argo LP-4035(M) LP)  $18  VG/EX  1964,h2o oc
154500	deWolf, Dean:  High Tide  (Argo LP-4035(M) LP)  $22  VG+/VG+  1964,wlp
151253	Dillards & Byron Berline:  Pickin' & Fiddlin'  (Elektra EKS-7285 LP)  $18  VG/EX  1965,red label,rw
149909	Dyer-Bennet, Richard:  S/T  (Archive of Folk Music FS-203 LP)  $15  EX/EX  196?,osw
152288	Eaglebone Whistle:  S/T  (Fretless FR 152 LP)  $11  VG+/EX  1981,co,prst oc
154473	Evans, Rusty:  Songs of Our Land  (MVM 111(M) LP)  $18  VG/M-  1962,smsplt,osw
151808	Fairport feat Dave Swarbrick:  Gottle O' Geer  (Island ILPS-9389 LP)  $14  VG+/EX  1976
150999	Farina, Richard & Mimi:  Memories  (Vanguard VSD-79263 LP)  $16  VG/VG+  1968,rw
154471	Foggy Duo:  Out of the Mist  (Fog 205 LP)  $23  VG+/VG+  197?,Canada,autographed oc,lyric sleeve
154557	Folkniks:  The Sound of Twelve-String Guirar & Banjo  (Life L-1017(M) LP)  $31  VG/VG+  195?-6?,stain oc,soc,prst ol,prst obc
151007	Frye, Velma:  I am to Someone  (Flying Fish 498 LP)  $11  EX/M-  1988,co
150393	Gary & Anne:  Turn the World Around  (Earth Sound ESP 183-01 LP)  $38  VG+/M-  1983,insert
147004	Girard, Marianne:  When It Hurts  (Sailor SAIL 2002 LP)  $28  VG+/M-  1982,Canada,lyric sleeve,spinewear
154474	Goldwaters:  Sing Folk Songs To Bug the Liberals  (Greenleaf M101 63 LP)  $45  VG/VG+  196?,rw,pro-barry goldwater folk group!
149485	Goodman, Steve:  Words We Can Dance To  (Asylum K 53038 LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  1976,UK,lyric sleeve
153268	Gorman-Jacobs, Judy:  If Dreams Were Thunder  (Icebergg ICE 1104 LP)  $55  SS  1985
148136	Gravelding, Austin:  Restless Winds  (GWP ST 2038 LP)  $35  VG+/M-  1971
150764	Green, Val:  In the Violet of the Night  (private LP-41469 LP)  $95  VG/VG  196?,rare private press acid-folk,rw,plays fine with some noise
150584	Greenwood County Singers:  The Ballad of Cat Ballou  (Kapp KL-1448(M) LP)  $20  VG/EX  196?,co,slrw
151633	Greenwoods:  Folk Instrumentals  (Decca DL 74496 LP)  $26  VG+/VG+  196?,slrw
154100	Grisman, David:  Quintet '80  (Warner Bros BSK 3469 LP)  $14  VG+/M-  1980,prst obc
148072	Grossman, Stefan & Ton van Bergeyk:  How to Play Ragtime Guitar  (Kicking Mule KM 115 LP)  $17  VG/VG+  1975,tablature book
154114	Guthrie, Woody:  A Legendary Performer  (RCA CPL1-2099 LP)  $15  VG+/M-  1977,re,die-cut cover,orig inner sleeve,prst obc
151197	Guthrie, Woody:  Songs To Grow On Vol. 1  (Folkways FC 7675(M) LP)  $23  VG+/EX  1958,no bklt,black label,smsplt
155276	Halifax Three:  S/T  (CSP CSRP 26038 LP)  $15  VG+/EX  1963,re
155381	Hartford, John:  Mark Twang  (Flying Fish FF-020 LP)  $14  VG+/VG+  1976
154056	Hartford, John:  Nobody Knows What You Do  (Flying Fish 028 LP)  $10  VG+/EX  1976
147020	Hartford, John:  Nobody Knows What You Do  (Flying Fish 028 LP)  $11  VG+/M-  1976
146848	Havens, Richie:  Richard P. Havens, 1983  (Verve Forecast FTS-3047-2 LP)  $39  VG/EX/M-  1968,2lp,insert,slrw,torn corner
148758	Hickey, Chris:  Frames of Mind, Boundaries of Time  (CNC CH1001 LP)  $23  VG/EX  1985,tears oc
155264	Hills, Anne:  Woman of a Calm Heart  (Flying Fish FF-464 LP)  $13  VG+/EX  1988,prst oc
151724	Irish Blessing:  May the Road Rise Up...  (Irish Blessing IB-1001 LP)  $35  VG+/M-  1982,autographed oc,illinois private press
147510	Irish Rovers:  Unicorn  (Decca DL 74951 LP)  $9  EX/VG+  196?,osw,soc
153870	Ives, Burl:  Greatest Hits!  (Decca DL 74850 LP)  $10  EX/EX  196?,osw,swobc
152291	Ives, Burl:  Pearly Shells & Other Favorites  (Decca DL 4578(M) LP)  $16  EX/EX  196?,osw
146887	Ives, Burl:  Sunshine In My Soul  (Decca DL 4320(M) LP)  $16  VG+/EX  196?
149562	Ives, Burl:  The Special Magic of...  (Suffolk Marketing MSM 35043 LP)  $9  VG+/VG+  1981
153669	Ives, Burl:  The Wayfaring Stranger  (Columbia CL 628(M) LP)  $17  VG/VG+  1955,two eye label,2nd press
154159	Ives, Burl:  Twelve Days of Christmas  (Pickwick SPC-1018 LP)  $9  VG+/VG+  196?-7?
147560	Jansch, Bert:  Birthday Blues  (Reprise RS 6343 LP)  $45  VG+/VG+  1969,orig,wlp
148448	Jasmine:  Wild Strings  (Icebergg ICE 217 LP)  $15  EX/M-  1987,autographed oc,lyric sleeve,women's music
155533	Joe & Eddie:  Coast to Coast  (GNP Crescendo GNP T-90035(M) LP)  $20  EX/M-  1964,orig,capitol record club pressing,osw
151117	Joe & Eddie:  The Best of...  (GNP Crescendo GNP-2032 LP)  $11  VG+/EX  196?,co
155534	Joe & Eddie:  There's a Meetin Here Tonite  (GNP Crescendo T-90034(M) LP)  $13  VG+/EX  196?,Capitol record club pressing
154097	Johnson, Ed:  From the Seed  (private LP)  $12  VG+/M-  1988,lyric inserts
154538	Kane, Ron & Skip Gorman:  Powder River  (Folk-Legacy FSI-76 LP)  $28  EX/EX  1981,osw,bklt
148505	Kennedy, Peter & Alan Lomax (editors):  Folksongs of Britain Vol. 1: Songs of Courtship  (Caedmon TC 1142(M) LP)  $28  VG+/EX  
150517	Kingston Trio:  #16  (Capitol ST 1871 LP)  $16  EX/EX  196?,black/rainbow label
155157	Kingston Trio:  Aspen Gold  (Nautilus NR2 LP)  $38  EX/M-  1979,gfld,superdisc,audiophile
148178	Kingston Trio:  From the Hungry I  (Capitol T-1107(M) LP)  $17  VG+/VG+  1959,UK,sobc
152299	Kingston Trio:  The Best of...Vol. 2  (Capitol SM-2280 LP)  $11  VG+/EX  197?,re
151330	Kingston Trio:  The Folk Era  (Capitol TCL-2180(M) LP)  $25  VG+/VG+  196?,3lp in hardcover with bklt intact
148226	Kingston Trio:  The Last Month of the Year  (Capitol T-1446(M) LP)  $23  EX/EX  196?,osw,christmas cover art
152865	Kottke, Leo:  12 String Blues  (Oblivion S-1 LP)  $125  VG+/EX  1969,private press,rare early release
147504	Kottke, Leo:  Balance  (Chrysalis CHR 1234 LP)  $9  VG+/VG+  1979,co,slrw
152692	Kottke, Leo:  My Feet Are Smiling  (Capitol ST-11164 LP)  $11  VG/EX  1973,rw
150390	Kraber, Tony / Earl Robinson:  Songs of the Old Chisholm Trail / Americana  (Mercury MG 20008(M) LP)  $15  VG+/EX  195?,deep groove
155491	Kweskin, Jim:  Garden of Joy  (Reprise RS 6266 LP)  $25  VG+/M-  196?,two-color label
147604	Kweskin, Jim:  Jim Kweskin & the Jug Band  (Vanguard Stereolab VSD-2158 LP)  $22  VG/VG  1963,their 1st album
150913	Kweskin, Jim:  Jug Band Music  (Vanguard Stereolab VSD-79163 LP)  $28  VG+/VG+  1965,orange label
150998	Ledford Family:  Songs We Love to Sing & Play  (RCM SO-12050 LP)  $25  VG+/EX  197?,private press appalachian folk
148352	Leslie, John:  Ireland a'GoGo  (Saga Fid STFID 2127 LP)  $11  VG+/VG  1968,UK,go go girl dancing with strange marionette bird
153125	Lewis, George:  Ode to Silver City  (SC 51863 LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  197?,gfld,wobc,sticker wear oc
152266	Lightfoot, Gordon:  Back Here On Earth  (United Artists UAS 6672 LP)  $10  VG/EX  1968,re,rw
150030	Lightfoot, Gordon:  Back Here On Earth  (United Artists UAS 6672 LP)  $16  VG+/VG+  1968,orig,wobc
152264	Lightfoot, Gordon:  East of Midnight  (Warner Bros 1-25482 LP)  $8  VG+/M-  1986,prst oc,soc,lyric sleeve
151168	Lightfoot, Gordon:  Gord's Gold  (Reprise 2RS 2237 LP)  $18  SS  1975,2lp
152414	Lightfoot, Gordon:  Summer Side of Life  (Reprise MS 2037 LP)  $10  VG+/VG+  1971,slrw
149008	Limeliters:  S/T  (Elektra EKS-7180 LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  1960,orig gold label,co,wobc
148285	Limeliters:  Sing Out!  (RCA Victor LSP-2445 LP)  $17  VG+/EX  1962
149550	Limeliters:  Their First Historic Album  (Legacy LEG 113 LP)  $9  VG+/VG  196?-7?,sol
155272	Lincolns:  S/T  (Kapp Medallion ML-7536(M) LP)  $15  VG/VG+  196?,rw,smsplt,University of Illinois fraternity brothers
149458	Magpie:  If It Ain't Love  (Philo PH-1112 LP)  $15  VG+/M-  1986,Terry Leonino,Greg Artzner
151008	Marra, Jan:  These Crazy Years  (Flying Fish FF 482 LP)  $10  VG+/M-  1988,prst oc
148088	Martin, Edsel:  Appalachian Dulcimer Music  (Southern Highland Handicraft Guild PROP-33431 LP)  $15  EX/M-  197?,osw,soc
147505	Martyn, John:  Glorious Fool  (Duke DU 19345 LP)  $7  VG+/VG+  1981,stain oc
150737	McCaslin, Mary & Jim Ringer:  The Bramble & the Rose  (Philo 1055 LP)  $15  VG+/EX  1978,insert
147791	McCormack, John:  Turn Ye to Me  (Fiesta FLPS 1840 LP)  $38  SS  196?-7?,irish music
154812	McCurdy, Ed & Erik Darling:  A Treasure Chest of American Folk Songs  (Elektra EKL-205(M) LP)  $45  VG+/EX  1961,2lp,orig gold guitar player label
152284	McEuen, John:  S/T  (Warner Bros 1-25266 LP)  $10  VG+/M-  1985,prst oc,sost "Blue Days Black Nights",Jose Feliciano,Vassar Clements,Byron Berline,David Grisman,Charlie McCoy,Mark O'Connor
148119	McGuire, Barry:  Eve of Destruction  (Dunhill D-50003 LP)  $17  VG+/VG+  1966
149608	Millington, June:  Heartsong  (Fabulous LF929 LP)  $10  EX/EX  1981,women's music,osw,lyric sleeve
150341	Mitchell Trio:  That's The Way It's Gonna Be  (Mercury MG 21049(M) LP)  $18  VG+/VG+  1965,John Denver
152416	Mitchell, Chad:  Himself  (Warner Bros W 1667(M) LP)  $18  VG/EX  196?,rw,co,smsplt
151006	Mitterhoff, Barry:  Silk City  (Flying Fish FF 472 LP)  $10  EX/M-  1988,osw,co
149765	Moore, Ron:  S/T  (Wilmore LP)  $45  VG/VG  1971,private press,rw,cut oc
154539	Morgon, Tim:  3rd Album  (Fink 1006-LP-S LP)  $32  VG/VG  196?,soc,rw
152593	Morrison, Van & the Chieftains:  Irish Heartbeat  (Mercury 834 496-1 LP)  $12  VG+/EX  1988,lyric sleeve
148174	Murdock, Lee:  Where the Pinery Narrows  (Depot DEP 004 LP)  $16  VG/EX  1983,lyric sheet
151196	Near, Holly:  Watch Out!  (Redwood LP)  $10  VG+/M-  1984,lyric sleeve,insert,women's music
155275	Nelson, Mark:  Southern Light  (Flying Fish FF 405 LP)  $11  EX/VG+  1986,osw
151836	New Christy Minstrels:  Exciting New Folk Chorus  (Columbia CL 1872(M) LP)  $11  VG/EX  1962,2 eye label,osw,cut corner
152293	New Grass Revival:  Friday Night In America  (Capitol C1-90739 LP)  $11  SS  1989,co
152274	No Strings Attached:  Traditional Music of the Future  (Turquoise TR-5051 LP)  $14  EX/EX  1985,osw
154562	Ochs, Phil:  Pleasures of the Harbor  (A&M SP-4133 LP)  $20  VG+/VG+  196?,brown label
150680	Odetta:  Christmas Spirituals  (Alcazar ALC104 LP)  $14  SS  1988
147322	Ofarim, Esther & Abi:  2 In 3  (Philips 838 807 JY LP)  $20  VG+/VG  196?,Germany,gfld,bklt intact
153039	Optimists Plus Me:  Have a Little Faith and...You'll Never Walk Alone  (Somerset SF 24500 LP)  $15  EX/VG+  196?,osw
154349	Optimists Plus Me:  He and Other Songs of Soul & Inspiration  (Somerset SF 26000 LP)  $11  EX/VG+  196?,osw
148314	Ouellette, Gerry:  Seasons Change  (Morning Glory 33cms 020 LP)  $48  EX/EX  1978,osw
150714	Parks, Christopher:  Ordinary Man  (McAtee Consultants 8104-97 LP)  $35  VG+/VG+  1981,osw,private
147282	Paxton, Tom:  Ramblin' Boy  (Elektra EKS-7277 LP)  $7  VG+/EX  196?,re,butterfly label,Barry Kornfeld,Felix Pappalardi
154386	Paxton, Tom:  Something in my Life  (Private Stock PS 2002 LP)  $13  VG/M-  1975,rw,lyric sleeve
154387	Paxton, Tom:  The Compleat...Recorded Live  (Elektra 7E 2003 LP)  $15  VG+/EX  1970,2lp,slrw
147561	Pentangle:  Cruel Sister  (Reprise RS 6430 LP)  $12  VG+/EX  1970,gfld,wlp
146824	Peter, Paul & Mary:  A Holiday Celebration With the New York Choral Society  (Gold Castle 171-016 LP)  $10  EX/M-  1988,osw
154530	Peter, Paul & Mary:  Album  (Warner Bros WS 1648 LP)  $12  VG/VG+  196?,rw
151255	Peter, Paul & Mary:  Album 1700  (Warner Bros WS 1700 LP)  $8  VG+/VG+  196?,orig gold label
147591	Peter, Paul & Mary:  Album 1700  (Warner Bros WS 1700 LP)  $9  EX/EX  196?,green seven arts label,sost "Leaving On a Jet Plane",osw
147488	Peter, Paul & Mary:  Best Of...(Ten) Years Together  (Warner Bros BSK 3105 LP)  $11  EX/EX  1970,re,osw
148283	Peter, Paul & Mary:  Best Of...(Ten) Years Together  (Warner Bros BSK 3105 LP)  $12  EX/M-  1970,re,gfld
148284	Peter, Paul & Mary:  No Easy Walk to Freedom  (Gold Castle 171 001 1 LP)  $10  EX/M-  1986,osw
153505	Peter, Paul & Mary:  Peter, Paul and Mommy  (Warner Bros WS 1785 LP)  $8  VG+/VG+  198?,re,gfld
151254	Peter, Paul & Mary:  Reunion  (Warner Bros BSK 3231 LP)  $11  VG/VG+  1978,custom inner sleeve
153271	Peter, Paul & Mary:  S/T  (Warner Bros WS 1449 LP)  $18  EX/EX  1962,gold label
150798	Peter, Paul & Mary:  Such Is Love  (Collector's Edition 830331 LP)  $20  VG+/EX  1983
151313	Pierce, Doug & Eric:  S/T  (private 22291 LP)  $28  VG/VG  196?,ten inch lp,autographed by two members,private press
152406	Post, Jim:  Ship Shape  (Flying Fish FF-240 LP)  $12  VG+/M-  1980
150391	Poulsen, Bob:  Two Hours Wasn't Enough  (Crusade LP S 843 LP)  $22  VG+/EX  197?
152443	Pozo-Seco Singers:  Shades of Time  (Columbia CS 9656 LP)  $21  VG+/VG+  196?,360 label,osw
151880	Raftsmen:  This Land Is Your Land  (RCA Camden CAL 757(M) LP)  $12  VG/VG+  1963,smsplt,Canadian folk group
154329	Rambling Boys of Pleasure:  Glad to Be Here  (Richmond 01 LP)  $35  VG/EX  1984
147357	Red, White & Blue (grass):  Very Popular  (GRC GA-5002 LP)  $20  VG+/VG+  1973,can shaped cover
150392	Redhead:  S/T  (Legend LRD 777 LP)  $25  VG/EX  197?,lyric sheet,slrw
150981	Renbourn, John:  S/T  (Reprise 2RS 6482 LP)  $15  VG/M-  1973,2lp,sl h2o oc
150980	Renbourn, John:  So Clear (The John Renbourn Sampler Vol. 2)  (Transatlantic TRA SAM 28 LP)  $28  VG+/M-  1973,UK
150982	Renbourn, John:  The John Renbourn Sampler  (Transatlantic TRA SAM 20 LP)  $34  VG+/M-  1971,UK
149877	Renshaw, Jarrett:  Champagne In the Morning  (Shade ST 10018 LP)  $35  VG+/VG+  1979,autographed oc,private press
148575	Rhos Male Voice Choir:  Welsh Heritage  (Golden Guinea GGL.0371 LP)  $15  VG+/EX  1967,UK
153272	Richard & Jim:  Folk Songs & Country Sounds  (Capitol ST 2058 LP)  $19  VG+/VG+  196?
149713	Richman, Vivien:  For You and Me  (Bobtone FLP-2066(M) LP)  $15  VG+/VG+  196?,lyric bklt,smsplt
154607	Robichaud, Gerry:  Down East Fiddling  (Voyager VRLP 310-S LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  1973,canadian folk
151709	Rose-Redwood, Danny & Judy:  Homecoming  (Fretless FR 117 LP)  $61  VG+/EX  1975
147582	Roth, John:  Small Wonders  (Rosewood RWR 1001 LP)  $21  VG+/VG+  1982,autographed obc,private press
149767	Ryder, C.C.:  Seasons of My Mind  (Rydack RMC 101 LP)  $13  VG/EX  1974,autographed obc,folkie songs with "Linin' Track" driving folk rock, mostly soft songs though
152777	Sainte-Marie, Buffy:  It's My Way  (Vanguard VSD 79142 LP)  $12  VG/VG+  1964,gold label,rw
155329	Sainte-Marie, Buffy:  The Best of...  (Vanguard VSD-3/4 LP)  $12  VG/VG+  1970,2lp,rw,soc,spinewear,prst obc
153957	Seeger, Pete:  Freight Train  (Capitol DT-2718 LP)  $11  VG/VG+  196?,re,smsplt,swoc
154505	Seeger, Pete:  Sings Folk Music of the World  (Tradition TR-2107(E) LP)  $12  VG+/EX  196?-7?,osw
154330	Seeger, Pete:  Sings Leadbelly  (Folkways FTS 31022(E) LP)  $15  VG/VG+  1968,smsplt
151258	Seeger, Pete:  The World of...  (Columbia KG 31949 LP)  $19  VG+/EX  1972,2lp
147270	Seeger, Pete:  Where Have All the Flowers Gone?  (Folkways FTS 31026(E) LP)  $25  EX/EX  1968,osw,co
153672	Seldom Scene :  Act 3  (Rebel SLP 1528 LP)  $14  EX/EX  1973,osw
150806	Sencenbaugh, Buz:  Take the Time  (JS Productions JSP 1001 LP)  $25  SS  1985,colorado private press
148114	Serendipity Singers:  S/T  (Mercury Wing SRW 16352 LP)  $15  EX/VG+  196?,osw
154475	Serendipity Singers:  S/T  (Philips PHM 200-115(M) LP)  $9  VG+/VG+  196?
148118	Serendipity Singers:  Sing of Love, Lies, & Flying Festoons...& Other Songs by Shel Silverstein  (Philips PHS 600-190 LP)  $15  VG/VG+  1965,rw,gold djl
150582	Serendipity Singers :  Love is a State of Mind  (United Artists UAS 6619 LP)  $23  EX/M-  1968,osw,psychedelic ez singers and cover art
148725	Shine, Brendan:  The Irish Side of...  (Harp/Pickwick HPE 616 LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  1980,Ireland,soc
155191	Silverstein, Deborah:  Around the Next Bend  (Flying Fish 429 LP)  $10  VG+/EX  1987,co
154014	Skifflers:  Goin' Down to Town  (Epic LN 3391(M) LP)  $15  VG/VG+  196?,smsplt
148886	Smith Sisters:  Bluebird  (Flying Fish FF 328 LP)  $12  EX/M-  1984,osw
148885	Smith Sisters:  Mockingbird  (Flying Fish FF 370 LP)  $15  EX/M-  1986,autographed oc
154496	Smith, Winifred:  Folk Songs of the South  (RCA Custom 630D-7880 LP)  $17  SS  196?
148538	Stanton, Robert Balladeers:  Battle Songs & Ballads of the Civil War  (Coronet CXS 146 LP)  $12  EX/EX  196?,osw,military songs
147465	Steeleye Span:  Please to See the King  (Big Tree BTS 2004 LP)  $14  VG/VG  1971,prst oc,djs oc,smsplt
148346	Stewart, Andy:  Invites You To Scotch Corner  (Fiesta FLPS 1670 LP)  $13  EX/EX  197?,osw,Jimmy Blue & his Band
153398	Stewart, John:  Dream Babies Go Hollywood  (RSO RS-1-3074 LP)  $8  VG+/EX  1980,co,lyric sleeve
154894	Stewart, John:  Fire In the Wind  (RSO RS-1-3027 LP)  $9  VG+/VG+  1977,co
154895	Stewart, John:  Fire In the Wind  (RSO RS-1-3027 LP)  $11  VG+/M-  1977,co
149472	Stewart, John:  In Concert  (RCA Victor AFL1-3513 LP)  $10  VG+/EX  1980,co
149473	Stewart, John:  The Lonesome Picker Rides Again  (Warner Bros WS 1948 LP)  $13  VG/EX  1971,green label,co,rw,split spine
148985	Stewart, John & Buffy Ford:  Signals Through the Glass  (Capitol ST-2975 LP)  $33  VG/VG+  196?,rw
154726	Stober, Carol:  Country Sampler  (Sleeping SG 102 LP)  $15  SS  1987
151294	Stone, Kirby Four:  S/T  (Tops 9757 LP)  $15  EX/EX  196?,osw
155271	Stookey, Paul:  One Night Stand  (Warner Bros BS 2674 LP)  $17  VG+/VG+  1973,gfld,insert,co,slrw
154561	Sullivan, Kathy:  Chapter 1  (Kali-What? SO 16301 LP)  $38  VG+/VG+  197?,autographed oc,private press
155190	Thompson, Becky:  After All This Time  (Atomic Theory ATR-1100 LP)  $9  VG/VG+  198?,prst oc
150873	Thompson, Richard & Linda:  Pour Down Like Silver  (Carthage CGLP 4404 LP)  $14  EX/EX  1975,1983,re
151199	Travers, Mary:  All My Choices  (Warner Bros BS 2677 LP)  $14  VG/VG  1978,gfld,from peter paul & mary
148281	Travers, Mary:  All My Choices  (Warner Bros BS 2677 LP)  $18  VG+/M-  1978,gfld,from peter paul & mary
148282	Travers, Mary:  Circles  (Warner Bros BS 2795 LP)  $18  VG+/M-  1974,co,slrw,from peter paul & mary
151198	Travers, Mary:  Mary  (Warner Bros WS 1907 LP)  $16  VG/VG  1971,gfld,slrw,from peter paul & mary
151200	Travers, Mary:  Morning Glory  (Warner Bros BS 2609 LP)  $12  VG/VG+  1972,gfld,from peter paul & mary,rw
149609	Trull, Teresa:  The Ways A Woman Can Be  (Olivia LF 910 LP)  $15  EX/EX  1977,women's music,osw,inserts
152286	Tyson, Ian:  S/T  (Columbia FC 39362 LP)  $14  VG+/EX  1984,lyric sleeve,prst obc
149756	VA-Arlo Guthrie,Rose Maddox,Jack Elliott,Hoyt Axton,Bill Murlin,Pete Seeger,Holly Near,Ronnie Gilbert,Judy Collins,Joan Baez:  Woody Guthrie: Hard Travelin'  OST  (Arloco ARL-284 LP)  $18  EX/EX  197?
153270	VA-Bob Dylan,Bruce Springsteen,John Mellencamp,U2,Willie Nelson,Brian Wilson,Pete Seeger,Arlo Guthrie,Emmylou Harris,Little Richard,Fishbone,Taj Mahal,Sweet Honey In the Rock,Doc Watson:  Folkways: A Vision Shared - A Tribute to Woody Guthrie & Leadbelly  (Columbia OC 44034 LP)  $20  SS  1988,gfld
152275	VA-Chad Mitchell Trio,Terry Gilkyson & the South Coasters,Tom Glazer & the Samplers,Hillel & the Sons of Galilee,Betty & the Duke,David Hill,Travellers,Lincolns,Marais & Miranda,Alan Lomax,Jo Mapes:  At the Hootenanny No. 2  (Kapp KL-1343(M) LP)  $38  SS  196?,Canada,seal partially open
148054	VA-Early Rural String Bands:  A.C. (Eck) Robertson,W.A. Hinton,J.P. Nestor,Bill Helms & his Upson County Band,Virginia String Band,Carolina Tar Heels,Shelor Family,Pope's Arkansas Mountaineers,Leo Soileau & his Three Aces,Henry Ford's Old Time Dance Orch,Allen Brothers,Wade Mainer & Sons of the Mountaineers,Gid Tanner & his Skillet Lickers,Gwen Foster,Byron Parker,Charlie Monroe & his Kentucky Pardners  (RCA Victor Vintage LPV-552(M) LP)  $15  VG+/M-  1968,co,1922-49 field recordings
152343	VA-Hoyt Axton,Joan Baez,Joel Bernstein,Norton Buffalo,Chambers Brothers,Chick Corea,David Crosby,Mimi FariÒa,Freebo,John Hammond,Kris Kristofferson,Leah Kunkel,Maria Muldaur,Graham Nash,Roches,Pete Seeger,Paul Siebel:  Bread & Roses Festival of Music  (Fantasy F-79011 LP)  $15  VG+/EX  1980,2lp,prst obc
153837	VA-Jess Pearson,Will Geer,Arlo Guthrie,Seals & Crofts,Peter Yarrow,Hoyt Axton,Doug Dillard,John Hartford,Ramblin' Jack Elliot,John Beland,Jeff Gilkenson,Daniel Moore,Matt Moore:  Woody Guthrie's We Ain't Down Yet  (Cream CR-1002 LP)  $13  VG/VG+  1976,wlp,smsplt,co
154115	VA-Jess Pearson,Will Geer,Arlo Guthrie,Seals & Crofts,Peter Yarrow,Hoyt Axton,Doug Dillard,John Hartford,Ramblin' Jack Elliot,John Beland,Jeff Gilkenson,Daniel Moore,Matt Moore:  Woody Guthrie's We Ain't Down Yet  (Cream CR-1002 LP)  $18  VG+/EX  1976,wlp,co,wol,promo photo insert
154553	VA-Joan Baez,Babysitters,Country Joe McDonald,Jack Elliott,Woody Guthrie,Cisco Houston,Odetta,Weavers:  The Greatest Songs of Woody Guthrie  (Vanguard VSD-35/36 LP)  $28  VG+/VG+  1972,2lp,swobc,slrw
152248	VA-Joan Baez,Deller Consort,Bob Gibson,Cisco Houston,Ed McCurdy,Alan Mills,Odetta,Weavers,Leon Bibb,Jimmy Driftwood,Ronnie Gilbert,Ewan MacColl,Tom Makem,John Jacob Niles,Pete Seeger:  Folk Song & Minstrelsy  (Classics Record Library RL-7624 LP)  $28  VG/VG+/EX/EX/VG+  1962,4lp box,bklt,split spine
149975	VA-Joan Baez,Judy Collins,Bob Dylan,Jack Elliott,Arlo Guthrie,Richie Havens,Country Joe McDonald,Odetta,Tom Paxton,Earl Robinson,Pete Seeger,Peter Fonda,Will Geer,Robert Ryan:  A Tribute To Woody Guthrie  (Warner Bros 2W 3007 LP)  $22  VG+/VG+  1972,2lp,co
153054	VA-Johnie Bruce,Gene Willhite,Chester Olsen,Lucy Pierce,Marcie Errecart,Ed Hoffman,the Thompsons,Bruce Hoffman,Bruce Jaeger,Clarence Busker,Archie Elsberry,Newton Jensen,Chlores Worlow,Vic Halvorson,Pete McMahan,Lala Gerken,Oak Gibson,Judy Bloch,Jarle Foss,Dean Johnston,Dr. Walter Bone,Mike Hildebrandt,Harry Hanson,Ted Blakey,Wilbur Foss:  Yankton South Dakota Fiddling Contest 1977  (FC-A LP)  $48  SS  1977
149972	VA-Nancy Ames,Bud & Travis,Johnny Mann Singers,Leon Bibb,Walter Raim,Jackie de Shannon,Bob Harter,Wanderers Three,George Mitchell Choir:  Liberty Hootenanny  (Liberty L-5506(M) LP)  $7  VG+/VG+  1965?,soc
154001	VA-Odetta,Bob Gibson,Memphis Slim,Eric Weisberg,Staple Singers,John Lee Hooker:  All-Star Hootenanny  (Riverside RM 7539(M) LP)  $33  VG+/VG+  195?-6?
155327	VA-Odetta,Bob Gibson,Memphis Slim,Staple Singers,John Lee Hooker,Lonesome River Boys,Oscar Brand,Millburnaires '63,Homesteaders,Ed McCurdy:  All-Star Hootenanny Vol. 2  (Riverside RM 7543(M) LP)  $31  VG/VG+  196?,smsplt
151669	VA-Rhiannon,Teresa Trull,Barbara Higbie,Mary Watkins,Ronnie Gilbert,Kay Gardner,Therese Edell,Alix Dobkin,Holly Near,Chevere,Ferron,Deuce,Linda Tillery:  Michigan Live '85: 10th Michigan Womyn's Music Festival  (August Night MF 010 LP)  $52  SS  1986,2lp
149776	VA-Tony Morelli,Bridie Gallagher,Michael O'Callaghan,Little Troy Lumpkin,Frankie McBride,Coterie,Big Tom & the Mainliners,Cathie Harrop,Brian Coll:  Sad Songs Irish Style  (London International SW 99540 LP)  $17  VG+/M-  1970,co
150136	VA-Wanderin' Five,Homer & the Barnstormers,Appalachians,Happy Gospelaires,Mariachis del Mexico,Buzz Wilson,Rusty Adams,Jerry Shook,Red Sovine,Don Bailey:  Hootenanny at the Limelight  (Somerset SET SF 108 LP)  $28  VG+/M-/EX/EX/EX/EX  196?,5lp box
147600	VA-Weavers,Josh White,Gateway Singers,Osborne Brothers,Bill Monroe,Ivy League Trio,Tarriers,Bob Gibson,Oscar Brand,Sam Hinton,Wilburn Brothers,Tompall & the Glaser Bros:  All Time Hootenanny Folk Favorites Vol. 2  (Decca DL 4485(M) LP)  $10  VG+/EX  196?,osw
155406	Van Ronk, Dave:  Van Ronk  (Famtasy 24710 LP)  $18  VG+/EX  198?,2lp
148225	Village Stompers:  Greatest Hits  (Epic LN 24318(M) LP)  $14  VG+/M-  196?,co
153720	Village Stompers:  The Original Washington Square  (Epic BN 26078 LP)  $17  VG+/EX  1963
152564	Wainwright III, Loudon:  Album II  (Atlantic SD 8291 LP)  $14  VG/VG+  1971,rw
152811	Wainwright III, Loudon:  Album III  (Columbia KC 31462  LP)  $8  VG/VG+  1972,rw
154884	Wainwright III, Loudon:  T Shirt  (Arista AL 4063 LP)  $18  VG+/VG+  1976
147563	Wainwright III, Loudon:  Therapy  (Silvertone 1203-1-J LP)  $18  EX/M-  1989,osw,co,lyric sleeve
146925	Wanderin' Five:  Come On In!!! We're Pickin' & Singin' Folk Songs  (Somerset SF-18600 LP)  $18  VG+/VG+  196?,smsplt
154488	Waterfall, Linda & Scott Nygaard:  Everything Looks Different  (Trout TR1983 LP)  $27  VG/EX  1983,h2o oc
154472	Waubeek Trackers:  The Cat Came Back  (Salek Street SS 102 LP)  $12  EX/VG+  1985,osw,insert
153670	Wayfarers:  S/T  (RCA Victor LPM-1213(M) LP)  $18  VG+/VG+  1956
147889	Weavers:  Together Again  (Loom 10681 LP)  $9  EX/EX  1981,osw
154448	Weissberg, Eric & Steve Mandel:  Dueling Banjos  (Warner Bros BS 2683 LP)  $9  EX/VG+  1973,osw,from Deliverance
154552	Weissberg, Eric & Steve Mandel:  Dueling Banjos  (Warner Bros BS 2683 LP)  $9  VG+/VG+  1973,co,swobc,from Deliverance
148048	Weissman, Dick & Dan Fox:  How to Play the Folk Guitar  (MMO 50 LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  196?,2lp,bklt intact
151257	West, Harry & Jeanie:  S/T  (Archive of Folk Music FM-108 LP)  $12  VG+/EX  196?,osw
150735	Wheatridge:  Down Home  (Atteiram 1008 LP)  $65  VG+/VG+  197?,autographed oc
150722	Wheeler, Billy Edd:  Paper Birds  (Kapp KS-3533 LP)  $21  VG+/VG+  196?,co,smsplt,"Here There & Everywhere" beatlesong
152898	White, Josh:  Josh at Midnight  (Elektra EKS-7102 LP)  $20  VG+/EX  1956,re,co,slrw
149606	Williamson, Cris, Jackie Robbins & June Millington:  Live Dream  (The Dream Machine D-3 LP)  $11  EX/EX  1978,women's music,osw,lyric sleeve
155188	Windy Hill Singers:  S/T  (Hea-Kan WCS-9856 LP)  $35  VG+/VG+  196?,denver folk group,"As Tears Go By"
154180	Woodstock Jesuit Singers:  You'll Never Be Younger  (Jesuit Guild SJLP 1001 LP)  $23  VG/VG+  196?,smsplt,woc
149540	Yarbrough, Glenn:  Baby the Rain Must Fall  (RCA ANL1-2138 LP)  $14  SS  1965,re,co
152404	Yarbrough, Glenn:  Baby the Rain Must Fall  (RCA Victor LPM-3422(M) LP)  $10  VG/VG+  1965,orig,sm tear oc,soc
152130	Yarbrough, Glenn:  Lonely Things  (RCA Victor LSP 3539 LP)  $15  VG+/EX  1966,Germany,soc,slrw
151201	Yarrow, Peter:  That's Enough for Me  (Warner Bros BS 2730 LP)  $22  VG+/VG+  1973,gfld,Robby Robertson,Levon Helm,David Bromberg,Paul Butterfield,Ray Barreto,Toots & the Maytals,Muscle Shoals Horns,Paul Davis cover art


150649	Adams, Moody:  What Moody Adams Told an Atheist On Television  (MAEA LP)  $35  VG+/EX  197?,"America's 'In' Evangelist - Miami Herald
154421	Alice:  I'm Going Higher  (Rite 34125 LP)  $28  VG+/VG+  196?-7?
154620	Alpers, Frank:  The King Is Coming  (World WPM LPA-9 LP)  $12  VG/VG+  197?
153033	Ambassador Trio:  The Sounds of His Coming  (Shalom S-3025 LP)  $45  SS  197?
150697	Ambassadors:  We Came to Praise the Lord  (106032 LP)  $17  SS  1981,1939 packard cover art
149630	Anderson College Quartet:  Anderson College Presents: ACQ  (BN1035 LP)  $15  VG/VG+  197?-8?
150012	Anderson, Dave & Barb:  The Best of Album  (Fellowship F-237 LP)  $18  VG+/VG+  1981
150720	Andrews, Inez:  Live at the Munich Gospel Festival  (ABC Songbird SBLP-254 LP)  $15  VG/EX  1974,prst oc,rw,wlp
154348	Antioch:  S/T  (K&R KRS-1081 LP)  $78  SS  1981
155343	Apostles:  Feature their Bass London Paris  (QCA LP 312 LP)  $35  EX/EX  1973,osw
154408	Archers:  Golden Classics  (Light LS-5847 LP)  $8  VG+/EX  1980
153906	Arthur, Jerry:  A Man Marching Toward a Cross  (KBK SM 201 LP)  $23  VG+/VG+  197?,autographed obc
153912	Arthur, Jerry:  I'll Tell It Wherever I Go  (Jewel LPS 172 LP)  $23  EX/VG+  197?,osw
153913	Arthur, Jerry:  Sings Soul Sounds  (Ja Ec 2769-S LP)  $23  EX/VG+  197?,osw
154406	Atwood, Rudy:  My Savior First of All  (Word WST-8603-LP LP)  $9  VG+/EX  1975
154407	Atwood, Rudy:  The Incomparable...  (Word WST-8579-LP LP)  $7  VG/VG+  1972,rw
152179	B.C. & M. Choir:  My Sweet Lord  (Creed C 3029 LP)  $48  VG+/VG+  1971,osw,George Harrison song
151706	Backman, Bernard:  Portrait of Man  (Mandala 69-52 LP)  $85  VG+/VG+  1969,christian folk-psych,insert
154267	Bagwell, Wendy:  This, That & the Other  (Canaan CAS-9679-LP LP)  $12  VG+/EX  196?
153203	Bailey, Philip:  Triumph  (Horizon SP-754 LP)  $9  VG+/EX  1986,lyric sleeve,sost "Thank You"
154157	Baize, Bill & the Stamps Quartet:  Jesus, Let Me Write You a Song  (Skylite SLP 6178 LP)  $18  EX/EX  1977,osw
151332	Baker Eddy, Mary:  Science & Health Chapter III: Marriage  (First Church of Christ Scientists SH5507 LP)  $37  VG/VG+  1951,private,woc
150674	Baker, Kenny:  The Hymns of Mary Baker Eddy  (First Church of Christ Scientists TV 15580 LP)  $37  EX/M-  196?-7?,osw,private
150638	Bakker, Tammy Faye:  In the Upper Room  (PTL LP-1840 LP)  $17  SS  1984
150635	Bakker, Tammy Sue:  Sixteen  (Blade BRC-31486 LP)  $12  VG+/SS  198?,creases in cover
148341	Ballerino FMS, Bro. Gregory R.:  Come Let Us Worship: Contemporary Folk Mass Songs  (Gregorian Institute M/S-144C LP)  $15  EX/EX  197?,osw
154434	Barrows, Cliff:  Along the Trail  (Word WST-8408-LP LP)  $9  VG+/VG+  196?,osw
150637	Berryettes:  Sing Praise for the Lord  (Crusade LPM 112-01(M) LP)  $25  VG/VG+  196?,soc,rw
154359	Berthier, Jacques:  Taize In Rome!  (GIA MS 157 LP)  $35  VG/VG+  1981,soc
150217	Biffle, Steve:  Joy to the World  (Chords CRS-2001 LP)  $35  VG+/EX  197?,slrw
150604	Blackwood Brothers Quartet:  A Father's Prayer  (Skylite SLP 6134 LP)  $11  EX/EX  197?,osw
150644	Blackwood Brothers Quartet:  Amazing Grace  (RCA Camden CAS-2504 LP)  $9  VG+/VG+  1971,osw,wobc
150603	Blackwood Brothers Quartet:  Hallelujah Meetin'  (Skylite SLP 6155 LP)  $10  EX/VG+  1975,osw
154357	Boatwright, McHenry:  The Art of...Spirituals  (Golden Crest Recital Series RE 7024 LP)  $18  VG+/EX  195?-6?
153047	Bochenek, Joey:  Music for the Master  (JB 1973 LP)  $8  VG+/VG+  196?-7?,osw
148395	Boone, Pat:  The Old Rugged Cross  (Pickwick SPC-3568 LP)  $13  SS  1977,co
153916	Boyer, Dave:  It's a New World  (Sacred LPS-4508 LP)  $9  VG/EX  197?
146860	Bradford, Prof. Alex & the Bradford Singers:  I Found the Answer  (Gospel MG-3097(M) LP)  $25  VG/VG+  196?,smsplt,co,h2o oc
154227	Bradshaw, Terry:  Until You  (Benson R3702 LP)  $18  VG+/VG+  1980,promo photo insert
151607	Brenda:  Nothing Is Impossible  (Sound House SH 425 LP)  $23  EX/VG  197?,osw
150216	Brothers & Sisters:  Sonshiney Day  (RHP RH-1002 LP)  $25  VG/VG  1977,rw,wobc
155487	Bryant, Anita:  Abide With Me  (Word WST 8532 LP)  $13  EX/EX  197?,gfld
153532	Bryant, Anita:  Love Lifted Me  (Word WST-8540-LP LP)  $12  EX/VG+  1972,osw,capitol record club issue
150677	Cal Farley's Boys Ranch:  A Christmas Musical - King of Love  (Cal Farley's Boys Ranch LP)  $18  VG+/EX  197?,40th anniversary
150699	Cardinal Spellman, Francis:  50th Anniversary Tribute  (MGM E-4387-D(M) LP)  $6  EX/EX  196?,contains 4 page illustrated booklet of notes,osw,co
150633	Carmichael, Ralph:  The Old Ralph Carmichael Quartet  (Light LS-5677-LP LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  1975,soc
153574	Cathedral Quartet:  Beyond the Sunset  (Eternal C-996 LP)  $15  EX/EX  197?,osw,private press
154632	Chariots Quartet:  Jesus Is Still the Answer  (Benson Sound LPS-601 LP)  $28  SS  197?
151300	Chicago Staff Band of the Salvation Army:  S/T  (CSB 101(M) LP)  $35  VG+/VG+  196?,conducting hands cover art
153575	Choir of the Holy Rosary Church:  Christmas Carols & the Jubilee Mass  (Parish CA-9 LP)  $25  EX/EX  197?,osw
151720	Chrislock, Ron:  Color Me A Thousand Rainbows  (Vadan LP)  $20  EX/EX  197?,osw,insert
153573	Christ Church Assemby Sanctuary Choir:  God Be With You  (Applewood Studios LP)  $25  SS  197?,colorado private press
151733	Christine:  For those Who Hurt  (Loveland CWL 321 LP)  $16  VG+/VG+  1982,lyric sleeve,woc
154425	Church, Fred & the Spirituals:  You've Got to Live Right  (Mission MR-TS-610 LP)  $6  VG/VG+  197?,rw
150629	Clark, Paul:  Out of the Shadow  (Myrrh SPCN 7-01-678606-4 LP)  $15  EX/EX  1984,osw,lyric sleeve
149480	Clark, Roy:  The Last Word in Jesus Is Us  (MCA 5260 LP)  $9  EX/M-  1981,osw,co
148166	Collingridge, Ruth:  The Church Is Mighty  (Aglow WA-101 LP)  $38  VG+/EX  1975,2lp
153905	Copeland, Kenneth:  More About Jesus  (KCP ARLPMS-2016 LP)  $28  VG/EX  197?,h2o oc
154350	Couriers Quartet:  I Believe  (Hymn-Tone LPS-3081 LP)  $25  VG+/VG+  196?,gfld
149631	Crandall, Gay:  Like Someone In Love  (Turning Point LP-1001 LP)  $35  VG+/VG+  197?,osw
150712	Crouch, Andrae:  I'll Be Thinking of You  (Light LS 5763 LP)  $6  M-/VG+  1979,osw,lyric sleeve
151652	Crouch, Andrae:  Keep On Singin'  (Light LS 5546 LP)  $9  EX/EX  197?,osw,co
147416	Crouch, Andrae & the Disciples:  Take Me Back  (Light LS 5637 LP)  $18  SS  1975,gfld
153907	Crowe, Evangelist Glen:  I Believe  (Investing In Souls AC-00039 LP)  $28  EX/EX  197?,osw
150358	Crownsmen:  I'm Gonna Rise  (Manna MS-2057 LP)  $18  EX/M-  1978,osw
149705	Dan & Linda:  All In the Name of Jesus  (John's DJ79 LP)  $38  SS  197?
150692	David & the Giants:  Almost Midnight  (Song of Songs SOS 3311 LP)  $25  VG+/VG  1980
151605	Davis, Louise "Candy" & Faith:  Better than Blessed  (Malaco MAL 4405 LP)  $17  VG+/M-  1985
155346	Daybreak Singers, Inc.:  This Day Belongs to Me  (Studio Sound Productions DK-037 LP)  $35  VG+/VG+  197?
154266	Dean, Jimmy:  Most Richly Blessed & Other Great Inspirational Songs  (RCA Victor LSP-3824 LP)  $14  EX/VG+  1967,osw
154128	DeGrate, Don Delegation:  People Don't Forget to Pray  (Nashboro NA 7265 LP)  $13  VG+/M-  1982,osw
150331	Dicks Family:  Lift Up Your Hands  (SR-1111 LP)  $8  VG/VG+  197?,private
148519	Dixie Echoes Quartet:  Echoing!  (Canaan CAS-9610-LP LP)  $13  VG/VG+  196?
154146	Dixie Echoes Quartet:  He Touched Me  (Sacred LPS-4502 LP)  $33  VG+/M-  197?
150698	Dixon, Jessy:  It's All Right Now  (Light LS-5719 LP)  $14  SS  1977
154339	Dixons:  Sympathy Holiday  (Church Door CDR 22023 LP)  $12  VG/EX  1984,co,wobc
154265	Downings:  Singing from the Heart  (Vista R1239 LP)  $11  EX/EX  1973,osw
151740	Duron, Denny & the Vessels:  I Can See His Face  (Benson Sound LPS-306 LP)  $60  SS  197?
147781	Earth Rise Singers:  What's Happening?  (FourMost FM6953CS LP)  $28  VG+/EX  197?,insert
150641	Ellis, Gary:  Something Good Is About to Hapen  (Rainbow R-2440-LPS LP)  $18  SS  197?
154124	Evie:  Gentle Moments  (Word WST-8714 LP)  $10  VG+/VG+  1976
154615	Falwell, Jerry & Doug Oldham:  Sunday Morning at Thomas Road  (Jerry Falwell LP)  $9  VG/VG+  197?,slrw
149763	Fellowship Tabernacle:  To God We Give Our Best  (private LP)  $38  SS  196?-7?
154169	Fisk Jubilee Singers:  The Gold & Blue Album  (Folkways FA 2372 LP)  $90  VG+/EX  1955,insert
150349	Fleming, Sonny:  Ballads of Blessing  (VOC 123(M) LP)  $22  VG+/EX  196?,guitarist
153094	Flynn Sisters:  Echoes of Truth  (Fredlo 6216LP(M) LP)  $50  VG/VG+  196?,red wax,rw
154259	Foley, Red & the Anita Kerr Singers:  I Believe  (Vocalion VL 73879 LP)  $11  VG/VG+  196?,rw,toc
148946	Folk Encounter Singers:  Folk Encounter Singalong  (Hope HCP-2000 LP)  $35  VG+/VG  1973,2lp,the "now hymnal",psych cover art,xian folk
153974	Ford, Tennessee Ernie:  25th Anniversary: Gospel - Hymns  (Capitol SVBB-11326 LP)  $23  EX/VG+  1974,2lp,osw
154175	Ford, Tennessee Ernie:  Let Me Walk With Thee  (Capitol T-2296(M) LP)  $11  VG/VG+  196?,toc
149281	Ford, Tennessee Ernie & Marilyn Horne:  Our Garden of Hymns  (Capitol ST-2845 LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  196?,co,Jack Fascinato,smsplt
154920	Franklin, Aretha & Rev. C.L.:  16 Gospel Greats  (Trip TOP-16-56 LP)  $7  VG/VG+  1978
154168	Free Spirit:  He's On His Way  (Impact R 3340 LP)  $18  VG/VG+  1974,wobc
148924	Friars' Chorus of Aquinas Institute / Presentation Sisters of Mount Loretto:  Revive Us Again!  (Singspiration Inc. SLP1-S LP)  $35  EX/VG+  197?,osw,dubuque iowa private press,Rick Hutt
154418	Friend, Dwayne:  Sings Writes Picks  (Artist's 730818 LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  197?,osw
150705	Gaither Trio of Indiana:  Presenting...  (L80P-4991 LP)  $18  VG/VG+  196?,private,smsplt
154178	Gaither, Bill:  Singing to Share  (Vista R1240 LP)  $9  VG+/VG+  1973
149483	Gaither, Gene:  Blessed Assurance  (Word WST-8691-LP LP)  $15  SS  1975
150140	Gaub, Ken & Barb:  I'm On My Way  (KGEA 32337 LP)  $25  VG+/VG+  197?,osw
150269	Gebert Brothers:  S/T  (Sacred Knof 919F-1162(M) LP)  $18  VG/VG  196?,smsplt
151209	Girard, Chuck:  S/T  (Good News GNR-8102 LP)  $13  VG+/EX  1975,lyric sleeve
154636	Glen, Irma:  A Bridge to Higher Consciousness  (Numinis LB-2897 LP)  $13  VG/EX  196?,woc
150688	Golden Keys Quartet:  Wonderful, Marvelous, Yet True  (Kry LP-ST 11 LP)  $25  VG+/VG  195?-6?
149760	Good News Circle:  Growing Together  (Light LS-5646-LP LP)  $28  SS  1974
154431	Good Twins:  Amazing Grace / Going Home  (Good SR-9020 / LPS-9002 LP)  $21  VG+  196?-7?,2lp,plain cover,autographed oc by one twin
154260	Good Twins:  The Best of...  (Sacred LPS-7-4043 LP)  $12  EX/VG+  196?,osw
154634	Goodman, Happy Family:  This Happy House  (Canaan CAS-9663-LP LP)  $15  EX/VG+  196?,osw
154422	Gospel Light Trio:  My Savior's Love  (Golden Shield 28565 LP)  $6  EX/VG+  197?,osw
153577	Gospel Sounds:  Reaching Out to You  (Crusade LP S 621 LP)  $35  EX/EX  197?,osw
150804	Grace:  The Sower  (private LRS-RT-6468 LP)  $48  EX/VG+  197?,illinois private press,osw
149091	Graham, Billy & Ralph Carmichael:  Man In the 5th Dimension  (RCA Camden CAS 813 LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  1964,from his World's Fair Pavillion,new york world's fair cover art
150675	Grant, Rev. W.V. / Rev. John W. Fletcher:  Live All of Your Life  (Soul's Harbor SHLP-921 LP)  $18  VG/VG  196?,rw,smsplt
148741	Grein, Janny:  Like the Wind  (Mighty Horn MHR 1950 LP)  $33  VG+/EX  1983,Phil Driscoll production,soc
154697	Groce, Larry:  Peace & Joy & Power  (Christian Science 408 LP)  $18  VG/VG+  1970,gfld,folky Christian Science hymns
148580	Haas, James E.:  Rainbow Songs: Folk Spirituals of Awareness, Thanksgiving & Witness  (Embee MBR 751(M) LP)  $35  EX/EX  1975,osw
148254	Habel, Dr. Norman & Richard Koehneke:  For Mature Adults Only  (Fortress BM 7688 LP)  $34  VG+/EX  1968,"honest teenage cries poems & prayers"
154428	Harmon, Nancy & the Victory Voices:  Live  (Calvary STAV 5104 LP)  $38  VG+/VG+  197?,osw
153572	Harris, Ron:  Friend of the Father  (Word WST-8684-LP LP)  $11  VG+/EX  1976,osw
148097	Hartman, Arnie:  In Concert  (Angelus WR-4964 LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  196?-7?,accordionist,wobc
154807	Hauskins Singers:  Lookin' for the SON  (Superior S-10217 LP)  $16  SS  197?
155392	Hensley, Anne:  For Times Like These...Our Strength Is Christ  (Fredlo 7022 LP)  $7  EX/VG+  196?,osw
155393	Hensley, Anne:  The Grace Notes Present the Way of Gladness  (Fredlo 7015 LPS LP)  $11  EX/VG+  196?,osw
152036	Hess, Jake & the Imperials:  S/T  (Syklite SRLP-6018(M) LP)  $55  EX/VG+  196?,osw
150689	Hess, Jake & the Jordanaires:  From the Heart  (Songs of Faith SOF 113 LP)  $10  VG+/VG+  196?
150687	Hill, Jim & the Golden Keys Quartet:  The Ninety & Nine  (Skylite SRLP-5984 LP)  $25  VG+/VG  1958
147765	Hiner, Robbie:  Sings the Old Time Gospel  (Light LS-5704 LP)  $18  SS  1976
150645	Hines, Jerome:  I Love to Tell the Story  (Word  LP)  $12  EX/VG+  196?,osw
150351	Hines, Jerome:  Standin' In the Need of Prayer  (RCA Victor LPM-2047(M) LP)  $10  VG+/EX  1960,Skitch Henderson
147764	Holm, Dallas:  Nothing But Praise  (Impact R3354 LP)  $38  SS  1975
153903	Holman, Denny:  Hymns for the Eveningtime  (Gospel Light LPS-2703 LP)  $28  VG/EX  197?,sl h2o oc
154152	Hoppers:  Smoke of the Battle  (Hopper-Sing HBC-60 LP)  $25  VG+/EX  198?
149293	Howard University Choir:  Spirituals  (RCA Victor Red Seal LM-2126(M) LP)  $15  VG+/VG+  195?-6?
151621	Hrebic OSB, Alban:  Paschal Symphony & Light for the Darkness  (U-53644 LP)  $35  VG+/EX  197?
150924	Hubert, Yvon:  Return to Joy  (Teleketics FCC-9147 LP)  $45  VG+/EX  1972,woc
154340	Huff, Ronn:  First Thoughts  (Word SPCN 7-01-891810-3 LP)  $10  VG+/EX  1983,lyric sleeve
150683	Humbard, Rex:  Man With a Message  (HFG 1001 LP)  $15  SS  197?
147399	Humbard, Rex Family:  You Are Loved: All-Time Favorites  (?? LP)  $25  SS  197?
150695	Hustad, Don & Tedd Smith:  Christmastime  (Word W-3319-LP LP)  $12  VG+/EX  196?
154139	Hyde, Ken:  If God  (Angelus WR 5067 LP)  $28  VG+/VG+  197?,osw
153918	Ideola:  Tribal Opera  (What? SP-755 LP)  $15  VG/EX  1987,lyric sleeve,prst obc,mark heard
150669	Impact Brass & Singers:  On Tour  (private press LP)  $10  VG/VG+  197?,osw,Ozark Bible College,envelope sleeve,mailing sobc,tear oc
155324	Inter-Lutheran Commission on Worship:  Contemporary Worship 2: The Holy Communion  (Concordia 12-1161 LP)  $18  VG/EX  196?-7?,rw,contemporary,chant,hymnic & folk versions
154921	Jackson, Mahalia:  In the Upper Room  (Nashboro 474 LP)  $12  VG/VG+  197?,re
150020	Jackson, Mahalia:  Make A Joyful Noise Unto The Lord  (Columbia CL 1936(M) LP)  $19  VG+/VG+  1962,two eye label
154633	Jackson, Mahalia:  Sings America's Favorite Hymns  (Columbia G 30744 LP)  $16  VG/VG+  197?,2lp,rw,djts oc
148675	Jackson, Mahalia:  What the World Needs Now  (Columbia CS 9950 LP)  $19  VG/EX  196?,360 label,djts oc,H.B. Barnum
154637	Jacobs, Jeff:  Somebody Needs You  (Atlanta International PL 16042 LP)  $48  SS  1988,co
150430	Janine:  Does the Sun Still Shine?  (Lark LRLP 3032 LP)  $35  VG/EX  197?,rw
151357	Jayne, Florice:  He'll Soon Be Here  (Superior S-10368 LP)  $35  SS  197?
154142	Jerry & the Goffs:  Spirit-FIlled Six-Pack  (Lighthouse 1509 LP)  $8  EX/VG+  197?,osw
154140	Jerry & the Singing Goffs:  Doing It Right  (Lighthouse 20448 LP)  $7  VG+/VG+  197?
154143	Jerry & the Singing Goffs:  I'll See You In the Rapture  (CAM 1551 LP)  $8  EX/VG+  1974,osw
154141	Jerry & the Singing Goffs:  Praise the Lord  (Lighthouse 1508 LP)  $7  VG+/VG+  197?,osw
154420	Jerry & the Singing Goffs:  The Exciting...  (Songs of Faith SOF 166 LP)  $7  VG+/VG+  1975
154155	Jes' Friends:  5 Minus 1 = Nothing  (Nise-Sound A-7 LP)  $28  VG+/VG+  196?-7?,private press
154631	Johnson, Jeff:  Icons  (Ark AKR 5474 LP)  $42  VG/EX  1984,insert
149396	Jonathan & Charles:  Another Week to Go  (Inter-Varsity LPS-2498 LP)  $50  VG+/VG+  196?,christian folk
152007	Joncas, Michael:  Here In Our Midst  (North American Liturgy Resources LP)  $12  VG+/EX  1983
153034	Joncas, Michael:  On Eagle's Wings  (North American Liturgy Resources LP)  $18  SS  1979
150396	Kaiser, Kurt:  Hymns of Prayer  (Sacred LPS-4519-LP LP)  $28  SS  197?
149706	Kettinger, Burt:  Jesus Cares  (American Artists AAS-1415-LP LP)  $11  EX/VG+  197?,osw
154346	Keystones:  A Soulful Experience  (Message M-1000 LP)  $15  VG+/VG+  197?,osw
154138	King's Children:  Lasting Sounds!!!  (Lighthouse 10613 LP)  $28  VG+/VG+  197?,slrw
154641	King's Children:  Spring 1973  (King's Center LPS 532 LP)  $38  SS  1973
149707	King's Daughters:  It's a Wonderful Feeling  (King's Daughters LPS-4746 LP)  $9  EX/VG  197?,osw
149523	King's Daughters:  One More River  (Mission MR KD 184 LP)  $8  VG+/VG  197?
151721	King's Men Four:  When I Think of the Cross  (KMIV Productions 4082 LP)  $35  VG+/EX  197?
154640	Kingsmen:  Chattanooga Live  (Heart Warming R3477 LP)  $35  SS  1977
148009	Kriegers:  Songs of Fanny Crosby  (Encore PB 1233 LP)  $15  VG+/EX  197?
153911	Kropp, Capt. William:  To Glorify Jesus  (Crusade LP S 599 LP)  $28  EX/EX  197?,osw
150330	Lakeside Choir:  Everything Is Beautiful  (Mission MR LMCC 274 LP)  $35  VG+/EX  197?,woc
154360	Landry, Carey:  Bloom Where You're Planted  (NALR BLOM-LAN-LP LP)  $10  EX/EX  1979,osw
154415	Lane, Cristy:  Christmas Is the Man from Galilee  (Liberty Special Products SLL-8358 LP)  $10  EX/VG+  1983,osw
154409	Lani, Rev. Mathias:  Missa Brevis & Complete High Mass  (Cardinal CAC 2001(M) LP)  $35  VG+/VG+  195?-6?,bklt
150602	Lee, Bonnie:  I've Learned to Know a Name I Highly Treasure  (West Minist'r Sound LP S 261-02 LP)  $35  EX/M-  197?,osw
154127	LeFevres:  Fifty Golden Years  (Canaan CAS-9694-LP LP)  $15  VG/EX  1968,gfld
154173	LeFevres:  Now & Always  (Canaan CAS-9723-LP LP)  $13  VG+/EX  1972,osw,sl h2o obc
154343	Leichty Singers:  Count Your Blessings  (Crusade LP S 3005 LP)  $28  VG+/VG+  196?-7?
154423	Lemberg, Gary:  Paid In Full  (Rainbow R-2335-LPS LP)  $28  EX/EX  197?,osw
150711	Lennon Sisters:  22 Songs of Faith & Inspiration  (Ranwood R-7027 LP)  $18  EX/EX  1983,2lp,osw
147757	Libengood, Freddie:  Gospel Songs With a Western Touch  (C&L 6-6889 LP)  $28  VG+/VG+  197?
154262	Liberated Wailing Wall:  I Am Not Ashamed  (Tempo R-7080 LP)  $11  VG/EX  1974,bklt,soc,Jews for Jesus
154410	Life Action Singers:  God's Church Triumphant  (Impact R3350 LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  1974,gfld
150646	Light & Life Hours Singers:  Go Tell It On the Mountain  (Light & Life Productions LL-1014 LP)  $8  EX/EX  197?,osw
150636	Little Roy & the Lewis Family:  Gospel Banjo  (Canaan CAS-9722-LP LP)  $18  VG+/VG  1972,slrw,soc
150696	Lois:  Because of Whose I Am  (Rainbow Sound R-2813-LPS LP)  $28  VG+/EX  197?,osw
154429	London Philharmonic Choir & National Philharmonic Orchestra:  Hymns Triumphant  (Birdwing BWR 2023 LP)  $25  SS  1981,2lp
153909	Long, Huey Singers:  Oh, What a Happy Day  (Mission MR HLS 179 LP)  $28  EX/EX  197?,osw
151726	Lourdes:  Deux Journees de Pelerinage a Lourdes  (Columbia 33 FP 1086(M) LP)  $38  VG/VG  195?,France,ten inch lp,recordings of the pilgrimage at lourdes,smsplt
153910	Lundkovsky, Josef:  At the Piano  (Royallite TS73-581 LP)  $28  VG+/EX  1973,osw
148892	Lundstrom, Lowell:  Songwriter  (Fresh Rain FR-8501 LP)  $17  SS  1985
150601	Lundstrom, Lowell:  We're Happy Christians  (Canaan CAS-9654-LP LP)  $11  EX/EX  196?-7?,osw
148893	Lundstroms:  A Fresh Touch  (Fresh Rain FR-8101 LP)  $17  SS  1981
154154	Lundstroms:  Colorado Christmas  (Tempo R-7230 LP)  $16  SS  197?-8?
148891	Lundstroms:  Great Gospel Classics Vol. Two  (Fresh Rain FR-8303 LP)  $15  SS  1983
146891	Manz, Paul:  Volume Two  (Concordia Publishing House 79-9886 LP)  $13  VG/VG+  1973,wobc,smsplt,pipe organ
150716	Mark, Pam:  Flying  (Aslan ARS-1001 LP)  $10  VG+/EX  1975,lyric sleeve
147800	Martin, David Family:  Echoes from Cavalry Vol. 2  (Christian Dynamics CD-7131-S LP)  $35  VG+/EX  
153908	Martin, Susie:  Susie Sings "Because I Love You, Lord"  (Mission MR SM 249 LP)  $28  EX/EX  197?,osw
150694	Mary Jayne:  Chapel Bells  (Word W-3353-LP LP)  $9  EX/VG+  196?,osw
150704	Mary Jayne & Polly:  Singing Together...Like We Did Back Home  (Word W-3300-LP LP)  $9  EX/VG  196?,osw
153053	Mathews, John Family:  Spring Fever  (Tempo R-7206 LP)  $20  EX/EX  1978,osw
154137	McDuff, Roger:  My Tribute  (House of McDuff HMS-709 LP)  $10  VG+/VG+  197?,slrw
149876	McGinnis, Fr. Jack:  Bring the Children  (Johndanna JDM 1034 LP)  $9  VG/EX  1977,slrw
150715	McGuire, Barry:  Seeds  (Myrrh MSA 6519 LP)  $11  VG+/EX  1973,insert
148944	McKee, Bill:  Harley, Farley, Charley & Clod  (MMS-7035 LP)  $8  VG/EX  197?,sl h2o oc
150673	McNeill, Don "Breakfast Club":  Hymntime Around the Breakfast Table & Memory Time  (RCA Victor LPM-2325(M) LP)  $12  VG/VG+  1961,soc,smsmplt,Dick Noel,Eileen Parker,Eddie Ballantine
147369	McPheeters, Charles:  High On Life  (Landmark LR-LP 102 LP)  $21  VG+/VG  1971,osw,xian anti-drug guy
148776	Medema, Ken:  Lookin' Back  (Word WSB-8834 LP)  $18  SS  1980
148255	Melody Four:  On the Move  (Word WST-8467-LP LP)  $18  VG+/EX  197?,osw,wobc,partial smsplt
154842	Mighty Clouds of Joy:  Changing Times  (Epic JE 35971 LP)  $14  VG/EX  1979,Canada,co,slrw
154843	Mighty Clouds of Joy:  Live and Direct  (ABC AB-1038 LP)  $15  VG+/EX  1977,co
154148	Miles Specials:  He's Got the Whole World In His Hands  (Harlem Hitparade HHP-7007 LP)  $18  SS  197?
154144	Milligan, Bill & Jeanie:  A Portrait of Praise  (Crusade LP S 1320 LP)  $15  VG/VG+  197?,osw,h2o oc
151857	Monks of Saint Meinrad Archabbey:  Songs Like Incense  (Abbey 41001 LP)  $25  VG/VG+  1974,lyric sleeve,woc,soc,rw
151855	Monks of Weston Priory:  Calm is the Night  (Weston Priory Productions XPL 1065 LP)  $11  VG/EX  1974,woc,slrw,insert,soc
153070	Monks of Weston Priory:  Christmas Songs  (Weston Priory ProductionsXPL 2040 LP)  $13  EX/EX  1978,osw,lyric sleeve,inserts
151856	Monks of Weston Priory:  Winter's Coming Home  (Weston Priory Productions XPL 1080 LP)  $10  VG/VG+  1975,gfld,woc,soc
150627	Morningstar:  S/T  (WGE LPS1008 LP)  $18  VG/EX  197?,soc,swol,slrw,Rockford Illinois private press
147780	Murphy, Willie:  He Looked Beyond My Faults  (Creative Sound CSS 527 LP)  $18  M-/EX  196?-7?,osw
154616	Musto, Steve:  He Lifted Me  (Crown V CV-1030 LP)  $12  VG/VG+  196?,smsplt
148609	Myles, Raymond Anthony:  New Orleans' Gospel Genius  (Great Southern GS-11021 LP)  $18  VG+/M-  1988
149636	Nancy:  Out of the Wilderness  (Hidden Manna KL77-6S01 LP)  $35  VG+/EX  1977,slrw,private press
150350	Nash Family Trio:  Lord, Hear Us Sing...  (Columbia CL 1508(M) LP)  $14  VG+/EX  195?-6?,six eye label,prst obc,prst ol
151722	National Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows:  Way of the Cross  (private 18459 LP)  $15  VG+/M-  197?,soc
154403	New Life Singers:  Jerry Nelson Choral Stylings  (Imapct R3494 LP)  $9  VG/VG+  1978,osw,sl h2o oc
154430	New Tribes Mission Trio:  Away In Heathen Darkness  (WRC 884(M) LP)  $28  VG/VG+  196?,christian group thinks they're better than the natives
154129	Norman, Don:  Sings Jerry Falwell's Favorite Songs  (New Dawn ZLP 3107 LP)  $7  VG+/VG+  1978,osw
154153	Oak Ridge Boys:  A Great Day  (Heart Warming HWS 1946 LP)  $128  SS  196?-7?
154404	Oldham, Doug:  Get All Excited...Go Tell Everybody!  (Impact R3183 LP)  $8  VG/VG+  1972,gfld,h2o oc
154177	Oldham, Doug:  Inspiration  (Vista R1235 LP)  $8  VG/VG+  1973,rw,toc
154176	Oldham, Doug:  Sings the Best of Bill Gaither  (Impact HWS3143 LP)  $11  VG/EX  197?,swobc
154405	Oldham, Doug:  What's It Gonna Take  (Impact R-3707 LP)  $10  VG+/EX  1980,osw,co
154269	One Truth:  Gospel Truth  (Greentree R 3469 LP)  $9  VG/VG+  1977,rw
154844	Original Five Blind Boys of Alabama:  I'm a Soldier In the Army of the Lord  (Peace International PR-1000 LP)  $35  VG+/VG+  1982,co,lyric sleeve
154622	Palermo Brothers:  Have Faith, Don't Cry  (Sacred LP-9032(M) LP)  $8  VG+/VG+  196?
154621	Palermo Brothers:  The Singing Palermos  (Word W-3169-LP(M) LP)  $10  VG/VG+  196?
154623	Palermo Brothers:  Traveling Together  (Word W-3279-LP(M) LP)  $10  VG/VG+  196?,co
154624	Palermo Brothers:  Traveling Together  (Word W-3279-LP(M) LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  196?,inserts
155307	Parks, Joe E.:  A Song Is Born  (Singspiration LP)  $45  SS  197?,christmas,choir book
154625	Pathfinders Gospel Trio:  I'm Gonna Thank Jesus  (Hilltop Gospel G-7007(M) LP)  $28  VG+/VG+  196?,osw
150718	Patterson Singers:  Songs of Faith  (Trip VJ Gospel TLP 7046 LP)  $18  SS  197?,re
150670	Patti, Sandi:  More than Wonderful  (Impact R3818 LP)  $9  EX/VG+  1983,osw,sost "More than Wonderful"
154125	Perry, Dan:  With Every Breath I Take  (Sounds Fantastic NR11946 LP)  $12  VG/VG+  197?,rw,blue wax
154167	Peterson, David:  Songs of Praise!  (World Wide WWR 467,297-298(M) LP)  $26  VG+/M-  196?
155363	Pilgrim Travelers feat Lou Rawls:  The Soul-Stirring Gospel Sounds of...  (Capitol T-1768(M) LP)  $39  VG+/VG+  196?,orig,black/rainbow label
150679	Plainsmen:  The World's Greatest Gospel Songs  (Mercury SR 60699 LP)  $15  EX/EX  196?
150672	Plainsmen:  When I Stand With God  (Hilltop Gospel G-7003 LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  196?,osw
150671	Plainsmen Quartet:  Softly & Tenderly!  (Songs of Faith SOF 109 LP)  $20  VG+/VG+  196?
152002	Powers, Mary Ellen:  Singing' All His Praises  (Harken HR 1001 LP)  $35  EX/EX  1981,osw,lyric sleeve
148269	PTL Singers & Orchestra:  Jim & Tammy Bakker Present...  (PTL CLub PTL-RLP-1825 LP)  $20  SS  1981
150691	Quinn, Don:  The Master's Touch  (Crusade LPM 186 LP)  $25  SS  196?-7?
154134	Rambo, Dottie:  The Soul of Me  (Heart Warming HWM 1973 LP)  $28  VG/VG+  196?-7?,woc,rw
150192	Rambo, Reba & Dony McGuire:  Messiah, Bright Morning Star  (Light LS-5811 LP)  $10  VG/VG+  1982,h2o damage oc
148279	Reachout Singers:  Hey! I've Got Something to Tell You  (Sound House SH 437 LP)  $12  EX/M-  1977,osw
150631	Rebels Quartet:  Just a Closer Walk  (Sing LP 8002 LP)  $15  VG+/EX  197?
154133	Rebels Quartet:  The Angels Must Have Cried  (Skylite SSLP 6017 LP)  $7  VG/VG+  196?,soc,wobc
150678	Red, Buryl & Ragan Courtney:  Celebrate Life!  (Broadman 4585-08 LP)  $55  VG/EX  1972,2lp
154145	Reese, Lloyd & the Solid Rock Chorus:  Peace Be...  (Verve V/5018(M) LP)  $15  VG+/EX  196?,co
154164	Reesor, Jim:  Reesor Communicates  (Christian Folk FCS-1969 LP)  $35  VG+/VG+  196?-7?,osw
148509	Reeves, Ray:  A Phone Call From God  (Power Pak SA 279 LP)  $13  VG+/VG  1975
154135	Renaissance:  Praise God!  (Tempo R-7113 LP)  $13  VG/VG+  1975,prst oc,rw,soc
154264	Repp, Ray:  By Love Are We All Bound  (K&R KRS-1091 LP)  $38  SS  1981
150676	Resurrection Singers:  Give Them All to Jesus  (Crusade LPS 973 LP)  $38  EX/EX  197?,osw
154427	Resurrection Singers:  S/T  (Artist's 730733 LP)  $38  SS  197?
153124	Richard, Cliff:  Good News  (Word WST-8507-LP LP)  $19  VG/VG+  196?-7?,rw
150684	Richards, DeLeon:  We Need to Hear from You  (Word WR 8443 LP)  $17  VG/M-  1989,tear oc
154182	Richbourg Singers:  He'll Bless Your Soul  (Trip TLP 7057 LP)  $18  VG+/VG+  197?,co
154614	Roberts, Jim:  Faith Unlocks the Door  (Sacred LPS 4040 LP)  $9  VG+/VG+  196?
154412	Roberts, Richard:  My Father's Favorite Songs  (Light LS 5507-LP LP)  $20  VG/VG+  196?-7?,Ralph Carmichael,partial smsplt
154402	Roe, Gloria:  Gloria In Person  (Word WST-8145-LP LP)  $9  EX/EX  196?,osw
154433	Roughton, Frank:  Speaks the Message of Jesus  (Reality(M) LP)  $28  VG/EX  196?-7?
153060	Salmond & Mulder:  Hoping & Coping  (Image VII 7768 LP)  $25  SS  1981,Canada
154628	Salvation Army Chicago Mont Clare Band:  Arise, My Soul, Arise  (?? LP)  $38  SS  197?,chicago skyline cover art
154414	Sanctuary Choir & Orchestra:  Favorites of Mary C: 20th Anniversary Album  (HIG-20 LP)  $28  EX/EX  197?,osw
150357	Sanders, Steve:  I'm Happy Now  (Canaan CAS-9648-LP LP)  $16  EX/EX  196?,Floyd Cramer,osw
150429	Sandy:  Wandering  (private LP)  $38  SS  197?
150997	Sapphire:  Crystal Clear  (Milk & Honey MH1026 LP)  $35  VG/VG+  1980,lyric sleeve,xian rock,rw
151965	Satellites:  In Orbit With...  (Orbit R-1000 LP)  $28  VG/VG  197?,rw,kids with funny haircuts & a satellite cover art
155086	Schmidt, Alice:  Variety of Music  (RPI NR7269 LP)  $28  VG/EX  197?,rw
153049	Schrader Family:  I'll Keep On Praising Him  (Radex SF-8008 LP)  $28  EX/EX  197?,osw
150682	Scott, Oliver:  Hold On  (Beracah BRI-2030 LP)  $11  VG+/M-  1990,osw,indie label black gospel
154165	Scott, Oliver:  Hold On  (Beracah BRI-2030 LP)  $17  SS  1990,indie label black gospel
151872	Shawnee Choir:  Shout the Glad Tidings  (Harold Flammer P-434 LP)  $17  VG+/VG+  1973,osw
154156	Shea, George Beverly:  Christmas With...  (RCA Camden CAS-850(E) LP)  $18  SS  1964,swobc
155184	Sherwood, Roberta:  Gone Gospel! (Gospel Goes Pop)  (ABC Paramount ABCS-464 LP)  $15  VG+/VG+  1963
150681	Singing Cookes:  Holding to Jesus  (Cooke C-2900 LP)  $28  SS  198?
154635	Singing Millers:  In the Spirit  (Win-Mill 21242 LP)  $12  EX/VG+  197?,osw
154268	Singing Rambos:  Buck, Dottie & Reba  (Vista R1232 LP)  $13  EX/VG+  197?,osw
148488	Singing Surber Sisters:  Carolyn Phyllis Linda Virginia  (Temple Productions KB 3893(M) LP)  $25  VG+/VG+  196?,group from des moines iowa
154638	Sister Sadie & the Famous Biblettes:  Time  (Church Door CDR 22038 LP)  $15  VG+/EX  1985,co
154401	Slaughter, Henry & Hazel:  The Joyous Excitement of...  (Heart Warming R 3338 LP)  $12  VG/VG+  1974,2lp,rw
154130	Slaughter, Henry & Hazel:  Then the Answer Came  (Big Gospel BG-SLP 107 LP)  $15  VG/VG+  196?
154150	Slaughter, Henry & Hazel:  TV Favorites as Sung at the Cathedral of Tomorrow  (Cathedral LPM-120(M) LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  196?,osw
151725	Slovakaires:  A Souvenir Latin Mass & Benediction  (PAV 777 LP)  $33  VG/VG+  196?,purple wax,h2o oc,recorded at St. Mark's church McKees Rocks Pennsylvania
154183	Smallwood, Richard Singers:  Psalms  (Onyx International RO3833 LP)  $23  VG+/EX  1984,lyric sheet
155322	Smith Family Singers:  Happiness  (private LP)  $18  SS  197?
154196	Smith Family Singers:  Singing Your Favorites  (Smith Family TS-106 LP)  $9  VG+/VG+  197?,osw
154195	Smith Family Singers:  Something In the Air  (Golden Voice LP 200-42 LP)  $8  VG/VG+  197?,woc
155320	Smith Family Singers:  Something In the Air  (Golden Voice LP 200-42 LP)  $18  SS  197?
155321	Smith Family Singers:  The Third Man  (Mission MR-SFS-336 LP)  $18  SS  197?
150036	Smith, Jessie Evans:  Sings Sacred Songs by A.W. "Mickey" Hart  (Century Vol. 10 LP)  $25  VG+/VG+  196?,toc
151935	Smith, Kate:  Best of Kate Smith Sacred  (RCA Victor LSP-4258 LP)  $12  VG/M-  1970,rw
154342	Smith, Michael W.:  Backstage With...  (Reunion 9010026012-DJ LP)  $38  M-  1987,radio-only promo,music & interview,plain cover with sost
149700	Sons of Harmony:  Songs of Harmony  (Skyltite SSLP-6009 LP)  $35  EX/EX  196?,osw
149885	Sons of Thunder:  S/T  (Crescendo CCR-7001 LP)  $35  VG+/VG+  197?,wobc,lightning cover art
148714	Sound of Celebration:  Fellowship With...  (private NR8608 LP)  $35  EX/VG+  1977,osw,Sr High Youth Ministry Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Aberdeen South Dakota
154174	SPARCS:  It Only Takes a SPARC  (Jewel LPS 294 LP)  $13  VG/VG+  1972,signed obc
153486	St. Anne, Jeanne & the New Christians:  The Rock Version of the Lord's Prayer  (Pickwick SPC 3373 LP)  $10  VG/VG+  1974,"My Sweet Lord","Put Your Hand In the Hand","Jesus Christ Superstar"
148050	St. John's Lutheran Chuch Choir:  June 1965  (Fredlo LP)  $45  VG+  1965,acetate,no cover,Geneseo Illinois
150408	St. Olaf Choir:  S/T  (St. Olaf VLP 1007(M) LP)  $27  VG/VG  195?,ten inch lp,red wax
150642	St. Olaf Lutheran Choir:  Fifty Golden Years  (Mercury SR 60728 LP)  $18  EX/VG+  196?,osw
155342	St. Paul Lutheran Chapel Choir:  Glorify the Lord  (Custom Fidelity LP)  $40  SS  197?
152423	Stamps Quartet:  The Famous...  (Harmony HL 7274(M) LP)  $11  VG/VG+  195?-6?
148787	Staple Singers:  Be What You Are  (Stax STS 3015 LP)  $14  EX/EX  1973,co,osw
154270	Statesmen Quartet / Chuck Wagon Gang:  Volume 1  (Sesac R-1701/02 LP)  $35  VG/VG+  195?,soc
154351	Statesmen Quartet & Hovie Lister:  Message In the Sky  (RCA Camden CAL-743(M) LP)  $20  EX/VG+  1963,osw
155323	Statesmen Quartet & Hovie Lister:  S/T  (RCA Victor LPM-1141(M) LP)  $35  VG/VG+  1957,rw,wobc,smsplt
149548	Stewart, Derrell:  Personality & Piano  (Appeal ARS 6613 LP LP)  $16  SS  197?
154166	Stonehill, Randy:  Celebrate This Heartbeat  (Myrrh SPCN 7 01 676506-7 LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  1984,lyric sleeve,christian rock
149874	Stonehill, Randy:  The Sky Is Falling  (Solid Rock SRA 2005 LP)  $13  VG+/EX  1980,gfld,custom inner sleeve,christian rock
151764	Strader, Rodger:  Then Came Sunday  (Good Life GLP-309 LP)  $12  EX/M-  1980,osw,easter musical
150686	Summers, Myrna:  Expect the Unexpected  (Savoy SL 14559 LP)  $23  SS  1981
148562	Sunshine Boys:  Greatest Gospel Quartet Favorites  (Cumberland SRC 69527 LP)  $35  EX/VG+  196?,osw
153576	Swaggart, Jimmy:  God Took Away My Yesterdays  (Jim LP 102 LP)  $10  EX/VG+  197?,osw
153902	Swaggart, Jimmy:  I'm Nearer Home  (Jim JLP-105 LP)  $9  VG/EX  197?,osw,sl h2o oc
154417	Swaggart, Jimmy:  Living Waters  (Jim LP-143 LP)  $10  VG+/VG+  1984
154617	Swaggart, Jimmy:  Religion Without a Reproach A Crown Without a Cross  (JIM Sermon Series M-11 LP)  $23  EX/EX  196?-7?,16 rpm,osw
153915	Swaggart, Jimmy:  Someone to Care  (Jim JLP-108 LP)  $9  VG+/VG+  197?,osw
150456	Swaggart, Jimmy:  The Very Best of...Silver Jubilee Edition  (JIM 24-141 LP)  $26  VG+/VG+/EX  1981,2lp,one lp is a picture disc
154416	Swaggart, Jimmy:  Will the Circle Be Unbroken?  (Jim JLPSS-2 LP)  $11  EX/VG+  197?,osw,sermon
152421	Swanee Quintet:  Changed Man  (Creed CR 3099 LP)  $21  VG/EX  1980,prst oc,slrw
154136	Taff, Russ:  Medals  (Myrrh 679206 LP)  $9  VG+/VG+  1985
149511	Talbot, Gene & Maxine:  Longing for Jesus  (Gospel Key GKS 1012 LP)  $35  EX/VG+  196?-7?,osw
153917	Talley, Joe & Marion:  Handfuls of Music  (Word W-3199-LP(M) LP)  $14  VG+/VG+  196?,Dick Anthony Choristers
153102	Teen Challengers:  With Converted Gang Members & Drug Addicts  (Teen Challenge n80P-8907 LP)  $35  VG/EX  196?,sl h2o
154626	Tennesseans:  The Terrific...  (Heart Warming LPHF 1723 LP)  $28  VG+/VG+  196?
153578	Tharp, Marty:  The Measure of a Man  (Heart Warming R3160 LP)  $9  VG/VG+  197?,woc
154426	Thomas Trio:  Pilot of Galilee  (LP 1021 LP)  $7  VG+/VG+  197?
154151	Thrasher Brothers:  One Day at a Time  (Canaan CAS-9748-LP LP)  $10  VG/VG+  1974,slrw
151604	Thrasher Brothers:  Up-An-At 'Em!  (Anchor C-1005 LP)  $9  VG/VG  197?,slrw
155344	Todd, Cecil:  The Life Story of Cecil Todd: God Calls a Mountain Boy to Preach  (Crusade LP 703 LP)  $31  VG/VG+  196?
153487	Todd, Don:  From God with Love  (Flame LP S 318 LP)  $23  VG/VG+  197?,rw
151020	Todd, Tisha:  I Feel So Good About It  (Rainbow R-2354-LPS LP)  $39  SS  197?
148497	Tom & Dan:  Jesus Will Come Thru  (F.E.L. FEL 582 LP)  $70  VG+/EX  1971,strange hand busting out of the ground cover art,xian folkrock
154630	Townsend Sisters:  I Am a Witness  (Nasha J-1207 LP)  $45  EX/EX  198?,osw
150355	Transcendental Sisters of St. Francis:  Music By Lenny Rich  (Ray RRSLP 2005 LP)  $18  VG+/VG+  196?
154619	Truett, Dr. George W.:  How Shall We Escape If We Neglect Salvation? / What Think Ye of Christ?  (Word W-3225-LP(M) LP)  $15  VG+/VG+  196?,sermons
149629	Truth:  On the Road  (Impact R2-3425 LP)  $45  VG/VG+  1977,2lp,rw,xian rock
154132	Turner, Ken:  Here Comes the Volkswagen  (Blackwood Brothers DRP 7211 LP)  $11  VG/VG+  197?,osw,h2o oc,country gospel,impersonations of Mr. Magoo,Gomer Pyle,Red Foley,Ernest Tubb
154170	Tuskegee Institute Choir:  Spirituals  (Westminster Gold/MCA WG-8154 LP)  $14  VG/VG+  1971,autographed obc by director William L Dawson,sobc
154432	Union Church Choir:  No Greater Love  (Century 22903 LP)  $23  VG/VG+  1965,osw
151877	VA-B.J. Thomas,Happy Goodman Family,Amy Grant,Leon Patillo,Imperials,Benny Hester,Gaither Vocal Band:  Believercise: Choreographed Exercise to Contemporary Gospel Music  (Day Spring DST-4108 LP)  $14  VG+/VG+  1982,poster
150634	VA-Blackwood Brothers,Rebels,Swanee River Boys,Speer Family,Oak Ridge Boys,Gospel Singing Caravan,Statesmen Quartet,Sego Brothers & Naomi,Blue Ridge Quartet,Le Fevres,Blackwood Singers,Stamps Quartet:  Pillars of Faith  (QMO 1001 LP)  $15  SS  197?,2lp
148887	VA-Blind Joe & Emma Taggart,Blind Willie Johnson,Rev. Edward W. Clayborn,Two Gospel Keyes,Elder Wilson,Lil McClintock,Blind Roosevelt Graves,Luther Magby,Blind Gussie Nesbit,Arizona Dranes:  Negro Religious Music Vol. 1: The Sanctified Singers Part 1  (America's Music Series BC #17(M) LP)  $22  EX/EX  197?,osw,1926-1949 recordings
154261	VA-Caldwells,Whitey Gleason,Continentals,Galileans,Rhythm Masters,Evangelaires:  Gospel Spectacular Vol. 1  (Gospel Spectacular GS-3 LP)  $25  VG/VG+  197?,rw,wobc
154413	VA-Don Ho,Surfers,Richard Roberts,Patti Roberts,World Action Singers:  Oral Roberts In Hawaii  (Light LS-5575-LP LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  196?-7?,gfld
151608	VA-Kings of Harmony,Famous Blue Jay Singers,Soul Stirrers,Fairfield Four,Roberta Martin Singers,Rosetta Tharpe,Willie Mae Ford Smith,Marion Williams:  Brighten the Corner Where You Are: Black & White Urban Hymnody  (New World NW 224(M) LP)  $12  VG/VG+  1978,gfld,bklt intact,library soc & sol
154347	VA-LeFevres,Blue Ridge Quartet,Johnson Sisters,Prophets Quartet:  The Gospel Singing Caravan  (Sing MFLP 558 LP)  $10  EX/VG+  196?,osw
150685	VA-LeFevres,Prophets,Sego Brothers & Naomi,Jack Toney,Goss Brothers,Vanguards,Harvesters Quartet,Blue Ridge Quartet,Gospel Singing Caravan,Johnson Sisters,Wendy Bagwell & the Sunlighters,Rebels Quartet,Sunshine Boys,Rangers:  The Best of Sing  (Gospel Singing 10010 LP)  $11  VG+/VG  196?
154629	VA-Mahalia Jackson,Staple Singers,Marion Williams,Abyssinian Baptist Choir,Golden Gate Jubilee Quartet,Dorothy Love Coates,Dixie Hummingbirds,Blind Willie Johnson,Rev. J.M. Gates,Arizona Dranes,Mitchell's Christian Singers:  The Gospel Sound  (Columbia G 31086 LP)  $15  VG/VG+  197?,2lp,djts oc,wol,rw
153904	VA-Shirley Caesar,Al Green,Williams Brothers,Albertina Walker,Rev. Milton Brunson,Mighty Clouds of Joy,Dorothy Norwood,Dixie Hummingbirds,Inez Andrews,Rev. F.C. Barnes,Rance Allen Group,Florida Mass Choir:  Feel the Spirit: The Best of Black Gospel  (Arrival NU 1980 LP)  $28  VG/M-  1986,h2o oc
149303	VA-Shirley Caesar,Swan Silvertones,Blind Boys of Alabama,Charles Taylor,Stars of Faith,Harrell Singers,Starlets,Raymond Raspberry Singers:  Gospel At Christmas  (HOB 281 LP)  $18  VG+/EX  197?,soc
154179	VA-Statler Brothers,Johnny Cash,Tammy Wynette,Carter Family,Roy Acuff,Chuck Wagon Gang,Bill Monroe,Stonewall Jackson,Stamps Quartet,Flatt & Scruggs,Marty Robbins,Jimmy Dean,Ray Price:  The Best of Country Gospel  (CSP C3 10042 LP)  $18  VG+/EX  197?,3lp box
154535	VA-Texas Jim Robertson,Maddox Brothers & Rose,Wally Fowler,T. Texas Tyler:  You Must Have that Pure Religion  (Stereo Spectrum SDLP-616 LP)  $8  VG/VG+  196?,smsplt,soc
151991	VA-Voices for the Unborn,Keith Green,Jamie Owens-Collins,Bob Ayala,2nd Chapter of Acts,Sandi Patti,Phil Keaggy,Debby Boone:  Fight the Fight Rescue the Unborn  (Live Oak SPCN 7-01-600435-X LP)  $18  SS  1985
153050	VA-Wendell Burton,Steve Camp,Terry Clark,Andrew Culverwell,DeGarmo & Key,Farrell & Farrell,Fireworks,Gospel Seed,Amy Grant,Pantano/Salsbury,Nedra Ross,Alwyn Wall Band:  Gospel Seed...Growing  (Myrrh MSB-6594 LP)  $13  EX/EX  1977,2lp,osw,lyric sleeves
148074	Van Camp, Eric:  Grafted In  (Jews for Jesus H-1005 LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  1979
151309	Van Dyke, Vonda:  New Kind of Happiness  (Word WST-8519-LP LP)  $65  VG/EX  196?-7?,osw,op art cover,autographed postcard insert,Miss America 1965,tear on cover
155085	Van Dyke, Vonda:  Teenage Diary  (Word W 3291 LP(M) LP)  $35  VG+/VG+  196?,Miss America 1965
148882	van Impe, Dr. Jack:  Accordion Artistry  (Van Impe Recordings 770337 LP)  $12  VG+/EX  197?,osw,woc
150353	van Impe, Dr. Jack:  You Must Be...Born Again!  (Van Impe Recordings 771130 LP)  $13  EX/EX  197?,osw,woc
155341	Vermont Street Methodist Church Caroleers:  The Caroleers Sing  (It 2311 LP)  $35  EX/EX  196?
150710	Vernon, Bob:  The Inspiration of...  (Capitol ST 2778 LP)  $11  EX/VG+  196?,osw
154345	Vibbert, Dave:  Trav'lin'  (Daystar LH-10481 LP)  $10  EX/EX  197?,osw
155305	Vickie:  Moments to Remember  (Crusade LP 4006 LP)  $35  EX/EX  197?,osw
150431	Vidal C.M., Fr. John R.:  Scriptural Rosary  (EAR 1013 LP)  $10  EX/EX  196?,osw
154341	Vine Sisters & Family:  There's a Blessing Over the Hill  (Church Door CDR-22030 LP)  $15  SS  198?,co
150693	Vinson, Ed Singers:  Jesus, You Light Up My Life  (The Sounding Board EV 7807 LP)  $18  VG/VG+  197?,woc,wobc,rw
150643	von Seggern, Orville:  Sings Praises to His Lord  (Wick WS204 LP)  $9  EX/VG+  197?,osw
154639	Waddles, Mother:  The Many Voices of...  (Mission GH 157 LP)  $14  VG+/VG+  196?,christmas
154181	Wagner, Roger Chorale:  Gregorian Chants  (Gregorian Institute EL-23 LP)  $28  VG+/VG+  196?-7?
153801	Ward, Clara:  Hang Your Tears out to Dry  (Verve V/5002(M) LP)  $25  VG/VG  196?,co,soc
150640	Warren, Marion:  Victory In Jesus  (Rainbow R-2010-LPS LP)  $28  EX/EX  197?,osw
155345	We Together Singers:  A Decade of Song  (Artist's LP)  $38  SS  197?,South Bend Indiana group
150702	Wear Family:  Blue Grass Gospel  (Crown CST 431 LP)  $13  VG+/VG  196?,soc
150706	Weatherford Quartet:  Gospel Favorites  (WQ LP-103 LP)  $18  VG+/VG  196?,swoc
154424	Weaver, Joy:  My God Is Real  (Songs of Sharon SLPS-1003 LP)  $28  VG+/VG+  196?-7?,osw
148514	Wesley Choir:  Wednesday Afternoon Four P.M.  (Century 38425 LP)  $35  VG+/VG+  197?,First United Methodist Church Virden Illinois,geometric flowers cover art
154419	White Sisters:  Count Your Blessings  (Word WST-8001-LP LP)  $8  VG+/VG+  196?
151731	White, Myrna:  My Own Special Way  (Tempo R-7162 LP)  $45  VG+/M-  1976,Larry Mayfield
154627	Wiles, Roger:  God Gave the Song  (Roger Wiles RW-5037 LP)  $15  VG+/M-  197?,unopened mailer cover
150709	Williams Brothers:  Celebrate This Christmas  (Savoy 14514 LP)  $10  VG/M-  1978,h2o oc,vg cover
146791	Williams, Deniece:  So Glad I Know  (Sparrow ST 41039 LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  1986
150708	Williams, Marion & the Stars of Faith:  God and Me  (Vee Jay LP5024(M) LP)  $45  VG/VG+  196?,rw,smsplt
149637	Wilson, Steve:  Happy Am I  (Ford Philpot 740119 LP)  $28  VG/VG  197?,private press,wobc
154094	Wise, Joe:  Hand In Hand  (Fontaine House LP-1002 LP)  $15  VG+/EX  1968,osw
154358	Wise, Joe:  Take All the Lost Home  (Fontaine House 31747 LP)  $14  VG/VG+  1977,woc,soc
154147	Woods, Rev. Maceo & the Christian Tabernacle Concert Choir:  A New Dawning  (Gospel Truth GTS-2722 LP)  $28  SS  1973,co
153062	Word of God:  Songs of Praise Album 1  (Word of God W/G 7608 LP)  $35  SS  1976
153063	Word of God:  Songs of Praise Album 2  (Word of God W/G 7709 LP)  $35  SS  1977
153064	Word of God:  Songs of Praise Album 3  (Word of God W/G 7710 LP)  $35  SS  1977
153914	Wright, Larry Joe:  Everything's Under Control  (Challenge LP/937 LP)  $9  EX/VG+  197?,osw
150647	Yade, Lorne:  Spiritual Songs On Silver Strings  (Earthland ES-7019 LP)  $35  EX/EX  1980,Canada,osw
150389	Young Stalneckers:  Feelin' Good, Feelin' Free  (Rainbow Sound R-2187-LPS LP)  $28  VG+/VG  197?,osw


150073	Aloma, Hal:  Lure of the Islands  (Dot DLP 25057 LP)  $18  VG+/EX  196?,outrigger canoe cover art
150096	Apaka, Alfred:  Hawaiian Village Nights  (ABC-Paramount ABCS-241 LP)  $8  VG/VG  196?,h2o obc,wobc,Don Costa
150094	Apaka, Alfred:  My Isle of Golden Dreams  (Decca DL 74418 LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  195?-6?,osw
150095	Apaka, Alfred:  Sings the Hawaiian Wedding Song & Other Favorite Songs of the Islands  (Decca DL 74571 LP)  $9  VG/VG+  195?-6?,h2o damage oc
150102	Carson, Paul:  Music of Hawaii Vol. 1  (High-Fi C-1806(M) LP)  $21  VG+/EX  196?,slrw
153461	Cecilio & Kapono:  Elua  (Columbia PC 33689 LP)  $14  VG/VG+  1975,lyric sleeve,rw
153462	Cecilio & Kapono:  S/T  (Columbia PC 32928 LP)  $17  VG/VG+  1974,slrw
150098	Diamond Head Beachcombers:  Aloha from Hawaii  (RCA Victor LPM-2059(M) LP)  $14  VG+/VG  1959,Northwest Airlines (DC-6?) cover art
150214	Edwards, Webley:  Hawaii Calls: Greatest Hits  (Capitol ST-1339 LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  196?
150099	Edwards, Webley:  Romantic Instrumentals of the Islands  (Capitol ST 1987 LP)  $9  EX/VG  197?,osw,re
150033	Emma:  Jack de Mello Presents Vol. II: Here In this Enchanted Place  (Music of Polynesia MOP 18000 LP)  $24  VG+/VG+  197?
150032	Emma:  Jack de Mello Presents Vol. IV: Moments of Hawaiian Musical Magic  (Music of Polynesia MOP 34000 LP)  $28  VG+/M-  197?
150668	Hawaiian Islanders:  Hawaiian Enchantment  (Wyncote SW-9131 LP)  $13  EX/VG+  196?,osw,island girl & tiki statue cover art
149069	Hawaiians:  From the Famous Beach Hotel  (Deram DES 18015 LP)  $15  VG+/EX  1968,hula girl cover
148600	Kahauanu Lake Trio:  Kuliaikanu'u (Strive for the Highest)  (Hula HS-559 LP)  $35  VG+/VG+  1978
146806	Kalapana:  Kalapana II  (Abattoir KALA 0002 LP)  $18  VG+/VG+  1976,gfld
150109	Kearney, Ramsey:  Golden Dreams of Hawaii  (Safari SR 103 LP)  $35  SS  1990
148717	Kenney, Ed:  My Hawaii  (Harmony HS 11211 LP)  $15  EX/EX  196?,osw
151735	Kesner, Dick:  The Music of Hawaii  (Coral CRL 757352 LP)  $25  VG+/VG+  195?-6?,co,Charles Bud Dant
148123	Kodak Hula Show:  S/T  (Waikiki 302 LP)  $15  EX/VG+  195?,osw
151599	Kodak Hula Show:  S/T  (Waikiki 302 LP)  $16  EX/EX  196?,osw
148567	Leilani Beach Boys:  Aloha Darling  (Clarion 619 LP)  $15  EX/EX  196?,osw,cheesecake cover art
150097	McKee, Terry:  Hawaiian Holiday  (Diplomat 2201(M) LP)  $30  VG+/VG+  196?,swoc
146783	Na Mele O Na Opio:  It's a Small World  (Pumehana PS 4902 LP)  $35  EX/EX  1977,osw
155313	Nielsen, George & the Hollywood Strings:  Hawaii & Other Songs of the Islands  (Crown CST 561 LP)  $20  SS  196?
150101	Polynesian Cultural Center:  Festival Polynesia!  (Polynesian Cultural Center PCC S-333 LP)  $13  VG+/M-  197?,gfld
155447	Polynesians:  Polynesia: The Music of Hawaii-Tahiti-Samoa  (Crown 169 LP)  $15  VG+/VG+  196?
148039	Surfers:  Misty Rainbow  (Decca DL 75038 LP)  $13  VG+/EX  1968,co,slrw
148079	Ukulele, Johnny:  Favorite Selections By...  (Capitol ST-1425 LP)  $25  VG+/VG+  196?,partial smsplt
149725	VA-Sonny Nicholas,Emily de los Santos,Honey Kalima & his Royal Hawaiians,Kalani Bright,Simeon Bright,Pauline Kekahuna,Charles Miller:  Keep Your Eyes On the Hands: Hilarious And Naughty Hulas  (Waikiki 305 LP)  $12  VG+/EX  196?-7?,osw
150100	Waikikis:  Greatest Hits from Hawaii  (Kapp KS-3612 LP)  $11  EX/VG  196?,osw,surfer cover art
150576	Waikikis:  Greatest Hits from Hawaii  (Kapp KS-3612 LP)  $15  VG+/M-  196?,co,toc,surfer cover art


153985	Beastie Boys:  Licensed to Ill  (Def Jam C 40238 LP)  $18  VG+/VG+  1986,gfld,soc,toc
146744	Blac Monks:  Secrets of the Hidden Temple  (Rap-A-Lot SPRO 7082 LP)  $17  EX  1994,wlp,8-track sampler,plain cover
149221	Da Youngsta's:  The Aftermath  (EastWest PR 5037 LP)  $28  EX  1993,wlp,plain cover
149218	Freeze Factor:  Chill  (Epic E 44112 LP)  $11  VG+/M-  1989,lyric sleeve,prst obc
153615	Funkytown Pros:  Reaching a Level of Assassination  (4th & B'way PR12-4042 LP)  $42  EX  1991,djl,plain cover,sost "White Green"
152256	H.M.H.:  Comin' Off  (Phat House 7257-1 LP)  $18  VG+  1995,djl,plain cover,osw
149217	Hammer:  The Funky Headhunter  (Giant PRO-A-6798 LP)  $20  VG+/M-  1994,2lp,djl
147614	Ice-T:  The Iceberg/Freedom of Speech...Just Watch What You Say  (Sire 1-26028 LP)  $14  EX/VG+  1989,orig inner sleeve,prst oc
149222	JCD & the Dawg LB.:  A Day In the Life  (Profile PRO-1435-DJ LP)  $18  VG+/M-  1992,wlp,prst obc
149216	Luke:  Freak for Life 6996  (Luke PR-6996 LP)  $14  VG+/EX  1994,2lp,wlp,co,slrw
155360	Menace Clan:  Hot Club Wax  (Rap-A-Lot SPRO-11004 LP)  $33  EX  1995,six-track mini lp,plain cover
147523	Newcleus:  Jam On Revenge  (Sunnyview SUN 4901 LP)  $28  VG+/VG+  1984,old-school/electro
149220	Rez E-Rekt'ed 2 Rein:  S/T  (Bust It BUAB 76001 LP)  $12  M-  199?,wlp,plain cover
147615	Society:  Yes N Deed (The EP)  (Luke PR-777-1 LP)  $13  VG/EX  1994,wlp,co,8-track ep,woc
149233	Subway:  Good Times  (Biv 10/Motown 314530354-1 LP)  $13  M-  1995,djl,plain cover,Twista,702
153177	Sugarhill Gang:  8th Wonder  (Sugarhill SH 249 LP)  $21  VG/VG+  1981,"funk box"
146829	Ten Tray:  Realm of Darkness  (Smash 314-510-107-1 LP)  $18  EX  1992,wlp,plain cover
153984	VA-Ice-T,Decadent Dub Team,Big Daddy Kane,Eric B & Rakim,Kool G Rap,7A3,Roxanne Shante,MC Shan,Rick James,Dr. Dre:  Colors OST  (Warner Bros 25713-1 LP)  $14  VG+/VG+  1988,soc
150025	VA-Schoolly D,Three Times Dope,DJ Mark the 45 King,Special Ed,Tuff Crew,Joe the Butcher,One Voice,Sir Mix-a-Lot,Blackmale,Robbie B & DJ Jazz,Mac Money:  One Voice: Pride  (Ruff House 73563-1 LP)  $14  VG+/EX  1990
149210	VA-Today,Arts & Crafts,Force M.D.'s,Full Force Family,Flavor Flav,Kid 'n Play,LL Cool J & Marley Marl,Kenny Vaughan & the Art of Love:  House Party OST  (Motown MOT-6296 LP)  $13  VG+/M-  1990
153178	Whodini:  Escape  (Jive JL8-8267 LP)  $13  VG/VG+  1984,sl spinewear


153079	Halloween Horrors:  Sounds of Halloween  (A&M SP 3152 LP)  $16  VG+/VG+  1977
150925	Halloween Horrors:  Sounds of Halloween  (A&M SP-3152 LP)  $19  EX/M-  1977,osw
154910	Halloween Horrors:  The Story of Holloween Horror & Holloween Horror  (A&M SP-3301 LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  1977
146748	Haunted House:  New Chilling, Thrilling Sounds of the Haunted House  (Disneyland 2507 LP)  $25  VG+/EX  1979,different album


153512	Abdo, Georg:  The Art of Belly Dancing  (Monitor MFS 752 LP)  $23  EX/EX  1973,osw,dance instructions insert
154815	Abdo, Georg:  The Art of Belly Dancing  (Monitor MFS 752 LP)  $33  SS  1973,dance instructions insert
150106	Burman, S.D.:  Amiya Abhimaan OST  (Odeon D/MOCE.4183(E) LP)  $60  VG+/VG  1973,India,Bollywood,Kishore Kumar,Lata Mangeshkar,Mohammed Rafi,Manhar
148147	Derbecki Ensemble:  Sahra  (London International SW 99533 LP)  $18  VG/VG+  196?,co,slrw,belly dancer cover art
153511	Jilana:  The Art of Belly Dancing  (Gateway GSLP 3527 LP)  $20  EX/EX  197?,belly dancer cover art,osw,no insert
147010	Khan, Ustad Ali Akbar:  Master Musician of India  (Connoiseur Society CS 462 LP)  $18  VG/VG+  1966,smsplt
148742	Kochak, Eddie "The Sheik" & Hakki Obadia:  Strictly Belly Dancing: The 1st Volume  (Ameraba AM2498 LP)  $9  VG/VG+  1977,belly dancers cover art,slrw
155222	Kochak, Soubhi & Hakki Obadia:  Middle East Music Moods of the Casbah  (Mace MCS 10011 LP)  $28  VG+/EX  1965,belly dancer cover art,osw
153510	Lester, Sonny:  More How to Belly-Dance for Your Husband  (Roulette SR 42066 LP)  $19  VG+/VG+  196?,book,cover art
151785	Misra, Dr. Lalmani:  Nectar of the Moon: Vichitra Music of Northern India  (Nonesuch H-72086 LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  1981
150105	Prakasam, Tata & Kodukala Prasad:  Sounds of TANA Chicago '81  (Daystar DSLP-8112 LP)  $35  VG+/VG+  1981,woc,swol,Telugu music
151032	Sachdev, G.S.:  Romantic Ragas  (Chandi CP-104 LP)  $16  VG+/EX  1981
152913	Shankar, Ravi:  Improvisations  (World Pacific ST 1416 LP)  $16  VG/VG+  1962,Bud Shank,Gary Peacock,co,wobc
151994	Turkbas, Ozel:  How to Make Your Husband a Sultan: Belly Dance With...  (Elas 2687 LP)  $40  SS  196?-7?


151150	Babes In Toyland:  Nemesisters  (Reprise 1-45868 LP)  $18  EX/M-  1995,gfld
147273	Buck Pets:  Mercurotones  (Island 846 867-1 LP)  $13  VG/EX  1990,prst obc
147448	Intelligence Unit:  A Final Bastion  (Pinnacle  SM 89096 LP)  $18  VG+/M-  1989,local chicago band,six-track ep
153614	Iowa Beef Experience:  Cool Ass Gravytrain  (Vinyl Solution SOL-13 LP)  $16  VG+/M-  1988,UK,inserts
151147	Laing, Shona:  South  (TVT 2470 LP)  $9  VG+/EX  199?,lyric sleeve,co
148652	Nightporters:  Outside Looking In...  (Safety Net MPPA 9196 LP)  $55  SS  198?-9?,5-track mini lp
151145	Pearl Jam:  Vs.  (Epic Z 53136 LP)  $16  VG+/EX  1993,gfld,lyric sleeve
154354	Sometimes Y:  One Fell Swoop  (Jane Bear 43545 LP)  $10  VG+  1984,test pressing,plain cover,insert,Butch Vig,Paul Westerberg
155359	Soul Asylum:  While You Were Out  (Rainbo TTR 8691 LP)  $38  VG  1986,test pressing,no cover
149549	Souled American:  Around the Horn  (Rough Trade US75 LP)  $17  VG+/EX  1990,soc,co


150165	101 Strings:  A Night In Vienna  (Somerset SF-6800 LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  196?,sm paint oc,smsplt
147870	101 Strings:  A Romantic Mood for Dining & Dreaming  (Alshire ST-5034 LP)  $20  EX/EX  196?-7?,osw
151670	101 Strings:  A Tribute to John Wayne  (Alshire S-5371 LP)  $9  VG/EX  1979,slrw
147834	101 Strings:  A Tribute to John Wayne  (Alshire S-5371 LP)  $11  EX/EX  1979,osw
147866	101 Strings:  A Waltz To Remember  (Alshire S-5219 LP)  $8  EX/M-  196?-7?,osw
150174	101 Strings:  Bicentennial Celebration: American Holidays / The Blues of America  (Alshire BC 102-2 LP)  $18  SS  1976,2lp,seal partially open
149916	101 Strings:  Come Sail With Me  (Alshire S-5157 LP)  $9  EX/VG+  196?-7?,osw,girls on a sailboat cover art
147871	101 Strings:  Concertos for Lovers  (Alshire ST-5054 LP)  $10  EX/EX  196?-7?,osw
147856	101 Strings:  Country Music Hall of Fame  (Alshire S-5059 LP)  $9  EX/M-  197?,songs made famous by Hank WIlliams,Patsy Cline,Jimmy Rodgers,Red Foley,Eddy Arnold,Roy Acuff,Jim Reeves,osw
150118	101 Strings:  Dynamic Percussion  (Alshire S 5145 LP)  $13  VG/VG+  196?,soc,smsplt
147849	101 Strings:  Fire & Romance of South America  (Alshire ST-5040 LP)  $15  EX/VG+  196?-7?
149296	101 Strings:  Fire & Romance of South America  (Somerset P-22200 LP)  $15  VG+/VG+  196?,osw,smsplt
147867	101 Strings:  Golden Age of the Bands  (Alshire ST-5092 LP)  $8  VG+/VG+  196?-7?
150268	101 Strings:  Greatest Hits of Ray Charles  (Alshire S-5206 LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  197?,soc,slrw
147842	101 Strings:  Greatest Hits of Ray Charles  (Alshire S-5206 LP)  $13  EX/EX  197?,osw
147848	101 Strings:  Hit Songs from Finian's Rainbow ï Funny Girl ï Chitty Chitty Bang Bang  (Alshire S-5120 LP)  $10  EX/EX  196?-7?,osw
147846	101 Strings:  Hits Made Famous By Nat King Cole  (Alshire ST-5093 LP)  $12  EX/EX  196?-7?,osw
148996	101 Strings:  Hits Made Famous by the Crooners  (Alshire S-5110 LP)  $9  EX/EX  196?-7?,osw
147852	101 Strings:  Hits Made Famous by the Crooners  (Alshire S-5110 LP)  $10  EX/M-  196?-7?,osw
151292	101 Strings:  Hoagy Carmichael / Duke Ellington  (Alshire S-5008 LP)  $15  VG+/M-  196?
147854	101 Strings:  I Love Paris  (Somerset SF-13000 LP)  $12  EX/EX  196?,osw
147843	101 Strings:  Korvettes 25th Anniversary Spectacular!  (Arlen 4002 LP)  $12  EX/M-/M-/EX  1973,3lp,osw
147863	101 Strings:  Million Seller Hit Songs of the 40's  (Somerset SF-21100 LP)  $13  EX/M-  196?,osw
147859	101 Strings:  Million Seller Hits  (Alshire S-5223 LP)  $10  EX/M-  197?,osw
147850	101 Strings:  Million Seller Hits From Mexico  (Alshire ST-5099 LP)  $11  EX/M-  196?-7?,osw
151916	101 Strings:  Million Seller Hits Of Today by Simon & Garfunkel  (Alshire ALS-5156 LP)  $9  VG/EX  196?,slrw
147868	101 Strings:  Million Seller Hits Vol. 1  (Alshire ST-5087 LP)  $10  EX/EX  196?-7?,osw
147847	101 Strings:  Million Seller Hits Vol. 2  (Alshire ST-5089 LP)  $10  EX/EX  196?-7?,osw
147853	101 Strings:  Million Seller Hits Vol. 3  (Alshire ST-5088 LP)  $10  EX/EX  196?-7?,osw
147876	101 Strings:  Million Seller Hits Vol. 4  (Alshire ST-5090 LP)  $11  EX/M-  196?-7?,osw
147845	101 Strings:  Million Seller Movie Themes Latin Style  (Alshire S-5142 LP)  $10  EX/VG+  197?,osw
147858	101 Strings:  Million Seller Themes from the Heart of Tchaikovsky  (Alshire S-5115 LP)  $10  EX/M-  197?,osw
147862	101 Strings:  Opera Without Words  (Somerset P-8700(M) LP)  $9  EX/M-  196?,osw
147865	101 Strings:  Our Wedding  (Alshire S-5284 LP)  $11  EX/M-  1973,osw
147855	101 Strings:  Paint Your Wagon  (Alshire S-5164 LP)  $10  EX/M-  197?,osw
149531	101 Strings:  Paris Avec Amour - From Paris With Love  (Alshire S-5029 LP)  $10  EX/EX  196?-7?,osw
152128	101 Strings:  Play the Tijuana Sound  (Alshire ST-5091 LP)  $7  VG+/VG+  196?-7?,"Spanish Flea"
147869	101 Strings:  Play the Tijuana Sound  (Alshire ST-5091 LP)  $10  EX/M-  196?-7?,osw,"Spanish Flea"
151891	101 Strings:  Plus Guitars Galore  (Alshire S-5065 LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  1972,purple label,slrw
147840	101 Strings:  Plus Guitars Galore Vol 2  (Alshire S-5141 LP)  $10  EX/VG+  196?-7?,osw
147861	101 Strings:  Plus Trumpet  (Alshire S-5155 LP)  $10  VG+/M-  197?,osw
147857	101 Strings:  S.R.O. Broadway Hits  (Alshire S-5061 LP)  $8  EX/M-  196?-7?,osw
154806	101 Strings:  San Francisco - City of Romance  (Alshire S-5307 LP)  $13  EX/EX  1974,osw
147860	101 Strings:  Scores from the Broadway Hit Camelot  (Somerset SF-13400 LP)  $13  SS  196?
147839	101 Strings:  Songs for Lovers On a Summer Night  (Alshire S-5143 LP)  $10  EX/M-  197?,osw
151651	101 Strings:  Soul Hits  (Alshire S-5237 LP)  $13  VG/VG+  1972,"Where Did Our Love Go","Slow & with Soul"
147873	101 Strings:  Swing With Hammond Organ  (Alshire ST-5116 LP)  $8  EX/EX  196?,osw
149188	101 Strings:  Swingin' Things from...  (Alshire S-5055 LP)  $15  VG+/EX  196?,Don Costa
149645	101 Strings:  The Classic Sounds of Love  (Alshire S-5378 LP)  $13  SS  1980
149910	101 Strings:  The Panoramic Majesty of Ferde Grofe's Grand Canyon Suite  (Alshire S-5011 LP)  $9  VG+/VG+  196?,osw
149851	101 Strings:  The Soul of Mexico  (Alshire S-5032 LP)  $8  VG+/VG+  196?
147875	101 Strings:  The Soul of Scotland  (Alshire S-5172 LP)  $9  EX/M-  196?-7?,osw
147872	101 Strings:  The Sugar & Spice of Rudolph Friml  (Somerset SD-6900 LP)  $10  EX/EX  196?,osw
150293	101 Strings:  The Sugar & Spice of Rudolph Friml  (Somerset SD-6900 LP)  $10  VG+/M-  196?,soc
147864	101 Strings:  The World's Most Famous Continental Tangos  (Alshire S-5160 LP)  $10  EX/EX  196?-7?,osw
152205	101 Strings:  Trendsetters of the 60's  (Alshire ST-5017 LP)  $17  VG+/EX  196?-7?,"A Hard Days Night","I Want to Hold Your Hand" beatlesongs
147844	101 Strings:  Victor Young - Leroy Anderson  (Alshire ST-5012 LP)  $10  EX/M-  196?,osw
149379	101 Strings:  With Love from London  (Somerset SF-16500 LP)  $9  EX/EX  196?,osw,london tourist sites cover art
149381	101 Strings & the Alshire Singers:  Hits of Today & Other Hit Instrumentals  (Alshire S-5326 LP)  $8  VG+/VG+  1976,osw,"theme from jaws"
151859	1st Battalion Scots Guards:  In Concert  (Peters International PLD 2004 LP)  $14  EX/VG+  1977,osw,military band
148566	4 Colortones:  Music for a Dreamy Mood  (Colortone C33-4922(M) LP)  $11  VG+/EX  195?-6?,soc
150127	50 Guitars of Tommy Garrett:  Go South of the Border  (Liberty LMM 13005(M) LP)  $22  VG/VG+  196?,gfld,die cut cover
151826	50 Guitars of Tommy Garrett:  The Sound of Love  (Liberty LSS-14044 LP)  $14  VG+/M-  196?,gfld,"Classical Gas"
149372	50 Guitars of Tommy Garrett:  You're A Lady  (United Artists UA-LA039-F LP)  $7  VG/VG  1972,slrw
148760	A Music Box Christmas:  Traditional Carols & Hymns Played On Authentic 19th Century Music Boxes  (Columbia CS 8498 LP)  $18  SS  196?,from the collection of Rita Ford
148062	Aaberg, Rod:  Big Band Dance  (Sterific LP-M501(M) LP)  $10  VG/VG  195?
150313	Ackerman, William:  Imaginary Roads  (Windham Hill WH-1078 LP)  $12  VG+/M-  1988,new age,insert
150202	Addeo, Leo:  Love Is a Hurtin' Thing  (RECA Camden CAS 2134 LP)  $9  VG+/VG+  1967
151888	Adler, Larry:  Again!  (Audio Fidelity AFSD 6193 LP)  $8  VG+/EX  1968,harmonica player
151406	Aldrich, Ronnie:  Soft & Wicked  (Decca Phase 4 PFS.4268 LP)  $23  EX/EX  1973,UK,sobc
153847	Aldrich, Ronnie:  The Romantic Pianos of...  (London Phase 4 SP 44042 LP)  $17  EX/EX  196?,gfld,osw,swobc
148564	Allen, Barclay:  Latin & American Piano Rhythms  (Tops L-1597(M) LP)  $18  VG/EX  195?,soc,split spine,cheesecake cover art
146793	Allen, Steve:  Around The World  (Dot DLP 3150(M) LP)  $9  VG+/VG+  195?-6?
149577	Alpert, Herb:  Blow Your Own Horn  (A&M SP-4949 LP)  $9  EX/VG+  1983,osw
153255	Alpert, Herb:  Coney Island  (A&M SP 4521 LP)  $18  VG+/EX  1975
149578	Alpert, Herb:  Rise  (A&M SP-4790 LP)  $14  EX/M-  1979,osw,sost,Gene Page,Michel Colombier,Tom Tom Washington
151909	Alpert, Herb:  Rise  (A&M SP-4790 LP)  $19  SS  1979,sost,Gene Page,Michel Colombier,Tom Tom Washington
150197	Alpert, Herb:  Under A Spanish Moon  (A&M SP 5209 LP)  $7  VG+/EX  1988,prst obc
149230	Alpert, Herb:  Wild Romance  (A&M SP 5082 LP)  $6  VG+/EX  1985,sost "8 Ball"
148730	Alpert, Herb & the Tijuana Brass:  Christmas Album  (A&M SP-3113 LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  1968,198?,re
150239	Alpert, Herb & the Tijuana Brass:  Foursider  (A&M SP-3521 LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  197?,2lp
148132	Alpert, Herb & the Tijuana Brass:  Going Places  (A&M LP-112(M) LP)  $15  EX/VG+  1966,osw,scarce mono
150295	Alpert, Herb & the Tijuana Brass:  Going Places  (A&M SP-4112 LP)  $10  EX/VG+  1966,osw
150304	Alpert, Herb & the Tijuana Brass:  Going Places  (A&M SP-4112 LP)  $11  EX/EX  1966
149866	Alpert, Herb & the Tijuana Brass:  Going Places  (London SHA-U 92 LP)  $11  VG/VG+  1966,Germany,soc
150249	Alpert, Herb & the Tijuana Brass:  Solid Brass  (A&M SP-4341 LP)  $16  EX/VG+  197?,osw,brown label
149867	Alpert, Herb & the Tijuana Brass:  Sounds Like  (A&M 212 001 LP)  $11  VG+/VG  196?,Germany,"Casino Royale"
150250	Alpert, Herb & the Tijuana Brass:  Sounds Like  (A&M SP 4124 LP)  $8  EX/VG+  196?,"Casino Royale",osw,swobc
150265	Alpert, Herb & the Tijuana Brass:  SRO  (A&M SP-4119 LP)  $18  M-/EX  196?,osw
150305	Alpert, Herb & the Tijuana Brass:  What Now My Love  (A&M SP 4114 LP)  $11  VG+/EX  1966
150251	Alpert, Herb & the Tijuana Brass:  Whipped Cream & Other Delights  (A&M SP-4110 LP)  $20  M-/EX  196?,osw,classic cover art
151908	Alpert, Herb & Tijuana Brass:  Bullish  (A&M SP-5022 LP)  $21  SS  1984,sost "Maniac"
150252	Alpert, Herb's Tijuana Brass:  Volume 2  (A&M SP 103 LP)  $15  EX/EX  196?,osw
151579	Anthony, John:  Guitar Goes Travelling  (President PRX 9 LP)  $26  VG+/M-  1979,UK,soc
151424	Anthony, Ray:  Arthur Murray Dance Party  (Aero Space RA 1009 LP)  $12  VG+/M-  197?
153099	Anthony, Ray:  Direction '71 My Sweet Lord  (Ranwood R 8078 LP)  $21  VG+/M-  1971,co,george harrison song
154577	Anthony, Ray:  I Almost Lost My Mind  (Capitol ST-1783 LP)  $10  VG/VG+  196?,black rainbow label,soc,smsplt,wobc
149845	Anthony, Ray:  Like Wild!  (Capitol ST 1804 LP)  $16  VG+/VG  195?-6?
149786	Anthony, Ray:  More Dream Dancing  (Capitol ST-1252 LP)  $7  VG+/VG+  195?-6?,black rainbow label
150133	Anthony, Ray:  Now  (Ranwood R.8033 LP)  $9  VG+/EX  196?,osw,woc
149738	Anthony, Ray:  The Dream Girl  (Capitol T-969(M) LP)  $15  VG/VG+  195?-6?,yellow djl,prst oc,smsplt,pretty girl cover art
150187	Antique Musical Boxes:  Christmas Memories Played On...  (Classic Christmas CC 1934 LP)  $9  VG/EX  1977,smsmplts,slrw
154490	Apperson, Jim & Stephen Vaughan:  Fiddlers On the Roof - the Strolling Violinists  (VA 74726 LP)  $28  VG/VG+  197?,arizona private press,soc
150072	Armand, RenÈ:  Cocktail Piano of...  (Stereo Gold Award GA-14 LP)  $12  EX/EX  196?,osw
147921	Assunta:  The Heavenly Touch of...  (Everest SDBR-1030 LP)  $9  VG/VG  1959,smsplt
147725	August, Jan:  Piano Roll Blues  (Mercury MG 20147(M) LP)  $12  EX/VG+  195?,hilarious cheesecake cover art
147999	August, Jan:  Piano Roll Blues  (Mercury MG 20147(M) LP)  $12  EX/VG  195?,hilarious cheesecake cover art,osw
147343	Aura, William:  Half Moon Bay  (Higher Octave HOMLP 7002 LP)  $11  SS  1987,new age
149598	Austin, Sil:  Golden Saxophone Hits  (Mercury MG 20663(M) LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  196?,soc
155247	Baja Marimba Band:  Baja Marimba Band's Back  (Bell 1124 LP)  $14  EX/EX  1973,osw
155486	Baja Marimba Band:  Do You Know the Way to San Jose  (A&M SP-4150 LP)  $12  EX/EX  196?,osw
147708	Baja Marimba Band:  Heads Up!  (A&M LP-123(M) LP)  $15  VG+/EX  196?,rare mono
147709	Baja Marimba Band:  Watch Out!  (A&M LP-118(M) LP)  $9  VG/EX  196?
150612	Baltimore & Ohio Marching Band:  Lapland  (Jubilee JGS 8008 LP)  $12  EX/VG+  196?,osw
148677	Band of the Berlin Schutz-Polizei:  Die Sch–nsten Marsche und Marschlieder  (Telefunken LGX 66064(M) LP)  $25  VG+/VG+  196?,UK,police/military band,swobc
148163	Band of the Coldstream Guards:  Marching Around the World  (RCA Victor LSP-1946 LP)  $15  EX/EX  1960,living stereo,osw,co,military band
151878	Band of the Grenadier Guards:  Trooping the Colour  (London LL.1270(M) LP)  $21  VG/VG+  196?,orig,smsplt,conducted by Maj. F.J. Harris,military band
151902	Banda Taurina:  American Military Marches  (Audio Fidelity AFSD 5836 LP)  $14  VG/EX  1958,gfld,military band,smsplt
151366	Barberot, Pat & Colleen Porter:  The Old Fashioned Way  (Jefferson Orleans North TPB-111 LP)  $35  VG/EX  197?-8?
150221	Barry, John:  Great Movie Sounds of...  (Columbia CL 2493(M) LP)  $17  VG+/EX  169?,360 label,james bond music & more
149850	Basile, Jo:  Berlin With Love  (Audio Fidelity AFSD 5944 LP)  $18  VG+/VG+  1960,Lambretta scooter (li 150?) cover art,co
150081	Basile, Jo:  Hit Broadway Musicals  (Audio Fidelity AFSD 5972 LP)  $10  VG+/EX  1962,2nd press,toc
149849	Basile, Jo:  Moscow With Love  (Audio Fidelity AFSD 5940 LP)  $21  EX/EX  1960,Lambretta scooter (li 150?) cover art
149675	Basile, Jo:  Paris!  (Audio Fidelity AFSD 5955 LP)  $18  EX/EX  1961,osw,white label
150261	Basile, Jo:  Rome With Love  (Audio Fidelity AFLP 1822(M) LP)  $15  VG+/EX  1956,Lambretta scooter cover art,smsplt
152373	Bass, Sid:  The Common Ground: The Best-Loved Music of the U.S.A. & the U.S.S.R.  (RCA Victor LPM-2141(M) LP)  $38  VG/VG+  1959,eisenhower & kruschev cover art,soc,woc,smsplt,sm tear oc
151227	Baxter, Les:  Academy Award Winners  (Reprise R9-6079 LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  1963,co,swobc
155348	Baxter, Les:  Academy Award Winners  (Reprise R9-6079 LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  1963
151052	Baxter, Les:  Arthur Murray Favorites: Tangos  (Capitol M-11979(M) LP)  $15  EX/M-  198?,blue label,re,osw
148691	Baxter, Les:  Sounds of Adventure  (Capitol SQBO-90984 LP)  $13  EX/EX  196?,2lp,record club,exotic,osw,swobc
147851	Baxter, Les & 101 Strings:  Que Mango!  (Alshire S-5204 LP)  $27  EX/EX  1970,osw
150660	Baxter, Terry:  Music Chart Busters  (Columbia House 1P 6846 LP)  $28  SS  1978
153592	Baxter, Terry:  Yesterday: The Wonderful Music of the Beatles  (Columbia House P6S 5904 LP)  $28  VG/EX/M-/M-/EX/EX/M-  1972,6lp Box
151901	Beacham, Dwight:  Plays the Allen System 620 Computer Theater Organ  (DLW 1019 LP)  $14  EX/M-  197?,osw
155224	Bell, Vincent:  Airport Love Theme  (Decca DL 75212 LP)  $11  VG/VG+  1970,rw
147771	Bell, Vincent:  The Best of Vincent Bell  (Musicor MS 3192 LP)  $13  VG/EX  196?,slrw,co
147994	Bendler, Harry:  San Remo Festival 1969: The Greatest Hits - Instrumentally  (UA International UNS 15560 LP)  $25  VG+/M-  1969,gfld,slrw,bikini girl cover art
149499	Bensusan, Pierre:  Early Pierre Bensusan  (Lost Lake Arts LL 0088 LP)  $14  VG+/M-  1986,new age
149500	Bensusan, Pierre:  Solilai  (Rounder 3068 LP)  $14  VG+/M-  1982,new age,co,promo insert
151890	Bensusan, Pierre:  Solilai  (Rounder 3068 LP)  $14  VG+/M-  1982,new age
151904	Bent Fabric:  Alley Cat  (Atco SD 33-148 LP)  $9  VG+/VG+  1962,purple/brown label
150452	Bent Fabric:  Relax With Bent Fabric  (Atco SD 33-221 LP)  $12  VG+/EX  1968,osw
150651	Benteler, Franz:  His Royal Strings and Orchestra Play Continental Pop Classics  (Ovation OVQS 4001(Q) LP)  $11  VG+/M-  1976,gfld,quadraphonic
155062	Berliner, Jay:  Erotic Guitars  (Jonella JRC-2 LP)  $25  VG+/EX  1984
152080	Berman, Al:  Go-Go Together  (Compose S-98012 LP)  $10  EX/VG+  196?,osw
152986	Bernoff, Jon and Marcus Allen:  Petals  (Rising Sun RSA 120 LP)  $13  VG+/EX  1981,new age,osw,woc
150624	Bernstein, Elmer:  Backgrounds for Brando  (Dot DLP 3107(M) LP)  $33  VG+/VG+  195?-6?,brando photo cover art
150549	Bernstein, Elmer:  The Thief of Bagdad  (Warner Bros BSK 3183 LP)  $15  VG+/M-  1977,prst oc,Miklos Rozsa
151750	Bernstein, Elmer:  To Kill A Mockingbird  (Warner Bros BSK 3184 LP)  $16  VG+/M-  1978,prst oc,re,with the Royal Philharmonic
151505	Berry, Leon:  Glockenspiels Traps & Plenty of Pipes Volume 2  (Replica 33x2503(M) LP)  $27  VG+/VG+  195?,roller-rink organ,recorded at the Hub Rink in Chicago
149583	Berry, Leon:  Merry-Go-Round & Circus Calliope Music Vol. 5  (Audio Fidelity AFLP 1903(M) LP)  $23  VG+/VG+  1960,circus cover art,Giant Wurlitzer organ
150577	Betts, Harry:  Fabulous Film Themes  (20th Century-Fox 3192(M) LP)  $28  VG+/VG+  1967,"Modesty Blaise","Way, Way Out"
150587	Bianco:  Music for a Summer Evening  (RCA Record Club CSP-105 LP)  $11  VG+/M-  1963,osw
150586	Bianco:  Your All-Time Favorite Songs (As Chosen By Members of the RCA Record Club)  (RCA Record Club CSP-110 LP)  $11  EX/EX  1964,osw
149180	Bilk, Acker:  Some of My Favourite Things  (Pye NSPL 41022 LP)  $20  VG+/M-  1973,UK,orig
148544	Birchwood Pops Orchestra:  TV Hits Vol. II  (Pickwick SPC-3566 LP)  $18  EX/M-  1977
153628	Black, Stanley:  Dimensions in Sound  (London Phase 4 SP 44105 LP)  $24  EX/VG+  197?,gfld,osw,swobc
149361	Black, Stanley:  Exotic Percussion  (London Phase 4 SO 44004 LP)  $23  VG+/EX  197?,gfld
148640	Black, Stanley:  Exotic Percussion  (London Phase 4 SO 44004 LP)  $25  EX/EX  197?,gfld,insert,swobc
148703	Black, Stanley:  Film Spectacular Volume 4 "The Epic"  (London Phase 4 SP 44173 LP)  $28  M-/M-  1972,gfld,osw,swobc
153846	Black, Stanley:  Russia  (London Phase 4 SP 44075 LP)  $15  EX/EX  196?,gfld,osw,swobc,conducts The London Festival Orchestra And Chorus
148068	Black, Stanley:  Spirit of a People  (London Phase 4 SP.44206 LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  1974,co
149696	Black, Stanley:  The Cash Box Instrumental Hits  (London PS.158 LP)  $13  VG+/EX  196?
146894	Blue Notes:  Music to Fit the Occasion  (private press 99-23 LP)  $35  VG+/EX  197?
148102	Botkin Jr., Perry:  Great Motion Picture Themes from Jean Harlow Films  (World Artists WAM-2007(M) LP)  $15  VG+/VG+  196?
150653	Bower, Bugs & Tony Esposito:  Midnight Cowboy  (Sears SPS-495 LP)  $28  VG+/EX  196?-7?,"Ballad of Easy Rider","Downhill Racer"
150075	Brass Ring:  20 Golden Hits of the 60's  (ABC Dunhill DSX-50153-2 LP)  $20  VG/EX  1973,2lp,wlp,prst oc,slrw
150613	Brass Ring:  Love Theme from Flight of the Phoenix  (Dunhill DS-50008 LP)  $11  VG+/EX  196?
150242	Breuer, Harry:  Mallet Magic  (Audio Fidelity AFLP 1825(M) LP)  $15  VG+/EX  1957,sobc
150311	Breuer, Harry:  Mallet Magic  (Audio Fidelity AFSD 5825 LP)  $17  VG+/VG+  1957,smsplt,stereo
155337	Bronson, Will Singers:  But Beautiful  (Colpix CP 467(M) LP)  $20  VG+/VG+  196?,orig gold label,osw,tear on label (factory defect)
149175	Brothers Raphael:  Soft Sounds of the Guitar  (Krios 01022 LP)  $35  VG+/VG+  197?,co
151520	Budd, Roy:  The Music of Gilbert O'Sullivan  (Pye QUAD 1021(Q) LP)  $25  VG/M-  1973,UK,soc,quadraphonic
152076	Bugsy's Gang:  Ballad of Bonnie & Clyde  (Design SDLP-284 LP)  $13  EX/VG+  196?,Foggy Mountain Breakdown
149789	Buhrman, Bert:  Nostalgia In Hi-Fi  (ABC-Paramount ABC 209(M) LP)  $13  EX/VG+  195?,osw,original mono pressing, woman with colorful pillows cover art
151541	Button Down Brass:  Firedog!  (DJM DJSLM.2023 LP)  $95  VG/M-  1976,UK,"Rockford Files","Hawaii 5-0","Kojak",soc,featuring "the funky trumpet of Ray Davies"
151538	Button Down Brass:  Funk In Hell  (DJM 22046 LP)  $85  VG/M-  1976,UK,devil girl cover art,soc,featuring "the funky trumpet of Ray Davies"
152226	Cain, Joe:  The Great Hits of the 60's  (Time S/2148 LP)  $16  VG+/VG+  196?,osw,staple oc,"I Want to Hold Your Hand" beatlesong,Milt Hinton,Mel Lewis
153315	Caiola, Al:  Percussion EspaÒol  (Time S/2006 LP)  $14  VG+/EX  195?-6?,gfld,Phil Bodner,Phil Kraus
150257	Caiola, Al:  Percussion EspaÒol Vol. 2  (Time S/2026 LP)  $14  VG+/EX  195?-6?,gfld,Phil Bodner,Joe Venuto,geometric bull cover art,smsplt
151560	Candler, Norman:  A Tribute to John  (Telefunken 6.24820 AS LP)  $28  VG/M-  1981,Germany,all John Lennon Songs,soc
151559	Candler, Norman:  A Tribute to John  (Telefunken 6.24820 AS LP)  $55  SS  1981,Germany,all John Lennon Songs
151342	Cannon, Ace & Al Hirt:  For the Good Times  (Project 3 PR-5115 LP)  $11  VG+/M-  1987
149904	Caravelli:  La, La, La  (Columbia CS 9690 LP)  $12  VG+/EX  196?,360 label,staple hole oc
148227	Caravelli:  Portrait of Paris  (Columbia CL 2607(M) LP)  $19  VG+/EX  196?,360 label,osw
148322	Carlton, John:  All-Time Favorites  (Gold Award C 8011(M) LP)  $17  EX/EX  195?,osw,girls in ball gowns cover art
151858	Carmichael, Ralph:  Man With a Load of Music  (Kapp KS-3518 LP)  $35  VG/VG+  196?,soc,woc,"Scramble","Somethin' Stupid"
153743	Carroll, David:  Galaxy  (Mercury MG 20690(M) LP)  $13  EX/VG+  196?,swobc
151293	Carroll, David:  Happy Feet  (Mercury SR 60846 LP)  $17  VG+/VG+  196?,soc
149342	Carroll, David:  Let's Dance  (Mercury MG-20281(M) LP)  $11  VG+/EX  195?-6?,black label
149177	Carroll, David:  Let's Dance to the Movie Themes  (Mercury SR 60688 LP)  $17  SS  196?
149375	Carroll, David:  Percussion In Hi-Fi  (Mercury MG 20166(M) LP)  $17  VG+/EX  195?,swobc
150616	Carroll, David:  Re Percussion  (Mercury SR60029 LP)  $17  VG+/VG+  196?,soc
148684	Carroll, David:  Waltzes  (Mercury MG 20121(M) LP)  $15  EX/EX  195?-6?,osw,swobc
149983	Carroll, David & his Kookettes:  Golden Oldies for Today's Teens  (Mercury MG-20935(M) LP)  $14  VG+/EX  196?
151430	Carste, Hans:  Spaziergang mit Musik   (Polydor 249 017 LP)  $16  VG/EX  196?,Germany,toc,wobc
151734	Carter, Ray:  Arthur Murray's Music for Dancing: Cha Cha  (RCA Victor LSP-2155 LP)  $15  VG+/VG+  1959,Living Stereo,osw
151425	Carter, Ray:  Arthur Murray's Music for Dancing: Waltz  (RCA Victor LSP-2153 LP)  $28  EX/M-  1959,Living Stereo
147891	Castaway Strings:  Andy WIlliams Song Book  (Vee-Jay VJLP-1114(M) LP)  $11  EX/M-  196?,osw
152394	Castle, Jo Ann:  12 Great Hits In Ragtime  (Dot DLP 3433(M) LP)  $9  VG/VG+  196?,tear oc
150299	Castle, Jo Ann:  Tiger Rag  (Pickwick SPC-3109 LP)  $10  EX/EX  197?,re,osw
151563	Cavallaro, Carmen:  Plays the 3B's (The Beatles, Bacharach & Bach)  (GWP ST 2011 LP)  $17  VG/M-  1970,gfld,woc
151562	Cavallaro, Carmen:  Plays the 3B's (The Beatles, Bacharach & Bach)  (GWP ST 2011 LP)  $19  VG+/M-  1970,gfld,co,wobc
151561	Cavallaro, Carmen:  Plays the 3B's (The Beatles, Bacharach & Bach)  (GWP ST 2011 LP)  $25  SS  1970,gfld,co
148044	CD-4 Sound Orchestra:  Also Sprach Zarathustra  (JVC CD4B-5063E(Q) LP)  $55  EX/M-  1974,Japan,osw,quadraphonic,"Ironside"
151349	Cesana Strings:  Sheer Ecstasy  (Warner Bros W 1390(M) LP)  $23  VG/EX  1960,cheesecake cover art,orig gray label,smsplt
151555	Chacksfield, Frank:  Chacksfield Plays the Beatles' Song Book  (London Phase 4 SP 44142 LP)  $20  VG+/EX  197?,gfld
151569	Chacksfield, Frank:  Chacksfield Plays the Beatles' Song Book  (London Phase 4 SP 44142 LP)  $31  SS  197?,gfld,co
151568	Chacksfield, Frank:  Chacksfield Plays the Beatles' Song Book  (London Phase 4 SP 44142 LP)  $35  SS  197?,gfld,prst oc,seal partially open
151395	Chacksfield, Frank:  Ebb Tide  (London Phase 4 BSP 23 LP)  $24  VG+/M-  197?,2lp,songs by lennon/mccartney/simon/mancini etc
148700	Chacksfield, Frank:  Globe-Trotting  (London Phase 4 SP 44059 LP)  $20  VG+/M-  197?,gfld,osw,swobc,soc
151296	Chacksfield, Frank:  Hollywood Almanac - Award Winners 1934-1957  (London PS.155 LP)  $19  VG+/EX  1958,2lp,soc,Grauman's Chinese Theater back cover art
150294	Chacksfield, Frank:  In the Middle East  (London LL 1780(M) LP)  $31  VG+/VG+  195?,belly dancer & snake charmer cover art,swobc
153877	Chacksfield, Frank:  Plays Hoagy Charmichael  (London Phase 4 SP 44275 LP)  $15  EX/M-  1977,osw,swobc
148630	Chacksfield, Frank:  The New Ebb Tide  (London Phase 4 44053 LP)  $16  EX/VG+  197?,gfld,osw,swobc
149318	Chacksfield, Frank:  The New Limelight  (London Phase 4 SP 44066 LP)  $11  EX/EX  196?-7?,gfld,osw
151686	Chacksfield, Frank:  TV's Golden Hits  (Compleat 671020-1 LP)  $22  EX/M-  1986,osw,co
154802	Challet, Pierre:  Strings In Hi-Fi  (Mercury Wing SRW 16230 LP)  $13  VG+/EX  196?,co,slrw
149552	Checkfield:  Distant Thunder  (American Gramaphone AG 787 LP)  $11  VG+/EX  1987,new age,co
149349	Checkfield:  Water Wind and Stone  (American Gramaphone AG 700 LP)  $9  VG/VG+  1986,gfld,new age,soc,slrw
148175	Choral Bell Ringers:  Ringing Bells  (150-3-0451 LP)  $28  VG+/EX  197?,des moines iowa ymca,"love is blue"
151017	Chotem, Neil:  Gordon Lightfoot Instrumental Songbook  (Kapp KS 3619 LP)  $23  VG+/M-  1969,osw,co,wobc
149206	Christian, Bobby:  Mr. Percussion  (Mercury MG-20335(M) LP)  $9  VG+/VG+  196?,orig black label deep groove
150281	Christmas Music Box:  Favorites  (Audio Fidelity AFSD 5982 LP)  $14  EX/M-  1962,osw
154803	Clebanoff:  Strings Afire  (Mercury Wing SRW 16357 LP)  $13  VG+/EX  196?
149605	Clebanoff :  Lush, Latin & Bossa Nova Too!  (Mercury MG-20824(M) LP)  $15  VG+/VG+  1963,music of Charlie Byrd & Lalo Schifrin
149118	Clebanoff Strings & Percussion:  Exciting Sounds  (Mercury PPS 6012 LP)  $19  EX/VG+  196?,gfld,exotic
149346	Cleber, Jos:  Music of the City...Amsterdam  (Columbia CL 1169(M) LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  195?,six eye label
151524	Cloud 9:  The Disco Strings of...  (Columbia TWO 370 LP)  $35  VG+/M-  1972,UK,"Love Child","Band of Gold","Walk Away Renee",Plymouth Challenger cover art
150170	Collier, Jim:  Java, Cotton Candy, Sugar Lips & Other Favorites  (Wyncote W-9036(M) LP)  $14  VG+/EX  1964
154818	Command All-Stars:  Persuasive Percussion 1966  (Command RS 895 SD LP)  $18  VG+/EX  1966,gfld,Dick Hyman
151625	Conniff, Ray:  Charlotte's Web & Other Children's Favorites  (Columbia C 32413 LP)  $17  VG+/EX  1973
150338	Conniff, Ray:  Concert In Rhythm Vol 2  (Columbia CL 1415(M) LP)  $14  VG+/M-  195?-6?,six eye label
150592	Conniff, Ray:  Happiness Is Ray Conniff  (CSP LP)  $15  SS  re
155368	Conniff, Ray:  Here We Come a-Caroling  (CBS SBPG 62599 LP)  $21  VG+/EX  1966,UK,christmas
153844	Conniff, Ray:  Hollywood In Rhythm  (Columbia CS 8117 LP)  $8  EX/EX  197?,re,osw,co,swobc
150289	Conniff, Ray:  I Can See Clearly Now  (Columbia KC 32090 LP)  $6  VG/VG+  1973,rw,soc,"It Never Rains in Southern California","Ben"
150272	Conniff, Ray:  I Love How You Love Me  (Columbia CS 9777 LP)  $7  EX/EX  197?,re,osw,"Hey Jude","Scarborough Fair"
149901	Conniff, Ray:  Say You, Say Me  (Columbia FC 40384 LP)  $10  VG+/M-  1986
150515	Conniff, Ray:  So Much Love  (Columbia CS 8520 LP)  $8  EX/M-  197?,re,osw,swobc
150513	Conniff, Ray:  You Make Me Feel So Young  (Columbia CS 8918 LP)  $12  EX/M-  196?,osw,360 label,swobc
150211	Contino, Dick:  12 Immortal Songs  (Dot DLP 25609 LP)  $20  VG/VG  196?,sticker wear oc
155241	Contino, Dick:  South American Holiday  (Mercury SR-60668 LP)  $13  EX/EX  196?,osw,wol
150210	Contino, Dick & Eddie Layton:  In the Mood  (Mercury MG 20471(M) LP)  $10  VG+/VG+  196?,swoc
150212	Contino, Dick & Eddie Layton:  In the Mood  (Mercury SR-60153 LP)  $10  VG+/VG+  196?
150213	Cook, Jimmy:  The Best New Band of the Year  (RCA Camden CAS 670 LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  1961
149553	Cooley, Ron:  Daydreams  (American Gramaphone AG 368 LP)  $9  VG+/M-  1980,new age,co
151536	Cordell, Frank:  Out of a Dream  (Regal SREG.2009 LP)  $35  VG/VG+  1958,UK,soc,wobc,pretty face woman cover art
151728	Costa, Don:  Instumental Versions of Simon & Garfunkel  (Mercury SR-61177 LP)  $12  EX/EX  196?,osw
150199	Costa, Don:  Theme From The Unforgiven  (United Artists UAL 3119(M) LP)  $11  VG+/EX  196?,"Invitation","Third Man Theme"
150317	Cottler, Irv:  Around the World In Percussion  (Somerset SF-13900 LP)  $18  VG/VG+  196?,slrw,woc
153304	Cotton, Billy:  Band Show  (Philips SBL.7730 LP)  $15  VG+/VG+  1966,UK,swobc
150588	Crawford, Jesse:  Golden Opera Favorites  (Decca DL 4301(M) LP)  $17  VG+/M-  196?,co
150388	Crawford, Jim:  The World of Total Tone  (Century 23519 LP)  $28  EX/EX  196?,Wurlitzer 4500 organ
150161	Cuevas, Sergio:  Artistry of Sergio Cuevas  (UA International UNS 15558(E) LP)  $15  VG+/M-  1969,gfld,harpist,recorded in Paraguay
151518	Dale, Syd:  Mellow Moods  (Amphonic AMPS 119 LP)  $25  VG/M-  1977,UK,soc,synths
151540	Danzinger, Michael:  Piano Cocktail Long Drink 9  (Amadeo AVRS 9221 St LP)  $15  VG+/M-  196?-7?,Austria,wobc,sobc
151825	Davies, Lew:  Strange Interlude  (Command RS 829 SD LP)  $20  VG+/EX  1961,orig gfld,co
151414	de France, Jean Michel:  60/84  (Delphine 818 894-1 LP)  $37  VG/M-  1984,France,soc
151416	de France, Jean Michel:  From Paris With Love  (Telefunken 6.24843 LP)  $11  VG/M-  1981,Germany,soc,woc
151415	de France, Jean Michel:  From Paris With Love  (Telefunken 6.24843 LP)  $12  VG/M-  1981,Germany,soc
151418	de France, Jean Michel:  Orchestra 80  (Delphine 700043 LP)  $25  VG/M-  1980,France,soc,all ABBA songs
148057	DeCarlo, Daniel:  One Night of Love...!  (Decca DL 8447(M) LP)  $18  VG/VG+  195?-6?,guy in wolf mask cover art,stain oc
150215	Dee, Lenny:  Down South  (Decca DL 74365 LP)  $23  EX/EX  195?-6?,crazy cover art of organ with water-skiier
148997	Del Vescovo, Gino:  Neapolitan Mandolins  (RCA Victor International FSP 100 LP)  $10  VG+/VG+  1961,living stereo
151917	DeLugg, Milton:  Accordion My Way - Ole!  (RCA Victor LPM-3861(M) LP)  $25  EX/EX  1967,osw,co
153319	DeLugg, Milton:  Accordion My Way - Ole!  (RCA Victor LSP-3861 LP)  $21  VG+/VG+  1967,osw,co
150623	Denny, Martin:  Exotic Love  (Liberty LST 7585 LP)  $18  VG/EX  196?,rw
147603	Denny, Martin:  Exotica Classica  (Liberty LST-7513 LP)  $25  EX/EX  196?,osw
151399	Denny, Martin:  Exotica Vol 2  (Liberty LST 7006 LP)  $28  VG+/VG+  195?,orig black label stereo
149343	Denny, Martin:  Hawaii Tattoo  (Liberty LRP 3394(M) LP)  $15  VG+/VG+  196?,exotic,sm smsplt
151053	Denny, Martin:  Hawaii Tattoo  (Liberty LST-7394 LP)  $17  VG+/VG+  196?,exotic
149348	Denny, Martin:  Quiet Village  (Liberty LRP-3122(M) LP)  $17  VG+/VG+  195?,orig mono,exotica
150658	Denny, Martin:  Quiet Village  (Liberty LST 7122 LP)  $15  VG/VG  195?,exotica,toc,orig black label stereo
151400	Denny, Martin:  Quiet Village  (Liberty LST 7122 LP)  $17  VG+/VG+  195?,exotica,toc,orig black label stereo
150324	Denny, Martin:  Sayonara  (Sunset SUM-1169(M) LP)  $11  VG+/VG  196?,exotica
151401	Denny, Martin:  Spanish Village  (Liberty LST 7409 LP)  $21  VG/M-  196?,exotic,toc
151403	Denny, Martin:  The Versatile...  (Liberty LST 7307 LP)  $11  VG/EX  196?,exotic,toc
151673	Der Wienerschnitzel presents:  Tijuana Taxi  (Mark 56 LP)  $8  VG+/VG  196?,cover art
149336	Derek & Ray:  The Cinema Scene Today  (Mercury SR 61149 LP)  $13  EX/EX  196?,co
149315	Deuter:  Silence is the Answer / Buddham Sharnam Gachchami  (Kuckuck 049/050 LP)  $15  VG/VG+  1981,Germany,2lp,new age
151870	DeVol, Frank:  Columbia Album of Irving Berlin Vol. 1  (Columbia CL 1260(M) LP)  $14  VG/EX  195?-6?,six eye label,smsplt,slrw
151570	Dia, Dick:  International Guitars Guitars Guitars  (Audio Fidelity AFSD 6129 LP)  $48  SS  1964
151219	Dittrich, Willie:  The Singing Zither  (Jim Loyd Presents LP)  $15  VG+/VG+  197?,advance copy,smsplt
153784	Dittrich, Willie:  The Singing Zither  (Jim Loyd Presents 1001 LP)  $13  EX/VG+  197?,osw
150600	Dittrich, Willie:  The Singing Zither Plays Gospel Music  (Jim Loyd Presents 1005 LP)  $14  EX/EX  197?,osw
149090	Doyle, Lizzi & her Stereo Stompers:  Flapper Fads  (Carlton STLP 12/137 LP)  $11  VG/EX  196?,smsplt
155117	Dragon, Carmen & Sabu:  The Bee Gees' Music  (Orinda ORC 500 LP)  $43  VG+/EX  1979,gfld,digital master disc,limited,audiophile
153105	Dreamstreet:  S/T  (Artful Balance ABI-7205 LP)  $12  VG+/M-  1986,new age
155243	Duchin, Peter:  His Piano & Orchestra  (Vocalion VL 73894 LP)  $19  SS  196?
148047	Dunstedter, Eddie:  Christmas Candy  (Capitol SM-11831 LP)  $15  VG+/M-  197?-8?,abridged re,co
152328	Dupere, Rene:  Cirque du Soleil  (Naga CS 1187 LP)  $58  SS  1987,Canada
149584	Eakins, Paul:  Come to the Fair  (Audio Fidelity AFSD 6144 LP)  $10  VG+/VG  1965,wurlitzer band organ from the gay 90s village in sikeston, missouri
151404	Ebbinghouse, Bernard:  Flutes 'N' Flugels - Close To You  (Polydor 2482 296 LP)  $19  VG+/M-  1971,UK
150171	Eberle, Ray:  Plays Glenn Miller Favorites  (Tops 9573S LP)  $17  VG/EX  195?,soc,toc,smsplt,yellow wax
150037	Elgart, Larry:  Delightful for Dancing  (RCA Record Club CSP-124 LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  196?,osw
154437	Elgart, Larry:  Keep Movin'  (Sesac N-5601/02 LP)  $38  VG+/VG+  195?,wol
150038	Elgart, Les:  Best Band On Campus  (Columbia CS 8690 LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  1962,360 label
148746	Elgart, Les & Larry:  Sound of the Times (More Au Go-Go)  (Columbia CS 9311 LP)  $18  VG+/EX  196?,red "360 sound" label,cute mod girl cover art,"California Dreamin","Sloop John B","Nowhere Man" beatlesong
150414	Ellis, Bob & Dilson Petrey:  A Twin Piano Pops Concert  (Ellector SARS-0493-4 LP)  $28  VG+/VG+  195?-6?,swoc,autographed obc
150618	Esquivel:  Infinity In Sound  (RCA Victor LPM-2225(M) LP)  $25  VG/VG+  1960,exotic,smsplt,soc
149327	Etzel, Roy:  The Silence (Il Silenzio)  (MGM E-4330(M) LP)  $20  VG+/VG+  196?,co
149326	Etzel, Roy:  The Silence (Il Silenzio)  (MGM SE-4330 LP)  $16  VG/VG  196?,co
149484	Exotic Guitars:  Everybody's Talkin'  (Ranwood RLP 8061 LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  197?,co,bill justis
148219	Exotic Guitars:  Everybody's Talkin'  (Ranwood RLP 8061 LP)  $15  EX/EX  197?,osw,bill justis
149634	Faith, Percy:  Beatles Album  (Columbia C 30097 LP)  $12  VG/VG+  197?,sm tear oc
151523	Faith, Percy:  Beatles Album  (Embassy EMB 31345 LP)  $13  VG+/M-  1976,UK,re,sobc
151551	Faith, Percy:  Beautiful Memories  (Superselections CSPS 1022 LP)  $12  VG+/M-  1976,Canada,sobc
151546	Faith, Percy:  Black Magic Woman  (CBS/Sony SOPN-135(Q) LP)  $175  VG/M-  197?,Japan,gfld,quadraphonic,soc,"Viva Tirado","Sun King","Never Can Say Goodbye","Oye Como Va"
149267	Faith, Percy:  Bon Voyage! Continental Souvenirs  (Columbia CS 8214 LP)  $14  EX/VG+  196?,six eye label,osw,swobc
151784	Faith, Percy:  Clair  (Columbia KC 32164 LP)  $11  VG+/EX  1973,"Dueling Banjos","2001","Super Fly"
151552	Faith, Percy:  Continental Sketches  (CBS/Sony Silver Disc SOPM-64 LP)  $125  VG/EX  197?,Japan,gfld,soc,silver cover,bklt intact
150173	Faith, Percy:  For Those In Love / I Concentrate On You  (Columbia P2M 5201 LP)  $28  SS  196?,2lp bundle
153748	Faith, Percy:  Forever Young  (Columbia CS 9735 LP)  $13  EX/VG+  196?,2lp,360 label,osw,swobc
152985	Faith, Percy:  Great Folk Themes  (Columbia CS 8908 LP)  $9  VG+/VG+  196?,360 label,osw,chewed corner
149057	Faith, Percy:  Great Moments of...  (Columbia CG 33895 LP)  $15  VG+/EX  1976,2lp,soc,swobc
152127	Faith, Percy:  Latin Themes for Young Lovers  (Columbia CL 2279(M) LP)  $18  VG+/EX  196?,two eye label
151547	Faith, Percy:  Love Sounds Deluxe  (CBS/Sony SOPM-25 LP)  $85  VG/M-  197?,Japan,gfld,soc
155352	Faith, Percy:  Music for Her  (Columbia CL 705(M) LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  195?,six eye label
147779	Faith, Percy:  Music of Brazil!  (Columbia CS 8622 LP)  $14  VG+/EX  1962,smsplt,360 label
151550	Faith, Percy:  My Love  (CBS S 65629 LP)  $18  VG/M-  1973,UK,soc
151549	Faith, Percy:  My Love  (CBS/Sony SOPM-69 LP)  $85  VG/M-  1973,Japan,gfld,soc
153744	Faith, Percy:  My Love  (Columbia KC 32380 LP)  $12  EX/EX  1973,osw,swobc
151545	Faith, Percy:  New Thing  (CBS/Sony SOPM-99 LP)  $95  VG/M-  1974,Japan,gfld,soc,rw,"Pelican Dance" upbeat with electronics,diff. cvr from us lp
148624	Faith, Percy:  New Thing  (Columbia KG 32803 LP)  $30  EX/EX  1974,osw,"Pelican Dance" upbeat with electronics,swobc
151517	Faith, Percy:  Screen Music Deluxe  (CBS/Sony SOPN-37 LP)  $32  VG/M-  1972,Japan,gfld,bklt intact,soc,slrw
148622	Faith, Percy:  The Columbia Album of George Gershwin  (Columbia C2L-1(M) LP)  $35  VG+/M-  1956,2lp,six eye label,osw,swobc
150655	Faith, Percy:  Themes for the "In" Crowd  (Columbia CS 9241 LP)  $12  EX/EX  196?,orig,osw,"1-2-3","A Lover's Concerto",people talking on CAR PHONES (how futuristic!!) cover art
149579	Fennell, Frederick:  Conducts Cole Porter  (Mercury PPS 6024 LP)  $14  EX/EX  1961,gfld,Pure Presence Sound
149354	Ferrante & Teicher:  Autumn Leaves  (ABC-Paramount ABCS 558 LP)  $9  VG+/EX  196? 
148694	Ferrante & Teicher:  Beautiful...Beautiful  (United Artists UA-LA316-G LP)  $13  EX/M-  1974,co,bikini girl cover art,osw,swobc
155347	Ferrante & Teicher:  By Popular Demand  (United Artists UAS 6416 LP)  $11  VG+/EX  196?
153626	Ferrante & Teicher:  Greatest Love Themes of the 20th Century  (United Artists UA-LA101-G2 LP)  $13  VG+/EX  1973,2lp,co,swobc
148695	Ferrante & Teicher:  Latin Pianos  (United Artists UAS 6135 LP)  $11  VG+/EX  1960,orig stereo,red/black cover,swobc,soc
151226	Ferrante & Teicher:  Love In the Generation Gap  (United Artists SKAO-91623 LP)  $12  VG+/M-  1968,gfld,capitol record club issue,shopping hippies  cover art
148696	Ferrante & Teicher:  Midnight Cowboy  (United Artists UAS 6725 LP)  $13  EX/M-  196?,"Aquarius",osw,co,swobc
149603	Ferrante & Teicher:  Play the Carpenters Songbook  (United Artists UA-LA490-G LP)  $10  VG+/VG+  1975,slrw
151525	Ferrante & Teicher:  Play the Carpenters Songbook  (United Artists UA-LA490-G LP)  $20  SS  1975
148692	Ferrante & Teicher:  The People's Choice  (United Artists UAS 6385 LP)  $11  EX/EX  196?,osw,swobc
148693	Ferrante & Teicher:  World's Greatest Semi-Classical Favorites  (ABC-Paramount ABCS-553(E) LP)  $15  EX/M-  196?,osw,swobc
151532	Festival Strings:  Play Hits of the Carpenters  (Calendar L-15,126 LP)  $15  VG/VG+  1973,Australia,soc,woc
151533	Festival Strings:  Play Hits of the Carpenters  (Calendar L-15,126 LP)  $17  VG+/EX  1973,Australia
151526	Festival Strings:  Vol. 1 Play Hits of the Carpenters  (Elephant ELA7001 LP)  $15  VG/M-  1975,soc
148879	Feyer, George:  Plays the Essential George Gershwin  (Vanguard VSD-61/62 LP)  $15  VG+/M-  1974,2lp
149066	Fiedler, Arthur & the Boston Pops:  Jalousie  (RCA Victor Red Seal LSC-2661 LP)  $9  EX/M-  1963,re,osw,swobc
149367	Fiedler, Arthur & the Boston Pops:  Music From Million Dollar Movies  (RCA Victor Red Seal LSC 2965 LP)  $10  EX/VG+  1960,osw
151918	Fiedler, Arthur & the Boston Pops:  Music of Paul Simon  (Polydor PD 5018 LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  197?
148735	Fiedler, Arthur & the Boston Pops:  Slaughter On Tenth Avenue  (RCA Victor Red Seal LSC-2747 LP)  $6  EX/M-  1964,re
148737	Fiedler, Arthur & the Boston Pops:  Superstar  (Polydor PD 5008 LP)  $10  EX/M-  197?,osw,swobc,"Mah-na Mah-na","Proud Mary","Let it Be" beatlesong
149352	Fiedler, Arthur & the Boston Pops:  The Best of...  (RCA Victor Red Seal LM-2810(M) LP)  $8  VG+/EX  1965,osw
151738	Fields, Irving:  Melody Cruise to Israel  (Oceanic OCP 516(M) LP)  $38  VG/EX  195?,smsplt
149360	First Family:  Volume One  (Alpha AT-1023 LP)  $35  VG+/VG+  197?,osw
148011	Fontanna & his Orchestra:  Rendezvous in Paris  (Masterseal MS-82 LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  195?-6?,girl & eiffel tower cover art
148320	Fralinger String Band:  Music for All Ages  (Sure Vol 29 LP)  $17  VG+/EX  196?,Philadelphia Mummers Parade band
150024	Fredericks, Dave:  Bold Brave Organ Extravanganza  (Gulco 803N-6437 LP)  $12  EX/VG+  1969,osw,"Windy","Going Out of My Head","Sunny"
149729	Fresno Elks Lodge Haywire Band:  B.P.O.E. Elks #439  (Haywire Band 1-2048 LP)  $15  EX/EX  196?,osw
151727	Gagnon, Andre:  Neiges  (London Phase 4 SO.44252 LP)  $18  VG/VG+  1975,Canada,gfld,woc,soc
153927	Gay 90's Village:  The Wonderful Belgian Band Organ Vol. 2  (Audio Fidelity AFSD 6118 LP)  $14  EX/EX  1963,osw
149683	Gerbeau, Roland:  Les plus grands refrains de la liberation 1944  (Pathe 2C 068 72.535 LP)  $13  VG+/M-  1982,France,sobc
150595	Gleason, Jackie:  All I Want for Christmas  (Capitol STBB-346 LP)  $14  VG+/VG+  196?-7?,2lp,green target label,with Keith Textor Singers,sexy santa cheesecake cover art
149054	Gleason, Jackie:  Music For Lovers Only  (Capitol SW-352 LP)  $11  EX/EX  196?,nice cocktail cover art,soc,swobc
149695	Gleason, Jackie:  Music, Martinis, and Memories Part 1  (Capitol SW-509 LP)  $13  VG+/EX  195?-6?,"newly recorded in stereo" soc,smsplt,Bobby Hackett
149341	Gleason, Jackie:  Shangri-la  (Pickwick SPC-3218 LP)  $11  EX/EX  197?,osw
150594	Gleason, Jackie:  The Last Dance...for Lovers Only  (Capitol SW-2144 LP)  $9  VG+/EX  196?,osw,co
150153	Gleason, Jackie:  The Now Sound...for Today's Lovers  (Capitol SW 2935 LP)  $13  VG+/EX  196?,orig,exotic lounge psych,sitar
151572	Glorieux, Francois:  Plays the Beatles  (Vanguard VSD-79417 LP)  $13  VG+/M-  1978
152193	Glorieux, Francois:  Plays the Beatles  (Vanguard VSD-79417 LP)  $13  VG+/M-  1978,co
146975	Gold, Marty:  By the Waters of the Minnetonka  (Kapp K-1125-S LP)  $28  VG+/EX  195?-6?,native american dancers cover art
152357	Gold, Marty:  Hi Fi Fo Fum  (Vik LX-1133(M) LP)  $33  VG+/M-  1958,giant cover art
148487	Gold, Marty:  Organized for Hi-Fi  (Vik LX-1069(M) LP)  $11  VG+/VG  1957,cheesecake cover art
152126	Gold, Marty:  Soundpower!  (RCA Victor LSP-2620 LP)  $15  VG/VG+  1963,sobc,wobc
151869	Goldman Band:  Marching On!  (Vocalion VL 73838(E) LP)  $14  VG+/VG+  196?,majorette cover art,staple hole oc
148683	Gould, Morton:  Beyond the Blue Horizon  (RCA Victor Red Seal LSP-2552 LP)  $18  EX/M-  1961,osw,swobc
151352	Gould, Morton:  Coffee Time  (RCA Victor LSP-1656 LP)  $15  VG+/EX  1958,living stereo
155158	Gould, Morton:  Digital Space  (Varese Sarabande VCDM 1000.20 LP)  $35  VG+/M-  1979,gfld,LSO,digital,music from Star Wars & others
152202	Gould, Morton:  Makes the Scene  (RCA Victor LSP-3771 LP)  $21  SS  1967,co,"the mood is mod","Eleanor Rigby" beatlesong
153443	Gould, Morton:  More Jungle Drums  (RCA Victor Red Seal LSC 2768 LP)  $13  EX/EX  1964,orig,osw
148558	Grady, "Garters":  The Longest Piano In Town  (Columbia CL 1994(M) LP)  $10  VG/VG+  1963,djts oc,smsplt,wlp,Teo Macero arrangement
148736	Grant, Earl:  The Best of...  (Decca DXSB 7204 LP)  $17  EX/M-  196?-7?,2lp,"House of Bamboo",bklt intact,swoc
150244	Grant, Earl:  Winter Wonderland  (MCA 15001 LP)  $23  SS  197?,christmas,re,swobc
147817	Gray, Chauncey:  Dance Time!  (Judson L3001(M) LP)  $11  VG+/VG  195?,playing George Gershwin,dancing legs cover art
150307	Gray, Glen:  Shall We Swing?  (Capitol ST 1615 LP)  $13  EX/VG+  196?,osw,Billy May
152082	Gray, Glen:  Shall We Swing?  (Capitol ST 1615 LP)  $13  VG+/EX  196?,Billy May
150354	Grean, Charles Randolph Sounde:  Quentin's Theme  (Ranwood RLP-8055 LP)  $8  VG+/VG+  197?,songs from TV show "Dark Shadows" and  "High Chaparral",co,osw
148220	Greeley, George:  Piano Rhapsodies of Love  (Reprise RS-6092 LP)  $21  EX/EX  196?,osw,co
150246	Greeley, George:  Themes from Mutiny On the Bounty & Other Great Films  (Warner Bros W 1476(M) LP)  $13  VG/VG+  1962,soc,co,slrw
150230	Green, Bernie:  Futura  (RCA Victor LSA-2376 LP)  $23  EX/EX  1961,"stereo action" series, die-cut silver cover,osw
150425	Green, Bud:  Two Shades of Green  (Holliday HOLP 1001(M) LP)  $17  VG/VG  195?-6?,djs obc,Velveteens,Orbits,Telstars,Bernie Knee,Rose Marie Jun,Terry Shand,Stuart Foster
148075	Green, Larry & Mike DiNapoli:  The Two of Us  (ABC-Paramount ABC-175(M) LP)  $18  EX/EX  196?,osw
149265	Greene, Norman:  Body and Soul...  (Decca DL 8377(M) LP)  $15  VG+/VG+  195?,swobc
155065	Gregorio, Anton:  Reflections of Christmas  (Snowflake ST135 LP)  $9  VG+/VG+  1986,digital,pan flute
151291	Gregory, Johnny:  Channel West  (Columbia CL 1600(M) LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  195?,six eye label,TV's popular Western themes
148593	Griffin, Ken:  Skating Time  (Columbia CL 610(M) LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  195?,six eye label,smsplt,roller skaters cover art
149323	Guitar Underground:  7 Guitars With the Now Sound  (Project 3 PR 5015 SD LP)  $16  VG+/VG+  1966,gfld,woc,Enoch Light production
150142	Guitar Underground:  7 Guitars With the Now Sound  (Project 3 PR 5015 SD LP)  $27  SS  1966,gfld,Enoch Light production
153037	Guitars Unlimited:  Quiet Nights & Brazilian Guitars  (Capitol T 2451(M) LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  196?
148581	Hadaway, Henry:  Turned On Christmas  (RCA AFL1-4454 LP)  $17  SS  1982,Canada,co,synthesizers
149530	Haflinger, Ernst & Theo Braun:  Mediterranean Holidays  (Philips International PHI 419 LP)  $25  EX/M-  196?,osw,co
151769	Hagestedt, Hermann:  Music Sweeter than Wine  (Decca DL 8713(M) LP)  $13  VG+/VG  195?,pink djl,partial smsplt,lady drinking a cocktail cover art
148398	Hamlisch, Marvin:  The Entertainer  (MCA 2115 LP)  $11  SS  1974,co
150301	Haney, Ray:  Rockin' & Drinkin' Music  (Norwood NS 100 LP)  $17  VG+/VG+  1961
152158	Happy Accordion:  Amore  (Sunnyvale 9330-311 LP)  $15  SS  1976
150203	Happy Accordion:  As Time Goes By  (GRT 2103-723 LP)  $10  VG/EX  1977,2lp
151341	Happy Organ:  The Best of Yesterday  (Sunnyvale 9330-301 LP)  $10  VG+/EX  1976
147006	Hardy, Hagood:  Chasing a Dream  (Duke Street DSR 31000 LP)  $11  EX/EX  1983,Canada,gfld
151627	Hardy, Hagood:  The Homecoming  (Capitol ST-11468 LP)  $12  EX/M-  1975
148971	Harmonica Hi Hats:  Hats Off  (Custom S5-5200 LP)  $20  VG/VG  1965,autographed obc
151339	Harmonicats:  Cherry Pink & Apple Blossom White  (Columbia CS 8356 LP)  $9  EX/EX  196?,osw,re
147734	Harmonicats:  Dolls, Dolls, Dolls  (Mercury Wing MGW-12242-W(M) LP)  $15  EX/EX  1963?,cute cover art,osw
150572	Harmonicats:  Featuring Heartaches  (Pickwick SPC-3108(E) LP)  $12  VG+/EX  197?
152031	Harmonicats:  Harmonicha-Cha-Cha  (Mercury SR-60061 LP)  $15  VG+/EX  196?,orig
147747	Harmonicats:  Selected Favorites  (Mercury MG 20074(M) LP)  $18  VG+/VG+  195?,orig
150125	Harmonicats & Ralph Marterie:  The Cats Around the Horn!  (Mercury Wing MGW 12216(M) LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  196?,harmonica buildings cover art
150236	Harnell, Joe:  Fly Me To the Moon & the Bossa Nova Pops  (Kapp KS-3318 LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  196?,slrw
151051	Harnell, Joe:  More Bossa Nova Pops  (Kapp KL-1325(M) LP)  $19  VG+/EX  1963,smsplt
150238	Harnell, Joe:  More Bossa Nova Pops  (Kapp KS-3325 LP)  $17  VG+/VG+  1963,osw
150235	Harnell, Joe:  Piano Brilliance of...  (Epic LN 24048(M) LP)  $14  VG/VG+  1963,soc,wobc,prst obc
150237	Harnell, Joe:  The Rhythm & the Fire  (Kapp KS 3416 LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  196?,soc
149371	Harnell, Joe:  The Sound of the Asphalt Jungle  (Kapp Medallion ML-7518(M) LP)  $18  EX/VG+  196?,osw,crime-jazz
150457	Harrison, Roy:  Music In a Tender Mood  (Imperial LP-9017(M) LP)  $22  VG/VG  195?,maroon label,toc
147786	Hayman, Richard:  Come With Me To Far Away Places  (Mercury MG-20129(M) LP)  $15  EX/EX  195?,travel posters/cheesecake cover art
148235	Hayman, Richard:  Come With Me To Far Away Places  (Mercury Wing MGW-12189(M) LP)  $12  EX/EX  195?,re,osw,travel posters/cheesecake cover art
152418	Hayman, Richard:  Music for People Who Can't Sleep  (Mercury MG-20184(M) LP)  $16  VG/EX  195?-6?,cheesecake cover art,soc,sm tear oc
149512	Hayman, Richard:  The Sound of Music  (Mercury SR-60177 LP)  $13  VG+/EX  195?-6?,orig
155446	Hayman, Richard:  Voodoo!  (Mercury SR 60147 LP)  $33  VG+/VG+  195?-6?,orig,exotica,voodoo doll cover art
148273	Heckscher, Ernie:  Dancing Sounds of San Fran.  (Columbia CL 2256(M) LP)  $9  EX/VG+  196?,2 eye label,osw
151846	Hefti, Neal:  Pardon My Doo-Wah  (Epic BN 504(M) LP)  $17  VG/VG+  195?,smsplt
151847	Hefti, Neal:  Singing Instrumentals  (Epic LN 3440(M) LP)  $9  VG/VG+  195?,smspt,soc
148198	Heindorf:  Spellbound  (Warner Bros BS 1213 LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  1958
148966	Henderson, Luther:  Pop! Goes the Westerns  (Columbia CL 1488(M) LP)  $10  VG/EX  196?,red eyes label,smsplt,prst ol
149803	Henderson, Luther:  Pop! Goes the Westerns  (Columbia CL 1488(M) LP)  $11  VG+/EX  196?,six eye label,small tear on cover
149160	Henderson, Luther:  Turned-On Broadway  (RCA AFL1-4327 LP)  $17  SS  1982,co
149161	Henderson, Luther:  Turned-On Broadway Vol. 2  (RCA AFL1-4512 LP)  $17  SS  1982,co
148904	Henderson, Skitch:  New York Pops  (Sefel SEFD 5026 LP)  $25  VG+/M-  1983,gfld,digital,insert
148010	Henderson, Skitch:  Pop Goes the Concert  (RCA Victor LPM-1772(M) LP)  $12  VG+/EX  1958,Jim Flora cover art??
150132	Henderson, Skitch:  Skitch...Tonight!  (Columbia CS 9167 LP)  $14  EX/VG+  196?,360 label,osw,Tonight Show Orchestra
153719	Hirt, Al & Arthur Fiedler:  Pop Goes the Trumpet  (RCA Victor Red Seal LSC-2729 LP)  $13  VG+/EX  1964,shaded dog label,living stereo,Boston Pops
153488	Hollyridge Strings:  The Beach Boys Song Book  (Capitol ST 2156 LP)  $18  VG+/VG+  196?,Stu Phillips,Lincoln Mayorga
153489	Hollyridge Strings:  The Beatles Song Book  (Capitol ST-2116 LP)  $25  VG+/VG+  196?,Stu Phillips
151503	Hollyridge Strings:  The Nat King Cole Song Book  (Capitol CP-9773 LP)  $195  VG/EX  196?,Japan,gfld,gold cover,red wax,bklt intact,soc,Stu Phillips
149389	Hopkins, Kenyon:  Ridin' the Rails  (Capitol ST 1302 LP)  $22  VG+/EX  196?,soc
151898	Howard, Eddy:  Sleepy Serenade  (Mercury MG 20111(M) LP)  $20  VG+/EX  195?-6?orig,,swoc,cheesecake cover art
150563	Hyman, Dick:  Electrodynamics  (Command RS 856 SD LP)  $12  EX/VG+  1963,gfld,osw
150598	Hyman, Dick:  Swingin' Double Date  (Lion L70067(M) LP)  $20  VG/VG+  195?,partial smsplt,swoc
153493	International Pop All Stars:  Percussion Around the World  (London Phase 4 SP 44010 LP)  $19  EX/EX  196?,gfld,sobc
149581	International Pop All Stars:  Twelve Star Percussion  (London Phase 4 SP 44011 LP)  $9  VG+/EX  1969,gfld
154808	Jankowski, Horst:  And We Got Love  (Merury SR 61160 LP)  $15  VG/EX  196?,co,slrw,soc
148923	Jankowski, Horst:  More Genius of Jankowski  (Mercury MG-21054(M) LP)  $13  VG+/VG  196?,co
148379	Jankowski, Horst:  The Genius of Jankowski!  (Mercury SR 60993 LP)  $13  EX/EX  1964,co,"A Walk In the Black Forest"
148378	Jankowski, Horst:  The Genius of Jankowski!  (Mercury SR 60993 LP)  $15  M-/M-  1964,co,"A Walk In the Black Forest"
150596	Jenkins, Gordon:  France  (Time S/2061 LP)  $11  VG+/EX  196?,gfld
150318	Jenkins, Gordon:  Let's Duet  (Warner Bros W 1464(M) LP)  $15  VG/EX  1962,smsplts
149269	Jenkins, Gordon:  Romance  (MCA Coral CB-20030 LP)  $10  EX/EX  1973,osw,re,swobc
152413	Jerome, Henry:  Brazen Brass  (Decca DL 4187(M) LP)  $23  VG/EX  195?
149117	Jerome, Jay:  Shall We Dance  (ABC-Paramount ABCS-261 LP)  $8  VG+/VG+  196?,Don Costa production,sobc
149335	Johnson, Eric:  With a Song In My Rodgers: The Best of Rodgers & Hart  (ABC Westminster Gold WGM-8284(M) LP)  $18  EX/M-  1974,re,osw,co
148922	Johnson, Stanley:  Have Harp Can't Travel  (Liberty LST 7118 LP)  $38  VG+/EX  195?,midget with large harp cover art
148510	Joliet American Legion Band:  Christmas With the...  (KM 11661 LP)  $28  VG+/VG+  198?,gfld,military band,private press
150996	Jon & Vangelis:  The Friends of Mr. Cairo  (Polydor PD-1-6326 LP)  $9  EX/EX  1981,osw,sost,lyric sleeve
151498	Jones, Spike:  New Band  (Liberty LST-7349 LP)  $18  VG/EX  1963
150609	Jones, Spike:  New Band  (Liberty LST-7349 LP)  $35  SS  1963
150296	Justis, Bill:  Plays 12 Smash Instrumental Hits  (Mercury MGS 27031(M) LP)  $10  VG+/EX  196?,toc
155353	Kaempfert, Bert:  Greatest Hits  (Decca DL 74810 LP)  $11  EX/VG+  196?,orig,osw
153742	Kaempfert, Bert:  Greatest Hits  (Decca DL 74810 LP)  $13  EX/M-  196?,orig,osw,swobc
153879	Kaempfert, Bert:  Hold Me  (Decca DL 74860 LP)  $10  EX/VG+  196?,osw,swobc
150279	Kaempfert, Bert:  My Way of Life  (Decca DL 75059 LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  196?,osw,soc
148733	Kaempfert, Bert:  That Latin Feeling  (Decca DL 74490 LP)  $13  EX/M-  196?,osw,swobc
146957	Kaempfert, Bert:  Viva la Vida! Vol. 2  (Polydor 270-122 LP)  $18  VG+/VG+  196?,Argentina
150707	Kames, Bob:  Organ and Chimes #2 It's Christmas Time  (King 722(M) LP)  $15  VG+/VG+  196?,re
148089	Karas, Anton:  Karas Melodies  (Period RL 1937(M) LP)  $10  EX/M-  195?-6?,osw
155212	Kay, Edward:  Music for the Tired Businessman  (Tempo TT 2220(M) LP)  $18  VG+/VG+  195?,ten inch lp,red wax,Frances Farwell
146950	Kaye, Sammy:  Midnight Serenade  (Columbia CL 1107(M) LP)  $9  VG+/VG  195?-6?,six eye label,glamorous smoking lady with a budweiser cover art
151289	Kaye, Sammy:  Sexy Strings & Subtle Saxes  (Decca DL 74215 LP)  $12  VG+/M-  196?,cover art
149322	Kaye, Sammy:  The 30's Are Here To Stay!  (Decca DL 75106 LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  196?
153783	Kaye, Sammy:  This Is Sammy Kaye  (RCA Victor VPM 6070(M) LP)  $14  EX/M-/EX  1972,2lp,osw
151390	Kayser, Bob's Marimba Band:  Mexicana Tijuana  (MORning MOR-6 LP)  $31  VG+/EX  1974,Canada,cover art
149752	Kehrer, Charlie:  House Party  (King 770 LP)  $15  VG+/VG+  195?,cover art illustration,swobc
149753	Kehrer, Charlie:  Meet Charlie Kehrer & Dance  (King 711 LP)  $15  VG+/VG+  195?,smsplt
148239	Kelly, Monty:  Summer Set  (Carlton STLP 12/123 LP)  $25  VG+/EX  196?
148589	Kemm, Johnny:  Invisible Brass Band  (Concert Recording CR-E112 LP)  $13  VG/VG+  1974,Lowrey Brass Symphonizer,rw,smsplt
155059	King, Pete:  Percussion Concert  (Kapp KL-1256(M) LP)  $14  VG/VG+  195?-6?,rw
149780	King, Pete:  Percussion Concert  (Kapp KS-3256 LP)  $15  VG/EX  195?-6?,sm tear oc,ink stain oc
150657	King, Wayne:  Melody of Love  (RCA Victor LPM-1117 LP)  $15  VG+/VG+  1955,orig
150205	King, Wayne:  Moonlight and Roses  (Decca DL 74805 LP)  $19  VG+/EX  196?,swoc
152159	King, Wayne:  The Best of...Vol. 1  (MCA 2-4022 LP)  $17  SS  1974,2lp,re
153785	King, Wayne:  The Best of...Vol. 2  (MCA 2-4023 LP)  $9  EX/EX  1974,1980,re,2lp,osw
152160	King, Wayne:  The Best of...Vol. 2  (MCA 2-4023 LP)  $17  SS  1974,2lp,re
154411	Klein, John:  Carillon Recital: W. Rickert Fillmore Memorial Carillon Dedication Service  (Unity School D-12735 LP)  $28  VG/VG+  1967,rw
149358	Klein, John:  Song of the Bells  (Americana AR-17(M) LP)  $24  EX/EX  195?-6?,osw,538-bell Carillon,produced for Gem City S&L, Quincy Illinois
153031	Klein, John & Sid Ramin:  The New Sound America Loves Best  (RCA Victor LSP-2237 LP)  $19  VG/VG+  1960,living stereo orig,soc
151528	Knight, Peter:  Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band  (Mercury SR-61132 LP)  $15  VG/VG+  196?,rw,beatlesongs,soc
151905	Knightsbridge Strings:  How to Be Very Very Popular  (Riverside 9S-9 LP)  $15  VG/EX  196?,sl spinewear
150247	Kokomo:  Asia Minor  (Felsted FL 7513(M) LP)  $23  VG/VG+  1961,Jimmy Wisner,smsplts
150323	Kostelanetz, Andre:  For All We Know  (Columbia C 30672 LP)  $10  EX/EX  197?,osw
150315	Kostelanetz, Andre:  Plays the World's Greatest Love Songs  (Columbia KG 32002 LP)  $12  EX/M-  1973,2lp,osw
150328	Kostelanetz, Andre:  Shadow of Your Smile  (CSP P 13285 LP)  $15  SS  197?,re
149330	Kostelanetz, Andre:  The Thunderer: The Spectacular Sound of John Philip Sousa  (Columbia CS 9159 LP)  $12  EX/EX  196?,osw,360 label
151788	Kostelanetz, Andre:  Today's Golden Hits / Wonderland By Moonlight  (Columbia P2S 5090 LP)  $28  SS  196?,2lp bundle
149021	Kostelanetz, Andre & Peter Nero:  A Quadraphonic Concert!  (Columbia CQ 32147(Q) LP)  $17  VG+/EX  1973,osw
155248	Kureks:  Twoness  (private LP)  $21  VG+/VG+  197?
151350	La Forge, Jack:  Goldfinger & Other Great Movie Themes  (Regina RS 319 LP)  $15  VG+/VG  196?
151893	Lai, Francis:  Plays Francis Lai  (United Artists UAS-5515 LP)  $25  SS  1971,co
148289	Lanin, Lester:  23 Richard Rodgers Hits  (Epic BN 26105 LP)  $12  EX/M-  196?,osw
150254	Lanin, Lester:  Have Band Will Travel  (Epic LN 3520(M) LP)  $11  VG/EX  195?,smsplts
149666	Larcange, Maurice:  Avec Moi ý Paris  (London Phase 4 SP 44013 LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  197?,gfld,swol,swobc
149665	Larcange, Maurice:  The French Touch  (London Phase 4 SP 44110 LP)  $14  VG+/EX  197?,gfld,co
151609	Larsen, Lyn:  At the Organ Loft Salt Lake City  (P.I.P.E. PRS-01 LP)  $21  VG+/M-  197?,wurlitzer unit orchestral organ
151567	Last, James:  Bach to Beatles  (Polydor 2371 452 LP)  $33  SS  1973,Italy
149852	Last, James:  Classics Up To Date Vol. 2  (Polydor 249 371 LP)  $18  EX/M-  1967,Germany,osw
149383	Last, James:  Golden Memories  (Polydor 2371 472 LP)  $17  VG+/EX  1973,UK
149859	Last, James:  Guitar a Gogo  (Polydor 249 024 LP)  $17  EX/EX  1967,Germany,osw
149854	Last, James:  Hammond a Gogo 3  (Polydor 249 304 LP)  $18  EX/M-  1969,Germany
149857	Last, James:  Humba Humba a Gogo  (Polydor 249 205 LP)  $19  EX/EX  1967,Germany,cocktails cover art
149856	Last, James:  Instrumentals Forever  (Polydor 184 059 LP)  $18  VG+/M-  1966,Germany,cover art
151405	Last, James:  Instrumentals Forever  (Polydor 184 059 LP)  $18  VG/M-  1966,Germany,cover art,soc,"The In Crowd","Telstar"
149858	Last, James:  Non Stop Dancing 12  (Polydor 2371 141 LP)  $21  EX/M-  1973,Germany,osw,"ruby tuesday" rolling stones song,"What Is life" george harrison beatles member's song
151565	Last, James:  Plays the Greatest Songs of the Beatles  (Polydor POLD 5119 LP)  $13  VG/VG+  1983,UK,soc
151566	Last, James:  Plays the Greatest Songs of the Beatles  (Polydor POLD 5119 LP)  $15  VG/M-  1983,UK,soc
149853	Last, James:  Sax a Gogo  (Polydor 249 121 LP)  $17  EX/EX  1967,Germany,osw
149860	Last, James:  The Very Best of...  (Polydor Super 2371 054 LP)  $20  EX/M-  1969,UK
149855	Last, James:  Trumpet a Gogo  (Polydor 249 040 LP)  $17  EX/EX  1967,Germany
150260	Layton, Eddie:  No Blues On this Cruise  (Mercury MG 20308(M) LP)  $10  VG+/VG+  195?,smsplt
150308	Layton, Eddie:  Skatin' With Layton  (Mercury MG 20498(M) LP)  $12  VG+/EX  195?-6?
150607	Layton, Eddie & Buddy Morrow:  Just We Two  (Mercury MG 20372(M) LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  195?
151914	Layton, Eddie & Buddy Morrow:  Just We Two  (Mercury SR-60018 LP)  $12  VG+/EX  195?
150342	Leaf, Ann:  Spectacular Pipe Organ  (Warner Bros WS 1609 LP)  $14  VG+/EX  196?
148073	Leahy, Joe:  Lovely Lady  (Unique LP-106(M) LP)  $20  EX/VG+  195?,stylish woman cover art,osw
151564	Leaper, Bob:  Big Band, Beatle Songs  (London Phase 4 SP 44056 LP)  $22  VG/M-  196?-7?,gfld,prst oc,toc,beatle wigs on horns cover art
149742	Lee, Mari & Barbara:  Another Time Another Place  (Miracle 20629 LP)  $40  VG+/VG+  197?,"So Nice","Music to Watch Girls By"
151378	Lefevre, Raymond:  Double Deluxe  (Riviera GW-101 LP)  $65  VG/M-  197?,Japan,2lp,soc,slrw,"Black Is Black","Je t'aime","13 Jours en France"
151576	Lefevre, Raymond:  Double Deluxe  (Riviera GW-183-4 LP)  $85  VG/M-  1972,Japan,2lp,soc,bklt intact
151374	Lefevre, Raymond:  et Son Grand Orchestre No. 10  (Riviera 521 131 LP)  $33  VG+/EX  196?-7?,France,"Je t'aime" gainsbourg song,morricone,soc
151584	Lefevre, Raymond:  et Son Grand Orchestre No. 7  (Riviera 70007 LP)  $30  VG+/EX  196?-7?,Canada,wobc,"Hey Jude" beatlesong
151585	Lefevre, Raymond:  French Love In Hi-Fi  (Riviera 80.616 LP)  $31  VG/M-  1976,France,nude cover art,soc
151379	Lefevre, Raymond:  French Love In Hi-Fi  (Riviera 80.616 LP)  $33  VG+/M-  1976,France,nude cover art
151542	Lefevre, Raymond:  French Love Songs  (Barclay 80.616 LP)  $35  VG/VG+  1976,UK,nude cover art,soc
151586	Lefevre, Raymond:  French Love Songs  (Barclay 80.616 LP)  $39  VG+/EX  1976,UK,nude cover art
151543	Lefevre, Raymond:  La Reine de Saba  (Barclay GXC-7/8 LP)  $125  VG+/M-/EX  1977,Japan,2lp
151577	Lefevre, Raymond:  La Reine de Saba  (Riviera MAX-42 LP)  $65  VG/M-  1974,France,soc,tobc
151380	Lefevre, Raymond:  Les Plus Grands Succes 76  (Barclay 80653 LP)  $28  VG/M-  1976,France,strars-n-stripes AMC Pacer!!! cover art,soc,wobc
151377	Lefevre, Raymond:  Love In Stereo No. 1  (Barclay 90.146 LP)  $55  VG+/M-  1977,France,2 photos & bio insert
151372	Lefevre, Raymond:  Rock Symphonies  (Barclay 90.347 LP)  $12  VG/VG+  1977,France,soc,"Angie","A Whiter Shade of Pale","Hotel California
151371	Lefevre, Raymond:  Romeo et Juliette  (Riviera MAX-41 LP)  $75  VG/M-  1974,Japan,gfld,Super Max 20,Screen Mood Best 20,soc,lg sobc
150300	Lefevre, Raymond:  Soul Coaxing  (4 Corners FCS-4244 LP)  $18  VG+/M-  196?
151373	Lefevre, Raymond:  Soul Symphonies No. 3  (Barclay 91 013 LP)  $23  VG+/M-  1978,France,synthesizer/electronic,moog,korg,arp
151582	Lefevre, Raymond:  Super Max 20 Vol. 2  (Riveira MAX-24 LP)  $85  VG/M-  1971,Japan,gfld,bklt intact,tobc
151581	Lefevre, Raymond:  Super Max 20 Vol. 2  (Riveira MAX-24 LP)  $95  VG/M-  1973,Japan,gfld,bklt intact,tobc
153636	Legrand, Michel:  Beautifully Yours  (Springboard SPB-4068 LP)  $14  EX/M-  1977,osw,swobc
149673	Legrand, Michel:  I Love Paris  (Harmony HS 11131(E) LP)  $13  VG/EX  197?,partial smsplt
148629	Legrand, Michel:  Recorded Live at Jimmy's  (RCA Victor BXL1-0850 LP)  $12  VG/EX  1975,soc,slrw,prst obc,swobc,Phil Woods,Ron Carter,Grady Tate
149592	Legrand, Michel:  Rendez-vous a Paris  (Philips 840 513 BY LP)  $15  VG+/EX  195?-6?,Netherlands,soc
151376	Legrand, Michel:  The Windmills of Your Mind  (MFP 50240 LP)  $11  VG/M-  1972,UK,sobc,wobc
151375	Legrand, Michel:  Themes & Variations  (Bell BELLS 213 LP)  $27  EX/M-  1972,UK,osw,funky breaks
149019	Legrand, Michel:  Vienna Holiday  (Philips BBL.7075(M) LP)  $15  VG+/VG+  195?-6?,UK
150107	Les Petits Chaux Trio:  April In Paris  (Promenade 2059(M) LP)  $22  VG/VG  195?,slrw,toc,Eiffel Tower cover art
148909	Les Tres Guitars:  Yestergroovin'  (Dot DLP 25916 LP)  $19  EX/EX  196?,osw,co,Anita Kerr presents
149064	Les, Don Harmonicats:  Christmas With...  (Halo 1005 LP)  $8  EX/VG  197?,osw
151692	Liberace:  Great Motion Picture Themes Vol. 2  (AVI AVL 6089 LP)  $15  VG+/EX  1981,co,wlp
153746	Liberace:  My Most Requested  (Dot DLP 25563 LP)  $15  EX/EX  196?,osw,swobc
153841	Liberace:  My Most Requested  (Dot DLP 3563(M) LP)  $14  EX/VG+  196?,osw
153633	Liberace:  New Sounds  (Dot DLP 25755 LP)  $16  EX/EX  196?,osw,swobc
153625	Liberace:  Rhapsody By Candlelight  (Coral CRL 757395 LP)  $18  EX/EX  1962,osw,swobc
150451	Liberace, George:  Yesterday's Hits Today's Classics Tomorrow's Hi-Fi  (Carlton LP12/100 LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  195?-6?
153320	Light, Enoch:  Big Band Bossa Nova  (Command RS 844 SD LP)  $29  VG+/EX  1962,gfld,orig,co
151900	Light, Enoch:  Big Band Bossa Nova  (Command RS 844 SD LP)  $31  EX/EX  1962,gfld,orig
155512	Light, Enoch:  Big Band Bossa Nova  (Command RS-33-844(M) LP)  $29  VG+/EX  1962,gfld,orig,co
148905	Light, Enoch:  Discotheque - Dance, Dance, Dance  (Command/Pickwick SPC-3639 LP)  $21  SS  1978,re,co,"I Want to Hold Your Hand" beatlesong
153492	Light, Enoch:  Far Away Places  (Command RS 822SD LP)  $17  VG+/VG+  1961,gfld,sobc
151411	Light, Enoch:  Great Themes From Hit Films  (Command RS 871 SD LP)  $20  VG+/EX  1964,gfld,stereo 35 mm, "a hard day's night" beatlesong
148925	Light, Enoch:  Let's Dance the Bossa Nova  (Command/ABC RS 851-SD LP)  $18  EX/EX  1963,1972,re,osw,co,no insert
150267	Light, Enoch:  Magnificent Movie Themes  (Command RS 887 SD LP)  $35  SS  1965,gfld,co,35 mm,"von ryan march,goldfinger,ship of fools"
152225	Light, Enoch:  Permissive Polyphonics  (Project 3/Realistic PR 5048 QD(Q) LP)  $60  VG+/EX  196?,gfld,quadraphonic,audiophile,funky moog/sitar breaks - one of his best lps!,"let it be, michelle" beatlesongs,"marrakesh express", scarborough fair","mas que nada"
150194	Light, Enoch:  Spanish Strings  (Project 3 PR 5000 SD LP)  $16  VG+/EX  1966,gfld,sl spinewear
149262	Light, Enoch & the Command All-Stars:  Persuasive Percussion Vol 4  (Command RS 830 SD LP)  $20  EX/EX  1961,gfld,swobc
149905	Limelight Strings:  The Sound of Jerome Kern  (Power Apple Honey Series DS 421 LP)  $14  EX/EX  196?,Twiggy photo cover art,osw
150312	Little, Big Tiny:  Movin' On  (Coral CRL 757425 LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  196?,smsplt
151340	Little, Little Jack:  Yours Very Truly  (Golden Era LP 15025 LP)  $28  VG+/EX  197?,wobc
149339	Living Brass & Living Marimbas:  Plays Songs Made Famous by Herb Alpert  (RCA Camden CAS 2337 LP)  $11  VG+/VG  1969
154824	Living Brass & Living Marimbas:  The Best of South America  (RCA Camden CAS-2484 LP)  $16  VG+/M-  1971,slrw,"besame mucho, guantanamera, amapola"
147789	Living Jazz:  Quiet Nights  (RCA Camden CAS 914 LP)  $15  EX/EX  1965,osw,co
155166	Living Marimbas Plus Strings:  Play the Glen Campbell Hit Galveston & Other Hits  (RCA Camden CAS-2329 LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  1969
151229	Living Strings:  I'm a Believer & Other Monkees Hits  (RCA Camden CAS-2148 LP)  $10  VG+/VG  1967,mod girl on honda motorcycle cover art,osw,staple oc,all Monkees songs
148304	Living Strings:  Songs of the Swingin' Sixties  (RCA Camden CAS-2397 LP)  $20  EX/M-  1970,osw,co,"Hey Jude" beatlesong
149351	Living Strings Plus Two Pianos:  Songs That Will Live Forever  (RCA Camden CAS 721 LP)  $11  EX/EX  1962,re,osw
150255	Lloyd, Ivor Mark "Snapper":  Dance FrappÈ  (Everest SDBR-1036 LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  1959,teens & jukebox at the malt shop cover art
150280	Lopez, Vincent:  Lopez Playing  (CSP CSRP 8229 LP)  $9  EX/EX  196?,re,osw
153316	Los Admiradores:  Bongos/Flutes/Guitars  (Command RS 812 SD LP)  $10  VG+/EX  1960,gfld
150581	Los Salterios:  Golden Themes  (M&K RT 111 LP)  $28  VG+/EX  1978,limited edition,direct to disc,audiophile,vinyl pressed in Germany,swoc
152092	Loud Mouth Sadie Mae:  Fair Time With...  (Gold 20 5181 LP)  $32  SS  1975,gay 90's village,military trumpet organ
150578	Lowe, Bernie:  Vol. III - Encore!  (Cameo C-1057(M) LP)  $11  VG/VG+  196?,wobc
149347	Lyman, Arthur:  Aloha, Amigo  (HiFi SL-1034 LP)  $15  VG+/VG+  196?,exotica,latin american-influenced songs
149353	Lyman, Arthur:  Bwana A  (Hi Fi SR808 LP)  $25  VG+/VG+  195?,exotic,stereo
148937	Madison, Al:  Smart Set Swing  (Almad AM:1001(M) LP)  $20  EX/VG+  1963,"from Nantucket's Wauwinet House",private press
151884	Magic Organ:  Magic Carousel  (Ranwood R 8177 LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  1977,osw
151288	Magic Organ:  Spanish Magic  (Ranwood R 8193 LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  1980
150131	Magic Organ:  Waltz Time  (Ranwood R 8137 LP)  $9  EX/VG  1974,osw
149376	Makowicz, Adam:  From My Window  (Choice CRS 1028 LP)  $9  VG/EX  1981,rw,co,soc
150169	Maltby, Richard:  Hue-Fi Moods by Maltby  (Vik LX-1051(M) LP)  $32  VG+/VG+  1956,wobc,djs obc,wol,toc,sm tear obc
150145	Mancini, Henry:  A Legendary Performer  (RCA CPL1 1843 LP)  $25  VG/VG  1976,autographed on bklt & orig inner sleeve,soc
149902	Mancini, Henry:  Hangin' Out With...  (RCA CPL1 0672 LP)  $21  SS  1974,co,sl seamwear,cover vg+
147903	Mancini, Henry:  Mancini Salutes Sousa  (RCA APD1 0013(Q) LP)  $14  VG+/VG+  1972,quadraphonic
148326	Mancini, Henry:  Music of Hawaii  (RCA Victor LSP-3713 LP)  $20  EX/EX  1966,hawaiian,osw
150620	Mancini, Henry:  Plays the Theme from Love Story  (RCA Victor LSP 4466 LP)  $12  EX/M-  1970,osw
149340	Mancini, Henry:  The Blues and the Beat  (RCA Victor LSP 2147 LP)  $9  VG+/EX  1960,re,orange label,wobc
151224	Mancini, Henry:  Uniquely Mancini  (RCA Victor LSP 2692 LP)  $13  VG+/EX  1963,"Green Onions"
151883	Mannheim Steamroller:  Christmas  (American Grammaphone AG 1984 LP)  $18  SS  1984,new age,insert,co
151451	Mannheim Steamroller:  Saving the Wildlife  (American Gramaphone AG-2086 LP)  $9  VG+/M-  1986,gfld,soundtrack to the pbs special,new age,insert
150121	Manson, Eddy:  The Fi Is Hi  (Vik LX-1134(M) LP)  $18  VG+/VG+  1958,speaker cover art
150320	Mantovani:  Annunzio Paolo Mantovani  (London XPS 610 LP)  $15  EX/M-  197?,oswr,25th anniversary album - no booklet
151444	Mantovani:  Concert Spectacular  (Decca SKL 4118 LP)  $11  VG+/M-  1960,UK
151443	Mantovani:  Continental Encores  (Decca SKL.4044 LP)  $21  VG+/VG+  196?,UK,gfld,soc,bklt intact
149000	Mantovani:  Encores  (Reader's Digest RBA-124/D LP)  $14  SS  1984
149005	Mantovani:  Latin Rendezvous  (Decca SKL 4528 LP)  $17  VG+/VG+  1969,UK,different cover art from us copy,soc
151452	Mantovani:  Latin Rendezvous  (Decca SKL 4528 LP)  $19  VG/M-  1969,UK,re,different cover art from us copy,soc
150164	Mantovani:  Song Hits From Theatreland  (London PS 125 LP)  $20  EX/M-  195?,osw
150621	Mantovani:  Stereo Showcase  (London SS 1 LP)  $21  EX/VG+  195?-6?,osw
150322	Mantovani:  Strauss Waltzes  (London PS 118 LP)  $14  EX/EX  195?,osw
151447	Manuel:  Beyond the Mountains  (Columbia TWO 184 LP)  $20  VG/M-  1967,UK,scenic mountain range cover art,lg soc,woc
151449	Manuel:  Blue Waters  (Columbia TWO 131 LP)  $25  VG/EX  1966,UK,scenic waterfall cover art,soc,wobc
151445	Manuel:  Exotica  (Columbia TWO 103 LP)  $20  VG/M-  1965,UK,woc,soc
151446	Manuel:  Mardi Gras  (Columbia TWO 378 LP)  $28  VG+/M-  1972,UK,colorful mardi gras cover art,soc
151450	Manuel:  Mountain Fiesta  (Sounds Superb SPR 90021 LP)  $24  VG+/M-  1964,197?,re,Czechoslovakia,yellow label,picturesque pine cover art
151448	Manuel:  Sunrise Sunset  (Columbia TWO 162 LP)  $20  VG/M-  1967,UK,lg soc,woc
151867	Marcellino, Muzzy:  Art Linkletter Presents House Party Music Time  (Capitol T-1284(M) LP)  $45  VG/VG+  196?,exotic whistler,great cover art of Art Linkletter wearing headphones,smsplt,sobc,wobc
151499	Marina Strings:  Neil Diamond Solid Gold  (Bainbridge BT 1039 LP)  $15  VG/M-  1980,re,soc
153930	Marino, Richard:  Out of this World  (Liberty LM 13007(M) LP)  $28  VG+/VG+  195?-6?,die-cut cover,osw,orig inner sleeve
149913	Martin, Ray:  Excitement, Incorporated  (RCA Victor LSA 2422 LP)  $29  VG+/EX  1961,die-cut modern design cover art,stereo action
155475	Marx, Harpo:  Harpo At Work  (Mercury SR-60016 LP)  $45  VG+/EX  195?,orig
150562	Mauriat, Paul:  A Grande Orquestra de...Vol. 18  (Philips 6325 120 LP)  $34  EX/EX  1974,Brazil
149344	Mauriat, Paul:  Blooming Hits  (Philips PHS 600-248 LP)  $13  EX/EX  196?,"Love Is Blue",osw
149363	Mauriat, Paul:  Brazilian Landscape Vol. 1  (Philips 6325 144 LP)  $35  VG/EX  1974,Brazil,toc,Serie Melodies & Memories
149506	Mauriat, Paul:  L.O.V.E.  (Philips PHS 600-320 LP)  $12  EX/VG+  196?,osw
149505	Mauriat, Paul:  L.O.V.E.  (Philips PHS 600-320 LP)  $13  EX/EX  196?,osw
153857	Maxim, Ernest:  With My Love  (Top Rank International RS 621 LP)  $30  VG/VG+  195?-6?,osw,smsplt,envelope & letter oc,woc
155239	Maxwell, Bobby:  A Crowning Performance  (Command/ABC RSSD 972-2 LP)  $13  EX/M-  1973,2lp,osw,co
148006	Maxwell, Robert:  A Song for All Seasons  (Decca DL 4609 LP)  $11  EX/VG+  196?,osw,cheesecake cover art
155481	Maxwell, Robert:  The Magic of...  (Vocalion VL 72858 LP)  $25  SS  196?,co
148537	May, Billy:  Today!  (Capitol ST 2560 LP)  $10  VG+/VG+  1966
150344	McCallum, David:  Music: A Bit More of Me  (Capitol T 2498(M) LP)  $33  VG+/VG+  196?,David Axelrod production,"Michelle" beatlesong,"Uptight",photo inserts,co
153490	McGlory, Don & Fred Barovick:  The Two of Us  (Ocean State DM-1 LP)  $25  SS  1981,private press ez orchestra from rhode island
151228	McGlory, Don & Fred Barovick:  Tickled Pink  (Ocean State OSR 5384 LP)  $25  SS  1984,private press ez orchestra from rhode island
149569	McMahon, Patrick:  Darshan  (Group Effort 0001 LP)  $38  VG+/EX  197?,new age?
149590	Medoc, Maurice:  French Without Tears  (United Artists UAL 30005(M) LP)  $38  VG+/VG+  195?-6?,soc,slrw
150625	Meinert, Marjorie:  Hi-Fi & Mighty  (RCA Victor LPM-2169 LP)  $14  VG+/VG+  1960,swoc,orig black label,barbells & dumbells cover art
149679	Melachrino Orchestra:  Paris: The Sounds - The Sights  (RCA Victor LPM-1261(M) LP)  $24  VG+/VG+  1956,hardcover gfld,soc,bklt intact
149496	Melachrino, George:  Melachrino's Magic Strings  (ABC-Paramount ABC-249(M) LP)  $18  VG/VG+  196?,wlp,toc,Alhambra cover art
148755	Melachrino, George:  Music for Relaxation  (RCA Victor LSP-1001 LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  1958,living stereo
150084	Melachrino, George:  The Music of Jerome Kern  (RCA Victor LPM-2283(M) LP)  $12  VG+/EX  1961,partial smsplt
148895	Melba, Stanley:  At the Horse Show Ball  (United Artists UAL 3075(M) LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  1960,osw
150080	Melis, Jose:  In Movieland  (Mercury SR 60648 LP)  $9  VG+/VG+  196?
148043	Melis, Jose:  Merry Melis  (Sesac N-1701/02 LP)  $28  VG+/VG+  195?,soc,sol
150119	Melis, Jose:  On Broadway  (Mercury SR 60610 LP)  $8  VG+/VG  196?,soc
149388	Merrill, Buddy:  The Guitar Sounds of...  (Accent AC 5010 MLP(M) LP)  $22  VG+/EX  196?,osw
148631	Merrill, Robert & Stanley Black:  Americana  (London Phase 4 SP 44065 LP)  $15  EX/EX  197?,gfld,swobc
151504	Metropole Orchestra:  Whispering Sea  (private 1005 LP)  $75  VG+/VG+  197?,co,slrw
150256	Mexicali Brass:  The Shadow of Your Smile  (Crown CST 544 LP)  $20  SS  196?
149639	Meynard, Raoul:  Where Love Is Everything  (Warner Bros WS 1286 LP)  $17  VG+/EX  1959
148338	MGM Singing Strings:  A Salute to Bogie  (MGM E-4359(M) LP)  $15  EX/EX  196?,co,insert,Humphrey Bogart cover art,osw
153295	Micus, Stephan:  Till the End of Time  (JAPO 60026 ST LP)  $21  VG+/VG+  1978,Germany,new age,co
152189	Middlebrooks Musical Ensemble (& Pick-Up Band):  S/T  (Ranwood R-8109 LP)  $15  VG+/VG+  1973,wlp,prst oc,"Lady Madonna" beatlesong
155304	Miller, D.L.:  Caribbean Nights  (Somerset SF-29300 LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  196?
150622	Minevitch, Borrah:  Harmonica Merry Go Round  (Guest Star GS-1421 LP)  $9  VG+/VG  195?-6?,osw
149377	Moder, Andy:  Introducing...the Andy Moder Quintet  (Rite 24763 LP)  $35  VG+/VG+  197?,Cincinnati lounge band,private press
153747	Monroe, Vaughn:  The Best of...  (RCA ANL1-1140(E) LP)  $10  EX/EX  1967,re,osw,swobc
147989	Monte, Mark & the Continentals:  Dancing at the Habana Hilton  (Jubilee JLP 1072(M) LP)  $9  VG+/VG+  195?,osw,toc
150518	Montenegro, Hugo:  Hang 'Em High  (RCA Victor LSP-4022 LP)  $12  EX/VG+  1968
150591	Montenegro, Hugo:  Magnificent  (Pickwick SPC-3190 LP)  $11  EX/EX  197?,osw
151351	Morgan, Freddy:  Bunch-a-Banjos On Broadway  (Liberty LST-7496 LP)  $15  VG+/EX  196?,osw,smsplt,from the Spike Jones Orchestra
149328	Morgan, Russ:  Golden Favorites  (Decca DL 74292 LP)  $12  EX/VG+  196?,osw
152161	Morgan, Russ:  The Best of...  (MCA MCA2-4036 LP)  $18  SS  1972,2lp,re,co
149580	Mottola, Tony:  The Tony Touch: The Best of Tony Mottola  (Project 3 PR 5041 SD LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  1969,gfld,bikini-clad girl behind guitar strings cover art,wrinkled label on a-side
151427	Moule, Ken & the Full Score Orchestra:  Pete Murray Presents...  (BBC REC 167 LP)  $25  VG/M-  1973,UK,lg soc
151426	Moule, Ken & the Full Score Orchestra:  Pete Murray Presents...  (BBC REC 167 LP)  $27  VG/M-  1973,UK,soc
153803	Muller, Werner:  International Film Festival  (Warner Bros WS 1548 LP)  $33  VG/VG+  196?,gold label,co
152201	Muller, Werner:  Tanzparty '68  (Decca SLK 16 538-P LP)  $35  VG+/EX  1968,Germany,"Massachusetts" bee gees song,"When I'm 64" beatlesong,soc
151419	M¸ller, Werner:  Delicado '70  (Decca Phase 4 SLK 16 856-P LP)  $23  VG/M-  1970,Germany,soc,carnival cover art
151420	M¸ller, Werner:  Delicado '70  (Decca Phase 4 SLK 16 856-P LP)  $30  SS  1970,Germany,carnival cover art,seal is partially ripped
151422	Mure, Billy:  Nostalgia No. 1  (MGM SE-4406 LP)  $35  SS  196?
151387	Mure, Billy:  Tough Strings - Great Guitar Hits  (Kapp KL-1253(M) LP)  $35  VG+/M-  196?,wlp,slrw,"Apache","Walk Don't Run"
151421	Murena, Tony:  Vive Paris  (Time S/2060 LP)  $31  SS  195?-6?
150730	Muri, John:  Volume 1  (Muri-Cord S-1 LP)  $28  VG/EX  1970,autographed obc,smsplt,wurlitzer theater organ
149735	Music Box Hymnal:  Beloved Sacred & Inspirational Songs  (Columbia CS 9584 LP)  $9  EX/VG+  196?,osw,from the collection of Rita Ford
147735	Music Minus One Trumpet:  Sousa!  (MMO 7070 LP)  $18  VG/EX  196?-7?,smsplt
151433	Mystic Moods:  Being With You  (Soundbird SB 7510 LP)  $22  VG/M-  1976,co,soc,slrw
151432	Mystic Moods:  Being With You  (Soundbird SB 7510 LP)  $26  VG+/EX  1976,djl,music-only sound effects remvoed for radio play
151435	Mystic Moods Orchestra:  English Muffins  (Philips PHS 600-349 LP)  $22  VG+/M-  196?,wlp,"Ticket to Ride","Here There and Everywhere","Something","Golden Slumbers" beatlesongs
148117	Mystic Moods Orchestra:  Extensions  (Philips PHS 600 301 LP)  $15  VG+/VG+  196?,wlp,gfld,soc,wo inside cover,moog by Paul Beaver,Bud Shank
151434	Mystic Moods Orchestra:  Extensions  (Philips PHS 600 301 LP)  $15  VG+/EX  196?,gfld,moog by Paul Beaver,Bud Shank
151442	Mystic Moods Orchestra:  Love Token  (Philips PHS 321 LP)  $22  VG/M-  196?,rw
151441	Mystic Moods Orchestra:  More Than Music  (Philips PHS 231 LP)  $30  SS  196?
150608	Mystic Moods Orchestra:  One Stormy Night  (Philips PHS-600-205 LP)  $20  VG+/EX  1966,orig,co
150306	Mystic Moods Orchestra:  One Stormy Night  (Soundbird SB 7501 LP)  $15  VG+/VG+  1972,re
151431	Mystic Moods Orchestra:  One Stormy Night  (Soundbird SBD/8501 LP)  $18  EX/M-  1978,re,osw,gfld
151437	Mystic Moods Orchestra:  Stormy Weekend  (Philips PHS 600-342 LP)  $20  VG+/M-  196?,raindrops cover
148280	Mystic Moods Orchestra:  Stormy Weekend  (Philips PHS 600-342 LP)  $28  SS  196?-7?
151436	Mystic Moods Orchestra:  Stormy Weekend  (Philips PHS 600-342 LP)  $28  VG+/M-  196?,wlp,slrw
151438	Mystic Moods Orchestra:  The Mystic Moods of Love  (Philips PHS 600 260 LP)  $11  VG+/EX  196?,insert,co
151439	Mystic Moods Orchestra:  The Mystic Moods of Love  (Philips PHS 600 260 LP)  $20  SS  196?
148943	Neal, Mary:  Christmas at Cedarhurst  (Perfection P-80123 LP)  $28  SS  197?,seal partially open,autographed oc,wurlitzer organ
150617	Nero, Peter:  If Ever I Would Leave You  (RCA Camden CAS-2228 LP)  $11  EX/EX  1968,osw
151849	Nero, Peter:  Now  (Concord Jazz CJ 48 LP)  $11  VG+/EX  1977
146979	Nero, Peter:  Plays a Salute to Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass  (RCA Victor LSP-3720 LP)  $17  VG+/VG+  1967
149051	Nero, Peter:  Plays Love Is Blue & Ten Other Great Songs  (RCA Victor LSP-3936 LP)  $16  VG+/M-  1968,black label
155159	Nero, Peter:  The Wiz  (Crystal Clear CCS 6001 LP)  $20  VG/M-  1977,45 RPM direct to disc recording,audiophile
151927	Nero, Peter:  Xochimilco  (RCA Victor LSP-3814 LP)  $14  EX/EX  1967,osw
152081	New World Theatre Orchestra:  Honeymoon In Manhattan  (Somerset P-3000(M) LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  195?-6?,osw,central park hansom cab cover art,partial smsplt
151887	Nordwall, Jonas:  Jonas In Australia  (Gamba JN-103 LP)  $25  EX/M-  197?,portland oregon private press,wurlitzer organ
151835	North, Alex:  North of Hollywood  (RCA Victor LSP-1445 LP)  $20  VG+/M-  1958
148523	Nouveau Music:  A Gift of Music  (Nouveau Music NML 1067 LP)  $21  VG/M-  1983,UK,lg soc,"Jealous Guy" beatlesong
151311	Nunzio & his Accordicats:  Accelerated Accordions  (Family FLP 130(M) LP)  $35  VG/EX  195?,smsplt
152352	O'Leary, Freddie "Fingers":  That Good Old Piano Roll  (Tops/Mayfair 9674S LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  195?-6?,osw,yellow wax
148513	Oh You Kids:  Winchester Cathedral  (Mercury Wing WC-16336 LP)  $15  EX/VG  196?,osw,co
151234	Ornadel, Cyril:  Carnival  (MGM SE3945 LP)  $8  VG/VG+  196?,co,smsplt
149408	Orton, Irv:  Alone With You  (Liberty LST-7016 LP)  $35  VG+/VG+  195?,"Hickup-Pickup","Aphrodisia",cheesecake cover art,smsplt
155355	Otis, Clyde:  Love Letters  (Mercury MG-20571(M) LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  196?
152410	Owen, Reg:  Swing Me High  (Bally BAL-12006(M) LP)  $17  VG/VG+  195?-6?,crackling oc,smsplt
152209	Page, Bill:  Sounds of the Sonic Sixties  (Tower ST-5084 LP)  $40  VG+/VG+  196?,co,"all-amplified orchestra","Penny Lane" beatlesong
149596	Palmer, Jimmy:  Everyone's Dancing At Roseland  (United Artists UAL 3207 LP)  $21  VG+/VG+  196?,soc
147623	Paramor, Norrie:  Strings! Staged for Stereo!  (Capitol STAC 1639 LP)  $25  VG+/EX  196?,special radio package,plastic clamshell sleeve,bklt,soc,sol
153103	Paulsen, Ken:  The Happy Sound of Ken Paulsen's Orchestra  (Fredlo 7209 LPS LP)  $15  EX/EX  1972,osw
147229	Pellico, Frank:  Solamente  (?? 4203 LP)  $14  VG+/VG+  197?,Chicago Cubs organist,wol
153215	Perkins, Bill:  Bossa Nova With Strings Attached  (Liberty LRP-3293(M) LP)  $23  EX/EX  osw
153933	Personalities:  The Rum House Presents....  (Art ALP 32(M) LP)  $18  VG/EX  196?,lounge group,autographed oc
152235	Phillips, Stu & the Hollyridge Strings:  The George, John, Paul & Ringo Songbook  (Capitol ST-839 LP)  $70  VG+/M-  197?,red target label,co,osw,beatlesongs
151393	Pleva, Lubomir:  The Man With Harmonica  (Supraphon 1113 3096 LP)  $22  VG+/M-  1982,Czechoslovakia,"My Cherie Amour","Everybody's Talkin'",morricone songs
150040	Pourcel, Franck:  For All We Know  (Paramount PAS-5035 LP)  $9  VG/EX  197?,rw,smsplt
147073	Pourcel, Franck:  Western  (Odeon J 066-12.290(Q) LP)  $30  VG+/M-  1973,Spain,quadraphonic,sm tear oc,swoc
153645	Poznanska Orkiestra Rozrywkowa PR i TV:  Entertainment Orchestra of Polish Radio & Television  (Muza SX 1764 LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  197?-8?,Poland
150041	Previn, Andre:  Composer - Conductor - Arranger - Pianist  (MGM E 4186(M) LP)  $12  VG/EX  196?,woc,co
153878	Previn, Andre & David Rose:  Secret Songs for Young Lovers  (MGM E 3716(M) LP)  $17  VG+/VG+  195?-6?,swobc
149559	Puleo, Johnny & his Harmonica Gang:  S/T  (Audio Fidelity AFSD 5830 LP)  $8  M-/EX  1958,osw
150253	Puleo, Johnny & his Harmonica Gang:  Vol. 2  (Audio Fidelity AFSD 5859 LP)  $8  VG+/VG+  1958,gfld
154172	Raleigh, Don:  Christmas at Home  (?? LP)  $28  SS  196?
151885	Rampal, Jean-Pierre & Michel Legrand:  Pastorales de Noel  (CBS FM 37205 LP)  $16  EX/VG+  1981,osw,Alexandre Lagoya
155168	Randolph, Boots:  Boots & Stockings  (Monument SLP 18127 LP)  $9  VG/VG+  1969,christmas,slrw
155312	Randolph, Boots:  So Rare  (RCA Custom Edition DRL1-0057(E) LP)  $13  VG/VG+  1973,rw,"Little Big Horn"
148678	Raymond, Lew:  The Flirty 30's  (Mayfair 9654S LP)  $9  VG/EX  195?,yellow wax,toc,slrw
152424	Raymond, Lew:  Themes from the Movies  (Tops L1519(M) LP)  $10  EX/VG+  195?,osw,William Holden & Kim Novak cover art
151139	Rene, Henri:  White Heat!  (Imperial LP 9074(M) LP)  $31  VG+/EX  196?,exotica,sparks cover art
151223	Riddle, Nelson:  Sea of Dreams  (Capitol ST-915 LP)  $19  VG+/EX  195?-6?,woc,cheesecake cover art
153739	Riddle, Nelson & 101 Strings:  Recorded In London 1970  (Alshire S-5203 LP)  $14  EX/EX  1970,osw,swobc
152208	Rifkin, Joshua:  The Baroque Beatles Book  (Elektra EKL-306(M) LP)  $31  VG/EX  196?,orig gold/white guitar player label,rw,orig lyric insert
151529	Rifkin, Joshua:  The Baroque Beatles Book  (Elektra EKS 7306 LP)  $21  EX/M-  197?,butterfly label,co,osw
151921	Rinaldi, Joe:  Gaslight '61  (Guild LES 1001(M) LP)  $13  EX/EX  1961,gfld,black felt cover,inserts,bklt intact
149576	Riviera Orchestra:  The Best of Cole Porter  (Mercury Wing SRW 11011 LP)  $7  VG+/VG+  196?,co
149819	Robertson, Eric:  All-New Piano Hits '84  (Silver Eagle SE-5484 LP)  $11  VG+/EX  1983,co
150329	Robertson, Eric:  Piano Hits  (Silver Eagle SE-5483 LP)  $11  VG+/EX  1982,co
149319	Rogers, Eric & his Orchestra:  The Percussive Twenties  (London Phase 4 P 54006(M) LP)  $15  VG+/EX  196?,gfld
149385	Rogers, Eric & the Vaudeville Orchestra and Chorus:  Vaudeville!  (London Phase 4 SP 44083 LP)  $20  VG+/EX  197?,gfld
149558	Romelfanger, Ethel & G.A. "Gim" Gustad:  Real Circus Music...the Big Top Five  (Cuca KS-3131 LP)  $15  EX/VG  196?,osw,recorded at the Circus World Museum Baraboo Wisconsin
147292	Rosa Linda:  Will Success Spoil Rock-Maninoff?  (Era EL 20010(M) LP)  $35  VG+/VG+  195?,red wax,"classics in rhythm",toc,cover art
147125	Rose, David:  Cimarron & Other Great Songs  (MGM SE3953 LP)  $10  VG+/VG+  195?-6?,osw
151409	Rose, David:  In the Still of the Night  (Polydor 2482 297 LP)  $27  EX/M-  197?,UK,sobc
149357	Rose, David:  Something Fresh!  (Capitol ST 124 LP)  $15  EX/EX  196?,osw,co
151347	Rose, David:  The Stripper & Other Fun Songs for the Family  (MGM SE 4062 LP)  $16  EX/VG+  196?,osw
150413	Rose, David:  The Stripper & Other Fun Songs for the Family  (MGM SE 4062 LP)  $18  EX/EX  196?,osw
150287	Rose, David:  The Velvet Beat  (MGM E 4307(M) LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  196?,soc,partial smsplt
150288	Rose, David:  The Very Best of....  (MGM E 4155(M) LP)  $15  VG+/EX  196?,soc
151967	Rosengarden, Bob & Phil Kraus:  Percussion Playful and Pretty  (RCA Victor Record Club CPM 113(M) LP)  $16  VG+/VG+  1965,swoc,girls with percussion instruments cover art
148167	Royal Blue feat. Ray Jarrell:  Traces  (Capitol ST-228 LP)  $9  VG/VG+  196?-7?,wobc,"Hush","Spooky","Hang Em High"
149101	Royal Philharmonic Orchestra / London Philharmonic Orchestra:  Images: 18 Beautiful Instrumentals  (K-tel ONE 1254 LP)  $21  VG/EX  1983,UK,lg soc
149908	Royal Philharmonic Orchestra & the Chicago Synthesizer-Rhythm Ensemble:  Turned On Christmas  (Columbia FC 40441 LP)  $10  VG+/VG+  1986,osw,electronic
148916	Rubinstein, Danny:  The Happy People  (United Artists UAL 30006(M) LP)  $35  VG+/M-  195?-6?,wlp,jewish music,clapping rabbi cover art
151385	Rugolo, Pete:  Brass In Hi-Fi  (Mercury MG 20261(M) LP)  $45  VG/M-  196?,toc,wobc
148518	Rugolo, Pete:  Rugolo Plays Kenton  (Mercury MG 36143(M) LP)  $18  VG+/VG+  1958
154356	Russell, George:  HIs Guitar And Music  (Ranwood R 8097 LP)  $16  VG/EX  1972,wlp,rw,wol,prst oc,wobc
152174	San Franciso Marching, Trotting & Walking Band:  Concert In the Park  (Fantasy 8023 LP)  $15  VG+/EX  196?,red wax,Arnold Roth cover art,co
152176	San Franciso Marching, Trotting & Walking Band:  The Good Old Days  (Fantasy 8004 LP)  $15  EX/VG+  196?,blue wax,Arnold Roth cover art,osw
149899	Sarbek, Boris:  A Touch of Paris  (Epic LN 3317(M) LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  195?-6?,bridge over the Seine cover art
149911	Schoen, Vic:  Brass Laced With Strings  (RCA Victor LSA-2344 LP)  $25  VG+/EX  1961,die-cut cover,Stereo Action
155227	Schory, Dick:  Music for Bang Baaroom & Harp  (RCA Victor LSP-1866 LP)  $28  VG+/VG+  1958,Living Stereo
147410	Schory, Dick:  On Tour With His Percussion Pops Orchestra  (RCA Victor LPM-2806(M) LP)  $18  EX/EX  1964,co
149912	Schory, Dick:  Stereo Action Goes Broadway  (RCA Victor LSA-2382 LP)  $27  EX/EX  1961,die-cut cover,Manhattan-shaped cut,Stereo Action
149373	Schory, Dick & the Percussive Art Ensemble:  Re-Percussion  (Concert-Disc E-21(M) LP)  $23  VG+/EX  1957,swobc
147743	September Strings:  Simon & Garfunkel's Greatest Hits  (Stanyan 10079 LP)  $38  EX/EX  1974,osw,co
150130	Serry Sr., John:  Squeeze Play  (Dot DLP-3024(M) LP)  $28  VG+/VG+  195?-6?,accordion,"Rock & Roll Polka",Al Caiola
150234	Shaffer, Sy:  Seems Like Old Times  (Westminster WP 6083(M) LP)  $15  VG+/VG+  195?-6?,virtuoso trombonist
147087	Shaindlin, Jack:  Music To Read Life's Year End Issue By  (Decca DL 34155(M) LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  196?,gfld
153302	Shindo, Tak:  Brass & Bamboo  (Capitol ST 1345 LP)  $28  VG/EX  196?,slrw,Bud Shank,Shelly Manne
151225	Shutz, Hal:  Here Comes the Bride  (Columbia CL 1104(M) LP)  $14  EX/VG+  196?,osw,wedding cover art
148383	Silver, Eric:  The Majestic Organ  (Evon 348(M) LP)  $7  VG+/EX  195?,osw
149982	Siravo, George & the Singer Orchestra:  Favorite Christmas Songs from Singer  (Singer LP)  $15  SS  196?,promo for singer sewing machines
149310	Sizzling Brass:  S/T  (Spin-O-Rama S-186 LP)  $12  EX/EX  196?,osw
152078	Skelton, Red:  Conducts Music from the Heart  (Liberty LST 74777 LP)  $13  VG+/EX  196?,djl
149312	Skidoos:  Thoroughly Modern Millie & the Dixie Hits of the Jazz Age  (Design DLP-266 LP)  $8  EX/VG+  196?,osw
149304	Slatkin, Felix:  Fantastic Strings  (Liberty LST 7376 LP)  $27  VG+/EX  196?
151344	Slatkin, Felix:  Love Strings  (Sunset SUM-1106(M) LP)  $33  SS  196?
148959	Smith, Jerry:  Ragtime  (Ranwood R-8126 LP)  $14  EX/EX  1974,osw
149474	Snyder, Terry & the All Stars:  Persuasive Percussion  (Command RS 800 SD LP)  $22  SS  1959,1972,re,co,Tony Mottola,Willie Rodriguez,Dick Hyman
151510	Snyder, Terry & the All Stars:  Persuasive Percussion Vol. 2  (Command RS 808SD LP)  $25  VG/M-  1959,gfld,toc,inserts,Tony Mottola,Willie Rodriguez,Dick Hyman
147761	Sounds of Our Times:  Play Love Is Blue  (Capitol ST-2892 LP)  $18  M-/M-  196?,osw,co,"A Whiter Shade of Pale","Too Much of Nothing" dylan song
148012	St. Kevins Emerald Knights / Racine Scouts:  1962 V.F.W. Nationals Vol. Five  (Fleetwood FSLP2072 LP)  $15  VG+/EX  1962,drum & bugle corps,dorchester mass & racine wisc,military band
151636	Stapleton, Cyril:  The Stapleton Collection  (PYE NSPL 41028 LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  1974,UK
148014	Steele, Eric:  Porgy and Bess / Showboat  (Mercury MG 20394(M) LP)  $5  VG+/VG  195?,orig,cover art
151768	Stereo Strings:  Play the Instrumental Andy Williams Songbook  (Stereo Sounds SA-18 LP)  $28  VG/VG+  196?,soc
151767	Stern, Emil:  While Waiting For You   (Mercury MG 2034(M) LP)  $11  VG/EX  195?,slrw,soc,sol,cheesecake cover art
148547	Stevens, Carl & his Military Band:  Music for Baton Twirlers  (Mercury Wing MGW 12252(M) LP)  $8  VG/VG  196?,majorettes cover art,rw
151677	Stoltz, Robert:  Ausgewaehlte Goldstuecke  (Karussell 2876011 LP)  $32  VG+/M-  1975,Germany
151678	Stoltz, Robert:  Die schoensten Melodien von...  (MGM 2428 603 LP)  $32  VG+/M-  1968,Germany,insert
151676	Stoltz, Robert:  International  (Eurodisc 30 534 2 LP)  $32  VG+/M-  197?,Germany
151680	Stoltz, Robert:  Musical Festival  (BASF 20 21848-1 LP)  $30  VG/M-  197?,Germany,soc
151679	Stoltz, Robert:  Zwei Herzen im Dreivierteltakt  (BASF 29 21120-7 LP)  $38  EX/M-  197?,Germany,2lp
151774	Stoltzman, Richard:  Begin Sweet World  (RCA Red Seal AML1-7124 LP)  $14  VG+/M-  1986,clarinet instrumental,co,with Bill Douglas, Jeremy Wall, and Eddie Gomez
151675	Stoltzman, Richard:  New York Counterpoint  (RCA Red Seal 5944-1-RC LP)  $14  EX/EX  1987,digital,co,osw
146782	Stone, George:  Sing and Skate Along  (Musicor MM2105(M) LP)  $22  EX/EX  196?,osw,roller skaters cover art,roller rink organ,with the vocalaires
151762	Story, Liz:  Part of Fortune  (Novus 3001-1-N LP)  $10  EX/EX  1986,co,new age,osw
151761	Story, Liz:  Solid Colors  (Windham Hill WH-1023 LP)  $9  VG+/EX  1982,co,new age
151763	Story, Tim:  Untitled  (Lost Lake Arts LL-0094 LP)  $10  EX/EX  1988,new age,prst obc
151765	Stott, Wally:  London Souvenir  (Philips 6460 103 LP)  $25  VG+/M-  1958,197?,UK,re,soc
150166	Stradivari Strings:  Sound of Leroy Anderson  (Pirouette RFM-32 LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  195?,sm paint oc
148200	Stradivari Strings:  String Along With Me  (Spinorama S 90 LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  195?-6?,Jayne Mansfield cover art
152060	Stradivari Strings:  String Along With Me  (Spinorama S-90 LP)  $16  EX/VG+  195?-6?,osw,Jayne Mansfield cover art
148641	Strasser, Hugo:  Brillante Tanzmusik  (EMI/Columbia C 192-29 275/76 LP)  $25  VG+/M-  196?-7?,Germany,2lp box,poster
148642	Strasser, Hugo:  Romantic Party  (EMI/Columbia C 062-29432 LP)  $22  VG/M-  1972,Germany,soc
148643	Strasser, Hugo:  Romantic Party  (EMI/Columbia C 062-29432 LP)  $24  EX/M-  1972,Germany
148644	Strasser, Hugo:  Romantic Party  (EMI/Columbia C 062-29432 LP)  $30  SS  1972,Germany
148645	Stratford Strings:  The Sound of Music  (Decca DL 78975 LP)  $10  VG+/EX  196?
151554	Stratta, Ettore:  Classic Film Themes  (Ampex A-10129 LP)  $18  VG/M-  1971,wlp
148646	Stratta, Ettore:  Themes '75  (RCA Victor KPL1-5016 LP)  $48  SS  1975,co,"The Godfather Part II","Amarcord","Incontro"
151491	Streeter, Harold:  Beautiful  (Red Rock RR-1164 LP)  $12  VG+/M-  1980,sobc,classical guitar,sedona photo cover art
151492	Streeter, Harold:  Beautiful  (Red Rock RR-1164 LP)  $14  EX/M-  1980,osw,classical guitar,sedona photo cover art
151493	Streeter, Harold:  Beautiful  (Red Rock RR-1164 LP)  $25  SS  1980,osw,classical guitar,sedona photo cover art
151460	Strings for Pleasure:  Play Music Made Famous by Simon & Garfunkel  (Fanfare SIT 60017 LP)  $15  VG/M-  1970,UK,re,soc
151459	Strings for Pleasure:  Play Music Made Famous by Simon & Garfunkel  (MFP 1403 LP)  $21  VG/M-  1970,UK,soc
151494	Strings for Pleasure:  Play the Best of Bacharach  (MFP 1431 LP)  $26  VG/EX  1971,UK,soc
151495	Strings for Pleasure:  Play the Best of Bacharach  (MFP 1431 LP)  $28  EX/EX  1971,UK,osw
151457	Strings for Pleasure:  Play the Best of Dylan  (MFP 50173 LP)  $11  VG+/EX  1974,UK,wobc
151458	Strings for Pleasure:  Play the Best of Dylan  (MFP 50173 LP)  $12  VG/M-  1974,UK,soc
151463	Studio Strings:  Play Carole King's Tapestry  (Columbia PC 36845 LP)  $11  VG/M-  1980,woc,prst obc,soc
151465	Styne, Jule:  My Name Is Jule  (United Artists UAS 6469 LP)  $16  SS  196?
151485	Sukman, Harry:  Song Without End  (Sunset SUS-5128 LP)  $8  VG/M-  196?,soc,slrw
151486	Sukman, Harry:  Song Without End  (Sunset SUS-5128 LP)  $14  SS  196?
151472	Sullivan, Ed:  Really Big Hits!  (Columbia CS 9645 LP)  $13  VG/VG+  196?,soc,slrw,toc
151454	Sullivan, Ed:  Really Big Hits!  (Columbia CS 9645 LP)  $15  VG/EX  196?,soc,slrw
151474	Sullivan, Ed:  Really Big Hits!  (Columbia CS 9645 LP)  $15  VG/M-  196?,soc,slrw
151473	Sullivan, Ed:  Really Big Hits!  (Columbia CS 9645 LP)  $16  VG/M-  196?,soc,slrw,co
151470	Sullivan, Ed:  Really Big Hits!  (Harmony HS 11387 LP)  $8  VG/M-  197?,re,soc,co
151487	Sullivan, Ed:  Really Big Hits!  (Harmony HS 11387 LP)  $8  VG/EX  197?,re,soc
151471	Sullivan, Ed:  Really Big Hits!  (Harmony HS 11387 LP)  $9  VG/M-  197?,re,soc,sol
151467	Sullivan, Ed:  Sunrise, Sunset  (Columbia CS 9886 LP)  $9  VG/M-  196?,360 label,djts oc,soc
151468	Sullivan, Ed:  Sunrise, Sunset  (Columbia CS 9886 LP)  $9  VG/M-  196?,360 label,soc
151455	Sullivan, Ed:  The Swinging Soulful Sixties  (Columbia CS 9975 LP)  $17  VG/M-  196?,360 label,"Aquarius","Yesterday/Hey Jude" beatlesong,"Turn Turn Turn"
151456	Sullivan, Ed:  The Swinging Soulful Sixties  (Columbia CS 9975 LP)  $17  VG/M-  196?,360 label,djts oc,soc,"Aquarius","Yesterday/Hey Jude" beatlesong,"Turn Turn Turn"
151481	Sunset Strings:  Film Music Italian Style  (Liberty LST-7491 LP)  $15  VG/VG+  196?,soc
151482	Sunset Strings:  Film Music Italian Style  (Liberty LST-7491 LP)  $15  VG/EX  196?,soc,toc
151483	Sunset Strings:  Film Music Italian Style  (Liberty LST-7491 LP)  $25  SS  196?
151484	Sunset Strings:  Film Music Italian Style  (Sunset SUS-5188 LP)  $16  SS  196?,re
151477	Sunset Strings:  The Impossible Dream  (Sunset SUS-5208 LP)  $8  VG/VG+  196?,woc,toc
151478	Sunset Strings:  The Impossible Dream  (Sunset SUS-5208 LP)  $10  VG+/M-  196?
151479	Sunset Strings:  The Impossible Dream  (Sunset SUS-5208 LP)  $11  EX/M-  196?,osw
151480	Sunset Strings:  The Impossible Dream  (Sunset SUS-5208 LP)  $14  SS  196?
148126	Symphony of Strings Orchestra:  Dublin In a Symphony of Strings  (Venise 10009(M) LP)  $25  VG+/M-  195?-6?,yellow wax,produced by Dave Pell,smsplt,Pan Am romantic cities series
151386	Tabor, Laszlo:  Gypsy Romance  (Deram SML 13708 LP)  $17  VG/M-  1967,prst oc,toc,deramic sound,djs obc
151138	Taylor, Sam "The Man":  Blue Mist  (MGM E-3973(M) LP)  $12  VG/EX  196?,rw,woc
153298	Taylor, Sam "The Man":  Blue Mist  (MGM SE-34623 LP)  $13  VG+/EX  196?,co
152219	Textor, Keith:  Measure the Valleys  (A&R ARL 7100/001 LP)  $27  VG+/VG+  197?,osw,"Games People Play","Yesterday" beatlesong,progressive easy listening!!
150546	Three Suns:  At the Candlelight Cafe  (RCA Camden CAL-513(M) LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  1959
150415	Three Suns:  At the Candlelight Cafe  (RCA Camden CAL-513(M) LP)  $12  EX/VG+  1959,osw
151343	Three Suns:  Dancing On a Cloud  (RCA Victor LSP-2307 LP)  $8  EX/VG+  1961,osw
151295	Three Suns:  In Orbit  (Rondo 9756(M) LP)  $16  EX/EX  195?-6?,osw
150547	Three Suns:  My Reverie  (RCA Victor LPM-1173(M) LP)  $13  VG/VG+  1956,soc,smsplt,toc,swobc
150615	Three Suns:  Soft & Sweet  (RCA Victor LPM-1041(M) LP)  $10  VG/VG  1955,soc,smsplt
150031	Three Suns:  Swingin On A Star  (RCA Victor LSP 1964 LP)  $8  VG+/VG+  1959,Living Stereo
148535	Tranquility:  The Music of the Pan-Pipe  (Cambra Sound CR 069 LP)  $48  SS  1982,2lp,UK,"Light My Fire","Here Comes the Sun",beatlesongs
150661	Trans World Symphony Orchestra:  Edmond de Luca's Safari  (Somerset SF-5500(M) LP)  $20  VG+/EX  195?-6?,smsplt
148565	Triads:  Sunrise Serenade  (Waldorf Music Hall MHK 33-1229(M) LP)  $8  VG+/EX  195?,soc
147899	Trovajoli, Armando:  One Night In Rome  (RCA Victor LPM-1920(M) LP)  $18  VG+/EX  1959
148139	Tupper, Jerry:  Zing! Go the Strings of the Steinway  (Tom Jones TJ-2799(M) LP)  $25  VG+/VG+  196?
151307	Turn On:  To the Exciting Sounds of Great Operatic Overtures  (TO 1008 LP)  $10  EX/M-  1978,osw
151306	Turn On:  With the World's Most Sensuous Music  (TO 1001 LP)  $9  EX/EX  1978,osw
148258	Turn On:  With the World's Most Sensuous Music  (TO 1001 LP)  $10  EX/M-  1978,osw
149334	Turn On:  With Thrilling Movie Love Themes  (TO 1002 LP)  $6  EX/EX  1978,osw
149317	Tweedy, Don:  Rich Man, Poor Man Theme  (King K 966 LP)  $6  EX/VG+  197?,osw
150574	US Air Force Band & the Singing Sergeants:  America the Beautiful  (GXSV 221350 LP)  $18  VG+/M-  1969,osw,soc,military
151634	VA-101 Strings,Olympic Orchestra,Joe Cocker & Jennifer Warnes,Guamany,Royal Philharmonic,Geoffrey Burgon,Richmond Strings,Dan Hill,Carl Davis,Wilhelmenia Wiggins Fernandel,Gloria Gaynor:  Dreams & Themes  (Ronco RON LP 10 LP)  $17  VG+/VG+  1984,UK
149099	VA-Band of H.M. Welsh Guards,BBC Radio Orchestra,BBC Midland Radio Orchestra,John Fox,Norrie Paramor,Pete Winslow & the King Size Brass,Roland Shaw,Ken Moule:  With Brass & Strings: The Easy Listening Sounds of Radio 2 Vol. 5  (BBC RBT 107 LP)  $23  VG+/M-  1974,UK,swobc,soc,military band
149313	VA-Band of the Royal Regiment of Artillery,Band of the Corps of Royal Engineers,Band & Corps of Drums of the Royal Corps of Transport,Regimental Band of the Coldstream Guards:  Marches Regimental Music Vol. 2  (Peerless DT 021 LP)  $35  VG+/EX  197?,2lp,Netherlands,military bands
152009	VA-Blue Devils,Spirit of Atlanta,Cavaliers,Guardsmen:  1980 Drum Corps International Championship Vol. 1  (DCI LP)  $25  VG/VG+  1980,rw
149080	VA-Bobby Hackett,Andre Previn,Les Elgart,Peter Nero,Andre Kostelanetz,Charlie Byrd,Percy Faith,Skitch Henderson,Duke Ellington,Ray Conniff:  In the Mood for Love  (Columbia Musical Treasuries DS 621 LP)  $16  VG/EX  197?,soc
149179	VA-Dick Hyman,Double Dozen,Midland Radio Orchestra,New Edition,Syd Dale,Strings Unlimited,Opus Strings:  More than Music. An Environment - Muzak  (Muzak AA1-81 LP)  $28  SS  1981,"Funkytown"
149986	VA-Frank Barber,Tina Mason,Peggy Lee,Matt Monro,Nat King Cole,Sandler & Young,Patti Drew,Andy Russell:  The Capitol Disc Jockey Album September 1967  (Capitol PRO 4388(M) LP)  $16  VG+/VG+  1967,promo only,soc,smsplt,girl with kitten (awwww...) cover art
149178	VA-Frank Chacksfield,Horatio Malvicino,Ronnie Price,Syd Dale,Tommy Deering,Arthur Greenslade,Sven Libaek,Bob Ragland,Peter Murray:  More than Music - Muzak  (Muzak AA1-79 LP)  $28  SS  1979
148001	VA-From Hollywood With Love:  Living Strings,Living Trio,Living Voices,Living Marimbas  (RCA Special Products PRS-407 LP)  $12  EX/EX  1972,osw,mermaid with strange stringed instrument cover art
152411	VA-Henri Rose,Buddy Cole,Barclay Allen,Alton Purnell,Geri Galian,Ray Sherman,Herm Saunders,Brooke Pemberton,Eddie LaMar,Marvin Wright:  Keys a la Carte  (Warner Bros 2X 1101(M) LP)  $10  VG/VG+  1958,2lp
149098	VA-Jack Arel,Joss Baselli,Michel Bernholc,Georges Blaness,Armand Canfora,Caravelli,Daniel Faure,Christian Gaubert,Francis Lai,Jean-Pierre Lang,Guy Mardel,Paul Mauriat,Franck Pourcel,Emil Stern:  The Best of France  (United Artists UAS 6768 LP)  $425  VG+/M-  1970,tape on cover,small writing (x) on cover
152083	VA-John Barry,Piero PiccioniNew Manhattan Philharmonic,Maurice Jarre,Carlo Savina:  Great Original Sound Tracks & Movie Themes  (Mainstream 56063(M) LP)  $35  EX/EX  196?,osw
149272	VA-John Davidson,Robert Goulet,Aretha Franklin,Peter Nero,Charlie Byrd,Percy Faith,Ray Conniff,Andre Kostelanetz,Caravelli Strings,Frank DeVol:  Songs of Love  (CSP CSS 1511 LP)  $9  EX/EX  196?-7?,osw,swobc,promo item for Rogers Bros. Silverplate
151508	VA-Kenny Ball,Settlers,Cyril Stapleton,Overlanders,London Pops Orchestra:  The Hitmakers Present a Golden Hour of the Best of the Beatles Songs  (Golden Hour GH 523 LP)  $15  VG/EX  197?,UK,lg soc
149067	VA-Laurindo Almeida,George Shearing,Nelson Riddle,Stu Phillips,Cannonball Adderley & Sergio Mendes,Stan Kenton,Mexico's Golden Violins,Glen Gray,Gordon Jenkins,Gilberto & Jobim,Hollyridge Strings:  The Best of the Easy Sounds - In a Mellow Mood Vol. 6  (Capitol Creative Products SL-6602 LP)  $9  EX/M-  196?,osw,swobc
150277	VA-Lawrence Welk,Don Bonnee,Larry Hooper,Joe Feeney,Myron Floren,Norma Zimmer,Jim Roberts,Jerry Burke,Art Depew,Lennon Sisters,Jo Ann Castle:  Lawrence Welk Television Show 10th Anniversary   (Dot DLP 3591(M) LP)  $18  VG+/EX  196?,orig,soc
149097	VA-Leroy Holmes,John Barry,Ferrante & Teicher,Norman Gimbel,Don Tweedy,Michel Legrand,Al Caiola,Domenic Frontiere:  Original Great Film Themes  (United Artists UAS 6744 LP)  $13  VG+/EX  1970,"Yellow Submarine" beatlesong
151506	VA-Living Strings,Ray Martin,Living Guitars,Living Trio,Living Marimbas,Living Jazz:  Songs Made Famous By the Beatles  (RCA Camden CAS-2438 LP)  $11  VG/M-  1970,beatlesongs,soc
151507	VA-Living Strings,Ray Martin,Living Guitars,Living Trio,Living Marimbas,Living Jazz:  Songs Made Famous By the Beatles  (RCA Camden CAS-2438 LP)  $25  SS  1970,beatlesongs
149078	VA-London Phase 4 Release Sampler - Fall '77:  Edmundo Ros,Ronnie Aldrich,Ted Heath,Roland Shaw,Frank Chacksfield,Botticelli Orchestra  (London Phase 4 SP-X-1005 LP)  $21  VG/EX  1977,promo-only,co,soc,wobc
148023	VA-London Symphony Orch,John Davidson,Lawrence Welk,E. Power Biggs,Mary Martin,Royal Philharmonic Orch,Jimmy Dean,Elinor Ross,Robert Goulet,Tanya Tucker,Andre Kostelanetz:  O Holy Night  (CSP P 15762 LP)  $11  EX/EX  1981,osw,christmas
148522	VA-MCA Master Series Spring Sampler '87:  Acoustic Alchemy,John Jarvis,Edgar Meyer,Giles Reaves  (MCA Master Series 5959 LP)  $13  VG+/EX  1987,prst obc,aufiophile,new age,soc
149100	VA-Michael & David,Norman Newell,Tony Evans,Ron Goodwin,Manuel,September Strings,Norrie Paramor,Pepe Jaramillo,Steve Race,Ralph Dollimore:  The Look of Love  (EMI BM 3001 LP)  $18  VG+/M-  1980,UK,two one-sided lps,test pressing?
152541	VA-Michel Legrand,Ray Conniff,Banjo Barons,Dave Brubeck,Jerry Murad's Harmonicats,Andre Kostelanetz,Mitch Miller,Brothers Four,Percy Faith,Legends,Flatt & Scruggs,Les Elgart,Earl Wrightson:  Jockey Short Cuts  (Columbia XLP 56383(M) LP)  $38  VG/M-  195?-6?,radio-only promo,frenzied disc jockey cover art,orig inner sleeve,partial smsplt
147772	VA-Nadia's Theme:  Barry de Vorzon & Perry Botkin Jr.,Chuck Mangione,Ira Sullivan,Pablo Cruise,Herb Ohta,Tim Weisberg,Michel Colombier  (A&M SP-3412 LP)  $14  SS  1976
146816	VA-Narada Sampler #1:  Michael Jones,Gabriel Lee,David Lanz  (Narada N 61007 LP)  $12  EX/EX  1985,new age,audiophile,wol,osw
149931	VA-Nat King Cole,Jackie Gleason,Ray Anthony,Jonah Jones,Nelson Riddle,Les Baxter,Fred Waring,Les Brown,Sue Raney,Gene Vincent,Norrie Paramor,Rudolf Schrock,Andy Griffith,Speedy West,Tex Ritter,Ronnie Hilton,Carlo Buti,Robert Berthe:  Galaxy of Stars March 1958  (Capitol PRO 548(M) LP)  $21  VG/VG  1958,2lp,promo-only,smsplt,woc
152384	VA-Norio Maeda,Konosuke Saijo,Kiyoshi Sugimoto,Columbia Strings,Bulgarian Capella Choir,Charley Orsen,Hibari Misora:  Denon/PCM 45rpm Demonstration Record  (Denon PCM ST-6008 LP)  $18  VG+/VG+  1978,Japan,slrw,"The Hustle","Theme from SWAT",beatles medley,denon stereo cartridges cover art
148521	VA-Piano Two:  Yanni,Suzanne Ciani,Joachim Kuhn,Michael Riesman  (Private Music 2027-1-P LP)  $13  VG+/M-  1987,digital,co,new age
149914	VA-Ray Martin,Marty Gold,Dick Schory,Vic Schoen,Leo Addeo,Keith Textor,Guitars Unlimited Plus 7,Bernie Green,Henri Rene,Manny Albam:  Stereo Action Unlimited!  (RCA Victor LSA-2489 LP)  $18  VG+/VG+  1961,die-cut modern design cover art,stereo action,wobc
149337	VA-Rhonda Fleming,Paul Weston,Percy Faith,Peter Hanley,Frank Sinatra,Doris Day,Harry James,Don Cherry,Jerri Adams,Xavier Cugat,Abbe Lane,Rosemary Clooney,Benny Goodman,Norman Luboff,Les Elgart,Erroll Garner,Otto Cesana,Mitch Miller,Hi-Lo's,Sammy Kaye,Michel Legrand,Claude Thornhill,Art van Damme Quintet:  80 Minutes in Lovers' Lane  (Columbia  LP)  $20  VG/VG+  195?,2lp,red label,slipcover,spinewear,promotional item for the Lane Co,Altavista Virginia
150058	VA-Rosemary Clooney,Les Elgart,Percy Faith,Andre Kostelanetz,Four Lads,Bobby Hackett,Tony Bennett,Harry James,Frankie Laine,Paul Weston:  A Record of Quality by Your Sanitone Dry Cleaner  (CSP XTV 86365 LP)  $10  VG/VG  196?,soc
149079	VA-Royal Philharmonic Orchestra,Paul Leoni,Paul Keogh,Electric Wind Ensemble,David Roach:  Dream Melodies  (Nouveau Music NML 1013 LP)  $15  VG+/M-  1985,UK,3lp,soc
150558	VA-Shirley Bassey,Robert Thomas Velline,Bobby Goldsboro,John Barry,50 Guitars of Tommy Garrett,Jim Bailey,Ferrante & Teicher,Francis Lai,Don McLean,Dory Previn:  United Artists With Strings Attached  (United Artists SP-89 LP)  $10  VG+/EX  1973,promo-only,soc
148051	VA-Stereo Sampler Vol. 1:  Richard Hayman,David Carroll,Dick Contino,Clebanoff,Griff Williams,Patti Page,Pete Rugolo,Steve Allen,Sarah Vaughan,Frederick Fennell,Antal Dorati,Howard Hanson  (Mercury SRD-1 LP)  $8  VG+/EX  195?
151429	VA-Syd Dale,New Edition,Pied Pipers,Midland Radio Orchestra,Augusto Alguero,Nelson Riddle,Diane Tell:  Music of the 80's  (Muzak AA1-82 LP)  $23  EX/EX  1982,osw
148977	VA-The Best of Golden Crest High Fidelity In Good Taste:  Bill Bell,Mark Laub,Phil Kraus,New York Woodwind Quartet,New York Philharmonic Brass Ensemble,Allen Hanlon,Johnny Guarnieri  (Golden Crest CRS 12(M) LP)  $18  VG+/EX  195?,insert
148536	VA-The World of Private Music:  Yanni,Patrick O'Hearn,Leo Kottke  (Private Music 2009-1-P LP)  $11  VG+/M-  1986,co,woc,new age
149969	VA-Xavier Cugat,Dinah Washington,Hal Mooney,Eddie Howard,Frederick Fennell,Billy Eckstine,Herman Clebanoff,Damita Jo,Brook Benton,Richard Hayman,Platters,David Carroll:  Stereo Showcase of Stars  (Mercury PGE-003 LP)  $9  VG+/VG+  195?,GE promotional item,slrw
149192	VA-Xavier Cugat,Lionel Hampton,Earl Hines,Sammy Kaye,Wayne King,Gene Krupa,Guy Lombardo,Freddy Martin,Vaughn Monroe,Ray Noble,Shep Fields,Claude Thornhill:  Best of the Big Name Bands  (RCA Camden CAL 368(M) LP)  $11  VG+/M-  195?-6?
148541	Valjean:  The Theme from Ben Casey & the Top TV Themes From...  (Carlton LP 143(M) LP)  $21  SS  195?,"Naked City","Bonanza","Peter Gunn","G.E. Theatre" etc
150333	Valjean:  The Theme from Ben Casey & the Top TV Themes From...  (Carlton STLP 143 LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  195?,"Naked City","Bonanza","Peter Gunn","G.E. Theatre" etc
152073	Valjean:  The Theme from Ben Casey & the Top TV Themes From...  (Carlton STLP 143 LP)  $12  VG/EX  195?,"Naked City","Bonanza","Peter Gunn","G.E. Theatre" etc
155439	Vangelis:  Opera Sauvage  (Polydor 2473 105 LP)  $14  EX/VG+  1979,France,gfld,electronic
150021	Vangelis:  Opera Sauvage  (Polydor VAN 04 LP)  $11  VG+/EX  1979,co,electronic
149355	Vangelis:  Opera Sauvage  (Polydor VAN 04 LP)  $13  EX/M-  1979,osw,sost "Hymne",electronic
150068	Vaughn, Billy:  More  (Pickwick PC-3074(M) LP)  $10  VG+/EX  196?,osw
150086	Vaughn, Billy:  Ode to Billy Joe  (Dot DLP 25828 LP)  $8  VG/VG+  196?,rw
150070	Vaughn, Billy:  Plays the Million Sellers  (Dot DLP 3119(M) LP)  $12  VG/M-  196?,slrw,sobc
150069	Vaughn, Billy:  Sail Along Silv'ry Moon  (Dot DLP 25100 LP)  $17  VG+/EX  196?
150316	Vaughn, Billy:  Sail Along Silv'ry Moon  (Dot DLP 25100 LP)  $17  EX/VG+  196?,osw
151222	Vaughn, Billy:  Soundstage!  (Paramount PAS 6035 LP)  $33  SS  1972,"Theme from 'The Godfather'","Theme from 'Shaft'",co
150047	Vaughn, Billy:  Winter World of Love  (Dot DLP 25975 LP)  $13  EX/EX  196?-7?,osw
152992	Vaughn, Tom:  Games People Play  (Capitol ST-396 LP)  $15  EX/VG+  196?-7?,osw,green target label
151667	von Palthe, Don:  Beethoven to Beatles On Banjo  (Palthe LP-1000 LP)  $28  VG+/VG  197?,san diego private press
150412	Wal-Berg:  A Night at the Opera  (Mercury SR-60092 LP)  $11  VG+/EX  196?
148018	Waring, Fred & the Pennsylvanians:  The Best of...  (MCA 2-4008 LP)  $6  EX/VG+  1980,2lp,osw,re
151928	Weigand, Jack:  Stairway to the Stars  (Cameo C 1012(M) LP)  $10  VG/EX  196?,tear oc,wobc
150273	Welk, Lawrence:  Apples & Bananas  (Dot DLP 25629 LP)  $15  VG+/EX  196?,soc
150274	Welk, Lawrence:  Champagne on Broadway  (Dot DLP 3688(M) LP)  $11  VG+/EX  196?,soc,co
150291	Welk, Lawrence:  Early Hits of 1964  (Dot DLP 25572 LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  1964,soc,co
150611	Welk, Lawrence:  Love is Blue  (Ranwood RLP-8003 LP)  $18  SS  196?,"Green Tambourine","Spooky","Goin' Out of My Head"
150275	Welk, Lawrence:  Swings the Classics  (Dot DLP 25819 LP)  $7  VG+/VG+  196?,soc
150292	Welk, Lawrence:  The Christmas Song  (Pickwick SPC-1019 LP)  $10  VG+/EX  197?,re,soc,co,slrw
150276	Welk, Lawrence:  Young at Heart  (Longines Symphonettes LS209C(E) LP)  $9  VG+/EX  196?,soc
150152	Weston, Carl:  Melodies that Linger On  (Decca DL 78891 LP)  $8  VG+/VG+  195?-6?
150285	Weston, Paul:  Jerome Kern  (Harmony KH 31578 LP)  $11  VG/EX  1972,soc,rw
150290	Weston, Paul:  Love Music from Hollywood  (Columbia CL 794(M) LP)  $13  VG/EX  195?,smsplt,soc,orig six eye label
149060	Weston, Paul:  Music for a Rainy Night  (Columbia CL 574(M) LP)  $18  EX/EX  195?,six eye label,swoc
147836	Weston, Paul:  Music for Jennifer  (Columbia CL 6281(M) LP)  $18  VG+/VG+  195?,ten inch lp,wlp,music from films of Jennifer Jones
149362	Weston, Paul:  The Bells of Santa Ynez: Portrait of a California Valley  (Capitol ST 1849 LP)  $35  VG+/VG+  196?,Laurindo Almeida
152175	White, Albert & the Gaslight Orchestra:  Your Father's Moustache: Over There  (Fantasy 8020 LP)  $28  VG+/EX  195?-6?,red wax,wobc,ww1 military cover art
155336	White, Lew:  Soft Lights & Sweet Music  (MGM E3261(M) LP)  $28  VG+/VG+  195?-6?
153032	White, Mark:  5 Guitars, 50 Fingers  (Richmond RPS 39011 LP)  $35  EX/VG+  196?,osw,percussive stereo
149724	Wilkerson, Jimmy:  Plays the Theme from Doctor Zhivago & Other Great Songs  (Spar SP 3007 LP)  $28  SS  196?,William Beasley production
149507	Williams, John & the Boston Pops:  America, the Dream Goes On  (Philips Digital Classics 412 627-1 LP)  $18  VG+/M-  1985,Holland
150659	Williams, Roger:  The Music of the 1970's  (MCA 2-4180 LP)  $15  VG+/M-  1983,2lp,toc,bikini girl cover art
148682	Williams, Roger:  Tonight! At Town Hall  (Kapp KX-5008-S LP)  $15  VG+/EX  196?,2lp,swobc
153845	Winterhalter, Hugo:  Love Story  (Musicor MS 3196 LP)  $13  EX/EX  197?,osw,co,swobc
149678	Winterhalter, Hugo & Eddie Heywood:  Classical Gas  (Musicor MS 3170 LP)  $11  VG+/EX  196?,gfld,co,soc
155236	Winterhalter, Hugo & Eddie Heywood:  Classical Gas  (Musicor MS 3170 LP)  $12  VG+/M-  196?,gfld,co
153306	Wolfe, Neil:  Neil Swings Nicely  (Imperial LP-9169(M) LP)  $14  VG/VG+  196?,slrw
150663	Wright, Ken:  At the Four Manual Kilgen Pipe Organ  (Capitol Custom SXB-2371 LP)  $17  VG+/EX  196?,wky-tv oklahoma city
148504	Yorke, Peter:  Sapphires & Sables  (World SPLZ.33 LP)  $25  VG+/EX  196?,New Zealand,glamorous woman cover art,swobc
151770	Young, George:  Gold & Satin  (Columbia CL 1929(M) LP)  $21  VG+/EX  1962,two eye label,soc
152228	Zemarel, Zim:  Killing Me Softly With His Song  (Harmony KH 32248 LP)  $12  VG+/EX  1973,gold label,co,"Something" beatlesong
150297	Zemarel, Zim:  Love Will Keep Us Together  (Columbia C 34269 LP)  $12  VG/EX  1976,wlp,rw,soc,djts oc
154819	Zentner, Si:  Swing Fever  (Smash SRS-67013 LP)  $11  EX/EX  196?,osw
151978	Zentner, Si:  The Swingin' Eye!!!!!!!!  (Liberty LST-7166 LP)  $28  VG+/VG+  196?,crime jazz/private eye themes,giant eye with legs cover art


147307	Adderley, Cannonball:  Cannonball Adderley & Friends  (Capitol SVBB-11233 LP)  $28  VG+/VG+  1973,2lp comp,woc,Ray Brown,Wynton Kelly,Yusef Lateef,Charles Lloyd,Sergio Mendes,Wes Montgomery,Lou Rawls,Bobby Timmons,Nancy Wilson
154712	Adderley, Cannonball:  Country Preacher  (Capitol SKAO-404 LP)  $20  VG+/VG+  1969,gfld,co,green target label
152862	Adderley, Cannonball:  Experience in E / Tensity / Dialogues  (Capitol ST 484 LP)  $51  VG/VG+  197?,breaks,David Axelrod,Lalo Schifrin,excellent fusion album with William Fischer on electronics!!,green target label
151028	Adderley, Cannonball:  Experience in E / Tensity / Dialogues  (Capitol ST 484 LP)  $58  EX/VG+  197?,breaks,osw,David Axelrod,Lalo Schifrin,excellent fusion album with William Fischer on electronics!!,green target label
154711	Adderley, Cannonball:  In Person  (Capitol ST-162 LP)  $25  EX/VG+  196?,osw,co,Lou Rawls,Nancy Wilson
154713	Adderley, Cannonball:  Inside Straight  (Fantasy F 9435 LP)  $24  VG+/VG+  1973,gfld,David Axelrod production
147413	Adderley, Cannonball:  Quiet Nights  (Capitol SF-8-0699 LP)  $17  VG+/EX  197?,re,green target label,Sergio Mendes,woc
154710	Adderley, Cannonball:  Quintet In Chicago  (Mercury MG 20449(M) LP)  $58  VG+/VG+  1959,orig black/silver label deep groove,woc
154709	Adderley, Cannonball:  Walk Tall / Quiet Nights  (Capitol SF-699 LP)  $28  EX/EX  197?,2lp,re,osw,co
146837	Aebersold, Jamey:  All "Bird" Vol. 6  (JA 1215 LP)  $15  VG+/M-  1978,Ron Carer,Kenny Barron
151135	Aebersold, Jamey:  Nothin' But Blues Vol. 2  (JA 1211 LP)  $12  VG/EX  197?,book,rw
146836	Aebersold, Jamey:  One Dozen Standards Vol. 23  (JA 1235/36 LP)  $17  VG+/M-  1981,2lp
148607	Akiyoshi, Toshiko Jazz Orchestra ft. Lew Tabackin:  Ten Gallon Shuffle  (Ascent ASC-1004 LP)  $10  EX/VG+  1984,osw
150573	Albam, Manny:  Sophisticated Lady: The Songs of Duke Ellington  (Coral CRL 57231(M) LP)  $31  VG+/VG  1958,deep groove
152573	Alexandria, Lorez:  Deep Roots  (Argo LPS-694 LP)  $40  VG/VG+  1962,orig deep groove,rw,co,wobc
148229	Allen, Steve:  Bossa Nova Jazz  (Dot DLP 3480(M) LP)  $15  VG/VG  196?,Laurindo Almeida,Herb Ellis
152855	Allison, Mose:  Allison  (Prestige PR 24002 LP)  $15  VG/EX  197?,2lp,notes by Pete Townshend
147290	Allison, Mose:  Sings & Plays V-8 Ford Blues  (Epic LN 24183(M) LP)  $28  VG+/M-  196?,co,soc,re of "Mose Allison Takes to the Hills"
152816	Allison, Mose:  The Best of...  (Atlantic SD 1542 LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  1970,slrw
155061	Ambassadors:  Preserving the Miller Music Tradition  (Air Force 84A LP)  $55  VG+/EX  1984,military band
147310	Ammons, Gene & Sonny Stitt:  Prime Cuts  (Verve 2V6S-8812 LP)  $16  VG+/VG+/EX  196?,2lp,wlp,djs obc
147340	Anderson, Ernestine:  Sunshine  (Concord Jazz CJ-109 LP)  $14  VG/EX  1980,slrw,Ray Brown,Monty Alexander
152902	Anderson, Ivie:  Duke Ellington Presents...  (Columbia CG 32064(M) LP)  $15  VG/VG+  1973,2lp,rw,1932-40 recordings
155075	Armstrong, Louis:  A Rare Batch of Satch  (RCA Victor LPM-2322(M) LP)  $13  VG/VG+  1961,1930s recordings
148342	Armstrong, Louis:  S/T  (Hit Parade International  HP-19 LP)  $15  VG+/EX  197?-8?,Italy,gfld,bklt intact
155058	Arnold, Harry:  I Love Harry Arnold & All His Jazz  (Atco 33-120(M) LP)  $35  VG+/VG+  195?-6?,deep groove,harp label,sol
154804	Arnold, Harry:  Let's Dance On Broadway  (Riverside RS 97526 LP)  $14  VG+/VG+  196?
152756	Art Ensemble of Chicago:  Bap-Tizum  (Atlantic SD 1639 LP)  $28  VG+/VG+  1973,orig
152755	Art Ensemble of Chicago:  Certain Blacks  (America 30 AM 6098 LP)  $55  VG+/EX  1970,France,sl spinewear
152754	Art Ensemble of Chicago:  Fanfare for the Warriors  (Atlantic SD 1651 LP)  $23  VG+/VG+  1974,orig
152753	Art Ensemble of Chicago:  Les Stances a Sophie  (Nessa N-4 LP)  $115  VG+/EX  1970,Fontella Bass
152559	Art Ensemble of Chicago:  The Spiritual  (Polydor 2383-098 LP)  $48  VG+/EX  1972,UK,gfld
151760	Bailey, Mildred:  Sings  (Allegro 4007(M) LP)  $50  VG/VG+  1952,ten inch lp,woc
147925	Bailey, Mildred:  The Rockin' Chair Lady  (Decca DL 5387(M) LP)  $45  VG/VG  1951,ten inch lp,Delta Rhythm Boys
151946	Balaban, Red:  A Night at the New Eddie Condon's  (Classic Jazz CJ 17 LP)  $38  SS  1975
147981	Ball, Kenny:  More  (Kapp KL-1314(M) LP)  $7  VG/VG+  196?
153925	Banjo Buddies Dixieland Band:  Volume II  (Banjo Buddies AT-1027 LP)  $18  EX/EX  197?,Ed McIntyre,osw
147567	Barbieri, Gato:  Tropico  (A&M SP-5157 LP)  $13  EX/EX  1978
150108	Barnes, George:  Guitar Galaxie  (Mercury Wing SRW-16392 LP)  $15  VG/EX  1964,re,co,rw
149618	Barnes, George:  Guitar Galaxie  (Mercury Wing SRW-16392 LP)  $17  EX/EX  1964,re,osw,co
149382	Barron, Blue:  Uncollected 1938-41  (Hindsight HSR-110(M) LP)  $12  VG+/EX  1977,swol
147469	Basie, Count:  Basie Picks the Winners  (Verve V-8616(M) LP)  $25  VG+/EX  1965,orig deep groove,co,wobc
151314	Basie, Count:  Guard Session: Your National Guard Musical Show  (National Guard NG 293/294 LP)  $18  VG+  1966,military radio show,no cover,cue sheets
152805	Basie, Count:  Kansas City Style  (RCA Victor AFM1-5180 LP)  $15  VG+/VG+  198?,co,re,1929-32 recordings,Bennie Moten,Jimmy Rushing
148278	Basie, Count:  Sixteen Men Swinging  (Verve VE-2-2517 LP)  $13  VG+/EX  1977,2lp,1953-54 sessions
149733	Basie, Count:  Standing Ovation  (Dot DLP 25938 LP)  $14  EX/EX  196?-7?,osw
147259	Basie, Count:  Super Chief  (Columbia CG 31224 LP)  $25  SS  1972,2lp
147973	Basie, Count:  Super Chief  (Columbia G 31224 LP)  $16  VG+/EX  1972,2lp
152806	Basie, Count:  The Best of...  (MCA DL 74366 LP)  $10  VG/VG+  197?,re,2lp,soc,rw
152676	Basie, Count:  The Count at the Chatterbox 1937  (Jazz Archives JA-169(M) LP)  $17  VG+/VG+  1974
153751	Basie, Count:  The Essential...Vol. 1  (Columbia Jazz Masterpieces CJ 40608(M) LP)  $16  VG+/M-  1987,co
150830	Basie, Count & Sarah Vaughan:  S/T  (Roulette R-52061(M) LP)  $25  VG/EX  196?,orig,rw,smsplt
149748	Bautista, Roland:  The Heat of the Wind  (ABC AA-1071 LP)  $20  VG+/EX  1978,prst oc,Willie Bobo
148627	Bechet, Sidney:  His Way Boston 1951  (Pumpkin Productions 102 LP)  $13  VG+/EX  1977,prst oc,soc
153750	Bechet, Sidney:  S/T  (Everest Archive FS-228(E) LP)  $10  VG+/EX  197?,Lionel Hampton
148205	Bechet, Sidney / Omer Simeon:  Jazz a la Creole  (Jazztone J-1213(M) LP)  $9  VG/VG  195?,Lil Armonstrong,Zutty Singleton
152408	Bee, David:  Belgian Jazz  (Bally BAL 12005(M) LP)  $25  VG/VG+  1956,smspt
152093	Beiderbecke, Bix:  Giants of Jazz  (Time Life STL-J04 LP)  $43  VG+/M-  1979,3lp box,book
147309	Bell, Mary Ellen:  Mary Ellen  (Viscosity JRC 81058 LP)  $28  VG+/EX  1981
147414	Bellson, Louie:  Breakthrough!  (Project 3 PR 5029 SD LP)  $18  EX/EX  1968,gfld,enoch light production
153106	Benson, George:  George Benson Collection  (Warner Bros 2HW 3577 LP)  $6  VG+/VG+  1981,2lp,no insertsq
154706	Benson, George:  Giblet Gravy  (Verve V6-8749 LP)  $28  VG+/EX  1967,co,slrw
147200	Benson, George:  Good King Bad  (CTI 6062 LP)  $12  EX/M-  1976,gfld,co,Fred Wesley,Steve Gadd
154707	Benson, George:  Goodies  (Verve V6-8771 LP)  $21  VG+/EX  1968,co
155149	Benson, George:  The Other Side of Abbey Road  (A&M SP 3028 LP)  $13  EX/EX  197?,re,gfld,osw,Beatlesongs
148785	Benson, George:  While the City Sleeps  (Warner Bros 1-25475 LP)  $6  EX/EX  1986,osw,sost "Kisses In the Moonlight"
152993	Berigan, Bunny:  1936-8  (Alamac QSR 2414 LP)  $12  VG/EX  197?,rw
152994	Berigan, Bunny:  I Can't Get Started  (Quintessence Jazz Series QJ-25081(M) LP)  $12  VG+/M-  1978
151850	Betters, Harold:  Out of Sight & Sound  (Reprise R-6208(M) LP)  $16  VG+/VG+  196?,co,tri-color label
150454	Bickert, Ed:  S/T  (PM PMR-010 LP)  $35  VG/M-  1976,Canada,woc,slrw
151580	Bilk, Acker:  Leave Off...It 's Us!  (Pye NSPL 18481 LP)  $16  VG+/M-  1976,UK,Paramount Jazz Band,"Blood Pressure",Out Back" funky rock originals
151527	Bilk, Acker:  Leave Off...It 's Us!  (Pye NSPL 18481 LP)  $17  EX/M-  1976,UK,Paramount Jazz Band,"Blood Pressure",Out Back" funky rock originals
147287	Blakey, Art:  Hold On, I'm Coming  (Limelight LS 86038 LP)  $28  VG+/EX  1966,"Secret Agent Man","Got My Mojo Workin'",Chuck Mangione,Grant Green,Lee Morgan,Freddie Hubbard,Gary Bartz,sm tear oc
151034	Blythe, Arthur:  Da-Da  (Columbia C 40237 LP)  $11  EX/EX  1986,co
152063	Bostic, Earl:  14 Hits  (Gusto K-5010X LP)  $10  EX/EX  1977
151950	Bostic, Earl:  Dance Music from the Bostic Workshop  (King 613 LP)  $15  SS  198?,re
148321	Bourbon Street Paraders:  S/T  (Shiah SR103 LP)  $18  VG+/VG  1977,autographed obc,cape cod mass hotel band
150626	Boyd, Fr. Malcolm & Charlie Byrd:  Happening: Prayers for Now  (Columbia CS 9457 LP)  $18  VG/EX  1965,360 label,slrw,soc,djs obc
153716	Braff, Ruby:  Hi-Fi Salute to Bunny  (RCA Victor LPM 1510(M) LP)  $33  VG+/VG+  1957,orig,partial smsplt
153973	Brass Notes:  On the Road Again  (Design Studios  LP)  $7  VG/VG+  1984,soc
152888	Braxton, Anthony:  Five Pieces 1975  (Arista AL 4064 LP)  $17  VG/EX  1975,wlp,gfld,co,soc
152889	Braxton, Anthony:  New York, Fall 1974  (Arista AL 4032 LP)  $15  VG+/M-  1975,gfld,co
149774	Brewer, Teresa:  Singin' a Doo Dah Song  (Amsterdam AM 12012 LP)  $12  VG/VG  1972,gfld,wlp,smsplt,Pretty Purdie,Cornell Dupree,Richard Davis,Bill Watrous,Joe Beck
147255	Brown, Clifford:  Remember Clifford  (Mercury SR 60827(E) LP)  $12  VG/EX  197?,re,rw,smsplt
152693	Brown, Marion:  Afternoon of a Georgia Faun  (ECM 1004 LP)  $23  VG/EX  1970,wlp,Anthony Braxton,Chick Corea,Bennie Maupin
155367	Brown, Pud:  Plays Clarinet  (Jazzology J-166 LP)  $12  VG+/M-  1989,osw,insert
149788	Brown, Ronnie:  Presenting the Velvet Piano of Ronnie Brown  (Columbia CS 8284 LP)  $14  VG+/EX  195?-6?,six eye label,deep groove
147286	Brubeck, Dave:  Adventures In Time  (Columbia G 30625 LP)  $17  VG/EX/VG+  197?,2lp
147974	Brubeck, Dave:  Adventures In Time  (Columbia G 30625 LP)  $19  VG+/VG+/EX  197?,2lp
151039	Brubeck, Dave:  Early Fantasies  (Book-of-the-Month 80-5547(M) LP)  $14  VG/VG+  1980,3lp box,bklt,rw
147577	Brubeck, Dave:  Gone With the Wind  (Columbia CS 8156 LP)  $20  VG+/VG  1959,orig six eye label,deep groove,woc
151038	Brubeck, Dave:  Paper Moon  (Concord Jazz CJ-178 LP)  $15  EX/VG+  1982,osw
151036	Brubeck, Dave:  Stardust  (Fantasy F 24728 LP)  $14  VG+/EX  1983,2lp,,feat. Paul Desmond
151037	Brubeck, Dave:  The Last Time We Saw Paris  (Columbia CS 9672 LP)  $21  VG+/EX  1968,orig 360 label
147288	Brubeck, Dave & Leonard Bernstein:  Bernstein Plays Brubeck Plays Bernstein  (Columbia CS 8247 LP)  $28  VG/VG+  196?,six eye label
147790	Brunsons:  S/T  (Brunsons BBLP-101 LP)  $38  VG+/EX  1983,utah jazz band,autographed oc,private press
152255	Buckshot LeFonque:  S/T  (Columbia C2 57323 LP)  $25  VG+/M-  1994,2lp,co,Branford Marsalis,DJ Premier,Roy Hargrove,Maya Angelou,Kevin Eubanks,Blackheart,Albert Collins
154800	Burrell, Kenny:  A Generation Ago Today  (Verve V6-8656 LP)  $18  VG+/VG+  1967,gfld
154801	Burrell, Kenny:  Blues-The Common Ground  (Verve V6-8746 LP)  $28  VG/VG+  1968,slrw,swoc
154761	Burrell, Kenny & Jimmy Smith:  Blue Bash!  (Verve V-8553(M) LP)  $33  VG+/EX  1963
154774	Burton, Gary:  Something's Coming!  (RCA Victor LSP-2880 LP)  $21  VG+/EX  1964,co
154775	Burton, Gary:  Who is Gary Burton?  (RCA Victor LPM-2665(M) LP)  $28  VG+/VG+  1963,co
151971	Bushkin, Joe:  I Get a Kick Out of Porter  (Capitol T-1094(M) LP)  $15  VG+/VG+  195?,swoc,military jet cover art
148496	Caldwell, Punky:  Ala Clarinet  (Town House Productions THP 7001 LP)  $45  EX/EX  197?,osw
153793	Capitol Jazzmen:  The Capitol Jazzmen 1943-47  (Swaggie S.1406(M) LP)  $22  EX/EX  1984,Australia,re,feat Jack Teagarden,Billy May,Barney Bigard,Charlie Shavers
147474	Carn, Doug:  Infant Eyes  (Black Jazz BJ/3 LP)  $33  VG/VG  1971,woc
150512	Carter, Benny:  Uncollected 1944  (Hindsight HSR-218(M) LP)  $13  M-/M-  1985,osw,swobc
153634	Carter, Benny / Cootie Williams:  Capitol Jazz Classics Vol. 2: Big Band Bounce  (Capitol M-11057(M) LP)  $10  VG/EX  1971,soc,wobc,red target label
153294	Carter, Ron:  A Song For You  (Milestone M-9086 LP)  $9  VG/EX  1978,woc,wol
149783	Cary, Dick:  Dick Cary & the Dixieland Doodlers  (Columbia CS 8222 LP)  $15  VG+/EX  195?-6?,six eye label
150120	Charles, Buddy & Ace Harris:  Zonky!  (Audio Fidelity AFLP 1876(M) LP)  $27  VG+/VG+  1958,soc,co
151629	Clarke, Stanley:  Let Me Know You  (Epic FE 38086 LP)  $8  VG+/EX  1982,lyric sleeve.slrw
146877	Climax Jazz Band:  Live At Harbourfront  (Tormax 33006 LP)  $7  VG+/VG  1977,Canada,gfld
148623	Clinton, Larry:  My Million Sellers!  (Everest LPBR 5096(M) LP)  $15  VG+/EX  195?-6?,osw,swobc,soc
153548	Clooney, Rosemary:  Everything's Coming Up Rosie  (Concord Jazz CJ-47 LP)  $15  VG+/EX  1977
149195	Clooney, Rosemary:  Everything's Coming Up Rosie  (Concord Jazz CJ-47 LP)  $23  SS  1977,co
153549	Clooney, Rosemary:  Here's To My Lady  (Concord Jazz CJ-81 LP)  $12  VG+/E  1979
153547	Clooney, Rosemary:  Lyrics Of Ira Gershwin  (Concord Jazz CJ-112 LP)  $12  VG+/EX  1980
153546	Clooney, Rosemary:  Rosie Sings Bing  (Concord Jazz CJ-60 LP)  $13  VG+/EX  1978
153550	Clooney, Rosemary:  With Love  (Concord Jazz CJ-144 LP)  $18  VG+/EX  1981
152882	Cobham, Billy:  Spectrum  (Atlantic SD 7268 LP)  $12  VG/VG+  1973,gfld,slrw,smsplt,breaks "Red Baron","Stratus"
151075	Cobham, Billy:  Warning  (GRP A-1020 LP)  $14  VG+/EX  1985,co,custom inner sleeve
153851	Cole, Buddy:  Have Organ, Will Swing  (Warner Bros W 1211(M) LP)  $47  VG+/VG+  1958,orig grey label,sobc
153850	Cole, Buddy:  Have Organ, Will Swing  (Warner Bros WS 1211 LP)  $45  VG/VG+  1958,orig gold label,sol,wobc
148141	Cole, Buddy:  Ingenuity In Sound  (Warner Bros BS 1442 LP)  $18  VG/EX  1962,gfld,co,smsplt
155228	Cole, Buddy:  Swing Fever  (Warner Bros W 1373(M) LP)  $25  VG+/VG+  1960,chessecake cover art
147570	Cole, Cozy:  A Cozy Conception of Carmen  (Charlie Parker PLP-403(M) LP)  $28  VG+/EX  1961,gfld,Milt Hinton,Dick Hyman
148190	Cole, Ike:  Get a Load o' Cole  (Bally BAL 12020(M) LP)  $55  VG+/VG+  195?-6?,smsplt
147058	Cole, Nat "King" & Lester Young:  S/T  (Crown 5412(M) LP)  $8  EX/VG  196?,osw
153289	Cole, Nat "King" & Lester Young:  S/T  (Crown CST 412 LP)  $7  VG/VG+  196?
147240	Coleman, George & Tete Montoliu:  Meditation  (Timeless Muse TI 312 LP)  $28  VG+/VG+  1979,wlp,slrw
151671	Collie, Max:  At the Beiderbecke Festival  (Bix Lives 5 LP)  $13  VG+/EX  197?
152853	Coltrane, John:  A Love Supreme  (Impulse/ABC AS-77 LP)  $14  VG/VG+  1964,197?,re,gfld,rw
152899	Coltrane, John:  Live In Seattle  (Impulse/ABC AS 9202-2 LP)  $23  VG/VG+  1971,2lp,1965 concert,first issue,featuring Pharoah Sanders,McCoy Tyner,rw
152837	Coltrane, John:  Ole Coltrane  (Atlantic SD 1373 LP)  $17  VG+/VG+  1962,late 60s/early 70s pressing,wobc
147471	Condon, Eddie, Wild Bill Davison, Gene Krupa:  Jazz at the New School  (Chiaroscurro CR110 LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  197?,wobc
153092	Connor, Chris:  A Portrait of Chris  (Atlantic SD 8046 LP)  $75  VG+/M-  196?,orig,co
153085	Connor, Chris:  Sings George Gershwin  (Clarion 611 LP)  $13  VG/VG+  196?,rw
151252	Corea, Chick:  Delphi 1  (Polydor PD-1-6208 LP)  $13  VG+/M-  1979,co
152271	Corea, Chick:  Now He Sings Now He Sobs  (Pacific Jazz LN-10057 LP)  $11  VG/VG+  1968,1981,re,soc,slrw
149127	Coryell, Larry:  The Real Great Escape  (Vanguard CSD-79329 LP)  $17  VG/VG+  1973,wlp,woc,wol,prst oc,rw,co,soc
153307	Crawford, Hank:  Cajun Sunrise  (Kudu KU-39 LP)  $11  EX/VG+  1979,osw
146779	Crawford, Hank:  I Hear a Symphony  (Kudu 26 LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  1976,arr.David Matthews,co
147201	Crawford, Hank:  The Soul Clinic  (Atlantic 1372(M) LP)  $21  VG+/VG+  196?,red/purple label,wobc
151041	Crusaders:  Best of   (MCA BTSY-6027 LP)  $10  VG+/EX  19761980,re,2lp,osw
151299	Cullum, Jim:  Goose Pimples!  (Happy Jazz AP 96 LP)  $17  VG+/VG  1967,with Bobby Hackett
148351	Cullum, Jim:  Live and Swingin'  (American Jazz AJ 127 LP)  $33  VG+/EX  197?,autographed obc
149366	Dahlander, Bert:  Dance Music from the Old Country  (4 Corners FCL-4225(M) LP)  $12  EX/EX  196?,osw
152640	Davis, Miles:  Basic MIles  (Columbia PC 32025 LP)  $10  VG/EX  1973,rw,classic performances of miles davis
152637	Davis, Miles:  Big Fun  (Columbia PG 32866 LP)  $27  VG/EX  1974,2lp,slrw,breaks,Chick Corea,John McLaughlin,Mtume,Bennie Maupin,Joe Zawinul
152646	Davis, Miles:  Get Up With It  (Columbia KG 33236 LP)  $22  VG/VG+  1974,2lp,rw
147236	Davis, Miles:  Greatest Hits  (Columbia PC 9808 LP)  $13  VG+/EX  197?,re
152645	Davis, Miles:  In Concert  (Columbia PG 32092 LP)  $22  VG/EX  1973,2lp,rw
152643	Davis, Miles:  On the Corner  (Columbia KC 31906 LP)  $42  VG/VG+  1972,gfld,orig,rw
152598	Davis, Miles:  'Round About Midnight  (Columbia CS 8649(E) LP)  $18  VG/VG+  1962,197?,re,wobc
152639	Davis, Miles:  Saturday Night In Person at the Blackhawk Vol. 2  (Columbia LE 10076 LP)  $9  VG/VG+  197?,re,rw,wobc
148561	Davis, Miles:  Sketches of Spain  (Columbia CL 1480(M) LP)  $195  VG+/EX  1960,djl,orig six eye label,rare miles davis "now recording" bio insert,orig deep groove,nice condition!
147293	Davis, Miles:  Sorcerer  (Columbia PC 9532 LP)  $17  VG+/M-  1967,197?,re
152644	Davis, Miles:  Water Babies  (Columbia PC 34396 LP)  $22  VG+/M-  1976,co
147308	Davis, Miles:  We Want Miles  (Columbia C2 38005 LP)  $18  VG+/EX  1982,2lp,sol,co,Marcus Miller,Bill Evans
153358	Davis, Wild Bill & Johnny Hodges:  Con-Soul & Sax  (RCA Victor LSP-3393 LP)  $20  EX/EX  1965,osw
151656	Davison, Wild Bill / Bill Stafford:  When the Saints Go Marching In!  (Regent MG 6026(M) LP)  $22  VG+/VG  195?-6?,deep groove
155069	Day, Doris & James, Harry:  Young Man With A Horn OST  (Columbia CL 582(M) LP)  $16  VG+/VG+  195?,six eye label
147568	De Paris, Wilbur:  Over & Over Again  (Atlantic SD 1552 LP)  $15  VG/VG+  1970,h2o oc
151072	DeJohnette, Jack:  New Directions  (ECM 1-1128 LP)  $9  VG+/EX  1978,Eddie Gomez,John Abercrombie,Lester Bowie
153136	Delta Rhythm Boys:  In Sweden  (Jubilee JGM 1022(M) LP)  $145  VG+/VG+  195?
153811	Deodato:  First Cuckoo  (MCA 491 LP)  $12  VG/VG+  1975,slrw
153322	Deodato:  Knights of Fantasy  (Warner Bros BSK 3321 LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  1979,gfld
154817	DeSilva, Manny:  My Way  (Sound 80 S80-172-1807S LP)  $35  VG+/VG+  197?,private press,autographed oc
153219	Diamond, Chuck & the Royal Dixie Jazz Band:  Bourbon Street In Las Vegas  (Royal Dixie 25687 LP)  $10  EX/VG+  197?,osw
153223	Diamond, Chuck & the Royal Dixie Jazz Band:  Dixieland Jazz Las Vegas Style  (Contrast CRS2002 LP)  $12  VG+/EX  1981
147291	Dolphy, Eric:  1928-1964  (Epitaph E-4010 LP)  $28  VG+/EX  197?
152679	Dolphy, Eric:  Last Date  (Limelight EXPR-1017 LP)  $27  EX/EX  1965,198?,Japan,re,osw
153631	Dorsey, Tommy:  One Night Stand  (Joyce LP-1022 LP)  $11  EX/EX  197?,osw,swobc,1940 & 44 live recordings,Frank Sinatra
148628	Dorsey, Tommy:  That Sentimental Gentleman  (RCA Victor LPM-6003(M) LP)  $25  VG+/M-  1956,2lp box,swoc
149271	Dorsey, Tommy:  The One & Only  (RCA Camden CAL-650(M) LP)  $11  EX/M-  1961,osw,swobc
148101	Dorsey, Tommy:  Yes, Indeed!  (Bluebird 9987-1-RB(M) LP)  $9  EX/EX  1990,co,1939-45 recordings
149052	Dorsey, Tommy & Frank Sinatra:  What'll I Do?  (RCA ANL1-1050(E) LP)  $12  EX/EX  1974,osw
148099	Dorsey, Tommy & Jimmy:  Last Moments of Greatness Vol. 1  (Urania UJ 1213(M) LP)  $10  EX/EX  195?,osw
148100	Dorsey, Tommy & Jimmy:  Last Moments of Greatness Vol. 2  (Urania UJ 1214(M) LP)  $10  EX/EX  195?,osw
153005	Douglas, Steve:  Reflections in a Golden Horn  (Mercury SR 61217 LP)  $12  VG/VG+  196?,psychedelic photo effect cover art,wlp,"Good Vibrations","God Only Knows" beach boys songs,"Wear Your Love Like Heaven" donovan song
155208	Duke, George:  S/T  (Elektra 60480-1 LP)  $9  VG/VG+  1986
148751	Dukes of Dixieland:  Carnegie Hall Concert Vol 10  (Audio Fidelity AFSD 5918 LP)  $15  VG+/M-  1959,soc,swobc,insert
150258	Dukes of Dixieland:  Live at Bourbon Street (Chicago)  (Decca DL 4653(M) LP)  $15  VG+/EX  196?,co
150416	Dukes of Dixieland:  On Bourbon Street With the Phenomenal...Vol. 4  (Audio Fidelity AFSD 5860 LP)  $15  VG+/M-  1958,gfld
155237	Dukes of Dixieland:  On Parade  (Audio Fidelity AFSD 6174 LP)  $15  VG+/VG+  1967
153121	Dukes of Dixieland:  Struttin' at the World's Fair  (Columbia CS 8994 LP)  $33  EX/EX  1964,360 label
152381	Duphiney, Cliff:  Crescendo Organ  (Decora-Amphora DALP-2009-S LP)  $70  SS  195?-6?,45rpm
152382	Duphiney, Cliff:  Explosion of the Tone Cabinets  (Decora-Amphora DALP-2002-S LP)  $45  VG+/VG+  195?-6?,"largest hammond organ combination in the us - 30 speakers - 10 organs - 1 console"!
151130	Dutton, Jamz Band:  Jamz Dutton Feels Good  (JD 874S LP)  $35  VG+/EX  197?
155082	Dutton, Jamz Band:  Jamz Dutton Feels Good  (JD 874S LP)  $37  VG+/VG+  197?,autographed obc,insert
153556	Eckstine, Billy & Sarah Vaughan:  Sing the Best of Irving Berlin  (Mercury MG 20316(M) LP)  $20  VG+/VG+  1958,orig deep groove
147809	Edwards, Cliff:  Ukelele Ike Happens Again  (Buena Vista BV 4043 LP)  $21  EX/VG+  1968,osw
146899	Eldridge, Roy:  S/T  (Metro MS 513 LP)  $9  VG+/VG+  196?,wobc
152877	Eleventh House feat Larry Coryell:  Aspects  (Arista AL 4077 LP)  $9  VG+/EX  1975
152831	Eleventh House feat Larry Coryell:  Introducing...  (Vanguard VSD 79342 LP)  $11  VG/VG+  1974,rw
152818	Ellington, Duke:  1939-40  (Alamac QSR 2416 LP)  $10  VG/EX  197?,re,rw
151076	Ellington, Duke:  70th Birthday Concert  (Solid State SS-19000 LP)  $15  VG+/VG+  1970,2lp,Johnny Hodges,Paul Gonsalves,Wild Bill Davis
147407	Ellington, Duke:  A Duke Ellington Festival  (Longines Symphonette LWS 254 LP)  $10  VG+/EX  196?-7?,2lp
153730	Ellington, Duke:  All Star Road Band Vol. 2  (Doctor Jazz W2X 40012 LP)  $10  VG/EX  1985,2lp,lg soc,1964 recording
151136	Ellington, Duke:  At His Very Best  (RCA Victor LPM-1715(M) LP)  $20  VG+/VG+  1959,orig black label,partial smsplt
152897	Ellington, Duke:  Black, Brown & Beige  (CSP JCS 8015 LP)  $16  VG/EX  197?,re,featuring Mahalia Jackson
147408	Ellington, Duke:  Blues in Orbit  (Columbia CS 8241 LP)  $20  VG/VG+  196?,orig six eye label,rw,woc
152903	Ellington, Duke:  Carnegie Hall Concerts December 1944  (Prestige P-24073 LP)  $21  VG+/VG+  1977,2lp
153225	Ellington, Duke:  Dance To Duke!  (CSP CSRP 8098 LP)  $15  VG+/VG+  196?,re
152804	Ellington, Duke:  Ellington at Newport  (Columbia CS 8648(E) LP)  $15  VG/EX  197?,re
153118	Ellington, Duke:  Ellington Indigos  (Columbia CL 1085(M) LP)  $30  VG/EX  1959,orig,deep groove,six eyes label,rw
147409	Ellington, Duke:  Ellington Indigos  (Columbia CS 8053 LP)  $15  VG+/VG  1959,360 label,2nd press,sol
151085	Ellington, Duke:  Ellington Suites  (Original Jazz Classics OJC-446 LP)  $13  VG+/EX  1976,1990,re
151078	Ellington, Duke:  Ellington Uptown  (Columbia Masterworks ML 4639(M) LP)  $23  VG+/VG+  196?,six eye gray label,deep groove
152392	Ellington, Duke:  Giants of Jazz  (Time Life STL-J02 LP)  $18  VG+/EX  1979,3lp box,book
152819	Ellington, Duke:  & his Famous Orchestra  (Alamac QSR 2439 LP)  $13  VG/VG+  197?,rw,1941 recordings
151817	Ellington, Duke:  In My Solitude  (Harmony HS 11323(E) LP)  $6  VG/EX  197?,re,rw
155482	Ellington, Duke:  New Orleans Suite  (Atlantic SD 1580 LP)  $12  VG+/EX  1971,gfld
153209	Ellington, Duke:  North of the Border In Canada  (Decca DL 75069 LP)  $13  EX/EX  1967,osw,Ron Collier
153308	Ellington, Duke:  Primping for the Prom  (CBS 62 993 LP)  $13  VG/VG+  1973,re,France,co,wobc
147745	Ellington, Duke:  S/T  (Premier PS-9039(E) LP)  $11  EX/EX  196?,osw
152807	Ellington, Duke:  The Beginning Vol. 1 (1926-1928)  (Decca DL 79224(E) LP)  $16  VG/EX  196?-7?,co,slrw
152944	Ellington, Duke:  The Ellington Era 1927-40 Vol. 1  (Columbia C3L 27(M) LP)  $23  VG/VG+  1963,re,3lp box,bklt,rw
152793	Ellington, Duke:  The Great Paris Concert  (Atlantic SD 2-304 LP)  $18  VG+/EX  1973,2lp
151040	Ellington, Duke & Johnny Hodges:  Side By Side  (Verve MG V-8345(M) LP)  $55  VG/EX  1961,orig mono,smsplt,wobc
153210	Ellington, Mercer:  Continuum  (Fantasy F 9481 LP)  $21  VG/EX  1975,Duke Ellington Orchestra
153369	Ellington, Mercer:  Hot & Bothered  (Doctor Jazz FW 40029 LP)  $8  VG+/M-  1985,djl,prst obc,Kenny Burrell
148517	Elliott, Don:  Music for the Sensational Sixties  (Design DCF-1028(M) LP)  $20  VG/VG  196?,Vespa GS in outer space cover art,toc,soc
146839	Ellis, Herb & Charlie Byrd:  Guitar / Guitar  (Columbia CL 2330(M) LP)  $11  VG/VG  196?,orig 2 eye label,woc
153120	Ellis, Herb & Charlie Byrd:  Guitar / Guitar  (Columbia CL 2330(M) LP)  $15  EX/EX  196?,orig 2 eye label,osw
154651	Erickson, Doug:  Pigs Eye Jass: Fidelity First Vol 2  (Insight Fidelity First Volume 2 LP)  $150  VG+/VG+  196?-7?,hi-fi test record,rare audiophile,geometric cover art,some light surface noise
152835	Evans, Bill:  Spring Leaves  (Milestone M-47034 LP)  $13  VG/EX  1976,2lp,rw,soc
152661	Evans, Gil:  Plays the Music of Jimi Hendrix  (RCA Victor CPL1-0667 LP)  $33  VG/EX  1974,orig,slrw
152682	Evans, Gil:  Svengali  (Atlantic SD 1643 LP)  $18  VG/EX  1973,slrw
147984	Falconaires:  The Official Dance Band of the US Air Force Academy  (AFAA 72-1 LP)  $48  VG+/M-  197?,osw,military band
153357	Farmer, Art:  The Summer Knows  (Inner City IC 6004 LP)  $15  VG/EX  1978,slrw
147256	Farmer, Art:  The Summer Knows  (Inner City IC 6004 LP)  $23  SS  1978
153213	Farmer, Art & Benny Golson:  Meet the Jazztet  (Argo LPS-664 LP)  $38  VG+/EX  1960,orig
149236	Farrell, Joe:  La Catedral y el Toro  (Warner Bros BSK 3121 LP)  $13  VG+/EX  1977,sost "Promise Me Your Love",prst oc
154344	Farrow, Larry:  It's the Happiest Time of the Year  (Capitol ST-12021 LP)  $48  SS  1979,Nancy Wilson,Lee Ritenour,christmas
155160	Fedlman, Victor:  In My Pocket  (Cohearent Sound CSR-1001 LP)  $23  VG/EX  1977,rw,direct-to-disk,audiophile
147477	Felder, Wilton:  Inherit the Wind  (MCA 5144 LP)  $8  VG+/VG+  1980,gfld,co
149652	Feldman, Victor:  The Venezeula Joropo  (Pacific Jazz PJ-10128(M) LP)  $15  VG+/VG+  196?,gfld,prst oc,dj mono
153313	Ferguson, Maynard:  A Message from Newport  (Roulette R-52012(M) LP)  $28  VG/VG+  1958,deep groove,smsplt
155076	Ferguson, Maynard:  M.F. Horn   (Columbia C 30466 LP)  $12  VG/EX  197?,rw
155060	Ferguson, Maynard:  M.F. Horn Two  (Columbia C 31709 LP)  $16  VG+/EX  1972,breaks
152500	Ferguson, Maynard:  Primal Scream  (Columbia PC 33953 LP)  $11  VG/VG+  1976,rw
147190	Ferguson, Maynard:  Stratospheric  (Mercury EMS-2-406 LP)  $19  SS  1976,2lp
147637	Fields, Herbie:  Fields In Clover  (Fraternity F-1011(M) LP)  $125  VG+/VG+  1959,deep groove,toc,djs obc,liner notes by damon runyon
155509	Fischer, Clare:  Thesaurus  (Atlantic SD 1520 LP)  $17  VG+/EX  1969,co
150875	Fischer, William S.:  Circles  (Embryo SD 529 LP)  $43  VG+/VG+  1970,gfld,wlp,sl spinewear,funky electronic jazz,prst oc,slrw
147404	Fitzgerald, Ella:  Clap Hands, Here Comes Charlie!  (Verve V-4053(M) LP)  $50  VG+/VG+  1962,orig,Jean Dubuffet cover art,"verve records inc" on bottom of label
151065	Fitzgerald, Ella:  Clap Hands, Here Comes Charlie!  (Verve V-4053(M) LP)  $50  VG+/VG+  1962,orig,Jean Dubuffet cover art,"verve records inc" on bottom of label,soc,smsplt
153206	Fitzgerald, Ella:  Ella In Hollywood  (Verve V6 4052 LP)  $16  VG/EX  1961,deep groove,sm tear oc
151063	Fitzgerald, Ella:  Jerome Kern Songbook  (Verve V-4060(M) LP)  $16  VG+/VG+  1963,orig
153558	Fitzgerald, Ella:  Mack the Knife - Ella in Berlin  (Verve MGV-4041(M) LP)  $30  VG+/VG+  1960,deep groove,orig mono
152717	Fitzgerald, Ella:  Sings the Cole Porter Songbook  (Verve 2352 043 LP)  $21  VG/VG+  1956,197?-8?,UK,re,2lp,rw
151064	Fitzgerald, Ella:  Sings the Gershwin Song Book Vol. 1  (Verve MGV-4013(M) LP)  $40  VG/VG+  1957,orig deep groove mono,rw
147405	Fitzgerald, Ella:  Sings the Gershwin Song Book Vol. 2  (Verve MGVS-7002 LP)  $37  VG/VG  195?-6?,orig deep groove stereo,Nelson Riddle,sol,slrw
152839	Fitzgerald, Ella:  Sings the Harold Arlen Song Book  (Verve V-4046-2(M) LP)  $45  VG/VG+  1961,2lp,slrw,co,bklt intact
147631	Fitzgerald, Ella:  These Are the Blues  (Verve V-4062(M) LP)  $25  VG+/EX  1963,David Stone Martin cover art,co,sol
147406	Fitzgerald, Ella & Count Basie:  Ella and Basie!  (Verve ST-90028 LP)  $20  VG+/VG+  1963,capitol record club pressing,Quincy Jones
152912	Fitzgerald, Ella & Duke Ellington:  Sings the Duke Ellington Songbook Vol. 1  (Verve 2367 159(M) LP)  $17  VG/VG+/EX  1958,197?-8?,UK,re,2lp,slrw
151143	Fitzgerald, Ella & Duke Ellington:  Sings the Duke Ellington Songbook Vol. 2  (Verve V-4008-2(M) LP)  $21  VG+/VG+  1961,2lp,2nd issue
152802	Fitzgerald, Ella & Louis Armstrong:  Porgy & Bess  (Verve VE-2-2507 LP)  $22  VG+/M-  1957,1976,re,2lp
147377	Fitzgerald, Ella & Louis Armstrong:  S/T  (Verve MG V-4003(M) LP)  $38  VG+/VG+  1956,original deep groove
152606	Fitzgerald, Ella & Oscar Peterson:  Ella and Oscar  (Pablo 2310-759 LP)  $9  VG/EX  1976,slrw,sl spinewear
150522	Five:  S/T  (Fresh Sound NL-45722 LP)  $21  EX/M-  1955,1972,Spain,re,swobc,Pete Jolly,Buddy Clark,Mel Lewis,Conte Candoli,Bill Perkins,Shorty Rogers,insert
147197	Forrest, Jimmy:  All the Gin is Gone  (Delmark DS-404 LP)  $18  VG+/EX  1959,197?,re,Grant Green,Elvin Jones
153872	Fountain, Pete:  French Quarter  (Coral CRL 757359 LP)  $11  EX/EX  196?,osw,swobc
148698	Fountain, Pete:  Mr. Stick Man  (Coral CRL 757473 LP)  $11  VG+/M-  196?,sm tear oc,swobc,co
148625	Fountain, Pete:  Pete Fountain Day  (Coral CRL 757313 LP)  $12  EX/EX  195?,osw,gfld,swobc
148626	Fountain, Pete:  Pete's Place  (Coral CRL 757453 LP)  $9  EX/VG+  195?-6?,osw,swobc
148748	Fountain, Pete:  Plenty of Pete  (Coral CRL 757424 LP)  $18  EX/M-  195?-6?,osw,co,swobc
153119	Fountain, Pete:  Salutes the Great Clarinetists  (Coral CRL 547333(M) LP)  $9  VG+/VG+  195?
148666	Fountain, Pete:  The Blues  (MCA 506 LP)  $8  VG+/VG+  1972
150259	Fountain, Pete:  & the New Orleans All Stars  (Intternational Award Series AKS-252(M) LP)  $10  EX/EX  195?-6?,osw
153874	Fountain, Pete & Al Hirt:  The New Orleans Scene  (Coral CRL 757419 LP)  $12  EX/EX  196?,co,swobc
153107	Four Freshmen:  Live at Butler University  (Creative World ST 1059(Q) LP)  $18  VG+/EX  1972,2lp,quadraphonic,Stan Kenton,Johnny Hart cover art
151264	Franks, Michael:  One Bad Habit  (Warner Bros BSK 3427 LP)  $6  VG+/EX  1980,lyric sleeve
147558	Franks, Michael:  Sleeping Gypsy  (Warner Bros  BS 3004 LP)  $10  EX/EX  1977,osw
149561	Franks, Michael:  The Camera Never Lies  (Warner Bros 1-25570 LP)  $5  VG+/EX  1987,lyric sleeve
151263	Franks, Michael:  Tiger in the Rain  (Warner Bros BSK 3294 LP)  $8  VG+/EX  1979,John Simon prod,insert
151082	Freeman, Chico:  Tangents  (Elektra Musician 60361-1-E LP)  $12  VG+/M-  1984,wlp,Bobby McFerrin
151067	Freeman, Stan:  Stan the Man Vol. 1  (Sesac N-601/602-J(M) LP)  $40  VG+/VG+  196?
151021	Full Swing:  In Full Swing  (Cypress A&MYL 0109 LP)  $11  SS  1987
147202	Fuller, Gil:  And the Monterey Jazz Festival Orchestra feat. Dizzy Gillespie  (Pacific Jazz ST-93 LP)  $17  EX/EX  1965,osw
153822	Gale, Eric:  Touch of Silk  (Columbia JC 36570 LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  1980,prst obc
153010	Gardner, Stu:  A House Full of Love: Music from the Cosby Show  (Columbia FC 40270 LP)  $11  VG/EX  1986,Grover Washington Jr,Patti Austin,Michael Bolton,James Ingram,Jocelyn Brown
154798	Garland, Hank:  Jazz Winds from a New Direction  (Columbia CL 1572(M) LP)  $35  VG/VG+  196?,six eye label,rw,Gary Burton,Joe Morello,partial smsplt
155150	Garner, Erroll:  Contrasts  (Emarcy MG 36001(M) LP)  $28  VG+/VG+  1954,deep groove,blue label
148663	Garner, Erroll:  Garner Plays Garner  (MVM 122(M) LP)  $18  SS  196?
148574	Garner, Erroll:  S/T  (Columbia CL-535(M) LP)  $18  VG/VG+  1955,orig six eyes label,woc,wol,smsplt
148979	Geller, Herb:  The Herb Geller Sextette  (EmArcy MG36040(M) LP)  $85  VG+/EX  1955,orig deep groove,Leroy Vinnegar,Conte Candoli
151129	Generation Band:  Call of the Wild  (TBA TB 202-N LP)  $11  VG/VG+  1984,co
154730	Genuine John:  S/T  (Capitol ST-566 LP)  $12  EX/EX  196?-7?,osw,co,Chuck Rainey
151133	Getz, Stan:  Best of Stan Getz  (Verve V6-8719 LP)  $20  VG+/EX  196?,gfld
147473	Getz, Stan:  Didn't We  (Verve V6 8780 LP)  $25  VG+/EX  1966,osw
147574	Getz, Stan:  The Greatest of Stan Getz  (Royal Roost SLP 2249 LP)  $10  VG+/VG  196?
147412	Getz, Stan:  Voices  (Verve V-8707(M) LP)  $18  VG+/EX  196?-7?,gfld,wlp,co
146900	Getz, Stan / Charlie Parker / Frank Motley / Dexter Gordon / Wardell Gray:  S/T  (Design DLP-183(M) LP)  $10  VG/VG+  196?,woc
151060	Getz, Stan & Bill Evans:  S/T  (Verve V6-8833 LP)  $19  VG+/VG  1973
147758	Getz, Stan & Gerry Mulligan:  Gerry Mulligan Meets Stan Getz  (Verve MG VS-68249 LP)  $31  VG+/EX  1961,2nd press stereo
146780	Gibbs, Terry Dream Band:  Volume 2: The Sundown Sessions  (Contemporary C-7652 LP)  $19  SS  1959,1987,re
152803	Gillespie, Dizzy:  Big 4  (Pablo 2310-719 LP)  $18  VG+/VG+  1975,orig,Ray Brown,Joe Pass
147188	Gillespie, Dizzy:  Composer's Concepts  (Mercury EMS-2-410 LP)  $21  SS  1977,2lp
153366	Gillespie, Dizzy:  Dizzy Goes Hollywood  (Philips PHM 200-123(M) LP)  $20  VG+/EX  1964
152909	Gillespie, Dizzy:  The Small Groups 1945-46  (Phoenix LP-2 LP)  $23  VG/VG+  197?,Charlie Parker,Sonny Stitt,Al Haig,Milt Jackson
147250	Gillespie, Dizzy & Machito:  Afro-Cuban Jazz Moods  (Original Jazz Classics OJC-447 LP)  $14  VG+/M-  1976,1990,re
151141	Gonsalves, Paul & Ray Nance:  Just a-Sittin' and a-Rockin'  (Black Lion BL-191 LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  1973
150571	Goodman, Benny:  B.G., the Small Groups  (RCA Victor Vintage Series LPV-521(M) LP)  $23  EX/EX  1965,osw,swobc
148020	Goodman, Benny:  Benny in Brussels Vol. 2  (CSP CSRP 8076 LP)  $13  EX/EX  196?,re,osw,co,worlds fair cover art
153745	Goodman, Benny:  Let's Dance Again  (Mega M51-5002 LP)  $13  VG+/EX  197?,gfld,co,osw,swobc
150510	Goodman, Benny:  Live at Carnegie Hall - 40th Anniversary Concert  (London Phase 4 2PS 918/9 LP)  $17  EX/EX  1978,2lp,osw
150516	Goodman, Benny:  On Stage...Recorded Live in Copenhagen  (London Phase 4 BP 44182/83 LP)  $15  EX/M-  1972,2lp,osw,swobc
153721	Goodman, Benny:  Radio Broadcasts from the Congress Hotel 1936  (Sunbeam SB-132 LP)  $11  VG+/EX  1973,Helen Ward,swobc,soc
148670	Goodman, Benny:  Swings Again  (Columbia CL 1579(M) LP)  $15  EX/EX  195?-6?,six eye label,osw,swobc
152095	Goodman, Benny:  The King of Swing  (Columbia Masterworks OSL 180(M) LP)  $25  VG+/EX  197?,2lp Box,re,Complete 1937-1938 Jazz Concert No. 2
148671	Goodman, Benny:  Today  (London Phase 4 SP 44160-SPB 21 LP)  $21  VG+/EX  197?,2lp,bklt,swobc
147239	Gordon, Dexter:  Power  (Prestige P-24087 LP)  $21  SS  1978,2lp,co
151575	Grappelli, Stephane:  Musique pour arreter le temps  (Verve MGV-20001(M) LP)  $32  VG/EX  195?-6?,deep groove,blue label,slrw,wobc
150196	Graves, Conley:  Conley at the Keys  (Decca DL 8625(M) LP)  $15  VG+/VG+  195?,osw
149027	Gray, Glen:  Please, Mr. Gray...More Sounds of the Great Bands  (Capitol ST-1506 LP)  $12  VG+/EX  196?
149196	Gray, Jerry:  At the Hollywood Palladium  (Liberty LST-7013 LP)  $10  VG/VG+  195?-6?
152090	Gray, Jerry:  Swingtime Vol. 1  (Quality SV 2122 LP)  $18  SS  1982,Canada,co
154785	Green, Grant:  Street of Dreams  (Blue Note BST 84253 LP)  $65  VG+/VG+  1967,orig
148685	Green, Urbie:  The Persuasive Tombone of...  (Command RS 815 SD LP)  $28  VG+/M-  1960,gfld,soc,swobc
152089	Grier, Jimmie:  Broadcasts from the Cocoanut Grove Los Angeles 1932  (Sunbeam HB-303(M) LP)  $25  SS  1973
147260	Griffin, Johnny & Art Taylor:  The Jamfs Are Coming!  (Timeless Muse TI 311 LP)  $21  SS  1979
155151	Griffith Park Collection:  S/T  (Elektra Musician E1-60025 LP)  $12  VG+/M-  1982,co,osw,Stanley Clarke,Chick Corea,Joe Henderson,Freddie Hubbard,Lenny White
151081	Grusin, Dave:  ...One of a Kind  (Polydor PD-1-6118 LP)  $9  VG/EX  1977,wlp,prst oc
151077	Guaraldi, Vince:  A Charlie Brown Christmas OST  (Fantasy F 8431 LP)  $16  VG+/EX  1988,re,blue label
153778	Guitar Choir:  The New Jazz Sound of Show Boat  (Columbia CS 8216 LP)  $23  VG/EX  1960,Bob Brookmeyer,Phil Woods,John Carisi,orig six eye label
153293	Hackett, Bobby:  A Time For Love  (Project 3 PR 5016-SD LP)  $12  VG+/EX  1968?,gfld,co
147532	Hackett, Bobby:  Creole Cookin'  (Verve V-8698(M) LP)  $17  VG/VG+  1967,gfld,h2o oc,smsplt
153211	Hackett, Bobby:  Creole Cookin'  (Verve V6 8698 LP)  $21  VG+/EX  1967,gfld
153205	Hackett, Bobby:  Live at the Roosevelt Grill  (Chiaroscuro CR-105 LP)  $17  VG+/EX  1970,Meiersdorff cover art,slrw,Vic Dickerson
149068	Hackett, Bobby:  Night Love  (CSP CSRP 8695 LP)  $12  M-/M-  1962,re,osw
153371	Hackett, Bobby & Billy Butterfield:  Bobby/Billy/Brasil  (Verve V6-8723 LP)  $33  VG+/M-  196?,deep groove,co,Luiz Henrique
147206	Hall, Jim:  Concierto  (CTI 6060 S1 LP)  $19  EX/VG+  1975,gfld,osw
152655	Hamilton, Chico:  The Master  (Enterprise ENS-7501 LP)  $19  VG/EX  1973,breaks,"Fancy","I Can Hear the Grass Grow"
147527	Hampton, Lionel:  All American Award Concert  (Brunswick LAT.8086(M) LP)  $18  VG+/VG  1955,UK,Dinah Washington
147264	Hampton, Lionel:  Hamp In Japan/Live  (Glad-Hamp GHLP 1006(M) LP)  $28  VG+/VG+  1964,deep groove
153224	Hampton, Lionel:  Silver Vibes  (CSP CSRP 8277 LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  196?,early re
152668	Hancock, Herbie:  Crossings  (Warner Bros BS 2617 LP)  $21  VG/EX  1972,gfld,trees label re,breaks,slrw
155508	Hancock, Herbie:  Feets Don't Fail Me Now  (Columbia JC 35764 LP)  $13  VG+/EX  1979,lyric sleeve
152615	Hancock, Herbie:  Sextant  (Columbia CQ 32212(Q) LP)  $58  VG+/EX  1973,quadraphonic
151132	Hancock, Herbie:  VSOP - The Quintet  (Columbia C 34977 LP)  $12  VG+/EX  1977,2lp,wlp,djts oc
153256	Harriott, Joe & John Mayer:  Indo-Jazz Fusions  (Atlantic SD 1482 LP)  $68  VG+/EX  1967,prst oc,djs ol,swobc,"Partita",blue/green label
147475	Harris, Eddie:  Cool Sax Warm Heart  (Columbia CS 8968 LP)  $11  VG+/EX  196?,sol,prst obc,wobc
155415	Harris, Eddie:  Plug Me In  (Atlantic 1506(M) LP)  $48  VG+/EX  1968,wlp,dj mono,prst oc
147306	Harris, Eddie:  Plug Me In  (Atlantic SD 1506 LP)  $38  EX/VG+  1968,orig,osw
151035	Harris, Eddie:  Sings the Blues  (Atlantic SD 1625 LP)  $11  VG/EX  1972,co,woc
147411	Harris, Eddie:  The Best of...  (Atlantic SD 1545 LP)  $18  EX/M-  1970,osw
149203	Harrison, Lance:  Dixieland Band  (Radio Canada International RCI 263 LP)  $15  VG+/M-  197?,Canada
150575	Heath, Ted:  At Carnegie Hall  (London LL 1566(M) LP)  $16  VG/VG+  1956,swobc,orig,toc
150551	Heath, Ted:  At the London Palladium Vol. 3  (London LL 1211(M) LP)  $15  VG/VG  1955,swobc
150552	Heath, Ted:  At the London Palladium Vol. 3  (London LL 1211(M) LP)  $16  VG/VG+  1955,woc,sm tear oc
150545	Heath, Ted:  Big Band Beat  (Richmond B 20034(M) LP)  $10  VG/VG  195?-6?,split spine,swobc
149320	Heath, Ted:  Big Band Percussion  (London Phase 4 P 54002(M) LP)  $18  VG+/EX  197?,gfld
148732	Heath, Ted:  Big Band Percussion  (London Phase 4 SP 44002 LP)  $18  EX/EX  197?,gfld,osw,swobc
150553	Heath, Ted:  Showcase  (London LL 1737(M) LP)  $15  VG+/VG+  1957
153623	Heath, Ted:  The Music of Fats Waller  (London LL 978(M) LP)  $21  EX/VG+  195?,osw,swobc
149915	Hefti, Neal:  Jazz Pops  (Reprise R9-6039 LP)  $15  VG/VG  1967?,orig tri-color label,smsplt,spinesplit
152857	Hemphill, Julius:  'Coon Bid'ness  (Arista Freedom AL 1012 LP)  $21  VG+/M-  1975,co,slrw
152583	Henderson, Eddie:  Inside Out  (Capricorn CP 0122 LP)  $32  VG+/EX  1974,slrw,Herbie Hancock,Bennie Maupin,Buster Williams
152582	Henderson, Eddie:  Realization  (Capricorn CP 0118 LP)  $32  VG+/EX  1973,spaced-out jazz-funk with Bennie Maupin,Herbie Hancock,Lenny White
153112	Herman, Woody:  At Monterey Jazz Festival  (Atlantic  1328(M) LP)  $28  VG+/EX  1960,orig red/purple label,co
148233	Herman, Woody:  Blowin' Up a Storm  (Pickwick SPC-3591 LP)  $10  EX/EX  1978,osw,re
155071	Herman, Woody:  My Kind of Broadway  (Columbia CL 2357(M) LP)  $23  VG+/EX  1965,two eye label,co,prst oc
148902	Herman, Woody:  My Kind of Broadway  (Columbia CL 2357(M) LP)  $25  VG+/EX  1965,wlp,two eye label,djts oc
155073	Herman, Woody:  S/T  (Metro MS-514(E) LP)  $14  VG+/VG+  196?
155070	Herman, Woody:  Summer Sequence  (Harmony HL 7093(M) LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  195?-6?
155213	Herman, Woody:  Swinging Herman Herd Recorded Live  (Philips PHM 200-131(M) LP)  $14  EX/VG+  1964,osw
153860	Herman, Woody:  The Jazz Swinger  (Columbia CL 2552(M) LP)  $12  EX/M-  196?,osw,swobc,360 label
155064	Herman, Woody:  Woody Herman: 1964  (Philips PHM 200-118(M) LP)  $18  VG+/VG+  1964,orig,co
151337	Heywood, Eddie:  Breezin' Along With the Breeze  (Mercury  Wing MGW 12287(M) LP)  $8  EX/VG+  1964,re,osw
151828	Hi-Lo's:  And All That Jazz  (Columbia CL 1259(M) LP)  $30  VG/VG+  195?,original mono,slrw
153226	Hibbler, Al:  Remembers the Big Songs of the Big Bands  (Decca DL 78862 LP)  $19  VG+/VG+  1958,2nd press,osw
148883	High Sierra Jazz Band:  Make a Joyful Noise  (Clambake C-220 LP)  $11  VG+/VG  197?,autographed oc
151242	Hilary:  Just Before After Hours  (Columbia JC 35547 LP)  $17  VG+/EX  1979,wlp,djts oc,prst obc
153361	Hines, Earl:  Fatha  (Columbia CS 9120 LP)  $18  EX/VG+  196?,osw,360 label
148669	Hirt, Al:  At the Mardi Gras  (RCA Victor LSP-2497 LP)  $9  EX/EX  1962,re,osw,swobc
155349	Hirt, Al:  S/T  (Metro M-517(M) LP)  $8  VG+/VG+  196?,wobc
153635	Hirt, Al & Pete Fountain:  Super Jazz 1  (Monument PZG 3385 LP)  $15  EX/EX  1975,2lp,osw,swobc
152728	Holiday, Billie:  Billie Holiday Story Vol 2  (Columbia KG 32124(M) LP)  $13  VG/VG+  1973,2lp,rw
152729	Holiday, Billie:  Billie Holiday Story Vol 3  (Columbia KG 32127 LP)  $13  VG/VG+  1973,2lp,rw
147209	Holiday, Billie:  Greatest Hits  (Decca DL 75040(E) LP)  $18  VG+/EX  1968,osw
147277	Holiday, Billie:  The Lady Lives  (ESP-Disk ESP-3002(M) LP)  $30  VG/VG+  196?,2lp,1949-52 broadcast performances,second disc is bonus esp sampler feat tuli kupferberg,pearls before swine,fugs,charles manson,albert ayler,sun ra,tony kelly,ny electric string ensemble,burton greene,free music quartet,holy modal rounders,giuseppi logan
154756	Holmes, Richard "Groove":  Living Soul  (Prestige PRST 7468 LP)  $25  VG+/VG+  1967,orig blue label
154754	Holmes, Richard "Groove":  Tell It Like It Tis  (Pacific Jazz ST 20105 LP)  $27  VG+/VG+  196?,gfld,Les McCann,Ben Webster,Gene Ammons,Joe Pass
147244	Holmes, Richard "Groove":  The Best of Richard Groove Holmes  (Prestige PRST 7700 LP)  $20  VG+/VG+  196?,blue label
154755	Holmes, Richard "Groove":  Welcome Home   (World Pacific ST-20147 LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  196?,gfld
151794	Hooper, Stix:  The World Within  (MCA 3180 LP)  $8  VG+/EX  1979,drummer of Crusaders,gfld
147029	Horn, Paul:  A Special Edition  (Mushroom MRS 5502 LP)  $10  VG/VG+  1976,2lp,co,soc,no booklet
147530	Horn, Paul:  Visions  (Epic KE 32837 LP)  $8  VG/VG+  1974
151364	Horne, Lena & Harry Belafonte:  Harry & Lena  (RCA Victor PRS-295 LP)  $14  VG+/VG+  1970
151919	Horne, Lena & Harry Belafonte:  Harry & Lena  (RCA Victor PRS-295 LP)  $16  EX/EX  1970,osw
149677	Horne, Lena & Harry Belafonte:  Porgy and Bess  (RCA Victor LSO-1507 LP)  $13  M-/EX  1959,re,osw,co
154392	Horne, Lena & Harry Belafonte:  Porgy and Bess  (Victor LS-5147 LP)  $23  VG+/VG+  1959,Japan,lyric sheet
146906	Horne,Lena:  At the Waldorf Astoria  (RCA Victor LSO-1028 LP)  $15  VG/EX  1958,Living Stereo,woc
147936	Howard, Kid's Olympia Band:  The Heart & Bowels of N.O. Jazz  (Icon/Jazzology JCE-18(M) LP)  $17  VG+/M-  195?-6?,swobc
147251	Hubbard, Freddie:  Gettin' It Together  (TCB 1001 LP)  $21  VG+/M-  197?,Curtis Fuller,Yusef Lateef
147012	Hyman, Dick:  Dick Hyman & his Trio  (Command 298 017 LP)  $21  VG/VG+  1961,Germany,gfld,smsplt
155532	Interpreters:  The Knack  (Cadet DJLP-762(M) LP)  $75  VG/VG  1965,djl,rw,Tom Washington
151248	Itoh, Kimiko:  Folow Me  (Columbia C 45214 LP)  $11  VG+/EX  1987,Steve Gadd,Richard Tee,slrw,prst obc
154724	Jackson, Milt & Wes Montgomery:  Bags Meets Wes!  (Riverside RS 9407 LP)  $32  VG+/VG+  1961,deep groove
147451	Jackson, Ronald Shannon:  Decode Yourself  (Island 90247-1 LP)  $11  VG+/M-  1985,Bill Laswell,Vernon Reid,prst obc,swobc
147977	Jacoby, Don "Jake":  Jacoby Brings the House Down  (Pompeii SD 6001 LP)  $14  EX/EX  1968,trumpet player,"Eyes of Love",Heat of the Night","Chain of Fools",osw
147529	Jamal, Ahmad:  Jamal at the Penthouse  (Argo LP-646(M) LP)  $14  VG+/VG  1959,orig,woc
148660	Jamal, Ahmad:  Jamal at the Penthouse  (Argo LP-646(M) LP)  $195  VG/VG+  1959,orig,wlp,multi-colored wax,smsplts
151023	Jamal, Ahmad:  Night Song  (Motown M7-945R1 LP)  $12  VG+/M-  1980
153303	Jamal, Ahmad:  One  (20th Century Fox T-555 LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  1978
153323	James, Bob:  12  (Tappan Zee/Columbia FC 39580 LP)  $10  VG+/M-  1984,gfld
151084	James, Bob & David Sanborn:  Double Vision  (Warner Bros 25393 LP)  $11  EX/M-  1986,osw
149061	James, Harry:  All Time Favorites By...  (Columbia CL 655(M) LP)  $14  M-/M-  196?,osw,360 label,swobc
148507	James, Harry:  Big Bands are Back  (Metro M-604(M) LP)  $33  EX/M-  196?,osw,psych cover art
155056	James, Harry:  Comin' From a Good Place  (Sheffield Lab LAB-6 LP)  $19  VG/M-  1977,gfld,audiophile,no bklt,stain oc
155057	James, Harry:  Comin' From a Good Place  (Sheffield Lab LAB-6 LP)  $20  VG+/M-  1977,gfld,audiophile,no bklt
153731	James, Harry:  Comin' From a Good Place  (Sheffield Lab LAB-6 LP)  $21  VG+/M-  1977,gfld,audiophile,bklt
151923	James, Harry:  Plays Green Onions & Other Great Hits  (Dot DLP 25634 LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  196?
149053	James, Harry:  Radio Discs of...Vol. 2  (Joyce LP-2010 LP)  $10  VG/EX  197?,1941-43 v-disc recordings,lg soc,swobc
155161	James, Harry:  Still Harry After All These Years  (Sheffield Lab LAB-11 LP)  $36  VG/EX  1979,box,rw,inserts,audiophile
152096	James, Harry:  Still Harry After All These Years  (Sheffield Lab LAB-11 LP)  $38  VG/M-  1979,smsplt,rw,inserts,audiophile
153880	James, Harry:  Still Harry After All These Years  (Sheffield Lab LAB-11 LP)  $40  VG+/M-  1979,slrw,inserts,audiophile
151922	James, Harry:  The Hits of...  (Capitol M-1515(M) LP)  $7  VG/EX  197?,abridged re,wobc
155053	James, Harry:  The King James Version  (Sheffield Lab 3 LP)  $22  VG+/VG+  1976,gfld,audiophile
153881	James, Harry:  The King James Version  (Sheffield Lab 3 LP)  $24  VG+/EX  1976,audiophile,inserts
155054	James, Harry:  The King James Version  (Sheffield Lab 3 LP)  $24  VG+/EX  1976,gfld,audiophile
149059	James, Harry:  The Young...  (Jazz Archives JA-31(M) LP)  $18  EX/M-  1976,osw,swobc,1939 & 1941 recordings,Frank Sinatra,Helen Forrest
148665	James, Harry / Les Brown:  Sessions, Live  (Calliope CAL 3005 LP)  $15  VG+/M-  1976,soc
152876	Jarreau, Al:  All Fly Home  (Warner Bros BSK 3229 LP)  $6  VG+/EX  1978,lyric sleeve
151058	Jarreau, Al:  Glow  (Reprise MS 2248 LP)  $5  VG/VG+  1976,rw
149538	Jarreau, Al:  Jarreau  (Warner Bros 1-23801 LP)  $9  EX/EX  1983,osw,lyric sleeve,sost "Mornin"
151073	Jarreau, Al:  Look To the Rainbow  (Warner Bros 2BZ 3052 LP)  $12  VG/EX  1977,2lp,live in europe,rw
146771	Jarreau, Al:  This Time   (Warner Bros BSK 3434 LP)  $9  EX/EX  1980,osw,lyric sleeve,sost "Never Givin Up"
152591	Jarreau, Al:  We Got By  (Reprise MS 2224 LP)  $10  VG/EX  1975,slrw,co
155078	Jarrett, Keith:  Expectations  (Columbia KG 31581 LP)  $17  VG/EX  1972,2lp,rw
152680	Jarrett, Keith:  Facing You  (ECM 1-1017 LP)  $11  VG+/EX  1972,insert
152422	Jarrett, Keith:  G.I. Gurdjieff Sacred Hymns  (ECM 1-1174 LP)  $17  VG+/M-  1980
148344	Jarrett, Keith:  Solo-Concerts  (ECM 3-1035/37 ST LP)  $23  VG+/EX  1973,3lp box,orig,bklt
148455	Jarrett, Keith:  The K–ln Concert  (ECM 2-1064 LP)  $12  EX/EX  1975,2lp
152893	Jarrett, Keith:  Treasure Island  (ABC Impulse AS-9274(Q) LP)  $15  VG/VG+  1974,quadraphonic,gfld,rw
153356	Johnson, Budd:  Blues a la Mode  (MJR 8119 LP)  $28  EX/EX  196?,osw,1948 & 1958 recordings,Charlie Shavers
153360	Johnson, Budd:  Let's Swing  (Prestige Swingville SVLP 2015 LP)  $28  VG+/VG+  196?,2nd press,bergenfeld address,partial smsplt
150114	Johnson, Don:  King of Organ with a Beat! Vol. 3  (Kandy MLK 143(M) LP)  $21  VG+/VG  195?,souped up organ,vibes,piano & accordion with a beat!,wobc
150115	Johnson, Don:  King of Organ with a Beat! Vol. 3  (Kandy SLK 144 LP)  $21  VG+/VG  195?,souped up organ,vibes,piano & accordion with a beat!,wobc
153292	Jones, Elvin, James Moody & Clark Terry:  Summit Meeting  (Vanguard VSD-79390 LP)  $23  VG+/EX  1977,Bunky Greeen,Roland Prince
147575	Jones, Hank:  Swings Gigi  (Golden Crest CR 3042(M) LP)  $75  VG+/VG+  1958,gold foil cover,smsplt
155066	Jones, Jonah:  Hello Broadway!  (Decca DL 74638 LP)  $19  VG+/VG+  1965
147391	Jones, Quincy:  Around the World  (Mercury Wing SRW 16398 LP)  $43  SS  196?-7?,co
152784	Jones, Quincy:  Ndeda  (Mercury SRM-2-623 LP)  $13  VG/VG+  1972,2lp,rw,wobc
148941	Jones, Quincy:  Sounds...and Stuff Like That!  (A&M SP-4685 LP)  $10  EX/EX  1978,osw,lyric sleeve,sost "Stuff Like That"
147261	Jordan, Duke:  Duke's Delight  (Inner City IC 2046 LP)  $17  VG+/EX  1976,co
155511	Jordan, Louis:  Hallelujah...Louis Jordan Is Back!  (Tangerine TRC-1503(M) LP)  $78  VG+/VG+  1964,co
154783	Kahn, Steve & Toshiko Akiyoshi:  The Country & Western Sound of Jazz Pianos  (Dauntless DS 6308 LP)  $28  VG+/VG+  1963,deep groove
151553	Kauffeld, Greetje:  Days of Love  (Colorit 1C 056-41109 LP)  $225  VG/M-  1976,Germany,wobc,Ernie Quelle,Addy Flor
150219	Keating, Johnny:  Here's Where It Is  (Warner Bros WS 1666 LP)  $11  VG/VG  196?,tear obc,wobc
147815	Keating, Johnny:  Here's Where It Is  (Warner Bros WS 1666 LP)  $15  EX/EX  196?,osw,co
149582	Keating, Johnny:  Swing Revisited  (London Phase 4 SP 44034 LP)  $16  VG+/VG+  196?,gfld
149709	Kellaway, Roger:  Roger Kellaway Cello Quartet  (A&M SP 3034 LP)  $21  VG+/EX  197?,gfld,re,silver label,nice - sounds like early Penguin Cafe Orchestra
153216	Keltner, Jim / Ron Tutt:  The Sheffield Drum Record for Audio Component Testing & Evaluation  (Sheffield Lab 14 LP)  $48  VG+/VG+  1981,direct-to-disc,audiophile
149464	Kenny G:  Duotones  (Arista AL 8427 LP)  $6  VG+/VG+  1986
153309	Kenny G:  Duotones  (Arista AL 8427 LP)  $13  SS  1986,sost "Songbird"
147778	Kenton, Stan:  A Merry Christmas!  (Capitol ST 1621 LP)  $33  VG+/EX  196?
150189	Kenton, Stan:  Hits In Concert  (Creative World ST 1074 LP)  $17  VG+/VG+  197?,autographed obc
150521	Kenton, Stan:  Kenton In Concert  (Artistry AR-2-100 LP)  $14  VG+/M-  197?,2lp,1956 recordings,swobc
148690	Kenton, Stan:  Stan Kenton Today  (London Phase 4 BP 44179-80 LP)  $21  VG+/EX  1972,gfld,2lp,recorded live Feb. 9th in London,"God Save The Queen",swobc
153875	Kenton, Stan:  The Fabulous Alumni of...  (Creative World ST 1028 LP)  $12  EX/M-  197?,osw,swobc,Anita O'Day,Bud Shank,Art Pepper,June Christy,Chris Connor,Lee Konitz,1945-56 recordings
149698	Kenton, Stan:  The Romantic Approach  (Capitol ST 1533 LP)  $8  EX/EX  196?,rainbow lbl
155077	Khan, Steve:  Tightrope  (Tappan Zee/Columbia JC 34857 LP)  $11  VG+/EX  1977,breaks,"Darlin Darlin Baby",Bob James,Steve Gadd
147976	Kid Ory:  Dance with Kid Ory or Just Listen  (Verve V-1022(M) LP)  $25  VG+/VG+  1961,2nd press
147243	Kirk, Rahsaan Roland:  Boogie-Woogie String Along for Real  (Warner Bros BSK 3085 LP)  $18  EX/EX  1978,osw,co
147528	Klemmer, John:  Finesse  (Elektra Musician 60197 LP)  $8  VG+/EX  1983,2nd issue
153799	Klugh, Earl:  Heart String  (United Artists UA-LA-942-H LP)  $7  VG+/EX  1979,sobc
151044	Klugh, Earl:  Living Inside Your Love  (Blue Note BN-LA667-G LP)  $9  EX/EX  1976,osw,co
151042	Klugh, Earl:  Magic In Your Eyes  (United Artists UA-LA877-H LP)  $7  VG/VG+  1978,gfld,rw
151043	Klugh, Earl:  S/T  (Liberty LN-10163 LP)  $7  VG+/EX  1976,re,osw,co
147470	Krupa, Gene:  His Orchestra & Anita O'Day feat Roy Eldridge  (Columbia KG 32663 LP)  $21  EX/M-  1974,2lp,osw,wobc,1940s recordings
148939	Krupa, Gene:  Mutiny In the Parlor  (RCA Camden CAL-340(M) LP)  $15  VG/VG  195?,pink label,split spine
149802	Krupa, Gene / Lionel Hampton / Teddy Wilson:  Playing Some of the Selections they Played in the Benny Goodman Movie  (Clef MG C-681(M) LP)  $48  VG+/VG+  1956,orig deep groove
152566	Lambert, Hendricks & Ross:  The Best of...  (Columbia C 32911 LP)  $11  VG/VG+  197?,rw,"Gimme that Wine"
154799	Larkin, Billy & the Delegates:  Don't Stop!  (World Pacific WP-1863(M) LP)  $22  VG+/VG+  196?,prst obc
151057	Larkins, Ellis & Tony Middleton:  Swingin' for Hamp  (Concord Jazz CJ-134 LP)  $9  VG/EX  1980,rw,co,soc
152569	Lateef, Yusef:  Club Date  (ABC Impulse ASD-9310 LP)  $20  VG+/EX  1976,co
146844	Lateef, Yusef:  Concerto for Yusef Lateef  (Atlantic 81863-1 LP)  $10  VG+/M-  1988,prst oc,co
153312	Lawrence, Arnie:  Treasure Island  (Doctor Jazz FW38445 LP)  $12  VG+/EX  1983
150831	Laws, Hubert:  Afro-Classic  (CTI 6006 LP)  $20  VG+/VG+  1970,gfld,breaks
151029	Laws, Hubert:  Say It With Silence  (Columbia JC 35022 LP)  $10  VG+/VG+  1978
147797	Laws, Hubert:  Say It With Silence  (Columbia JC 35022 LP)  $11  VG+/EX  1978
155370	Laws, Ronnie:  Flame  (United Artists UA-LA881-H LP)  $10  VG+/EX  1978,slrw,co
150511	Lawson, Yank & Bob Haggart:  Century Plaza  (World Jazz WJLP-5-1 LP)  $15  VG+/M-  197?,soc,swobc
148752	Lawson, Yank & Bob Haggart:  In Concert   (Flying Dutchman BDL1-1371 LP)  $9  VG/VG+  1976,soc,slrw,swobc
153871	Lawson, Yank & Bob Haggart:  World's Greatest Jazzband  (Project 3 PR 5033SD LP)  $21  EX/EX  1969,gfld,osw,swobc,"Sunny","Panama"
151089	Lee, John & Gerry Brown:  Still Can't Say Enough  (Blue Note BN-LA701-G LP)  $11  VG+/EX  1976
153527	Lee, Peggy & George Shearing:  Beauty and the Beat!  (Capitol T 1219(M) LP)  $17  VG+/VG+  1959,,orig black/rainbow center label,live recording
149785	Lewis, George:  George Lewis & his New Orleans All Stars  (Catalyst CAT-7905 LP)  $12  VG+/M-  1976,1964 Tokyo recordings,co
155068	Lewis, George:  Jazz Funeral at New Orleans  (Olympic OL-7117 LP)  $12  VG/EX  1974,rw
153372	Lewis, John:  P.O.V.  (Columbia PC 33534 LP)  $13  VG+/EX  1975
148091	Lewis, Meade Lux:  Barrel House Piano  (Everest FS 268(E) LP)  $10  EX/M-  197?,osw
147231	Lewis, Ramsey:  Back To the Roots  (Cadet CA-60001 LP)  $14  VG+/EX  1971,Cleveland Eaton,die-cut orig gfld
147533	Lewis, Ramsey:  Goin' Latin  (Cadet LPS 790 LP)  $22  VG+/EX  1966,osw,"Function at the Junction","Hey, Mrs. Jones"
150853	Lewis, Ramsey:  More Sounds of Christmas  (Chess/MCA CH-91569 LP)  $22  SS  1984,re
151025	Lewis, Ramsey:  Mother Nature's Son  (Cadet LPS-821 LP)  $43  VG/VG+  1969,rw,breaks!!,"Rocky Raccoon","Back In the USSR","Dear Prudence","Black Bird" beatlesongs
147232	Lewis, Ramsey:  Sounds of Christmas  (Argo LPS 687 LP)  $15  VG+/VG+  1961,deep groove orig
151070	Lewis, Ramsey & Nancy Wilson:  The Two of Us  (Columbia FC 39326 LP)  $15  VG+/VG+  1984,swol
152653	Lloyd, Charles:  In the Soviet Union  (Atlantic SD 1571 LP)  $18  VG+/VG+  1970,gfld,co,wobc
152234	Lloyd, Charles:  Love-In  (Atlantic SD 1481 LP)  $30  VG+/VG+  1967,orig,psych cover art,co,swoc
153805	Lorber, Jeff:  Galaxian  (Artista AL 9545 LP)  $11  VG+/EX  1981
151876	Loussier, Jacques:  Play Bach Vol. 4  (London LL.3365(M) LP)  $20  VG+/EX  1965,osw,Pierre Michelot
149201	Loussier, Jacques:  Play Bach Vol. 5  (London PS-524 LP)  $18  VG/VG+  196?,rw,Pierre Michelot
149202	Loussier, Jacques:  Plays Bach's Brandenburg Concerto No. 2  (London Phase 4 SPC 21073 LP)  $21  VG+/EX  1975
155207	Lunceford, Jimmie:  In Hi-Fi  (Capitol TAO-924(M) LP)  $8  VG/EX  195?,gfld,woc
149933	MacDonald, Ralph / Jeff Tyzik:  Polygram's 'Surprize' That'll Make You 'Smile'  (Polygram SA 059 LP)  $14  VG/EX  1985,wlp,promo sampler
151805	Magnusson, Jakob:  Special Treatment  (Warner Bros BSK 3324 LP)  $15  VG+/EX  1979,Michal Urbaniak,new wave cover art
152747	Mahavishnu Orchestra:  Inner Mounting Flame  (Columbia KC 31067 LP)  $9  VG/VG+  1971,breaks,"You Know, You Know","Meeting of the Spirits",insert,John McLaughlin,Billy Cobham,Jam Hammer
147476	Malament, Sarah:  Improvisations for Modern Dance Series #1  (GB-599 LP)  $25  VG+/VG+  195?-6?,modern cover art
150790	Mandel, Mike:  Sky Music  (Vanguard VSD-79409 LP)  $18  EX/EX  1978,synthesizer fusion,electronic,osw
154821	Mangione, Chuck:  70 Miles Young  (A&M SP-4911 LP)  $9  EX/M-  1982,osw,co
148750	Mangione, Chuck:  Main Squeeze  (A&M SP 4612 LP)  $9  EX/M-  1976,osw,swobc
149795	Mann, Gary:  Christmas With...  (Educator & Executive Insurance EE-102 LP)  $10  VG/EX  1972,rw,dixieland
147578	Mann, Herbie:  Evolution of Mann  (Atlantic SD 2-300 LP)  $9  VG+/VG+  1972,2lp
151649	Mann, Herbie:  Waterbed  (Atlantic SD 1676 LP)  $8  VG+/EX  1975,slrw
146832	Mann, Herbie & Bobby Jaspar:  Flute Flight  (Prestige PRLP 7124(M) LP)  $50  VG/VG  195?-6?,yellow nyc label,deep groove
155510	Manne, Shelly:  Daktari  (Atlantic SD 8157 LP)  $28  VG+/EX  1968,co,chimps in band jungle cover art with lion,african jungle jazz fusion
154781	Marr, Hank:  Live at the Club 502  (King 899(M) LP)  $44  VG/EX  1964,black label,sm smsplt
148881	Marsalis, Wynton:  Hot House Flowers  (Columbia FC 39530 LP)  $13  M-/EX  1984,osw,Branford Marsalis,Ron Carter
150129	Marshall, Jack:  18th Century Jazz  (Capitol T-1108(M) LP)  $15  VG/VG  196?,Shelly Manne
152648	Masekela, Hugh:  I Am Not Afraid  (Blue Thumb BTS 6015 LP)  $15  VG/VG+  1974,djl,breaks,co,woc,soc,lyric sleeve
152721	Masekela, Hugh:  Masekela  (Uni 73041 LP)  $17  VG/VG+  196?-7?,rw,co,woc,"Fuzz","Blues for Huey"...
152563	Maupin, Bennie:  Jewel In the Lotus  (ECM 1-1043 LP)  $38  VG+/EX/VG+  1974,Herbie Hancock
147813	Mayl, Gene's Dixieland Rhythm Kings:  Jazz In Retrospect  (Riverside RLP 12-289(M) LP)  $16  VG/VG  1958,cover art
147246	McCann, Les:  Beaux J. Poo Boo  (Limelight LS 86031 LP)  $13  VG+/VG  1965,Paul Humphrey
152562	McCann, Les:  Layers  (Atlantic SD 1646 LP)  $28  VG+/VG+  1973,gfld,breaks,slrw
151024	McCann, Les:  River High, River Low  (Atlantic SD 1690 LP)  $14  VG+/VG+  1976,lyric sleeve,slrw,soc,co
153110	McCann, Les & Gerald Wilson:  McCann/Wilson  (Pacific Jazz PJ-91(M) LP)  $23  VG/VG+  196?,slrw,swoc
151843	McConnell, Rob:  Big Band Jazz  (Umbrella UMB-DD4 LP)  $23  VG/EX/VG+  1977,2lp,direct-to-disc,bklt intact
150233	McCoy, Clyde:  Award Winning Performances  (Blue Heaven BH2-201 LP)  $20  VG+/EX  197?
149900	McCoy, Clyde:  The Blues  (Mercury MG 20110(M) LP)  $14  VG+/VG+  195?-6?,deep groove
154702	McDuff, Brother Jack:  A Change is Gonna Come  (Atlantic 1463(M) LP)  $75  VG+/VG+  1966,co,orig,Bernard Purdie
154701	McDuff, Brother Jack:  Do It Now!  (Atlantic SD 1484 LP)  $34  VG+/VG+  1967,Melvin Sparks
154705	McDuff, Brother Jack:  Prelude  (Prestige PR 7333(M) LP)  $28  VG+/VG+  1964,orig blue label,George Benson
154700	McDuff, Brother Jack:  The Dynamic...  (Prestige PR 7323(M) LP)  $28  VG+/VG+  1964,gfld,orig gold label
154703	McDuff, Brother Jack & David Newman:  Double Barrelled Soul  (Atlantic SD 1498 LP)  $45  EX/VG+  1968,Melvin Sparks,osw
153311	McFerrin, Bobby:  Spontaneous Inventions  (Blue Note BT 85110 LP)  $8  EX/EX  1985
154749	McGriff, Jimmy:  A Thing to Come By  (Solid State SS-18060 LP)  $22  VG+/EX  1969,gfld
154751	McGriff, Jimmy:  Blues for Mister Jimmy  (Sue STLP 1039 LP)  $24  VG+/VG+  196?,tear obc
154750	McGriff, Jimmy:  Cherry  (Solid State SM-17006(M) LP)  $20  VG+/VG+  1966,gfld
155162	McGriff, Jimmy:  Groove Grease  (Groove Merchant GM 503 LP)  $48  VG/VG+  1972,orig,rw
154747	McGriff, Jimmy:  Live Where the Action's At!  (Veep VPS 16515 LP)  $19  VG/VG+  1967,slrw
154752	McGriff, Jimmy:  One of Mine  (Sue LP 1013(M) LP)  $20  VG/EX  1963,rw
147203	McGriff, Jimmy:  Something to Listen to  (Blue Note BST-84364 LP)  $25  VG+/EX  1971,co,"Deb Sombo"
146834	McGriff, Jimmy:  Step 1  (Solid State SS 18053 LP)  $25  VG+/VG+  1969,gfld,sm smsplt
154753	McGriff, Jimmy:  Topkapi  (Sue STLP 1033 LP)  $15  VG/VG+  196?,slrw
154748	McGriff, Jimmy & Junior Parker:  Good Things Don't Happen...  (Groove Merchant GM 2205 LP)  $20  VG+/VG+  1972,gfld
152827	McLaughlin, John:  Devotion  (Douglas 4 LP)  $14  VG/VG+  1970,gfld,Buddy Miles,rw,co
151829	McPartland, Marian:  Plays Music of Leonard Bernstein  (Time S/2013 LP)  $18  VG/VG+  1960,gfld,smsplt
148688	McRae, Carmen:  Live at Sugar Hill San Francisco  (Time S/2104 LP)  $10  VG+/VG+  1960,soc
155122	McRae, Carmen / Joe Pass / Ray Brown:  I Giganti Del Jazz Vol. 21  (Armando Curcio Editore GJ-21 LP)  $12  VG+/M-  197?,gfld,Italy
154047	Memphis Nighthawks:  Jazz Lips  (Delmark DS 216 LP)  $13  VG+/EX  1977,photo cover
150845	Metronome All-Stars:  The Metronome All-Star Bands  (Bluebird 7636-1-RB LP)  $18  VG+/EX  1988,co,Harry James,Tommy Dorsey,Benny Goodman,Coleman Hawkins,Count Basie,Charlie Christian,Buddy Rich,Harry Edison,Johnny Hodges,Red Norvo,Dizzy Gillespie,Miles Davis,Charlie Parker,Shelly Manne
152163	Miller, Glenn:  The Complete Glenn Miller Vol. 1: 1938-39  (Bluebird AXM2-5512(M) LP)  $35  SS  1975,2lp
150263	Miller, Glenn:  The Complete Glenn Miller Vol. 5: 1940  (Bluebird AXM2-5565(M) LP)  $25  VG+/EX  1979,2lp
152173	Miller, Paul:  Our Leader  (Fantasy 8029 LP)  $48  VG+/EX  196?,blue wax,Arnold Roth cover art,wobc
147242	Mingus, Charles:  Great Moments With...  (Impulse!/MCA 2-4128 LP)  $11  VG+/EX/M-  1981,2lps
153367	Mitchell, Blue:  Summer Soft  (ABC Impulse IA-9347 LP)  $18  VG+/EX  1978,funky!,feat Cedar Walton,Paulinho da Costa,Maxine Waters,Richard Tee,Lee Ritenour,Eddie Harris
152854	Modern Jazz Quintet:  The Art of...the Atlantic Years  (Atlantic SD 2 301 LP)  $14  VG+/EX  1973,2lp
152779	Monk, Thelonious:  Always Know  (Columbia JG 35720 LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  1979,2lp
152704	Monk, Thelonious:  Greatest Hits  (Columbia CS 9775 LP)  $7  VG/EX  197?,re
152665	Monk, Thelonious:  In Person  (Milestone M-47033 LP)  $20  VG/VG+  1976,2lp,re,slrw
152901	Monk, Thelonious:  Straight, No Chaser  (Columbia CS 9451 LP)  $35  VG/VG+  1967,orig 360 label,slrw
152911	Monk, Thelonious:  Underground  (Columbia CS 8632 LP)  $15  VG+/EX  197?,re
154721	Montgomery, Wes:  California Dreaming  (Verve V6 8672 LP)  $18  VG+/VG+  1966,gfld
152531	Montgomery, Wes:  Down Here On the Ground  (A&M SP-3006 LP)  $17  VG+/EX  1968,orig,gfld,Don Sebesky,Eumir Deodato
154723	Montgomery, Wes:  Easy Groove  (Pacific Jazz PJ-10104(M) LP)  $28  VG+/VG+  196?,gfld,woc
148572	Montgomery, Wes:  Eulogy  (Verve V6-8796 LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  1969,co,slrw obc
151061	Montgomery, Wes:  In the Wee Small Hours  (Riverside RS-3002 LP)  $14  VG/VG+  196?,rw,Dick Hyman,Kenny Burrell,Milt Hinton
154720	Montgomery, Wes:  Movin' Wes  (Verve V-8610(M) LP)  $23  VG+/EX  1965,gfld
154722	Montgomery, Wes:  Tequila  (Verve V6 8653 LP)  $18  VG+/EX  1966,gfld
148092	Morath, Max:  The World of Scott Joplin  (Vanguard Everyman SRV-310 SD LP)  $13  EX/EX  1973,osw
154725	Morello, Joe:  It's About Time  (RCA Victor LSP-2486 LP)  $28  VG+/EX  1962,co,Phil Woods,Manny Albam,Gary Burton
155484	Morton, Jelly Roll:  Mr. Jelly Lord  (RCA Victor LPV-546(M) LP)  $17  EX/M-  1967
155483	Morton, Jelly Roll:  Stomps and Joys  (RCA Victor LPV 508(M) LP)  $15  VG+/M-  1964,vintage series
155485	Morton, Jelly Roll:  The King of New Orleans Jazz  (RCA Victor LPM 1649(M) LP)  $15  VG+/EX  1959,orig
149554	Mottoretti:  First Generation  (ITI D1-72976 LP)  $10  VG/EX  1989
147219	Mouzon, Alphonse:  By All Means  (PAUSA PR 7087 LP)  $13  VG/EX  1981,Herbie Hancock,Freddie Hubbard,Lee Ritenour,Seawind
153314	Mouzon, Alphonse:  Morning Sun  (Optimum OP 6004 LP)  $15  VG+/EX  1988,re,Herbie Hancock,Lee Ritenour,Hubert Laws,Freddie Hubbard
151131	Mulligan, Gerry:  The Age of Steam  (A&M SP-3036 LP)  $18  EX/VG+  1972,brown label,osw,Bud Shank,Bob Brookmeyer,Harry Edison,Tom Scott,Roger Kellaway,Howard Roberts
147403	Mulligan, Gerry:  The Gerry Mulligan Quartet  (Verve V6-8466 LP)  $20  VG+/VG+  1962,orig,Bob Brookmeyer
148573	Mulligan, Gerry:  What Is There To Say?  (Columbia CS 8116 LP)  $22  VG/VG+  196?,orig six eye label,soc,wol,wobc
153766	Murphy, Jac:  Child's Gift  (Music is Medicine MIM 9003 LP)  $9  EX/VG+  1977,co,osw
148036	Music Minus One:  Blow, Gabriel, Blow  (MMO 1006 LP)  $28  VG+/EX  196?,gfld,bklt intact,Hank Jones,Mundell Lowe,George Duvivier
147980	National Youth Jazz Orchestra:  11 Plus - NYJO Live at LWT  (RCA Victor LPM1-5116 LP)  $21  VG/M-  1976,slrw,prst obc
151134	Needham, Hank & the Riverboat Rhythm Kings:  Steamboat to Dixie  (private LP)  $14  SS  1980
155223	New Swingle Singers:  Folio  (MMG 1125 LP)  $12  EX/EX  1980,osw
153296	New York Bass Violin Choir:  S/T  (Strata-East SES 8003 LP)  $75  VG/EX  1980,Ron Carter,Richard Davis,Milt Hinton,Sam Jones,Bill Lee,woc,wol
153368	Newport Jazz Festival All-Stars:  S/T  (Concord Jazz CJ-260 LP)  $18  EX/M-  1985,2lp,osw,Scott Hamilton,Warren VachÈ
147019	Newton, James:  The African Flower  (Blue Note BT-85109 LP)  $17  VG+/M-  1985,co,Arthur Blythe,Milt Grayson
151088	Newton, James:  The African Flower  (Blue Note BT-85109 LP)  $17  VG+/M-  1985,prst oc,Arthur Blythe,Milt Grayson
148825	Nichols, Susie:  So In Love  (First American FA 7747 LP)  $155  SS  1980
151392	Noordijk, Piet:  Just When I Needed You Most  (Dureco Benelux 66.008 LP)  $34  VG/EX  1979,Holland,gfld,soc
150507	Norvo, Red:  Windjammer City Style  (Dot DLP 3126(M) LP)  $15  VG/VG+  196?,swobc,prst obc,smsplt,djs ol
153569	O'Day, Anita:  An Evening With...  (Verve V-2050(M) LP)  $21  VG/VG+  196?,mgm label,h2o oc,soc
153566	O'Day, Anita:  Sings the Winners  (Verve V-8485(M) LP)  $28  VG/EX  196?,mgm label,osw,sl h2o oc
153567	O'Day, Anita:  This Is Anita  (Verve V-8483(M) LP)  $21  VG/EX  1962,osw,sl h2o oc,co
153568	O'Day, Anita & the Three Sounds:  S/T  (Verve V 8514(M) LP)  $35  VG/EX  196?,gfld,sl h2o oc,co
149295	Olson, Boogie Bob:  Live at the Teller House  (Barking Spider LP)  $11  EX/EX  1979,osw
149556	Oregon:  Distant Hills  (Vanguard VSD 79341 LP)  $8  VG/VG  1973,woc
148608	Original New Yorkers:  Northrup Summer Concerts 1969-1976  (Minnesota Jazz 8065N6 LP)  $25  EX/VG  1976,osw
147733	Ortega, Frank:  Swingin' Abroad  (Jubilee JGS 1080 LP)  $19  EX/VG+  196?,osw
152230	Paich, Marty:  The Rock-Jazz Incident  (Reprise R 6206(M) LP)  $41  VG+/VG+  1965,wlp,"The Cat","The Thing","Watermelon Man","Yesterday" beatlesong
152750	Parker, Charlie:  Broadcast Performances Vol 2  (ESP-Disk ESP-BIRD-2 LP)  $35  VG+/VG+  1973,1948-49 broadcast recordings,red wax,Miles Davis,Max Roach,Kenny Dorham,Al Haig,Symphony Sid
152931	Parker, Charlie:  On Dial Vol. 1  (Spotlite 101 LP)  $31  VG+/VG+  1975,1946 recordings
152910	Parker, Charlie:  On Dial Vol. 5  (Spotlite 105 LP)  $31  VG+/VG+  1974,1945-47 recordings
152749	Parker, Charlie:  The Comprehensive...Live Performances Vol 1  (ESP-Disk ESP-BIRD-1 LP)  $35  VG+/VG+  1972,1947-48 broadcast recordings,Dizzy Gillespie,Max Roach,Ray Brown,Kenny Dorham,Al Haig
153362	Parker, Charlie:  The Genius of...#3: Now's the Time  (Verve UMV 2029(M) LP)  $17  VG/EX  1957,1981,Japan,re,prst oc,insert
152932	Parker, Charlie:  The Genius of...#8: Swedish Schnapps  (Verve UMV 2030(M) LP)  $21  EX/M-  1957,1981,Japan,re,osw,co
152798	Parker, Charlie:  The Happy Bird  (Parker PLP 404-S LP)  $18  VG/VG+  1961,rw
152713	Parker, Charlie,Dizzy Gillespie,Bud Powell,Charles Mingus,Max Roach:  The Greatest Jazz Concert Ever  (Prestige PR 24024 LP)  $21  VG/EX  1973,2lp,re of the Quintet's "Jazz at Massey Hall",rw
154773	Pass, Joe:  The Stones Jazz  (World Pacific WPS-21854 LP)  $25  VG+/VG+  1967,Rolling Stones songs
154605	Peabody, Eddie:  Plays Sm-o-o-o-thies  (Dot DLP 25491 LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  196?
148078	Peiffer, Bernard:  The Astounding...  (Decca DL 8626(M) LP)  $18  VG+/VG+  195?,pink djl,deep groove
147466	Pepper, Art:  Winter Moon  (Galaxy GXY 5140 LP)  $15  VG/EX  1981
155209	Perlman, Itzhak & Andre Previn:  A Different Kind of Blues  (Angel DS-37780 LP)  $12  VG/VG+  1980,digital,Shelly Manne,Jim Hall,Red Mitchell,sticker wear oc
149302	Perlman, Itzhak & Andre Previn:  A Different Kind of Blues  (Angel DS-37780 LP)  $14  VG+/EX  1980,digital,Shelly Manne,Jim Hall,Red Mitchell
153759	Pete Kelly's Big 7:  Pete Kelly at Home  (RCA Victor LPM-1413(M) LP)  $15  VG/VG+  1957,liner notes by Jack Webb,partial smsplt
147573	Peterson, Oscar:  My Fair Lady  (Verve V/8581(M) LP)  $14  VG+/VG+  1964,2nd pressing,co
147768	Peterson, Oscar:  My Favorite Instrument  (PA USA PR 7069 LP)  $17  VG+/M-  1980
154787	Peterson, Oscar:  Night Train  (Verve V-8538(M) LP)  $28  VG+/EX  1962
147467	Peterson, Oscar:  Put On a Happy Face  (Verve V-8660(M) LP)  $23  VG+/VG+  1966,orig,co
147829	Peterson, Oscar:  Recital  (Verve MGV-2044(M) LP)  $31  VG/VG+  1957,re of Clef 694,deep groove,smsplt,swoc,sm tear obc
153122	Peterson, Oscar:  S/T  (Metro M-524(M) LP)  $15  VG/VG+  196?,slrw,orig deep groove black/silver label
149284	Peterson, Oscar:  S/T  (MGM GAS 133(E) LP)  $15  VG/EX  196?,djl,golden archives series,slrw,djs obc
147468	Peterson, Oscar:  We Get Requests  (Verve V-8606(M) LP)  $25  VG+/EX  1965,orig,not deep groove,co,wobc
153305	Piazzolla, Astor & Gary Burton:  The New Tango  (Atlantic Jazz 81823-1 LP)  $18  VG+/M-  1987,co
153364	Powell, Bud:  Piano Interpretations  (Verve UMV 2573(M) LP)  $23  VG+/M-  1956,1981,Japan,re,co,insert,David Stone Martin cover art
150245	Prima, Louis:  On Broadway  (United Artists UAS 6596 LP)  $31  VG/EX  1967,co,slrw,Gia Maione,Sam Butera
151319	Prima, Louis & Keely Smith:  Together  (Dot DLP 3263(M) LP)  $20  VG+/M-  196?,orig,slrw
149712	Quartette Tres Bien:  Spring into Spring  (Decca DL 4617(M) LP)  $25  VG+/EX  196?,co,osw
147463	Raeburn, Boyd:  Teen Rock  (Columbia CL 1073(M) LP)  $18  VG/VG  195?,six eye label,smsplt,teens dancing cover art,Ginnie Powell
151886	Rampal, Jean-Pierre & Claude Bolling:  Suite for Flute and Jazz Piano  (CBS Masterworks M 33233 LP)  $10  EX/EX  1975,osw
147289	Rava, Enrico:  Enrico Rava Quartet  (ECM 1-1122 LP)  $19  SS  1979,co,worn corner
153560	Reese, Della:  Della  (RCA Victor LSP-2157 LP)  $20  VG/VG+  1960,Living Stereo,smsplt,soc
153553	Reese, Della:  The Story of the Blues  (Jubilee JLP 1095(M) LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  196?,orig black label,soc
155488	Reinhardt, Bill:  Reinhardt, Reinhardt! Where were you last night?  (Jazz, Ltd 11(M) LP)  $29  EX/EX  196?,clarinetist and jazzband,maroon wax,inserts
154477	Reser, Harry:  Banjos Back To Back  (RCA Victor LSP-2515 LP)  $13  VG/VG+  1962,heavy toc,soc
152739	Return to Forever:  Light as a Feather  (Polydor PD 5525 LP)  $15  VG+/VG+  1973,Flora Purim,Chick Corea
148213	Return To Forever:  Live: The Complete Concert  (Columbia AL 35352 LP)  $48  VG+/M-/EX/M-/M-  1978,4lp Box
152738	Return To Forever:  Romantic Warrior  (Columbia PC 34076 LP)  $14  VG+/VG+  1976,orig inner sleeve
152846	Return to Forever:  Where Have I Known You Before  (Polydor PD 6509 LP)  $12  VG/EX  1974,rw,breaks "Song to the Pharaoh Kings"
147189	Rich, Buddy:  Both Sides  (Mercury EMS 2 402 LP)  $19  SS  1976,2lp,1946 & 1959-60 EmArcy recordings
148224	Rich, Buddy:  Swingin'  (Ambassador S/98056 LP)  $25  VG+/VG+  196?
153214	Rich, Buddy & Lionel Hampton:  Transition  (Groove Merchant GM3302 LP)  $20  VG+/EX  1974,gfld,Teddy Wilson,Zoot Sims
149089	Rifkin, Joshua:  Piano Rags By Scott Joplin Vol. 1 & 2  (Nonesuch HP-73026 LP)  $17  VG+/M-  1974,2lp
155110	Ritenour, Lee:  Friendship  (JVC VIDC-3 LP)  $26  VG/M-  1978,Japan,slrw,gfld,direct disk,audiophile
154776	Roberts, Howard:  Equinox Express Elevator  (ABC Impulse ASD-9299(Q) LP)  $21  VG+/EX  1975,gfld,wlp,quadraphonic,prst oc
147569	Roberts, Judy:  Judy Roberts Band  (Madonna 924 LP)  $82  VG+/VG+  197?,local chicago label,wobc
147222	Robertson, Paul:  The Song Is You  (Palo Alto Jazz PA 8002 LP)  $9  VG/EX  1980,h2o damage oc
155542	Robinson, Freddie:  At the Drive-In  (Enterprise ENS 1025 LP)  $18  VG/VG+  1972,djl,prst
147581	Rogers, Shorty:  Gigi In Jazz  (RCA Victor LPM-1696(M) LP)  $15  VG/VG  1958,woc,wol,deep groove,soc,Pete Jolly,Mel Lewis
152407	Rogers, Shorty:  Plays Richard Rodgers  (RCA Victor LPM-1428(M) LP)  $25  VG/VG+  1957,partial smsplt,toc
155414	Rollins, Sonny:  The Bridge  (RCA Victor LSP-2527 LP)  $28  VG+/VG+  1962
146775	Rollins, Sonny & Thad Jones:  S/T  (Up Front UPF-185 LP)  $15  VG/EX  197?,osw,h2o oc
149119	Rouse, Charlie:  Cinnamon Flower  (Douglas NBLP 7044 LP)  $13  VG/EX  1977,co
153297	Royal, Marshal:  First Chair  (Concord Jazz CJ-88 LP)  $15  VG/EX  1979,slrw
153212	Rushing, Jimmy:  Little Jimmy Rushing & the Big Brass  (Columbia CL 1152(M) LP)  $17  VG/VG+  195?,orig six eye label,sm tear oc,slrw
153370	Rushing, Jimmy:  The You & Me That Used to Be  (RCA Victor LSP-4566 LP)  $34  EX/M-  1971,osw,Zoot Sims,Al Cohn,Milt Hinton
150505	Russell, Pee Wee:  Hot Licorice  (Honey Dew HD-6614 LP)  $11  VG/EX  1977,swobc
153291	Russell, Pee Wee & Oliver Nelson:  The Spirit of '67  (Impulse A-9417 LP)  $18  VG+/EX  1967,1972,re,gfld,co
151142	Sabien, Randy :  In A Fog  (Flying Fish FF 297 LP)  $11  EX/EX  1983,osw
151391	Salvador, Sal:  Close To You  (Audio Fidelity AFDS 6242 LP)  $25  VG/EX  1970,woc
151083	Sanborn, David:  A Change of Heart  (Warner Bros 1-25479 LP)  $9  EX/M-  1987,osw
155083	Saye, Joe:  A Wee Bit of Jazz  (Mercury SR 60052 LP)  $30  EX/VG+  1957,orig deep groove,osw
148469	Schmidt, Carol & Michele Isam:  Jasmine  (Sweater SJS J01 LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  1981,inserts
152509	Schnitter, David:  Invitation  (Muse MR 5108 LP)  $16  VG/EX  1976,djl,soc,rw
147332	Scott-Heron, Gil:  Reflections  (Arista AL 9566 LP)  $16  EX/M-  1981,lyric sleeve,osw,sost "Storm Music"
147485	Scott-Heron, Gil & Brian Jackson:  It's Your World  (Arista AL 5001 LP)  $88  SS  1976,2lp,sost "The Bottle"
155084	Scott-Heron, Gil & Brian Jackson:  Secrets  (Arista AB 4189 LP)  $28  VG+/EX  1978
153808	Scott-Heron, Gil & Brian Jackson:  The First Minute of a New Day  (Arista A 4030 LP)  $19  VG+/VG+  1974,gfld,smsplt
155130	Scott, Bobby:  My Heart In My Hands  (Columbia CL 2763(M) LP)  $26  VG+/EX  196?,slrw,two eye label
154768	Scott, Shirley:  Scottie Plays the Duke  (Prestige PRLP 7163(M) LP)  $30  VG/VG+  1959,2nd press blue bergenfield label,slrw,spine split
152504	Seawind:  S/T  (A&M SP-4824 LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  1980,prst obc
152516	Seawind:  Window of a Child  (CTI 75007 LP)  $15  VG+/M-  1977,gfld
151140	Shakti with John McLaughlin:  S/T  (Columbia PC 34162 LP)  $13  VG/EX  1975,rw
148106	Shank, Bud:  Windmills of Your Mind  (Pacific Jazz ST-20157 LP)  $15  EX/VG+  196?,gfld,Michel Legrand,osw
147339	Shaughnessy, Marjorie:  Blue & Sentimental  (Pantheon 771001 LP)  $38  SS  1977?,private press,sticker stain oc
148090	Shaw, Artie:  Reissued By Request  (RCA Victor LPM-1648(M) LP)  $10  EX/M-  1958,orange label re,osw,soc
149268	Shaw, Artie:  Reissued By Request  (RCA Victor LPM-1648(M) LP)  $12  VG+/EX  1958,orig,soc,swobc
148705	Shaw, Artie:  With Strings  (Epic LG 3112(M) LP)  $40  VG+/EX  1955,deep groove,swobc
147348	Shaw, Joan:  Sings for Swingers  (Epic Special Products EPSP 601 LP)  $23  VG/EX  196?,slrw,re
153595	Shearing, George:  On the Sunny Side of the Strip  (Capitol T-1416(M) LP)  $14  VG+/VG+  195?-6?
153594	Shearing, George:  Satin Affair  (Capitol T 1628(M) LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  196?
151137	Shearing, George:  Smooth & Swinging  (MGM E 4043(M) LP)  $20  VG+/VG+  196?
153642	Shearing, George:  The Shearing Piano  (Capitol T-909(M) LP)  $12  VG/EX  195?,orig green label,soc,smsplt
149308	Shearing, George:  Velvet Carpet  (Capitol DT 720 LP)  $15  VG+/EX  196?,smsplt,duophonic soc
149555	Shearing, George :  I Hear Music  (Metro M-534(M) LP)  $8  VG+/EX  196?,re,"Easy Livin',"Spring is Here"
149307	Shearing, George :  I Hear Music  (MGM E-3266(M) LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  196?,co,"Easy Livin',"Spring is Here"
153753	Shearing, George & Nancy Wilson:  The Swingin's Mutual!  (Capitol T 1524(M) LP)  $17  VG+/VG+  196?,orig
152172	Sheen, Mickey:  Have Swing Will Travel  (Herald HLP 0105(M) LP)  $20  VG/VG+  1956,deep groove orig,smsplts,h2o obc
155420	Shepp, Archie:  Fire Music  (Impulse! A-86(M) LP)  $60  EX/EX  1965,orig,gfld
152677	Short, Bobby:  Celebrates Rodgers & Hart  (Atlantic SD 2-610 LP)  $11  VG+/EX  1975,2lp
152830	Short, Bobby:  Is K-Ra-Zy for Gershwin  (Atlantic SD 2-608 LP)  $15  VG/VG+  1973,2lp,al hirschfeld cover art,slrw,smsplt
152794	Short, Bobby:  Is Mad About Noel Coward  (Atlantic SD 2-607 LP)  $10  VG+/EX  1972,2lp
152850	Short, Bobby:  The Mad Twenties  (Atlantic SD 1664 LP)  $8  VG+/EX  1974,co
152268	Silver, Horace:  Serenade To a Soul Sister  (Blue Note BST 84277 LP)  $30  VG/VG+  196?,gfld,"Psychedelic Sally",Stanley Turrentine,slrw,co,vinyl close to EX
152752	Simmons, Sonny:  Staying On the Watch  (ESP-Disk 1030 LP)  $75  VG/VG+  1966,orig,slrw
154194	Simone, Nina / Vince Guaraldi:  Live  (Coronet CX-242(M) LP)  $28  VG/EX  195?-6?
153259	Sims, John Haley & Harry "Sweets" Edison:  Just Friends  (Pablo 2310-841 LP)  $15  VG+/EX  1980
150506	Sims, Zoot & Buddy Rich:  Air Mail Special  (Quintessence Jazz QJ-25041 LP)  $18  EX/EX  1978,osw,swobc
154714	Smith, Jimmy:  Bashin'  (Verve V-8474(M) LP)  $28  VG+/EX  1962,gfld,"Walk On The Wild Side",staple hole oc
154718	Smith, Jimmy:  Christmas '64  (Verve V6-8604 LP)  $18  EX/VG+  1964,osw
154716	Smith, Jimmy:  Got My Mojo Workin'  (Verve V-8641(M) LP)  $28  VG+/VG+  1965,gfld
154717	Smith, Jimmy:  Hobo Flats  (Verve V-8544(M) LP)  $21  VG+/VG+  1963,gfld
154762	Smith, Jimmy:  Incredible!  (Metro MS-607 LP)  $23  VG+/VG+  196?,recorded live in Hamburg, Germany
154698	Smith, Jimmy:  Livin' it Up!  (Verve V6-8750 LP)  $19  VG/VG+  1968,slrw
154715	Smith, Jimmy:  Portuguese Soul  (Verve V6-8832 LP)  $22  VG/EX  1973,slrw
147531	Smith, Jimmy:  Respect  (Verve V6-8705 LP)  $20  VG+/VG+  196?,gfld,"funky broadway",jimmy doing karate cover art
154763	Smith, Jimmy:  Softly As a Summer Breeze  (Blue Note BLP 4200(M) LP)  $23  VG/VG+  1965,orig,smsplt
154699	Smith, Jimmy:  Stay Loose  (Verve V6 8745 LP)  $28  VG+/VG+  1968,gfld,orig,"Chain of Fools",upchurch,turrentine,richardson...
148299	Smith, Jimmy:  The Cat  (Verve V6 8587 LP)  $15  VG/VG  1964,gfld,orig,smsplt,slrw,deep groove,Lalo Schifrin,Thad Jones,Jimmy Cleveland,Urbie Green,Kenny Burrell,Grady Tate
154719	Smith, Jimmy & Wes Montgomery:  The Dynamic Duo  (Verve V-8678(M) LP)  $29  VG+/VG+  1966,orig,gfld
147472	Smith, Johnny:  Kaleidoscope  (Verve V6-8737 LP)  $20  VG/EX  196?,gfld,spots oc,co
151056	Smith, Johnny:  Kaleidoscope  (Verve V6-8737 LP)  $20  VG+/VG+  1967,gfld,co
154789	Smith, Johnny:  Phase II  (Verve V6-8767 LP)  $23  VG+/M-  1968,co
154788	Smith, Johnny:  The Sound of the Johnny Smith Guitar  (Roost LP 2246(M) LP)  $55  VG/VG+  1961,ink stamp obc,slrw
154758	Smith, Lonnie:  Think!  (Blue Note BST 84290 LP)  $35  VG/VG+  196?,gfld,woc,Lee Morgan,David Newman
147304	Smith, Paul:  Saratoga  (Imperial LP-9095(M) LP)  $30  VG/EX  195?-6?,wlp,deep groove,smsplt,slrw
148749	Spanier, Muggsy:  And his Dixieland Band  (Mercury Wing MGW 12165(M) LP)  $8  VG+/VG+  196?,soc,swobc
148414	Special EFX:  S/T  (GRP A-1007 LP)  $9  VG+/EX  1984,digital,co,swobc
153365	Spiegl, Steve:  Hot  (Sorcerer KM 4230 LP)  $23  VG+/M-  1979
151059	Stein, Lou:  The Way It Was Now  (Stand In Line LP)  $48  VG+/M-  198?,slrw
151637	Stein, Lou:  The Way It Was Now  (Stand In Line LP)  $48  VG+/M-  198?,osw,razor scratch on cover,soc
151638	Stein, Lou:  The Way It Was Now  (Stand In Line LP)  $62  SS  198?,razor scratch on cover,soc
151766	Steps Ahead:  S/T  (Elektra Musician 60168 LP)  $12  VG+/M-  1983,prst obc,wlp,Michael Brecker,Mike Mainieri,Eddie Gomez,Eliane Elias
147225	Stitt, Sonny & Bennie Green:  My Main Man  (Cadet CA 744 LP)  $12  VG/VG+  1964,197?,All Platinum re,co,smsplt
155210	Stone, Bob:  Breakin' Out  (Fantasia F-ST 1001 LP)  $11  VG+/EX  1986
151389	Storrs, Dave:  Jumper Cables  (Avocet P-104 LP)  $18  EX/M-  1987,vw bugs cover art
148315	Stuff:  Live in New York  (Warner Bros BSK 3417 LP)  $11  VG/EX  1980
151127	Stuff:  More Stuff  (Warner Bros BS 3061 LP)  $6  VG/VG+  1977,Van McCoy,rw
155109	Sugar Loaf Express:  Featuring Lee Ritenour  (JVC VIDC-2 LP)  $35  VG+/M-  1977,Japan,gfld,direct-to-disc,audiophile,Patrice Rushen,Harvey Mason,Eric Gale,insert
147245	Sullivan, Ira:  Horizons  (Atlantic SD 1476 LP)  $15  VG/VG+  1967,soc
152758	Sun Ra:  Cosmic Tones for Mental Therapy  (Thoth Intergalactic KH-2772 LP)  $85  VG/VG+  196?-7?,slrw,swobc
152757	Sun Ra:  Discipline 27 - II  (El Saturn 538(Q) LP)  $175  VG+/VG+  1973,orig,quadraphonic,slrw
152759	Sun Ra:  Futuristic Sounds of...  (Savoy MG-12169(M) LP)  $165  VG/VG+  1961,smsplt,slrw
152760	Sun Ra:  It's After the End of the World  (MPS BASF 20748 LP)  $43  VG+/M-  1972,gfld,co,Hieronymus Bosch cover art
152597	Sun Ra:  The Nubians of Plutonia  (ABC Impulse AS-9242 LP)  $40  VG+/VG+  1959,1974,gfld,re
147987	Supersax:  Salt Peanuts (Plays Bird Vol 2)  (Capitol ST 11271 LP)  $13  EX/M-  1974,osw,green target label
151221	Swingle II:  Love Songs for Madrigals & Madriguys  (Columbia Masterworks M 33013 LP)  $16  VG/EX  1974,slrw
149564	Symphony Jazz Ensemble:  Carmen  (QCA Red Mark 364 LP)  $10  VG/VG+  1977,sm tear oc
152157	Syms, Sylvia:  Lovingly  (Atlantic SD 18177 LP)  $15  SS  1976,co,Joe Newman,Dick Hyman,Milt Hinton,Connie Kay
147249	Tatum, Art & Ben Wesbster:  The Tatum Group Masterpieces  (Pablo 2310-737 LP)  $19  SS  1975,co
147248	Tatum, Art/Lionel Hampton/Buddy Rich:  The Tatum Group Masterpieces  (Pablo 2310-720 LP)  $20  SS  1976,co
152776	Taylor, Cecil:  Silent Tongues  (Arista Freedom SL-1005 LP)  $17  VG/EX  1975,wlp,soc,smsplt,prst obc
153290	Terry, Clark:  Memories of Duke  (Pablo Today 2312-118 LP)  $16  VG+/EX  1980,Joe Pass,Ray Brown
150792	Thomas, Joe:  Masada  (Groove Merchant GM-3310 LP)  $44  SS  1975,gfld,co
151672	Thompson, Butch:  Live from St. Paul  (Prairie Home Companion PHC 505 LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  1981
150319	Thompson, Sir Charles:  And the Swing Organ  (Columbia CL 1364(M) LP)  $15  VG/VG+  196?,six-eye label,soc,toc
147415	Tjader, Cal:  Saturday Night / Sunday Night  (Verve V-8459(M) LP)  $16  VG+/M-  1962,gfld,deep groove,co
153117	TormÈ, Mel:  Back in Town  (Verve V-2120(M) LP)  $27  VG/VG+  1961,2nd press,deep groove,slrw,co
153116	TormÈ, Mel:  Comin' Hom Baby  (Atlantic 8069(M) LP)  $23  VG+/EX  1962,co
153113	TormÈ, Mel:  I Wished On the Moon  (Metro M532(M) LP)  $12  VG+/EX  196?,co
147268	TormÈ, Mel:  Mel TormÈ Loves Fred Astaire  (Bethlehem BCP-6022 LP)  $15  VG+/EX  1976,re
153114	TormÈ, Mel:  Sunday In New York  (Atlantic 8091(M) LP)  $33  VG+/EX  1966,slrw,co
153091	TormÈ, Mel:  Swingin' On the Moon  (Verve V-2144(M) LP)  $125  EX/EX  1961,osw,girl in space helmet cover art
153115	TormÈ, Mel:  The Best of...  (Verve V6 8593 LP)  $11  EX/EX  196?,osw,co
150731	Touff, Cy / Miff Mole:  Doorway to "Dixie"  (Argo LP 606(M) LP)  $11  VG/VG  1956,orig deep groove,toc
148325	Tyner, Evalyn:  On & Off Broadway  (Capitol ST-1431 LP)  $18  VG/VG+  195?-6?,soc,toc
152812	Tyner, McCoy:  Echoes of a Friend  (Milestone M-9055 LP)  $17  VG+/EX  1972,slrw
152595	Tyner, McCoy:  Sama Layuca  (Milestone M-9055 LP)  $18  VG/VG+  1974,Gary Bartz,Bobby Hutcherson,breaks,slrw
147253	Tyner, McCoy:  Song for My Lady  (Milestone MSP 9044 LP)  $13  VG/VG+  1973,smsplt,orig
148550	Urbaniak, Michal:  Ecstasy  (Marlin 2221 LP)  $13  VG+/EX  1978,co
153111	VA-Art Blakey,Clifford Brown,Tadd Dameron,Miles Davis,Milt Jackson,J.J. Johnson,James Moody,Thelonious Monk,Fats Navarro,Bud Powell,Horace Silver:  Blue Note Gems of Jazz  (Blue Note BLP 2001(M) LP)  $14  VG/VG+  196?,swoc
153208	VA-Barney Bigard,Rex Stewart,Johnny Hodges,Cootie Williams:  The Duke's Men  (Epic EE 22006(E) LP)  $18  VG+/EX  196?,gfld,1936-39 recordings
152069	VA-Benny Goodman,Harry James,Gene Krupa,Duke Ellington,Woody Herman,Chick Webb,Glenn Miller,Jimmie Lunceford,Artie Shaw,Cab Calloway:  Big Band Bash  (CSP P6 14954 LP)  $55  SS  1979,6lp box set
152731	VA-Charlie Parker,Dizzy Gillespie,Lester Young,Coleman Hawkins:  Jazz at the Philharmonic Bird & Pres: The '46 Concerts  (Verve VE-2-2518 LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  1977,2lp
152409	VA-Charlie Ventura,Jimmy Lunceford,Ted Nash,Pee Wee Russell,Hot Club of Belgium:  All Star Jazz  (Halo 50223(M) LP)  $10  VG+/VG+  1957
147579	VA-Coleman Hawkins,J.J. Johnson,Lionel Hampton,Clark Terry,Hank Jones:  Jazz All Stars Vol. 1  (Who's Who WWLP 21010 LP)  $13  VG+/M-  1977,osw,co,stain oc
153757	VA-Dave Brubeck,Buck Clayton,Miles Davis,Duke Ellington,Benny Goodman,Lionel Hampton,J.J. Johnson,Gerry Mulligan,Joe Wilder,Teddy Wilson:  Columbia Jazz Festival  (Columbia JS 1 LP)  $15  VG+/EX  195?-6?,gfld,six eye label
149954	VA-Dave Grusin,Lee Ritenour,Diane Schuur,David Benoit,Eddie Daniels,Dave Valentin,Daryl Stuermer,Eric Marienthal,John Patitucci,Special EFX,Yutaka,Mark Egan,Tom Scott,Chick Corea:  A GRP Christmas Collection  (GRP GR-9574 LP)  $9  VG+/EX  1988,digital master,wlp
150052	VA-Echoes of an Era,Charlie Parker,Red Rodney,Ira Sullivan,Griffith Park Collection,John McLaughlin,Lee Ritenour,Freddie Hubbard,Eric Gale,Material:  The Musicians Guide Vol. 1  (Elektra Musician E1-60043 LP)  $13  VG+/M-  1982,co
152667	VA-Gato Barbieri,Keith Jarrett,John Klemmer,Sam Rivers,Michael White:  Impulse Artists On Tour  (ABC Impulse AS-9264(Q) LP)  $13  VG/EX  1974,gfld,quadraphonic
152575	VA-Gato Barbieri,Michael White,John Coltrane,Albert Ayler,Archie Shepp,John Klemmer,Marion Brown,Pharoah Sanders,Sun Ra,Dewey Redman,Sam Rivers:  No Energy Crisis  (ABC Impulse AS-9267/2 LP)  $28  VG/EX/VG+  1974,2lp,smsplt
149013	VA-Great Jazz Pianists of Our Time:  Oscar Peterson,Erroll Garner,Art Tatum  (RCA Camden CAS-882(E) LP)  $10  EX/EX  1965,osw
147803	VA-GRP Live In Session:  Dave Grusin,Lee Ritenour, Diane Schuur,Dave Valentin  (GRP A-1023 LP)  $12  EX/EX  1985,osw,digital
148527	VA-Henry "Red" Allen,Billie Holiday,Mal Waldron,Jimmy Giuffre,Count Basie:  The Sound of Jazz  (Columbia Jazz Masterpieces J 45234 LP)  $11  VG+/M-  1958,198?,re,prst obc,insert
153717	VA-Henry "Red" Allen,Billie Holiday,Mal Waldron,Jimmy Giuffre,Count Basie:  The Sound of Jazz  (Columbia Jazz Masterpieces J 45234 LP)  $11  VG+/M-  1958,198?,re,co
147985	VA-It Sounds Like Bix Vol 1:  Pat Dollahan,Lou Raderman,Al Lynch,Roy Carroll,Frankie Trumbauer  (Broadway Intermission 104(M) LP)  $21  VG+/M-  1975
149981	VA-Jaco Pastorius,Patti Austin,Roger,Mike Mainieri,John McLaughlin,Lena Horne:  Appetizers  (Warner Bros PRO-A-992 LP)  $10  VG+/EX  1981
151069	VA-Jelly Roll Morton,Benny Goodman,Fats Waller,Lionel Hampton,Coleman Hawkins,Muggsy Spanier,Artie Shaw,Louis Armstrong,Al Cohn,Zoot Sims,George Russell,Joe Williams,Gil Evans,Woody Herman,Air:  Bluebird Sampler '88  (Bluebird 8337-1-RB LP)  $15  VG+/M-  1988,co
152032	VA-Jelly Roll Morton,Louis Armstrong,Claude Hopkins,Fletcher Henderson,Benny Goodman,Bunny Berigan,Count Basie,Benny Goodman,Sidney Bechet,Gene Krupa,Billie Holiday:  Critics Choice by the Carras Jazz Lecturers  (Vintage Jazz LP)  $35  VG+/EX  197?-8?,cruise ship cover art
150200	VA-Jimmy McGriff,Joe Williams,Mel Lewis,Thad Jones,Manny Albam,In Crowd Singers,Passion Guitars,Kokee Band:  You've Got to Hear It to Believe It!!!  (Solid State SS 94 LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  1966,gfld
153781	VA-Jimmy McGriff,Joe Williams,Mel Lewis,Thad Jones,Manny Albam,In Crowd Singers,Passion Guitars,Kokee Band:  You've Got to Hear It to Believe It!!!  (Solid State SS 94 LP)  $14  VG+/EX  1966,gfld
151882	VA-Joe Williams,Count Basie,Jimmie Rodgers,Tyree Glenn,Hugo & Luigi:  Second Anniversary Hit Album Highlights  (Roulette RDJ-1(M) LP)  $21  VG+/VG+  1958,ten inch lp,promo-only,paper picture sleeve
148970	VA-John Hammond's Spirituals to Swing:  Goddard Lieberson,George Benson,Marion Williams,Cafe Society Band,Joe Turner,Pete Johnson,Count Basie,John Handy,Big Mama Thornton  (Columbia G 30776 LP)  $38  VG/M-  1972,2lp,djts oc,rw
153794	VA-Louis Armstrong,Count Basie,Duke Ellington,Benny Goodman,Billie GHoliday,Lester Young,Roy Eldridge,Earl Hines,Fletcher Henderson,Bessie Smith:  The Jazz Makers  (Columbia CL 1036(M) LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  196?,six eye label
147796	VA-Louis Armstrong,Tex Beneke,Duke Ellington,Dizzy Gillespie,Benny Goodman,Earl Hines,Lena Horne,John Kirby,Eartha Kitt,Perez Prado,Hal Schaefer,Maxine Sullivan,Jack Teagarden,Fats Waller:  14 Blue Roads to St. Louis  (RCA Victor LPM-1714(M) LP)  $18  VG+/VG+  1958,14 different versions of "St. Louis Blues"
153758	VA-Mills Merry Makers,Sippie Wallace,Chicago Loopers,Red McKenzie,Hazel Smith,Ted Lewis,Washboard Rhythm Boys,Charles LaVerne,Fletcher Henderson,Billie Holiday,Teddy Wilson,Lester Young,Count Basie:  The Sound of Jazz Genius  (Columbia Record Club D-77(M) LP)  $15  VG+/EX  196?,1920s & 30s recordings
146953	VA-Oscar Peterson,Coleman Hawkins,Ella Fitzgerald,Zoot Sims,Duke Ellington,Johnny Hodges,Benny Carter,Cootie Williams,Paul Gonsalves,T-Bone Walker,Clark Terry,Cat Anderson:  The Greatest Jazz Concert In The World  (Pablo 2625-0704-1 LP)  $23  VG/M-  1975,4 lp box set,insert,smsplt
155121	VA-Sarah Vaughan,Miles Davis,Charlie Mingus,Dizzy Gillespie:  I Giganti Del Jazz Vol. 2  (Armando Curcio Editore GJ-2 LP)  $10  VG/EX  197?,gfld,Italy,wobc
146794	VA-Soul of Jazz Percussion:  Philly Joe Jones,Curtis Fuller,Booker Little,Donald Byrd,Paul Chambers,Pepper Adams,Bill Evans,Mal Waldron,Ed Shaughnessy,Armando Peraza,Marcus Belgrave,Addison Farmer,Don Ellis,Willie Rodriguez,Earl Zindars  (Warwick W 5003 ST LP)  $20  VG/VG  1960,soc,deep groove
146897	VA-Swing Vol. 1:  Bunny Berigan,Pete Brown,Don Byas,Coleman Hawkins,Johnny Hodges,Gene Krupa,Red Norvo,Lester Young,Fats Waller  (RCA LPV-578 LP)  $23  EX/EX  1971,gfld,co
147837	VA-The Hits Are On Verve:  Stan Getz,Kai Winding,Bill Evans,Jimmy Smith,Antonio Carlos Jobim,Pat Thomas,Wynton Kelly  (Verve VS-201 LP)  $13  M-/EX  196?,osw,co
148526	VA-The Jazz Arranger Vol 1: 1928-1940:  Joe Venuti,Dorsey Brothers,Harlan Lattimore,Fletcher Henderson,Duke Ellington,Blue Rhythm Band,Ben Pollack,Chick Webb,Earl Hines,Joe Haymes,Cab Calloway,Claude Hopkins,Teddy Hill,Jimmie Lunceford,Benny Goodman  (Columbia Jazz Masterpieces J 45143 LP)  $10  VG+/M-  1989,prst obc
147807	VA-Two Sides of New Orleans:  Louis Cottrell Jr,Murphy Campo,Dukes of Dixieland,Your Father's Moustache Orchestra,Armand Hug,Danny Barker,Ronnie Kole,Trombones Beaucoup,Paul Guma,Dick Stabile,Al Hirt,Pete Fountain  (Louisiana Tourist Development Commission LP)  $13  VG+/EX  197?
150509	VA-Woody Herman,Jack Teagarden,Matty Matlock,Rex Stewart,Don Byas,Dexter Gordon,Red Norvo,Sidney Bechet,Ralph Burns,Dizzy Gillespie:  Jazz Greats  (Rondo R-2018(M) LP)  $18  VG/EX  196?,rw,soc,swobc
147838	Vaughan, Sarah:  All Time Favorites By...  (Mercury Wing MGW 12123(M) LP)  $10  VG/VG+  196?,slrw,swoc
150556	Vaughan, Sarah:  Dreamy  (Roulette R 52046(M) LP)  $11  VG/VG  1958,soc,toc,h2o oc
152852	Vaughan, Sarah:  I Love Brazil!  (Pablo Today 2312-101 LP)  $16  VG+/EX  1979,Milton Nascimento,Tom Jobim
152561	Vaughan, Sarah:  Live In Japan  (Mainstream MRL 2401 LP)  $11  VG/VG+  1973,2lp,slrw
152836	Vaughan, Sarah:  More Sarah Vaughan From Japan Live  (Mainstream MRL 419 LP)  $13  VG+/EX  1975
153207	Vaughan, Sarah:  No Count Sarah  (Mercury SR-60116 LP)  $19  VG+/EX  196?,black label orig,Thad Jones,Joe Newman,Richard Davis,Frank Wess
147952	Velasco, Vi:  The Vi Velasco Album  (Vee-Jay VJLP-1135(M) LP)  $33  VG/EX  196?,deep groove,smslpt,toc
152554	Venuti, Joe & George Barnes:  Gems  (Concord Jazz CJ-14 LP)  $13  VG/M-  1975,rw
147982	Venuti, Joe & George Barnes:  Live at the Concord Summer Festival  (Concord Jazz CJ-30 LP)  $11  EX/EX  1977,osw
151080	Washington Jr, Grover:  Feels So Good  (Kudu KU-24 LP)  $18  VG+/VG+  1975
153359	Washington Jr, Grover:  Soul Box  (Kudu KSQX-1213(Q) LP)  $34  VG+/EX  1973,orig,2lp Box Set,quadraphonic,bklt,breaks "Aubrey",Bob James
153559	Washington, Dinah:  What a Diff'rence a Day Makes  (Mercury MG-20479(M) LP)  $19  VG+/VG+  1959,orig black label,deep groove
150827	Watanabe, Kazumi:  The Spice of Life  (Gramavision 18-8706-1 LP)  $15  EX/M-  1987
147252	Watanabe, Sadao:  How's Everything  (Columbia C2X 36818 LP)  $11  EX/M-/EX  1980,2lp,osw
155489	Watters, Lu:  And his Yerba Buena Jass Band  (Verve Down Home Series MG V-1005(M) LP)  $70  EX/EX  1955,1956,deep groove,2nd press,David Stone Martin cover art
146903	Weather Report:  Domino Theory  (Columbia FC 39147 LP)  $10  VG+/EX  1984
152701	Weather Report:  I Sing the Body Electric  (Columbia PC 31352 LP)  $13  VG/EX  1972,breaks,rw
152614	Weather Report:  Mysterious Traveller  (Columbia CQ 32494(Q) LP)  $15  VG+/EX  1974,quadraphonic,slrw
152700	Weather Report:  S/T  (Columbia C 30661 LP)  $9  VG/VG+  197?,"Orange Lady",rw
146867	Webster, Ben:  Atmosphere for Lovers and Thieves  (Black Lion BLP 30105 LP)  $25  EX/EX  1971,UK,osw
146835	Webster, Ben & Harry "Sweets" Edison:  Wanted To Do One Together  (Columbia CL 1891(M) LP)  $13  VG/VG  1962,orig two eye label
152030	Wells, Mort:  Plays New Orleans  (Applause AR6601(M) LP)  $9  VG+/VG+  196?
153926	Wettling, George:  Dixieland In Hi Fi  (Harmony HL 7080(M) LP)  $18  VG+/VG+  195?-6?,birdnest in a cornet cover art
148145	Wettling, George:  George Wettling's Casino Stompers Vol. 2: Stuyvesant Casino Nights  (Stuyvesant Casino STYCON 200 LP)  $25  EX/EX  197?,osw,Jimmy McPartland,Pee Wee Russell,Hot Lips Page
152786	White, Michael:  Father Music, Mother Dance  (ABC Impulse AS-9268(Q) LP)  $28  VG/VG+  1974,gfld,quadraphonic,rw
152650	White, Michael:  Spirit Dance  (Impulse/ABC AS 9215 LP)  $21  VG/VG+  1972,gfld,rw
152649	White, Michael:  The Land of Spirit & Light  (ABC Impulse AS-9241(Q) LP)  $40  VG+/VG+  1973,quadraphonic,gfld
150664	Whiteman, Paul:  50th Anniversary  (Grand Award 33-901(M) LP)  $20  VG/VG  1956,2lp box,bklt,wobc
155249	Whiteman, Paul:  A Tribute to George Gershwin 1938  (Mark 56 761 LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  1977,gfld,radio broadcast
155167	Whiteman, Paul:  GERSHWIN: Rhapsody In Blue / An American In Paris  (Capitol P-303(M) LP)  $20  VG/VG+  195?,green label,re of 2 ten-inch lps,smsplt
147908	Wiley, Lee:  Back Home Again  (Monmouth Evergreen MES 7041 LP)  $15  EX/EX  1971,osw,Buddy Morrow,Dick Hyman,Bucky Pizzarelli
152088	Wiley, Lee:  Early Recordings 1937-37  (Philomel 1000 LP)  $28  SS  1977,Dorsey Brothers,Glen Gray
147907	Wiley, Lee:  On the Air  (Totem 1021(M?) LP)  $13  VG+/EX  1977,1932-36 radio recordings
147906	Wiley, Lee:  Sings Rodgers & Hart and Harold Arlen  (Monmouth Evergreen MES 6807(E) LP)  $15  EX/EX  196?-7?,osw,1931-45 recordings,Eddie Condon,Bobby Hackett,Lou McGarity,Bud Freeman,Joe Bushkin
147935	Wiley, Lee:  The One & Only  (RIC M 2002(M) LP)  $25  VG+/EX  1964,Joe Bushkin,Pee Wee Russell,Fats Waller,Eddie Condon,Bunny Berigan
147384	Williams, Joe:  Worth Waiting For  (Blue Note BST 84355 LP)  $13  VG+/VG  1970,gfld,osw
150240	Wills, Tommy:  Man With a Horn Vol. 1  (Terry-Greg T-G#1000-8 LP)  $11  VG/EX  197?,factory defect obc
150224	Wills, Tommy:  Man With a Horn Vol. 2  (Terry-Greg T-G#1004-S LP)  $13  EX/EX  197?,osw
151324	Wilson, Nancy:  Forbidden Lover  (Columbia C 40787 LP)  $8  EX/EX  1987,osw,sost
149270	Wilson, Teddy:  S/T  (GNP Crescendo Vintage Series GNP-9014 LP)  $10  EX/M-  197?,osw,swobc
147576	Winding, Kai:  Dance to the City Beat  (Columbia CS 8136 LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  195?,orig six eye label
149185	Winding, Kai:  Modern Country  (Verve V-DJ-10(M) LP)  $18  VG+/VG+  1964,yellow djl,Anita Kerr Singers,65 ford mustang 2+2 cover art
146898	Winding, Kai:  More Jazz  (Palace M-803(M) LP)  $10  VG/VG  196?,smsplt,wobc,Charlie Parker,Dizzy Gillespie
153301	Winding, Kai:  S/T  (Verve V-8556(M) LP)  $16  VG+/EX  196?,co
155052	Winter, Paul:  Icarus  (Living Music LM-0004 LP)  $10  VG+/EX  1972,1984,re,osw,audiophile,George Martin production
154704	Witherspoon, Jimmy & Brother Jack McDuff:  The Blues Is Now  (Verve V6-5030X LP)  $35  VG+/VG+  1968,gfld,co,Melvin Sparks
148917	Wolverines Classic Jazz Orchestra:  S/T  (Brandywine 001 LP)  $35  VG/EX  1974,rw
148525	Woods, Phil:  Warm Woods  (Portrait Masters J 44408 LP)  $15  EX/M-  1957,1988,re,prst obc
153422	Yellowjackets:  Samurai Samba  (Warner Bros 1-25204 LP)  $9  EX/VG+  1985,osw
152907	Young, Lester:  Jazz Immortal Series Vol. 2  (Savoy MG-12155(M) LP)  $40  VG/EX  1961,smsplts
148571	Young, Lester:  Lester Young Story Vol. 3: Enter The Count  (Columbia JG 34840(M) LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  1977,2lp,soc,1938-39 recordings,Harry James,Benny Carter,Teddy Wilson,Billie Holiday,Jo Jones,Count Basie,Jimmy Rushing,Harry Edison
147625	Young, Lester:  Pres  (Charlie Parker PLP-402(M) LP)  $33  VG+/VG+  1961,gfld
147627	Young, Lester:  The Definite...Vol. 3: His Verve Recordings In Chronological Order  (Verve 711 074 LP)  $38  VG+/EX  196?-7?,Germany,toc,sobc


149762	August, Jan:  Accent! Latin Piano  (Mercury SR 60618 LP)  $15  EX/EX  195?-6?,orig black label,osw
150134	Azcarraga, Lucho:  La Chaquira de Panama  (LEA LPE 1009 LP)  $21  VG+/VG+  196?-7?,osw
149692	Barradas, Carlos & the Trio Veracruz:  An Evening at La Margarita Vol. 1  (Alden 961A-4367 LP)  $35  VG+/EX  1971,osw
149324	Belmonte & his Orchestra:  Belmonte Plays Latin for Americans  (RCA Victor LSP-1571 LP)  $31  VG/VG  1958,living stereo,smsplt
148727	Black, Stanley:  South of the Border  (Richmond B 20003(M) LP)  $8  VG+/VG  195?-6?,moon & palm trees cover art,partial spine split
153038	Blades, Ruben:  Agua de Luna  (Elektra 60721-1 LP)  $11  VG/EX  1987,co,lyric sleeve,wlp
152170	Brown, Thomas A.:  Clinician Series Afro-Latin Percussion  (Golden Crest CR-1015 LP)  $41  VG+/M-  1979,gfld
153509	Campbell, Bert / Argueso:  Dance Party Vol. 2  (Fiesta FLPS 1766 LP)  $11  VG/EX  197?,rw
149653	Campolargo, Juan:  Merengues Festival  (Sounds of the Caribbean SLP 741 LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  1973,nude cover art
154727	Cano, Eddie:  Here Is the Fabulous...  (Reprise R-6055(M) LP)  $15  VG/VG+  1961,co,slrw,tri-color label
152206	Cano, Eddie & Nino Tempo:  On Broadway  (Atco SD 33-184 LP)  $43  VG+/VG+  1966,soc,co,"Don't Think Twice" bob dylan song,"A Hard Day's Night" beatlesong,"King Kong","Hip Street"
147816	Carlos, Randy:  Having a Ball  (Fiesta FLP 1221(M) LP)  $28  VG/VG  195?,nude silhouette cover art,Larry Harlow,smsplt,spine split,soc
149370	Carroll, David:  Latin Percussion  (Mercury PPS 2000(M) LP)  $15  VG+/EX  195?,gfld,cover art,osw,large gold factory soc
148176	Coral Electricidad de Caracas:  Ofrenda NavideÒa  (LEC-02 LP)  $35  VG+/EX  1977,2lp,bklt
147990	Costanzo, Jack:  Afro Can-Can  (Liberty LRP 3137(M) LP)  $35  VG+/VG+  195?,sexy dancing girl cheesecake cover art
149004	Damiron, Frank & Rafael Elvira:  Danzas  (Hit Parade HPKL-067 LP)  $28  VG/VG  197?,toc,wol
146890	El Mariachi Ario de Rosales:  Las MaÒanitas en tu Dia  (Fono LPF 107 LP)  $20  VG+/VG  197?,Mexico,osw,sl h2o oc
147313	Fania All Stars:  Delicate & Jumpy  (Columbia PC 34283 LP)  $22  VG+/EX  1976,Johnny Pacheco,Ray Barretto,Bobby Valentin,Steve Winwood,Gene Page arrangements,soc
146756	Fernandez, Vicente:  Muerte de un gallero  (CBS International DML-20384 LP)  $15  VG+/VG+  1980,osw
146755	Fernandez, Vicente:  S/T  (CBS International DML-20371 LP)  $14  VG/VG+  1980,smsplt,soc,slrw
147993	Fields, Irving:  Ragtime In Latin Time  (Palace LP)  $18  VG/VG  196?,wol,sm tear oc
149720	Flores, Pedro & Daniel Santos:  Irresistible  (Decca DL 4525(M) LP)  $38  VG+/M-  196?
150104	Gatica, Lucho:  Sings  (Capitol T-10065(M) LP)  $15  VG+/VG  195?,toc
149651	Griffin, Ken:  Latin Americana  (Columbia CL 1042(M) LP)  $16  VG+/VG+  195?-6?,wlp,six eye label
153260	Hayman, Richard:  Caramba!  (Mercury SR-60103 LP)  $25  VG+/VG+  195?-6?
149513	Hayman, Richard:  Havana In Hi-Fi  (Mercury SR-60000 LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  195?,orig,conga playing lady cover art
151606	Hotel Regente:  Mexico Canta  (Hotel Regente LP)  $38  EX/M-  196?-7?,Mexico,mexico city hotel souvenir
148369	Latin Heat:  Cha Cha Cha  (Brodway 1010 LP)  $8  VG+/EX  195?-6?
153491	Light, Enoch:  Cha Cha's  (Command RS 814 SD LP)  $25  VG+/VG+  1960,gfld
153093	London, Julie:  Sings Latin in a Satin Mood  (Liberty LRP-3278(M) LP)  $75  VG+/EX  196?
147390	Lopez, Manny:  Just for You  (Indigo IND LP-02(M) LP)  $10  VG+/VG  195?,exotic cheesecake cover art
147389	Lopez, Manny:  Just for You  (Indigo IND LP-02(M) LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  195?,exotic cheesecake cover art,sol
148515	Los Amigos:  Tequila & Tacos With...  (Golden State GSR-BC-010 LP)  $8  VG/VG+  197?,split spine,los "happy gringos"
147320	Los Bribones:  S/T  (RCA Camden CFS-489(E) LP)  $30  VG+/M-  1966,re,slrw
151310	Los Dos Rebeldes:  La cancion del Chongo  (Bronco BRLP-032(M) LP)  $35  VG/VG+  196?,tejano,rw
150775	Los Incas:  Songs & Dances of Latin America  (Philips PHM 200-237(M) LP)  $20  EX/EX  196?,osw,co
147359	Los Rumberos de Cuba:  Rumba Rumbero  (Tico TR-LP-1026(M) LP)  $28  VG/VG+  1958,woc,sm smsplt
148035	Los Sonor's:  Adios Amor  (Peerless S-1615 LP)  $25  EX/VG+  1972,Mexico,osw
148034	Los Sonor's:  Sentimiente Tropical  (Peerless S-1465 LP)  $25  EX/VG+  1969,Mexico,osw
149070	Machito:  Machito Dances and Other Latin Dance Favorites  (Palace M-725(M) LP)  $15  VG/VG  196?,smsplt,wol
147996	Madeira, Jose:  Dance Band Cha Cha  (Palace PST 631 LP)  $15  EX/VG+  196?,osw
149654	Madeira, Jose:  Havana...2 A.M.  (Masterseal MSLP 5003(M) LP)  $17  EX/VG+  1957,Carlos Montoya
153317	Malando:  Tangos of the Continent  (Epic LN 3073(M) LP)  $35  VG+/VG+  196?
147266	Marimba Orquestra Gran Continental:  S/T  (Fonica SF-78213 LP)  $25  EX/VG+  1978,Guatemala,osw
148038	Monchito & his Orchestra:  Viva! Cha Cha Cha  (Fiesta FLP 1233(M) LP)  $25  VG+/VG+  195?,smsplt,sl spinewear,cover art
149764	Morales, Noro:  At the Harvest Moon Ball  (Roulette R-25045(M) LP)  $28  EX/EX  1958,osw
155499	Morales, Noro:  Merengue a la Noro  (RCA Victor LPM-1163(M) LP)  $20  VG+/EX  195?
149524	Orquestra los Hombres de EspaÒa:  Spanish Explosion  (Mainstream MMS 701 LP)  $11  EX/EX  196?,gfld
148143	Pedraza, Alvaro:  Songs from Colombia  (Intermezzo U-86814 LP)  $35  VG+/M-  197?
151048	Poco Loco Guitars Plus Brass:  Lightly Latin  (Power Apple Honey DS 401 LP)  $10  VG/VG+  196?,rw
151046	Prado, Perez:  Rockambo  (RCA Victor LPM-2308(M) LP)  $22  VG/EX  1961,smsplt
155119	Puente, Tito:  My Fair Lady Goes Latin  (Roulette SR 25276 LP)  $22  VG+/VG+  196?,woc
147191	Rico, Pedrito:  En Nueva York  (Tico TRLP-1137(M) LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  196?
155377	Rivera, Danny:  Alborada  (Top Hits TH-2108 LP)  $21  VG+/VG+  1980
155376	Rivera, Danny:  S/T  (Velvet LPVS-1481 LP)  $15  VG/VG  1974,gfld,soc,rw
147311	Rivero, Carmen:  A Bailar la Cumbia el Ritmo de Moda  (Caytronics CYS 1112(E) LP)  $18  EX/VG+  197?,osw
147995	Rizo, Marco:  That Latin Touch  (Tico TR-LP-1046(M) LP)  $18  VG/VG  196?,orig
147991	Rizzo, Joe Sextete:  Lawrence Welk Presents the Latin Beat  (Ranwood R. 8054 LP)  $10  EX/VG+  197?,osw
150822	Rodriguez, Tito:  Estoy Como Nunca  (UA Latino L 31033(M) LP)  $13  EX/VG+  1968,osw
155454	Romero, Aldemaro:  Flight to Romance  (RCA Victor LPM-1209(M) LP)  $20  VG+/VG+  1956,Panama airlines pilot & DC-6 tail section cover art,sm smsplt
150729	Ronalla Universitaria:  De la Universidad Autonoma Agraria Antonio Narro  (UAAAN 001 LP)  $35  VG+/M-  197?,Mexico
151398	Ros, Edmundo:  Arriba  (London Phase 4 SP 44080(Q) LP)  $16  VG+/EX  196?,gfld,co
148681	Ros, Edmundo:  Dance Again  (London Phase 4 SP 44015 LP)  $16  VG+/EX  196?,gfld,swobc
147016	Ros, Edmundo:  High Fi-esta  (London PS 105 LP)  $10  VG+/VG+  196?
150141	Ros, Edmundo:  Ros On Broadway  (London PS 110 LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  196?
147325	Santamaria, Mongo:  La Bamba  (Columbia CS 9175 LP)  $20  VG+/VG+  196?,orig 360 label,"Watermelon Man",dancing woman cover art,osw
153363	Santamaria, Mongo:  Summertime  (Original Jazz Classics OJC-626 LP)  $16  VG+/M-  1981,1991,re,Dizzy Gillespie,Toots Thielemans
147326	Santamaria, Mongo:  Workin on a Groovy Thing  (Columbia CS 9937 LP)  $14  VG/VG+  196?,360 label,"We Got Latin Soul","Spinning Wheel","It's Your Thing","25 Miles","Get Back" beatlesong
148204	Shaw, Milt:  Dance Along With Mitch (James Mitchell That Is)  (Hoctor HLP-3083 LP)  $28  VG+/VG+  195?-6?,dance instruction record
149615	Silva, Myrta:  Musica Instrumental de...  (Oro LP 1006 LP)  $35  EX/VG+  197?,osw,presented by Puerto Rico Telephone
151388	Strings of Rio:  Love in a Latin Mood  (Epic BF 19040 LP)  $20  VG/EX  196?,lg soc,wobc
151461	Strings of Rio:  Love in a Latin Mood  (Epic BF 19040 LP)  $20  VG/EX  196?,soc,woc,slrw
151462	Strings of Rio:  Love in a Latin Mood  (Epic BF 19040 LP)  $35  SS  196?
148932	Trio Los Soberanos:  Valses Immortales  (Accion CLP-915 LP)  $28  VG/VG+  1976,Mexico
147992	Trumpets Ole:  Con Mucho Gusto  (Decca DL 4911(M) LP)  $14  VG+/VG+  196?,wlp
148033	VA-Jugo de PiÒa:  Los Andinos,Los Pacharacos,Peter Delis,Bobby Small  (Eco E-903 LP)  $12  M-/VG+  1970,Mexico,osw,cover art
148170	VA-Let's Dance Latin! Cha Cha, Rumba, Mambo, Samba:  Tito Rodriguez,Perez Prado,Jose Gomez,Miguelito Valdez  (Design DLP-179 LP)  $11  EX/VG+  196?
152297	VA-Mariachi Mexico,Banda de Artilleria,Marimba Chiapas,Antonio Maciel,los Coyotes del Rio Bravo,la Banda de Chucho,Raul Diaz el Mago,Los Gavilanes,los CosteÒos:  Folklore de Mexico  (Musart DX 603(M) LP)  $35  VG/VG+  196?,3lp,smsplts
155176	VA-Mariachi Tenochtitlan de Heriberto Aceves,Jacinto Gatica,Marimba Nandayapa:  Musica Mexicana  (Philips 110148 LP)  $38  VG+/VG+  1968,Mexico,colorful Ser-Mel tile cover art
153318	Valdes, Miguelito:  Inolvidables  (MGM Latino LAT 10,005 LP)  $23  VG+/M-  196?,co
148938	Valente, Caterina & Edmundo Ros:  Fire and Frenzy  (London SW 99019 LP)  $15  VG/EX  195?,slrw,sobc
150198	Valente, Caterina & Edmundo Ros:  Silk 'n' Latin  (London Phase 4 SP 44125 LP)  $27  VG/VG+  196?,gfld,woc
148704	Winterhalter, Hugo:  Goes...Latin  (RCA Victor LPM-1677(M) LP)  $16  EX/M-  1959,osw,swobc
151998	Winterhalter, Hugo:  Goes...South of the Border  (RCA Victor LPM-2271(M) LP)  $17  VG/VG+  1961,wobc,cheesecake cover art


154943	AC/DC:  Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap  (Atlantic SD 16033 LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  1976,lyric sleeve
154944	AC/DC:  High Voltage  (Atco SD 36-142 LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  1976
154942	AC/DC:  Let There Be Rock  (Atco SD 36-151 LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  1977
147454	Badger:  Fierce Rock 'N' Roll  (Bagagaboo J-281 LP)  $13  EX/M-  1989,osw
155011	Black 'N Blue:  Nasty Nasty  (Geffen GHS 24111 LP)  $10  EX/VG+  1986,osw
147717	Black Sabbath:  Live At Last  (Nems BS001 LP)  $9  VG/VG+  1980,UK
154996	Bullet Boys:  S/T  (Warner Bros 9 25782-1 LP)  $6  VG+/EX  1988,slrw
155012	Coney Hatch:  Outa Hand  (Mercury 812 861 LP)  $11  VG/VG+  1983
154991	Coney Hatch:  S/T  (Mercury SRM-1-4056 LP)  $10  VG+/VG+  1982
146966	Cooper, Alice:  Flush the Fashion  (Warner Bros BSK 3436 LP)  $13  EX/VG+  1980,osw,lyric sleeve
146822	Cooper, Alice:  Prince of Darkness  (MCA R163192 LP)  $15  EX/M-  1989
149481	Cult:  Love  (Sire 25359-1 LP)  $8  VG+/EX  1985
147690	Deep Purple:  Machine Head  (Warner Bros BS 2607 LP)  $12  VG/VG  1972,gfld,palm trees label
153482	Deep Purple:  Machine Head  (Warner Bros BS 2607 LP)  $18  VG/VG+  1972,gfld,green label
147542	Deep Purple:  Made in Japan  (Warner Bros 2WS 2701 LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  1973,2lp,trees label,smsplt,slrw
146773	Deep Purple:  Powerhouse  (Purple TPS 3510 LP)  $13  VG/EX  1977,UK
150930	Deep Purple:  Who Do We Think We Are  (Purple TPSA 7508 LP)  $17  VG+/EX  1973,gfld,UK,insert,soc
147689	Deep Purple:  Who Do We Think We Are  (Warner Bros BS 2678 LP)  $11  VG+/VG  1973,gfld,lyric sheet
154925	Dio:  Holy Diver  (Warner Bros W1-23836 LP)  $9  VG+/VG+  1983
153374	Dio:  Holy Diver  (Warner Bros W1-23836 LP)  $10  EX/VG+  1983,osw
153375	Dio:  Sacred Heart  (Warner Bros 1-25292 LP)  $11  EX/EX  1985,osw
154981	Dio:  The Last In Line  (Warner Bros 1-25100 LP)  $8  VG+/VG+  1984,orig inner sleeve
155029	Dokken:  Tooth and Nail  (Elektra 60376-1 LP)  $13  VG+/M-  1984,lyric sleeve
152950	Electric Angels:  S/T  (Atlantic 82064-1 LP)  $12  VG+/M-  1990
150887	Elf:  L.A./59  (MGM M3G-4974 LP)  $14  VG/VG+  1974,co,rw,swol,Ronnie James Dio
150886	Elf:  Trying To Burn the Sun  (MGM M3G 4994 LP)  $34  VG+/EX  1975,slrw,co,swol,Ronnie James Dio
153382	Envy:  Ain't It a Sin  (Atco 90605-1 LP)  $9  VG/VG+  1987,soc,co,prst oc,Dee Snider production
154980	Europe:  Wings of Tomorrow  (Epic PE 40049 LP)  $8  EX/EX  1984,osw
152056	Frehley's Comet:  S/T  (Atlantic/Megaforce 81749 LP)  $25  SS  1987,sost "Into the Night",ace frehley guitarist of kiss
147021	Frehley's Comet:  Second Sighting  (Megaforce Worldwide/Atlantic 81862-1 LP)  $10  VG+/EX  1988,lyric sleeve,co,ace frehley of kiss
149030	Giuffria:  S/T  (MCA 5524 LP)  $6  VG+/EX  1984,lyric sleeve
154969	Iron Maiden:  Somewhere In Time  (Capitol SJ-12524 LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  1986,lyric sleeve,dmm
155030	Krokus:  Alive and Screamin'  (Arista AL-8445 LP)  $11  VG+/M-  1986
154941	Krokus:  Change of Address  (Arista AL8-8402 LP)  $6  VG+/EX  1986,co,lyric sleeve
154940	Krokus:  The Blitz  (Arista AL8-8243 LP)  $6  VG+/EX  1984,lyric sleeve
154926	Loudness:  Soldier of Fortune  (Atco 91283 LP)  $11  VG+/EX  1989
153438	Manikin Laff:  S/T  (Red Light RLR 8347 LP)  $25  EX/EX  1990,osw
153373	Marchello:  Destiny  (CBS Associated Z 45096 LP)  $13  VG+/EX  1989,prst obc
153986	M–tley Cr¸e:  Girls Girls Girls  (Elektra 60725-1 LP)  $16  VG+/VG+  1987,wlp,co,soc,audiophile
152963	Prophet:  S/T   (Total Experience TEL6-5709 LP)  $8  VG/EX  1985
152953	Q5:  When the Mirror Cracks  (Mercury 832 728-1 LP)  $5  VG/EX  1986,djl,prst oc,lyric sleeve,sost "Livin' On the Borderline"
154985	Quiet Riot:  Metal Health  (Pasha PZ 38443 LP)  $10  EX/EX  1983,osw,sost "Cum On Feel the Noize"
147619	Rage:  S/T  (Carrere/Mirage WTG 19310 LP)  $13  VG+/M-  1981,djts oc,prst obc
154968	Ratt:  S/T  (Music for Nations MFN 2 LP)  $7  VG+/VG+  1983,UK,soc,sost "You're In Trouble"
153433	Ringleader:  If Licks Could Kill  (Statue SLP-5010 LP)  $75  EX/EX  1989,osw,insert
148657	Ryan, Jimmy:  Finally  (Feedback FBK 1737 LP)  $12  EX/M-  1989,osw
152968	Salas, Stevie:  Colorcode  (Island 91303-1 LP)  $13  VG+/M-  1990,Bill Laswell,co,sost "The Harder They Come",prst obc
155013	Schenker, Michael Group:  MSG  (Chrysalis CHR 1336 LP)  $7  VG/EX  1981
147718	Scorpions:  Best of Scorpions  (RCA Victor AFL1-3516 LP)  $7  VG/VG  1979,rw
147688	Scorpions:  Tokyo Tapes  (RCA Victor CPL2-3039 LP)  $7  VG/VG+  1978,2lp,rw
148457	Smack:  Rattlesnake Bite  (Cityboy CITYLP 5 LP)  $18  VG+/EX  1985,Finland
147714	UFO:  Lights Out  (Chrysalis CHR-1127 LP)  $7  VG/VG  1977,rw
146778	UFO:  The Wild, the Willing & the Innocent  (Chrysalis CHE 1307 LP)  $7  VG/VG  1981,co
150011	VA-Rods,Twisted Sister,Stampede,Starfighters,Anvil,Brian Johnson & Geordie,Praying Mantis,Krokus,Lautrec,Girlschool:  Steel Crazy  (Abstract AABT 200 LP)  $19  VG+/VG+  1982,France
149625	Williams, Wendy O.:  WOW  (Music for Nations/Passport MFNP 24 LP)  $45  VG+  1984,UK,picture disc,Gene Simmons,Ace Frehley,Paul Stanley KISS members,no cover


149737	Bass, Kenny & his Polka Poppers:  The Top Million Polka Sellers  (Roulette SR 25165 LP)  $12  EX/EX  196?,osw
150335	Bavarian Fun Maker Band:  S/T  (HBR 1201 LP)  $17  VG+/VG+  197?
147818	Bell Hops:  New Polkas for You  (Jay Jay LP-1096(M) LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  196?,osw
149205	Chmielewski Brothers Orchestra:  Chemielewski Funtime  (C CRLP 101 LP)  $12  EX/EX  197?,osw
148583	Chmielewski Funtime Gang:  Happiness Is When You're Smiling  (C CRLP 103 LP)  $18  SS  197?,Minnesota state senator
148658	Contino, Dick:  Polka Time  (Mercury SR 60055 LP)  $25  SS  196?
148096	Czech Buttoneers:  Studnicka Kucera Fortik Coufal  (Ray Ray RRSLP 3005 LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  197?
150589	Debonaires:  S/T  (Crystal 4000-1 LP)  $15  EX/EX  197?
150619	Dorschner, Ray's Rainbow Valley Dutchmen:  What's New In Rainbow Valley?  (Mark MC-4590 LP)  $12  EX/EX  197?,osw
150298	Floren, Myron:  Come Dance With Me  (Brunswick BL 54032(M) LP)  $17  VG+/VG+  195?-6?
154376	Footstompers:  You Guys Still Here?  (Hybrid 91180 LP)  $15  VG+/EX  1980,autographed obc,slrw
148765	H & H Polka Nutz:  Gibbon Polka Festival Special  (Little Crow LCS 2417 LP)  $12  VG+/EX  196?-7?
148767	Helget, Johnny & his Band:  S/T  (Red Rose RR-1022 LP)  $10  VG+/EX  1980?
146875	Hodnik, Rudy:  Dance-Dance-Dance  (KL Recording KLP-115 LP)  $18  SS  1981
151348	Hofer, Kenny:  I Love to Dance  (Four Leaf Clover FLC-LP-008 LP)  $14  EX/M-  1984,osw
151612	Hofer, Kenny:  Let's Go Dancing  (Four Leaf Clover FLC-LP-004 LP)  $13  EX/EX  1978,osw
146788	Justy & the Keybenders:  Goodie's Out Behind the Barn  (KL Recording KLP-32(Q) LP)  $33  VG+/EX  197?,quadraphonic,private label,swoc,cover art
148914	Kapela S Pekla Band from Hell:  Sprostota (Dirty - Foul - Nasty - Vulgar - X-Rated)  (Micste MSLP 9004 LP)  $25  EX/VG+  197?,devil cover art,osw
148499	Kowalski, Frank & his Polka Men:  Who Stole the Keeshka & Other Polkas  (Diplomat 2292(M) LP)  $8  EX/EX  196?,osw,keeshka thief cover art
149539	Kupnicki, Mike:  Ukrainian Songs With Myron  (UK UKS-5026 LP)  $25  SS  1975,Canada
150088	Li'l Wally:  Unforgettable Hits by the Great...  (Jay Jay 5134 LP)  $18  VG+/VG+  196?,autographed oc
148094	Lush, Marion:  Greatest Waltzes  (Dyno DSLP 5009 LP)  $9  VG+/VG  197?
148568	Matys Brothers:  Who Stole the Keeshka?  (Select SL 1107(M) LP)  $11  VG/VG+  196?,sm tears oc,soc
154254	Mrozinski Brothers Aleatoric Ensemble:  Here We Are  (Aleatoric A-1001 LP)  $15  VG/VG+  197?,rw,soc
148112	Perkovich, Fr. Frank:  More Songs & Hymns from the Polka Mass  (Sound 80 S80-1370S LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  197?,insert,spinewear
154399	Perkovich, Fr. Frank:  Songs & Hymns from the Polka Mass  (Sound 80 S80-665 LP)  $18  SS  197?
148766	Pikal, Wally:  S/T  (Red Rose 1004 LP)  $7  EX/M-  197?
148771	Polka Padre:  Happy Polka Sounds  (Gabriel GR 5002 LP)  $12  EX/EX  197?,osw
148768	Polka Padre:  Polka Hop Favorites  (Recar RCS 2074 LP)  $11  VG+/EX  197?
148770	Polka Padre:  Polka With the Padre  (Recar RCS 2071 LP)  $11  VG+/EX  197?
148769	Polka Padre:  S/T  (Polka City PC 106 LP)  $11  VG+/EX  197?
148093	Soyka, Al:  51 Polka Favorites  (Musicor MS3024 LP)  $9  VG+/VG  196?
148217	Stanky & his Pennsylvania Coal Miners Polka Band:  S/T  (Stella S-LP 952 LP)  $8  EX/VG  196?,osw
151489	Stratton Mountain Boys:  Oktoberfest With...  (Strattco  LP)  $23  SS  196?-7?,"the singing ski instructors from austria",osw,smsplt
151488	Stratton Mountain Boys:  Tirolean Evening at Stratton Mountain  (Strattco  LP)  $23  SS  196?-7?,"the singing ski instructors from austria",osw,smsplt
153972	Sturtz, Howie:  Let's Go Dancing  (Cuca KS-2141 LP)  $13  VG+/EX  197?,soc,old fashioned car with trailer cover art
151596	Ulch, Eddie & the Jolly Bohemians:  Roll Out the Barrel!  (Audio Design AD48013 LP)  $13  EX/EX  197?,osw
149364	VA-Frankie Yankovic,Six Fat Dutchmen,Myron Floren,Whoopee John:  Polkas Polkas Polkas Happy Birthday  (Polka City PC-1009 LP)  $10  EX/VG+  197?,osw,wol
148773	VA-Polka Padre,Elmer Scheid,Lavern & her Starlites,Katzenjamers,Redbirds,Bernie Roberts,Nesgoda's Naturals,Graniteers,Ivan Kahle,Deutschmeisters:  Polka's Golden Goodies  (Recar Vol. 27 LP)  $9  VG+/EX  197?,slrw
148098	Voelker, Jerry & the Jolly Gents:  Green Bay's Greatest!  (JV-426 LP)  $13  EX/EX  19?-8?,osw
148764	Wendinger, Peter & Paul:  Twin Concertina  (Lodestar LP 12142 LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  196?,slrw
150554	Wilfahrt, "Whoopee" John:  No Beer In Heaven  (Decca DL 74801 LP)  $13  SS  196?,co,seal partially open
150117	Witucki, Dan & the Music Masters:  Dance Hall Special  (Jo-Al SLP-1025 LP)  $12  VG+/EX  197?
148095	Witucki, Dan & the Music Masters:  Deutsche Schallplatten  (Jo-Al 23984 LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  197?
151218	Yankovic, Frank:  A Yankovic Dance Party  (RCA ANL1-1922 LP)  $15  SS  1976
153788	Yankovic, Frank:  Favorite Polkas  (ABC ABCD-873 LP)  $14  EX/EX  1975,osw
149329	Yankovic, Frankie:  The Dancincest Polkas Around  (Harmony KH 32431 LP)  $10  EX/VG+  1973,osw
150195	Yankovic, Frankie:  Who Stole the Keeshka?  (Columbia CS 8801 LP)  $11  VG+/EX  1963,360 label
148772	Z.C.B.J. Teen Polka Band:  S/T  (Czech SCR 24 LP)  $13  EX/M-  197?,osw
151741	Zahara, Jerry's Happy Stars:  20th Anniversary Album  (Bel-Aire LP4071 LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  1989
147052	Zima, Eddie:  Zima Favorites  (Jay Jay JJLP 1046(M) LP)  $12  EX/VG+  196?,osw


147654	Adverts:  Cast of Thousands  (RCA Victor PL 25246 LP)  $45  VG+/EX  1979,UK,lyric insert
147455	Altered Images:  Happy Birthday  (Portrait FR 37738 LP)  $9  VG+/VG+  1981,prst obc,slrw
147613	Altered Images:  Pinky Blue  (Epic EPC 85665 LP)  $9  VG+/EX  1982,UK,sost "See Those Eyes",orig inner sleeve
147047	Angelhair:  Insect Mortality  (Gravity LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  1994,San Diego screamo/hardcore,insert,45 rpm
147650	Bators, Stiv:  Disconnected  (Bomp! 4015 LP)  $40  VG/EX  1980,orig,inserts,sm tears oc
154026	Bauhaus:  1979-1983  (Beggars Banquet BEGA 64 LP)  $15  VG+/VG  1985,UK,2lp,soc,orig inner sleeves
151631	Blondie:  Autoamerican  (Chrysalis CHE 1290 LP)  $9  VG+/VG+  1980
154976	Bow Wow Wow:  I Want Candy   (RCA Victor AFL1-4375 LP)  $11  VG+/EX  1982,lyric sleeve
147642	Bush Tetras:  Rituals  (Stiff TEES-12-07 LP)  $21  VG/VG+  1981,45rpm,4-track ep,tears oc
148437	Buzzcocks:  Singles Going Steady  (IRS SP-0001 LP)  $23  VG+/EX  1979,orig inner sleeve,sol
148656	Cars:  Door To Door  (Elektra 60747-1 LP)  $6  VG+/EX  1987,co,audiophile,wlp,"You are the Girl"
148788	Cars:  Panorama  (Elektra 5E-514 LP)  $5  EX/VG+  1980,osw,lyric sleeve
147640	Clark, Anne:  Joined Up Writing  (Ink MINK 5 LP)  $9  EX/VG  1984,UK
147641	Clark, Anne:  The Sitting Room  (Red Flame RFM 10 LP)  $11  EX/EX  1982,UK
152967	Clash:  Combat Rock  (Epic FE 37689 LP)  $10  VG+/EX  1982,lyric sleeve
147638	Continentals:  Fizz Pop (Modern Rock)  (Epic/Nu Disk 3E 36452 LP)  $15  VG+/EX  1979,10 inch lp
154309	Controlled Bleeding:  Headcrack  (Sterile SR11 LP)  $35  EX/EX  1986,UK,industrial
153404	Costello, Elvis:  Armed Forces  (Columbia JC 35709 LP)  $9  EX/EX  1978,osw
147677	Cure:  Boys Don't Cry  (PVC 7916 LP)  $23  VG+/VG+  1980,sol
153987	Cure:  Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me  (Elektra 9 60737-1 LP)  $14  VG+/VG+  1987,2lp,soc,lyric sleeves
153988	Cure:  Standing On A Beach - The Singles  (Elektra 9 60477-1 LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  1986,gfld,soc,comp of early singles!!
147652	Damned:  Machine Gun Etiquette  (Chiswick CWK 3011 LP)  $22  VG+/M-  1979,UK,orig inner sleeve
153376	Depeche Mode:  101  (Sire 1-25853 LP)  $14  VG+/VG+/EX  1989,2lp,bklt
149646	Depeche Mode:  People are People  (Sire 25124 LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  1984
152951	Devo:  New Traditionalists  (Warner Bros BSK 3595 LP)  $13  VG+/EX  1981,poster,45,merch sleeve
148427	Die Warzau:  Disco Rigido  (Fiction 841 251-1 LP)  $12  EX/EX  1989,industrial
147363	Durutti Column:  Say What You Mean Mean What You Say  (Factory FAC 114 LP)  $21  VG+/EX  1985,UK,six-track ep
149640	Echo & the Bunnymen:  S/T  (Sire 1-23987 LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  1983,5-track mini-lp
148445	English Beat:  I Just Can't Stop It  (Sire SRK 6091 LP)  $10  VG/VG+  1980,inner sleeve,tears oc
148468	Flying Lizards:  S/T  (Virgin VA 13137 LP)  $15  VG/VG+  1979,tears oc,co
149638	Gang of Four:  Hard  (Warner Bros 1-23936 LP)  $12  VG+/EX  1983,lyric sleeve
148415	Generation X:  Kiss Me Deadly  (Chrysalis CHR 1327 LP)  $15  VG/VG+  1981,UK
153993	Generation X:  S/T  (Chrysalis CHR-1169 LP)  $13  VG/VG+  1978,soc
147644	Heaven 17:  Penthouse & Pavement  (B.E.F./Virgin V2208 LP)  $8  VG/VG+  1981,UK,sm tears oc
147441	Hoffman, Mark & the Rabble:  Leps and Other New Words  (M-80 M-801 LP)  $25  VG+/EX  1980,lyric sleeve
155543	Human League:  Fascination  (A&M LP)  $8  VG+/EX  1981
154977	Human Sexual Response:  In a Roman Mood  (Passport PB 6012 LP)  $15  EX/EX  1981,lyric sleeve
148446	Idol, Billy:  Whiplash Smile  (Chrysalis OV 41514 LP)  $9  EX/M-  1986,inner sleeve
149462	In 3-D:  No Glasses Needed  (Refuge R84034 LP)  $13  VG/EX  1985,insert
153000	Inmates:  First Offence  (Polydor PD 1 6241 LP)  $12  VG+/EX  1979,wlp,prst obc
148715	Interview:  S/T  (Virgin VA 13141 LP)  $7  VG+/EX  1980
148994	Jackson, Joe:  Look Sharp!  (A&M SP 3666 LP)  $20  VG+/VG+/EX  1979,10 inch lp's,2lp,no button
149655	Jam:  Sound Affects  (Polydor PD-1-6315 LP)  $14  VG+/VG+  1980,soc
147546	Jam:  This is the Modern World  (Polydor PD-1-6129 LP)  $12  VG/VG  1977
147645	Japan:  Tin Drum  (Virgin V2209 LP)  $18  EX/EX  1981,UK,poster
148476	Jesus & Mary Chain:  Psychocandy  (Reprise 25383-1 LP)  $17  VG+/EX  1985,orig inner sleeve
155419	Jupp, Mickey:  Shampoo Haircut & Shave  (A&M AMLH 68559 LP)  $18  VG+/VG+  1983,Netherlands
148429	Laibach:  Nova Akropola  (Cherry Red BRED 67 LP)  $15  EX/EX  1985,France,lyric sleeve,industrial
148403	Lane, Robin & the Chartbusters:  Imitation Life  (Warner Bros BSK 3537 LP)  $12  VG+/EX  1981
148417	Lane, Robin & the Chartbusters:  S/T  (Warner Bros BSK 3424 LP)  $8  VG+/EX  1980,lyric sleeve,"When Things Go Wrong"
154306	Levene, Keith:  2011-Back Too Black  (Iridescence I-54 LP)  $18  VG+/VG+  1987,white wax,45 rpm,ex-PIL member,soc
153980	Love & Rockets:  Earth Sun Moon  (Big Time 6058-1-B LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  1987,soc
148471	Love & Rockets:  Express  (Big Time 6011-1-B LP)  $10  EX/EX  1986
148474	Love & Rockets:  Seventh Dream of Teenage Heaven  (Beggars Banquet BEGA 66 LP)  $15  EX/EX  1985,UK,gfld
147646	Lunch, Lydia:  13.13  (Ruby JRR 806 LP)  $25  VG+/EX  1982,lyric sleeve,merch insert
148450	Martha & the Muffins:  Mystery Walk  (Current WAVE-3 LP)  $11  EX/VG+  1984,Canada,lyric sleeve
148433	Martha & the Muffins:  Trance and Dance  (Dindisc 202 837 LP)  $10  VG/VG+  1980,Germany,lyric sleeve,tears oc
148454	Miami, Lou & the Kozmetix:  S/T  (Modern Method MM 019 LP)  $65  VG+/EX  1982,6 song EP,lyric sleeve,has a gradual warp - nap
147681	Myrick, Gary & the Figures:  S/T  (Epic NJE 36524 LP)  $18  VG+/VG+  1980,lyric sleeve,slrw
148409	Numan, Gary & Tubeway Army:  Replicas  (Atco SD 38-117 LP)  $15  VG+/M-  1979,lyric sleeve,sm tears obc
153981	Peace Corpse:  Terror of History  (Toxic Shock TXMLP-05 LP)  $25  VG+/VG+  1986,soc,insert
148413	Pop, Iggy:  Blah Blah Blah  (A&M SP-5145 LP)  $11  EX/EX  1986,lyric sleeve
147321	Pop, Iggy:  Choice Cuts  (RCA Victor AFL1-4957 LP)  $13  VG+/EX  1984,co
148411	Pop, Iggy:  Lust for Life  (RCA Victor AFL1-2488 LP)  $16  VG/VG+  1977,co
148412	Pop, Iggy:  New Values  (Arista AB 4237 LP)  $14  VG+/VG+  1979,sm tears obc
154041	Professionals:  I Didn't See It Coming  (Virgin V 2220 LP)  $18  VG/VG  1981,soc,Steve Jones & Paul Cook of the Sex Pistols
149644	Psychedelic Furs:  Forever Now  (Columbia ARC 38261 LP)  $5  VG+/VG+  1982
154039	Psychedelic Furs:  Forever Now  (Columbia ARC 38261 LP)  $5  VG+/VG+  1982,soc
154040	Psychedelic Furs:  Mirror Moves  (Columbia C 39278 LP)  $5  VG/VG+  1984,soc
148442	Psychedelic Furs:  Mirror Moves  (Columbia C 39278 LP)  $7  VG+/EX  1984
147643	Public Image Ltd.:  Flowers of Romance  (Warner Bros BSK 3536 LP)  $18  VG+/VG+  1981
154032	Public Image Ltd.:  Happy?  (Virgin 1-90642 LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  1987,lyric sleeve,soc
154035	Public Image Ltd.:  Paris In the Spring  (Virgin V 2183 LP)  $15  VG+/VG+  1980,UK,soc
154036	Public Image Ltd.:  Second Edition  (Warner Bros 2WX 3288 LP)  $23  VG+/VG+  1979,2lp,soc,re of "metal box"
149543	Public Image Ltd.:  This Is What You Want...This Is What You Get  (Elektra 60365-1 LP)  $6  VG+/VG  1984,soc
154034	Public Image Ltd.:  This Is What You Want...This Is What You Get  (Elektra 60365-1 LP)  $7  VG+/VG+  1984,soc
155469	Ramones:  Leave Home  (Sire SR 6031 LP)  $20  VG+/EX  1977,lyric sleeve,"Sheena Is a Punk Rocker" repackage
152169	Raunchettes:  S/T  (Bomp! 4026 LP)  $15  EX/EX  1987,5-track ep,osw,insert,45rpm
147639	Reds:  S/T  (A&M SP-3301 LP)  $15  VG+/EX  1979,ten inch,4-track ep
150868	Rockats:  Make That Move  (RCA Victor MFL1-8507 LP)  $18  EX/EX  1983,mini lp
152957	Rubinoos:  Back to the Drawing Board!  (Beserkley JBZ-0061 LP)  $18  VG+/EX  1979,co
149798	Rubinoos:  S/T  (Beserkley JBZ 0051 LP)  $9  VG+/VG+  1977,power pop
148420	Saints:  (I'm) Stranded  (Sire SR 6039 LP)  $35  VG+/EX  1977,orig,co,swoc
147506	Schilling, Peter:  The Different Story (World of Lust & Crime)  (Elektra 60863-1 LP)  $17  VG+/EX  1989,co,wlp,prst obc
152460	Screams:  S/T  (Infinity INF 9009 LP)  $9  VG/EX  1979,djts oc,prst oc,soc,power-pop
148408	Secret Affair:  Glory Boys  (Sire SRK 6089 LP)  $15  VG+/M-  1978,lyric sleeve,sl wear ol
148452	Selecter:  Celebrate the Bullet  (Chrysalis CHR 1306 LP)  $11  VG+/EX  1981
154029	Sex Pistols:  Never Mind the Bollocks Here's the...  (Virgin OVED 136 LP)  $24  VG+/EX  1977,UK,osw
150879	Sex Pistols:  Never Mind the Bollocks Here's the...  (Warner Bros  BSK 3147 LP)  $22  VG+/VG+  1977,orig sleeve,orig label,swol,co
147401	Shelley, Pete:  Heaven and the Sea  (Mercury 830-004-1 LP)  $5  VG/M-  1986,"On Your Own",buzzcocks member,soc
153377	Shoes:  Boomerang  (Elektra 60146 LP)  $17  EX/EX  1982,osw
148428	Siouxsie & the Banshees:  Kaleidoscope  (Polydor 2442 177 LP)  $19  VG/EX  1980,UK,tears oc,sost "Happy House"
148479	Siouxsie & the Banshees:  Tinderbox  (Geffen GHS 24092 LP)  $15  VG+/M-  1986,lyric sleeve
148410	Skafish:  S/T  (Illegal XSP-008 LP)  $15  VG/EX  1980,lyric sleeve,rw
155497	Split Enz:  Waiata  (A&M SP-4848 LP)  $18  SS  1981
153380	Stride, Pete & John Plain:  New Guitars In Town  (Beggars Banquet BEGA 17 LP)  $27  VG/VG+  1980,UK,toc,sm tear oc,co
149459	Surf Punks:  My Beach  (Epic PE 36500 LP)  $4  VG/VG+  1980,soc
151157	Talking Heads:  Fear of Music  (Sire SRK 6076 LP)  $12  VG+/EX  1979,orig raised cover,lyric sleeve
154998	Taxxi:  Day For Night  (Fantasy F-9603 LP)  $11  VG+/EX  1980,lyric sleeve
150880	Tokyos:  S/T  (Dusty Roads GBK0005 LP)  $75  VG+  1979,orig,ten inch,six-track ep,red wax,"Party Dress",clear vinyl sleeve with stickers,San Diego DIY,45rpm
147672	Tonio K.:  Life In the Foodchain  (Full Moon/Epic JE 35545 LP)  $7  VG/VG+  1978,lyric sleeve,tear oc
147655	Tuff Darts:  S/T  (Sire SRK 6048 LP)  $15  VG/VG  1978,lyric sleeve,spinewear
149649	Ultravox:  The Collection  (Chrysalis FV 41490 LP)  $9  VG+/VG+  1985,soc
150877	Uniform Choice:  Screaming for Change  (Wishingwell WW3 LP)  $23  VG+/EX  1986,orig,California straight-edge,inserts
148426	VA-Animal Liberation:  Nina Hagen,Lene Lovich,Attrition,Chris & Cosey,Colourfield,Luc Van Acker,Shriekback,Captain Sensible,Howard Jones  (Wax Trax WAX 025 LP)  $15  EX/M-  1987,co,inserts
147723	VA-LongBow Project 001:  Thoughts of Ionesco,Gyga,Wallside,Pinko,Roman Invasion Suite,Jihad,Dryeve,Acariasis,Quixote  (LongBow 001 LP)  $13  VG+/M-  1997,michigan hardcore comp,sm tear oc,bklt
149978	VA-Magazine,Split Enz,Yellow Magic Orchestra,Spizzles,Live Wire,Rupert Hine,Nine Below Zero,Chuck Mangioe,:  Foreplay #42  (A&M SP-17150 LP)  $27  VG+/EX  1981,promo-only sampler
153725	VA-Nick Lowe,Wreckless Eric,Elvis Costello,Ian Dury,Larry Wallis:  Stiffs Live  (Stiff STF 0001 LP)  $14  VG+/VG+  1978,wlp,co
154855	VA-Nick Lowe,Wreckless Eric,Elvis Costello,Ian Dury,Larry Wallis,Larry Wallis:  Live Stiffs  (MFP 50445 LP)  $17  VG+/EX  1978,UK
154826	VA-Wasps,Mean Street,NEO,Bernie Torme,Art Attacks,Suspects,Maniacs:  Live at the Vortex, Vol. 1  (Vortex NEL 6013 LP)  $25  VG/VG  1977,UK
154038	Vicious, Sid:  Sid Sings  (Virgin V 2144 LP)  $12  VG/VG  1979,UK,orig inner sleeve,sost,soc
150878	Vicious, Sid:  Sid Sings  (Virgin V 2144 LP)  $20  VG/EX  1979,UK,orig inner sleeve,sost,tears obc
154997	Wall of Voodoo:  Call of the West  (IRS SP-70026 LP)  $9  VG/VG+  1982,"Mexican Radio",sticker wear oc
147622	Warren, Paul & Explorer:  One of the Kids  (RSO RS-1-3076 LP)  $5  VG+/EX  1980,wlp,lyric sleeve,soc
152468	Werner, David:  S/T  (Epic JE 36126 LP)  $10  VG+/M-  1979,wlp,prst obc
147440	Wilk, Scott & the Walls:  S/T  (Warner Bros BSK 3460 LP)  $7  VG+/EX  1980,lyric sleeve,co,slrw
147678	X:  Los Angeles  (Slash SR-104 LP)  $38  VG+/EX  1980,orig 1st press,lyric sleeve,sm tears obc
151154	XTC:  Black Sea  (Virgin/RSO VR-1-1000 LP)  $14  EX/M-  1980,bag intact,lyric sleeve
152505	Yachts:  S.O.S.  (Polydor PD-1-6220 LP)  $14  VG+/EX  1979,wlp,prst obc
155092	Yage:  The Human Head Too Strong for Itself  (Code of Ethics COE-05 LP)  $10  EX/VG+  199?-200?,Germany,ten inch lp,gfld,bklt,emo/hardcore
148425	Youth & Ben Watkins:  The Empty Quarter  (Illuminated AMA 24 LP)  $21  VG+/VG+  1986,UK,sl spinewear,Killing Joke members


146753	Allen, Fred:  Vintage Radio Broadcasts  (Mar-Bren Sound MBR 741 LP)  $8  M-/EX  197?,osw
153068	Allen, Steve:  A Season of Hope  (SandCastles International 1088/10M LP)  $12  SS  1988,christmas & mlk day radio spots
148673	Capitol Production Music Series:  Christmas Supplement Record No. 2  (Capitol PMS 2 LP)  $30  VG/VG  196?,promo-only,production music for radio/tv,heavy toc,smsplt
152398	Channing, Carol (host):  Music You Can't Forget Episodes 53-65  (Social Security GSS-CC-53-65 LP)  $38  VG/M-  197?,7lp box,series of 15 minute radio shows produced by the social security administration,with streisand,liza minnelli,sammy davis jr,peggy lee,sinatra,andrews sisters,ella fitzgerald,cab calloway,fred astaire,belafonte,rw,soc
151238	Great Gildersleeve ORB:  A Broken Window / Gildy Sells Opera Tickets  (Golden Age GA 5024 LP)  $18  EX/EX  1978,osw
147750	Herlihy, Ed:  Ready: Marine Corps Reserve  (Marine Corps 1 LP)  $35  VG+/VG+  195?,radio psa's,military
151509	Herman, Lenny:  Just a Minute  (SESAC PA-211/212(M) LP)  $43  VG/M-  195?-6?,radio spots,soc,"One minute instrumentals ideal for the creative production man"
155358	International Lutheran Laymen's League:  Care+Full Life Spots  ( LP)  $25  VG+  1987,radio psa's,no cover
152027	Lone Ranger:  Adventures of the Lone Ranger  (Decca DL 75125(E) LP)  $18  VG+/EX  1957,196?,re,co
151590	Muscle Beach Party / Labonza:    (Radio a la Carte RALC-63-29 / Mark Century MBPL-1001 LP)  $175  EX  1963,silly surfer 30-second radio shows,plain stock cover
153849	National Lampoon:  Fraze at the Flicks 10/31/88  (Premier Radio Networks LP)  $18  VG+/EX  1988,radio segments,cue sheet
153084	Powell, Dick:  As Richard Diamond  (Command Performance LP-6 LP)  $28  EX/EX  196?,osw
151594	Star Begotten:  Original Cast  (Radio Canada International RE 1279 LP)  $75  VG+/M-  1980,Canada,2lp,outer-space radio musical
151591	Telephone Riddles:    (Radio a la Carte RALC-63-19 / Mark Century TR-1008 LP)  $55  EX  1963,radio spots,plain stock cover
155090	The Shadow:  Tomb of Terror/Tenor With The Broken Voice  (Golden Age 5001(M) LP)  $9  VG+/VG+  197?,Orson Welles
148384	VA-66 Flashbacks:  Frank Sinatra,Orson Welles,Batman,Dick Tracy,Babe Ruth,Abbott & Costello,Jack Benny,WC Fields  (Telecast Marketing PCA 5001 LP)  $15  SS  1973,2lp,orb
152068	VA-Russ Morgan,Julie London,Si Zentner,Mitch Miller,Doris Day,Bing Crosby,De Castro Sisters,Rosemary Cloonery,Carpenters,Johnnie Ray:  The Great Sounds Nov 9 1984  (The United Stations  LP)  $25  VG+/EX  1984,4lp,radio show with music,interviews & commercials,cue sheet inserts,swoc
153691	VA-Southside Johnny,Carolyne Mas,Q Brothers,John Long,Rusty Black:  The Ultimate Radio Bootleg Special Southeast Edition  (Mercury MK-106 LP)  $15  VG+/EX  1979,"Disco Sucks"
148570	VA-Wolfman Jack XERB 1966,Gary Taylor K101 1979,Joe Garagiola & Vin Scully,WENW 1985,Baby Boom Jingle Package KXGO 1983:  Cash Box Ultimate Radio Bootleg Vol. VI  (Cash Box/MCA L33-17086 LP)  $18  VG+/VG+  1986,djl
148162	Viken, Howard:  In a Holiday Mood  (Personality Products S80-178-1781S LP)  $28  VG/VG  196?-7?,woc,christmas,wcco minneapolis dj
147159	Welles, Orson:  War of the Worlds  (Evolution 4001(E) LP)  $11  VG+/EX  196?-7?,2lp,orig 1938 radio broadcast
147174	Welles, Orson:  War of the Worlds  (Longines Symphonette 4001(E) LP)  $9  VG+/EX  196?-7?,slrw,orig 1938 radio broadcast
147158	Welles, Orson:  War of the Worlds  (Manheim Fox MF 201/2 LP)  $18  VG+/EX  1978,2lp,orig 1938 radio broadcast


147318	Altieri, Pedrito:  The Steel Band With A Dancing Rhythm  (MarVelA LP 79(M) LP)  $23  EX/VG+  197?,Puerto Rico,osw
155087	Bonaparte, Bill:  And the Steel Drum  (ESL 001 LP)  $18  VG/EX  197?,autographed obc,rw
147298	Calypso Joe:  S/T  (Tiger SLP-001 LP)  $25  VG+/M-  196?-7?,Jamaica
147193	Cliff, Jimmy:  The Power and the Glory  (Columbia 38986-S1 LP)  $20  SS  1983,sost "Reggae Night"
152695	Cliff, Jimmy:  Unlimited  (Reprise MS 2147 LP)  $20  EX/VG+  1973,gfld
152915	Cliff, Jimmy:  Wonderful World, Beautiful People  (A&M SP-4251 LP)  $15  VG+/EX  1970,silver label re
153175	Dekker, Desmond:  Israelites  (Uni 73059 LP)  $14  VG/VG+  1969,rw,co
147497	Despers Steel Orchestra:  Bach Sibelius Rossini Performed By...  (Laventille CO 3180 LP)  $12  VG/VG+  197?
147317	East Wind:  Down By the River  (Wilderness International JRC 83008 LP)  $35  SS  197?-8?,cincinnati band
147299	Esso Steel Band:  On Top  (O.U.R. LP-1000 LP)  $18  VG+/VG+  197?,autographed obc
147358	I-tal:  S/T  (I-tal ITES-1001 LP)  $15  VG+/VG+  1981,soc,merch insert,cleveland band
155412	Jamaican All Stars:  S/T  (RCA Victor LSP-3804 LP)  $21  EX/EX  1967,ocs,steel band,"Yesterday" beatlesong
147617	Jr. Demus:  Bad Fowl  (Luke PR211-1 LP)  $13  VG+/M-  1994,wlp,co
148974	Kalyan:  S/T  (MCA 2245 LP)  $8  VG/VG+  1977,co,smsplt
155177	Kalyan:  Trini-Vibes  (MCA 2296 LP)  $9  VG/VG+  1977,co,soca,rw
150765	Kwame:  Follow I  (Polydor PD-1-6310 LP)  $18  VG/EX  1980,prst oc,rw
147210	Marley, Bob & the Wailers:  Confrontation  (Island 90085-1 LP)  $10  VG/VG+  1983,gfld,prst oc,djts oc,stains oc
152662	Marley, Bob & the Wailers:  Early Music Featuring Peter Tosh  (Calla ZX 34760 LP)  $18  VG/EX  1977,smsplt,wobc,60s ska recordings
152674	Marley, Bob & the Wailers:  Exodus  (Island ILPS-9498 LP)  $18  VG+/VG+  1977,orig inner sleeve
153650	Marley, Bob & the Wailers:  Kaya  (Island ILPS 9517 LP)  $18  VG+/EX  1978,poster (has crease & tackholes)
148206	Marley, Bob & the Wailers:  S/T  (AR 30004 LP)  $45  VG+  197?-8?,Denmark,picture disc,clear vinyl sleeve
153644	Marley, Bob & the Wailers:  Survival  (Island ILPS 9542 LP)  $14  VG+/EX  1979,lyric sleeve
153643	Marley, Bob & the Wailers:  The Birth of a Legend  (Calla PZ 34759 LP)  $13  VG+/EX  1977,Studio One ska material,Peter Tosh
152921	Nash, Johnny:  I Can See Clearly Now  (Epic KE 31607 LP)  $6  VG/EX  1972,"Stir It Up"
147421	Nash, Johnny:  I Can See Clearly Now  (Epic KE 31607 LP)  $7  VG+/EX  1972
146866	Papa I-Ston & the Ronkers:  Vanity Lovers / The Struggling Man Returns  (I-Ston 1X605 LP)  $12  VG+/EX  197?-8?,slrw
155240	Real Thing Steel Band:  Clayhouse Inn Presents  (Edmar ELPS 1111 LP)  $11  EX/EX  197?,Canada,osw
151163	Rebel Rockers:  S/T  (Rockafari LP)  $15  VG+/VG+  198?,5-track ep,soc
147319	Richards, Lad's Calypso Orchestra:  Calypso Mama  (Art ALP-17(M) LP)  $33  VG+/VG  195?,smsplt
147314	Rising Sun (Treasure Cove) Steel Band:  Solid Steel  (Star LP 1002 LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  196?,Jamaica
149997	Third World:  All the Way Strong  (Columbia FC 38687 LP)  $8  VG+/EX  1983
155423	Trinidad Steel Band:  S/T  (Audio AFLP 1809(M) LP)  $15  VG+/VG+  195?
149745	US Navy Steel Band:  Blowin' in the Wind  (C 1023 LP)  $40  VG+/EX  196?,osw,Puerto Rico Council, US Navy League,scenic cover art,military band
153131	VA-Breeze,Mutabaruka,Malachi Smith,Tomlin Ellis,Glenville Byran,Navvie Nabbie,Oliver Smith:  Word Soun' 'Ave Power (Reggae Poetry)  (Heartbeat 15 LP)  $13  EX/VG+  1983,bklt
152923	VA-Jimmy Cliff,Scotty,Melodians,Maytals,Slickers,Desmond Dekker:  The Harder They Come OST  (Mango SMAS-7400 LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  1972,gfld


151181	10cc:  Deceptive Bends  (Mercury SRM 1 3702 LP)  $6  VG/EX  1977,gfld,lyric sleeve,tear oc
151182	10cc:  Live & Let Live  (Mercury SRM-2-8600 LP)  $9  VG+/M-  1977,2lp,slrw
148473	1994:  Please Stand By  (A&M SP-4769 LP)  $9  VG/VG+  1979
155046	ABBA:  Abba: The Album  (Atlantic KSD 19164 LP)  $10  EX/EX  1977,Canada,osw,co
153391	Abba:  Greatest Hits Vol. 2  (Atlantic SD 16009 LP)  $6  EX/EX  1979,gfld,osw
147884	ABBA:  The Singles: The First Ten Years  (Atlantic A1 80036 LP)  $13  VG+/M-/EX  1982,2lp
149378	Accents:  Yesterday, Today & a Touch of Tomorrow  (RCA Victor LSP-4251 LP)  $28  EX/VG+  1970,osw,co,sunshine/soft-pop from Seattle,ex-Night People/Frantics members
154945	Aerosmith:  Toys in the Attic  (Columbia PC 33479 LP)  $11  EX/EX  1975,osw,"Sweet Emotion"
150769	All That the Name Implies:  Side 1 (Play the Other Side First)  (ORO/ESP-disk' ORO-4 LP)  $265  VG/VG  196?,rare hippie psych on ESP,insert,prst obc,rw obc
146749	Allen, Peter:  The Best  (A&M SP-3207 LP)  $7  VG+/VG+  1982
154889	Allman & Woman:  Two the Hard Way  (Warner Bros BSK 3120 LP)  $35  SS  1977,co,Gregg Allman & Cher
152726	Allman Brothers Band:  At Fillmore East  (Capricorn SD 2-802 LP)  $17  VG+/VG+  1971,2lp
147636	Allman Brothers Band:  Beginnings  (Atco SD 2 805 LP)  $10  VG/EX/VG+  1973,2lp,slrw,smsplt
151275	Allman, Duane:  An Anthology  (Capricorn 2CP 0105 LP)  $22  VG+/M-  1972,2lp,no book
150846	Allman, Gregg:  I'm No Angel  (Epic FE 40531 LP)  $8  VG+/EX  1987,lyric sleeve
153690	America:  History: America's Greatest Hits  (Warner Bros BS 2894 LP)  $6  VG+/VG+  1975,lyric sleeve
153591	America:  History: America's Greatest Hits  (Warner Bros K 56169 LP)  $8  VG+/VG+  1975,UK,lyric sleeve
155009	American Standard Band:  S/T  (Island ILPS 9540 LP)  $14  EX/EX  1979,textured cover,lyric sleeve,osw
149134	Ananta:  Wheels of Time  (Govinda RA-107 LP)  $8  VG/EX  1978,woc,sm tear obc
149903	Ananta:  Wheels of Time  (Govinda RA-107 LP)  $11  EX/M-  1978,osw
148888	Anka, Paul:  Strictly Nashville  (RCA Victor LPM-3580(M) LP)  $9  VG/EX  1966,soc
151930	Anka, Paul:  Walk a Fine Line  (Columbia FC 38442 LP)  $9  VG+/EX  1983,lyric sleeve
148976	April Wine:  Harder...Faster  (Capitol ST-12013 LP)  $8  VG+/EX  1979,soc
148975	April Wine:  The Nature of the Beast  (Capitol SOO-12125 LP)  $7  VG+/VG+  1981,soc,lyric sleeve
153686	Armatrading, Joan:  Show Some Emotion  (A&M SP 5063 LP)  $7  VG+/EX  1977,lyric sleeve
152706	Asylum Choir:  Look Inside  (Smash SRS 67107 LP)  $25  VG/VG+  1968,gfld,orig toilet roll cover,early Leon Russell
147385	Auger, Brian:  Closer to It!  (RCA Victor APL1-0140 LP)  $18  VG/EX  1973,rw
152051	Avalon, Frankie:  Swingin' on a Rainbow  (Chancellor CHLX-S-5004 LP)  $25  VG/VG+  1959,gfld,pull-out missing,toc
147706	Bachman-Turner Overdrive:  Four Wheel Drive  (Mercury 0698 LP)  $17  SS  197?,gfld
147507	Bad Boy:  Private Party  (Streetwise BB6-5000 LP)  $23  VG+/VG+  197?-8?,sexy woman's legs cover art,stain oc
151206	Bad Company:  Straight Shooter  (Swan Song SS 8502 LP)  $12  EX/EX  1975,osw,"Feel Like Makin Love",orig inner sleeve
152688	Badfinger:  No Dice  (Apple SKAO 3367 LP)  $22  VG/VG+  1970,gfld,Beatles' record label,h2o oc
152687	Badfinger:  S/T  (Warner Bros BS 2762 LP)  $19  VG/VG+  1974,h2o oc
151179	Badfinger:  Say No More  (Radio RR 16030 LP)  $15  VG+/M-  1981,Peter Max cover art
152686	Badfinger:  Wish You Were Here  (Warner Bros BS 2827 LP)  $25  VG/VG+  1974,rw
155552	Baker, George Selection:  Paloma Blanca  (Warner Bros  BS 2905 LP)  $8  VG/EX  1975,soc
155551	Baker, George Selection:  Paloma Blanca  (Warner Bros  BS 2905 LP)  $9  VG+/EX  1975,soc
151183	Baker, Ginger:  Horses and Trees  (Celluloid CELL 6126 LP)  $15  VG+/M-  1986,Bill Laswell,Bernie Worrell,co
150995	Baldry, John:  Everything Stops for Tea  (Warner Bros K 46160 LP)  $21  VG+/EX  1972,UK,gfld,green label,co,Elton John,Klaus Voorman,Rod Stewart
152860	Band:  Music from Big Pink  (Capitol SKAO-2955 LP)  $16  VG/VG+  1968,gfld,orange label,slrw
152720	Band:  Rock of Ages  (Capitol SABB-11045 LP)  $18  VG+/EX  1972,2lp,live concert,orig red target label
152859	Band:  S/T  (Capitol STAO-132 LP)  $16  VG+/EX  1969,gfld,orange label,gold record award,soc
152895	Band:  Stage Fright  (Capitol SW-425 LP)  $17  VG/EX  196?-7?,green target label,partial smsplt
147633	Band:  Stage Fright  (Capitol SW-425 LP)  $18  VG+/EX  196?-7?,green target label,soc
154947	Barclay James Harvest:  XII  (Polydor PD-1-6173 LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  1978,lyric sleeve
152605	Barefoot Jerry:  Watchin' TV  (Monument KZ 32926 LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  1974
155471	Barrabas:  Heart of the City  (Atco SD 36-118 LP)  $19  SS  1975,osw,co
152841	Barrett, Syd:  The Madcap Laughs  (Harvest SHVL 765 LP)  $50  VG/EX  1970,UK,orig,gfld,h2o oc,Pink Floyd
146814	Battisti, Lucio:  Io Tu Noi Tutti  (Numero Uno ZPLN 34006 LP)  $24  M-/EX  1977,Italy,lyric sleeve,osw
153495	Be Bop Deluxe:  Live! In the Air Age  (Harvest SKB 11666 LP)  $11  VG/VG+  1977,black vinyl,2lp,rw
153469	Beach Boys:  Best of...Vol.2  (Starline DT-2706 LP)  $14  SS  196?,osw,surf rock
152871	Beach Boys:  Carl and the Passions - So Tough / Pet Sounds  (Brother 2MS 2083 LP)  $15  VG/VG+  1972,2lp,rw
149766	Beach Boys:  Christmas Album  (Capitol SM-2164(M) LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  1975,re,blue label
153475	Beach Boys:  Friends/Smiley Smile  (Brother 2MS 2167 LP)  $13  VG/VG+  1974,2lp,re,rw
152815	Beach Boys:  Holland  (Brother MS 2118 LP)  $18  VG/VG+  1973,insert,bonus ep & sleeve(vg+),rw
148689	Beach Boys:  S/T  (Caribou FZ 39946 LP)  $8  EX/M-  1985,lyric sleeve,prst obc
152217	Bearcuts:  Swing in Beatlemania  (Somerset SF 20800 LP)  $21  VG+/VG+  196?,beatles exploito cover art,osw,smsplt
147782	Beasley, William (producer):  1-2-3 / Get Off My Cloud  (Modern Sound MS 1017 LP)  $23  VG/VG  196?,"Keep On Dancing","A Lover's Concerto",exploito rock cover versions
147548	Beasley, William (producer):  26 Top Hits  (Hit 446 LP)  $20  VG+/VG+  196?,"Young Girl","Lady Madonna","Scarborough Fair","Sittin On the Dock of the Bay","Valleri","One Fine Day",exploito rock cover versions,smsplt
147793	Beasley, William (producer):  An Old Fashioned Christmas  (Modern Sound MS 532 LP)  $24  VG+/VG  196?
151171	Beasley, William (producer):  Current Hits Vol. 29  (Hit 27 LP)  $35  VG+/VG+  196?,osw,"name game","shake","ford gt",exploito rock cover versions
147537	Beasley, William (producer):  Five O'Clock World / As Tears Go By  (Modern Sound MS 1021 LP)  $20  VG+/VG+  196?,"No Matter What Shape","Barbara Ann","Loddy Lo",exploito rock cover versions
149723	Beasley, William (producer):  Winchester Chathedral  (Modern Sound MS 565 LP)  $95  SS  196?,exploito cover versions,"Dandy","Little Red Riding Hood","Wooly Bully"
148407	Beatles:  1962-1966  (Apple SKBO 3403 LP)  $12  VG/EX  1973,2lp,lyric sleeves,smsplts,insert
149431	Beatles:  Abbey Road  (Apple SO-383 LP)  $50  VG/VG+  1969,"Her Majesty" listed on the label but not the cover,no capitol logo ol,slrw,spinewear
152936	Beatles:  Abbey Road  (Apple SO-383 LP)  $50  VG/VG+  1969,"Her Majesty" listed on the label & the cover,no capitol logo ol,rw
149432	Beatles:  Abbey Road  (Apple SO-383 LP)  $53  VG+/VG+  1969,"Her Majesty" listed on the label but not the cover,no capitol logo ol,slrw,spinewear
149433	Beatles:  Abbey Road  (Capitol SO 383 LP)  $10  VG/VG  1969,1976,orange label re
149435	Beatles:  Abbey Road  (Capitol SO-383 LP)  $9  VG+/VG+  1969,1978,purple label re
149436	Beatles:  Abbey Road  (Capitol SO-383 LP)  $22  VG+/VG+  1969,1983,black/rainbow label re
152207	Beatles:  Beatles VI  (Capitol ST-2358 LP)  $48  VG/VG+  1965,orig rainbow label,mfd by capitol label,woc,partial smsplt,back cover has correct song order
152212	Beatles:  Early Years Vol. 1  (Phoenix PHX 1004 LP)  $22  VG/VG+  1981,UK
149428	Beatles:  Introducing...  (Vee-Jay VJLP-1062 LP)  $16  VG/VG+  1964,counterfeit stereo,brackets label,text on label separated by the center hole,lists "Love Me Do" & "P.S. I Love You",partial smsplt
149437	Beatles:  Let It Be  (Apple AR 34001 LP)  $18  VG/VG+  1970,gfld,red apple label,mfd by apple,rw,soc,smsplt
149438	Beatles:  Let It Be  (Capitol SW-11922 LP)  $9  VG/VG+  1970,1978,purple label re,spinewear
149439	Beatles:  Magical Mystery Tour  (Apple SMAL 2835 LP)  $16  VG+/EX  1967,1971,re,gfld,no Capitol logo,booklet intact,woc
149440	Beatles:  Magical Mystery Tour  (Capitol SMAL 2835 LP)  $21  VG/VG  1967,gfld,mfd. by Capitol,booklet loose,smsplt
149441	Beatles:  Magical Mystery Tour  (Capitol SMAL-2835 LP)  $10  VG+/VG+  1967,1978,re,purple label,gfld,no bklt
154037	Beatles:  Revolver  (Capitol CLJ-46441 LP)  $11  VG+/VG  1966,1987,black label,soc
149447	Beatles:  Rubber Soul  (Capitol ST-2442 LP)  $50  VG/VG  1965,1st press stereo,black/rainbow label,stereo banner in photo portion of cover,no listing of "the Beatles" over their names on the label,wol,wobc
149442	Beatles:  Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band  (Capitol LP)  $40  VG+/VG  1967,1969,rainbow label,gfld,subsidiary of capitol on label,insert
154025	Beatles:  Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band  (Capitol SMAS 2653 LP)  $14  VG+/VG+  1967,1983,rainbow label,gfld,subsidiary of capitol on label,no insert,soc
152937	Beatles:  Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band  (Capitol SMAS 2653 LP)  $18  VG+/VG+  1967,1969,gfld,green target label,insert
149443	Beatles:  Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band  (Capitol SMAS-2653 LP)  $13  VG+/VG  1967,1976,re,gfld,insert,orange label
154276	Beatles:  Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band  (Parlophone PMC 7027(M) LP)  $1199  VG+/VG+  1967,UK,gfld,rare orig british mono,black/yellow label,orig inner sleeve,insert
147588	Beatles:  Something New  (Capitol T-2108(M) LP)  $73  EX/VG  1964,orig rainbow label mono,osw
152670	Beau Brummels:  Introducing...  (Autumn 103(M) LP)  $33  VG/VG  1965,orig
152834	Beck, Jeff:  Blow by Blow  (Epic PEQ 33409(Q) LP)  $21  VG+/VG+  1975,quadraphonic
152833	Beck, Jeff:  Truth / Beck-Ola  (Epic BG 33779 LP)  $14  VG/VG+  197?,2lp,orange label re,rw,Ronnie Wood,Rod Stewart
152710	Beck, Jeff:  Wired  (Epic PE 33849 LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  1976,Narada Michael Walden,Jan Hammer
154971	Bee Gees:  1st  (Atco SD 33-223 LP)  $18  VG+/VG+  1967,osw,orig
153504	Bee Gees:  Greatest  (RSO RS-2-4200D LP)  $11  EX/EX  1979,2lp,osw,no insert
152916	Berry, Chuck:  Golden Decade  (Chess LPS-1514(E) LP)  $12  VG/VG+  196?,2lp,blue label,rw,wol
152479	Betts, Dickey:  & Great Southern  (Arista AL 4123 LP)  $25  VG+/EX  1977,co
152698	Big Brother & the Holding Company:  Be a Brother  (Columbia C 30222 LP)  $18  VG/VG+  197?,rw
152697	Big Brother & the Holding Company:  How Hard It Is  (Columbia C 30738 LP)  $29  VG+/EX  1971,gfld,slrw
154797	Birtha:  Can't Stop the Madness  (Dunhill/ABC DSX-50136 LP)  $23  VG/M-  1973,wlp,gfld,rw
152478	Bishop, Elvin:  Hometown Boy Makes Good!  (Capricorn CP 0176 LP)  $9  VG/VG+  1976
152771	Bishop, Elvin:  Juke Joint Jump  (Capricorn CP 0151 LP)  $8  VG/VG+  1975,rw
152887	Bishop, Elvin:  Let It FLow  (Capricorn CP 0134 LP)  $11  VG/VG+  1974,slrw,Charlie Daniels,Sly Stone,Vassar Clements,Richard Betts
153508	Bishop, Elvin:  Let It FLow  (Capricorn CP 0134 LP)  $13  EX/VG+  1974,osw,Charlie Daniels,Sly Stone,Vassar Clements,Richard Betts
151262	Bishop, Elvin:  Let It FLow  (Capricorn CP 0134 LP)  $14  EX/EX  1974,osw,Charlie Daniels,Sly Stone,Vassar Clements,Richard Betts
151203	Black Oak Arkansas:  S/T  (Atco SD 33-354 LP)  $15  VG+/VG  1971
155464	Black Pearl:  S/T  (Atlantic SD 8220 LP)  $25  VG+/VG+  1969,co
154962	Blattner, Jules:  Call Me Man!  (Buddah BDS 5080 LP)  $25  VG/EX  1971,smsplt,soc
153828	Blood Sweat & Tears:  More than Ever  (Columbia PC 34233 LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  1976,Bob James
153827	Blood Sweat & Tears:  No Sweat  (Columbia KC 32180 LP)  $15  VG/EX  1973,gfld,co,woc
151853	Blood, Sweat & Tears:  3  (Columbia KC 30090 LP)  $8  VG+/EX  197?,gfld
151854	Blood, Sweat & Tears:  B, S & T: 4  (Columbia KC 30590 LP)  $13  VG+/EX  1971,orig inner sleeve,gfld,djts oc
153826	Blood, Sweat & Tears:  Mirror Image  (Columbia CQ 32929(Q) LP)  $28  VG+/EX  1974,quadraphonic,co
151852	Blood, Sweat & Tears:  New Blood  (Columbia KC 31780 LP)  $18  VG+/EX  1972,gfld,insert
149930	Blood, Sweat & Tears:  Vibrations  (Air Force LP)  $35  VG+/VG  197?,armed forces radio show,military
153829	Bloomfield, Mike:  It's Not Killing Me  (Columbia CS 9883 LP)  $20  VG+/VG+  196?,360 label,soc
147025	Blue:  Another Night Time Flight  (Rocket PIG 2290 LP)  $10  M-/EX  1977,osw,lyric insert
153830	Blue Cheer:  Vincebus Eruptum  (Philips PHS-600-264 LP)  $25  VG/VG  196?,orig,psych,smsplt
154217	Blue Ridge Rangers:  S/T  (Fantasy F-9415 LP)  $14  VG/VG+  1973,rw,John Fogerty
153831	Blues Project:  Blumenfeld/Flanders/Kalb/Katz/Kooper  (Verve Forecast FTS 3069 LP)  $40  VG/EX  196?,co,soc,slrw
155233	Bodacious D.F.:  S/T  (RCA Victor APL1-0206 LP)  $15  VG/VG+  1973,orig,gfld,rw,woc,tear obc,Marty Balin
153812	Bonoff, Karla:  Wild Heart of the Young  (Columbia FC 37444 LP)  $5  VG+/VG+  1982,prst obc
153660	Bonoff, Karla:  Wild Heart of the Young  (Columbia FC 37444 LP)  $7  VG+/M-  1982,sobc
149551	Boston:  Don't Look Back  (Epic EPC 86057 LP)  $9  VG/VG  1978,UK,gfld,lyric sleeve
153817	Bowie, David:  Changesonebowie  (RCA Victor CPL1-1732 LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  1976,Canada
153396	Bowie, David:  Golden Years  (RCA Victor AFL1-4792 LP)  $9  VG+/VG+  1983
153815	Bowie, David:  Hunky Dory  (RCA Victor LSP-4623 LP)  $20  VG+/EX  1971,lyric sleeve,orange label,bowie fan club insert
150973	Bowie, David:  In Bertolt Brecht's BAAL  (RCA Victor CPL1-4346 LP)  $12  VG+/EX  1982,5 song ep,co
152823	Bowie, David:  Lodger  (RCA Victor AQL1-3254 LP)  $13  VG+/EX  1979,gfld,lyric sleeve,Brian Eno
153816	Bowie, David:  Scary Monsters  (RCA Victor AQL1-3647 LP)  $12  VG+/EX  1980,lyric sleeve,prst obc
153818	Bowie, David:  Space Oddity  (RCA Victor LSP-4813 LP)  $21  VG/VG+  1969,1972,re,poster,orange label,pink lyric sleeve
152774	Bowie, David:  Station to Station  (RCA Victor APL1-1327 LP)  $12  VG/VG+  1976,orig inner sleeve,tan label,slrw
152656	Bowie, David:  The Man Who Sold the World  (Mercury ST-61325 LP)  $14  VG/VG+  1971,cartoon cover,sl h2o damage oc
150974	Bowie, David:  The Man Who Sold the World  (RCA Victor LSP-4816 LP)  $28  VG/EX  1972,Germany,soc,woc
153813	Bowie, David:  The Rise & Fall of Ziggy Stardust & the Spiders from Mars  (RCA Victor LSP-4702 LP)  $22  VG/VG+  1972,rw,orange label,lyric sleeve
153395	Bowie, David:  The World of...  (Decca SPA.58 LP)  $15  VG+/EX  1970,UK,60s decca recordings,ziggy stardust cover
153819	Bowie, David:  Young Americans  (RCA Victor APL1-0998 LP)  $11  VG/VG+  1975,lyric sleeve,smsplt
147602	Brady Bunch:  Meet the Brady Bunch  (Paramount PAS 6032 LP)  $35  EX/M-  1972,orig,osw,wobc,"Baby I'm-a Want You","Me & You & a Dog Named Boo"
150773	Brainbox:  S/T  (Capitol ST-596 LP)  $25  VG/VG  1970,green target label,rw,wol,wobc,dutch prog
151842	Bread:  Guitar Man  (Elektra EKS-75047 LP)  $12  EX/EX  1972,osw,lyric sleeve
154939	Bread:  The Best of...  (Elektra EQ 5056(Q) LP)  $17  VG+/EX  1973,gfld,quadraphonic
150027	Bremers, Beverly:  I'll Make You Music  (Scepter SPS 5102 LP)  $18  SS  196?,gfld,co
152272	Breuer, Harry:  The Happy Moog  (Pickwick SPC-3160 LP)  $38  VG+/EX/VG+  197?,co,electronics cover art,"Space Express","Short Circuit","Moog Foo Yong","In A Latin Moog"
147345	Brewer and Shipley:  Shake Off the Demon  (Kama Sutra KSBS 2039 LP)  $8  VG+/VG+  1971,gfld,sm tear oc
149518	Brooklyn Bridge:  The Second...  (Buddah BDS 5042 LP)  $15  VG/VG+  1969,co
148956	Brotherhood of Man:  Save Your Kisses for Me  (Pye 12134 LP)  $6  VG/VG+  1976
153384	Brotherhood Of Man:  Save Your Kisses for Me  (Pye 12134 LP)  $14  SS  1976,co
155472	Brown, Arthur:  Journey  (Passport PPS-98003 LP)  $50  SS  1974,co
152879	Browne, Jackson:  S/T (Saturate Before Using)  (Asylum SD-5051 LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  1972
152825	Brownsville Station:  S/T  (Palladium P-1004 LP)  $27  VG/VG+  1970,comic strip cover,rw
151986	Brownsville Station:  Yeah!  (Big Tree BT 2102 LP)  $13  VG+/EX  1973,wlp,prst oc
151712	Brumley, Lee:  Lee Brumley Trio  (6013N4 LP)  $95  VG+/M-  197?,mount rushmore parody cover art
155044	Buchanan, Roy:  A Street Called Straight  (Atlantic SD 18170 LP)  $12  VG/M-  1976,slrw,co
146820	Buchanan, Roy:  S/T  (Polydor PD 5033 LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  1972,co
152055	Buckingham Nicks:  S/T  (Polydor PD 5058 LP)  $33  VG+/EX  1973,gfld,orig,slrw
153646	Buckingham, Lindsey:  Go Insane  (Elektra 60363 LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  1984,lyric sleeve
152716	Buffalo Springfield:  S/T  (Atco SD 33-200 LP)  $38  VG+/VG+  1966,yellow wheel label,with "For What It's Worth"
154927	Buffet, Jimmy:  Coconut Telegraph  (MCA 5169 LP)  $9  VG+/VG+  1980,prst oc,lyric sleeve
154930	Buffet, Jimmy:  Somewhere  Over China  (MCA 5285 LP)  $9  VG+/VG+  1981,lyric sleeve
154928	Buffett, Jimmy:  A-1-A  (MCA 37027 LP)  $8  VG+/VG+  1974,1980,re,gfld
154932	Buffett, Jimmy:  Last Mango In Paris  (MCA 5600 LP)  $8  VG+/VG+  1985,lyric sleeve
154931	Buffett, Jimmy:  Volcano  (MCA 1657 LP)  $9  VG+/VG+  1979,1980,re,gfld
155492	Burbank Philharmonic:  S/T  (Bravo B-35504 LP)  $10  VG+/M-  196?-7?,"Hey Jude","Michelle" beatlesongs,"Spinning Wheel","Light My Fire"
154888	Burnette, Rocky:  The Son of Rock and Roll  (EMI America SW-17033 LP)  $10  VG/VG+  1979,slrw
155432	Burrito Brothers:  Hearts On the Line  (Curb JZ 37004 LP)  $8  VG+/EX  1981,sticker wear oc,prst obc
147554	Butterfield Blues Band:  Golden Butter  (Elektra 7E-2005 LP)  $18  VG+/VG+/EX  1972,2lp,best of,butterfly label
150931	Butts Band:  S/T  (Blue Thumb BTS 63 LP)  $13  VG+/EX  1973,co,toc,early Jess Roden,Robby Krieger and John Densmore of the Doors
148490	By Special Request:  S/T  (Mark MC 5361 LP)  $22  VG+/VG+  197?,lounge-rock act,breaks "I've Got the Music In Me","Theme from Shaft","Stevie Wonder Medley",private press
147553	Byrds:  (Untitled)  (Columbia G 30127 LP)  $8  VG/VG+  197?,2lp,rw
155466	C.K. Strong:  S/T  (Epic BN 26473 LP)  $45  VG/VG+  196?,co,rw
149617	Cactus:  'Ot 'N' Sweaty  (Atco SD 7011 LP)  $14  VG/VG+  1972,gfld,sm tear oc,swol
153458	Cake:  S/T  (Decca DL 4927(M) LP)  $33  VG+/VG+  1967,co,slrw,pop-psych girl group,Harold Battiste,Dr. John,Mike Post,Carol Kaye,Plas Johnson
151699	Caldwell, Gayle:  Celebration of Life  (A&M SP 4196 LP)  $65  VG+/VG+  1969,wlp,orig inner sleeve,slrw,prst obc
152775	Cale, John:  Paris 1919  (Reprise MS 2131 LP)  $21  VG/VG+  1973,lyric sheet,rw
150928	Cale, John:  Slow Dazzle  (Island ILPS-9317 LP)  $15  VG+/VG+  1975,slrw,Brian Eno,Chris Spedding,Phil Manzanera
152576	Cale, John:  The Academy in Peril  (Reprise MS 2079 LP)  $35  VG+/EX  1972,gfld,die-cut cover,Andy Warhol cover art
152880	Cale, John & Terry Riley:  Church of Anthrax  (CBS S 64259 LP)  $28  VG+/EX  1971,UK
148591	Camel:  Breathless  (Arista AB 4206 LP)  $10  VG+/VG+  1978,orig inner sleeve,prog
150734	Cameron:  Keep On Movin'  (Home Groan 002 LP)  $95  SS  197?,local florida rock
151718	Cameron:  Keep On Movin'  (Home Groan 002 LP)  $95  VG+/M-  197?,autographed by all obc,local florida rock
152725	Canned Heat:  Future Blues  (Liberty LST 11002 LP)  $15  VG/VG+  197?,gfld,no comic book,rw,wol
154239	Cannon, Ace:  Memphis Golden Hits  (Hi SHL 32040 LP)  $13  VG/VG+  196?,soc,sol,"Walking the Dog","20-75"
154240	Cannon, Ace:  Tuff-Sax  (Hi HL 12007(M) LP)  $13  VG/VG+  196?,soc,sol,"Walking the Dog","20-75"
154966	Capaldi, Jim:  Fierce Heart  (Atlantic 80059-1 LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  1982,lyric sleeve,co
150842	Capaldi, Jim:  Some Come Running  (Island 91024 LP)  $9  EX/EX  1988
152924	Captain Beefheart:  The Spotlight Kid  (Reprise MS 2050 LP)  $30  VG+/EX  1972,orig,insert
150943	Captain Beyond:  S/T  (Capricorn CP 0105 LP)  $40  VG+/VG+  1972,3-D cover
153470	Carmen, Eric:  Tonight You're Mine  (Arista AL 9513 LP)  $8  VG/EX  1980,co,rw,lyric sleeve,prst oc,sost "It Hurts Too Much"
153004	Carpenters:  An Old-Fashioned Christmas  (A&M SP-3270 LP)  $13  VG+/EX  1984
146823	Carpenters:  Christmas Portrait  (A&M SP-3210 LP)  $25  EX/M-  1978,lyric sleeve,osw,"A Christmas Present from the Carpenters" soc
153502	Carpenters:  Close To You  (A&M SP 4271 LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  197?,brown label
151408	Carpenters:  Singles 1969-1973  (A&M SPJ-3601 LP)  $95  EX/M-  1973,Canada,audiophile
153388	Carpenters:  Singles 1969-1973  (A&M SWAO-95212 LP)  $8  VG/VG+  1973,gfld,insert,longines symphonette pressing
146876	Carpenters:  Voice of the Heart  (A&M SP-4954 LP)  $11  VG+/EX  1983,lyric sleeve
152188	Carter, Susan:  Wonderful Deeds & Adventures  (Epic BN 26510 LP)  $43  VG/VG+  197?,orig,yellow label,blood sweat & tears members,djs obc
153448	Cartoone:  S/T  (Atlantic SD 8219 LP)  $18  VG/VG+  1969,gfld,co,slrw,sm tear oc,Jimmy Page
152461	Cashman & West:  A Song or Two  (Dunhill DSX-50126 LP)  $11  VG/VG+  1972,gfld,woc,rw
150768	Cassel, John Band:  The Price of Love  (Kinleywood 101 LP)  $125  EX/VG+  1973,osw,Vermont private press,horn band some psych
150762	Catapilla:  S/T  (Vertigo VEL 1006 LP)  $222  VG+/VG+  1971,orig us,gfld,co,rare acid/prog,slrw
152462	Caudell, Lane:  Hanging On A Star  (MCA 3039 LP)  $8  VG/EX  1979,co,slrw
147830	Chad & Jeremy:  Sing for You  (World Artists WAM 2005(M) LP)  $20  EX/EX  196?,osw
151645	Champs / Fabulous Cyclones:  Soptlight On...  (Design DLP 159(M) LP)  $12  VG/VG  196?
148263	Chapin, Harry:  Greatest Stories Live  (Elektra 8E 6003  LP)  $11  VG+/M-  1976,2lp
146973	Chapin, Harry:  Living Room Suite  (Elektra 6E-142 LP)  $8  EX/VG+/EX  1978,osw,lyric sleeve,co
151821	Chapin, Harry:  On the Road to Kingdom Come  (Elektra 7E-1082 LP)  $8  EX/EX  1976,osw,lyric sleeve
153689	Chapin, Harry:  Portrait Gallery  (Elektra 7E-1041 LP)  $7  VG+/EX  1975,gfld
146974	Chapin, Harry:  Short Stories  (Elektra EKS-75065 LP)  $9  EX/EX  1973,gfld,osw
146976	Chapin, Harry:  Sniper & Other Love Songs  (Elektra EKS-75042 LP)  $15  EX/M-  1972,gfld,osw
155039	Chapman, Marshall:  Jaded Virgin  (Epic JE 35341 LP)  $9  VG/EX  1978,wlp,djts oc
153465	Charity:  Now  (Uni 73061 LP)  $35  VG+/VG+  196?,gfld,co
147551	Cher:  Gypsys, Tramps & Thieves  (Kapp KRS -5549 LP)  $12  EX/M-  1971,osw
153471	Cher:  Gypsys, Tramps & Thieves  (Kapp KS-3649 LP)  $10  VG+/EX  1971
153944	Cher:  Take Me Home  (Casablanca NBLP 7133 LP)  $6  EX/EX  1979,osw
147878	Chicago:  Chicago 19  (Reprise W1-25714 LP)  $11  SS  1988
147545	Chicago:  Chicago XI - Greatest Hits  (Columbia PC 33900 LP)  $8  EX/EX  1975,osw
148173	Chicago:  Toronto Rock 'n' Roll Revival 1969, Volume 1  (Breakaway BWY 53 LP)  $15  VG/EX  1983,UK
149306	Chicago:  X  (Columbia PC 34200 LP)  $7  VG+/EX  1976,gfld,insert
148060	Chipmunks:  The Alvin Show  (Liberty LRP-3209(M) LP)  $28  VG+/VG+  1961, credited to Alvin, Simon & Theodore with David Seville,orig foil cover art
148569	Christopher, Jordan:  Has the Knack  (United Artists UAS 6479 LP)  $9  VG+/VG+  196?,osw,liner notes by Roddy McDowall
148797	City Lights:  Silent Dancing  (Sire SASD-7512 LP)  $7  VG+/EX  1975,wlp,co
153654	Clapton, Eric:  Another Ticket  (RSO RX-1-3095 LP)  $7  VG/EX  1981,lyric sleeve
153995	Clapton, Eric:  Backtrackin'  (Starblend ERIC 1 LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  1984,UK,2lp,digital master,lyric sleeves,soc
153653	Clapton, Eric:  Money and Cigarettes  (Duck/WB 23773-1 LP)  $6  VG+/VG+  1983,lyric sleeve
153652	Clapton, Eric:  There's One in Every Crowd  (RSO SO 4806 LP)  $9  VG/VG+  1975,slrw,co,orig inner sleeve
149626	Clark, Dave Five:  Historia de la Musica Rock 8  (Polydor 28 61 293 LP)  $17  EX/M-  1978,Spain,osw
150817	Clark, Dave Five:  More Greatest Hits  (Epic LN 24221(M) LP)  $98  SS  1966,rare sealed mono,co,staple
153941	Clark, Dave Five:  Satisfied With You  (Epic BN 24212(E) LP)  $14  VG/VG+  1966,tear oc
147539	Clark, Dave Five / Playbacks:  Chaquita - In Your Heart  (Crown CST 473 LP)  $21  VG+/VG+  1965
155426	Clean Living:  S/T  (Vanguard VSD 79318 LP)  $37  VG+/EX  1972,osw,slrw,sost "In Heaven There Is No Beer"
153655	Cocker, Joe:  S/T  (A&M SP-4368 LP)  $8  VG/VG+  1972,gfld,brown label,soc,rw
155467	Cofield, Peter:  S/T  (Coral CRL 757508 LP)  $9  VG/VG+  1968,gfld,co
148972	Cofield, Peter:  S/T  (Coral CRL 757508 LP)  $10  VG+/VG+  1968,gfld,co
147375	Cohen, Laurie Kaye:  Under the Skunk  (Playboy PB 111 LP)  $17  VG/VG+  1973,cool capsule-like sleeve
147696	Cold Blood:  Thriller!  (Reprise MS 2130 LP)  $28  VG+/VG+  1973
147827	Cole, Jerry:  A Go Go Guitars  (Crown CST 539 LP)  $25  VG/EX  1965
154886	Cole, Jerry & the Stingers:  Guitars A Go-Go!  (Beat Rocket BR 117 LP)  $15  M-/EX  2000,comp of LA session guitarist,surf/hot rod,osw,180 gram audiophile
152736	Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen:  Country Casanova  (Paramount  PAS 6054 LP)  $8  VG/VG+  1973,rw
152764	Cooder, Ry:  Boomer's Story  (Reprise MS 2117 LP)  $9  VG+/VG+  1972,slrw
152778	Cooder, Ry:  Bop Till You Drop  (Warner Bros BSK 3358 LP)  $9  VG+/EX  1979
152785	Cooder, Ry:  Into the Purple Valley  (Reprise MS 2052 LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  1972,gfld,insert
152890	Cooder, Ry:  Jazz  (Warner Bros WS 3197 LP)  $17  VG/VG+  1978,arranged by Joseph Byrd,Earl Hines,David Lindley
152727	Cooder, Ry:  Jazz  (Warner Bros WS 3197 LP)  $18  VG+/VG+  1978,arranged by Joseph Byrd,Earl Hines,David Lindley
152724	Cooder, Ry:  Paradise and Lunch  (Reprise MS 2179 LP)  $12  VG/VG+  1974,rw
147280	Cooder, Ry:  Paradise and Lunch  (Reprise MS 2179 LP)  $15  VG+/M-  1974
152740	Cooder, Ry:  S/T  (Reprise RS 6402 LP)  $15  VG/VG+  1970,rw
149775	Cook, J. Lawrence:  Piano-Roll Rock 'N Roll  (Mercury SR 60083 LP)  $11  EX/VG  195?,"Rock around the Clock","All Shook Up",Hound Dog"
153529	Coolidge, Rita:  Heartbreak Radio  (A&M SP-3727 LP)  $13  SS  1981,co
152684	Cooper, Alice:  Killer  (Warner Bros BS 2567 LP)  $10  VG/VG+  1971,rw,green label,calendar removed
149113	Cooper, Alice:  Love it to Death  (Straight/Warner Bros WS 1883 LP)  $18  VG/VG  1971,gfld,no thumb,green label,"I'm Eighteen"
148329	Cooper, Marty:  A Minute of Your Time  (Barnaby BR 15004 LP)  $15  VG+/VG  1972,gfld,woc
153428	Cotton, Gene:  The Best of...  (People Song PSR-0001 LP)  $28  VG/VG+  1979,djl,slrw
150805	Country:  S/T  (Clean CN 600 LP)  $28  EX/EX  1971,osw,co
147502	Country Funk:  S/T  (Polydor 24-4020 LP)  $23  VG/VG  1970,co,smsplt
150841	Cranston, Lamont Band:  Up From the Alley  (Attic LAT 1092 LP)  $15  VG+/M-  1980,Canada,co
152822	Crazy Horse:  S/T  (Reprise RS 6438 LP)  $18  VG+/VG+  1971,Jack Nitzsche,Nils Lofgren
147724	Crewe, Bob Generation:  Music to Watch Girls By  (Dynovoice 9003(M) LP)  $23  VG+/EX  1966,co
151944	Croce, Jim:  Greatest Hits  (Flash 843001 LP)  $14  EX/M-  197?-8?,Netherlands
151931	Croce, Jim:  Life and Times  (ABC ABCX-769 LP)  $8  VG/EX  1973,gfld,rw
146787	Cronbaugh, Craig:  That Drummer!  (Classic 904-96 LP)  $17  VG/VG  197?,"breezin","craig's jazz","wipe out (deluxe)",autographed obc
155178	Cronbaugh, Craig:  That Drummer!  (Classic 904-96 LP)  $19  VG/VG+  197?,"breezin","craig's jazz","wipe out (deluxe)",autographed obc
148241	Crosby, Stills & Nash:  S/T  (Atlantic SD 8229 LP)  $14  VG+/VG+  1969,gfld,"Suite Judy Blue Eyes"
149493	Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young:  So Far  (Atlantic SD 19119 LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  1974,joni mitchell cover art,slrw
152021	Crossfires:  Limbo Rock  (Strand SL 1083(M) LP)  $33  EX/VG+  1963
152792	Crow:  Crow by Crow  (Amaret ST 5006 LP)  $28  VG/VG+  1970,blues-rock,rw
149456	Cummings, Burton:  S/T  (Portrait PR 34261 LP)  $10  VG/EX  1976,wlp,djts oc,woc,lyric sleeve
152213	Curb, Mike Congregation:  Burning Bridges  (MGM 2315 026 LP)  $40  VG+/M-  1971,Germany,breaks,osw,"Long & Winding Road" beatlesong
149170	Current Event:  Hits of the Rolling Stones  (Ambassador S98102 LP)  $42  VG+/VG+  197?,exploito group
149884	Cutler, Floyd & the Matadors:  S/T  (Matador 10011 LP)  $15  VG+/VG+  197?,osw,local Iowa lounge group wide styles of music, "Heatwave,White Lightning"
153939	Cymbal, Johnny:  Mr. Bass Man  (Kapp KL-1324(M) LP)  $35  VG+/VG+  1963,osw
153463	Dallas County:  S/T  (Enterprise ENS-1011 LP)  $18  VG+/EX  197?,Don Nix production
153947	Daltrey, Roger:  Best Bits  (MCA 5301 LP)  $11  VG+/EX  1982
153948	Daltrey, Roger:  Can't Wait to See the Movie  (Atlantic 7 81759-1 LP)  $6  VG+/M-  1987,co,sost "Take Me Home"
153949	Daltrey, Roger:  Can't Wait to See the Movie  (Atlantic 7 81759-1 LP)  $7  EX/M-  1987,sost "Take Me Home",osw
149130	Darin, Bobby:  1936-1973  (Motown M 813V1 LP)  $15  VG/VG+  1974
149656	Darin, Bobby:  Hello Dolly to Goodbye Charlie  (Capitol T-2194(M) LP)  $18  VG/VG  1964,smsplt,spine split,soc
153028	Darin, Bobby:  If I Were a Carpenter  (Atlantic 8135(M) LP)  $19  VG+/VG+  1966,orig,co,sost "The Girl that Stood Beside Me"
151165	Darin, Bobby:  The Bobby Darin Story  (Atco SD 33-131 LP)  $8  VG+/VG+  198?,re
153027	Darin, Bobby:  The Shadow of Your Smile  (Atlantic  8121(M) LP)  $20  VG+/VG+  1966,co
148356	Darin, Bobby:  The Shadow of Your Smile  (Atlantic SD 8121 LP)  $18  VG+/VG  1966,osw,co
149508	Darin, Bobby:  Venice Blue  (Capitol T 2322(M) LP)  $20  VG+/VG+  196?
150345	David & Jonathan:  Michelle  (Tower T 2473(M) LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  196?,co,beatlesongs
147368	Davidson, Dianne:  Mountain Mama  (Janus JLS 3048 LP)  $17  VG/VG  1972,wlp,gfld,co,soc,wol
146809	Davis, Paul:  Singer of Songs-Teller of Tales  (Bang BLP-410 LP)  $10  EX/EX  1977,co
155465	Davis, Spencer & Peter Jameson:  It's Been So Long  (Mediarts 41-11 LP)  $9  VG+/EX  197?,gfld,co
153876	Davis, Spencer Group / Traffic:  Here We Go 'Round the Mulberry Bush OST  (United Artists UAS 5175 LP)  $22  VG/EX  1968,orig,osw,h2o damage oc
152057	De-Fenders:  Drag Beat  (Del-Fi DFST-1242 LP)  $33  VG/VG+  195?,hot rod surf rock,smsplt,slrw
150813	Deep:  Psychedelic Moods - A Mind Expanding Phenomena  (Parkway P-7051(M) LP)  $525  VG+/VG+  1966,super-rare orig,almost ex
146988	Delaney & Bonnie:  Genesis  (GNP Crescendo GNPS 2054 LP)  $15  VG/EX  197?,co,soc
153467	Delaney & Bonnie:  Motel Shot  (Atco SD 33-358 LP)  $17  EX/EX  1971,gfld,osw,no insert
151647	Derek & the Dominos:  Layla  (Atco SD 2-704 LP)  $20  VG/VG+  1970,2lp,slrw,smsplt,Eric Clapton,Duane Allman
147910	DeShannon, Jackie:  New Arrangement  (Columbia PC 33500 LP)  $21  VG/EX  1975,lyric sleeve,slrw
149107	DeShannon, Jackie:  Songs  (Capitol ST-772 LP)  $13  VG/VG  196?-7?,green target label,Danny Kootch,co
146801	DeShannon, Jackie:  To Be Free  (Imperial LP)  $11  VG+/EX  1970,gfld,co,lyric sleeve
153543	DeShannon, Jackie:  You Won't Forget Me  (Imperial LP-9294(M) LP)  $20  VG/VG+  196?
151807	DeShannon, Jackie:  You're the only Dancer  (Amherst AMH 1010 LP)  $20  EX/M-  1977,osw,lyric sleeve
150222	Diamond, Neil:  Collection  (K-tel NC444 LP)  $14  VG+/VG+  197?,Canada
153479	Diamond, Neil:  Double Gold  (Bellaphon BLS 5521 LP)  $11  VG/VG+  1973,Germany,2lp,woc
150648	Diamond, Neil:  Love at the Greek  (Columbia KC2 34404 LP)  $9  VG/EX/VG+  1977,2lp,soc
151174	Dino, Desi & Billy:  Our Time's Coming  (Reprise RS 6194 LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  196?,tri-color label
153406	Dion:  S/T  (Laurie SLP 2047 LP)  $15  VG+/VG+  196?,"Purple Haze",osw,co
148017	Dire Straits:  S/T  (Warner Bros BSK 3266 LP)  $10  VG+/VG+  1978,osw,lyric sleeve
152508	Dixie Dregs:  Dregs of the Earth  (Arista AL 9528 LP)  $9  VG+/EX  1980,pinholes oc
148818	Dog Soldier:  S/T  (United Artists UA-LA405-G LP)  $12  VG/EX  1975,co,lg soc
153411	Donovan:  Early Treasures  (Bell 1135 LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  1973,osw
152768	Doors:  S/T  (Elektra EKS-74007 LP)  $13  VG+/EX  1967,198?,re
152861	Doors:  Soft Parade  (Elektra EKS-75005 LP)  $10  VG/EX  197?,gfld,butterfly label,sm tear oc
152177	Doors:  The Best of the Doors  (Elektra EKT21 LP)  $17  VG+/EX  1985,UK,2lp
151708	Doyle, Brendan:  Musical Mystical Bear  (Alba  House Communication RAH1055 LP)  $95  M-/M-  1972,psych,osw,insert,prst obc
149115	Dr. Hook:  Live  (Capitol ST-12114 LP)  $7  VG+/EX  1981
151207	Dr. Hook:  Live  (Capitol ST-12114 LP)  $8  EX/EX  1981,osw
152709	Dr. John:  Desitively Bonnaroo  (Atco SD 7043 LP)  $14  VG/VG+  1974,foil cover,slrw,sl spinewear
152578	Dr. John:  Gumbo  (Atco SD 7006 LP)  $33  VG+/EX  1972,gfld,insert,co
152940	Dr. John:  Hollywood Be Thy Name  (United Artists UA-LA552-G LP)  $8  VG/EX  1975,slrw,inner sleeve
152734	Dr. John:  In the Right Place  (Atco SD 7018 LP)  $11  VG/VG+  1973,gfld,slrw
151544	Duchin, Peter:  Comin' Home Baby  (Bell 6041 LP)  $28  VG+/EX  197?,wlp,"Chain of Fools",Pretty Purdie,Cornell DuPree,Randy Brecker,Eric Gale,prst obc,sl spinewear
151571	Duran, Elena & Stephane Grappelli:  Yesterday / A Recollection of the Beatles  (RCA Victor CPL1-4606 LP)  $15  VG/M-  1983,stain oc
154885	Duvall, Huelyn & the Tight Strings:  Rare Original 50's Recordings  (White Label WLP 8864 LP)  $17  VG/EX  198?,Netherlands,texas rockabilly
152620	Dylan, Bob:  Another Side of...  (Columbia CS 8993 LP)  $13  VG/VG+  1964,197?,re
148070	Dylan, Bob:  Blood On the Tracks  (Columbia PC 33235  LP)  $16  VG+/VG+  1974,soc
152627	Dylan, Bob:  Bringing It All Back Home  (Columbia CS 9128 LP)  $10  VG/VG+  1965,197?,re
152625	Dylan, Bob:  Freewheelin'  (Columbia KCS 8786 LP)  $11  VG/EX  1963,197?,re
152624	Dylan, Bob:  Greatest Hits Vol. II  (Columbia KG 31120 LP)  $7  VG/VG+  1971,2lp,rw
151018	Dylan, Bob:  Greatest Hits Vol. II  (Columbia PG 31120 LP)  $10  VG+/EX  1971,2lp
152621	Dylan, Bob:  Hard Rain  (Columbia PC 34349 LP)  $10  VG+/EX  1976
152628	Dylan, Bob:  Highway 61 Revisited  (Columbia CS 9189 LP)  $13  VG/VG+  1965,197?,re
152601	Dylan, Bob:  John Wesley Harding  (Columbia CS 9604 LP)  $23  VG+/VG+  1968,orig,360 label,soc
152623	Dylan, Bob:  Nashville Skyline  (Columbia KCS 9825 LP)  $11  VG/EX  1969,re,rw,Johnny Cash
153394	Dylan, Bob:  Planet Waves  (Asylum 7E-1003 LP)  $7  VG+/VG+  1974,co,slrw
152629	Dylan, Bob:  The Times They Are a-Changin'  (Columbia CS 8905 LP)  $14  VG+/EX  197?,insert,re
153460	Dylan, Bob:  The Times They Are a-Changin'  (Columbia PC 8905 LP)  $14  EX/VG+  197?,insert,re,osw
152600	Dylan, Bob & the Band:  Before the Flood  (Asylum AB 201 LP)  $14  VG+/VG+  1974,2lp
152622	Dylan, Bob & the Band:  The Basement Tapes  (Columbia C2 33682 LP)  $18  VG+/EX  1975,2lp
153452	Earth Island:  We Must Survive  (Philips PHS 600-340 LP)  $48  VG+/VG+  196?,gfld,co
151204	Eclipse:  Night and Day  (Casablanca NBLP 7097 LP)  $10  VG+/EX  1978,slrw,prst obc
153814	Eddie Boy Band:  S/T  (MCA 2153 LP)  $6  VG/VG+  1975,rw
151175	Eddy, Duane:  $1,000,000 Worth of Twang  (Jamie JLP 70-3014(M) LP)  $28  VG+/VG  195?-6?,gold/white label
152878	Edmunds, Dave:  Rockpile  (MAM 3 LP)  $23  VG/VG+  1971
151013	Edmunds, Dave & Love Sculpture:  The Classic Tracks 1968/1972  (EMI One-Up OU 2047 LP)  $18  VG+/M-  197?,UK,slrw
155334	Edwards, Jonathan:  Rockin' Chair  (Reprise MS 2238 LP)  $13  VG+/M-  1976,orig,co
149470	Edwards, Jonathan:  S/T  (Capricorn SD 862 LP)  $9  VG+/VG+  1971,gfld,co
153787	Electric Light Orchestra:  A New World Record  (United Artists UA-LA679-G LP)  $8  EX/EX  1976,lyric sleeve,osw
155493	Electric Light Orchestra:  S/T  (United Artists UAS-5573 LP)  $24  VG/EX  1972,gfld,lyric sheet,rw
153229	Elliman, Yvonne:  Yvonne  (RSO RS 1 3038 LP)  $6  VG/EX  1979,wlp,woc
151000	Elliot, Cass:  Mama's Big Ones  (Dunhill DS 50093 LP)  $9  EX/EX  196?,osw
150444	Elliott, Walter & Bennett:  I Know How You Feel  (Ram RS 3010 LP)  $10  VG+/VG+  1978,soc
150442	Elliott, Walter & Bennett:  S/T  (Jam 107 LP)  $12  VG+/VG  1979,private press,autographed oc,wobc
150443	Elliott, Walter & Bennett:  We Could Go On Forever  (Paid PLD 2007 LP)  $25  VG+/EX  1981,private press,wobc
148948	Emerson Lake & Palmer:  Works Vol. 1  (Atlantic SD 2-7000 LP)  $10  VG+/M-  1977,2lp
153498	Emerson, Lake & Palmer:  Pictures At An Exhibition  (Island 85 804 LP)  $17  VG/VG+  1972,Germany,gfld,woc
152817	Emerson, Lake & Palmer:  Tarkus  (Cotillion SD 9900 LP)  $10  VG/VG+  1971,gfld,rw,woc,spinewear
151410	Eno, Brian:  Ambient 1 Music for Airports  (PVC 7908 LP)  $23  VG+/EX  1978,orig inner sleeve,electronic,slrw
151210	Entwistle, John:  Too Late the Hero  (Atco SD 38-142 LP)  $11  VG+/EX  1981,lyric sleeve
153483	Everly Brothers:  Greatest Hits Vol. 1  (Barnaby BR-4004 LP)  $13  SS  1977,creased corner
153484	Everly Brothers:  Greatest Hits Vol. 2  (Barnaby BR-4005 LP)  $13  SS  1977
153414	Everly Brothers:  Pass the Chicken & Listen  (RCA Victor LP)  $13  VG+/EX  1972,co
148082	Every Mothers' Son:  Back  (MGM SR-4504 LP)  $12  VG/VG+  196?,gfld,co,smsplt,swoc
153473	Every Mothers' Son:  Back  (MGM SR-4504 LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  196?,gfld,co
155038	Exile:  Mixed Emotions  (Warner Bros BSK 3205 LP)  $4  EX/VG+  1978,osw,sost "Kiss You All Over"
150989	Faces:  A Nod's as Good as a Wink to a Blind Horse  (Warner Bros WB 56 006 LP)  $20  VG/VG+  1971,Germany,green label,huge poster (vg+),woc
146802	Faces:  Long Player  (Warner Bros WS 1892 LP)  $18  VG/EX  1971,die-cut cover,co,"Maybe I'm Amazed" mccartney of beatles song,"Had Me a Real Good Time",green label
153478	Faces:  Long Player  (Warner Bros WS 1892 LP)  $18  VG/EX  1971,die-cut cover,woc,"Maybe I'm Amazed" mccartney of beatles song,"Had Me a Real Good Time",green label
152683	Faces :  Ooh La La  (Warner Bros BS 2665 LP)  $22  VG/VG+  1973,trick cover,poster,sl h2o oc
152451	Fairweather Low, Andy:  Mega-Shebang  (Warner Bros BSK 3450 LP)  $8  VG/M-  1980,soc,prst oc,slrw
155001	Faith Band:  Face to Face  (Mercury SRM-1-3770 LP)  $12  VG+/EX  1979,lyric sleeve
152475	Faith Band:  Rock'n Romance  (Village VR 7805 LP)  $13  VG+/EX  1978
151786	Fame, Georgie:  Yeh Yeh  (Imperial LP-9282(M) LP)  $35  VG/VG  1965,slrw
147373	Fantacy Hill:  S/T  (Prodigal P6 10012S1 LP)  $27  SS  1976,cover art of hills shaped like breasts
152476	Faragher Brothers:  Family Ties  (ABC AB 1009 LP)  $15  VG+/EX  1977,lyric sleeve,prst oc,sol
152477	Faragher Brothers:  S/T  (ABC ABCD 941 LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  1976,co,lyric sleeve
152498	Faragher Brothers:  S/T  (ABC ABCD 941 LP)  $14  VG+/EX  1976,co,lyric sleeve
152499	Farner, Mark:  No Frills  (Atlantic SD 19196 LP)  $11  VG+/EX  1978,Grand Funk member
152065	Feathers, Charlie:  That Rock-a-Billy Cat!  (Barrelhouse BH 014 LP)  $28  VG+/M-  1979,slrw
152501	Ferguson, Jay:  Thunder Island  (Asylum 7E-1115 LP)  $8  VG+/EX  1977,lyric sleeve,co
152490	Fever Tree:  S/T  (Uni 73024 LP)  $24  VG+/VG+  1968,psych,orig inner sleeve
147593	First Class:  S/T  (UK UKS 53109 LP)  $12  EX/EX  1974,djs oc,"Beach Baby" sost,co
150927	Flamin' Groovies:  Teenage Head  (Kama Sutra KSBS 2031 LP)  $28  VG/VG+  1971,rw,blue label
154542	Flatbush:  Driver's Dream  (Bushleague BR101 LP)  $23  VG/VG+  1979,co,woc
152503	Fleetwood Mac:  Future Games  (Reprise RS 6465 LP)  $8  VG/VG+  1971,rw
151178	Fleetwood Mac:  Future Games  (Reprise RS 6465 LP)  $11  EX/EX  1971,osw
148059	Fleetwood Mac:  Kiln House  (Reprise RS 6408 LP)  $17  EX/EX  1970,gfld,co,brown label
153937	Fleetwood Mac:  S/T  (Reprise MS 2225 LP)  $5  VG+/VG+  1975,insert,co
152502	Fleetwood, Mick:  The Visitor  (RCA Victor AFL1-4080 LP)  $6  VG+/VG+  1981,gfld,George Harrison,co
152735	Focus:  Moving Waves  (Sire SAS 7401 LP)  $8  VG/VG+  197?,rw
151939	Fogelberg, Dan:  Windows and Walls  (Full Moon/Epic QE 39004 LP)  $11  VG+/M-  1984,lyric sleeve
154954	Foghat:  S/T  (Bearsville BR 2077 LP)  $22  VG+/EX  1972
147804	Foreigner:  Agent Provocateur  (Atlantic 81999-1-E LP)  $11  SS  1984
151974	Forum:  The River is Wide  (Mira MLPS 3014 LP)  $33  VG+/EX  1967,orig,osw,Les Baxter production,ez-folk-psych
147744	Four Seasons:  New Gold Hits  (Philips PHS-600-243 LP)  $10  VG/VG+  196?,rw
152446	Four Seasons:  Rag Doll  (Philips PHS 600-146 LP)  $15  VG+/VG+  1964
152486	Frampton's Camel:  S/T  (A&M SP-4389 LP)  $9  VG/EX  1973,rw,soc,silver label
147587	Frankie & Johnny:  Sweetheart Sampler  (Warner Bros BS 2675 LP)  $14  VG+/EX  1973,gfld,outer insert,co,sm tear oc,Al Kooper production
153825	Freddie & the Dreamers:  The Best of...  (Capitol SM-11896 LP)  $7  VG/EX  1979
154379	Frederick, Jesse:  S/T  (Bearsville BR 2043 LP)  $28  VG/EX  1971,gfld,wlp,rw
153824	Free:  Heartbreaker  (Island SW 9324 LP)  $13  VG/VG+  1973,smsplt,soc
150871	Frost:  Rock and Roll Music  (Vanguard VSD-6541 LP)  $28  VG+/EX  1969,gfld,detroit heavy rock
153017	Fugs:  S/T  (Base 1028 LP)  $22  SS  1966,198? Italy re of 2nd ESP lp
151273	Gallagher, Rory:  Blueprint  (Polydor PD-5522 LP)  $10  VG+/VG+  1973,co
147015	Garnett, Gale:  My Kind of Folk Songs: We'll Sing in the Sunshine  (RCA Victor LSP-2833 LP)  $19  VG+/VG+  1964,orig
154902	Garrett, Leif:  Can't Explain  (Scotti Bros SB 7111 LP)  $11  VG+/EX  1980
152196	Gault, Jonna:  Watch Me  (RCA Victor LSP-4081 LP)  $23  VG+/EX  1968,co,& Her Symphonopop Scene,"Good Vibrations" by Beach Boys,"Eleanor Rigby" beatlesong,"Wonder Why, I Guess?" psychedelic
153503	Genesis:  ...And Then There Were Three...  (Atlantic SD 19173 LP)  $8  VG+/EX  1978,gfld,co
152840	Genesis:  The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway  (Atco SD 2-401 LP)  $21  EX/M-  1974,2lp,lyric sleeves
153821	Gentle Giant:  Acquiring the Taste  (Vertigo VEL-1005 LP)  $23  VG+/VG+  1971,gfld,soc,sol
155033	Gentle Giant:  Free Hand  (Capitol SN-16048 LP)  $13  VG+/EX  1975,re
153820	Gentle Giant:  Three Friends  (Columbia KC 31649 LP)  $11  VG/VG+  1972,gfld,soc,sol,wobc
149517	Gibbons, Steve:  Caught In the Act  (MCA 2305 LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  1977
154952	Gilder, Nick:  City Nights  (Chrysalis CHR 1202 LP)  $8  VG+/VG+  1978,"Hot Child in the City"
150090	Glitterhouse:  Color Blind  (Dynovoice DY 1905(M) LP)  $30  VG/VG+  196?,silver cover,psych,breaks "I Lost Me a Friend",rw,co
150929	Glover, Roger:  The Butterfly Ball & the Grasshopper's Feast  (UK UKL-56000 LP)  $10  VG/EX  1975,gfld,co,rw,"Love Is All",Ronnie James Dio,Eddie Hardin,former Episode Six/Deep Purple member
155014	Gold, Andrew:  Whirlwind  (Asylum 6E-264 LP)  $8  VG+/VG+  1980,slrw
147376	Goodhand-Tait, Phillip:  I Think I'll Write A Song  (DJM 9102 LP)  $30  VG+/M-  1972
154963	Goodthunder:  S/T  (Elektra EKS-75041 LP)  $21  VG/EX  1972,insert,wobc
154778	Goose Creek Symphony:  Welcome To Goose Creek  (Capitol ST-690 LP)  $16  EX/EX  197?,osw.co
152197	Goz, Harry:  Today Is the First Day of the Rest of My Life  (Blue Book LP 4001 LP)  $43  EX/EX  196?,osw,"Yesterday" beatlesong,no insert
155555	Grand Funk Railroad:  Live Album  (Capitol SWBB 633 LP)  $12  VG/EX  1970,2lp,orange label
147596	Grass Roots:  Feelings  (Dunhill/ABC DS-50027 LP)  $21  VG+/VG+  1968,co,slrw
152635	Grateful Dead:  American Beauty  (Warner Bros WS 1893 LP)  $14  VG+/VG+  1970,trees label re
150945	Grateful Dead:  American Beauty  (Warner Bros WS 1893 LP)  $15  VG+/EX  1970,trees label re
152581	Grateful Dead:  Aoxomoxoa  (Warner Bros WS 1790 LP)  $18  VG/VG+  1969,1971,rw,2nd press green arrowhead label,copyright date obc
152633	Grateful Dead:  Blues for Allah  (Grateful Dead GD-LA494-G LP)  $18  VG/VG+  1975,insert,slrw,sl spinewear
152630	Grateful Dead:  Dead Set  (Arista A2L 8606 LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  1981,2lp
150946	Grateful Dead:  Go To Heaven  (Arista AL 9508 LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  1980,orig inner sleeve
152634	Grateful Dead:  History of the...Vol. 1 (Bear's Choice)  (Warner Bros BS 2721 LP)  $14  VG+/VG+  1973
150947	Grateful Dead:  In the Dark  (Arista AL 8452 LP)  $6  VG+/VG+  1987,gfld
152632	Grateful Dead:  S/T  (Warner Bros WS 1689 LP)  $18  VG+/VG+  196?,arrowhead label
152631	Grateful Dead:  S/T (Skull & Roses)  (Warner Bros 2WS 1935 LP)  $19  VG/VG+  1971,2lp,green skull label,rw,smsplt
150944	Grateful Dead:  Wake of the Flood  (Grateful Dead GD 01 LP)  $26  VG+/EX  1973,no UA on cover,co
149116	Grateful Dead:  What a Long Strange Trip It's Been: The Best of...  (Warner Bros 2W 3091 LP)  $12  VG/EX  1977,2lp,co,sost "Dark Star"
150949	Green, Peter:  Blue Guitar  (Creole CRZ 5 LP)  $22  VG+/M-  1981,UK
150950	Green, Peter:  In the Skies  (Sail PVK 0110 LP)  $17  VG+/M-  1979
150951	Green, Peter:  Little Dreamer  (Sail PVK 0112 LP)  $12  VG+/EX  1980
150948	Green, Peter:  The End of the Game  (Reprise REP 24023 LP)  $28  VG+/M-  1970,1974,Germany,re,Zoot Money
152450	Greene, Mike:  Pale, Pale Moon  (GRC GADJ-10013 LP)  $12  VG/EX  1975,djl,lyric sleeve,djts oc,soc
151707	Gregg:  Common/Time  (Euphonic EPC 279 LP)  $99  VG+/EX  1978,gfld,spiral-bound music & lyrics bklt intact,florida private press
152723	GTO's:  Permanent Damage  (Straight STS 1059 LP)  $90  VG/VG+  1969,gfld,no bklt,rw,Pamela Des Barres
151820	Guess Who:  Rockin  (RCA Victor LSP-4602 LP)  $8  VG+/M-  1972,gfld,co,slrw
152211	Gugel & Bisbee:  S/T  (Gubi LPS 474 LP)  $45  EX/EX  1974,osw,wisconsin lounge duo,private press,"Hang On Sloopy","Sweet Caroline","Nowhere Man" beatlesong
148242	Hall & Oates:  Abandoned Luncheonette  (Atlantic SD 7269 LP)  $12  EX/EX  1973,lyric sleeve
149300	Hall & Oates:  Bigger Than Both of Us  (RCA Victor 3866 LP)  $11  SS  1976,co,insert,Best Buy series re
149299	Hall & Oates:  Voices  (RCA AQL1-3646 LP)  $25  SS  1980,co
154784	Hall, Denny:  Listen! Listen! Listen! Alive at Corona Women's Penitentiary  (Capitol ST-647 LP)  $28  EX/VG+  197?,osw,co,green target label,Astrological Soulers,"Macolm X"
149607	Hallyday, Johnny:  Volume 9  (Impact 6886 212 LP)  $25  VG+/VG+  1977,France
151973	Hambrick, John:  Windmill in a Jet Filled Sky  (Brown Bag BB 14201 LP)  $20  EX/EX  1972,gfld,co
148821	Hamilton, Dirk:  Alias i  (ABC AB-976 LP)  $7  EX/M-  1977,osw
148822	Hamilton, Dirk:  You Can Sing On the Left or Bark On the Right  (ABC ABCD 920 LP)  $21  VG+/M-  1976,gfld,co,slrw,soc
151597	Hard Times:  In Nashville  (SO 13700 LP)  $89  VG+/EX  197?,rare private label country/rock
150874	Harper, Roy:  Lifemask  (Chrysalis CHR 1162 LP)  $25  VG+/EX  1973,co
149063	Harpers Bizarre:  Feelin Groovy  (Warner Bros WS 1693 LP)  $11  VG+/EX  196?,green lbl
151717	Harrington, Jeff:  S/T  (Centerpiece 2601 LP)  $95  VG+/M-  1977,orig inner sleeve,nice soft rock with interesting electronic moog on some songs
152458	Harris, Allen Band:  Oceans Between Us  (Tappan Zee/Columbia JC 35364 LP)  $12  VG/EX  1978,wlp,djts oc,soc,lyric sleeve
155495	Harris, Shaun:  S/T  (Capitol ST-11168 LP)  $80  SS  1973,Still Sealed!!,rare solo lp from West Coast Pop Art Experimental band leader
155554	Harrison, George:  All Things Must Pass  (Apple STCH 639 LP)  $15  VG+/VG+  1970,3lp Box Set,Beatles member,lyric sleeves,Eric Clapton,Billy Preston,Gary Wright,Klaus Voormann,Ringo Starr,Gary Brooker,Badfinger
152948	Harrison, George:  All Things Must Pass  (Apple STCH 639 LP)  $22  VG/VG+  1970,3lp Box Set,swol,Beatles member,lyric sleeves,one poster
150888	Harrison, George:  All Things Must Pass  (Apple STCH 639 LP)  $23  VG+/VG+  1970,3lp Box Set,Beatles member,lyric sleeves,one poster,woc,Eric Clapton,Billy Preston,Gary Wright,Klaus Voormann,Ringo Starr,Gary Brooker,Badfinger
149414	Harrison, George:  Cloud Nine  (Dark Horse 1-25643 LP)  $12  VG+/M-  1987,Beatles member,Jeff Lynne,Eric Clapton,Elton John,Ringo Starr
147658	Harrison, George:  Dark Horse  (Apple SMAS-3418 LP)  $17  VG+/EX  1974,gfld,orig inner sleeve,beatles
149420	Harrison, George:  Gone Troppo  (Dark Horse 1-23734 LP)  $12  EX/M-  1982,osw,lyric sleeve,co,Beatles member
149416	Harrison, George:  Living In the Material World  (Apple SMAS-3410 LP)  $13  VG/VG  1973,gfld,Beatles member,tear oc,soc,insert
149415	Harrison, George:  Living In the Material World  (Apple SMAS-3410 LP)  $17  VG+/EX  1973,gfld,Beatles member,tear oc,soc,insert
149418	Harrison, George:  S/T  (Dark Horse DHK 3255 LP)  $8  VG+/EX  1979,lyric sleeve,Beatles member
149419	Harrison, George:  S/T  (Dark Horse DHK 3255 LP)  $10  EX/M-  1979,lyric sleeve,osw,co,Beatles member
149421	Harrison, George:  Somewhere In England  (Dark Horse DHK 3492 LP)  $11  VG+/M-  1981,osw,lyric sleeve,Beatles member,co
152203	Harrison, George:  Somewhere In England  (Dark Horse DHK 3492 LP)  $11  VG+/M-  1981,lyric sleeve,Beatles member,co
149422	Harrison, George:  Thirty-Three & 1/3  (Dark Horse DH 3005 LP)  $10  VG/VG  1976,gfld,Beatles member,lyric sleeve
147379	Hart, Mickey:  Rolling Thunder  (Warner Bros BS 2635 LP)  $33  VG/VG+  1972,wlp,orig skull label,grateful dead offshoot,Kelley/Mouse Studios fillmore style psych cover art,swol,inserts
151990	Hartley, Keef:  Lancashire Hustler  (Deram XDES 18070 LP)  $35  VG+/M-  1973,gfld,co
153481	Hartley, Keef:  Seventy Second Brave  (Deram XDES 18065 LP)  $28  VG/VG+  1972,swoc,slrw,swol
150855	Hawkins, Ronnie:  The Best of...  (Roulette SR-42045 LP)  $25  VG+/EX  196?-7?,co,Levon Helm,Robbie Robertson
152881	Head East:  Get Yourself Up  (A&M SP-4579 LP)  $15  VG+/VG+  1976,lyric sleeve
155425	Heart:  Dreamboat Annie  (Nautilus NR3 LP)  $30  EX/EX  1976,1979,gfld,audiophile half-speed mastered, superdisc
154964	Heart:  Off the Record Special 9/13/82  (Westwood One OTRS 82-37 LP)  $35  EX/EX  1982,2lp,osw,radio show with music & commercials,cue sheet
150394	Heart:  S/T  (Natural Resources NR 102L LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  1972,co,not the wilson sisters
153494	Heartsfield:  The Wonder of It All  (Mercury SRM-1-1003 LP)  $11  EX/VG+  1974,osw,lyric sleeve
153042	Heather Black:  S/T  (Double Bayou DB 2000 LP)  $23  VG+/EX  1970,a couple psych cuts,co
152570	Hendrix, Jimi:  Are You Experienced  (Reprise RS 6261 LP)  $20  VG+/VG+  1967,brown label,re
152928	Hendrix, Jimi:  Axis: Bold As Love  (Reprise RS 6281 LP)  $15  VG+/VG+  1967,1979,re,gfld,brown label
152929	Hendrix, Jimi:  Band of Gypsys  (Capitol STAO-472 LP)  $13  VG/VG+  197?,gfld,orange label,gold record award,rw
151014	Hendrix, Jimi:  Isle of Wight  (Barclay XBLY 80 462 LP)  $35  VG+/M-  1970,France
152856	Hendrix, Jimi:  Isle of Wight  (Polydor 2302016 LP)  $25  VG+/EX  1971,UK,soc
153497	Hendrix, Jimi:  Jimi Plays Monterey OST  (Reprise 1-25358 LP)  $23  VG+/EX  1986
151015	Hendrix, Jimi:  Johnny B. Goode OST  (Capitol MLP-15022 LP)  $27  VG+/EX  1986,mini lp,prst oc
152708	Hendrix, Jimi:  Nine to the Universe  (Reprise HS 2299 LP)  $14  VG+/EX  1980,orig inner sleeve
153397	Hendrix, Jimi:  Roots of Hendrix  (Trip TLP-9501 LP)  $6  VG/VG+  197?,co,rw,1966 recordings with Lonnie Youngblood
154809	Hendrix, Jimi & Curtis Knight:  Get That Feeling  (Capitol ST-2856 LP)  $28  VG/VG+  1967,slrw,smsplt
147543	Henson:  S/T  (United Artists UA-LA185-G LP)  $11  VG+/EX  1974,osw,co,recorded at fame studios in muscle shoals,"god only knows" beach boys cover
147154	Herman's Hermits:  Mrs. Brown, You've Got A Lovely Daughter OST  (MGM SE 4548 ST LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  1968,gfld,woc
152592	Hicks, Dan & the Hot Licks:  Last Train to Hicksville  (Blue Thumb BTS 51 LP)  $23  VG+/VG+  1973,orig,lyric sleeve
150825	Hill, Joel Scott:  L.A. Getaway  (Atco SD 33-357 LP)  $45  SS  1971,co,Johny Barbata,Chris Ethridge,insert
153041	Hokus Pokus:  S/T  (Romar RM 2002 LP)  $24  VG+/VG+  1972,insert,wol
147022	Hollies:  Five Three One - Double Seven O Four  (Polydor 2442-160 LP)  $18  EX/M-  1979,UK,lyric sleeve,osw
147014	Hollies:  S/T  (Epic KE 32574 LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  1974,"The Air That I Breathe",orig inner sleeve
151107	Holmes, Jake:  So Close, So Very Far to Go  (Polydor 24 4034 LP)  $11  VG/EX  197?,rw,co
149535	Holmes, Rupert:  Partners in Crime  (Infinity INF 9020 LP)  $9  EX/EX  1979,lyric sleeve,osw
151278	Hopkin, Mary:  Post Card  (Apple ST-3351 LP)  $12  EX/VG+  1969,Beatles' Paul McCartney production,osw
146818	Hopkins, Nicky:  The Tin Man Was a Dreamer  (Columbia KC 32074 LP)  $38  VG+/EX  1973,gfld,Jerry Williams,Mick Taylor,Jim Price,Jim Horn,Klaus Voorman,Bobby Keys,orig inner sleeve
149568	Hot Dogs:  Say What You Mean  (Ardent ADS-2805 LP)  $15  SS  1973,co
152770	Hot Tuna:  Burgers  (Grunt FTR 1004 LP)  $10  VG/VG+  1972,gfld,rw,co
153387	Hot Tuna:  S/T  (RCA Victor LSP-4353 LP)  $14  VG+/VG+  1970,orig inner sleeve
152783	Hot Tuna:  S/T  (RCA Victor LSP-4353 LP)  $15  VG+/EX  1970,co,orig inner sleeve
154908	Hot Tuna:  Yellow Fever  (Grunt BFL1-1238 LP)  $10  VG/VG+  1975,orig inner sleeve,rw
153218	Howard, James Newton:  James Newton Howard & Friends  (Sheffield Lab 23 LP)  $58  VG/EX  1983,audiophile,electronic music: rock instrumentals composed for synthesizers
155074	Howard, James Newton:  S/T  (Kama Sutra KSBS 2602 LP)  $14  VG/VG+  1974,djl,gfld,co,smsplt
153449	Humble Pie:  Go for the Throat  (Atco SD 38-131 LP)  $23  SS  1981,co
154959	Humble Pie:  Smokin'  (A&M SP-4342 LP)  $8  EX/M-  1972,silver label re,osw
152920	Hunter, Ian:  S/T  (Columbia PC 33480 LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  1975,Mick Ronson,orig inner sleeve
151161	Hunter, Ian:  You're Never Alone With a Schizophrenic  (Chrysalis CHR 1214 LP)  $5  VG+/VG+  1979
150447	Hurt, JD:  My Girl  (Crusade LP 200-32 LP)  $16  EX/EX  197?,"Proud Mary",osw
148824	Hutchison Brothers:  Live  (Thrive 1002 LP)  $45  VG+/M-  197?,Omaha lounge-rock,autog obc
153095	Hyman, Dick:  Moog - The Electric Eclectics of...  (Command 938S LP)  $24  VG+/VG+  196?,gfld,electronic,sost "Minotaur",breaks
154497	Ian, Janis:  Between the Lines  (Columbia QAL 33394(Q) LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  1975,quadraphonic,osw,sost "When the Party's Over"
147562	Ian, Janis:  Present Company  (Capitol SM-683 LP)  $8  VG+/M-  197?,re,yellow label,slrw
153528	Ian, Janis:  Stars  (Columbia KC 32857 LP)  $10  VG+/EX  1974,lyric sleeve,prst obc
153455	If:  Not Just Another Bunch of Pretty Faces  (Capitol SM-11299 LP)  $16  VG/VG+  1974,smsplt,co
150776	Iguana:  S/T  (Lion LN 1011 LP)  $28  VG/EX  1972,slrw,co,prog
155515	Iguana:  The Winds of Alamar  (United Artists UA-LA683-G LP)  $13  VG/EX  1977,2nd press,lyric sleeve,slrw,co
153392	Illusion:  Together (As a Way of Life)  (Steed ST-37005 LP)  $16  VG/VG+  1969,rw,wobc
155477	Indigo:  S/T  (Warner Bros BS 2991 LP)  $19  VG+/EX  1977
150891	It's A Beautiful Day:  Choice Quality Stuff/Anytime  (Columbia KC 30734 LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  1971,no insert,soc
153413	It's a Beautiful Day:  Today  (CBS S 65483 LP)  $16  VG/VG+  1973,UK,gfld,woc,sticker wear oc
151650	J. Geils Band:  Freeze Frame  (EMI America SOO-17062 LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  1981,lyric sleeve
151653	J. Geils Band:  Live Full House  (Atlantic LP)  $12  VG/EX  1972,slrw
155556	Jackson, Python Lee:  In A Broken Dream  (Crescendo GNPS 2066 LP)  $6  VG/VG  1972,Rod Stewart
150895	Jagger, Mick:  Interview With...  (Rolling Stones 164 LP)  $82  VG+  1971,promo-only,no cover
150932	James Gang:  Passin' Thru  (Probe 1C 062-93 772 LP)  $17  VG+/EX  1972,Germany
150881	James, Tommy:  Christian of the World  (Roulette SR-3001 LP)  $17  SS  196?,gfld,sost Draggin' the Line"
153795	James, Tommy:  S/T  (Roulette SR 42051 LP)  $7  VG+/EX  196?,psychedelic cover art,co
150954	Jefferson Airplane:  Crown of Creation  (RCA Victor LSP-4058 LP)  $18  VG+/EX  1968,Germany,orig
150953	Jefferson Airplane:  Volunteers  (RCA Victor AYL1-3867 LP)  $10  VG+/VG+  1969,re,black label
150952	Jefferson Airplane:  Volunteers  (RCA Victor LSP 4238 LP)  $14  VG+/VG+  1969,orig gfld,insert,orange label
155371	Jefferson Starship:  Nuclear Furniture  (Grunt BXL1-4921 LP)  $10  VG+/M-  1984,co,lyric sleeve
150936	Jethro Tull:  20 Years of...  (Chrysalis 3V1 41655 LP)  $15  VG+/EX  1988,2lp
153412	Jethro Tull:  A Passion Play  (Chrysalis 6307 518 LP)  $18  VG/VG+  1973,Germany,gfld,woc
148908	Jethro Tull:  Aqualung  (Reprise MS 2033 LP)  $17  VG+/EX  1971,orig,gfld,insert
150937	Jethro Tull:  Living in the Past  (Chrysalis 2CH 1035 LP)  $18  EX/EX  1972,2lp,hard cover,booklet intact
147566	Jethro Tull:  Too Old to Rock 'N' Roll: Too Young To Die!  (Chrysalis CHR 1111 LP)  $11  VG+/EX  1976,gfld,green label
146864	Jim & Jean:  Changes  (Verve Folkways FT/3001(M) LP)  $33  VG+/VG  196?,psych,rare mono,co
153451	Jim & Jean:  People World  (Verve FTS 3015 LP)  $23  VG/EX  196?,co,sost,smsplt
147459	Jo Mama:  J is for Jump  (Atlantic SD 8288 LP)  $18  VG+/VG+  1971,osw,co
147881	Joel, Billy:  Cold Spring Harbor  (Columbia PC 38984 LP)  $12  VG+/EX  1971,1983,re
154933	Joel, Billy:  Cold Spring Harbor  (Columbia PC 38984 LP)  $13  EX/EX  1971,1983,re,osw
155051	Joel, Billy:  Piano Man  (Columbia PC 32544 LP)  $14  SS  1974,198?,Nice Price re,sost
154935	Joel, Billy:  The Stranger  (Columbia JC 34987 LP)  $9  EX/EX  1977,osw,lyric sleeve,sost "Just the Way You Are"
154934	Joel, Billy:  The Stranger  (Columbia JC 34987 LP)  $15  SS  1977,lyric sleeve,sost "Just the Way You Are"
150963	Johansen, David:  Live it Up  (Blue Sky ARZ 38004 LP)  $15  VG+/EX  1982,swol
150961	Johansen, David:  S/T  (Blue Sky JZ 34926 LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  1978,slrw,New York Dolls memeber
150962	Johansen, David:  Sweet Revenge  (Passport PB 6043 LP)  $9  VG+/M-  1984,co,swol
155036	John, Elton:  Don't Shoot Me I'm Only the Piano Player  (DJM DJLPH.427 LP)  $10  VG+/VG+  1972,UK,gfld,bklt
149476	John, Elton:  Reg Strikes Back  (MCA 6240 LP)  $7  EX/EX  1988,gfld
153500	Johnson, Michael:  For All You Mad Musicians  (Sanskrit SR 0751 LP)  $43  VG/VG+  1975,rw
146963	Johnson, Michael:  Lifetime Guarantee  (EMI America ST-17104 LP)  $12  VG+/M-  1983
149521	Johnson, Robert:  Close Personal Friend  (Infinity INF 9000 LP)  $18  VG+  1978,test press,plain cover,djts oc
150791	Johnstons:  Colours of the Dawn  (Vanguard VSD-6572 LP)  $17  VG+/EX  1971,co,slrw,wol
152925	JoJo Gunne:  Jumpin' the Gunne  (Asylum SD 5071 LP)  $12  VG/VG+  1973,gfld,rw
155067	Jon & Vangelis:  Private Collection  (Polydor 813 174 LP)  $9  VG+/EX  1983,lyric sleeve,electronic
148492	Jon David's Mood:  Put Yourself In...  (USR 5485 LP)  $35  VG/EX  1973,lounge act,"Theme from Shaft","Theme from Mission: Impossible","Eleanor Rigby" beatlesong,"Promises Promises",slrw
148432	Jones, Rickie Lee:  Pirates  (Warner Bros BSK 3422 LP)  $9  EX/M-  1981
151259	Joplin, Janis:  Farewell Song  (Columbia PC 37569 LP)  $8  VG/EX  1982,slrw
148434	Joplin, Janis:  Janis OST  (Columbia PG 33345(M) LP)  $20  VG/EX  1975,2lp,bklt intact
149478	Journey:  Departure  (Columbia AL 36339 LP)  $14  EX/EX  1980,osw,inner sleeve
153942	Journey:  Frontiers  (Columbia OC 38504 LP)  $14  SS  1983,lyric sleeve,sost "Separate Ways"
154746	Joy of Cooking:  S/T  (Capitol ST 661 LP)  $23  EX/M-  1970,osw,co,insert,orig green target label
153257	Kalb, Danny & Stefan Grossman:  Crosscurrents  (Cotillion SD 9007 LP)  $33  VG/EX  1969,wlp,prst oc,partial smsplt
152988	Kansas:  Power  (MCA 5838 LP)  $10  EX/EX  1986,osw,sost "All I Wanted",lyric sleeve
152990	Kansas:  The Best of...  (CBS Associated QZ 39283 LP)  $9  EX/M-  1984,osw,lyric sleeve
152991	Kansas:  Vinyl Confessions  (Kirshner FZ 38002 LP)  $8  EX/EX  1982,osw
146811	Kansas / Kerry Livgren:  Inner View  (Inner View 11-8 LP)  $18  VG+  1976,radio show,no cover
154779	Kay, John:  My Sportin' Life  (Dunhill/ABC DSX 50147 LP)  $25  VG+/EX  1973,wlp,gfld,prst oc
150786	Kaye, Joel:  And His New York Philharmonic Orchestra  (Paramount PAS 6086 LP)  $11  VG/VG  1973,gfld
148083	Keack, Alex:  Surfers Paradise  (Crown CLP 5315(M) LP)  $33  VG+/VG+  196?,smsplt
155496	Kearney, Christopher:  Pemmican Stash  (Capitol ST-11167 LP)  $48  SS  1972
155547	Keen, Speedy:  Y'Know Wot I Mean?  (Island ILPS 9338 LP)  $7  VG/EX  1975,rw
154937	Kelly, Casey:  S/T  (Elektra EKS 75040 LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  1972,co
151838	King Crimson:  Beat  (Warner Bros/EG 23692-1 LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  1982
150958	King Crimson:  Earthbound  (Island HELP-6 LP)  $31  VG+/EX  1972,UK,slrw
150955	King Crimson:  In the Wake of Poseidon  (Atlantic SD 8266 LP)  $18  VG+/EX  1970,gfld,tear on spine
150957	King Crimson:  Larks' Tongues in Aspic  (Atlantic SD 7263 LP)  $25  VG/M-  1973,orig,co,lyric sleeve,seamwear
150956	King Crimson:  Lizard  (Atlantic SD 8278 LP)  $28  VG+/M-  1971,gfld
150959	King Crimson:  USA  (Atlantic SD 18136 LP)  $18  VG/M-  1975,rw,co
152185	King's Road:  Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds  (Pickwick SPC-3509 LP)  $10  EX/EX  1974,osw,beatlesong
149111	Kingfish:  S/T  (Round RX LA654-G LP)  $21  VG/VG+  1976,Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead
153940	Kingsmen:  The Best of...  (Rhino RNLP 126 LP)  $13  EX/EX  198?,osw,"Louie, Louie"
154810	Kingsmen:  Volume 2  (Wand WDM 659(M) LP)  $19  VG/VG+  1965,woc
150859	Kinks:  Greatest Hits  (Reprise RS 6217 LP)  $12  VG+/EX  198?,brown label re,co
150856	Kinks:  Kinks-Size  (Reprise RS 6158 LP)  $15  VG/EX  1965,1972,brown label re,slrw
150857	Kinks:  Second Time Around  (RCA Victor AFL1-3520 LP)  $8  VG+/EX  1975
147500	Kinks:  The Kink Kronikles  (Reprise 2XS 6454 LP)  $15  VG/VG+/EX  1972,2lp
151022	Kinks:  The Kink Kronikles  (Reprise 2XS 6454 LP)  $16  VG/EX  1972,2lp,rw
150858	Kinks:  You Really Got Me  (Reprise RS 6143 LP)  $15  VG/EX  1965,1972,brown label re,sl spinewear
147667	Kiss:  Rock and Roll Over  (Casablanca NBLP 7037 LP)  $25  VG+/EX  1976,inserts,orig inner sleeve
155470	Klaatu:  S/T  (Capitol ST-11542 LP)  $18  VG+/VG+  1976,"Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft"
154380	Klowns:  S/T  (RCA Victor LSP-4438 LP)  $9  VG/VG+  1970,gfld,co,slrw,Jeff Barry production,co,Ringling Bros. & Barnum & Bailey
153480	Kooper, Al:  New York City (You're a Woman)  (CBS S 64340 LP)  $16  VG/VG+  1971,UK,gfld,woc,soc,Carol Kaye,Rita Coolide,Clydie King,Caleb Quaye,Sneeky Pete
151239	Kunkel, Leah:  S/T  (Columbia JC 35778 LP)  $18  VG+/M-  1979,wlp,lyric sleeve,bio insert,djts oc,prst obc
155231	Lacewing:  S/T  (Mainstream LP)  $78  VG/VG-  1970,psych,co,rough but rare
152636	Lagin, Ned & Phil Lesh:  Seastones  (Round RX 106(Q) LP)  $45  VG+/VG+  1975,quadraphonic,slrw,members of Grateful Dead,Jerry Garcia,David Crosby,Grace Slick,Mickey Hart
148791	Lamb, Kevin:  Sailing Down the Years  (Arista AB 4166 LP)  $8  VG+/M-  1978,wlp,co,lyric sleeve
148813	Lambert & Nuttycombe:  As You Will  (20th Century T-415 LP)  $18  VG/EX  1973,co,lyric insert,soc,djs obc
148757	Lambert, Dave:  Framed  (Polydor PD-1-6193 LP)  $12  VG/EX  1979,Strawbs guitarist,wlp,soc,slrw,lyric sleeve,prst obc
151623	Lamont, John:  Love, John Lamont  (Nice 8767 LP)  $35  VG/VG  1976,autographed oc,New Christy Minstrels member,clippings & photo insert,smsplt
149781	Larson, Nicolette:  Nicolette  (Warner Bros BSK 3243 LP)  $12  EX/M-  1978,"Lotta Love",osw
149643	Law:  Hold On To It  (MCA 2306 LP)  $10  VG/EX  1973,co,soc,sm tear oc,insert
148799	Lawalin, Lisa:  New Moon Rising  (Monument MG7630 LP)  $13  VG+/M-  1978,osw,Tommy Cogbill,Spooner Oldham,Bobby Emmons,Muscle Shoal Horns
154087	Leadon, Bernie/Michael Geogiades:  Natural Progressions  (Asylum 7E-1107 LP)  $10  VG+/M-  1977,soc,lyric sleeve
152028	Led Zeppelin:  Led Zeppelin  (Atlantic P-10105 LP)  $150  EX/M-  1969,1971,Japan,obi,osw,lyric sheet,poster (m-)
152773	Led Zeppelin:  Led Zeppelin IV (Zoso/Runes)  (Atlantic SD 7208 LP)  $18  VG/VG+  1971,gfld,orig inner sleeve,slrw
153832	Led Zeppelin:  Presence  (Swan Song SS 8416 LP)  $10  VG/VG+  1976,gfld,soc,sost "Achilles Last Stand"
146772	Led Zeppelin:  The Song Remains the Same OST  (Swan Song SS2-201 LP)  $13  VG/VG  1976,2lp,bklt intact
152496	Lee, Alvin & Ten Years Later:  Ride On  (RSO RS-1-3049 LP)  $9  VG+/EX  1979
147028	Lems, Kristin:  Oh Mama!  (Carolsdatter Productions SD 656 LP)  $27  VG/EX  1978,gfld
151184	Lennon, John:  Mind Games  (Capitol SW-3414 LP)  $40  VG+/EX  1973,1978,purple label re,lyric sleeve,beatles
152935	Lennon, John:  Plastic Ono Band  (Apple SW 3372 LP)  $18  VG+/EX  1970,Beatles member,lyric sleeve
149427	Lennon, John:  Rock 'n' Roll  (Apple SK-3419 LP)  $17  VG+/EX  1975,Beatles member
149417	Lennon, John:  Rock 'n' Roll  (Capitol SN-16069 LP)  $13  VG+/EX  1975,1980,green label,Beatles member
149410	Lennon, John:  Shaved Fish  (Capitol SW-3421 LP)  $11  VG/VG+  1975,1978,purple label,lyric sleeve,no capitol logo obc,Beatles member,smsplt
149411	Lennon, John:  Shaved Fish  (Capitol SW-3421 LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  1975,1978,purple label,lyric sleeve,no capitol logo obc,Beatles member
149412	Lennon, John:  Shaved Fish  (Capitol SW-3421 LP)  $15  EX/M-  1975,1983,black/rainbow label,lyric sleeve,no capitol logo obc,Beatles member,osw
152934	Lennon, John:  Walls and Bridges  (Apple SW-3416 LP)  $16  VG+/VG+  1974,gfld,inner sleeve,bklt,beatles
149409	Lennon, John:  Walls and Bridges  (Capitol SW-3416 LP)  $10  VG+/VG+  1974,1978,re,purple label,beatles
149413	Lennon, John & Yoko Ono:  Double Fantasy  (Geffen GHS 2001 LP)  $7  VG+/EX  1980,lyric sleeve,"Just Like Starting Over",Beatles member,soc
149316	Lewis, Gary & the Playboys:  Close Cover Before Playing  (Liberty LST 7606 LP)  $10  VG/VG  196?,matchbook gfld cover,spinewear
154280	Lewis, Jerry Lee:  Monsters  (Sun/SSS 124 LP)  $10  VG/EX  197?,rw
152896	Lewis, Jerry Lee:  S/T  (Elektra 6E 184 LP)  $11  VG+/EX  1979,Bones Howe production
148613	Lia, Orsa:  S/T  (Infinity INF 9015 LP)  $13  EX  1979,lyric sleeve,djts oc,plain white cover
149529	Life:  That's Life  (Life PB 1139 LP)  $15  EXVG+  197?,osw,show band
155034	Lighthouse:  Good Day  (Polydor PD-6028 LP)  $10  VG/VG+  1974,rw,co
148796	Lindisfarne:  Back and Fourth  (Atco SD 38-108 LP)  $11  VG/VG+  1978,lyric sleeve,prst oc,soc,djts oc,slrw
152919	Lindley, David:  El Rayo-X  (Asylum 5E-524 LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  1981,lyric sleeve,sl spinewear
152745	Lindley, David & El Rayo-X:  Win this Record!  (Asylum 60178-1 LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  1982
150811	Linn County:  Proud Flesh Soothsayer  (Mercury SR 61181 LP)  $28  VG/EX  1968,gfld,gold djl,woc
152609	Little Feat:  Dixie Chicken  (Warner Bros BS 2686 LP)  $13  VG/VG+  1973,green label,rw
152574	Little Feat:  Feats Don't Fail Me Now  (Warner Bros BS 2784 LP)  $9  VG/EX  1974,rw,spinewear
152610	Little Feat:  The Last Record Album  (Warner Bros BS 2884 LP)  $8  VG/VG+  1975,slrw
150777	Little Feat:  Time Loves A Hero  (Warner Bros BS 3015 LP)  $7  VG+/VG+  1977,slrw,sm tear oc
153786	Little Feat:  Time Loves A Hero  (Warner Bros BS 3015 LP)  $8  VG+/EX  1977,lyric sleeve,osw
147305	Little John:  S/T  (Epic E 30414 LP)  $17  VG/EX  197?,yellow label,co,toc,rw
146807	Little Richard:  The Original Greatest Hits of...  (GRT 2103-725 LP)  $11  VG+/VG  1977,2lp,osw,co
149519	Little River Band:  First Under the Wire  (Capitol SOO-11954 LP)  $7  VG+/EX  1979,lyric sleeve
155373	Little River Band:  Greatest Hits  (Capitol ST-12247 LP)  $11  EX/EX  1982,osw,sost "the other guy"
153772	Lobo:  A Cowboy Afraid of Horses  (Big Tree BT 89505 LP)  $6  VG+/VG+  1975,lyric sleeve,co,soc
151205	Locust:  Playgue  (Annuit Coeptis AC-1004 LP)  $11  VG+/EX  1976,no bonus 45
152808	Lofgren, Nils:  Cry Tough  (A&M SP 4573 LP)  $8  VG/VG+  1976
152730	Lofgren, Nils:  Night After Night  (A&M SP-3707 LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  1977,2lp,wlp
152844	Lofgren, Nils:  S/T  (A&M SP-4509 LP)  $6  VG+/VG+  1975
155116	Loggins & Messina:  Full Sail  (Direct-Disk Labs 16606 LP)  $20  VG+/VG+  1973,gfld,audiophile,dbx super disk
150122	London Symphony Orchestra:  Classic Rock Volume One  (RSO RS-1-3043 LP)  $7  VG/VG+  1979
149093	London Symphony Orchestra:  The Second Movement  (RSO RS-1-3073 LP)  $22  VG+/M-  1978,wlp,Pete Townshend,prst obc,"God Only Knows" beach boys song,"A Day In the Life" beatlesong,sost "Pinball Wizard"
149083	London Symphony Orchestra & Chambre Choir:  Tommy  (Ode SP 99001 LP)  $22  VG+/M-  1973,2lp Box,Pete Townshend,Sandy Denny,Steve Winwood,Richie Havens,Merry Clayton,Roger Daltrey,John Entwistle,Ringo Starr,Rod Stewart,bklt
148159	Longo, Lenny & Momentum:  Happy Birthday America  (Pee Kee PLL 1051 LP)  $38  VG/EX  1975,rw,woc
153804	Lord Sutch:  And Heavy Friends  (Cotillion SD 9015 LP)  $27  VG/VG  1970,Jimmy Page,John Bonham,Jeff Beck,Noel Redding,Nicky Hopkins
150876	Los Rebeldes del Rock:  A mi me llaman Popeye  (Orfeon LP-12-348 LP)  $35  VG+/VG  196?,Mexico,toc
152681	Love Sculpture:  Blues Helping  (Rare Earth RS 505 LP)  $38  VG+/VG+  1969,die-cut dome cover,Dave Edmunds
152699	Lovin' Spoonful:  The Best of...  (Kama Sutra KLPS 8056 LP)  $11  VG/VG+  196?,gfld,rw,no insert,orig inner sleeve
147963	Lulu:  Melody Fair  (Atco SD 33-330 LP)  $12  VG+/M-  1970,"Good Day Sunshine" beatlesong,wobc
152998	Lulu:  Sings To Sir With Love  (Epic LN 24339(M) LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  1967,"Love Loves to Love Love","Day Tripper" beatlesong,arrangements by John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin),session guitar by Jimmie Page
152762	Lynyrd Skynyrd:  Nuthin' Fancy  (MCA 2137 LP)  $14  VG/VG+  1975,slrw,lyric sleeve
152845	Lynyrd Skynyrd:  One More from the Road  (MCA 2-6001 LP)  $18  VG+/VG+  1976,2lp,insert,slrw
152732	Lynyrd Skynyrd:  Second Helping  (MCA 413 LP)  $10  VG+/VG+  1974
152843	Lynyrd Skynyrd:  Street Survivors  (MCA 3029 LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  1977,black cover
153858	Macgregor, Mary:  S/T  (RSO RS-1-3083 LP)  $8  VG/EX  1980,wlp,slrw,soc,prst obc
151705	Machingbyrd:  The Road To Forbidden Ecstacy  (Narrow Mountain NMR 10001 LP)  $93  VG/M-  1980,autographed oc by Mike Engberg,acid-folk/prog-rock with some electronics,private press,soc
151704	Machingbyrd:  The Road To Forbidden Ecstacy  (Narrow Mountain NMR 10001 LP)  $98  VG+/M-  1980,autographed oc by Mike Engberg,acid-folk/prog-rock with some electronics,private press
151806	Mack, Jimmie:  Jimmie Mack & the Jumpers  (RCA Victor AFL1- 3698 LP)  $7  VG+/EX  1980
147199	Macondo:  S/T  (Atlantic SD 7234 LP)  $30  EX/EX  1972,Sergio Mendes prod,co
147360	Macondo:  S/T  (Atlantic SD 7234(M) LP)  $33  VG+/VG+  1972,wlp,insert,dj mono,djs oc,Sergio Mendes prod
147365	MacPherson, Bruce:  One of These Days  (GSF S-1001 LP)  $21  VG/VG+  1972,wlp,rw,sm tear oc,prst oc
152847	Mahavishnu Orchestra:  Between Nothingness & Eternity  (Columbia KC 32766 LP)  $11  VG+/EX  1973,Live,all new material at the time of release
153220	Major, Dave & the Minors:  Someone New  (BC BCS 310 LP)  $13  EX/VG+  197?,osw,lounge act,"Spinning Wheel"
146819	Malo:  S/T  (Warner Bros BS 2584 LP)  $10  VG+/EX  1972,gfld,green label,co
147296	Malo:  S/T  (Warner Bros BS 2584 LP)  $15  VG+/EX  1972,gfld,wlp
154883	Mamas & the Papas:  A Gathering of Flowers  (Dunhill DSY-50073 LP)  $28  VG+/VG+  1970,2lp box,booklet
147805	Mamas & the Papas:  Papas & Mamas  (Dunhill DS-50031 LP)  $8  VG/VG+  1970,gfld,trick cover,smsplt
154961	Manchild:  1  (Capitol ST-11104 LP)  $13  VG/VG+  1972,smsplt,soc
150935	Mandel, Harvey:  The Snake  (Janus JLS 3037 LP)  $17  VG+/VG+  1972,gfld,co
153472	Manfred Mann's Earth Band:  Solar Fire  (Polydor PD 6019 LP)  $9  VG+/VG+  1973
149516	Marino, Frank & Mahogany Rush:  Live  (Columbia JC 35257 LP)  $17  VG+/EX  1978
149026	Marino, Frank & Mahogany Rush:  What's Next  (Columbia JC 36204 LP)  $12  VG/EX  1980,wlp
148557	Mark-Almond:  Mark-Almond II  (ABC/Blue Thumb BTS 32 LP)  $22  VG/EX  197?,"Sausalito Bay Suite",slrw,co
148332	Mark-Almond:  The Best of...  (Blue Thumb BTS 50 LP)  $7  VG/EX  1973,co,rw
147353	Marketts:  Out of Limits!  (Warner Bros W 1537(M) LP)  $28  VG+/VG+  1962,orig,co,surf,wobc
153044	Martin, George:  Help!  (United Artists UAL 3448(M) LP)  $33  VG+/VG+  1965?,instrumental beatlesongs
151993	Mason, Dave:  Alone Together  (MCA 11319 LP)  $69  EX/M-  1970,199?,gfld,audiophile reissue 180 gram reissue out of print
152718	Mason, Dave:  Headkeeper  (Blue Thumb BTS 34 LP)  $13  VG+/EX  197?,co,slrw
152719	Mason, Dave:  It's Like You Never Left  (Columbia KC 31721 LP)  $9  VG/EX  1973,gfld,rw
152799	Mason, Dave:  Let It Flow  (Columbia PC 34680 LP)  $11  VG/EX  1977,lyric sleeve,rw obc
153809	Mason, Dave:  Old Crest On a New Wave  (Columbia JC 36144 LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  1980
152613	Mason, Dave:  S/T  (Columbia PCQ 33096(Q) LP)  $13  VG/VG+  1974,quadraphonic,rw
150896	Matching Mole:  Little Red Record  (Columbia KC 32148 LP)  $28  VG/EX  1972,Robert Wyatt,Brian Eno,Robert Fripp production,rw
151823	Matthews, Ian:  Go for Broke  (Columbia PC 34102 LP)  $14  VG+/EX  1976
151987	Matthews, Ian:  Siamese Friends  (Mushroom MRS-5014 LP)  $9  VG+/EX  1980,lyric sleeve,Wynder K Frog
151644	Matthews, Ian:  Stealin' Home  (Mushroom MRS 5012 LP)  $12  VG+/M-  1978,co,lyric sleeve
151988	Matthews, Ian:  Stealin' Home  (Rockburgh ROC 106 LP)  $13  VG/M-  1978,UK,red wax,Duffy Power
151989	Matthews, Ian:  Stealin' Home  (Rockburgh ROC 106 LP)  $14  VG+/M-  1978,UK,green wax,Duffy Power
147392	May, Barbara:  Barbara In Berlin  (International Artists IA 3002 LP)  $15  VG+/VG  196?,"Don't Think Twice, It's Alright" dylan song,"My Boy Lollipop",sung in german
150767	MC5:  Kick Out the Jams  (Elektra EKS-74042 LP)  $65  VG+/VG+  1968,butterfly label reissue but still uncensored version of title track,gfld,no liner notes,slrw
148795	McCann, Peter:  One On One  (Columbia LP)  $13  VG+/M-  1979,wlp,djts oc,lyric sleeve,soc
148794	McCann, Peter:  S/T  (20th Century T-544 LP)  $10  VG+/EX  1977,"Do You Wanna Make Love",insert
152220	McCartney, Paul:  Choba B CCCP  (Melodiya A60 00415 006 LP)  $19  VG+/EX  1988,USSR,beatles
149397	McCartney, Paul:  McCartney  (Apple STAO 3363 LP)  $10  VG/VG+  1970,gfld,Beatles,no name beneath title on label,sol
148405	McCartney, Paul:  McCartney  (Apple STAO 3363 LP)  $18  VG/VG+  1970,gfld,Beatles,with name on label,no capitol logo,co
149398	McCartney, Paul:  Tug of War  (Columbia TC 37462 LP)  $8  VG+/M-  1982,Beatles member
149399	McCartney, Paul:  Tug of War  (Columbia TC 37462 LP)  $8  M-/VG+  1982,osw,lyric sleeve,Beatles member,sost "Ebony and Ivory"
149424	McCartney, Paul & Wings:  Back to the Egg  (Columbia FC 36057 LP)  $5  VG/EX  1979,Beatles member,prst obc
149402	McCartney, Paul & Wings:  Band On the Run  (Apple SO-3415 LP)  $13  VG/VG+  1973,orig,rw,lyric sleeve,poster,beatles
149423	McCartney, Paul & Wings:  London Town  (Capitol SW-11777 LP)  $8  VG+/EX  1978,soc,no poster,lyric sleeve,beatles
149425	McCartney, Paul & Wings:  Red Rose Speedway  (Apple SMAL-3409 LP)  $10  VG+/EX  1973,gfld,no bklt,soc,braille cover,beatles
149449	McCartney, Paul & Wings:  Venus and Mars  (Capitol SMAS-11419 LP)  $4  VG/VG+  1975,gfld,no inserts,beatles
149405	McCartney, Paul & Wings:  Venus and Mars  (Capitol SMAS-11419 LP)  $5  VG+/VG+  1975,gfld,soc,no inserts,beatles
149426	McCartney, Paul & Wings:  Wild Life  (Columbia JC 36480 LP)  $11  EX/EX  1971,198?,re,beatles
149448	McCartney, Paul & Wings:  Wings at the Speed of Sound  (Capitol SW 11525 LP)  $9  VG+/VG+  1976,beatles
152231	McCartney, Paul & Wings:  Wings at the Speed of Sound  (Capitol SW 11525 LP)  $11  EX/EX  1976,osw,orig inner sleeve,beatles
149403	McCartney, Paul & Wings:  Wings Greatest  (Capitol SOO-11905 LP)  $6  VG+/VG+  1978,Beatles member,soc
149404	McCartney, Paul & Wings:  Wings Over America  (Capitol SWOC-11593 LP)  $12  VG+/VG+/EX/VG+  1976,3lp,beatles
155452	McCracken, Ted & the Memory Makers:  Remember When  (DJ 36077 LP)  $38  VG/EX  197?,autographed oc,slrw,50s rock revue
151932	McGee, Parker:  S/T  (Big Tree BT 89520 LP)  $10  VG+/M-  1976,lyric sleeve
151019	McGuinn, Roger:  Peace on You  (Columbia KC 32956 LP)  $9  VG+/EX  1974,lyric sleeve
148262	McLean, Don:  S/T  (United Artists UAS-5651 LP)  $7  VG+/EX  1972,co,lyric sleeve
147501	Meisburg & Walters:  Love's An Easy Song  (Casablanca NBLP 7067 DJ LP)  $7  VG+/VG+  1977,djl,co
153796	Meisner, Randy:  One More Song  (Epic NJE 36748 LP)  $6  VG/VG+  1980,lyric sleeve
152004	Melanie:  Gather Me  (Neighborhood NRS-47001 LP)  $10  VG/VG+  1971,gfld,no insert,slrw
147883	Melanie:  Stoneground Words  (Neighborhood NRS 47005 LP)  $16  VG+/EX  1972,gfld,lyric sleeve,five photo inserts
149560	Mercy:  Love Can Make You Happy  (Warner Bros WS 1799 LP)  $18  VG+/VG+  1968,co,second issue
151779	Messina, Jimmy:  Oasis  (Columbia JC 36140 LP)  $11  VG+/EX  1979,lyric sleeve
148814	Micare, Franklin:  S/T  (Private Stock PS 7005 LP)  $14  VG+/EX  1978,Jon Faddis,Larry Harlow,prst obc
153476	Michaels, Lee:  Live  (A&M 86 724 XT LP)  $17  VG/VG+  1973,2lp,Germany,woc
149714	Michaels, Nancy:  First Impressions  (Reprise RS 6380 LP)  $15  VG+/VG+  1969,gfld,smsplt
153419	Michalski & Oosterveen:  M & O  (Columbia JC 35602 LP)  $6  VG/VG+  1979,wlp,lyric sleeve,prst obc
147515	Mickey & Sylvia:  New Sounds  (Vik LX-1102(M) LP)  $200  VG+/VG  1957,wobc
148706	Miles, Buddy:  A Message to the People  (Mercury SRM 1-608 LP)  $13  VG/EX  197?,gfld,co,woc
147457	MIles, Buddy:  Chapter VII  (Columbia KC 32048 LP)  $12  VG+/EX  1973,gfld,Willie Bobo
146804	Miles, John:  Stranger in the City  (London PS 682 LP)  $6  VG+/EX  1976,gfld,prst oc,co
152746	Miller, Steve:  Children of Future/Living in USA  (Capitol SF-718/19 LP)  $22  VG/VG+  197?,2lp bundle,re,rw
147552	Miller, Steve:  Greatest Hits 1974-78  (Capitol SOO-511872 LP)  $8  EX/EX  1978,osw
152842	Miller, Steve:  Recall the Beginning...a Journey from Eden  (Capitol SMAS-11022 LP)  $11  VG/VG+  1972,h2o oc,rw,red target label
153385	Missouri:  S/T  (Panama PRS-1022 LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  197?
152781	Mitchell, Joni:  Blue  (Reprise MS 203.8 LP)  $17  VG/VG+  1971,gfld,rw,orig inner sleeve
152863	Mitchell, Joni:  Clouds  (Reprise RS 6341 LP)  $8  VG/VG+  1969,gfld,wobc
150852	Mitchell, Joni:  Clouds  (Reprise RS 6341 LP)  $18  SS  1969,gfld,super saver re
148438	Mitchell, Joni:  Don Juan's Reckless Daughter  (Asylum BB-701 LP)  $12  VG+/EX  1977,2lp
151329	Mitchell, Joni:  Ladies of the Canyon  (Reprise RS 6376 LP)  $14  VG/EX  1969,gfld,rw
149387	Mocedades:  Eres Tu (Touch the Wind)  (Tara TRS 53000 LP)  $12  EX/EX  1974,osw
151244	Moffat, Katy:  Katy  (Columbia KC 34172 LP)  $14  VG/M-  1976,wlp,djts oc,rw,prst obc
148987	Molly Hatchet:  S/T  (Epic JE 35347 LP)  $10  EX/EX  1978,lyric sleeve,soc
148812	Monkees:  S/T  (Colgems COM-101(M) LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  196?
148811	Monkees:  S/T  (Colgems COS-101 LP)  $33  VG+/VG  196?,with "Papa Gene's Blues"
154891	Montez, Chris:  The More I See You / Call Me  (A&M SP 4115 LP)  $10  VG+/VG+  196?,brown label orig
149128	Montgomery, James Band:  First Time Out  (Capricorn CP 0120 LP)  $8  VG/VG+  1973,rw
152587	Moody Blues:  A Question of Balance  (Threshold THS 3 LP)  $11  VG/VG+  1970,gfld,rw,insert
148134	Moody Blues:  Caught Live + 5  (London 2PS 690 LP)  $12  VG/EX/VG  1977,2lp,toc
147728	Moody Blues:  In Search of the Lost Chord  (Deram DES 18017 LP)  $13  VG+/EX  1968,not gfld
154890	Moody Blues:  This is the Moody Blues  (Threshold 2THS 12/13 LP)  $6  VG/EX  1974,2lp,rw
151106	Moody Blues:  This is the Moody Blues  (Threshold 2THS 12/13 LP)  $7  EX/EX/VG+  1974,2lp,osw
147509	Moody Blues:  This is the Moody Blues  (Threshold 2THS 12/13 LP)  $8  EX/EX/M-  1974,2lp,osw
147380	Morrison, Van:  Common One  (Warner Bros BSK 3462 LP)  $9  VG+/EX  1980,lyric sleeve,slrw
152927	Morrison, Van:  Hard Nose the Highway  (Warner Bros BS 2712 LP)  $14  VG/VG+  1973,gfld
152602	Morrison, Van:  It's Too Late to Stop Now  (Warner Bros 2BS 2760 LP)  $13  VG/VG+  1974,2lp,live,rw,burbank label
152797	Morrison, Van:  Live at the Grand Opera House Belfast  (Mercury 818 336 LP)  $14  VG+/VG+  1984,Netherlands
152584	Morrison, Van:  Moondance  (Warner Bros WS 1835 LP)  $16  VG/VG+  196?,gfld,orig green label,slrw
150975	Morrison, Van:  No Guru, No Method, No Teacher  (Mercury 830-077-1 LP)  $13  VG+/M-  1986,prst obc,sost "Ivory Tower",lyric sleeve
150976	Morrison, Van:  Poetic Champions Compose  (Mercury 832-585-1 LP)  $13  VG+/M-  1987,djl,prst obc,sost "Did Ye Get Healed?",lyric sleeve
150978	Morrison, Van:  Saint Dominic's Preview  (Warner Bros BS 2633 LP)  $20  VG/EX  1973,orig green label,co,rw,insert
152685	Morrison, Van:  Veedon Fleece  (Warner Bros BS 2805 LP)  $18  VG/EX  1974,spinewear,orig,textured cover
154189	Mother Earth:  Make a Joyful Noise  (Mercury SR 61226 LP)  $23  VG+/VG+  1969,gfld,co,slrw
147535	Mother's Finest:  Another Mother Further  (Epic PE 34699 LP)  $17  EX/EX  1977,osw
152741	Mott the Hoople:  Brain Capers  (Atlantic SD 8304 LP)  $19  VG/VG+  1972,slrw,"Death May Be Your Santa Claus"
150889	Mott the Hoople:  Mad Shadows  (Atlantic SD 8272 LP)  $30  VG+/M-  1970,gfld
152599	Mott the Hoople:  Mott  (Columbia PC 32425 LP)  $8  VG/VG+  1973,gfld,slrw
150994	Mott the Hoople:  Rock and Roll Queen  (Atlantic SD 7297 LP)  $20  VG/EX  1974,co
146955	Mott The Hoople:  The Hoople  (Columbia PC 32871 LP)  $12  VG+/M-  1974,lyric sleeve
150890	Mott the Hoople:  Wildlife  (Atlantic SD 8284 LP)  $23  VG+/M-  1971,orig,gfld,co
150807	Mount Rushmore:  '69  (Dot DLP 25934 LP)  $45  VG+/EX  1969,die-cut cover
152586	Move:  Shazam  (A&M SP-4259 LP)  $19  VG/VG+  1970,orig brown label
152585	Move:  Split Ends  (United Artists UAS-5666 LP)  $16  VG/EX  1972,rw,orig inner sleeve
153405	Move:  Split Ends  (United Artists UAS-5666 LP)  $17  VG+/EX  1972,co,osw,orig inner sleeve
155048	Moxy:  Ridin' High  (Mercury SRM-1-1161 LP)  $9  VG/VG+  1977,rw,sm tears oc
148311	Mr. Big:  Photographic Smile  (Arista AL 4083 LP)  $16  VG+/EX  1976,co,"Romeo",lyric sleeve
148080	Musso, Vido:  Teen Age Dance Party  (Crown CLP 5029(M) LP)  $23  VG/VG  195?,woc,soc
151440	Mystic Moods Orchestra:  Emotions  (Philips PHS 600-277 LP)  $18  VG+/M-  196?,gfld,Lincoln Mayorga,Bud Shank,Paul Beaver,"Eleanor Rigby" beatlesong,prst obc
151159	Nash, Graham:  Innocent Eyes  (Atlantic 81633 LP)  $7  VG+/EX  1986,sost,co
154900	Nazareth:  Loud 'n' Proud  (A&M SP-3609 LP)  $12  VG/VG+  1973,rw,lyric sleeve
154901	Nazareth:  Malice In Wonderland  (A&M SP-4799 LP)  $8  VG/VG+  1980,lyric sleeve
155032	Nazareth:  No Mean City  (A&M SP 4741 LP)  $12  EX/M-  1978,osw
150872	Nazz:  Nazz Nazz  (SGC SD 5002 LP)  $72  VG/VG+  1969,red wax,pink/orange label,rw,co,wol
155468	Nektar:  Recycled  (Passport PPSD 98011 LP)  $9  VG+/VG+  1975,gfld
146895	Nelson, Sandy:  Manhattan Spiritual  (Imperial LP-12439 LP)  $12  VG+/M-  196?,osw,co,"Peter Gunn"
151711	New Era:  S/T  (Expo EX 7-712-1 LP)  $68  VG+/EX  197?,beatles medley
147367	New Heavenly Blue:  Educated Homegrown  (RCA Victor LSP-4439 LP)  $20  VG+/VG+  1970,co
154271	New Riders of the Purple Sage:  Gypsy Cowboy  (Columbia KC 31930 LP)  $12  VG+/EX  1972,slrw
147759	New Riders of the Purple Sage:  Marin County Line  (MCA 2307 LP)  $11  EX/EX  1977
153945	New Riders of the Purple Sage:  The Adventures of Panama Red  (Columbia KC 32450 LP)  $10  VG+/EX  1973,gfld,lyric sleeve
148124	New Seekers:  We'd Like To Teach the World To Sing  (Elektra EKS 74115 LP)  $13  EX/EX  1971,co,osw
150018	New York Electric String Ensemble:  Tapestry  (Columbia CS 9992 LP)  $17  VG+/VG+  196?,360 label,osw,wobc
151202	New York Rock & Roll Ensemble:  Freedomburger  (Columbia KC 31317 LP)  $22  VG+/EX  1972,osw,Paul Davis cover art
155042	Newman, Randy:  Land of Dreams  (Reprise 1-25773 LP)  $11  EX/M-  1988,lyric sleeve
155269	Newton-John, Olivia:  Let  Me Be There  (MCA 389 LP)  $7  EX/VG+  1973,osw
154759	Nice:  The Thoughts of Emerlist Davjack  (Immediate Z12 52004 LP)  $25  EX/VG+  1967,orig,osw,pink label
150395	Nichol, Doug:  S/T  (Mark MC6908 LP)  $23  EX/EX  197?,osw,private press
148151	Niemen, Czeslaw:  Mourner's Rhapsody  (Import IMP 1004 LP)  $23  VG+/VG+  1974,soc,co,Jan Hammer,John Abercrombie,Michael Urbaniak
153496	Nilsson:  A Little Touch of Schmilsson In the Night  (RCA Victor AYL1-3761 LP)  $7  VG+/VG+  1973,re
152571	Nilsson:  A Little Touch of Schmilsson In the Night  (RCA Victor AYL1-3761 LP)  $9  VG+/M-  1973,re
152658	Nilsson:  Duit On Mon Dei  (RCA Victor APL1-0817 LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  1975,gfld,tan label,Van Dyke Parks,orig inner sleeve
152181	Nilsson:  That's The Way It Is  (RCA Victor APL1-1119 LP)  $8  VG/VG+  1976,gfld,rw
153453	Nitty Gritty Dirt Band:  All the Good Times  (United Artists UAS-5553 LP)  $13  VG/VG+  1971,gfld,soc,sl spinewear
149453	Nitty Gritty Dirt Band:  Partners, Brothers & Friends  (Warner Bros 1-25304 LP)  $13  VG+/M-  1985
153454	Nitty Gritty Dirt Band:  Uncle Charlie & his Dog Teddy  (Liberty LST-7642 LP)  $10  VG/VG+  196?,gfld,co,soc
154936	Nitty Gritty Dirt Band:  Uncle Charlie & his Dog Teddy  (Liberty LST-7642 LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  196?,gfld
152396	Nolan, Kenny:  S/T  (20th Century T-532 LP)  $13  VG/VG+  1977,insert,co,soc
153408	Nyro, Laura & Labelle:  Gonna Take a Miracle  (Columbia KC 30987 LP)  $11  VG/VG+  197?,textured cover,orig inner sleeve,partial smsplt
152743	O'Day, Alan:  Caress Me Pretty Music  (Viva VV 2679 LP)  $13  VG+/EX  1972,co,insert
152397	O'Sullivan, Gilbert:  I'm a Writer, Not a Fighter  (MAM 7 LP)  $11  VG+/M-  1973,co,lyric sleeve
149082	Oldfield, Mike & the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra:  Orchestral Tubular Bells  (Virgin OVED 97 LP)  $15  VG+/M-  1975,UK,electronic
150797	On The  8 Eighth Day:  On the 8 Eight Day  (Kapp KS-3554 LP)  $95  EX/EX  1968,co,soft-pop - not the group on invictus
148259	Original Twisters:  Come On & Twist  (Mercury Wing MGW-12217(M) LP)  $11  VG/VG  196?,rw
150437	Orion:  Glory  (Sun 1025 LP)  $33  SS  1980,gold wax,insert
153409	Osmond, Little Jimmy:  Killer Joe  (Kolob/MGM SE 4855 LP)  $15  VG+/EX  1972,co,osw,orig Osmond merch sleeve
154290	Osmond, Marie:  Paper Roses  (MGM SE-4910 LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  1973
154903	Osmonds:  S/T  (MGM SE 4724 LP)  $10  VG/VG+  197?,gfld,slrw
154896	Outlaws:  S/T  (Arista AL 4042 LP)  $8  EX/VG+  1975,gfld,osw
149614	P. Mobil:  Mobilizmo  (Start SLPX 17680 LP)  $28  VG+/VG+  1981,Hungary,prog-rock
153468	P.K. & the Sound Explosion:  The Paul Williams Song Book (Rainy days And Mondays)  (Pickwick SPC-3570 LP)  $7  VG/VG+  1977,rw
153810	Pablo Cruise:  S/T  (A&M SP-4528 LP)  $10  VG+/EX  1975,insert
152705	Pacific Gas & Electric:  Get It On  (Bright Orange BO 701 LP)  $30  VG/VG+  1968,orig,gfld,rw
151811	Pacific Gas & Electric:  PG&E  (Columbia C 30362 LP)  $15  VG/EX  1973,rw,djts oc
155081	Paris Sisters:  Sing Everything Under the Sun!!!  (Reprise R-6259(M) LP)  $72  VG/EX  196?,co,sl h2o oc,orig tri-color label,Brill Building pop
152908	Parks, Van Dyke:  Discover America  (Warner Bros BS 2589 LP)  $18  VG/VG+  1972,insert,slrw
153619	Partridge Family:  Partridge Family Album  (Bell 6050 LP)  $11  EX/VG+  197?,"I Think I Love You",osw
153618	Partridge Family:  Sound Magazine  (Bell 6064 LP)  $9  EX/VG+  197?,osw
153620	Partridge Family:  Up To Date  (Bell 6059 LP)  $10  VG+/EX  1971,no poster
153459	Paupers:  Magic People  (Verve Forecast FTS-3026 LP)  $28  VG+/EX  196?,gfld,co,psych
148801	Payne, Gordon:  S/T  (A&M SP-4725 LP)  $11  VG+/EX  1978,wlp,co
148802	Peck, Danny:  Heart & Soul  (Arista AL 4126 LP)  $14  VG+/EX  1977,lyric sleeve,slrw,co
154278	Perkins, Carl:  Blue Suede Shoes  (Sun/SSS 112 LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  197?,swobc
154291	Perkins, Carl:  Brown-Eyed Handsome Man  (Harmony KH 31179 LP)  $12  VG/EX  1972
154279	Perkins, Carl:  Original Golden Hits  (Sun/SSS 111 LP)  $10  VG/EX  197?,rw
154292	Perkins, Carl & NRBQ:  Boppin' the Blues  (Columbia CS 9981 LP)  $15  VG+/EX  197?,re
148208	Peter & Gordon:  True Love Ways  (Capitol ST-2368 LP)  $19  EX/EX  196?,osw,co
150829	Pink Floyd:  More OST  (Harvest SW-11198 LP)  $35  VG/M-  1968,rw,tear oc
149460	Player:  S/T  (RSO RS-1-3026 LP)  $16  VG+/EX  1977,slrw
148085	Poco:  Backtracks  (MCA 5363 LP)  $10  VG+/EX  1982,co
149123	Poco:  Live  (Epic PE 33336 LP)  $8  VG/VG+  1976,rw,soc
148816	Point Blank:  S/T  (Arista AL-4087 LP)  $16  VG/VG+  1976,soc,swoc
148815	Point Blank:  S/T  (Arista AL-4087 LP)  $20  VG+/EX  1976
147559	Polnareff, Michel:  S/T  (Atlantic SD 18153 LP)  $8  VG/EX  1975,co,woc,lyric sleeve
152267	Poppy Family:  Which Way You Goin' Billy?  (London PS-574 LP)  $28  VG/EX/VG+  197?,slrw,Terry Jacks
148501	Power:  Rock..."Direct-to-Disc"  (Direct-Disk Labs DD 107 LP)  $17  VG+/M-  1978,gfld,audiophile
148804	Pratt, Andy:  Resolution  (Nemporor NE 438 LP)  $9  VG/EX  1976,lyric sleeve,co,soc,rw
148805	Pratt, Andy:  Shiver in the Night  (Nemporor NE 443 LP)  $9  VG/EX  1977,soc,co,lyric sleeve
153723	Prelude:  After the Gold Rush  (Island ILPS 9282 LP)  $9  VG+/VG+  1974,swoc
146883	Presley, Elvis:  Blue Hawaii OST  (RCA Victor LPM-2426(M) LP)  $65  VG+/VG  1963,"long play" at bottom of label,no red sticker oc
146885	Presley, Elvis:  Burning Love & Hits from His Movies Vol. 2  (Pickwick CAS-2595 LP)  $10  VG+/VG+  1975,re,co
147590	Presley, Elvis:  Country Music  (Time Life STW-106 LP)  $14  SS  1981
148248	Presley, Elvis:  Elvis Is Back!  (RCA Victor LPM-2231(M) LP)  $48  VG+/VG+  1960,1968,re,gfld,orange label,rigid vinyl
146882	Presley, Elvis:  Elvis Is Back!  (RCA Victor LPM-2231(M) LP)  $175  VG/VG  1960,gfld,"long play" at bottom of label,yellow song sticker oc,no song titles oc
148247	Presley, Elvis:  Elvis' Christmas Album  (RCA AFM1-5486(M) LP)  $43  EX/M-  1957,1985,re,rarer black vinyl version,gfld,bklt intact,osw
153012	Presley, Elvis:  Frankie & Johnny  (Pickwick ACL 7007 LP)  $8  EX/EX  1975,Canada,osw
148181	Presley, Elvis:  Harum Scarum OST  (RCA Victor APL1-2558 LP)  $28  SS  1965,1977,re
146886	Presley, Elvis:  How Great Thou Art  (RCA Victor LSP-3758 LP)  $45  VG/VG+  1968,2nd press,orange label,rigid vinyl,heavy toc
148180	Presley, Elvis:  Loving You OST  (RCA Victor LSP-1515(E) LP)  $45  SS  1957,re,i think this is the 1971 orange label/flexible vinyl pressing
146881	Presley, Elvis:  Paradise, Hawaiian Style OST  (RCA Victor LPM-3643(M) LP)  $60  EX/VG+  1966,orig,black label,osw
148183	Presley, Elvis:  Pure Gold  (RCA ANL1-0971(E) LP)  $25  SS  1975,not sure of label color
146884	Presley, Elvis:  S/T  (RCA Victor LPM-1254(M) LP)  $375  VG+/VG+  1956,orig black label,"long play" at bottom of label,selection number in upper right corner of cover
148182	Presley, Elvis:  Spinout OST  (RCA Victor APL1-2560 LP)  $28  SS  1966,1977,re
150860	Presley, Elvis:  The Complete Sun Sessions  (RCA Victor 6414-1-R LP)  $20  VG+/EX  1987,2lp,no poster or insert
154967	Pretty Things:  Real Pretty  (Rare Earth R7-549R2 LP)  $18  VG/VG+  1976,2lp,rw,spinewear,woc
149998	Pretty Things:  Savage Eye  (Swan Song SSK 59401 LP)  $8  VG+/EX  1975,gfld,co,woc,orig eye inner sleeve
154965	Pretty Things:  Silk Torpedo  (Swan Song 8411 LP)  $10  VG+/VG+  1974,gfld,lyric sleeve,slrw
151701	Pretty Things:  Singles A's & B's  (Harvest SHSM 2022 LP)  $29  EX/EX  197?,UK,osw
149467	Price, Lloyd:  The Best of...  (Pickwick SPC 3630 LP)  $10  VG+/EX  1978
147439	Prine, John:  Common Sense  (Atlantic SD 18127 LP)  $9  VG/VG+  1975
152872	Procol Harum:  A Salty Dog  (A&M SP 4179 LP)  $14  VG/VG+  1969,orig brown label
152789	Procol Harum:  A Whiter Shade of Pale  (A&M SP-4373(E) LP)  $14  VG/VG+  1968,re,brown label,rw
152790	Procol Harum:  Broken Barricades  (A&M SP-4294 LP)  $13  VG/VG  1971,die-cut,gfld,brown label
152485	Procol Harum:  S/T  (Deram DES 18008(E) LP)  $13  VG/VG+  1968,swoc
149514	Puckett, Gary & the Union Gap:  Incredible  (Columbia CS 9715 LP)  $9  VG+/EX  196?,360 label
151261	Quateman, Bill:  S/T  (Columbia C 31761 LP)  $12  VG+/M-  1973,gfld
153390	Quatro, Suzi:  If You Knew Suzi...  (RSO RS-1-3044 LP)  $9  VG+/VG+  1979,"Stumblin In"
149305	Quatro, Suzi:  Quatro  (Bell 1313 LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  1974,slrw
154956	Queen:  The Game  (Elektra 5E-513 LP)  $9  EX/EX  1980,osw,sost "Crazy Little Thing Called Love",lyric sleeve
152603	Quicksilver Messenger Service:  S/T  (Capitol ST 2904 LP)  $50  VG/VG+  1968,rare red target label,rw,smsplt
152604	Quicksilver Messenger Service:  Shady Grove  (Capitol SKAO-391 LP)  $21  VG/VG+  1969,gfld,green target label
153946	Quicksilver Messenger Service:  Solid Silver  (Capitol ST-11462 LP)  $19  SS  1975 
151281	Ram Jam:  S/T  (Epic PE 34885 LP)  $12  VG/VG+  1977,slrw
155473	Ramatam:  In April Came the Dawning of the Red Suns  (Atlantic SD 7261 LP)  $22  SS  1973,gfld,co,orig inner sleeve
147880	Rare Earth:  Get Ready  (Rare Earth S 507 LP)  $12  VG/EX  1969,square cover,sm tear oc,slrw
146805	Rare Earth:  Get Ready  (Rare Earth S 507 LP)  $13  VG+/EX  1969,square cover
155494	Rare Earth:  In Concert  (Rare Earth LP)  $35  VG+/VG+  1971,2lp,Pete Rivera autograph oc,"Hey Big Brother"
148819	Rascals:  Once Upon a Dream  (Atlantic SD 8169 LP)  $18  VG+/VG+  1968,gfld,green/blue label,bklt intact,woc
147383	Red Willow Band:  Note for Note  (Lost RWB 1287 LP)  $9  VG/VG+  1978
152064	Redell, Teddy:  Is Back  (White Label WL 8815 LP)  $16  VG+/EX  1979,Netherlands
150865	Reed, Lou:  Growing Up in Public  (Arista AL 9522 LP)  $10  VG+/EX  1980,lyric sleeve,co
150864	Reed, Lou:  Live  (RCA Victor APL1-0959 LP)  $9  VG/EX  1975
150942	Reed, Lou:  Live-Take No Prisoners  (Arista AL 8502 LP)  $13  VG+/EX  1978,2lp
150863	Reed, Lou:  Mistrial  (RCA Victor AFL1-7190 LP)  $4  VG+/VG  1986,lyric sleeve
150861	Reed, Lou:  New York  (Sire 1-25829 LP)  $11  EX/EX  1989
150862	Reed, Lou:  New York  (Sire 1-25829 LP)  $12  EX/EX  1989,osw,lyric sleeve
149106	Reed, Lou:  Rock n Roll Animal  (RCA Victor APL1-0472 LP)  $12  VG/VG+  1974,gfld,tan label
147372	Reed, Lou:  Sally Can't Dance  (RCA Victor CPL1-0611 LP)  $11  VG+/EX  1974,co
150941	Reed, Lou:  The Bells  (Arista AB 4229 LP)  $12  VG+/M-  1979,co,Don Cherry
147374	Reed, Lou & John Cale:  Songs for Drella  (Sire 1-26140 LP)  $18  VG+/EX  1990,co,lyric sleeve
150833	Renaissance:  Live - Carnegie Hall  (Sire SASY 3902 LP)  $10  VG+/VG+/VG  1976,2lp
149536	REO Speedwagon:  R.E.O.  (Epic PE 34143 LP)  $16  VG+/EX  1976,slrw,wol
147274	Repairs:  S/T  (Mowest MW 1211 LP)  $25  VG+/EX  1972,co,slrw
152826	Revere, Paul & the Raiders:  Greatest Hits  (Columbia KCS 9462 LP)  $11  VG/VG+  196?,360 label,no insert,rw
152672	Revere, Paul & the Raiders:  The Spirit of '67  (Columbia CS 9395 LP)  $10  VG/VG+  1967,orig 360 label
154958	Rex:  Where Do We Go from Here?  (Columbia PC 34865 LP)  $17  VG/VG+  1977,Rex Smith
154955	Rhodes, Emitt:  Mirror  (Dunhill/ABC DSX 50111 LP)  $11  VG/VG+  1972,gfld,rw
153401	Rhodes, Emitt:  S/T  (Dunhill DS 50089 LP)  $15  VG+/VG+  1970,gfld,no insert,etched dead wax
150800	Rich, Linda:  Patterns  (InterVarsity 8091 4498 LP)  $85  EX/EX  1970,acoustic xian folk-pysch,no insert,Beta Band member's grandmother
150799	Rich, Linda:  Patterns  (InterVarsity 8091 4498 LP)  $95  EX/EX  1970,acoustic xian folk-pysch,lyric sheet,Beta Band member's grandmother
150801	Rich, Linda:  There's More to Living than I Know So Far  (Inter-Varsity LPS-03498 LP)  $195  EX/EX  1969,osw,factory song sticker on shrink,insert xian folk-psych,Beta Band member's grandmother
154953	Richard, Cliff:  Now You See Me...Now You Don't  (EMI America ST-17081 LP)  $10  VG+/EX  1982,lyric sleeve
155421	Richards, Turley:  Expressions  (Warner Bros WS 1918 LP)  $13  VG+/EX  1971
152210	Riley, Billy Lee:  Beatlemania  (Mercury MG-20974(M) LP)  $28  VG+/VG+  1964,osw,soc
147366	Riopelle, Jerry:  Juicy Talk  (Little Eskimo 10 LP)  $35  VG+/M-  1982
152445	Riordan, David:  Medicine Wheel  (Capitol ST 11349 LP)  $11  VG+/EX  1974,lyric sleeve,co
149811	Ritenour, Lee:  Captain Fingers  (Epic PE 34426 LP)  $10  VG/VG+  1977,slrw,wobc,Patice Rushen,Harvey Mason,Anthony Jackson,Ian Underwood
154293	Rivers, Johnny:  At the Whisky a Go Go  (Imperial LP 9264(M) LP)  $11  VG/VG+  196?,h2o oc
154294	Rivers, Johnny:  Here We A Go Go Again  (Imperial LP-9274(M) LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  196?
148192	Rivers, Johnny:  Mr. Teenage  (Sears SP-417(M) LP)  $22  VG+/VG  196?,woc
151160	Rivers, Johnny:  Slim Slo Slider  (Imperial LP-16001 LP)  $14  VG/VG+  196?-7?,gfld,soc,co,partial smsplt
153400	Roadmaster:  Sweet Music  (Village/Mercury SRM-1-3760 LP)  $9  EX/EX  1978,co,osw
152507	Roberts, Rick:  She Is a Song  (A&M SP-4404 LP)  $11  VG/VG+  1973,Joe Walsh,soc,woc
152506	Roberts, Rick:  The Best of...  (A&M SP-4744 LP)  $10  VG+/EX  1979,wlp,co
154975	Rockets:  No Ballads  (RSO RS-1-3071 LP)  $9  VG+/VG+  1980
147503	Rogers, Kenny & the First Edition:  69  (Reprise RS 6328 LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  1969,"Ruby Don't Take Your Love to Town"
151103	Rogers, Kenny & the First Edition:  Rollin' OST  (Jolly Rogers JR 5003 LP)  $12  VG/VG  1973,gfld,rw,soc
152471	Rolling Stones:  Black and Blue  (Rolling Stones COC 79104 LP)  $12  VG+/EX  1976,gfld,orig inner sleeve
152472	Rolling Stones:  Emotional Rescue  (Rolling Stones COC 16015 LP)  $13  VG/EX  1980,poster,slrw
152782	Rolling Stones:  Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out!  (London NPS 5 LP)  $13  VG/EX  1970,later pressing?,slrw
150965	Rolling Stones:  Gimme Shelter  (London SKL 5101 LP)  $20  VG/EX  1970,UK,H20
150967	Rolling Stones:  Goats Head Soup  (Rolling Stones COC 59101 LP)  $15  VG/EX  1973,gfld,orig inner sleeve,inserts,spinewear
150964	Rolling Stones:  Greatest Hits Vol. I  (Abkco TA-1088 LP)  $22  VG+/VG+  1977,Canada,swoc
152941	Rolling Stones:  It's Only Rock & Roll  (Rolling Stones COC 79101 LP)  $13  VG/VG+  1974,orig inner sleeve,rw
152660	Rolling Stones:  Jamming With Edward  (Rolling Stones COC 39100 LP)  $45  VG+/EX  1972,orig sleeve
150969	Rolling Stones:  L'age d'or des...Vol. 13: Honky Tonk Women  (Decca 278.036 LP)  $20  VG/M-  1972,France,gfld,H20,tear on inner cover
150970	Rolling Stones:  L'age d'or des...Vol. 6: Got Live (If You Want It)  (Decca 278.018 LP)  $31  VG+/M-  1972,France,gfld,h2o on inner cover
154030	Rolling Stones:  Let it Bleed  (Decca 6.21417 LP)  $18  VG+/VG+  1970,Germany,soc
148444	Rolling Stones:  Made In the Shade  (Rolling Stones COC 39107 LP)  $8  VG+/VG+  1975
148827	Rolling Stones:  Metamorphosis  (Abcko ANA 1 LP)  $15  VG+/M-  1975,slrw,orig inner sleeve
150968	Rolling Stones:  Metamorphosis  (Decca 6.22277 AO LP)  $15  VG/M-  1975,Germany,H20
150971	Rolling Stones:  S/T  (Decca 6.21695 AF LP)  $13  VG+/M-  1970,Germany,re of first lp,no poster
152474	Rolling Stones:  Some Girls  (Rolling Stones COC 39108 LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  1978,censored version-2nd press die cut cover,"Miss You"
151700	Rolling Stones:  Sticky Fingers  (Rolling Stones HRSS 591-01 LP)  $161  VG+/EX  1971,Spain,treacle cover,insert,sobc
152473	Rolling Stones:  Tattoo You  (Rolling Stones COC 16052 LP)  $10  VG+/EX  1981,orig inner sleeve
155260	Ronstadt, Linda:  Greatest Hits Vol. Two  (Asylum 5E-516 LP)  $7  EX/EX  1980,gfld,osw
155267	Ronstadt, Linda:  Hand Sown...Home Grown  (Capitol ST-208 LP)  $14  VG/EX  1969,197?,re,orange label,rw,wobc
151267	Ronstadt, Linda:  Living in the USA  (Asylum 6E-155 LP)  $11  SS  1978,gfld
150022	Ronstadt, Linda:  Living in the USA  (Asylum DP 401 LP)  $7  VG+/EX  1978,Picture Disc, limited edition
155296	Ronstadt, Linda:  'Round Midnight  (Asylum 9 60489-1-LR LP)  $38  VG+/EX  1983,3lp box,Nelson Riddle,booklet
148230	Ronstadt, Linda:  Simple Dreams  (Asylum 6E-104 LP)  $5  EX/EX  1977,gfld,osw,sost "Blue Bayou"
148826	Rose, Biff:  Thee Messiah Album Live at Gatsby's  (Pacific Arts PAC7-127 LP)  $10  VG/EX  1979,co,soc
151969	Rossi, Walter:  Six Strings Nine Lives  (Aquarius AQR 519 LP)  $18  VG+/VG+  1978,Canada,non-gfld
151968	Rossi, Walter:  Six Strings Nine Lives  (Aquarius AQR 519 LP)  $23  VG+/VG+  1978,Canada,guitar-shaped gfld
147460	Routers:  Charge!  (Warner Bros WS 1559 LP)  $11  VG/VG  1964,gold label,surf rock,co,woc
148424	Roxy Music:  Manifesto  (Atco SD 38-114  LP)  $9  EX/M-  1979
150986	Royal Coachmen:  S/T  (Sadbird SLP 2506 LP)  $55  VG/VG  197?,massachusetts lounge-rock,autographed obc
155010	Rumour:  Max  (Mercury SRM-1-1174 LP)  $9  VG/VG+  1977,slrw,co,Brinsley Schwartz
150990	Rundgren, Todd:  Runt  (Bearsville 200.738 LP)  $16  VG+/EX  1971,Germany,soc
152426	Runner:  S/T  (Island ILPS 9536 LP)  $18  SS  1979,sl spinewear,vg+ cover
147901	Rush:  All the World's a Stage  (Mercury SRM-2-7508 LP)  $16  VG+/EX  1976,2lp
152428	Rush:  Moving Pictures  (Mercury SRM 1 4013 LP)  $14  EX/EX  1981,orig inner sleeve,osw
152246	Rush, Merrilee:  S/T  (United Artists UA-LA735-G LP)  $9  VG+/M-  1977,"angel of the morning",co
151268	Russell, Leon:  Carney  (Shelter SW-8911 LP)  $15  VG+/EX  1972,slrw
155050	Russell, Leon:  Hank Wilson's Back Vol. 1  (MCA 692 LP)  $8  VG/VG+  1973,1980,re,slrw,J.J. Cale,Charlie McCoy,Melba Montgomery
154213	Russell, Leon:  Hank Wilson's Back Vol. 1  (Shelter SW-8923 LP)  $13  VG+/EX  1973,swobc,J.J. Cale,Charlie McCoy,Melba Montgomery
147555	Russell, Leon & Marc Benno:  Asylum Choir II  (Shelter SW-8910 LP)  $11  VG+/EX  197?
151272	Russell, Leon & Mary:  Wedding Album  (Paradise PA 2943 LP)  $15  VG+/EX  1976,Bobby Womack production,sm tear obc
149025	Russell, Mary:  Heart of Fire  (Paradise PAK 3292 LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  1979,lyric sleeve,promo stamp obc,soc
149430	Rutles:  S/T  (Warner Bros HS 3151 LP)  $20  VG+/EX  1978,gfld,co,beatles parody,Monty Python/Beach Boys members,orig inner sleeve,bklt intact
152439	S.A.H.B. Without Alex:  Fourplay  (Mountain TOPC 5006 LP)  $14  VG+/VG+  1977,UK,lyric sleeve
152436	Sabu:  S/T  (MCA 3236 LP)  $15  VG/EX  1980,insert,prst oc,slrw
152435	Sabu:  S/T  (Ocean SW-49902 LP)  $18  SS  1979,gfld,Paul Sabu
152438	Saga:  S/T  (Polydor PD-1-6209 LP)  $10  VG+/EX  1978,osw,lyric sleeve
152441	Sailor:  Dressed for Drowning  (Caribou NJZ 36746 LP)  $9  VG+/M-  1980,wlp,lyric sleeve,prst obc
152442	Sailor:  S/T  (Epic KE 33248 LP)  $14  VG/EX  1974,wlp,djts oc,soc,lyric sleeve
152440	Sailor:  Trouble  (Epic PE 34039 LP)  $11  VG+/EX  1975,wlp,djts oc,prst obc,lyric sleeve
152813	Salvation:  S/T  (ABC ABCS-623 LP)  $43  VG/VG+  1968,gfld,psych,sl h2o on inside cover
152430	Sam the Band:  Play It Again  (Casablanca NBLP 7156 LP)  $10  VG+/EX  1979,co
152277	Sands, Evie:  Suspended Animation  (RCA Victor AFL1-2943 LP)  $17  VG+/EX  1979,lyric sleeve
147694	Santana:  Borboletta  (Columbia PC 33135 LP)  $19  VG+/VG+  1974,metalic cover,osw,sost
152612	Santana:  Borboletta  (Columbia PCQ 33135(Q) LP)  $27  VG/EX  1974,quadraphonic,metalic cover,rw
152568	Santana:  Welcome  (Columbia PC 32445 LP)  $7  VG/VG+  1973,gfld,rw
147462	Santana, Carlos & Buddy Miles:  Live!  (Columbia KC 31308 LP)  $10  VG+/EX  1972,gfld,insert
147549	Santana, Devadip Carlos:  Oneness: Silver Dreams Golden Reality  (Columbia JC 35686 LP)  $9  VG+/VG+  1979,gfld
147381	Santana, Devadip Carlos:  Swing of Delight  (Columbia C2 36590 LP)  $16  VG+/M-  1980,2lp,Herbie Hancock,Tony Williams,Harvey Mason,Ron Carter,Wayne Shorter
147825	Santo & Johnny:  Around the World With...  (Canadian American CALP 1008(M) LP)  $14  EX/EX  196?,Hugo Montenegro,osw
152232	Santo & Johnny:  On the Road Again  (Imperial LP-12418 LP)  $11  VG/EX  196?,slrw,"Revolution","Fool On the Hill" beatlesongs
152224	Santo & Johnny:  The Beatles Greatest Hits  (Canadian American SCALP 1017 LP)  $62  VG+/M-  196?,swobc,Mort Garson
152425	Saragossa Band:  S/T  (Ariola SW-50069 LP)  $11  VG+/EX  1979,prst oc
152432	Sassafras:  Wheelin' 'n' Dealin'  (Chrysalis CHR 1076 LP)  $23  VG/EX  1975,djl,green label,rw,prst oc
149167	Savoy Brown:  Hellbound Train  (Parrot XPAS 71052 LP)  $9  VG/VG+  1972,gfld,rw
152875	Savoy Brown:  Looking In  (Parrot PAS 71042 LP)  $9  VG/VG+  1970,gfld,rw
147592	Savoy Brown:  Street Corner Talking  (Parrot PAS 71047 LP)  $9  VG/VG+  1971,gfld,smsplt,stain oc
150763	Scaffold:  Thank You Very Much  (Bell 6018 LP)  $40  VG+/EX  1968,co
155372	Scaggs, Boz:  Middle Man  (Columbia FC 36106 LP)  $7  M-/EX  1980,osw
152748	Scaggs, Boz:  Moments  (Columbia C 30454 LP)  $11  VG/VG+  197?,rw,Coke Escovedo,Ben Sidran
150820	Schield Sisters:  Friends  (Schield 10860 LP)  $38  VG+/VG+  1969,gfld,hippie  folk group (3 sisters plus others-christian),"Leader Liberator" pop vocal blend classic!!
152039	Scramblers:  Little Honda  (Wyncote SW 9048 LP)  $27  VG+/VG+  196?,slrw,surf hot rod orig
151863	Sea Level:  On the Edge  (Capricorn CPN 0212 LP)  $10  VG+/VG+  1978,co,soc
148271	Seals & Crofts:  The Longest Road  (Warner Bros BSK 3365 LP)  $14  SS  1980,co
154887	Seals & Crofts :  I and II  (Warner Bros 2WS 2809 LP)  $15  VG+/EX  1974,2lp,co,re of first two albums
152447	Searchers:  S/T  (Sire SRK 6082 LP)  $12  VG+/EX  1979,prst oc,slrw
151126	Section:  Fork it Over  (Capitol ST-11656 LP)  $13  VG/EX  1977,rw
147986	Section:  S/T  (Warner Bros BS 2661 LP)  $17  VG+/VG+  1972,no poster,co,Danny Kortchmar,Craig Doerge
151719	Seeds:  S/T  (GNP Crescendo 2023(M) LP)  $45  VG+/EX  196?,original press,classic garage
146762	Seekers:  Georgy Girl  (Capitol ST-2431 LP)  $15  EX/VG+  196?,osw
154970	Seger, Bob:  Mongrel  (Capitol ST 500499 LP)  $15  VG/VG+  1970,re,rw
149620	Shakin' Stevens:  S/T  (NCB AR-30008 LP)  $28  M-  1982,Denmark,picture disc,clear vinyl sleeve
153386	Shanx, Nancy:  S/T  (United Artists UA-LA776-G LP)  $18  EX/VG+  1977,co,osw
148498	Showcasemen:  Live at Mickeys Back Door  (Showspin SS-101 LP)  $15  VG+/EX  197?,lounge-rock act,"Memphis Underground","Beatles Showcase",swoc
154731	Sidran, Ben:  Feel Your Groove  (Capitol ST-825 LP)  $80  EX/VG+/EX  1971,osw,co,Mimi Farina,Boz Scaggs
152229	Silvertones:  One Chance With You  (Blind Pig BP002-77 LP)  $13  VG/VG+  1977,rw,smsplt
149689	Simon & Garfunkel:  Bookends  (Columbia KCS 9529 LP)  $18  VG+/VG+  1968,2nd label,poster,slrw
150933	Simon & Garfunkel:  Bridge Over Troubled Water  (Columbia CQ 30995(Q) LP)  $21  VG+/EX  1972,quadraphonic,slrw
147464	Simon & Garfunkel:  Bridge Over Troubled Water  (Columbia KCS 9914 LP)  $8  EX/VG+  197?,re,osw,sost "El Condor Pasa"
151777	Simon, Carly:  Boys In The Trees  (Elektra 6E 128 LP)  $20  SS  1976,gfld,co,seal partly open
146908	Simon, Carly:  My Romance  (Arista AL-8582 LP)  $16  VG+/M-  1990,soc,wobc
146978	Simon, Carly:  No Secrets  (Elektra EKS-75049 LP)  $10  EX/VG+  1972,lyric sleeve,osw
147949	Simon, Lucy:  Stolen Time  (RCA Victor APL1-1745 LP)  $8  VG+/EX  1977,lyric sleeve,slrw
150934	Simon, Paul:  There Goes Rhymin' Simon  (Columbia CQ 32280(Q) LP)  $17  VG+/EX  1973,gfld,quadraphonic,slrw
153590	Sinatra, Nancy:  Boots  (Reprise RS 6202 LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  1966,orig tri-color label
148472	Sinatra, Nancy:  Boots: Nancy Sinatra's All-Time Hits  (Rhino RNLP 70227 LP)  $15  VG+/M-  1986,photo insert
148368	Sinatra, Nancy:  Country, My Way  (Reprise RS 6251 LP)  $9  VG+/VG+  1967,"Jackson" sost,Lee Hazlewood production
155173	Sinatra, Nancy:  Nancy  (Reprise RS 6333 LP)  $16  VG+/VG+  1969,co
155174	Sinatra, Nancy:  Sugar  (Reprise R 6239(M) LP)  $9  VG/VG+  1966,slrw,co
147499	Sky, Patrick:  Reality is Bad Enough  (Verve Forecast FTS-3052 LP)  $33  VG+/VG+  196?,co
152420	Slade, Mark:  Mark Slade's New Hat  (Tetragrammation T-500 LP)  $17  EX/EX  1968,gfld,osw
153096	Slick, Grace:  Through the Hoop with  (RCA DJL1-3601 LP)  $13  VG/EX  1980,wlp,dj only interview,rw
151271	Slick, Grace:  Welcome To the Wrecking Ball  (RCA Victor AQL1-3851 LP)  $7  VG+/M-  1981,gfld
147550	Slick, Grace & the Great Society:  Collector's Item from the San Francisco Scene  (Columbia G 30459 LP)  $21  VG/EX  1970?,re,2lp,slrw,psych
152696	Small Faces:  Ogden's Nut Gone Flake  (Immediate Z12 52008 LP)  $48  VG/VG  1968,orig us pressing,round shaped cover,tears on cover
153779	Snow, Phoebe:  It Looks Like Snow  (Columbia PC 34387 LP)  $8  VG+/EX  1976
150766	Society's Child:  S/T  (Virtue B-5178 LP)  $28  VG/VG+  1978,Wilmington Delaware lounge band,Charlie Daniels Band,Four Seasons,Boz Scaggs cover versions,smslpt,sticker wear oc,private press
153464	Soft Machine / Gary Farr & the T-Bones:  Rock Generation Vol 7  (BYG 529.707 LP)  $15  VG+/VG+  197?,UK
150812	Solenoid:  Friends In High Places  (Rufert 965 LP)  $450  VG+/VG+  1978,promo dj cover,rare lpsych local band,"West Wind","Woman",beautiful folk/country acid rock
147315	Sommer, Bert:  S/T  (Buddah BDS 5082 LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  1971,gfld,co
147511	Sonny & Cher:  All I Ever Need Is You  (Kapp KRS 5660 LP)  $15  EX/EX  1972,osw
147489	Sonny & Cher:  Chastity OST  (Atco 33-302(M) LP)  $43  VG+/VG+  1969,wlp,prst oc,special dj promo mono,partial smsplt
147072	Sonny & Cher:  Good Times OST  (Atco 33-214(M) LP)  $11  VG+/VG  1967,gfld,orig,co
153859	Sonny & Cher:  Live  (Kapp KS 3654 LP)  $11  VG/VG+  1971,gfld
151009	Sons of Champlin:  A Circle Filled With Love  (Ariola ST 50007 LP)  $18  VG/VG+  1976,rw,lyric sleeve
152873	Sons of Champlin:  A Circle Filled With Love  (Ariola ST 50007 LP)  $20  VG+/VG+  1976,slrw,lyric sleeve
152874	Sons of Champlin:  Loosen Up Naturally  (Capitol SWBB-200 LP)  $19  VG/VG+  196?,2lp,color "Give Away" insert,rw
151010	Sons of Champlin:  Loving Is Why  (Ariola America ST-50017 LP)  $15  VG/VG  1977,lyric sleeve
155498	South, Joe:  A Look Inside  (Capitol ST-11074 LP)  $25  SS  1972
147589	South, Joe:  Games People Play  (Capitol SY-4508 LP)  $7  VG+/EX  197?,re,orange lbl
152037	South, Joe:  Introspect  (Capitol ST 108 LP)  $21  EX/EX  196?,co,Rainbw lbl
155104	Souther, J.D.:  Black Rose  (Asylum 7E 1059 LP)  $5  VG/EX  1976,gfld,co
154190	Southern Comfort:  S/T  (Columbia CS 1011 LP)  $15  VG+/VG+  197?,2nd label,co,swobc
151274	Southside Johnny & the Asbury Jukes:  Hearts of Stone  (Epic JE 35488 LP)  $5  VG/VG+  1978
147300	Space:  Magic Fly  (United Artists UA-LA780-G LP)  $10  VG+/VG+  1977,electronic,co,soc
148817	Spanky & Our Gang:  Change  (Epic PE 33580 LP)  $20  VG/EX  1975,wlp,insert,djts,co,soc,rw
152588	Spence, Alexander:  Oar  (Columbia CS 9831 LP)  $60  VG/VG  1969,rare orig,Moby Grape member,360 label,remnant of djts oc
151265	Spirit:  Best of...  (Epic KE 32271 LP)  $7  VG+/EX  1973,orange label
152703	Spirit:  S/T  (Epic KEG 31457 LP)  $16  VG/EX/VG+  1973,2lp,rw
154938	Spirit:  Spirit of '84  (Mercury 818 514 LP)  $10  VG+/M-  1984,co,soc
155043	Springsteen, Bruce:  Born In the U.S.A.  (Columbia QC 38653 LP)  $15  SS  1984,sost "Dancing In the Dark"
155035	Springsteen, Bruce:  Live/1975-85  (Columbia C5X 40558 LP)  $30  VG/EX/EX/VG+/EX/VG+  1986,5lp Box,booklet,orig inner sleeves,rw
147661	Squier, Billy:  Signs of Life  (Capitol SJ-12361 LP)  $15  VG+/EX  1984,virgin vinyl,audiophile,lim ed,lyric sleeve
154882	Squier, Billy:  Superstar Concert Series 8/17/85  (Westwood One SS85-18 LP)  $48  VG/VG+  1985,3lp box,live radio show with Coca-Cola commercials,cue sheet,woc
155550	Squire, Chris:  Fish Out Of Water  (Atlantic SD 18159 LP)  $15  EX/M-  1975,gfld
147753	Stanley, Michael:  Stage Pass  (Epic PEG 34661 LP)  $15  VG/EX  1977,2lp,scratches oc
154973	Stanley, Michael Band:  MSB  (EMI America ST-17071 LP)  $9  EX/EX  1982,osw,lyric sleeve
154974	Stanley, Michael Band:  You Can't Fight Fashion  (EMI America ST-17100 LP)  $5  EX/EX  1983,osw
152487	Starbuck:  Moonlight Feels Right  (Private Stock PS 2013 LP)  $9  VG/VG+  1976,lyric sleeve,soc,sol,slrw
149451	Starbuck:  Moonlight Feels Right  (Private Stock PS 2013 LP)  $11  VG+/EX  1976,lyric sleeve,co
151327	Starland Vocal Band:  S/T  (Windsong BHL1 1351 LP)  $7  VG+/M-  1976,sost "Afternoon Delight",lyric sleeve
149407	Starr, Ringo:  Goodnight Vienna  (Apple SW 3417 LP)  $8  VG/VG+  1974,lyric sleeve,Beatles drummer
149406	Starr, Ringo:  Stop & Smell the Roses  (Boardwalk NBL 33246 LP)  $6  VG/VG  1981,lyric sleeve,spinewear,wol,beatles drummer
152180	Staymer, Hans Band:  S/T  (GSF S-1004 LP)  $25  VG+/EX  1972
152939	Steely Dan:  Can't Buy a Thrill  (ABC/Command CQD-40009(Q) LP)  $21  VG+/EX  1974,quadraphonic,gfld
153403	Steppenwolf:  The Second  (Dunhill DS-50037 LP)  $16  VG/VG+  1968,metallic cover,slrw
151105	Stevens, Cat:  Buddha & the Chocolate Box  (A&M SP-3623 LP)  $9  EX/EX  1974,gfld,osw,co,"Oh Very Young",lyric sleeve
154957	Stevens, Cat:  Foreigner  (A&M SP 4391 LP)  $10  EX/VG+  1973,osw,insert
146859	Stevens, Dodie:  Pink Shoelaces  (Dot DLP 3371(M) LP)  $21  VG/EX  196?,osw,h2o oc,girl group/teen pop
150555	Stevens, Dodie:  S/T  (Dot DLP 25212 LP)  $28  VG/VG+  196?,girl group/teen pop,woc
155041	Stewart, Al:  Modern Times  (Janus JXS-7012 LP)  $11  VG+/EX  1975,gfld
152690	Stewart, Rod:  Never A Dull Moment  (Mercury SRM-1-646 LP)  $9  VG+/VG+  1972,gfld,Ian McLagan,Ronnie Lane,Ron Wood
152691	Stewart, Rod / Faces:  Coast to Coast / Overture & Beginners  (Mercury SRM-1-697 LP)  $10  VG+/VG+  1973,gfld,co,live
152482	Stills, Stephen:  Illegal Stills  (Columbia PC 34148 LP)  $4  VG/VG+  1976,lyric sleeve
152483	Stills, Stephen:  Manassas  (Atlantic SD 2-903 LP)  $17  VG+/EX  1972,2lp,orig inner sleeves
151109	Stills, Stephen:  S/T  (Atlantic SD 7202 LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  1970
152481	Stills, Stephen:  Thoroughfare Gap  (Columbia JC 35380 LP)  $12  VG+/EX  1978,lyric sleeve,soc,co
153447	Stoecklein, Val:  Grey Life  (Dot DLP 25904 LP)  $22  VG/VG+  1968,co,rw
148951	Stokes, Simon:  The Buzzard of Love  (United Artists UA-LA769-G LP)  $12  VG/EX  1977,rw,lyric sleeve
153840	Strandlund, Robb:  S/T  (Polydor PD 1 6085 LP)  $40  SS  1976,co
149463	Strawbs:  Deadlines  (Arista AB 4172 LP)  $7  VG+/EX  1978,co,lyric sleeve
148308	Strawbs:  Deep Cuts  (Oyster/Polydor OY-1-1603 LP)  $11  EX/M-  1976,osw,lyric sleeve
154946	String-A-Longs:  Pick A Hit  (Warwick 2036(M) LP)  $15  VG+/VG+  1961,"Wheels",staple oc
149541	Stuart, Mary:  S/T  (Bell 1133 LP)  $17  SS  1973,gfld,lyric sleeve,co
155049	Styx:  Lady  (RCA Victor AQL1-3594 LP)  $10  VG+/VG+  1973,1980,re
152017	Styx:  S/T  (RCA Victor FL 13110 LP)  $12  VG/VG+  1972,1979,Germany,re,small tear oc,sobc
148264	Styx:  Styx II  (Wooden Nickel BXL1-1012 LP)  $13  EX/M-  1971,1973,re,osw
148265	Styx:  The Serpent Is Rising  (Wooden Nickel BWL1-0287 LP)  $20  VG+/M-  1973,osw
149868	Sulke, Stephan:  4  (Intercord INT 160.127 LP)  $8  VG+/VG  1979,Germany,gfld,insert
151476	Suniga, Charles:  Beyond the Keys  (Key Sound KS-2000 LP)  $8  VG+/M-  1985
153938	Sunshine Company:  Happy is...  (Liberty LP 12359 LP)  $11  VG/VG+  196?,"Back on the Street Again"
150810	Supertramp:  Free As a Bird  (A&M SP-5181 LP)  $8  VG+/VG+  1987,die-cut cover,lyric sleeve,sost "I'm Beggin' You"
152489	Sutherland Brothers:  Down to Earth  (Columbia JC 35293 LP)  $11  VG/EX  1978,lyric sleeve
152488	Sutherland Brothers & Quiver:  Slipstream  (Columbia PC 34376 LP)  $11  VG/EX  1976,lyric sleeve
148986	Sweet:  Cut Above the Rest  (Capitol SO-11929 LP)  $7  EX/EX  1979,osw
152689	T. Rex:  The Slider  (Reprise MS 2095 LP)  $15  VG+/VG+  1972,gfld,slrw
151710	T.S. Truck:  S/T  (Smokey Soul 62973 LP)  $175  VG/EX  1973,rare local Illinois acid/psych,"Khengis Gange",rw,woc
153499	Talton, Tommy / Bill Stewart / Johnny Sandlin:  Happy To Be Alive  (Capricorn CP 0167 LP)  $14  VG/VG+  1976,rw,co
153393	Taste:  On the Boards  (Atco SD 33-322 LP)  $28  EX/VG+  1970,co
153457	Taste:  S/T  (Atco SD 33-296 LP)  $18  VG+/VG+  1969,co
151328	Taylor, James:  and the Original Flying Machine 1967  (Euphoria EST 2 LP)  $10  VG/VG+  1970,rw
152199	Taylor, R. Dean:  I Think, Therefore I Am  (Rare Earth RS 522 LP)  $9  VG/EX  1970,rw,"Indiana Wants Me","Two Of Us" beatlesong,woc
153423	Tears:  S/T  (Backstreet MCA 3172 LP)  $8  VG/EX  1979,rw,prst oc
152497	Ten Wheel Drive & Genya Ravan:  Brief Replies  (Polydor 24-4024 LP)  $25  VG/VG+  1970,gfld,rw,co
153501	Ten Wheel Drive & Genya Ravan:  Brief Replies  (Polydor 24-4024 LP)  $27  VG+/VG+  1970,gfld,slrw
153456	Ten Wheel Drive & Genya Ravan:  Peculiar Friends  (Polydor 24-4062 LP)  $23  VG+/VG+  1970,gfld
152495	Ten Years After:  A Space in Time  (Columbia KC 30801 LP)  $9  VG/VG+  197?,rw
152494	Ten Years After:  Rock & Roll Music to the World  (Columbia KC 31772 LP)  $10  VG+/VG+  1972,gfld,slrw
152493	Ten Years After:  Watt  (Deram XDES 18050 LP)  $14  VG+/VG+  1970,gfld,orig press
153258	Terminal Barbershop:  Hair Styles  (Atco SD 33-301 LP)  $43  VG+/EX  1969,wlp,prst oc
147508	Thin Lizzy:  Bad Reputation  (Mercury SRM 1 1186 LP)  $9  VG/VG+  1977,co,slrw
149647	Thin Lizzy:  Fighting  (Mercury SRM-1-1108 LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  1975
153506	Thomas, B.J.:  B.J.!  (Scepter DS 844 LP)  $7  VG/VG+  197?,rw
154960	Thomas, B.J.:  Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head  (Scepter SPS 580 LP)  $7  VG+/VG+  196?,gfld
148958	Thomas, B.J.:  Reunion  (ABC ABDP-858 LP)  $7  EX/VG+  1975,osw,Chips Moman production
154191	Thomas, B.J.:  S/T  (MCA 2286 LP)  $8  VG+/M-  1977,"Don't Worry Baby",slrw
152491	Thomas, Ray:  Hopes Wishes & Dreams  (Threshold THS 17 LP)  $16  VG+/VG+  1976,gfld,insert,moody blues member
152492	Thorogood, George:  Move It On Over  (Rounder 3024 LP)  $9  VG+/EX  1978
147557	Three Dog Night:  Cyan  (Dunhill/ABC DSX-50158 LP)  $10  EX/EX  1973,osw,lyric sleeve
147556	Three Dog Night:  Suitable for Framing  (Dunhill DS 50058 LP)  $15  EX/M-  1969,gfld,osw,GTO's,Chicago's horn section
152918	Thunderclap Newman:  Hollywood Dreams  (Track MCA-354 LP)  $14  VG+/EX  1973,re,slrw
151913	Tillotson, Johnny:  No Love at All  (MGM E 4395(M) LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  196?,co,slrw
146852	Tonto's Expanding Head Band:  S/T  (Atlantic SD 18123 LP)  $20  VG/VG+  1975
151616	Top of the Pops:  12 Hits Todays Top Pops Vol. 3  (Stereo Gold Award MER 363 LP)  $23  VG+/VG  1972,UK,soc,sexy girl cover art,"Popcorn","Rock & Roll Part 2"
151214	Top of the Pops:  12 Hits Todays Top Pops Vol. 3  (Stereo Gold Award MER 365 LP)  $25  VG+/VG+  1972,UK,soc,sexy girl cover art
151615	Top of the Pops:  12 Tops Todays Top Hits Vol. 2  (Stereo Gold Award MER 365 LP)  $23  VG+/VG  1972,UK,soc,sexy girl cover art,"Tumbling Dice","School's Out"
151614	Top of the Pops:  Hot Hits No. 15  (MFP 50050 LP)  $15  VG+/VG  1972,UK,cheesecake cover art,"Crazy Horses","Gudbuy t'Jane"
151617	Top of the Pops:  Hot Hits No. 16  (MFP 50056 LP)  $23  VG+/VG  1973,UK,sexy girl cover art,"Jean Genie",
151618	Top of the Pops:  Hot Hits No. 17  (MFP 50057 LP)  $15  VG+/VG  1973,UK,cheesecake cover art,"Twentieth Century Boy","Pinball Wizard","Cum On Feel the Noize"
152715	Traffic:  The Low Spark of High Heeled Boys  (Island ILPS 9180 LP)  $10  VG/VG+  1972,die-cut cover,orig inner sleeve
152657	Traffic:  Welcome to the Canteen  (United Artists UAS-5550 LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  1971,co,tan label
152018	Trashmen:  Surfin' Bird  (Beat Rocket BR-107 LP)  $22  SS  1999,180 gram re
152810	Traveling Wilburys:  Volume One  (Wilbury 25796-1 LP)  $12  EX/VG+  1988,orig inner sleeve,Bob Dylan,Tom Petty,George Harrison,Roy OrbisonJeff Lynne
147583	Travolta, John:  Can't Let You Go  (Midland International BKL1-2211 LP)  $7  VG+/EX  1977
147536	Travolta, John:  S/T  (Midland International BKL1-1563 LP)  $14  EX/EX  1974,osw,barbarino soc
147599	Travolta, John:  Travolta Fever  (Midsong International MTF 001 LP)  $14  VG+/EX  1978,2lp,poster (m-)
147023	Troggs:  The Vintage Years  (Sire SASH-3714-2 LP)  $16  VG/EX/M-  1976,2lp
147754	Trower, Robin:  Live!  (Chrysalis CHR 1089 LP)  $10  EX/EX  1976,green label,osw
148453	Tubes:  Live  (A&M SP-6003 LP)  $12  VG+/EX  1978,2lp
148913	Tubes:  Outside Inside  (Capitol ST-12260 LP)  $14  M-/M-  1983,die-cut cover,osw,sost "She's a Beauty"
150093	Tucker, Marshall Band:  Carolina Dreams  (Capricorn CPK 0180 LP)  $12  VG/VG+  1977,gfld,insert,soc,stain oc
150745	Tyler, Bonnie:  Natural Force  (RCA PL 25152 LP)  $10  VG/EX  1978,Germany,lyric sleeve,toc
151716	Unbeatables:  Live at Palisades Park  (Fawn LP-5050(M) LP)  $65  VG+/VG+  196?,"I Wanna Be a Beatle",Gene Cornish  Rascals member,B Mitchell Reed from WMCA radio
152216	Underground Sunshine:  Let There Be Light  (Intrepid IT 74003 LP)  $65  VG/EX  196?,co,sm tear oc,slrw,"Birthday" beatlesong,psych
146872	unknown artist(s):  Golden Goodies  (Time S/2081 LP)  $10  VG+/VG+  195?-6?,soc
151874	Up With People:  Beat of the Future  (Up With People 1145 LP)  $15  VG+/EX  1985,lyric sleeve
153221	US Air Force Band of Mid-America:  Musical Showcase II  (Mark MC-20651 LP)  $52  VG+/VG+  1985,military band,sobc,wobc
151837	US Air Force Band of the Midwest:  Featuring Tyme - Rock Group & the Diplomats - Jazz Ensemble  (Air Force SD-508 LP)  $55  VG+/EX  1978,military band
153300	US Air Force Band of the Midwest:  Pacesetters  (Air Force LP)  $65  SS  1984,military band,Roger Pemberton
153647	US Air Forces In Europe Band:  Sounds of Freedom  (Sun LP 12751275 LP)  $155  EX/M-  1978,Germany,gfld,military bands,"Star Wars","U-Bahn Express"
149479	US Radio Band:  Don't Touch That Dial  (ABC ABCD 947 LP)  $7  VG/EX  1976,rw,woc,prst oc
149947	VA-1910 Fruitgum Co,Ohio Express,Kasenetz-Katz Super Cirkus,Lemon Pipers,Shadows of Knight:  Bubble Gum Music Is the Naked Truth Vol. 1  (Buddah BDS 5032 LP)  $21  EX/M-  196?-7?,osw,co
148122	VA-A Slice of Lemon:  Dick Clark,Dave Clark Five,Brothers Four,Percy Faith,New Christy Minstrels,Tony Bennett,Dave Brubeck,Andre Previn,Doris Day,Bob Dylan,Simon & Garfunkel  (CSP CSM-389 LP)  $18  VG+/VG+  196?,wobc
153656	VA-Allman Brothers Band,Charlie Daniels,Elvin Bishop,Outlaws,Marshall Tucker Band,Gregg Allman,Atlanta Rhythm Section,Lynyrd Skynyrd.Amazing Rhythm Aces,Dr. John,Wet Willie:  The South's Greatest Hits  (Capricorn CPN 0187 LP)  $9  VG+/VG+  1977
149926	VA-Allman Brothers Band,Gregg Allman,Richard Betts,Elvin Bishop,Bonnie Bramlett,Dixie Dregs,Grinderswitch,Marshall Tucker Band,Sea Level,Stillwater,Wet Willie:  Hotels, Motels & Roadshows  (Capricorn CPN-2-0208 LP)  $14  VG+/M-  1978,2lp,co
149996	VA-Alvis Edwards,Ares,Don Terry,Caps,Walt Benton,Avond & the Rave-Ons,Ray Ruff,Johnny Tolleson,Eddie Cash & the Cashiers:  Super Rock & Roll Part B  (Collector CLC 2302 LP)  $28  VG+/VG+  198?,Netherlands,early rock/rockabilly comp
149966	VA-Beach Boys,Surfaris,Chantays,Jan & Dean,Trashmen,Rivieras,Paul Gilman Band:  Packed in Surf  (Columbia LP)  $16  SS  1981,gfld
150007	VA-Beatles,Beach Boys,Al Martino,Nat King Cole,Kingston Trio,Drew-Vels,Donna Lynn,Jody Miller:  Chart Busters Vol. 4  (Capitol T 2094(M) LP)  $85  VG/VG+  196?,co,h2o damage mostly obc
149923	VA-Blood Sweat & Tears,Laura Nyro,Mike Bloomfield & Al Kooper,Byrds,Grace Slick & the Great Society,Walter Carlos,Leonard Cohen,Simon & Garfunkel,John Simon,Electric Flag,Don Ellis,Big Brother & the Holding Co.,Dino Valente,Taj Mahal:  Rock Machine: I Love You  (CBS PR 26 LP)  $23  SS  196?-7?,UK
149959	VA-Bob Dylan & the Band,Queen,Souther/Hillman/Furay Band,Harry Chapin,Eagles,Chris Jagger,Jobriath,Rod Taylor,Dick Feller,Melba Montgomery,Mickey Newbury,Eddie Rabbitt,Jimmy Webb:  Elektra/Asylum Summer Sampler  (Elektra EK-PROMO 23 LP)  $32  VG/VG+  1974,wlp,promo-only,smsplt
149921	VA-Bob Marley & the Wailers,Amazing Blondel,Spooky Tooth,John Martyn,Sutherland Brothers & Quiver,Traffic:  Island People  (Island SPRO-6758 LP)  $19  VG/EX  1973,wlpromo only,tear oc
149922	VA-Bob Seger,Sweet,Brewer & Shipley,Status Quo,Dr. Hook,Triumvirat:  Summer Trip  (Capitol SPRO 8168 LP)  $22  SS  197?,WMMS-FM cleveland comp
153707	VA-Bobby Bare,Joey Powers,Roy Orbison:  Special Delivery  (RCA Camden CAS 820(E) LP)  $18  VG/VG+  1964,stain oc
153621	VA-Bobby Darin,Dixie Cups,Dale & Grace,Troy Shondell,Coasters,Inez Foxx,Terry Stafford,Carla Thomas,Ernie Fields,Ritchie Valens,Ernie Freeman,Blue Jays:  Oldies But Goodies Vol 8  (Original Sound OSR-LPM-5014(M) LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  196?,osw
154857	VA-Byrds,Walker Brothers,Them,Sam Cooke,Cilla Black,Donovan,Billy Joe Royal,Hollies,Searchers,Beach Boys,Cliff Richard,Jewel Akens,Roger Miller,Lords,Seekers,Wayne Fontana & the Mindbenders:  Do You Remember '65: die Superhits des Jahres 1965  (Floraton 42 676 7 LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  198?,Germany
148898	VA-C.J. Hutton,Hoodlum Priest,James-Bruce Band,Bonnie & Clyde,Ronny Ruff & the Respectables,Penetrators,Thanx,Steven Vaus,Maudie K & the Converts,Foxworthy & the Roaring Lion Band,Melissa McCracken,Ash Underwood & Myrtle Diesel:  Home Grown VII  (KGB LP)  $35  SS  1979,local San Diego comp
148160	VA-Chansons de Revolte:  Serge Gainsbourg,Catherine Sauvage,Claude Nougaro,Vallerie Lagrange,Graeme Allwright,Mouloudji,Boris Vian,Juliette Greco,Jacques Brel,Barbara,Long Chris,Jean Arnulf  (Philips 844.880 BY LP)  $225  VG/VG  196?,rare late-60s comp of french protest songs,tears obc
149924	VA-Charlie Daniels Band,Chuck Leavell,Jimmy Hall,MarshalL Tucker Band,Dicky Betts:  Volunteer Jam  (Capricorn CP 0172 LP)  $15  VG+/M-  1976,prst oc
149950	VA-Chords,Joe Turner,LaVern Baker,Ray Charles,Bobby Darin,Coasters,Drifters,Clovers,Clyde McPhatter,Ruth Brown:  Rock Begins Vol. 1  (Atco SD 33-314(E) LP)  $6  VG+/VG+  1970
150066	VA-Chris Montez,Chubby Checker,Danny & the Juniors,Marcels,Teddy Bears,Cascades,Freddy Cannon,Gary Lewis & the Playboys,Angels,Sandy Nelson,Shangri-Las,Little Richard,Diamonds,Bobby Lewis,Wilbert Harrison,Tommy Roe,Jay & the Americans,Robin Luke,Lesley Gore,Dovells:  Rock 'n Roll Fever Vol. 1  (K-tel NU-2890-1 LP)  $11  EX/M-  1982,osw,wurlitzer jukebox cover art
149994	VA-Chubby Checker,Hank Ballard,Joey Dee:  Let's Twist  (Audio Encores AE1-1004 LP)  $33  SS  1980,Canada,gfld,audiophile
150016	VA-Chuck Berry,Bo Diddley,Jackie Brenston,Bobby Charles,Dale Hawkins,Moonglows:  Best of Chess Rock 'n' Roll  (Chess CH2-6024(M) LP)  $10  VG+/M-  1987,2lp
150056	VA-Chuck Berry,Fats Domino,Ivory Joe Hunter,Shirley & Lee,Jesse Belvin,B.B. King,Big Mama Thornton,Johnny Ace,Faye Adams,Lloyd Price,Little Richard,Dells,Charms,Moonglows,Bo Diddley,Flamingos,Orioles,Little Walter,Little Willie John,Chords:  Roots of Rock and Roll  (Fairway RR 4200 LP)  $9  VG+/EX  197?
150003	VA-Cockrell & Santos,Gato Barbieri,Elkie Brooks,Atlantic Starr,White Mansions,Brothers Johnson,Captain & Tennille,Gerry Rafferty & Joe Egan,Stealers Wheel,Strawbs:  Foreplay #1  (A&M SP-17025 LP)  $28  VG+/VG+  1978,promo-only sampler
149937	VA-Cold Blood,Hammer,Tower of Power,Victoria,David Lannan:  San Francisco Sampler Fall 1970  (San Francisco SD 158 LP)  $46  VG+/VG+  1970
149938	VA-Cold Blood,Hammer,Tower of Power,Victoria,David Lannan:  San Francisco Sampler Fall 1970  (San Francisco SD 158 LP)  $50  EX/EX  1970,osw
147887	VA-Collector's Records of the 50's & 60's Vol. 4:  Del Satins,Curtis Lee,Dion & the Belmonts,Carlo,Skyliners,4 Pennies,Mystics,Chiffons,Ernie Maresca,Bernadette Carol,DelRons,Jimmy Clanton,Demilles  (Laurie LES 4009 LP)  $19  SS  1978
149952	VA-Crockett,Island,Ron Mayer & Gary Mercado,Allen Lintvedt & the 60/40 Band,Gary Hyde,Ravenloft,Listen,Reef Cody,Aragon,Mark Neynaber & Larry Clark,Carey Fox,Peter Filacio:  Home Grown II  (KGB LP)  $28  VG+/VG+  1974,local San Diego comp,liner notes by Cameron Crowe,slrw
149955	VA-Dee Clark,Marcels,Frankie Ford,Bobby Freeman,Diamonds,Randy & the Rainbows,Dovells,Bobby Lewis,Jumpin' Gene Simmons,Kingsmen:  The Rock & Roll Era  (Audio Encores CSPS 1576 LP)  $13  VG+/EX  1980,Canada,audiophile,gfld
149957	VA-Deep Purple,John Baldry,Labelle,Redeye,T. Rex,Randy Newman,Jackie Lomax,Paul Stookey,Norman Greenbaum,Ron Nagle,Gordon Lightfoot,Beach Boys,Fanny,Kinks,Stovall Sisters,Roesbud,Ry Cooder,Big Mama Thornton,John D. Loudermilk,Beaver & Krause,Ronnie Milsap,Mother Earth:  Hot Platters  (Warner Bros PRO 474 LP)  $18  VG/EX  1971,2lp,wol,woc,slrw,insert
149072	VA-Del Shannon,Chris Kenner,Shirelles,Gary US Bonds,Tokens,Capris,Marcels,Bobby Lewis,Miracles,Jive Five,Dion,Ernie K-Doe,Dee Clark,Joey Dee & the Starliters,Little Caesar & the Romans,Marvelettes,Ben E. King,Ral Donner,Dick & Dee Dee,Shep & the Limelites:  The Rock 'n' Roll Era 1961  (Time Life OP-2536 LP)  $16  VG+/M-  1986,2lp box,insert
148899	VA-Don Auten,Bill Kaplan,Diana Monzeglio & Sara Ecke,Hunt 'n' Peck,Island,John Slowiczek,Ron Satterfield,Jan Tober,Listen,Pete Filacio & the Fantasy Band,James Francis Lamont,Ted Picou & Good News,Pillars of Society,Southbound:  Home Grown IV  (KGB LP)  $30  VG+/EX  1976,local San Diego comp,lyric sleeve
149951	VA-Drifters,Clovers,Coasters,LaVern Baker,Ray Charles,Chuck Willis,Robins,Sensations:  Rock Begins Vol. 2  (Atco SD 33-315(E) LP)  $7  EX/VG+  1970,osw
149968	VA-Eddie Floyd,Classics IV,Johnny Cymbal,Lou Christie,Surfaris,Little Anthony & the Imperials,Kingston Trio,Clarence Carter,American Breed,Bobby Vee:  Lookin' Back  (Columbia Musical Treasury 1P 6975 LP)  $9  EX/EX  1979,osw
150023	VA-Eric Clapton,Jimmy Page,Rod Stewart,John mayall,Small Faces,Fleetwood Mac,Savoy Brown,Crispian St. Peters,Nice:  History of British Rock Vol. 1  (Creative Sounds CS 001 LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  197?
150004	VA-Ethel Merman,Garland Jeffreys,Alessi Brothers:  Foreplay #22  (A&M SP-17091 LP)  $27  VG+/EX  1979,promo-only sampler
149934	VA-Frankie Ford,Chuck Berry,Dion & the Belmonts,Ritchie Valens,Del Shannon,Little Anthony & the Imperials,Ricky Nelson,Joey Dee & the Starliters,Bobby Freeman,Danny & the Juniors,Shirelles,Little Richard,Johnny & the Hurricanes,Randy & the Rainbows,Everly Brothers,Fats Domino,Lloyd Price,Little Eva,Champs,Bobby Vee,Roy Orbison,Jerry Lee Lewis,Buddy Holly,Platters,Drifters:  Do You Wanna Dance  (Cema Special Markets SLC-57520 LP)  $15  SS  1991,3lp,vg+ cover (corner bend)
149948	VA-Ike & Tina Turner,Love,Tyrannosaurus Rex,Southwind,Bossa Rio,Earl Hooker,Robbie Basho,Aynsley Dunbar,Sammy Lay,Albert Collins,Fred McDowell,Chicago Bluestars,Nathan Beauregard:  All Day Thumb Sucker  (Blue Thumb BTS 2000 LP)  $19  M-/M-  197?,osw,orig inner sleeve,hand-chair cover art
149940	VA-Impressions,Tams,Sapphires,Tommy Roe,Steve Alaimo,Gauchos,Fats Domino,Spats,Shin-Diggers:  Based on the ABC-TV Shindig!  (ABC-Paramount ABC-504(M) LP)  $60  SS  1964,great cover art,sealed
149941	VA-Jackie Lomax,Black Skye Mills Band,Bee Gees,Tiny Tim,Jack's Angels,Johnny Reimar,Irish Rovers,Band,Steppenwolf,Vogue,Frank Sinatra,Gary Puckett & Union Gap,Merrilee Rush,Cats:  The Hit Heard 'Round the World Nov 18 1968  (Army FS-GRC-955 LP)  $48  VG+/EX  1968,armed forces radio,cue sheet,military
146821	VA-James Patrick Page Session Man:  Pat Wayne & the Beachcombers,Carter Lewis & the Southerners,Mickie Most,First Gear,Christ Ravel & the Ravers,Primitives,Jimmy Page,Pickwicks,Lulu & the Luvvers,Sneekers,Yardbirds,New Yardbirds  (AIP 10041 LP)  $25  SS  1989,comp of Jimmy Page session work 1963-68
150940	VA-Jethro Tull,Spooky Tooth,Free,Art,Tramline,Traffic,Fairport Convention,Nirvana,John Martyn,Clouds,Spencer Davis Group,Wynder K. Frog:  You Can All Join In  (Island IWPS 2 LP)  $27  VG+/EX  1969,UK,co,tear obc
152608	VA-Jimi Hendrix,Sly & the Family Stone,Miles Davis,Mountain,Allman Brothers,Procol Harum,Chambers Brothers,Leonard Cohen,Cactus,Poco:  Isle of Wight & Atlanta Pop Festival First Great Rock Festivals of the Seventies  (Columbia G3X 30805 LP)  $35  VG+/VG+  197?,3lp,co
150019	VA-Joan Armatrading,Carpenters,Bell & James,Gordon Payne,Jerry Goldsmith:  Foreplay #12  (A&M SP-17041 LP)  $27  VG+/EX  1978,promo-only sampler
149964	VA-Joan Armatrading,Reds,Squeeze,Head East,Pablo Cruise:  Foreplay #27  (A&M SP-17107 LP)  $26  VG+/EX  1979,one-sided promo-only sampler
154192	VA-Joan Armatrading,Rockie Robbins,Mark Andrews & the Gents:  Foreplay #32  (A&M SP-17116 LP)  $25  VG+/VG+  1980,one-sided promo-only sampler
151951	VA-Johnny Cash,Jerry Lee Lewis,Carl Perkins,George Jones,Jimmy Clanton,Narvel Felts,Bobby Helms,Charlie Rich,Thomas Wayne,Roy Orbison,Bill Justis,Bill Doggett:  Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On - Where Rock Began  (Gusto GT-103 LP)  $19  SS  1977,2lp
150060	VA-Johnny Mathis,Bobby Vinton,Jimmy Dean,Guy Mitchell,Little Joe & the Thrillers,Johnny Horton,Tony Orlando,Major Lance,Dion,Percy Faith,Ripchords,Four Lads,Marty Robbins,Roy Hamilton,Jamies:  Rock On - the Musical Encyclopedia of Rock n' Roll the Solid Gold Years  (Columbia PG 33390 LP)  $12  VG/EX/VG+  1975,2lp,rw
149984	VA-Jolly Green Giants,Beatin Path,Chylds,Hysterics,Avengers,Fifth Order,Smoke Rings,New Wings,Sur Royal da Count,Centurys,Colony,Caravelles,Chocolate Moose,Chayns,Rumors,Shag,49th Paralell:  Boulders - a 60's Punk LP. Vol. 1  (Max MLP #1(M) LP)  $45  EX/M-  197?,Philippines,osw,rare orig garage comp
149961	VA-Lani Hall,Atlantic Starr,Malcolm Tomlinson,Tim Weisberg,Gap Mangione,Burt Bacharach:  Foreplay #18  (A&M FPS-17078 LP)  $24  VG+/VG+  1979,promo-only sampler
149962	VA-Lettermen,Outsiders,Peter & Gordon,Chad & Jeremy,Lou Rawls:  Back to Cool!  (Capitol Creative Products SL-6535 LP)  $22  SS  196?
149944	VA-Linn County,Buddy Miles Experience,Sir Douglas Quintet,McCoys,Shades of Joy,Group Therapy:  Flying Bear Medicine Show  (Smash SRS 67125 LP)  $16  VG/EX  197?,wlp,gfld,soc,Harvey Mandel,Steve Miller,Live Rock Festival
149945	VA-Linn County,Buddy Miles Experience,Sir Douglas Quintet,McCoys,Shades of Joy,Group Therapy:  Flying Bear Medicine Show  (Smash SRS 67125 LP)  $17  VG+/EX  197?,wlp,gfld,soc,Harvey Mandel,Steve Miller,Live Rock Festival
149985	VA-Litter,Preachers,Outcasts,Squires,Haunted,Soup Greens,Positively 12 O'Clock,Kim Fowley,Shadows of Knight:  Pebbles Vol. 1  (BFD 5016 LP)  $15  VG+/EX  1979,later us press
149991	VA-Little Feat,Rosebud,Peter Green,Curved Air,Tony Joe White,John & Beverley,Ohio Knox,Jeffrey Cain,Zephyr,Ron Nagle,Brownsville Station:  Non-Dairy Creamer  (Warner Bros PRO 443 LP)  $10  VG+/VG+  1971
149925	VA-Loading Zone,Youngbloods,Status Cymbal,Autosalvage,Stone Country,Joyfull Noise,Group Therapy,Family Tree:  The Groupquake  (RCA Victor SPS-33-525 LP)  $20  EX/EX  1968,promo-only,Loading Zone's "I Can't Please You",breaks,sm tear obc,swobc
150010	VA-Lollipop Shoppe,Starfires,Gants,Sound Barrier,Jujus,Uncalled For,Bruthers,Clue,Faine Jade,Caravelles,Human Beinz,? & the Mysterians,Others,Cindermen,Rovin' Flames,Rockin' Ramrods,Movin' Morfomen,Lemon Drops:  Pebbles Vol. 8  (BFD 5025 LP)  $20  VG+/EX  1980
149953	VA-Main Sail,Gary Hyde,Marc Intravaia,Tom Boyd,C.J. Hutton,Blue Wind,Mojave,Rick Telli,Bowens-Jenkins Band,Valerie Foremost,Squatter's Last Rites,Gary Narramore,Ash Underwood & Myrtle Diesel,Eazy,Brad Cahill:  Home Grown V  (KGB LP)  $30  VG+/EX  1977,local San Diego comp,lyric sleeve
149946	VA-Main Sail,Gary Hyde,Marc Intravaia,Tom Boyd,C.J. Hutton,Blue Wind,Mojave,Rick Telli,Bowens-Jenkins Band,Valerie Foremost,Squatter's Last Rites,Gary Narramore,Ash Underwood & Myrtle Diesel,Eazy,Brad Cahill:  Home Grown V  (KGB LP)  $32  EX/EX  1977,local San Diego comp,osw,lyric sleeve
152772	VA-Man,Dave Edmunds,Flying Aces,Ducks Deluxe,Jets,Help Yourself,Plum Crazy,Deke Leonard,B.J. Cole,Andy Dunkley:  Christmas at the Patti  (United Artists UDX 205 LP)  $28  VG+/EX  1972,UK,2lp,ten inch lps
149990	VA-Marshall Tucker Band,Ozark Mountain Daredevils,Molly Hatchet,Charlie Daniels Band,Allman Brothers Band:  Southern Fried Rock  (K-tel NU 9520 LP)  $10  EX/M-  1980,osw
149992	VA-Maxine Brown,Shirelles,Chubby Checker,Carla Thomas,Cleftones,Chantels,Bobby Lewis,Stringalongs,Dreamlovers,Lee Dorsey,King Curtis,Spaniels,Ben E. King,Little Eva,Dave Baby Cortez,Joey Dee & the Starlighters,Joe Henderson,Lou Christie,Essex,Mary Wells:  Echoes of a Rock Era: The Later Years  (Roulette RE-113(E) LP)  $17  VG+/EX  1971,2lp,co
148377	VA-MCA Sound Conspiracy:  Help,American Eagle,Raw,Wishbone Ash,Fanny Adams,Chelsea,Glass Harp,Melissa,Jeremiah,Virgil Fox,Matthews Southern Comfort  (MCA 734837 LP)  $25  SS  1971
153765	VA-Merilee Rush,Bobby Goldsboro,Dean Torrance,Mary MacGregor,Paul Revere & the Raiders,Mike Love,Three Dog Night,Association:  Christmas Party  (Hitbound 51-3010 LP)  $23  SS  1983,beach boys member
149989	VA-Moving Sidewalks,Zakary Thaks,Little Boy Blues,Phil & the Frantics,Dovers,Choir,Bobby Fuller,Satans:  Pebbles Vol. 2  (BFD 5019 LP)  $14  VG+/VG+  1979,,later us press
149939	VA-Nick Drake,Fripp/Eno,Tim Hardin,Steve Winwood,Phil Manzanera,John Cage,Don Cherry,Terje Rypdal:  Greater Antilles Sampler  (Antilles AX-7000 LP)  $15  VG+/EX  1976,osw
149977	VA-Norman Greenbaum,Levitt & McClure,Denny Brooks,Ruthann Friedman,Kinks,Frank Zappa,Fleetwood Mac,Eric Andersen,Fifth Avenue Band,Mike Post Coalition:  October 10, 1969  (Warner Bros PRO 351 LP)  $25  VG+/VG  1969,sl spinewear,cool comp from warner,minimal cover art
149993	VA-Orioles,Faye Adams,Bo Diddley,Penguins,Chuck Berry,Moonglows,Nutmegs,Jesse Belvin,Cadillacs,Heartbeats,Frankie Lyman,Crows,Chuck Willis,Tune Weavers,Jimmy Rodgers,Rays,Buddy Know:  Echoes of a Rock Era: The Early Years  (Roulette RE-111(E) LP)  $17  VG+/EX  1971,2lp,co
149032	VA-Peaches: Pick of the Crop:  Richard Betts,Wet Willie,Elvin Bishop,JOhnny Darrell,Percy Sledge,Maxayn,Marshall Tucker Band,Cowboy,Boyer & Talton,Johnny Jenkins,Allman Brothers Band,Bobby Thompson,Captain Beyond,Gregg Allman,Larry Henley,Grinder Switch,James Montgomery Band,Arthur Conley,White Witch,Hydra,Duke Williams & the Extremes,Kenny O'Dell,Kitty Wells,Chris Christian,Duane Allman  (Capricorn PRO 558 LP)  $16  VG+/M-  1974,2lp
147835	VA-Platino Polvere di Stelle:  Shadows,Jody Miller,Cliff Richard,Peggy Lee,Gilbert Becaud,Tony Renis,Pino Donaggio,Animals,Paul Anka  (Diffusione Platino 2525921 LP)  $25  EX/EX  1989,Italy,osw
149979	VA-Richie Havens,Tim Hardin,Enemies,Janis Ian,Blues Project,Van Dyke Parks:  Core of Rock  (MGM SE-4669 LP)  $16  VG+/EX  196?,yellow djl,slrw,prst obc
150008	VA-Robert Orsi,Vince Whirlwind,Scratch Band,Philip Rambow,Nelson Adelard Band,Hilly Michaels,Fran Kowalski,Roger C. Reale,Mick Farren:  Bionic Gold  (Big Sound BSLP-001 LP)  $15  EX/VG+  1977,songs of Phil Spector,osw
149988	VA-Rod Stewart,Nico,Earl Vince,Fleetwood Mac,Chris Farlowe,Glyn Johns, Small Faces,Apostolic Intervention,P.P. Arnold,Nice,Amen Corner:  The Immediate Singles Story  (Compleat 672007 LP)  $22  SS  1985,2lp,co
149920	VA-Rolling Stones,Kathy Kirby,Them,Tom Jones,Mike Leander,Unit 4+2,Bern Elliott,Bachelors,Zombies,Lulu & the Luvers,Johnny Howard,Billy Fury,Applejacks,Dave Berry:  England's Greatest Hitmakers  (London LL.3430(M) LP)  $28  EX  1964,rare comp,no cover but vinyl in nice
151005	VA-Roy Orbison,Velvets,Jerry Byrd,Billy Grammer,Bob Moore,Jack Eubanks:  Demand Performances  (Monument MLP 8010(M) LP)  $15  VG+/EX  196?,swobc
152947	VA-Santana,Grateful Dead,Hot Tuna,Malo,Quicksilver,Taj Mahal,Tower of Power,Cold Blood,Lamb,Stoneground:  Fillmore the Last Days  (Fillmore Z3X 31390 LP)  $53  VG/VG+  1972,3lp Box,book,45,no ticket or poster
148554	VA-Spotlight:  Andy Gibb,A Taste of Honey,John Paul Young,Crystal Gayle,Player,Stephen Bishop,Hall & Oates,Alicia Bridges,Commodores,Little River Band,Bob Welch,Paul Davis,Nick Gilder,Kenny Rogers,Chris Rea,Gerry Rafferty  (K-tel TU 2700 LP)  $10  VG/EX  1979,lg soc
148555	VA-Spotlight:  Andy Gibb,A Taste of Honey,John Paul Young,Crystal Gayle,Player,Stephen Bishop,Hall & Oates,Alicia Bridges,Commodores,Little River Band,Bob Welch,Paul Davis,Nick Gilder,Kenny Rogers,Chris Rea,Gerry Rafferty  (K-tel TU 2700 LP)  $11  VG+/EX  1979
148606	VA-Street Kids,W.A. Gorak,Teaser,Vesuvious,Tetra,McInerney & Warren,Gabriel Magno,Nathan Shaffer,New Earth Rhythm Band,Frank D. Wright,Ashcraft:  WKQX Hometown Album  (WKQX-1 LP)  $13  VG+/EX  1977,comp of local Chicago bands,street kids is cheap trick-ish power pop,tetra is decent 70s rock,new earth rhythm band is kinda funky,soc
149956	VA-Talbot Brothers,Steeleye Span,Neil Young & Graham Nash,Todd Rundgren,Beach Boys,Alan Price,Deep Purple,Dooley Wilson,Chunky Novi & Ernie,Marshall Tucker Band,Gregg Allman,Robin Trower:  Hard Goods  (Warner Bros PRO 583 LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  1974,2lp,smsplt,slrw
150063	VA-Tom Sullivan,Up With People,Donnie Brooks,Pat Boone,Randy Nicklaus,Lyle Countryman,Paul Revere & the Raiders,Susie Allanson,Mike Curb Congregation,Jerry Cole,Paula Ruffin,Jerry Naylor,Dee Dee Henrichs,Lloyd Schoonmaker,Rick Turner,Dorsey Burnett,Billy Joe Royal,Sen. Barry Goldwater,Sen. Fritz Hollings,Sen. Edward Kennedy,Sean Morton Downey Jr.,Sammy Davis Jr.,Charles Wright & the Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band:  Happy Birthday U.S.A.  (20th Century T2-506 LP)  $18  VG+/M-  1976,2lp,co,bklt intact
149932	VA-Tommy Steele,Lonnie Donegan,Emile Ford & the Checkmates,Chas McDevitt Group,Russ Hamilton,Frank Ifield,Laurie London,Acker Bilk,Petula Clark,Gary Mills,Kenny Ball,Karl Denver Trio,Helen Shapiro,Adam Faith,Chris Barber,Cliff Richards,Shadows,Billy Fury,Ricky Valance,Eden Kane,Jet Harris & Tony Meehan,Craig Douglas,Johnny Kidd & the Pirates,Joe Brown,Marty Wilde,Mike Berry,Shane Fenton,Springfields,Caravelles,Tornadoes:  Roots of British Rock  (Sire SASH 3711/2 LP)  $13  VG+/M-  1975,2lp,co,sl h2o oc,insert
150067	VA-Trashmen,Chantays,Drifters,Jan & Dean,Frankie Ford,Fendermen,Wanda Jackson,Bobby Rydell,Surfaris,Crystals,O'kaysions,Billy Joe Royal,Paul Evans,J. Frank Wilson,Bobby Vee,Chiffons,Turtles,Jay & the Americans:  Rock 'n Roll Fever Vol. 2  (K-tel NU-2890-1 LP)  $11  EX/M-  1982,osw,wurlitzer jukebox cover art
150009	VA-Tree,Plague,Magi,Gentlemen,5 Canadians,Dirty Wurds,Merry Dragons,Fe-Fi-Four Plus 2,Escapades,Danny & the Escorts,Satyrs,Little Phil & the Night Shadows,State of Mind,Yesterday's Children,Time Stoppers,Thursday's Children,12 A.M.:  Pebbles Vol. 5  (BFD 5022 LP)  $17  VG+/VG  1980
150005	VA-Vicki Sue Robinson,Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band,Scorpions,Vangelis,Valentine,Waylon Jennings & Willie Nelson,Aztec Two-Step,Tom T. Hall,Tomita,Steve Young,Floyd Cramer:  January 1978 Sampler  (RCA DJL1-2685 LP)  $12  EX  1978,wl promo-only,plain cover,insert
149936	VA-Zombies,Los Bravos,Them,Poppy Family,Marmalade,Cat Stevens,Whistling Jack Smith,White Plains,Nashville Teens,Unit 4+2,Brotherhood of Man,Dave Edmunds,Jonathan King,Frijid Pink,Fortunes,Lulu:  English Cats & Others  (Brookville BR-3400 LP)  $15  VG/EX  1974,2lp,slrw
147940	Valentyne, Rudy:  And Now...  (Roulette SR-25299 LP)  $28  VG+/M-  196?,osw,swoc
155031	Vanilla Fudge:  Near the Beginning  (Atco SD 33-278 LP)  $11  VG/VG+  1969,"Break Song",wheel label
155114	Vannelli, Gino:  Powerful People  (MFSL 1-041 LP)  $22  VG+/VG+  1979,audiophile,soc
150897	Velez, Martha:  Escape from Babylon  (Sire SASD-7515 LP)  $21  VG+/EX  1976,Bob Marley production,Aston "Family Man" Barrett,Winston Gladstone,Lee Perry,I-Three
151180	Ventures:  Swamp Rock  (Liberty LST-8062 LP)  $8  VG/VG+  1969,co,"Honky Tonk Women","Niki Hoeky"
147727	Ventures:  Ventures A Go Go  (Dolton BLP 2037(M) LP)  $11  EX/EX  196?,surf rock
150821	Victoria:  Secret of the Bloom  (San Francisco SD 201 LP)  $35  SS  1970,insert,seal partially open,co
151713	Vigrass & Osborne:  Queues  (UNI 73129 LP)  $20  VG/VG+  1972,gfld,insert,sl spinewear,Alan Hawkshaw,Doris Troy,Chris Spedding,Caleb Quaye,ex-Chocolate Watchband
151345	Vogues:  Memories  (Reprise RS 6347 LP)  $12  VG+/M-  1969,co,wobc
155015	Voudouris, Roger:  Radio Dream  (Warner Bros BSK 3290 LP)  $12  VG+/EX  1979
147630	Wade, Adam:  Adam and Evening  (Coed LPC-903(M) LP)  $24  VG+/VG+  1961,toc,swobc
152767	Walsh, Joe:  But Seriously Folks  (Asylum 6E-141 LP)  $5  VG+/VG+  1978,gfld,soc
151947	Ward, Billy & the Dominoes:  21 Hits Vol. Four  (King 5008X LP)  $18  SS  197?
153530	Warnes, Jennifer:  Shot Through the Heart  (Arista AB 4217 LP)  $7  VG+/EX  1979,co,prst oc,lyric sleeve
153767	Weatherly, Jim:  The People Some People Choose to Love  (ABC ABCD-937 LP)  $7  VG/EX  1976,wlp,co,Nick DeCaro,lg soc
150721	Weatherly, Jim:  Weatherly  (RCA Victor LSP-4747 LP)  $17  SS  1972,co
155544	Webb, Jimmy:  Angel Heart  (Columbia 37695 LP)  $15  VG/EX  1982,ringwear oc
152542	Wee Group:  Live! At Cliffs Red Carpet  (All American Piggy Bank SR-7318 LP)  $15  EX/VG+  197?,osw,lincoln nebraska lounge act,"Mercy Mercy Mercy"
155115	Weisberg, Tim:  The Tip of the Weisberg  (Nautilus NR7 LP)  $14  VG+/VG+  1979,gfld,audiophile,dbx
155040	Whitlock, Bobby:  One of a Kind  (Capricorn CP 0160 LP)  $14  VG/VG+  1975,slrw
153415	Whitlock, Bobby:  One of a Kind  (Capricorn CP 0160 LP)  $15  VG/EX  1975,rw,co,woc
148481	Who:  It's Hard  (Warner Bros W1-23731 LP)  $12  SS  1982,lyric sleeve
150938	Who:  Live at Leeds  (MCA 2022 LP)  $9  VG+/VG+  1970,1973,re
150850	Who:  Magic Bus/My Generation  (Track MCA2-4068 LP)  $34  VG+/EX  1973,2lp,re
147687	Who:  Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy  (MCA 37001 LP)  $7  VG+/VG+  1971,1980,re
150848	Who:  Rarities Vol. 1 1966-68  (Polydor SPELP 9 LP)  $21  VG/EX  1983,UK,spinewear
150849	Who:  Rarities Vol. 2 1970-73  (Polydor SPELP 10 LP)  $23  VG+/M-  1983,UK,sl spinewear
150851	Who:  Sings My Generation  (Decca DL 74664 LP)  $45  VG/EX  1966,orig,slrw
150847	Who:  The Best of the Last Ten Years  (Polydor 2664 323 LP)  $18  VG+/EX  1974,2lp,France,sl spinewear
150984	Who:  The Kids Are Alright OST  (MCA 2-11005 LP)  $9  VG+/EX  1979,2lp,no booklet
152832	Who:  Tommy  (Decca DXSW 7205 LP)  $11  VG/VG+  1969,2lp,booklet,rw,wol
150985	Who:  Tommy  (Decca DXSW 7205 LP)  $13  VG/EX  1969,2lp,booklet,rw,woc
150939	Who:  Who Are You  (MCA 3050 LP)  $7  VG/EX  1978,rw
153485	Wier, Rusty:  Kum-Bak Bar & Grill  (Black Hat BHR 1100 LP)  $15  VG+/EX  1987,osw
151177	Wilderness Road:  Sold for Prevention of Disease Only  (Reprise MS 2125 LP)  $14  VG/VG  1973,gfld,smsplt
147303	Williams, Duke & the Extremes:  Fantastic Fedora  (Capricorn CP 0133 LP)  $25  VG+/EX  1974
147565	Wilson, Brian:  S/T  (Sire 1-25669 LP)  $12  VG+/EX  1988,lyric sleeve,prst oc,beach boys
151162	Wilson, Brian:  S/T  (Sire 1-25669 LP)  $12  VG+/EX  1988,lyric sleeve,co,sobc,beach boys
147461	Winter, Johnny:  And  (Columbia C 30221 LP)  $8  VG/VG+  197?,slrw,Rick Derringer
147024	Winter, Johnny:  Captured Live  (Blue Sky PZ 33944 LP)  $8  VG/EX  1976,rw
149124	Winter, Johnny:  First Winter  (Buddah BDS 7513 LP)  $11  VG/VG+  196?,rw,soc,co
149109	Winter, Johnny:  John Dawson Winter III  (Blue Sky PZ 33292 LP)  $12  VG+/EX  1974,osw
149108	Winter, Johnny:  Still Alive and Well  (Columbia KC 32188 LP)  $15  VG+/VG+  1973,osw
151276	Winwood, Steve:  Roll With It  (Virgin 1-90946 LP)  $10  EX/M-  1988,osw,lyric sleeve
150854	Wood, Ronnie:  Now Look  (Warner Bros K 56145 LP)  $15  VG+/EX  1975,UK,Bobby Womack,Ian McLagan
147008	Wood, Roy:  Boulders  (United Artists UA-LA168-F LP)  $7  VG+/M-  1973,gfld,osw,co
155409	Workman, Nanette:  S/T  (Big Tree BT 89514 LP)  $14  VG/EX  1976,slrw,prst oc,soc
149455	Wright, Gary:  The Light of Smiles  (Warner Bros BS 2951 LP)  $6  VG+/M-  1977,lyric sleeve
150894	Wyman, Bill:  Monkey Grip  (Rolling Stones QD 79100(Q) LP)  $33  VG+/M-  1974,quadraphonic,orig inner sleeve,Dr. John,Dallas Taylor,Danny Kootch,Leon Russell,Betty Wright,Gwen McCrae,George McCrae
147719	Yardbirds:  Shapes of Things  (Bomb 104.5 LP)  $9  VG+/VG+  1977,Canada,2lp,black vinyl,slrw
154950	Yes:  Classic Yes  (Atlantic SD 19320 LP)  $8  VG+/VG+  1981,with classic yes 45 insert (m-)
154907	Yes:  Yes Album  (Atlantic SD 19131 LP)  $6  VG+/VG+  1971,gfld,re
147713	Yes:  Yessongs  (Atlantic SD 3-100 LP)  $8  VG/VG/VG/VG+  1973,3lp,insert,custom sleeves,slrw
147586	Yes:  Yessongs  (Atlantic SD 3-100 LP)  $10  VG/VG+  1973,3lp,insert,custom sleeves,rw
155037	Yes:  Yessongs  (Atlantic SD 3-100 LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  1973,3lp,no insert,custom sleeves,slrw
155047	Yes:  Yesterdays  (Atlantic SD 18103 LP)  $15  VG+/M-  1974,orig inner sleeve
147628	Young, Neil:  After the Gold Rush  (Reprise RS 6383 LP)  $16  VG+/EX  1970,gfld,no insert,soc
149121	Young, Neil:  Harvest  (Reprise MS 2032 LP)  $9  VG+/VG+  1972,gfld
152694	Young, Neil:  On the Beach  (Reprise R 2180 LP)  $22  VG+/EX  1974,orig,custom sleeve
152787	Youngbloods:  Elephant Mountain  (RCA Victor AFL1-4150 LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  1969,re
152467	Zakatek, Lenny:  S/T  (A&M SP-4777 LP)  $37  VG+/EX  1979,produced by Alan Parsons,prst obc
153001	Zappa, Frank:  Chunga's Revenge  (Bizarre MS 2030 LP)  $26  VG/VG+  1970,gfld,orig blue label,rw,swoc
152722	Zappa, Frank:  Cruising With Ruben & the Jets  (Verve V6-5055-X LP)  $41  VG/VG+  196?,gfld,orig blue label,rw
153002	Zappa, Frank:  Hot Rats  (Bizarre RS 6356 LP)  $26  VG/VG+  1969,gfld,orig blue label,rw,swoc
155418	Zappa, Frank:  Joe's Garage  (Barking Pumpkins SWCL-74206 LP)  $40  VG+/M-  1979,1987,3lp box set,merch insert
153407	Zappa, Frank:  One Size Fits All  (Discreet DS 2216 LP)  $24  VG/VG+  1975,gfld,rw
147275	Zappa, Frank:  Over-Nite Sensation  (Discreet MS 2149 LP)  $13  VG/VG+  1973,gfld,smsplt
147785	Zappa, Frank:  Studio Tan  (Discreet DSK 2291 LP)  $28  VG/EX  1978,co
152215	Zavaroni, Lena:  Ma! He's Making Eyes At Me  (Stax STS-5511 LP)  $16  VG/EX  1974,co,slrw,"River Deep Mountain High",Arthur Greenslade
147951	Zavaroni, Lena:  Ma! He's Making Eyes At Me  (Stax STS-5511 LP)  $18  VG+/EX  1974,"River Deep Mountain High",Arthur Greenslade
152926	Zevon, Warren:  Bad Luck Streak In Dancing School  (Asylum 5E-509 LP)  $9  VG+/VG+  1980,lyric sleeve
152270	Zombies:  Live On the BBC 1965-67  (Rhino RNLP 120 LP)  $15  VG+/EX  1985
152465	Zon:  Back Down To Earth  (Epic JE 36022 LP)  $9  VG/VG+  1979,wlp,prst obc,soc,slrw
148907	ZZ Top:  El Loco  (Warner Bros BSK 3593 LP)  $12  EX/EX  1981,osw
148906	ZZ Top:  The Best of...  (Warner Bros BSK 3273 LP)  $11  SS  1977
151108	ZZ Top:  Tres Hombres  (Warner Bros BSK 3270 LP)  $15  VG+/EX  1973,gfld,orig inner sleeve


148049	AlWood Schools:  Ninth Annual Christmas Program  (Fredlo 6629LP LP)  $21  EX/VG+  1966,osw,Woodhull Illinois
151861	Amherst-Mount Holyoke Orchestra:  BEETHOVEN: Symphony No. 8 in F / COPLAND: Billy the Kid Suite  (VQR CSRV 2580 LP)  $35  VG/EX  197?
151862	Augustana Concert Band:  Marches & More  (private LP)  $35  SS  198?
150241	Bison Chips:  Out on Parole  (Susquehanna Sound LP-1508 LP)  $12  VG/VG+  1983-84,soc,sm tear oc,Bucknell University a capella group,covers of Billy Joel,Talking Heads,Yes
151620	Bryan Adams Cougar Band:  Cougarsound 79  (A+R LP)  $45  SS  1979,Dallas private press,"Big Boss Man","Killing Me Softly"
151094	Cardinal High School Concert & Jazz Bands:  The Way We Were  (EC 4018 LP)  $18  VG+/EX  197?,osw,private,"Boys from Liverpool","Groovin' Hard"
154696	Cary-Grove High School:  1985 Spring Choral Concert  (Mark MC-24622 LP)  $35  VG+/EX  1985,suburban chicago private press,"Total Eclipse of the Heart","The Longest Time" billy joel song
151092	Cicero, NY High School Symphonic Band:  Mid-West National Band & Orchestra Clinic  (Silver Crest MID-72-14(Q) LP)  $40  VG+/EX  1972,2lp,quadraphonic,wobc
151864	Cleveland Heights High School Choir:  George F. Strickling Director  (Heights Choir F3923 LP)  $35  VG/VG+  196?,smsplt,spinewear
151091	Clinton High School A Cappella Choir:  1973-74  (Mark MC 1955 LP)  $35  EX/EX  1974,osw,private
151098	College of St. Teresa Department of Music:  Presents My Fair Lady  (Tom Jones TJ-2939(M) LP)  $28  VG+/EX  1964
155318	Concordia College Band:  1971-72  (Mark MC-1756 LP)  $28  EX/VG+  1972,osw
155319	Concordia College Band:  S/T  (Mark MC-5070 LP)  $28  EX/VG+  196?-7?,osw
155335	Davenport West High School Choirs:  Music of Christmas  (Delta DRS82-205 LP)  $33  M-/M-  197?,osw,gfld
150417	Farmington Junior High School Chorus:  Our Corner of the Sky  (GDS 780429 LP)  $35  SS  1977-78
151736	Forest View High School Choirs:  Christmas  (Delta DRS 84M 307 LP)  $35  VG+/EX  1984,osw,arlington heights illinois,sm tear oc
151096	Galesburg Senior High School Bands:  1979 Silver Streaks  (Hughes HRS-343 LP)  $45  VG+/EX  1979,2lp,illinois private press,"Theme from Shaft","Groovin Hard"
155394	Galesburg Senior High School Bands:  Bands In Concert  (Hughes HRS-344 LP)  $45  VG+/EX  1980,2lp,illinois private press,"Gonna Fly Now","Firebreak","Sassy Strut",osw
155391	Galesburg Senior High School Bands:  Symphonic Band & Jazz Band  (Delta DRS 81M 103 LP)  $45  VG+/EX  1981,2lp,illinois private press,"Watermelon Man"
150428	Grinnell Singers:  Iowa Tour 1982  (Mark MC 1967 LP)  $40  SS  1982,Grinnell College group
148046	Gustavus Choir:  Christmas In Song  (Midwest Record Distro 513-61(M) LP)  $18  VG+/EX  1961,private press,Gustavus Adolphus College,St Peter Minnesota,toc,maroon wax
153040	Harrison Technical High School:  Christmas Concert 1959  (Galewood L80P-1422 LP)  $38  VG+/VG+  1959,chicago private press
155379	Hawkeye Marching Band:  Gametime!  (FSR FSRS 1277 LP)  $38  VG+/VG+  196?-7?,"Proud Mary","Hey Jude" beatlesong,Univ of Iowa
151090	Homewood-Flossmoor High School Bands:  1979-1980  (A-K Sound Recording KM 5565 LP)  $34  VG/VG+  1977,2lp,smsplt
152412	Idlers:  Sing Along With the Idlers of the U.S. Coast Guard Academy  (Design DCF-1007(M) LP)  $23  VG/EX  195?,military academy vocal group,toc
151100	Illinois All State Music Activity Junior & Senior Bands:  Music & Youth  (Century V12796 LP)  $22  VG/EX  1961,private,smsplt
150420	Illinois All State Music Activity Senior Choruses:  Music & Youth  (Century V12796 LP)  $21  VG+/VG  1961,private
150397	Iowa State Singers / Cardinal Keynotes:  S/T  (USR 9880 LP)  $35  EX/M-  196?-7?,osw
146958	John R. Mott Memorial Choir:  Vistas of Sound at John R. Mott Vol. 1  (Custom Fidelity AR-20054 LP)  $20  EX/VG  1969,osw,iowa high school
151304	Longhorn Singers:  University of Texas  (Austin SFM 33 63115(M) LP)  $35  VG/EX  1963,rw
148371	Lyons Township High School:  Soundtrack 57  (private H80L-5804 LP)  $25  VG/VG+  1957,ten inch lp,smsplt,toc,lagrange illinois
148372	Lyons Township High School:  Soundtrack 58  (private J80L-5095 LP)  $26  VG+/VG+  1958,ten inch lp,slrw,lagrange illinois
155063	Millikin University Jazz Band:  Twenty Years of Jazz With Some of Millikin's Finest  (private NR15666 LP)  $99  SS  1984
155172	Monmouth High School:  Bands Concert 1975  (private EM 1515 LP)  $30  VG/VG+  1975,rw
152191	Moorhead State College:  Stage Band '71  (Sound 80 S80 149-1749S LP)  $55  VG/EX  1971,private press,gfld,"Hey Jude","Eleanor Rigby" beatlesongs,smsplt
151592	Morton Unit District 709:  Symphonic Band Spring Concert Senior Recognition Night  (B-1 LP)  $48  SS  1982,illinois private press
152363	Muscatine High School:  Vocal Music Department  (private LP)  $28  VG/VG+  1959,orange wax,signatures obc,tears oc
147629	New Trier Township High School:  Plackback 1965  (private U-24766 LP)  $35  VG+/EX  1965
148489	New Trier West High School Recording Jazz Ensemble:  Dial West for Jazz  (Jaztrak 7186 LP)  $42  VG/EX  197?,rw
149468	Newcomers:  S/T  (EM-1372 LP)  $28  VG+/VG+  1972,Western Illinois Univ vocal group
148980	Nicollet Jr. High Music Department:  1979-80  (PLS 807-37 LP)  $25  EX  1980,Paul McCartney medley,plain cover
152545	North Texas State Univ Lab Band:  Lab '70!  (Century Custom USR 4699 LP)  $45  VG+/EX/VG+  1970,2lp
151033	Northwestern University Wildcat Marching Band:  S/T  (BR BRS-186 LP)  $52  VG+/VG+  196?-7?,"Maxwell's Silver Hammer","Eleanor Rigby","Yesterday" beatlesongs
155171	Nyack College:  World Missions In Review  (AMP 7869 LP)  $95  EX/EX  1978,awesome cover art of 21 people sitting in a big tree
152358	Otterbein College Concert Choir:  Christmastide  (private 102325 LP)  $35  VG+/EX  197?,osw
150736	Party of Eight:  Fill the World With Music  (Radex SPE-7906 LP)  $35  SS  197?,Highland Community College vocal group
150400	Pekin High Vocal Department:  Pekin Voices In Concert  (Mark UMC 2544 LP)  $8  VG+/VG+  196?-7?
148947	Saint Gall's School & Community Bands:  Blue & Silver Concert  (Fidelity Award LO8P-0194(M) LP)  $28  VG+/EX  196?,pieces by Anderson,Gershwin,Sousa,Wagner
148361	St. Francis Senior Choir:  Midnight Christmas at St. Francis 1971  (1971 LP)  $28  VG+/M-  1971,2lp,hackensack new jersey
151095	St. Mary's Academy A Cappella Choir:  Happy Days Are Here Again  (Delta DR 423 LP)  $16  VG+/VG+   196?-7?,gfld,private,Nauvoo Illinois
153856	St. Olaf College:  Christmas at St. Olaf College 1989  (15726 LP)  $35  VG+/M-  1989,private
155211	State University of Iowa:  University Sing 1964  (Century 19744(M) LP)  $28  VG/VG+  1964,ten inch lp,rw
152359	Tennessee Tech Band:  Heritage of the March Vol. 55  (PDB-428 LP)  $35  VG/EX  197?,smsplt
153051	Thornton Fractional North High School:  Sound of the 40's  (Delta DRS 74 135 LP)  $35  VG+/VG+  1974,illinois private press
151595	Toppers:  Just for Fun  (Audio House AH 3066(M) LP)  $45  VG+/VG  196?,Emporia College vocal group,Eppink cover art
148511	Tufts University Chorus:  Songs of Tufts  (Radax TU 1852(M) LP)  $35  VG/VG  1958?,smsplt,spine split
148003	University of Illinois Medicare 7, 8, or 9 Dixieland Jazz Band:  Medicare Jazz  (Delta DRS 78M 723 LP)  $40  EX/EX  1978,2lp,osw,faculty group
154805	University of Iowa Hawkeye Marching Band:  Pulse  (Mark MC 4800 LP)  $21  VG+/VG+  1978,"Stayin' Alive","Rocky"
151976	University of Michigan Glee Club Quartet:  Fun With the Friars  (Idiom K80P-7176 LP)  $75  VG+/EX  196?,private,wobc,Larry Jacobs cover art
155229	University of Northern Iowa:  Jazz Band I In Concert  (private LP)  $21  VG+/VG+  1973
151860	US Military Academy Band & Cadet Glee Club:  Cadet Glee Club  (WPS 8001 LP)  $35  VG+/VG+  1980,military band
147874	US Military Academy Band & Cadet Glee Club:  West Point Music  (RCA Custom F8-OL-5855 LP)  $33  VG+/VG  195?,ten inch lp,military band
149878	VA-Eighth Annual All City Junior High Choral Festival:  Longfellow,Lincoln & Logan Junior High Schools  (Mark MC 4818 LP)  $35  EX  1979,plain cover with signatures of participants,not sure of the city - somewhere in minnesota?
150544	VA-First International University Choral Festival:  Live from Philharmonic Hall at Lincoln Center  (RCA Victor Red Seal LSC-7043 LP)  $18  VG+/M-  1966,2lp,re,co,osw,smsplt
148491	VA-Millikin Univ Jazz Lab Band,Concert Band,Symphonic Wind Ensemble,Millikin Univ Choir,Musical Theatre,Vocal Jazz Ensemble,School of Music Faculty,Millikin/Decatur Civic Symphony Orchestra:  Our Record Speaks for Itself! Vol. 2 Millikin University School of Music   (private NR15944 LP)  $28  EX/VG+  197?,osw,jazz & classical,studio cover art
147795	VA-Univ of Wisconsin-La Crosse Collegiates,Aquinas High School Discords & Triple Trio,Luther High Sound Foundation,Central High Robed Choir,Logan High Choir,Logan High Red Jackets:  The Sounds of God's Country  (Coulee CLPS-1007 LP)  $48  SS  197?,"Windy","Windmills of Your Mind"
152356	Valley High Jazz I:  The Gang's All Here  (TDS-124 LP)  $35  VG+/EX  1982,des moines iowa private press,"Greasy Sac Blooz","Samba de Rollins"
151093	Varsity Bards / University Chorus:  The University of North Dakota Presents...  (Century Custom 21198 LP)  $35  VG+/EX  196?-7?
155316	Western Dubuque High School:  Concert Band 1964  (RPC Y-29631(M) LP)  $28  VG+/VG+  1964,ten inch lp
155317	Western Dubuque High School:  Concert Band Mid-Winter Concert 1963  (RPC Y-08201(M) LP)  $28  VG+/VG+  1963,ten inch lp
151588	Wilson Junior High 9th Choir & Ensemble:  Wilson Gets It On...  (Mark LP)  $48  SS  1973,private,moline illinois
147756	Yale Whiffenpoofs:  Golden Anniversary Album 1909-1959  (Carillon LP 100 LP)  $20  VG+/VG+  1959,gfld,sm tear oc
148359	Yale Whiffenpoofs:  Gone Astray  (private WHIFF 81 LP)  $23  EX/EX  1981,osw


149247	101 North:  Forever Yours  (Capitol C1-92510 LP)  $11  VG/VG+  1991,co
153760	5th Dimension:  Greatest Hits on Earth  (Bell 2308 047 LP)  $8  VG+/EX  1972,Germany
153761	5th Dimension:  The July 5th Album  (Liberty SCS 33 901 LP)  $9  VG+/VG+  196?-7?,Germany,soc
147514	7th Wonder :  Words Don't Say Enough  (Parachute RRLP 9004 DJ LP)  $26  VG+/VG+  1978,djl,prst oc
147423	7th Wonder :  Words Don't Say Enough  (Parachute RRLP 9004 DJ LP)  $28  VG+/EX  1978,djl,prst obc
151118	A Taste of Honey:  S/T  (Capitol ST-511754 LP)  $21  EX/EX  1978,osw,sost "Boogie Oogie Oogie"
153192	A Taste of Honey:  Twice As Sweet  (Capitol ST-12089 LP)  $17  VG+/VG+  1980
150900	ADC Band:  Long Stroke  (Cotillion SD 5210 LP)  $23  SS  1978,co
147616	Adeva:  Love or Lust  (Capitol SPRO-79163 LP)  $12  M-  1991,wlp,plain cover
152514	Afternoon Delights:  General Hospi-Tale  (MCA 5257 LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  1981,co
146828	Alston, Gerald:  Always In the Mood  (Motown 3746363531 LP)  $18  VG+  1992,djl,plain cover
151803	Andrea True Connection:  More, More, More  (Buddah BDS 5670 LP)  $20  VG+/EX  1976,sost "Party Line",osw
150901	Apollonia 6:  S/T  (Warner Bros 1-25108 LP)  $15  VG/EX  1984,co
147665	Atlantic Starr:  As the Band Turns  (A&M SP 5019 LP)  $11  VG+/EX  1985,lyric sleeve
153202	Average White Band:  Feel No Fret  (Atlantic SD 19207 LP)  $9  VG+/EX  1979,gfld,co
153196	Average White Band:  Person To Person  (Atlantic SD 2-1002 LP)  $15  VG/VG+  1976,2lp,woc,co
147194	Average White Band:  S/T  (Atlantic QD 7308(Q) LP)  $38  EX/VG+  1974,quadraphonic,osw,lyric sleeve,sost "Pick Up the Pieces"
153195	Average White Band:  Warmer Communication  (Atlantic SD 19162 LP)  $7  VG+/EX  1978,lyric sleeve,co
152269	Average White Band:  Warmer Communication  (Atlantic SD 19162 LP)  $13  SS  1978,co,seal partially open
153181	B.T. Express:  Non-Stop  (Roadshow RS-41001 LP)  $15  EX/EX  1975,gfld
154786	Bar-Kays:  Soul Finger  (Volt S-417 LP)  $39  VG+/VG+  1965,orig
149227	Bar-Kays:  Too Hot to Stop  (Mercury SRM 1 1099 LP)  $15  EX/M-  1976,"shake your rump to the funk",co
147221	Barry, Claudja:  Made In Hong Kong  (Polydor PDS-1-6306 LP)  $12  VG/EX  1981,Canada,soc
151844	Barry, Len:  1-2-3  (Decca DL 4720(M) LP)  $23  VG/VG+  196?,"Like a Baby","Bullseye"
151170	Beasley, William (producer):  Straight from Detroit Via Nashville  (Modern Sound 545 LP)  $30  VG/VG  196?,exploito cover versions,motown covers
147670	Belle Epoque:  Miss Broadway  (Big Tree BT 76008 LP)  $17  VG+/VG+  1977,slrw
155003	Bendeth Band:  S/T  (Ensign BXL1-4133 LP)  $40  VG+/EX  1981,co,lyric sleeve
155261	Benton, Brook:  There Goes That Song Again  (Mercury MG 20673(M) LP)  $15  VG+/EX  196?,Quincy Jones
152519	Big Apple Brass:  Opus de Metropolis  (Royal Flush 5500 LP)  $21  VG/EX  1978,wlp,slrw,soc,co
150814	Black Nasty:  Talking to the People  (Enterprise ENS-1031 LP)  $99  SS  1973,co
147484	Blue Magic/Major Harris/Margie Joseph:  Live!  (WMOT WM2-5000 LP)  $33  VG+/VG+  1976,2lp,co
149145	Blue Magic/Major Harris/Margie Joseph:  Live!  (WMOT WM2-5000 LP)  $39  VG+/EX/M-  1976,2lp
155531	Bob-A-Rela:  S/T  (Channel CLP-10002 LP)  $5  VG+/VG+  1979
153144	Bob-A-Rela:  S/T  (Channel CLP-10002 LP)  $6  VG+/EX  1979,osw
151113	Bofill, Angela:  Something About You  (Arista AL 9576 LP)  $13  VG+/EX  1981,lyric sleeve
151702	Bongo, Alain:  A Brand New Man  (United Artists UA-LA902-G LP)  $18  VG/EX  1978,co,rw,Fred Wesley production
149239	Bourgeois Boys Club ft. Screamin' Rachael:  S/T  (Trax TX 5046 LP)  $45  VG+  1996,chicago house,plain cover
151125	Bridges, Alicia:  S/T  (Polydor PD-6158 LP)  $9  EX/EX  1978,"I Love the Nightlife",co,osw
147331	Bristol, Johnny:  Hang On In There Baby  (MGM 2315 303 LP)  $25  VG+/VG+  1974,Germany
153232	Brookes, Jacqui:  Sob Stories  (MCA 5467 LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  1984,sost "Lost Without Your Love",prst oc
147336	Brooks, Geo.:  Play It Again, Sam!  (Amerama A-1002 LP)  $28  VG/EX  1977,lg soc
147218	Brown, James:  Bring It On  (Augusta Sound CAS22001 LP)  $12  VG+/EX  1983,swoc
149816	Brown, James:  Hot  (Polydor PD 6059 LP)  $17  VG/VG  1975,rw,wobc
155410	Brown, James:  The Payback  (Polydor PD 2-3007 LP)  $37  VG/EX  1973,2lp,co,slrw
147285	Brown, Keisa:  Live!  (Little Star LSLP-1001 LP)  $15  VG+/EX  197?,wobc,H.B. Barnum production
148957	Brown, Peter:  A Fantasy Love Affair  (Drive 104 LP)  $10  VG/VG  1977,gfld,breaks,"Do You Wanna Get Funky With Me?"
154847	Brown, Peter:  A Fantasy Love Affair  (Drive 104 LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  1977,gfld,breaks,"Do You Wanna Get Funky With Me?"
151815	Bryson, Peabo:  Straight From the Heart  (Elektra 60362-1 LP)  $4  VG+/EX  1984,slrw
148460	Bryson, Peabo:  Straight From the Heart  (Elektra 60362-1 LP)  $6  EX/EX  1984,wlp,prst obc
149784	Cacia, Paul:  Unbelievable  (Alexander Street ALX-1700 LP)  $12  VG+/EX  1978
154732	Cain, Henry:  The Funky Organ-ization of...  (Capitol ST-2688 LP)  $85  VG+/VG+  196?,orig,David Axelrod prod.
146830	Cameo:  Word Up!  (Atlanta Artists 830 265-1 LP)  $7  VG/VG  1986,"Word Up","Candy",slrw,co
147524	Cameron, Rafael:  Cameron All the Way  (Salsoul SA 8553 LP)  $25  VG+/EX  1982,co
147211	Captain Sky:  Pop Goes the Captain  (AVI 6077 LP)  $15  VG+/VG+  1979,osw
151703	Captain Sky:  The Adventures of...  (AVI 6042 LP)  $23  VG/VG+  1978,slrw,"Super Sporm"
155520	Cara, Irene:  Anyone Can See  (Network E1 60003 LP)  $5  VG+/VG+  1982
155521	Cara, Irene:  What a Feelin'  (Geffen GHS 4021 LP)  $5  VG+/EX  1983,lyric sleeve
149226	Carn, Jean:  Sweet and Wonderful  (TSOP FZ 36775 LP)  $30  VG/EX  1981,lyric sleeve,rw,Paulinho da Costa,Jones Girls,David T. Walker
151827	Carter, Mel:  (All of a Sudden) My Heart Sings  (Imperial LP 9300(M) LP)  $15  VG+/VG+  196?
150882	Castor, Jimmy:  Dimension III  (RCA APD1-0103(Q) LP)  $28  SS  1973,co,quadraphonic
150774	Chairmen of the Board:  In Session  (Invictus SKAO-7304 LP)  $35  VG+/VG+  197?,gfld,slrw,sticker wear oc
153134	Chambers Brothers:  A New Time-A New Day  (Columbia CS 9671 LP)  $10  VG+/VG+  196?,360 label
149750	Chandler, Gene:  Gene Chandler Situation  (Mercury SR 61304 LP)  $13  VG+/EX  197?,co
146827	Change:  Change of Heart  (RFC/Atlantic 80151-1 LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  1984,modern soul,Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis,osw,swol,sm stain oc
151948	Charles, Ray:  14 Hits the Early Years  (King 5011X LP)  $10  VG+/M-  197?
153146	Charles, Ray:  A Portrait of Ray  (ABC ABCS-625 LP)  $16  VG/VG+  196?-7?,"Eleanor Rigby" beatlesong
147214	Charles, Ray:  A Portrait of Ray  (ABC ABCS-625 LP)  $18  EX/VG+  196?-7?,osw,"Eleanor Rigby" beatlesong
150907	Charles, Ray:  A Portrait of Ray  (ABC ABCS-625 LP)  $19  EX/EX  196?-7?,osw,"Eleanor Rigby" beatlesong
154915	Charles, Ray:  Have a Smile With Me  (ABC-Paramount ABC-495(M) LP)  $11  VG/VG+  196?,co
152796	Charles, Ray:  Have a Smile With Me  (ABC-Paramount ABC-495(M) LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  196?,soc
147213	Charles, Ray:  Ingredients In a Recipe for Soul  (ABC-Paramount ABC 465(M) LP)  $12  EX/EX  1963,sost "Busted"
147988	Charles, Ray:  The Genius Hits the Road  (ABC 335 LP)  $12  EX/EX  1960,late 60s pressing,osw,co
152917	Charles, Ray:  The Spirit of Christmas  (Columbia PC 40125 LP)  $15  VG+/VG+  1985
150911	Charles, Ray:  True to Life  (Atlantic SD 19142 LP)  $11  VG/VG+  1977,djts oc,prst oc
149194	Charles, Ray & Cleo Laine:  Porgy & Bess  (RCA Victor CPL2-1831 LP)  $20  VG+/EX  1976,2lp box,bklt,Frank DeVol
151814	Chattanooga Disco Band:  Big Band Disco  (Polystar S-103 LP)  $6  VG/VG+  1979,2lp
150632	Cheeks, Rev. Julius & the Young Adult Choir of the First Baptist Church of Marshall Heights:  We'll Lay Down Our Lives for the Lord  (Savoy SGL 7040 LP)  $28  VG/VG/VG+  1979,2lp,rw,smsplt
148418	Cherrelle:  High Priority  (Tabu BFZ 40094 LP)  $11  M-/M-  1985,osw,sost "You Look Good to Me"
147699	Chi-Lites:  Greatest Hits  (Bellaphon BLPS 19125 LP)  $13  VG/VG  197?,Germany
155500	Chi-Lites:  Toby  (Brunswick BL 754200 LP)  $17  VG+/EX  1974
153130	Chic:  Believer  (Atlantic 7 80107-1 LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  1983,co
153129	Chic:  C'est Chic   (Atlantic SD 19209 LP)  $11  EX/VG+  1978,"Funny Bone",osw
154876	Chic:  Les Plus Grands Succes de Chic - Chic's Greatest Hits  (Atlantic SD 16011 LP)  $7  VG/VG+  1979
149154	Chic:  Les Plus Grands Succes de Chic - Chic's Greatest Hits  (Atlantic SD 16011 LP)  $9  VG/M-  1979,stain oc
154835	Cindy & Roy:  Feel It  (Casablanca NBLP 7159 LP)  $8  VG+/EX  1979,djl,white disco,prst obc
150883	Clark, Dee:  Wondering  (Sunset SUS 5217(E) LP)  $22  SS  196?
147703	Clifford, Linda:  If My Friends Could See Me Now  (Curtom CUK 5021 LP)  $11  EX/EX  1978,osw
147284	Clinton, George:  Computer Games  (Capitol ST-12246 LP)  $18  VG+/EX  1982,"Atomic Dog",p-funk
153190	Club Nouveau:  Life, Love & Pain  (Warner Bros W1-25531 LP)  $11  VG+/EX  1986,co
148135	Coffey, Dennis:  Goin' for Myself  (Sussex SXBS 7010 LP)  $22  VG/EX  1972,"Taurus",breaks,smsplt
147480	Cole, Natalie:  Everlasting  (Manhattan ST-53051 LP)  $6  VG+/M-  1987,osw,sost "Jump Start",lyric sleeve
155553	Cole, Natalie:  Inseparable  (Capitol LP)  $5  VG/EX  1975,toc
155291	Cole, Natalie:  Natalie  (Capitol ST-11517 LP)  $7  VG+/EX  1976
155113	Cole, Natalie:  Thankful  (MFSL 1-032 LP)  $33  VG+/M-  1977,audiophile
153149	Cole, Natalie:  Unpredictable  (Capitol SO-11600 LP)  $7  EX/EX  1977,osw
154865	Commodores:  All the Great Hits  (Motown 6028 ML LP)  $6  VG+/EX  1982
151123	Commodores:  All the Great Hits  (Motown 6028 ML LP)  $7  EX/EX  1982,osw
153189	Commodores:  Greatest Hits  (Motown M7-912R1 LP)  $8  EX/EX  1978,osw
146767	Commodores:  Midnight Magic  (Motown M8-926-M1 LP)  $5  VG+/VG+  1979,osw
147432	Commodores:  Natural High  (Motown M7 902R1 LP)  $6  EX/EX  1978,co,osw
153141	Commodores:  Nightshift  (Motown 6124ML LP)  $3  EX/VG+  1985,osw
149151	Commodores:  Nightshift  (Motown 6124ML LP)  $6  M-/M-  1985,osw
149235	Con Funk Shun:  Organized Con Funk Shun  (Pickwick BAN-90081 LP)  $18  EX/EX  1978,co,osw
147702	Con Funk Shun:  Secrets  (Mercury SRM 1-180 LP)  $12  VG/VG  1977
149215	Cook County:  Pinball Playboy  (Motown M7-930 R1 LP)  $34  VG+/EX  1979,co
152761	Cooke, Sam:  The Golden Sound of...  (Trip TLP-8030-2 LP)  $18  VG/VG+  197?,2lp
155503	Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose:  Greatest Hits  (United Artists UA-LA593-G LP)  $8  EX/vG+  1976,osw,sost "Treat Her Like a Lady"
150128	Cortez, Dave "Baby":  Happy Organ  (Design DLP-163(M) LP)  $9  VG/VG  196?,smsplt,slrw
148055	Cosby, Bill:  Hooray for the Salvation Army Band!  (Warner Bros WS 1728 LP)  $33  VG/VG+  196?,gold label,rw,"Get Out of My Life Woman",Sgt Peppers beatlesong
152194	Cosby, Bill:  Hooray for the Salvation Army Band!  (Warner Bros WS 1728 LP)  $41  EX/EX  196?,gold label,osw,co,"Get Out of My Life Woman",Sgt Peppers beatlesong
153048	Cosby, Bill:  Silver Throat  (Warner Bros WS 1709 LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  196?,gold label,"Little Ole Man"
155540	Cover Girls:  Show Me  (Fever SFS 004 LP)  $7  VG+/VG+  1987,osw
146831	Cowley, Patrick:  Megatron Man  (Megatone M-1002 LP)  $22  VG+/EX  1981
149525	Crackin':  S/T  (Warner Bros BS 3123 LP)  $9  VG/VG  1977,lyric sleeve
147832	Crawford, Randy:  Secret Combination  (Warner Bros BSK 3541 LP)  $10  VG+/EX  1981,lyric sleeve
152524	Creative Source:  Pass the Feelin' On  (Polydor PD-6052 LP)  $22  VG/EX  1975,soc,slrw
154743	Curtis, King:  King Size Soul  (Atco SD 33-231 LP)  $20  VG+/VG+  1967
154741	Curtis, King:  Plays the Great Memphis Hits  (Atco SD 33-211 LP)  $15  VG+/VG+  1967
154742	Curtis, King:  Sweet Soul  (Atco SD 33-247 LP)  $21  VG+/VG+  1968
154867	Davis, Carole:  Heart of Gold  (Warner Bros 1-25903 LP)  $6  VG/VG+  1989,slrw,soc,prst oc
147257	Deee-Lite:  Dewdrops In the Garden  (Elektra ED-6011 LP)  $125  SS  1994,2lp,rare vinyl edition,co,sost "Picnic In the Summertime"
147541	Diddley, Bo:  Big Bad Bo  (Chess CH 50047 LP)  $38  VG/EX  1974,orig,rw,bo goes funk
154435	Disco Tex & his Sex-O-Lettes:  S/T  (Chelsea CHL 505 LP)  $11  VG/VG+  1975,rw,smsplt
153227	Disco Tex & his Sex-O-Lettes:  S/T  (Chelsea CHL 505 LP)  $14  EX/EX  1975,osw
148512	Disko Band:  Hustle Hits  (Pickwick SPC-3559 LP)  $10  VG+/VG+  1976
149240	DJ Criss:  Trax for Life  (Maad MD6004 LP)  $17  VG+  1995,chicago house,plain cover
149241	DJ K-Alexi:  Something for the Pain  (Maad MD6003 LP)  $20  VG+  1995,chicago house,plain cover,osw
149242	DJ Rush:  Rush Rules  (Trax TX 5043 LP)  $25  VG+  1996,chicago house,plain cover
150826	Dozier, Lamont:  Out Here On My Own  (ABC ABCX-804 LP)  $28  SS  1973,sost "Trying to Hold On to My Woman",co
153185	Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band:  Meets King Penett  (RCA Victor AFL1 2402 LP)  $16  VG+/EX  1978,gfld
152579	Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band:  Meets King Penett  (RCA Victor AFL1 2402 LP)  $18  VG+/M-  1978,gfld
146813	Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band:  S/T  (RCA Victor APL1-1504 LP)  $21  VG+/EX  1976,lyric sleeve
149817	Dramatics:  10 1/2  (MCA 3196 LP)  $5  VG+/VG+  1980,co,insert
153186	Dramatics:  10 1/2  (MCA 3196 LP)  $7  EX/EX  1980,osw,insert,co
150770	Dramatics:  Shake It Well  (ABC AB-1010 LP)  $47  SS  1977
147192	Dramatics:  Stone Cold  (Volt V-3407 LP)  $16  SS  1990
154766	Drew, Patti:  I've Been Here All the Time  (Capitol ST 2804 LP)  $45  EX/VG+  196?,osw,co
154767	Drew, Patti:  Wild is Love  (Capitol ST-408 LP)  $33  VG+/VG+  1969,osw,co
149812	Earth, Wind & Fire:  Best of...Vol. 1  (Columbia FC 35647 LP)  $11  VG/EX  1978,gfld
153990	Earth, Wind & Fire:  Best of...Vol. 1  (Columbia FC 35647 LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  1978,gfld,soc,lyric sleeve
150816	Eight Minutes:  An American Family  (Perception PLP 27 LP)  $125  SS  1972
147267	El Chicano:  Celebration  (Kapp KS 3663 LP)  $15  VG+/VG+  1972,co
147361	El Chicano:  Cinco  (MCA 401 LP)  $14  VG+/VG  1974,co
154378	El Chicano:  Cinco  (MCA 401 LP)  $15  VG+/VG+  1974
153090	Ellison, Lorraine:  Heart & Soul (Introducing Miss Lorraine Ellison)  (Warner Bros W 1674(M) LP)  $45  VG+/EX  196?,gold label,co
147481	Enchantment:  Soft Lights, Sweet Music  (RCA AFL1-3824 LP)  $28  SS  1980,co,"Settin' It Out"
147634	Escovedo, Coke:  Coke  (Mercury SRM 1 1041 LP)  $28  VG+/VG  1975,osw
150819	Exciters:  S/T  (Roulette SR-25326 LP)  $65  VG/EX  196?,slrw,swoc
155528	Faith, Hope & Charity:  S/T  (Maxwell ML-88002 LP)  $25  VG+/VG  197?
149721	Faith, Hope & Charity:  S/T  (RCA Victor APL1-1100 LP)  $18  EX/EX  1975,osw,soc,Van McCoy
148435	Family:  S/T  (Paisley Park/WB 25322-1 LP)  $18  EX/EX  1985,gfld,lyric sleeve
147426	Fantastic Four:  Got to Have Your Love  (Westbound WT 306 LP)  $18  VG/EX  1977,prst oc,co,h2o damage oc
146746	Faze-O:  Riding High  (She SH 740 LP)  $40  EX/EX  1977,osw,orig
153231	Festival:  Evita  (RSO RS-1-3061 LP)  $12  VG/EX  1979,Boris Midney,disco,sm tear oc
155535	Festival:  Evita  (RSO RS-1-3061 LP)  $13  VG+/EX  1979,Boris Midney,disco
155536	Fever:  S/T  (Fantasy F-9595 LP)  $7  VG/EX  1979,rw,woc
147479	Fields, Richard "Dimples":  Mmm...  (RCA Victor AFL1-5169 LP)  $18  EX/M-  1984,osw,lyric sleeve,sost "Your Wife Is Cheatin' On Us",co
152997	Flack, Roberta:  Blue Lights In the Basement  (Atlantic SD 19149 LP)  $7  VG+/M-  1977,co
153237	Flack, Roberta:  Featuring Donny Hathaway  (Atlantic SD 16013 LP)  $13  VG+/M-  1979,djts oc,prst oc
151114	Flack, Roberta:  Feel Like Makin' Love  (Atlantic SD 18131 LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  1975,gfld,co
150905	Flack, Roberta:  First Take  (Atlantic SD 8230 LP)  $9  VG+/VG+  1969,sm tear oc,swoc
148461	Flakes:  S/T  (Salsoul SA 8540 LP)  $24  VG+/EX  1981
148614	Flower:  Heat  (MCA 3153 LP)  $12  EX  1979,white label test pressing,plain cover
147337	Force of Nature:  Unemployment Blues  (Philadelphia International PZ 34123 LP)  $25  VG/M-  1976,wlp,djts,lg soc
148915	Four Tops:  Their Greatest Recordings  (At Ease MD-11102 LP)  $33  VG+/M-  1978,military label,soc
147668	Foxy:  Get Off  (Dash 30005 LP)  $8  VG+/VG+  1978
149092	Foxy:  Hot Numbers  (Dash 30010 LP)  $4  VG/VG  1979
154792	Franklin, Aretha:  Aretha Now  (Atlantic SD 8186 LP)  $21  EX/EX  1968,osw,orig blue green label
151111	Franklin, Aretha:  Aretha's Gold  (Atlantic SD 8227 LP)  $9  VG+/VG+  1969,re
150906	Franklin, Aretha:  Hey Now Hey (The Other Side of the Sky)  (Atlantic SD 7265 LP)  $8  VG+/VG+  1973,gfld,smsplt
154791	Franklin, Aretha:  I Never Loved a Man the Way I Love You  (Atlantic SD 8139 LP)  $18  VG+/EX  1967,orig,sost "Respect"
154790	Franklin, Aretha:  Take A Look  (Columbia CS 9554 LP)  $28  VG+/EX  196?,360 lbl
147418	Franklin, Aretha:  Take A Look  (CSP C 11212 LP)  $15  VG+/EX  196?-7?,re
147521	Franklin, Aretha:  The Electrifying...  (Columbia CL 1761(M) LP)  $45  EX/M-  1962,orig two eye label,osw,"Rough Lover"
151659	Franklin, Aretha:  With Everything I Feel in Me  (Atlantic SD 18116 LP)  $13  VG+/M-  1974,co
147763	Franklin, Rodney:  S/T  (Columbia JC 36747 LP)  $15  VG+/M-  1980,Phil Upchurch,Bobby Bryant,Paulinho da Costa,Tom Tom 84,Seawind,Ernie Watts
155417	Funkadelic:  Funkadelic's Greatest Hits  (Westbound WB 1004 LP)  $22  EX/EX  1975,co,p-funk,osw
147701	Funkadelic:  One Nation Under a Groove  (Warner Bros BSK 3209 LP)  $12  VG/VG  1978,gfld,no ep,lyric sleeve,p-funk
155411	Funkadelic:  Tales of Kidd Funkadelic  (Westbound W-227 LP)  $20  VG+/M-  1976,gfld,p-funk,co
151119	Gap Band:  Gap Band IV  (Total Experience TE-3001 LP)  $10  VG+/EX  1982,gfld,lyric sleeve
149155	Gap Band:  Gap Band IV  (Total Experience TE-3001 LP)  $12  EX/M-  1982,gfld,lyric sleeve
147341	Gap Band:  Gap Band VI  (Total Experience TEL8-5705 LP)  $6  VG+/VG+  1984,soc
148708	Gap Band:  Gap Band VII  (Total Experience TEL8-5714 LP)  $4  VG+/VG+  1985,co
153992	Gap Band:  The 12" Collection  (Mercury 422-826-808 LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  1986,soc
155537	Gaynor, Gloria:  I Have a Right  (Polydor PD-1-6231 LP)  $8  VG+/EX  1979
154878	Georgio:  Sexappeal  (Motown 6229ML LP)  $8  VG+/VG+  1987
149471	Giants:  S/T  (LA MCA-3188 LP)  $22  VG+/EX  1978,co,Carlos Santana,Herbie Hancock,Lee Oskar,Neal Schon,Victor Pantoja
153201	Gomez, Leroy:  I Got it Bad  (Casablanca NBLP 7154 DJ LP)  $9  VG+/EX  1979,djl,co
148731	Graffitti (Hott City):  Ain't Love Grand  (Butterfly FLY-3101 LP)  $33  EX  1979,plain cover
148482	Graham Central Station:  Ain't No 'Bout-A-Doubt It  (Warner Bros BS4 2876 LP)  $21  VG/VG+  1975,quadraphonic,co,woc
148483	Graham Central Station:  Now Do U Wanta Dance  (Warner Bros BS 3041 LP)  $16  VG+/EX  1977,co,woc
149209	Graham, Larry:  Just Be My Lady  (Warner Bros BSK 3554 LP)  $6  VG+/EX  1981,co
149208	Graham, Larry:  Just Be My Lady  (Warner Bros BSK 3554 LP)  $7  VG+/M-  1981,co
149214	Graham, Larry:  Just Be My Lady  (Warner Bros BSK 3554 LP)  $12  SS  1981,co
146747	Graham, Larry:  One In a Million You  (Warner Bros BSK 3447 LP)  $8  EX/VG+  1980,osw,insert
150903	Greaves, R.B.:  S/T  (Atco SD 33-311 LP)  $7  VG+/VG+  1969,"Take A Letter Maria",slrw
152869	Green, Al:  Call Me  (Hi XSHL 32077 LP)  $17  VG/EX  1973,rw
152868	Green, Al:  I'm Still in Love with You  (Hi XSHL 32074 LP)  $16  VG/VG+  1972,rw
152867	Green, Al:  Livin' for You  (Hi ASHL 32082 LP)  $16  VG/VG+  1973,rw
155525	Green, Jesse:  Nice and Slow  (EMI EMC 3164 LP)  $17  VG/EX  1976,UK,co
155230	Groovin Strings & Things:  S/T  (Cub CUS 80,000 LP)  $12  VG/VG+  196?,Jerome Richardson,co,rw,"Walk Away Renee","Dock of the Bay"
155128	Hamilton, Roy:  Greatest Hits  (CSP P 17992 LP)  $9  VG/EX  197?,re,rw
155277	Hamilton, Roy:  With All My Love  (Epic LN 3519(M) LP)  $38  VG+/SS  195?-6?,inner seal intact,sm stain obc,Neal Hefti
147297	Harari:  S/T  (A&M SP-6-4887 LP)  $13  VG/EX  1980,sm tear oc
149156	Hathaway, Donny:  The Best of...  (Atco SD 38-107 LP)  $12  EX/M-  1978
151116	Hathaway, Donny:  The Best of...  (Atco SD 38-107 LP)  $16  SS  1978
154917	Hayes, Isaac:  Chocolate Chip  (HBS/ABC ABCD-874 LP)  $13  VG/VG+  1975,gfld,rw,co
147419	Hayes, Isaac:  Chocolate Chip  (HBS/ABC ABCD-874 LP)  $14  VG/EX  1975,gfld,rw
154874	Heatwave:  Too Hot to Handle  (Epic PE 34761 LP)  $10  EX/VG+  1977,osw,sost "Boogie Nights"
155019	Heaven On Earth:  Dedication  (Atlantic 81850-1 LP)  $12  EX/M-  1988,co,sost "On An Angel's Wing"
146761	Henderson, Michael:  In the Night-Time  (Buddah BDS 5712 LP)  $12  EX/VG+  1978,osw
153138	Hesitations:  Solid Gold  (Kapp KS-3574 LP)  $28  VG/VG+  196?,co,"Lady Madonna" beatlesong
155216	Hill, Z.Z.:  A Whole Lot of Soul  (United US 7749 LP)  $28  VG/VG+  197?,rw
155214	Hill, Z.Z.:  Dues Paid in Full (Greatest Hits)  (United US 7770 LP)  $17  VG/VG+  196?-7?
155218	Hill, Z.Z.:  Greatest Hits  (Malaco MAL 7437 LP)  $10  VG+/VG+  1986
155215	Hill, Z.Z.:  The Best Thing That's Happened to Me  (United Artists UAS-5589 LP)  $18  VG/EX  1972,co,rw
155546	Holmes, Groove:  American Pie  (Groove Merchant GM 505 LP)  $22  EX/M-  1974,co
147254	Horan, Eddie:  Love the Way You Love Me  (HDM 2002 LP)  $18  VG/EX  1979,djl,prst obc
153135	Hot Chocolate:  Cicero Park  (Big Tree BT 89503 LP)  $14  EX/EX  1974,osw
152996	Hot Chocolate :  Every 1's a Winner  (Infinity INF 9002 LP)  $5  VG+/EX  1978,djts oc,co
147746	Houston, Cissy:  Think It Over  (Private Stock PS 7015 LP)  $17  VG/VG+  1978,djl,lyric sleeve,prst obc
147520	Houston, Thelma:  Breakwater Cat  (RCA Victor AFL1-3500 LP)  $9  VG+/M-  1980,lyric sleeve,slrw,prst obc
155111	Houston, Thelma:  I've Got the Music in Me  (Sheffield Lab 2 LP)  $28  VG/VG+  1975,gfld,rw,limited edition audiophile,orig inner sleeve
148212	Houston, Thelma:  I've Got the Music in Me  (Sheffield Lab 2 LP)  $31  VG+/VG+  1975,gfld,limited edition audiophile,orig inner sleeve
147819	Houston, Thelma:  Ready to Roll  (Tamla T7-361R1 LP)  $28  SS  1978,co
147666	Houston, Thelma:  The Devil In Me  (Motown T7-358R1 LP)  $12  VG/EX  1977,co,slrw
154924	Houston, Whitney:  S/T  (Arista AL8-8212 LP)  $5  VG+/VG+  1985,osw,sost "Thinking About You"
147879	Houston, Whitney:  Whitney  (Arista AL 8405 LP)  $8  EX/M-  1987,lyric sleeve
153873	Huff, Terry & Special Delivery:  The Lonely One  (Mainstream MRL 420 LP)  $34  M-/M-  1976,osw,sost "I Destroyed Your Love"
146868	Impressions:  Keep On Pushing  (ABC 493(M) LP)  $12  VG/VG  1964,2nd press,partial smsplt,sl h2o oc
146869	Impressions:  The Fabulous Impressions  (ABC 606(M) LP)  $12  VG/VG  1966
154728	Impressions:  The Versatile...  (ABC ABCS-668 LP)  $18  VG/VG+  196?,slrw
155502	Instant Funk:  S/T  (Salsoul SA 8513 LP)  $28  EX/EX  1979,osw,sost "I Got My Mind Made UP (Saay Whaat?)"
154845	Isley Brothers:  Rock On Brother  (Pickwick ACL 7056 LP)  $7  VG/VG+  1973,rw,co
154310	Jack U. Rebels:  Cyber Space Tracks Vol. 1  (Timeplan  LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  1991,Germany,techno
146774	Jackson 5:  Maybe Tomorrow  (Motown MS 735 LP)  $20  VG/EX  1971,gfld,orig inner sleeve,slrw,tear oc
153169	Jackson 5:  Maybe Tomorrow  (Motown MS 735 LP)  $23  VG+/EX  1971,gfld,orig inner sleeve,co
148786	Jackson, Janet:  Rhythm Nation 1814  (A&M SP 3920 LP)  $5  EX/VG  1989,osw,lyric sleeve
153143	Jackson, Jermaine:  I Like Your Style  (Motown M8-952M1 LP)  $13  VG+/M-  1981,wlp,prst oc,lyric sleeve
153776	Jackson, Jermaine:  Jermaine  (Motown M8-948M1 LP)  $10  VG/EX  1980,soc
153142	Jackson, Jermaine:  Jermaine  (Motown M8-948M1 LP)  $12  VG+/EX  1980,wlp,prst oc
154870	Jackson, Jermaine:  Let Me Tickle Your Fancy  (Motown 6017ML LP)  $12  M-/EX  1982,osw
153151	Jackson, Jermaine:  Let's Get Serious  (Motown M7-928M1 LP)  $10  VG+/EX  1980,osw
154832	Jackson, Jermaine:  Let's Get Serious  (Motown M7-928M1 LP)  $10  EX/VG+  1980,osw
153153	Jackson, Jermaine:  S/T  (Arista AL8-8203 LP)  $8  EX/EX  1984,co,osw,sost "Tell Me I'm Not Dreamin'"
147482	Jackson, Michael:  14 Original Greatest Hits With the Jackson 5  (K-Tel NU 5510 LP)  $10  VG+/VG+  1983
153228	Jackson, Michael:  Bad  (Epic E 40600 LP)  $12  M-/EX  1987,gfld,lyric sleeve,osw
147430	Jackson, Michael:  Forever, Michael  (Motown M6 825S1 LP)  $12  VG/VG+  1975,gfld
154833	Jackson, Michael:  Thriller  (Epic QE 38112 LP)  $7  VG+/EX  1982,gfld
153764	Jackson, Michael:  Thriller  (Epic QE 38112 LP)  $18  SS  1982,gfld,lg columbia house soc
147263	Jackson, Millie:  Back to the S@*t!  (Jive 1186-1-J LP)  $48  SS  1989
153145	Jackson, Millie:  I Had to Say It  (Spring SP-1-6730 LP)  $9  EX/M-  1980
155530	Jackson, Millie:  Just a Lil' Bit Country  (Spring SP-1-6732 LP)  $8  VG/VG+  1981,slrw
154864	Jacksons:  Victory  (Epic QE 38946 LP)  $7  VG+/EX  1984,gfld,Mick Jagger,lyric sleeve
149139	James, Rick:  Fire It Up  (Gordy G8-990M1 LP)  $9  VG+/M-  1979,lyric sleeve
154869	James, Rick:  Fire It Up  (Gordy G8-990M1 LP)  $9  EX/EX  1979,osw,lyric sleeve
153983	James, Rick:  Greatest Hits  (Motown 2808ML LP)  $9  VG+/VG+  1986,soc
147089	Jo Jo Dancer, Your Life Is Calling:  Chaka Khan,O'Jays,Herbie Hancock,Jerry Wexler,Muddy Waters,Gladys Knight & the Pips,Marvin Gaye,Spinners,Mahalia Jackson,Jr Walker & the All-Stars  (Warner Bros 25444-1 LP)  $11  SS  1986,co
154873	Johnson, Howard:  Keepin' Love New  (A&M SP-4895 LP)  $18  VG+/VG+  1982,Kashif
155226	Joli, France:  S/T  (Prelude PRL 12170 LP)  $7  VG/VG+  1979,soc
147224	Jones Girls:  At Peace with Woman  (Philadelphia International JZ 36767 LP)  $20  VG/EX  1980,modern soul/disco,lyric sleeve
148462	Jones, Booker T.:  The Best of You  (A&M SP-4798 LP)  $15  EX/EX  1980,osw
150840	Jones, Grace:  Nightclubbing  (Island ILPS 9624 LP)  $11  EX/EX  1981,osw
149153	Jones, Grace:  Portfolio  (Island ILPS 9470 LP)  $12  VG+/M-  1977,gfld
146758	Jones, Grace:  Warm Leatherette  (Island ILPS 9592 LP)  $12  VG/VG+  1980,soc,slrw
153775	Jones, Jill:  S/T  (Paisley Park/WB 1-25575 LP)  $12  VG+/EX  1987,prince co-production
152192	Joseph, Margie:  Sweet Surrender  (Atlantic SD 7277 LP)  $16  VG/VG+  1974,rw,woc
155232	Kane, Madleen:  Sounds of Love  (Chalet CH-0107 LP)  $14  VG/VG+  1980,co,rw
149141	KC & the Sunshine Band:  Greatest Hits  (TK 612 LP)  $10  M-/EX  1980,osw,sost "Let's Go Rock and Roll"
147330	Kelly, Paul:  Dirt  (Warner Bros BS 2605 LP)  $21  VG/EX  1972,rw,soc
146777	Kendricks, Eddie:  All By Myself  (Tamla TS-309 LP)  $25  VG/EX  1971,osw,h2o oc
146776	Kendricks, Eddie:  S/T  (Tamla T 327L LP)  $13  VG+/M-  1973,osw,sost "Keep On Truckin"
153168	Kendricks, Eddie:  Vintage '78  (Arista AB 4170 LP)  $13  VG+/EX  1978,wlp,co
147433	Khan, Chaka:  Chaka  (Warner Bros BSK 3245 LP)  $18  VG+/EX  1978,osw,sost "I'm Every Woman"
153727	Kid Creole & the Coconuts:  Fresh Fruit In Foreign Places  (Sire SRK 3534 LP)  $7  VG+/EX  1981,lyric sleeve
155526	King, Ben E.:  Audio Biography  (Mandala MA-3008 LP)  $44  VG+/EX  1972,interview disc
154834	King, Evelyn "Champagne":  Face to Face  (RCA Victor AFL1-4725 LP)  $10  EX/EX  1983,osw,co,lyric sleeve,sost "Action"
153157	Klique:  Love Cycles  (MCA 5532 LP)  $13  VG+/EX  1985,"Be Ready For Love"
154868	Klique:  Try It Out  (MCA 39008 LP)  $11  VG/VG+  1983,slrw
151128	Klymaxx:  Girls Will be Girls  (Solar 60177 LP)  $12  VG+/EX  1982,co
155516	Klymaxx:  S/T  (MCA 5832 LP)  $6  VG+/EX  1986,co
153236	Knight, Gladys:  S/T  (Columbia JC 35704 LP)  $11  VG+/EX  1979
150787	Knight, Robert:  Everlasting Love  (Rising Sons RSS 17000 LP)  $28  SS  1967
154918	Kool & the Gang:  Celebrate!  (De-Lite DSR 9518 LP)  $8  EX/VG+  1980,osw,sost "Take It to the Top"
153239	Kool & the Gang:  Greatest Hits!  (De-Lite DEP-2015 LP)  $12  EX/VG+  1975,osw,co
150902	Kool & the Gang:  Ladies' Night  (De-Lite 9513 LP)  $7  VG/EX  1979,rw,co
153182	Kool & the Gang:  Ladies' Night  (De-Lite DSR-9513 LP)  $9  EX/EX  1979,osw
153154	Kool & the Gang:  Love & Understanding  (De-Lite DEP 2018 LP)  $21  VG/VG+  1976,gfld,rw,co
155524	Kool & the Gang:  Open Sesame  (De-Lite DEP 2023 LP)  $28  VG/EX  1976,gfld,rw
147447	L.A. Boppers:  S/T  (Mercury SRM-1-3816 LP)  $33  VG+/EX  1980,"Funk it Out",insert
153159	L.T.D.:  Devotion  (A&M LP)  $9  VG+/EX  1979,lyric sleeve,"Dance n Sing n",
155225	La Bionda:  S/T  (Polydor PD-1-6157 LP)  $7  VG/VG+  1978,lyric sleeve,tear oc,disco
153166	Lance, Major:  Now Arriving  (Soul S7-751R1 LP)  $8  VG/VG+  1978,rw,prst oc,woc,"Chicago Disco"
147676	Lane, Suzi:  Ooh, La, La  (Elektra 6E 207 LP)  $21  VG+/EX  1979,lyric sleeve
154838	LaSalle, Denise:  Rain & Fire  (Malaco MAL 7434 LP)  $11  VG+/EX  1986
151787	Libra:  S/T  (Motown M6-847S1 LP)  $15  VG+/EX  1975,prst oc
147675	Lime:  Unexpected Lovers  (TSR TLP1220 LP)  $12  EX/EX  1985
147673	Love Unlimited:  In Heat  (20th Century T-443 LP)  $14  VG/EX  1974,slrw,Barry White
151641	Love Unlimited Orchestra:  Rhapsody in White  (20 Century T-433 LP)  $14  EX/EX  1974,osw,Barry White
149739	Lovette, Eddie:  Merry Christmas  (K&K PKL-1984 LP)  $18  EX/VG  197?,osw
149166	Lucas, Carrie:  Horsin' Around  (Constellation MCA-5513 LP)  $12  VG/EX  1984,rw,co,"Summer In The Streets
155517	Lucas, Carrie:  In Danceland  (Solar BXL1-3219 LP)  $13  EX/M-  1979
149234	Lucas, Carrie:  Portrait of Carrie  (Solar BXL1 3579 LP)  $11  VG/VG+  1980,co,spinewear
148421	Lynn, Cheryl:  Preppie  (Columbia FC 38961 LP)  $11  EX/VG  1983,osw,sost "Preppie","Encore"
147302	Lynne, Gloria:  Happy & In Love  (Canyon LP-7709 LP)  $35  VG+/M-  197?,gfld,Paul Humphrey
153839	Madelaine:  Who Is She...  (Chi Sound/UA CH-LA863-H LP)  $95  VG+/EX  1978,breaks,co,slrw,soc
148084	Magnificent Men:  Better than a Ten Cent Movie  (Mercury SR 61252 LP)  $12  VG/VG  1970,rw,toc,co
153235	Man's Theory:  Just Before Dawn  (MCA 2250 LP)  $15  VG/VG+  1977,co,rw
147422	Mandrill:  Composite Truth  (Polydor PD 5043 LP)  $19  VG/VG+  1973,gfld,rw
152904	Mandrill:  S/T  (Polydor 24-4050 LP)  $20  VG/VG+  1970,gfld,rare 1st lp,rw
155251	Mantus:  S/T  (SMI SM 7003 LP)  $11  VG/VG+  1980,rw
147618	Mark V & DJ EFX:  Haight-Ashbury Acid Test  (SF Beat L33-453 LP)  $20  VG+/EX  199?,soc
152824	Mayfield, Curtis:  Give, Get, Take and Have  (Curtom CU 5007 LP)  $23  VG/VG+  1976,rw,"Only You Babe",lyric insert
146768	Maze ft. Frankie Beverly:  Golden Time of Day  (Capitol ST-11710 LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  1978
151833	McClain, Alton & Destiny:  It Must Be Love  (Polydor PD 1 6163 LP)  $21  VG/EX  1978,slrw,woc
155529	McClain, Alton & Destiny:  It Must Be Love  (Polydor PD 1 6163 LP)  $23  VG+/EX  1978
149814	McCoy, Van:  The Real McCoy  (H&L HL 69012 LP)  $5  VG/VG+  1976,rw
148754	McCrae, George:  S/T  (TK 602 LP)  $6  VG+/EX  1975,osw,co
147333	McCullough, Ullanda:  S/T  (Atlantic SD 19296 LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  1981,prst obc
147526	Meco:  Pop Goes the Movies  (Arista AL 9598 LP)  $8  VG+/VG+  1982
155436	Meco:  Pop Goes the Movies  (Arista AL 9598 LP)  $9  EX/VG+  1982
151121	Meco:  Star Wars & Other Galactic Funk  (Millennium MNLP 8001 LP)  $7  VG+/EX  1977,electronic disco
151120	Meco:  Wizard of Oz  (Millennium MNLP 8009 LP)  $18  EX/EX  1978,electronic disco soundtrack music,osw
151110	Melvin, Harold & the Blue Notes:  Reaching for the World  (ABC AB-969 LP)  $4  VG+/M-  1976,co
154739	Meriwether, Roy:  Preachin'  (Capitol ST 243 LP)  $17  EX/EX  196?-7?,osw,co
154740	Meriwether, Roy:  Soul Invader  (Columbia CL 2744(M) LP)  $25  VG+/VG+  196?,djts oc,two eye label
154738	Meriwether, Roy:  The Stone Truth  (Columbia CS 9384 LP)  $14  VG/VG+  196?,360 label
152580	Meters:  Cabbage Alley  (Reprise MS 2076 LP)  $48  VG/VG+  1972,slrw,sticker wear oc
152883	Meters:  Rejuvenation  (Reprise MS 2200 LP)  $40  VG/VG+  1974,rw,smsplt
151124	MFSB:  The Gamble-Huff Orchestra  (Philadelphia International JZ 35516 LP)  $14  VG/VG+  1978,wlp,djts obc
149163	Midnight Star:  No Parking on the Dance Floor  (Solar E1 60241 LP)  $16  EX/M-  1983
148441	Mills, Stephanie:  Sweet Sensation  (20th Century Fox T-603 LP)  $14  VG+/VG+  1980,lyric sleeve,wol
154733	Mitchell, Willie:  Ooh Baby, You Turn Me On  (Hi SHL 32029 LP)  $19  VG/VG+  196?,rw
147486	Moments:  Greatest Hits  (Chess CH2-92517 LP)  $38  EX/EX  1984,2lp,osw
152520	Moments:  Moments with You  (Stang ST-1030 LP)  $20  VG/EX  1976,gfld,rw,co
152529	Montreal:  Featuring Uchenna Ikejiani  (Salsoul Sa 8519 DJ LP)  $18  VG+/M-  1978,wlp,prst obc
147327	Moore, Dorothy:  Misty Blue  (Malaco 6351 LP)  $25  SS  1976
153773	Moore, Melba:  A Lot of Love  (Capitol ST-12471 LP)  $7  VG+/VG+  1986,slrw
152522	Moore, Melba:  Look What You're Doing to the Man  (Mercury SR-61321 LP)  $12  VG/EX  1971,slrw
153658	Moore, Melba:  Melba  (Buddah BDS 5677 LP)  $10  VG+/EX  1976,co,insert
152530	Morning, Noon & Night:  S/T  (Roadshow/UA RS-LA726-G LP)  $28  VG/EX  1977,co,soc,sm tear oc
152884	Neville Brothers:  Neville-Ization  (Black Top BT-1031 LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  1984,live at tipitina's
149120	New York City Band:  S/T  (American International AILP 3002 LP)  $11  VG/EX  1979,rw,djl
152526	No Slack:  S/T  (Mercury SRM-1-3749 LP)  $16  SS  1978,co
154836	Nunn, Bobby:  Private Party  (Motown 6051ML LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  1983
153180	O'Jays:  Back Stabbers  (Philadelphia International ZX 31712 LP)  $11  VG/EX  1972,rw
153187	O'Jays:  Collectors' Items  (Philadelphia International PZG 35024 LP)  $12    1977,2lp
149158	O'Jays:  Live in London  (Philadelphia International KZ 32953 LP)  $15  VG/VG+  1974,spinewear
147228	O'Jays:  When Will I See You Again  (Epic FZ 38518 LP)  $12  VG+/EX  1983,lyric sleeve,prst obc
147233	Ohio Players:  Back  (Track TRK-58810-1 LP)  $15  SS  1988,sost "Sweat"
151813	Ohio Players:  Greatest Hits  (Westbound WB 1005 LP)  $11  VG/VG+  1975,gfld
153179	Ohio Players:  Honey  (Mercury SRM-1-1038 LP)  $15  VG+/VG+  1975,gfld
148686	Omni:  Omni Says It All  (Fountain FR-1-801 LP)  $38  VG+  1980,wlp,plain cover,modern soul
147420	One Way:  Featuring Al Hudson  (MCA 5127 LP)  $12  VG+/VG  1980,co
148458	One Way:  Love Is...  (MCA 5163 LP)  $12  VG+/EX  1981,osw,wol,Al Hudson
148484	One Way:  Who's Foolin' Who  (MCA 5279 LP)  $20  SS  1982,co,h2o oc,cover vg,al hudson
153137	Originals:  California Sunset  (Motown M6-826S1 LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  1975,co
147247	Orlons / Dovells:  Golden Hits  (Cameo C-1067(M) LP)  $28  VG+/VG  1963,sobc
147697	Osibisa:  Heads  (Decca DL 7 5368 LP)  $16  VG/VG+  1972,gfld,smsplt
152517	Osiris:  Since Before Our Time  (Warner Bros BSK 3311 LP)  $22  VG+/EX  1979,lyric sleeve,slrw
152527	Oskar, Lee:  Before the Rain  (Elektra 6E-150 LP)  $15  VG+/M-  1978,djl,prst oc,lyric sleeve,"Haunted House"
155250	Pagan, Bruni:  Just Bruni  (Elektra 6E-215 LP)  $12  VG/EX  1979
151112	Parker Jr, Ray & Raydio:  A Woman Needs Love  (Arista AL 9543 LP)  $15  VG+/M-  1981,co
153234	Parker Jr., Ray:  Sex and the Single Man  (Arista AL8-8280 LP)  $6  VG+/M-  1985,sost "Girls Are More Fun",co
147205	Parliament:  Live P. Funk Earth Tour  (Casablanca LP)  $14  VG+/EX/VG  1977,2lp,no inserts,p-funk,co
147258	Patterson, Kellee:  All the Things You Are  (Shady Brook SB-013 LP)  $23  VG+/EX  1979,orig,wlp,prst obc
147428	Payne, Freda:  Band of Gold  (Invictus ST-7301 LP)  $23  VG/VG+  197?,rw
148467	Peaches & Herb:  2 Hot!  (Polydor PD-1-6172 LP)  $14  SS  1978,sost "Reunited","Shake Your Groove Thing"
154760	Peaches & Herb:  For Your Love  (Date TES 4005 LP)  $16  VG+/VG+  196?
153152	Pebbles:  S/T  (MCA 42094 LP)  $9  M-/EX  1987,osw
146766	Pendergrass, Teddy:  Teddy  (Philadelphia  International PZ 36003 LP)  $11  EX/VG+  1979,osw,lyric sleeve
155378	Pendergrass, Teddy:  TP  (Philadelphia International FZ 36745 LP)  $10  VG+/VG+  1980,"Can't We Try",lyric sleeve
155438	Pendergrass, Teddy:  Workin' It Back  (Asylum E1 60447 LP)  $6  VG+/EX  1985
152565	Persuasions:  Spread the Word  (Capitol ST 11101 LP)  $8  VG/EX  1972,rw
154793	Persuasions:  We Came to Play  (Capitol ST-791 LP)  $21  EX/EX  197?,original,osw,co
147235	Phillips, Esther:  Capricorn Princess  (Kudu KU-31 LP)  $21  SS  1976,silver cover,co
152809	Phillips, Esther:  For All We Know  (Kudu KU-28 LP)  $10  VG/EX  1976
149818	Phillips, Esther:  You've Come A Long Way, Baby  (Mercury SRM-1-1187 LP)  $8  VG/VG+  1977,osw,co,seamwear
147695	Pieces of a Dream:  Imagine This  (Elektra 60270-1 LP)  $8  VG+/VG+  1983
147748	Platters:  16 Greatest Hits  (Trip TOP-16-11 LP)  $10  VG+/EX  1984
152062	Platters:  16 Greatest Hits  (Trip TOP-16-11 LP)  $17  SS  1984
151949	Platters:  19 Hits  (King 5002X LP)  $17  SS  197?
147749	Platters:  The Golden Memories of...  (Candlelite Music CU 153 LP)  $10  VG+/EX  1982,osw
154877	Pointer Sisters:  Black & White  (Planet P-18 LP)  $7  VG+/EX  1981,lyric sleeve
153771	Pointer Sisters:  Contact  (RCA PL85487 LP)  $7  VG+/VG+  1985,Germany,lyric sleeve
147516	Pointer Sisters:  Greatest Hits  (Planet 60203 LP)  $8  VG+/M-  1982
147751	Pointer Sisters:  Hot Together  (RCA Victor 5609-1-R LP)  $5  VG+/EX  1986,lyric sleeve
150904	Pointer Sisters:  Hot Together  (RCA Victor 5609-1-R LP)  $7  EX/M-  1986,lyric sleeve,osw,co
147487	Pointer Sisters:  So Excited  (Planet BXL1-4355 LP)  $8  VG+/VG+  1982
149490	Pointer Sisters:  Steppin  (Blue Thumb BTSD 6021 LP)  $15  VG+/M-  1975,shaped cover
152791	Pointer Sisters:  That's A Plenty  (Blue Thumb BTS 6009 LP)  $7  VG+/VG+  1974,co
153170	Pointer Sisters:  That's A Plenty  (Blue Thumb BTS 6009 LP)  $8  VG+/EX  1974,osw,lyric sleeve
151816	Pointer Sisters:  The Best of the...  (Blue Thumb BTSY-6026/2 LP)  $7  VG/EX  1975,2lp,co,soc
154923	Pointer Sisters:  The Best of the...  (Blue Thumb BTSY-6026/2 LP)  $8  VG+/EX  1975,2lp,co
149140	Pointer, Bonnie:  S/T  (Motown M7 911R1 LP)  $11  M-/M-  1978,osw,lyric sleeve,Sly Stone,Eddie Hazel
154769	Porter, Nolan:  Nolan  (ABC ABCX 766 LP)  $110  VG/EX  1972,wlp,slrw,rare northern/modern soul "If I Could Only Be Sure"
152737	Preston, Billy:  The Kids & Me  (A&M SP-3645 LP)  $11  VG/VG+  1974,rw,"Nothing From Nothing"
155518	Prince:  1999  (Warner Bros 92.3809-1 LP)  $13  EX/M-  1983,Germany,osw
149213	Prince:  Purple Rain OST  (Warner Bros 1-25110 LP)  $8  VG+/VG+  1984,lyric sleeve,no poster
149152	Prysock, Arthur:  All My Life  (Old Town OT 12-004 LP)  $22  M-/M-  1976,osw,sost "When Love Is New"
152510	Queen Samantha:  2  (Marlin MAR-2230 LP)  $18  VG+/EX  1979,wlp,co
152511	Queen Samantha:  The Letter  (Marlin MAR-2220 LP)  $13  VG+/EX  1978,djl,co,slrw
147478	Rabb, Luther:  StreetÝAngel  (MCA 3079 LP)  $7  VG/EX  1979,slrw,prst oc
151215	Ragni, Rado & MacDermot:  DisinHAIRited  (RCA Victor LSO 1163 LP)  $18  VG+/EX  1970,gfld,co
154859	Rawls, Lou:  All Things in Time  (Philadelphia International PZ 33957 LP)  $10  VG/VG+  1976,rw
147522	Rawls, Lou:  Best Of...  (Capitol Starline SKAO-8-2948 LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  196?,red & white starline label
147740	Rawls, Lou:  Carryin' On  (Capitol T 2632(M) LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  196?,David Axelrod prod,co
147775	Rawls, Lou:  Let Me Be Good to You  (Philadelphia International PZ 36006 LP)  $6  VG+/VG+  1979
154848	Rawls, Lou:  Sit Down and Talk to Me  (Philadelphia International JZ 36304 LP)  $6  VG+/VG+  1979,lyric sleeve
148880	Rawls, Lou:  When You Hear Lou, You've Heard It All  (Philadelphia International JZ 35036 LP)  $10  EX/EX  1977,osw,lyric sleeve
148440	Ray, Goodman & Brown:  S/T  (Polydor PD-1-6240 LP)  $12  EX/EX  1979,osw,co
147635	Redding, Otis:  Live in Europe  (Volt S-416 LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  1967,slrw
147626	Redding, Otis:  The Dock of the Bay  (Volt S-419 LP)  $17  VG/VG+  1968,slrw
153722	Reddings:  Back To Basics  (Believe In A Dream FZ 38690 LP)  $11  VG/VG+  1983,lyric sleeve
152010	RenÈ & Angela:  Street Called Desire  (Mercury 824 607-1 M-1 LP)  $18  VG+/VG+  1985,lyric sleeve,osw,co,sost "Save Your Love (For #1)"
155234	Revanche:  Music Man  (Atlantic SD 19245 LP)  $9  VG/VG+  1979,rw,prst oc,soc
155539	Rhythm Heritage:  Disco-Fied  (ABC ABCD 934 LP)  $20  VG+/M-  1975,co
149526	Richie, Lionel:  Dancing On the Ceiling  (Motown 6158ML LP)  $5  M-/M-  1986,gfld,sost "Say You, Say Me",osw
151122	Richie, Lionel:  Dancing On the Ceiling  (Motown 6158ML LP)  $5  M-/M-  1986,gfld,lyric sleeve,osw
151841	Righteous Brothers:  Back to Back  (Philles PHLP-4009 LP)  $15  VG/VG+  196?,Phil Spector production,slrw,wobc
151173	Righteous Brothers:  Souled Out  (Verve V6-5031 LP)  $13  VG+/EX  196?
148808	Righteous Brothers:  The Sons of Mrs. Righteous  (Haven/Capitol ST-9203 LP)  $12  VG+/EX  1975,soc,co
151840	Righteous Brothers:  This Is New!  (Moonglow SD-1003 LP)  $18  VG/VG+  196?,rw
154875	Robbins, Rockie:  S/T  (A&M SP 4758 LP)  $12  VG/EX  1979,co,wlp
148790	Robinson, Smokey:  Being with You  (Motown 5349ML LP)  $5  VG+/EX  1981,re
147238	Robinson, Smokey:  Smokin'  (Tamla T9-363A2 LP)  $9  VG+/M-  1978,2lp,co
149142	Robinson, Smokey:  Warm Thoughts  (Tamla T8-367M1 LP)  $9  M-/M-  1980,osw,lyric sleeve
150087	Robinson, Smokey & the Miracles:  The Season for Miracles  (Motown 5253ML LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  1970,re,co,Christmas lp
152218	Rockwell:  Somebody's Watching Me  (Motown 6052ML LP)  $14  VG+/M-  1984,djl,prst oc,"Taxman" beatlesong
149232	Rodgers, Nile:  B-Movie Matinee  (Warner Bros 1-25290 LP)  $10  EX/EX  1985,prst oc,sost "Let's Go Out Tonight"
153163	Rose Royce:  Greatest Hits  (Whitfield WHK 3457 LP)  $9  VG/VG+  1980,spinewear,woc
147663	Rose Royce:  In Full Bloom  (Whitfield WH 3074 LP)  $13  VG/VG+  1977,gfld,rw
146757	Rose Royce:  In Full Bloom  (Whitfield WH 3074 LP)  $15  VG+/EX  1977,gfld
153167	Rose Royce:  Perfect Lover  (Atlantic 7 91944-1 LP)  $9  VG+/M-  1989,co,prst obc,sost "Living In Your World"
149159	Rosebud:  Discoballs: A Tribute to Pink Floyd  (Flarenasch 723.601 LP)  $35  EX/VG  1977,France,nude cover art,osw,sost "Money"
153664	Ross, Diana:  Diana  (Motown M7-907R1 LP)  $17  SS  1978,co
153233	Ross, Diana:  Everything is Everything  (Motown S-724 LP)  $16  VG+/EX  1970,co
149137	Ross, Diana:  Live at Caesars Palace  (Motown M6-801S1 LP)  $12  VG+/EX  1974,orig,die-cut cover,photo inserts
148952	Ross, Diana:  Touch Me in the Morning  (Kory KK 1008 LP)  $3  VG+/EX  1973,1977,re
154307	Round Trip:  S/T  (MCA 5194 LP)  $55  VG+  1981,in-demand detroit modern soul,Al Perkins production,white label test pressing,plain cover
153240	Rufus:  Numbers  (ABC AA 1098 LP)  $10  VG+/VG+  1979,gfld,prst oc
148465	Rufus:  Party Til You're Broke  (MCA 5159 LP)  $13  SS  1981,co,vg cover
154872	Rufus & Chaka Khan:  Ask Rufus  (ABC AB-975 LP)  $7  VG/VG+  1977,gfld,poster,slrw
154871	Rufus & Chaka Khan:  Rags to Rufus  (ABC ABCX 809 LP)  $7  VG/VG+  1974,slrw
147664	Rufus & Chaka Khan:  S/T  (ABC ABCD 909 LP)  $9  VG+/VG+  1975,no poster
149809	Rush, Bobby:  What's Good for the Goose Is Good for the Gander  (LaJam LJ0004 LP)  $13  VG/VG+  1985,rw
148459	Rushen, Patrice:  Now  (Elektra 60360-1 LP)  $16  EX/M-  1984,wlp,lyric sleeve,prst obc
147513	S.O.S. Band:  S.O.S.  (Tabu 36332 LP)  $14  VG/EX  1980,"Take Your Time",rw
155514	S.O.S. Band:  Sands of Time  (Tabu FZ 40279 LP)  $16  SS  1986,sost "The Finest"
152470	S.S.O. Orchestra:  Tonight's the Night  (Shady Brook SB 33-001 LP)  $31  VG/EX  1975,feat. Douglas Lucas & Sugar Sisters,soc
153777	Sade:  Diamond Life  (Epic EPC 26044 LP)  $11  VG/VG+  1984,Netherlands,gfld
152515	Sail:  Steppin' Out on Saturday Night  (United Artists UA-LA906-H LP)  $16  VG+/EX  1978,co,sost "Cleveland"
152452	Salazar:  S/T  (First American FA-7772 LP)  $11  VG+/M-  1980,prst obc
152513	Salsoul Orchestra:  S/T  (Salsoul SZS 5501 LP)  $25  VG+/EX  1975,slrw,Vince Montana Jr,Norman Harris
152512	Salsoul Orchestra:  Street Sense  (Salsoul SA 8516 LP)  $20  VG/EX  1979,soc
152523	Samba Soul:  Do It  (RCA Victor APL1 2991 LP)  $28  VG/EX  1978,soc,sl spinewear
151600	San Remo Golden Strings:  Hungry for Love  (Gordy GS 923 LP)  $67  VG+/VG+  1967,slrw
153230	Santa Esmeralda:  Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood  (Casablanca LP)  $9  VG+/VG+  1977,osw
147316	Santos, Larry:  Just a Man  (Evolution 2002 LP)  $33  VG+/VG+  1969,co
150910	Satterfield, Esther:  The Need to Be  (A&M SP 3411 LP)  $15  VG/EX  1976,rw
150421	Saunders, Larry:  Free Angela  (Golden Triangle GT/SLP-100 LP)  $150  M-/M-  early 70s original soul compilation with two great northern soul #'s: Dickie Wonder "Nobody Knows" & Tyrone Thomas' version of Little Tommy's "Baby Can't You See"
152459	Scott, Terry:  S/T  (Elektra E1 60014 LP)  $12  VG+/EX  1982,wlp,prst obc
146986	Sesame Street:  Original Cast Record  (CRA CTW 22064 LP)  $18  EX/VG  1974,osw
147198	Shaw:  Discover Me  (London Phase 4 SP 44256 LP)  $27  SS  1976,co
148300	Sigler, Bunny:  Let Me Party With You  (Gold Mind GZS 7502 LP)  $25  SS  1977
151012	Silas, Alfie:  Be Yourself  (RCA Victor MFL1-8510 LP)  $18  VG+/VG+  1983,mini-lp
150899	Silver Convention:  Golden Girls  (Midland International BKL1-2296 LP)  $14  EX/EX  1977,osw,co
150898	Silver Convention:  Save Me  (Midland International BKL1-1129 LP)  $9  EX/EX  1975,osw,co
153183	Silver Convention:  Save Me  (Midland International BKL1-1129 LP)  $9  EX/EX  1975,osw,sost "Fly Robin Fly"
150914	Simpson, Valerie:  Exposed  (Tamla TS 311 LP)  $16  VG/VG  1971,co,rw,woc
147208	Simpson, Valerie:  Exposed  (Tamla TS 311 LP)  $20  EX/EX  1971,osw
149150	Sister Sledge:  Love Somebody Today  (Cotillion SD 15012 LP)  $7  VG+/M-  1980,lyric sleeve
153184	Sister Sledge:  We Are Family  (Cotillion SD 5209 LP)  $11  EX/VG+  1979,osw,sost "He's The Greatest Dancer"
153128	Skyy:  Skyy Line  (Salsoul SA 8548 LP)  $10  VG/EX  1981,slrw
152525	Skyy:  Skyyjammer  (Salsoul SA-8555 LP)  $10  VG/EX  1982,soc,co
149028	Slave:  The Hardness of the World  (Cotillion SD 5201 LP)  $12  EX/EX  1977,co,osw
149136	Slug-Go:  Live  (TTED TDE-LP-3029 LP)  $15  VG+/M-  1987,dc go-go
152780	Sly & the Family Stone:  Fresh  (Epic KE 32134 LP)  $14  VG/VG+  1973,gfld,orange label,lyric sleeve
153155	Sly & the Family Stone:  Greatest Hits  (Epic EQ 30325(Q) LP)  $38  VG/EX  1971,quadraphonic,tear oc,smsplt
152702	Sly & the Family Stone:  There's A Riot Goin On  (Epic KE 30986 LP)  $15  VG/VG+  1971,gfld,orig yellow label,rw,no insert
149245	Small Change:  S/T  (Mercury 848 367-1 LP)  $14  VG+/M-  1991,prst obc
155407	Soul Children:  Finders Keepers  (Epic PE 33902 LP)  $38  VG/EX  1976,orig,co,slrw
147301	Soul Children:  Open Door Policy  (Stax STX-4105 LP)  $17  VG+/EX  1978,sost "Can't Give Up A Good Thing",lyric sleeve,soc
151115	Soulful Strings:  Another Exposure  (Cadet LPS 805 LP)  $15  EX/M-  1968,osw,co
153147	South Shore Commission:  S/T  (Wand WDS 6100 LP)  $38  VG/VG+  1975,gfld,swol,swoc,slrw
153162	Spinners:  Spinning Gold  (K-tel NU 9770 LP)  $10  VG+/VG+  1981
155265	Springfield, Dusty:  Dusty  (Philips PHM-200-156(M) LP)  $17  VG/VG+  1964,co,smsplt
153139	Starr, Edwin:  Happy Radio  (20th Century T-591 LP)  $9  VG/VG+  1979
153140	Starr, Edwin & Blinky:  Just We Two  (Gordy GS 945 LP)  $35  VG+/EX  1969,co
147821	Staton, Candi:  S/T  (Warner Bros BSK 3428 LP)  $20  VG+/EX  1980,co
154772	Stewart, Billy:  Teaches Old Standards New Tricks  (Chess LP-1513(M) LP)  $17  VG+/VG+  1967,orig,co
147227	Stylistics:  Heavy  (Avco AV-69004 LP)  $9  VG+/EX  1974,co
150771	Stylistics:  Heavy  (Avco AV-69004-698 LP)  $15  SS  1974
146743	Summer, Donna:  Four Seasons of Love  (Casablanca NBLP 7038 LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  1976,calendar poster,insert,lyric sleeve
154840	Summer, Donna:  Four Seasons of Love  (Casablanca NBLP 7038 LP)  $20  SS  1976,calendar poster,insert,lyric sleeve
154837	Summer, Donna:  She Works Hard for the Money  (Mercury 812 265 LP)  $11  EX/VG+  1983,osw,lyric sleeve
154879	Summer, Donna:  Walk Away: Collectors Edition (The Best of 1977-80)  (Casablanca NBLP-7244 LP)  $13  SS  1980,osw
154919	Sunshine Terrace Swing Band:  Swing Disco  (Pickwick SPC-3674 LP)  $11  VG+/M-  1979,co
152528	Supremes:  At Their Best  (Motown M7 904R1 LP)  $9  VG+/M-  1978,co,slrw
147877	Supremes:  Merry Christmas  (Motown MS-638 LP)  $33  VG+/EX  1965,orig
154825	Supremes:  Touch  (Motown MS 737 LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  1971,"Nathan Jones"
154771	Swann, Bettye:  The Soul View Now!  (Capitol ST-190 LP)  $82  EX/VG+  196?,osw,co,sost "Don't Touch Me"
146745	Switch:  S/T  (Gordy G7-980R1 LP)  $14  EX/EX  1978,osw
147429	Switch:  Switch II  (Gordy G7-988R1 LP)  $15  EX/EX  1979,co,osw
147700	Switch:  This Is My Dream  (Gordy G8-999M1 LP)  $15  VG+/VG+  1980
153174	Sylvers:  Showcase  (Capitol ST- 11465 LP)  $23  EX/M-  1976,osw
148419	Sylvester:  Greatest Hits Non Stop Dance Party  (Fantasy MPF-4519 LP)  $23  EX/EX  1983,osw
150909	Sylvester:  Stars  (Fantasy F-9579 LP)  $16  VG+/VG+  1979,slrw
154436	Sylvia:  Lay it on Me  (Vibration VI-131 LP)  $16  VG/VG+  1977,rw,"Love is Strange"
150908	Syreeta:  S/T  (Tamla T7-372R1 LP)  $10  VG/EX  1980,slrw,woc
148687	Tantra:  The Journey Continues  (Importe/12 MP-318 LP)  $70  SS  1982,yellow wax,audiophile,italodisco
147798	Tavares:  Sky-High!  (Capitol ST-11533 LP)  $12  VG+/EX  1976,co
153774	Taylor, Johnnie:  Eargasm  (Columbia PC 33951 LP)  $10  VG/EX  1976,lyric sleeve,seamwear
147338	Taylor, Johnnie:  Who's Making Love  (Stax STS 2005 LP)  $24  VG+/VG+  197?,co,wol
150893	Taylor, Johnnie:  Who's Making Love  (Stax STS 2005 LP)  $26  VG+/EX  196?-7?
148559	Temptations:  Anthology  (Motown M782A3 LP)  $14  VG+/EX  1973,3lp,booklet
148707	Temptations:  Bare Back  (Atlantic SD 19188 LP)  $13  VG/EX  1978,lyric sleeve
153191	Temptations:  Cloud Nine  (Gordy GS-939 LP)  $18  VG/EX  1969,orig,slrw
153165	Temptations:  Live!  (Gordy GLP 921(M) LP)  $18  VG+/VG+  1967,orig,osw
154858	Temptations:  Touch Me  (Gordy 6164GL LP)  $9  VG+/EX  1985
147427	Terrell, Jean:  I Had to Fall in Love  (A&M SP 4676 LP)  $35  VG+/M-  1978,inner sleeve,wlp,co,prst oc
155504	Tex, Joe:  I Gotcha  (Dial DL 6002 LP)  $12  VG+/EX  1972
153802	Tex, Joe:  The Best of...  (Scepter CTN 18019 LP)  $5  VG/EX  1973
155527	Thomas, Carla:  The Queen Alone  (Stax 718(M) LP)  $15  VG/VG+  1967,wlp,h2o oc,smsplt
153188	Thomas, Evelyn:  High Energy  (Vanguard VSD 79454 LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  1984,co,Ian Levine production
155416	Thomas, Tyrone:  Has Arrived  (Soul International SLP-110 LP)  $50  VG/VG+  197?
146781	Tierra:  Bad City Boys  (Boardwalk NB-33255-1 LP)  $12  VG+/M-  1982
153238	Tierra:  City Nights  (Boardwalk FW-36995 LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  1980,Latin Disco,prst obc
155501	Toussaint, Allen:  Motion  (Warner Bros BSK 3142 LP)  $10  VG+/EX  1978
152870	Toussaint, Allen:  Southern Nights  (Reprise MS 2186 LP)  $25  VG/EX  1975,rw
152886	Toussaint, Allen:  Toussaint  (Scepter SPS-24003 LP)  $52  VG+/VG+  1970,"Whisper to a Scream",slrw
153160	Tower of Power:  In the Slot  (Warner Bros BS 2880 LP)  $10  VG/EX  1975,seamwear,co
149810	Trammps:  Slipping Out  (Atlantic SD 19290 LP)  $10  VG+/VG+  1980,osw,co
147525	Trammps:  The Whole World's Dancing  (Atlantic SD 19210 LP)  $7  VG+/EX  1979,co,lyric sleeve
154841	Turner, Ike & Tina:  S/T  (SuperStar SU-1035 LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  198?,Italy,gfld,bklt intact
154922	Turner, Tina:  Acid Queen  (United Artists UA-LA495-G LP)  $9  VG/VG+  1975,rw
149024	Turner, Tina:  Break Every Rule  (Capitol 1C 062-24 0611 LP)  $12  VG+/EX  1986,Netherlands,lyric sleeve
153161	Turner, Tina:  Tina Turns the Country On  (United Artists UA-LA200-G LP)  $33  SS  1974,co
149731	Tuxedo Junction :  Take The A Train  (Butterfly FLY-3105 LP)  $8  VG/VG+  1979,gfld,lg soc,spinewear
154866	Two Tons o' Fun:  S/T  (Fantasy/Honey F-9584 LP)  $10  VG/VG+  1980,rw,wobc
155513	Two Tons o' Fun:  S/T  (Fantasy/Honey F-9584 LP)  $13  EX/EX  1980,osw
147831	USA-European Connection:  Come Into My Heart  (Marlin M-2212 LP)  $10  VG+/VG+  1978,Boris Midney,co
147328	USA-European Connection:  Come Into My Heart  (Marlin M-2212 LP)  $20  SS  1978,Boris Midney
149967	VA-Brook Benton,Jerry Butler,Charles Brown,Patti LaBelle,Sonny Til & the Orioles:  Soulful Christmas  (Mistletoe MLP-1213 LP)  $13  SS  197?
150013	VA-Clovers,Drifters,Clyde McPhatter,LaVern Baker,Diamonds,Ruth Brown,Chords,Joe Turner,Tommy Ridgeley,Ray Charles,Five Keys:  History of Rhythm & Blues Vol. 2: The Golden Years 1953-55  (Atlantic SD 8162(E) LP)  $10  VG+/EX  1968,re,co,red/green label
149135	VA-Commodores,Jimmy Ruffin,Thelma Houston,Spinners,Diana Ross,Jackson 5:  Motown Superstars Sing Motown Superstars  (Motown 5310ML LP)  $14  VG+/EX  1983,unreleased versions
153807	VA-D. Mob,Bang the Party,Richie Rich,D.S. Building Contractors,Robot DJ's,House Addicts,the Speech,Simon Harris:  The House Sound of London  (ffrr 838 203 LP)  $13  VG/VG+  1988,soc
150001	VA-Debra DeJean,Amii Stewart,Johnny Bristol,Revelation,Aneka,Gangs Back,Ronnie Jones & Claudja Barry:  Dance the Night Away  (Handshake KWG 38014 LP)  $15  VG+/EX  1982,2lp
155361	VA-Denise Lopez,Seduction,Interaction:  Paybacks Are Hell: Vendetta's Alternate Mixes Vol. 1  (Vendetta SP-12600 LP)  $12  VG+/EX  1989,sost
149613	VA-Dionne Warwicke,B.J. Thomas,Tommy Hunt,Shirelles,Chuck Jackson,Buddy Greco:  The Best of Burt Bacharach  (Scepter CTN 18012 LP)  $15  SS  1972
147517	VA-Disco Party:  Gladys Knight & the Pips,Hues Corporation,Main Ingredient,Styx,Carol Douglas,Paper Lace,Bachman Turner Overdrive,Shirley & Company,Gloria Gaynor,Ecstasy Passion & Pain,Van McCoy,Stylistics,Three Degrees,Moment of Truth,George McCrae,Barry White,Chi-Lites,Carl Carlton,Rufus,Love Childs Afro Cuban Band  (Adam VIII A 8021 LP)  $28  EX/EX  1975,osw,co
151031	VA-Donald Byrd,Aquarian Dream,Lenny White,Joe Cocker,Patrice Rushen,Lee Oskar:  Elektra/Asylum Funk/Fusion  (Elektra E/A PROMO 10-78 LP)  $13  EX  1978,wlp,promo-only,plain stamped cover
153204	VA-Donna Summer,Ohio Players,Silver Convention,Esther Phillps,Labelle,Hot Chocolate,Johnny Bristol:  Discomania 2  (Juke Box TVLP 177601 LP)  $15  VG+/VG+  1976,osw
148531	VA-Donnie Elbert,Retta Young,Sylvia,George Kerr,Moments,Seldon Powell,Hank Ballard & the Midnighters,Chuck Jackson,Whatnauts,Brother to Brother,Linda Jones,Shirley & Company,Derek Martin,Rimshots:  All Platinum Gold  (All Platinum AP-3016 LP)  $12  VG+/M-  1976
149147	VA-Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band,Jakki,Lou Courtney & Buffalo Smoke,Bay City Rollers,Double Exposure,Salsoul Orchestra,Stratavarious,Donna Summer,Faith Hope & Charity,D.C. LaRue,Gary Glitter,Marilyn Chambers,Carol Douglas,Whirlwind,Camouflage,Ritchie Family,Crown Heights Affair,Walter Murphy,Rim Shots,Kool & the Gang,Candi Staton,Norman Connors,Spinners:  The Best Disco In Town  (Adam VIII A 8033 LP)  $18  VG+/M-  1977,2lp
150015	VA-Drifters,Barbara Lewis,Solomon Burke,Doris Troy,Chris Kenner,Nat Kendrick & the Swans,Ben E. King,Rufus Thomas,Coasters,Wilson Pickett,Carla Thomas,Don Covay,Joe Tex,Otis Redding:  History of Rhythm & Blues Vol. 6: On Broadway 1963-64  (Atlantic SD 81943(E) LP)  $10  VG+/EX  1968,re,co,red/green label
148532	VA-Endless Beach:  Robert John,Spellbinders,Major Lance,Tymes,Tower of Power,Otis Leavill,Ron Moody & the Centaurs,Billy Butler & the Enchanters,Spiral Starecase,Essence,Wild Cherry,Tyrone Davis,Tina Charles,Jimmy Hall  (Epic E 37916 LP)  $21  VG+/M-  1982,2lp,beach music comp,prst obc
146770	VA-Evelyn King,Main Ingredient,Bendeth Band,Staple Singers,Dells,Dream Machine,Whispers,Shalamar,Chocolate Milk,Wax,Carl Carlton,Rhyze,Rafael Cameron,Skyy,Lakeside:  Gift Trip Sampler  (RCA DJL1-4224 LP)  $11  VG+/EX  1981,wlp,promo-only,wol
150054	VA-Full Force,Andre Cymone,Outfield,Nick Mason,Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam:  Most Valuable New Players  (Columbia CAS 2181 LP)  $12  VG+/M-  1985,djl
149264	VA-Grace Jones,Cotton Candy,Corruption,Sunbelt:  Disconet Vol. 4, No. 3 Bonus  (Disconet MWDN 403 LP)  $80  M-  1981,promo-only,plain cover,mixes by Raul & Carlos Ramos,Afrika Bambaata,John Hedges & Barry Beam,Terry Chapman
154308	VA-Gwen Guthrie,Wally Badarou,Darryl Thompson,Sly & Robbie:  Padlock  (Garage/Island ITG2001 LP)  $55  SS  1985,Larry Levan mixes,mini-lp
148529	VA-Honey Cone,100 Proof (Aged In Soul),Flaming Ember,Silent Majority,Laura Lee:  Hot Wax Greatest Hits  (Hot Wax HA 710 LP)  $28  EX/EX  1972,osw
148530	VA-Invictus' Greatest Hits:  Freda Payne,Chairmen of the Board,8th Day,Glass House,Ruth Copeland,Barrino Brothers  (Invictus ST 9807 LP)  $35  VG+/M-  1972,silver target cover art,co
150059	VA-Jive Five,Mystics,Capris,Harptones,Randy & the Rainbows:  Everything New Is Old  (Ambient Sound PZ 37911 LP)  $7  VG+/M-  1982,doowop
153043	VA-Kiss,Parliament,Greg Perry,James & Bobby Purify,Philadelphia Flyers,Gloria Scott,John Baldry,Fanny:  From the Casbah  (Casablanca NBLP 000 LP)  $98  VG/VG+  1975,promo-only comp,rw
149263	VA-Kool & the Gang,Leo Sayer,Boney M,Bionic Boogie,Peter Brown,Claudja Barry,Sheila B. Devotion:  Disconet Vol. 1, No. 4  (Disconet MWDN 104 LP)  $150  EX/M-  1977,promo-only,osw,mixed by Bobby DJ Guttadaro
149148	VA-Miracles,Marvin Gaye,Stevie Wonder,Gladys Knight & the Pips,Supremes,Temptations,Mary Wells,Spinners,Martha Reeves & the Vandellas,Jackson Five,Diana Ross,Eddie Kendricks,Commodores,Jr Walker & the All-Stars,Four Tops,Marvelettes,Smokey Robinson,David Ruffin:  Motown Superstars  (Ronco R-2110 LP)  $11  VG+/M-  1976,co
148763	VA-Miracles,Marvin Gaye,Stevie Wonder,Gladys Knight & the Pips,Supremes,Temptations,Mary Wells,Spinners,Martha Reeves & the Vandellas,Jackson Five,Diana Ross,Eddie Kendricks,Commodores,Jr Walker & the All-Stars,Four Tops,Marvelettes,Smokey Robinson,David Ruffin:  Motown Superstars  (Ronco R-2110 LP)  $15  SS  1976,co
148560	VA-Motown's Disco Party Pac:  High Inergy,Rick James,Billy Preston & Syreeta,Tata Vega  (Motown MD 5001G4 LP)  $18  VG/VG/EX/EX/EX  1979,4 12" singles box set
155445	VA-Nancy Wilson,King Curtis, Bettye Swan,Cannonball Adderley,Lou Rawls:  Soul Groove!  (Capitol SL-6678 LP)  $5  EX/EX  196?,osw
149987	VA-Phil Spector,Ronettes,Dee Dee Sharp,Righteous Brothers,Freddy Cannon,Bobby Freeman,George & Teddy,Dionne Warwick,Betty Harris:  Memories of the Cow Palace  (Rhino RNLP 105 LP)  $16  EX/EX  1983,osw,co,recorded live in san francisco september 1963
147612	VA-Quiet Storm:  Natalie Cole,Mikki Bleu,Evelyn King,O'Jays,R.J.'s Latest Arrival,Pieces of a Dream  (EMI SPRO 04469 LP)  $18  EX  1989,dj promo comp,plain cover
150014	VA-Ray Charles,Coasters,Ben E. King,Mar-Keys,Solomon Burke,Ikettes,William Bell,Falcons,Booker T & the MG's,Drifters,LaVern Baker,Otis Redding,Rufus Thomas:  History of Rhythm & Blues Vol. 5: The Beat Goes On 1961-62  (Atlantic SD 8193(E) LP)  $10  VG+/EX  1968,re,co,red/green label
150000	VA-Richard Jon Smith,Whodini,Katie Kissoon,Sinnamon,Zinc,Newtrament,Spice:  Turntable Jive  (Jive JL 8 8191 LP)  $15  VG+/M-  1983,co
150035	VA-Sam & Dave,Arthur Conley,Aretha Franklin,Booker T & the MG's,Otis Redding,Carla Thomas,Bar-Kays,Wilson Pickett,King Curtis,Percy Sledge,Joe Tex:  History of Rhythm & Blues Vol. 8: The Memphis Sound 1967  (Atlantic SD 8209(E) LP)  $10  VG/EX  1969,co,red/green label,slrw,gold cover
149995	VA-Sam & Dave,Percy Sledge,Fontella Bass,Eddie Floyd,Jean Knight,Carla Thomas,Archie Bell & the Drells:  3+2+5=Total Soul  (Audio Encores AE1-1005 LP)  $33  S  1980,Canada,gfld,audiophile
149243	VA-Shannon,DJ Herbie,Black Box,MC Sar & the Real McCoy,Rubix,Lips-Kiss,Out of the Ordinary,DFC Team,Chicco Secci Project,101,Indeep,Raze & Doug Lazy,DFX,Luke Acid C.,Joe Smooth,Two Without Hats,Hardhouse,Force Legato:  Los Hijos del Sol Present an Ibiza Mix Numero 6  (ZYX 20161-1 LP)  $17  VG+/EX  1990,Germany
149929	VA-Showmen,Benny Spellman,Marv Johnson,Majors,Rivingtons,Exciters,Gene & Eunice,Ike & Tina Turner:  Very Best of the Oldies Vol. 2  (United Artists UA-LA335-E(M) LP)  $11  VG+/M-  1974,co
150050	VA-Sister Sledge,Anita Ward,Village People,Bionic Boogie,Gonzalles,Amii Stewart,Claudja Barry,Gloria Gaynor, Blondie,Arpeggio,T-Connection,Instant Funk,Evelyn Champagne King,Jacksons:  Hot Nights & City Lights  (K-Tel TU 2710 LP)  $7  EX/EX  1979,osw
149138	VA-Solar Galaxy of Stars Live:  Whispers,Shalamar,Lakeside,Dynasty  (Solar CYL2-3780 LP)  $20  VG+/EX/M-  1980,2lp,orig inner sleeves
148533	VA-Soul Explosion:  Johnnie Taylor,Jimmy Hughes,Booker T & the MG's,Carla Thomas,Eddie Floyd,Southwest F.O.B.,Albert King,Mad Lads,William Bell,Judy Clay,Staple Singers,Ollie & the Nightingales,Bar-Kays  (Stax STS-2-2007 LP)  $14  VG+/M-  197?,2lp,co
148664	VA-Steppin' to Our Disco:  Arpeggio,Bionic Boogie,Alicia Bridges,Miquel Brown,Gloria Gaynor,Isaac Hayes,Kikrokos,Peaches & Herb,Joe Simon,Don Ray  (Polydor PRO 060 LP)  $33  VG+/EX  1978,wlp,programmed by Studio 54's Rich Kaczor
155519	VA-Temptations,Kim Weston,Marvelettes,Mary Wells,Marvin Gaye,Martha & the Vandellas,Stevie Wonder,Miracles:  The Motortown Revue Vol. 2  (Motown MT-615 LP)  $28  VG+/VG+  1964,orig,orig inner sleeve
153071	VA-Temptations,Stevie Wonder,Jackson 5,Smokey Robinson & the Miracles,Diana Ross & the Supremes:  A Motown Christmas  (Motown M795V2 LP)  $15  VG+/VG+  1973,2lp,die-cut cover,co
149973	VA-Temptations,Supremes,Jackson 5,Stevie Wonder,Miracles:  We Wish You a Merry Christmas  (Natural Resources NR 4011T1 LP)  $17  SS  1978
149797	VA-The Best Disco In Town:  Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band,Jakki,Lou Courtney & Buffalo Smoke,Bay City Rollers,Double Exposure,Salsoul Orchestra,Stratavarious,Donna Summer,Faith Hope & Charity,D.C. LaRue,Gary Glitter,Marilyn Chambers,Carol Douglas,Whirlwind,Camouflage,Ritchie Family,Crown Heights Affair,Walter Murphy,Rim Shots,Kool & the Gang,Candi Staton,Norman Connors,Spinners  (Adam VIII A 8033 LP)  $17  VG+/EX/M-  1977,2lp
149071	VA-The Greatest 64 Motown Original Hits:  Diana Ross,Jackson 5,Michael Jackson,Supremes,Marvin Gaye,Temptations,Miracles,Stevie Wonder,Four Tops,Gladys Knight & the Pips,Rare Earth,Marvelettes,Undisputed Truth,Martha & the Vandellas,Jr Walker & the All Stars,Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell,Jimmy Ruffin,Edwin Starr,David Ruffin,Mary Wells  (Motown/Cimco LP)  $17  VG/VG+  197?,4lp box
155506	VA-Tito Rodriguez,Chino,Kako,Charanga '76,Orq. Tipica Novel,Orq. Cimarron,Linda Leida,La Sonora Borinquen,Angel Canales y Sabor,Milton Hamilton,Orq. Guarabe,Cindy Rodriguez:  Salsa Disco Party Vol. 1  (TR STR-130 LP)  $75  VG/VG+  197?-8?,2lp,rw
149999	VA-Tom Browne,Whodini,Kashif,Jermaine Jackson,Jermaine Stewart,Billy Ocean,Angela Bofill:  Wrap 'Em Up  (Arista ADP-9294 LP)  $8  VG+/M-  1984
150049	VA-Van McCoy,Blackbyrds,Gwen McCrae,Sugarloaf,Styx,Disco Tex,Kool & the Gang,Billy Preston,George McCrae,Jim Gilstrap,Hues Corporation,Kiss,B.T. Express,Stylistics,Hot Chocolate,Bachman-Turner Overdrive,Gloria Gaynor,Carol Douglas,Shirley & Co,Carl Douglas:  Disco Mania  (K-tel TU 2410 LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  1975
153198	VA-Village People,Alicia Bridges,Sylvester,Andy Gibb,A Taste of Honey,Chanson,Foxy,Rick James,Lenny Williams,Peter Brown:  Disco Nights  (K-tel TU 2610 LP)  $23  EX/EX  1979,osw
150051	VA-Whispers,Shalamar,Lakeside,Dynasty:  Solar Galaxy of Stars Live  (Solar CYL2-3780 LP)  $18  VG/EX  1980,2lp,orig inner sleeves,osw,toc
150034	VA-Willie Tee,Barbara Lewis,Solomon Burke,Otis Redding,Wilson Pickett,Don Covay,Sam & Dave,Percy Sledge,Capitols,Eddie Floyd:  History of Rhythm & Blues Vol. 7: The Sound of Soul 1965-66  (Atlantic SD 8208(E) LP)  $10  VG/EX  1969,co,red/green label,slrw,silver cover
149963	VA-Wilson Pickett,Eddie Floyd,Otis Redding,Sam & Dave,Arthur Conley,Aretha Franklin,Joe Tex,Carla Thomas,Booker T & the MG's,Bar-Kays,King Curtis,Archie Bell & the Drells,Clarence Carter,Roberta Flack,R.B. Greaves,Brook Benton:  Atlantic Rhythm & Blues Vol. 6 1966-69  (Atlantic LP)  $18  VG+/M-  1985,2lp
151812	Vandross, Luther:  Give Me the Reason  (Epic E 40415 LP)  $6  VG+/VG+  1986,osw,sost
153194	Vanity:  Skin On Skin  (Motown 6167MLA LP)  $14  VG+/VG+  1986,lyric sleeve
154028	Vanity:  Wild Animal  (Motown 6102ML LP)  $9  VG/VG+  1984,djl,prst oc,soc,lyric sleeve
148431	Vanity:  Wild Animal  (Motown 6102ML LP)  $10  VG+/EX  1984,lyric sleeve
153193	Vanity 6:  S/T  (Warner Bros W1-23716 LP)  $17  EX/VG+  1982,osw
153108	Vera, Billy:  With Pen In Hand  (Atlantic SD 8197 LP)  $11  VG+/EX  1968,co
153109	Vera, Billy & Judy Clay:  Storybook Children  (Atlantic SD 8174 LP)  $9  VG+/VG+  1968,co
152975	Vera, Billy & the Beaters:  By Request  (Rhino RNLP 70858 LP)  $10  EX/M-  1981,osw,sost "At This Moment"
153150	Village People:  Macho Man  (Casablanca NBLP 7096 LP)  $9  EX/EX  1978,osw
147027	Village People:  Renaissance  (RCA Victor AFL1-4105 LP)  $5  VG+/M-  1981,co
152971	Voyage:  One Step Higher  (Atlantic 80012-1 LP)  $13  VG+/EX  1982,djts oc,prst obc
154745	Walker, Jr. & the All Stars:  Live  (Soul SS-705 LP)  $25  EX/VG+  1967,osw
154744	Walker, Jr. & the All Stars:  Soul Session  (Soul SS-702 LP)  $22  VG/VG+  1966,rw
146845	Walker, Junior:  Blow the House Down  (Motown 6053ML LP)  $8  VG+/EX  1983,co
154916	War:  Outlaw  (RCA Victor AFL1-4208 LP)  $15  VG/EX  1982,sm tear oc
155282	Warwick, Dionne:  Dionne  (Arista AL-9512 LP)  $6  EX/EX  1979,osw,lyric sleeve
152086	Warwick, Dionne:  Friends  (Arista AL8-8398 LP)  $7  VG/EX  1985,slrw
148789	Warwick, Dionne:  Reservation for Two  (Arista AL 8446 LP)  $6  VG+/EX  1986,lyric sleeve,sost "Love Power",duets with Jeffrey Osborne,Kenny G,Smokey Robinson,Kashif,Howard Hewett,June Pointer
152085	Warwick, Dionne:  Very Dionne  (Scepter SPS-587 LP)  $8  VG/EX  1970,gfld
147518	Warwicke, Dionne:  Dionne Warwicke Story: A Decade of Gold  (Scepter SPS-2-596 LP)  $15  VG+/EX  197?,2lp
149207	Watley, Jody:  S/T  (MCA 5898 LP)  $3  VG+/VG+  1987,osw
148430	Watley, Jody:  S/T  (MCA 5898 LP)  $5  EX/EX  1987
148577	Watson Beasley:  S/T  (Warner Bros BSK 3445 LP)  $9  VG+/EX  1980,prst oc
151952	Watson, Johnny Guitar:  Gangster of Love  (King Power Pak PO-306 LP)  $28  SS  1977
155235	Wells, James:  My Claim to Fame  (AVI 6045  LP)  $7  VG/VG+  1978,soc,rw
150779	Wesley, Fred & the J.B.'s:  Doing it to Death  (People PE 5603 LP)  $81  VG/EX  1973,orig,slrw
149694	Whispers:  Happy Holidays to You  (Solar 60451-1 LP)  $9  VG/VG+  1985
149693	Whispers:  Just Gets Better With Time  (Solar ST-72554 LP)  $6  VG/EX  1987,"Rock Steady",slrw
154880	White, Barry:  Barry White's Greatest Hits  (20th Century T-493 LP)  $13  VG/VG+  1975,gfld,gold cover,slrw
153132	White, Barry:  I've Got So Much To Give  (20th Century T-407 LP)  $13  EX/EX  1973,osw
149149	White, Barry:  Just Another Way To Say I Love You  (20th Century T-466 LP)  $9  EX/EX  1975,osw
146765	White, Barry:  Sings for Someone You Love  (20th Century T-543 LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  1977,gfld,slrw
149162	White, Barry:  Stone Gon'  (20th Century T-423 LP)  $11  VG/EX  1973,gfld,co
146763	White, Barry:  The Man  (20th Century Fox T-571 LP)  $17  VG+/VG+  1978,gfld,insert,orig inner sleeve
149238	White, Karyn:  S/T  (Warner Bros 1-25637 LP)  $6  VG/VG+  1988
152885	Wild Tchoupitoulas:  S/T  (Antilles AN-7052 LP)  $25  VG+/EX  1976,Meters/Neville Brothers
149143	Williams, Deniece:  Niecy  (Columbia PC 37952 LP)  $13  VG+/EX  1982,lyric sleeve,"It's Gonna Take A Miracle"
147335	Wills Ashmun, Viola:  Space  (RVA 1001 LP LP)  $13  VG/M-  1983,co,soc,toc,sm tear obc
155538	Wilson, Mary:  S/T  (Motown M7-927R1 LP)  $21  SS  1979,co,supremes member
149796	Winbush, Angela:  Sharp  (Mercury 832 733-1 LP)  $8  VG+/VG+  1987,osw,sost "Angel"
153133	Withers, Bill:  Still Bill  (Sussex SXBS 7014 LP)  $21  VG+/EX  1972,gfld
147226	Womack, Bobby:  Greatest Hits  (United Artists LA346-G LP)  $8  VG+/EX  1974,co
155505	Womack, Bobby:  Pieces  (Columbia JC 35083 LP)  $28  EX/M-  1978,lyric sleeve
155522	Wonder, Stevie:  Eivets Rednow  (Gordy GS932 LP)  $15  VG+/EX  1968,original,co
154861	Wonder, Stevie:  Fulfillingness' First Finale  (Tamla 2-47.075 LP)  $13  VG+/EX  1981,Spain,gfld,re
149144	Wonder, Stevie:  In Square Circle  (Tamla 6134TL LP)  $7  VG+/M-  1985,gfld
154863	Wonder, Stevie:  In Square Circle  (Tamla 6134TL LP)  $7  VG+/M-  1985,gfld,insert
153197	Wonder, Stevie:  Innervisions  (Tamla T 326L LP)  $13  VG+/EX  1973,gfld
154830	Wonder, Stevie:  Journey Through the Secret Life of Plants  (Tamla T13-371C2 LP)  $12  VG+/EX  1979,2lp,co,braille cover
149146	Wonder, Stevie:  Journey Through the Secret Life of Plants  (Tamla T13-371C2 LP)  $14  VG+/M-  1979,2lp,braille cover
152383	Wonder, Stevie:  Looking Back  (Motown M-804LP3 LP)  $9  VG/EX  197?,3lp,rw,co
154862	Wonder, Stevie:  Looking Back  (Motown M-804LP3 LP)  $10  VG+/EX  197?,3lp,co
147013	Wonder, Stevie:  Music of My Mind  (Tamla T 314L LP)  $11  VG/VG+  1972,gfld,rw
153172	Wonder, Stevie:  Original Musiquarium I  (Tamla 6002TL2 LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  1982,2lp
154831	Wonder, Stevie:  Original Musiquarium I  (Tamla 6002TL2 LP)  $12  VG+/EX/VG+  1982,2lp,fan club insert
149157	Wonder, Stevie:  Original Musiquarium I  (Tamla 6002TL2 LP)  $15  VG+/M-  1982,2lp,fan club insert
154860	Wonder, Stevie:  Original Musiquarium I  (Tamla 6002TL2 LP)  $25  SS  1982,2lp,sost "That Girl"
153613	XYZ Project:  Transformation  (Techno Grooves AER 405 LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  1992,co
152386	Yuro, Timi:  Let Me Call You Sweetheart  (Liberty LRP-3234(M) LP)  $21  VG+/VG+  196?


148156	28 Timed Sound Effects:  For Home Movies, Amateur Theatricals, Parties & General Fun  (Realistic 50-1970 LP)  $14  VG+/VG+  1970?,"Jet 707","Rain & Thunder",etc.,sm smsplt
148362	Allied Radio:  Stereo Setup Test & Demo Records  (Concert-Disc CSDT LP)  $28  VG/EX  196?,3lp box,smsplt
146971	CBS Sound Library:  Autoracing / Car Wash / Stadium Crowds  (CBS Sound Library EZQ 10021(M) LP)  $12  VG/VG  196?-7?,heavy toc,woc
152532	CBS Sound Library:  Factory Sounds / Roosters / Sea Lions / Horse & Wagon  (CBS Sound Library EZQ 10025(M) LP)  $12  VG/VG  196?-7?,heavy toc,woc
152539	CBS Sound Library:  Riots / Courts of Law / Prison / Las Vegas / Restaurants / Parade Ground  (CBS Sound Library EZQ 10035(M) LP)  $18  VG/VG+  196?-7?,heavy toc,woc,smsplt
152540	CBS Sound Library:  Robots / Computers / Satellites / Missile Launch / Rocket Launch  (CBS Sound Library EZQ 10034(M) LP)  $18  VG/VG+  196?-7?,heavy toc,woc
152535	CBS Sound Library:  School Interiors / Children at Play / Excited Teenagers / Sports  (CBS Sound Library EZQ 10031(M) LP)  $13  VG/VG+  196?-7?,heavy toc,woc
152533	CBS Sound Library:  Sports / Motor Boating / Boxing  (CBS Sound Library EZQ 10032(M) LP)  $13  VG/VG+  196?-7?,heavy toc,woc,smsplt
152534	CBS Sound Library:  Sports / Stock Exchanges / Railroad Sounds  (CBS Sound Library EZQ 10033(M) LP)  $13  VG/VG+  196?-7?,heavy toc,woc
152558	CBS Sound Library:  Transportation Atmospheres  (CBS Sound Library EZQ 10026(M) LP)  $13  VG/VG+  196?-7?,heavy toc,woc
152538	CBS Sound Library:  Weather / Beach / Waves / Fog Horns / Wind  (CBS Sound Library EZQ 10029(M) LP)  $12  VG/VG  196?-7?,heavy toc,woc
151983	Echoes of the Storm:  Echoes of the Storm - Crazy Quilt  (Audiophile AP-20(M) LP)  $23  VG+/VG+  195?,1st press, red wax,lightning cover art
155309	Environments:  Disc 11: Alpine Blizzard / Country Thunderstorm  (Syntonic Research SD 66011 LP)  $16  EX/EX  1979,osw
155311	Environments:  Disc 4: Ultimate Thunderstorm / Gentle Rain In a Pine Forest  (Syntonic Research SD 66004 LP)  $14  VG+/VG+  1983
155310	Environments:  Disc 4: Ultimate Thunderstorm / Gentle Rain In a Pine Forest  (Syntonic Research SD 66004 LP)  $15  EX/VG+  1983,osw,sost "Synthetic Silence"
152132	Environments:  Disc 9: Pacific Ocean / Caribbean Lagoon  (Syntonic Research SD 66009(Q?) LP)  $10  VG/EX  1983,sm tears oc
151194	Gibson, Dan:  Solitudes Vol 1: By Canoe to Loon Lake / Dawn By a Gentle Stream  (Dan Gibson Productions DG 81001 LP)  $23  SS  1981,Canada
151193	Gibson, Dan:  Solitudes Vol 3: Among the Giant Trees of the Wild Pacific Coast / Spring Morning On the Prairies  (Dan Gibson Productions DG 81003 LP)  $23  SS  1981,Canada
155308	Gibson, Dan:  Solitudes Vol 5: Dawn On the Desert / Among the Mountain Canyons & Valleys  (Dan Gibson Productions DG 82005 LP)  $16  VG+/VG+  1982,Canada,osw
150403	Hirt, Al:  Sound Effects Volume 12: Bugle Calls  (Audio Fidelity DFS 7050 LP)  $28  VG/VG+  1971,woc
149881	Kilham, Peter:  The Sea at Castle Hill / The Alexander Hamilton of the Hudson River Day Line  (Droll Yankees DY-15(M) LP)  $28  EX/M-  1963,ocean/steamboat sounds,insert
146952	Mighty US Armed Forces Sound Effects In Action!:    (Realistic/Audio Fidelity 50-2001 LP)  $28  VG/EX  1957,3lp box set,produced for radio shack,audiophile,military
148154	Most Current & Authentic:  Living Sound Effects Vol. 3  (Bainbridge BT 6003 LP)  $11  VG+/EX  1983,inserts
155152	Otomo, Don & Steve Krauss:  The First Complete Audio System Test Record  (Nautilus OT-R-1 LP)  $99  VG+/EX  1978,audiophile
147049	Popular Science Monthly:  Testing Vol. 2  (Urania UPS 2(M) LP)  $28  VG/VG+  1957,insert,tear obc
149805	Science of Sound:  How We Hear,Frequency,Pitch,Vibration & Resonance  (Folkways FX 6007(M) LP)  $110  VG+/M-  1959,2lp box set,bklt
148659	Sound Effects:  Doctored for Super Sound (Volume 1)  (Audio Fidelity DFS 7006 LP)  $22  VG+/EX  1960,syringe cover art
150401	Sound Effects:  Volume 2  (Audio Fidelity DFS 7010 LP)  $22  EX/VG+  1960,syringe cover art,osw
150402	Sound Effects:  Volume 4  (Audio Fidelity DFS 7015 LP)  $16  VG+/EX  1963
152543	Stereo Test Record:  For Home & Laboratory Use  (Audiotex 30-200 LP)  $23  VG/VG+  1963,soc,audiophile
150426	VA-Jay White,Monty Kelly,Los Flamencos,Paris Theatre Orch:  For Hi-Fi Bugs  (Trans-World TWLP-201(M) LP)  $38  VG/VG  195?,vintage record cutting equipment photo cover,smsplt,sl h2o damage
149883	Virtuoso Symphony of London:  Stereo Test Record  (Audio Fidelity/Realistic 50-1971 LP)  $28  SS  1969,osw
148984	Whistling Thru Dixie:    (Mobile Fidelity MF6 LP)  $21  VG/VG  1966,h2o oc,railroad train, brilliant whistles echo from the backwoods of the Deep South
150778	Whistling Thru Dixie:    (Mobile Fidelity MF6 LP)  $28  VG+/VG+  1966,railroad train, brilliant whistles echo from the backwoods of the Deep South
148357	White, Dr. Harlow:  Holiday in New York  (Emerson EDS-100 LP)  $11  VG/VG+  195?-6?,djl,smsplt,"a stereophonic spectacular"


150450	2:  Sven Gyldmark  (MGM S1E-18 ST LP)  $29  VG+/M-  196?-7?,co,"Sex Happening","Beguine Erotic","Strip-Tease Party"
148104	77 Sunset Strip:  Warren Barker  (Warner Bros  W 1289(M) LP)  $17  VG+/VG  1959,popular TV show,Edd "Kookie" Byrnes
147181	9 1/2 Weeks:  Joe Cocker,Stewart Copeland,Dalbello,Devo,Eurythmics,Bryan Ferry,Corey Hart,Luba,John Taylor  (Capitol SV-12470 LP)  $12  EX/EX  1986,osw,prst oc
147145	A Night In Heaven:  Michael Des Barres,Holly Knight,Europeans,English Beat,Tom Teeley,Kiddo,Bryan Adams,Jan Hammer,Rita Coolidge,Gary U.S. Bonds  (A&M SP-4966 LP)  $15  VG+/EX  1983,prst obc
152016	A Touch of Class:  John Cameron,Madeline Bell  (Brut 6004-ST LP)  $11  VG/EX  1973,rw,soc,co,George Segal & Glenda Jackson
152978	Adventurers:  Antonio Carlos Jobim,Ray Brown,Quincy Jones  (Symbolic SYS 9000 LP)  $73  VG+/VG+  196?-7?,orig label
147090	Alamo:  Dimitri Tiomkin,Marty Robbins,Brothers Four  (Columbia CS 8358 LP)  $15  VG+/M-  1960,six eye label,John Wayne
155306	Alcoa Singers:  An Old-Fashioned Christmas  (Alcoa 44-4184-J LP)  $78  SS  1979,limited edition,selections from animated Rankin-Bass NBC special "The Stingiest man In Town"
147139	American Anthem:  Andy Taylor,John Parr,Mr. Mister,INXS,Stevie Nicks,Graham Nash,Chris Thompson,Alan Silvestri  (Atlantic 81661-1-E LP)  $11  EX/M-  1986,co
148188	Anastasia:  Alfred Newman  (Decca DL 8460(M) LP)  $28  VG+/VG+  1956,orig
151754	Animal House:  Elmer Bernstein,John Belushi,Sam Cooke,Bobby Lewis,Lloyd Williams,Stephen Bishop,Chris Montez  (MCA 1692 LP)  $11  EX/EX  1978,osw
147162	Animal House:  Elmer Bernstein,John Belushi,Sam Cooke,Bobby Lewis,Lloyd Williams,Stephen Bishop,Chris Montez  (MCA 37219 LP)  $7  VG+/EX  1978,re
147111	Apartment:  Adolph Deutsch  (United Artists UAS 6105 LP)  $20  VG+/EX  1960,osw,Jack Lemmon,Shirley MacLaine
153663	Apocalypse Now:  Carmine & Francis Coppola  (Elektra DP-90001 LP)  $27  VG/EX  1979,2lp,co
153015	Apocalypse Now:  Carmine & Francis Coppola  (Elektra DP-90001 LP)  $30  VG/EX  1979,2lp,wlp,prst oc,slrw
149492	Arrivederci, Baby!:  Dennis Farnon,Vic Damone,Ernie Freeman  (RCA Victor LOC-1132(M) LP)  $20  VG/EX  1967,smsplt,soc,Tony Curtis,Rosanna Schiaffino,Jack Davis cover art
148953	Art of Love:  Cy Coleman  (Capitol T-2355(M) LP)  $12  VG/VG  196?,smsplt,soc
154856	Bachelor Party:  Alarm,Fleshtones,REM,Jools Holland,Oingo Boingo,Adrian Zmed,Darlene Love,Angel & the Reruns,Yip Yip Coyote  (IRS SP 70047 LP)  $10  VG+/EX  1984,soc,slrw
147104	Bad Influence:  Toots,Nana Vasconcelos & the Bushdancers,Lloyd Cole,Etta James,Chaba Fadela,Thomas Mapfumo,Skinny Puppy,Les Negresses Vertes,Gavin Friday & the Man Seezer,Trevor Jones  (Mango MLPS 9860 LP)  $10  VG/M-  1990
151232	Battle of Britain:  Ron Goodwin,Sir William Walton  (MCA 25008 LP)  $14  EX/M-  1986,re
149248	Because You're Mine:  Mario Lanza,Constantine Callinicos  (RCA Victor Red Seal LM-7015(M) LP)  $15  VG+/VG  1952,ten inch lp,pieces by Mascagni,Lara,Malotte,Cole Porter
147171	Bells Are Ringing:  Judy Holliday,Dean Martin,Andre Previn  (Capitol SW-1435 LP)  $14  VG+/EX  195?-6?,side logo label
151756	Big Town:  Little Willie John,Drifters,Ray Charles,Johnny Cash,Bobby Darin,Ivory Joe Hunter,Big Joe Turner,Jesse Belvin,LaVern Baker,Ronnie Self  (Atlantic 81769 LP)  $13  VG+/M-  1987,co,prst obc,sost "Fever"
146901	Bird:  Charlie Parker,Lennie Niehaus  (Columbia C 44299 LP)  $13  VG+/EX  1988
152979	Black Girl:  Betty Everett,Rodger Collins,Walter Hawkins,John Hunt,J.J. Malone,Merl Saunders,Sonny Stitt  (Fantasy FANT-9420 LP)  $99  VG+/VG  1973,prst obc
151757	Blind Date:  Henry Mancini,Hubert Tubbs,Keith L'Neire,Gary Morris & Jennifer Warnes,Billy Vera & the Beaters,Stanley Jordan  (Rhino RNIN 70705 LP)  $11  EX/M-  1987,co
149391	Bonanza: Christmas On The Ponderosa:  Ken Darby  (RCA Victor LSP-2757 LP)  $25  VG+/EX  1963,orig tv cast
153067	Boys In the Band:  Original Broadway Cast  (A&M SP-6001 LP)  $15  VG+/VG+/EX  1969,2lp,brown label
147165	Brideshead Revisited:  Geoffrey Burgon  (Chrysalis CHR 1367 LP)  $20  SS  1982
153066	Cats:  Andrew Lloyd Webber  (Geffen 2GHS 2031 LP)  $15  VG/EX  1983,2lp,2 books,lyric sleeves,Original Cast Recording,tear oc
148539	Celebration:  Original Broadway Cast  (Capitol SW 198 LP)  $12  VG/VG+  1969,smsplt,slrw
147492	Chappaqua:  Ravi Shankar  (Columbia  Masterworks OS 3230 LP)  $28  VG/VG+  1966,gfld,360 label
147172	Chariots of Fire:  Vangelis  (Polydor PD 1 6335 LP)  $5  VG/VG+  1981,slrw,co
147097	Competition:  Lalo Schifrin  (MCA 5185 LP)  $17  VG+/VG+  1980
147164	Cosmos:  Vangelis,Synergy,Toru Takemitsu,Roy Buchanan  (RCA Victor AFL1-4003 LP)  $22  SS  1981,gfld,soundtrack to the Carl Sagan PBS series,also pieces by Bach,Shostakovich,Rimsky-Korsakov
146796	Dangerous Christmas of Red Riding Hood:  Cyril Ritchard,Liza Minnelli,Vic Damone,Animals  (ABC-Paramount ABCS-536 LP)  $20  VG+/EX  1965,soundtrack of the abc-tv special
147163	Death Wish II:  Jimmy Page  (Swan Song SS 8511 LP)  $23  SS  1982,of Led Zeppelin,Chris Farlowe,co
147107	Der Formel Eins Film:  Power Station,Belouis Some,Flirts,Pia Zadora,Katrina & the Waves,Re-Flex,Purple Schulz,Strange Advance,Falco,Limahl,Meatloaf,Jules Shear,Die Tote Hosen,Sissy Kelling,Jimmy Nail  (EMI 26 0839 1 LP)  $10  VG+/M-  1985,Germany
147085	Devil In Miss Jones:  Alden Shuman  (Janus JLS-3059 LP)  $23  VG/VG+  1973,co
147086	Devil In Miss Jones:  Alden Shuman  (Janus JLS-3059 LP)  $25  VG/EX  1973,co
147084	Diary of Anne Frank:  Alfred Newman  (20th Fox 3012(M) LP)  $28  SS  196?
151753	Dirty Dancing:  Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes,Ronettes,Patrick Swayze,Eric Carmen,Maurice Williams & the Zodiacs,Merry Clayton,Blow Monkey,Bruce Channel,Zappacosta,Mickey & Sylvia,Tom Johnston,Five Satins  (RCA Victor 6408-1-R LP)  $14  VG+/M-  1987,lyric sleeve
149006	Dirty Dancing:  Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes,Ronettes,Patrick Swayze,Eric Carmen,Maurice Williams & the Zodiacs,Merry Clayton,Blow Monkey,Bruce Channel,Zappacosta,Mickey & Sylvia,Tom Johnston,Five Satins  (RCA Victor 6408-1-R LP)  $16  M-/M-  1987,lyric sleeve,osw
151696	Do Re Mi:  Phil Silvers,Nancy Walker  (RCA Victor LSOD-2002 LP)  $16  VG/VG+  1961,living stereo,orig cast,die-cut cover,smsplt
149022	Doctor Dolittle:  Leslie Bricusse  (20th Century Fox DTCS 5101 LP)  $19  VG+/EX  1967,gfld,booklet intact 
147126	Doctor Zhivago:  Maurice Jarre  (MGM 1E 6ST(M) LP)  $15  VG+/M-  196?,gfld,bklt intact,soc
147168	Dreams:  John Stamos,Valerie Stevenson,Cain Devore,Jami Gertz,Albert Macklin  (Columbia BFC 39886 LP)  $18  VG+/M-  1984,cbs tv series,prst obc
147660	Dressed to Kill:  Pino Donaggio  (Varese Sarabande STV 81148 LP)  $18  VG+/EX  1980
147119	Eddie & the Cruisers:  John Cafferty & the Beaver Brown Band  (Scotti Bros BFZ 38929 LP)  $8  VG/EX  1983,prst obc
147169	Endless Love:  Diana Ross,Lionel Richie,Kiss,Cliff Richard,Jonathan Tunick  (Mercury SRM 1 2001 LP)  $12  VG+/EX  1981,gfld,co
153659	Evil Under the Sun:  Glenn Miller,Tommy Dorsey,David Rose,Cole Porter,Artie Shaw,Vaughn Monroe  (RCA Victor AYL1-4309 LP)  $16  EX/M-  1982
147170	Evita:  Andrew Lloyd Webber,Tim Rice  (MCA 2-11007 LP)  $13  VG+/EX  1979,2lp,bklt,premiere american recording,prst oc
149287	Exorcist II: The Heretic:  Ennio Morricone  (Warner Bros BS 3068 LP)  $18  VG+/M-  1977,prst oc
147098	Faces:  Jack Ackerman,Teo Macero,Julie Gamble,Dave Maisey,Charlie Smalls  (Columbia Masterworks OS 3290 LP)  $28  VG+/EX  1968,John Cassavetes film,360 label,woc
147118	Faces:  Jack Ackerman,Teo Macero,Julie Gamble,Dave Maisey,Charlie Smalls  (Columbia Masterworks OS 3290 LP)  $30  VG+/M-  1968,osw,sl h2o damage oc,co,John Cassavetes film,360 label
151682	Fast Times at Ridgemont High:  Jackson Browne,Louise Goffin,Don Henley,Graham Nash,Oingo Boingo,Poco,Billy Squier,Joe Walsh,Jimmy Buffett,Go-Go's,Sammy Hagar,Stevie Nicks,Quarterflash,Donna Summer  (Full Moon/Asylum 60158 LP)  $15  EX/VG+/EX  1982,2lp,wlp
149826	Fitzcarraldo:  Popol Vuh,Enrico Caruso  (Polydor PDH-1-6363 LP)  $17  VG+/VG+  1982,prst obc
151755	Flashdance:  Irene Cara,Shandi,Helen St. John,Karen Kamon,Donna Summer,Giorgio Moroder,Michael Sembello  (Casablanca 811492 M 1  LP)  $7  VG+/EX  1983,osw,co,sost
152134	Fresh Hair:  Rado-Ragni-MacDermot  (Polydor 24-5501 LP)  $14  VG/VG+  196?-7?,gfld,tear oc,orig London cast,rw
148820	Fresh Hair:  Rado-Ragni-MacDermot  (Polydor 24-5501 LP)  $15  VG/EX  196?-7?,gfld,co,orig London cast,rw
147124	Friends:  Elton John,Bernie Taupin  (Paramount PAS 6004 LP)  $11  VG+/M-  1971,co
147161	Fudgeripple Follies or Nobody Likes a Smart Ass Vol. 1:  Original Cast  (Spade LP/101 LP)  $17  VG+/VG+  196?,soc
148988	Gable & Lombard:  Michel Legrand  (MCA 2091 LP)  $10  VG/VG+  1976,co,James Brolin & Jill Clayburgh
149824	Ghostbusters:  Ray Parker Jr,Thompson Twins,Air Supply,Laura Branigan,Bus Boys,Alessi,Mick Smiley,Elmer Bernstein  (MCA 6306 LP)  $12  VG+/EX  1984,sost,co
150593	Gigot:  Jackie Gleason  (Capitol SW 1754 LP)  $25  VG+/VG+  196?
148353	Godfather Part 2 :  Nino Rota & Carmine Coppola  (ABC ABDP-856 LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  1974,gfld,slrw
147175	Godspell:  Stephen Schwartz  (Arista AB 4001 LP)  $9  VG+/M-  197?,re,osw,lyric sleeve
153057	Gold:  Elmer Bernstein,Jimmy Helms,Maureen McGovern,Trevor Chance  (ABC ABCD-855 LP)  $42  SS  1974,co
147116	Good, the Bad, & the Ugly:  Ennio Morricone  (Liberty LN-10273 LP)  $15  SS  1968,198?,re,prst oc,seal partially open
149825	Goodbye, Mr. Chips:  John Willliams,Leslie Bricusse  (MGM S1E 19 STX LP)  $8  VG/EX  1969,gfld,booklet intact,co,spinewear,Peter O'Toole,Petula Clark
148402	Grease:  John Travolta,Olivia Newton-John,Sha Na Na,Frankie Valli,Stockard Channing,Jeff Conaway,Cindy Bullens  (RSO RS 2 4002 LP)  $20  SS  1978,2lp,co
147173	Grease 2:  Maxwell Caulfield,Michelle Pfeiffer,Adrian Zmed,Lorna Luft,Didi Conn,Four Tops  (RSO RS-1-3803 LP)  $15  SS  1982,gfld,co,sost "Back to School Again"
149023	Great Gatsby:  Nelson Riddle   (Paramount PAS 2-3001 LP)  $18  VG+/VG/VG+  1974,2lp,toc
146994	Great Muppet Caper:  Joe Raposo,Jim Henson  (Atlantic SD 16047 LP)  $15  EX/EX  1981,co,osw,lyric sleeve
147091	Great Train Robbery:  Jerry Goldsmith  (United Artists UA-LA926-I LP)  $24  SS  1978,co
149489	Gremlins:  Michael Sembello,Peter Gabriel,Quarterflash,Jerry Goldsmith  (Geffen GHSP 24044 LP)  $13  VG+/M-  1984,7-track mini-lp
148989	Guns of Navarone:  Dimitri Tiomkin,Paul Francis Webster,Mitch Miller  (Columbia CL 1655(M) LP)  $18  VG/VG+  1961,wlp,six eye label,soc,smsplt
149823	Gypsy:  Jule Styne & Stephen Sondheim  (Warner Bros B 1480(M) LP)  $15  VG/VG  1962,co,Rosalind Russell,Natalie Wood,partial smsplt
151016	Harper Valley PTA:  Nelson Riddle,Jeannie C. Riley,Johnny Cash,Jerry Lee Lewis,Carol Channing  (Plantation PLP 700 LP)  $12  VG/M-  1978,seal partially open,woc,Barbara Eden,"Ice Cream Disco"
150082	Hatari!:  Henry Mancini  (RCA Victor LSP-2559 LP)  $10  VG/VG  1962,smsplts
148401	Hawaii:  Elmer Bernstein  (United Artists UAL 4143(M) LP)  $20  SS  1966,orig
149842	Honeysuckle Rose:  Willie Nelson,Johnny Gimble,Jody Payne,Dyan Cannon,Hank Cochran,Kenneth Threadgill,Amy Irving,Emmylou Harris,Jeannie Seely  (Columbia S2 36752 LP)  $7  VG+/VG  1980,2lp
147100	Honeysuckle Rose:  Willie Nelson,Johnny Gimble,Jody Payne,Dyan Cannon,Hank Cochran,Kenneth Threadgill,Amy Irving,Emmylou Harris,Jeannie Seely  (Columbia S2 36752 LP)  $10  VG+/VG+/EX  1980,2lp
147147	Honky Tonk Freeway:  Russell Smith,Roger Cook,Linda Hart,Paul Jabara,Beverly D'Angelo,Steve Dorff,George Martin  (Capitol ST-12160 LP)  $23  SS  1981
149708	How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying:  Frank Loesser,Nelson Riddle  (United Artists UAL 4151(M) LP)  $13  VG/VG  196?,soc,slrw,film version
151640	I Want to Live:  Johnny Mandel  (United Artists UAL 4005(M) LP)  $41  VG/EX  1958,orig deep groove mono,Shelly Manne,Art Farmer,Gerry Mulligan,rw
149827	I'll Take Sweden:  Jimmie Haskell,By Dunham,Frankie Avalon,Bob Hope,Tuesday Weld  (United Artists UAS 5121 LP)  $16  VG/EX  196?,slrw,smsplt
147160	Idolmaker:  Jeff Barry,Jesse Frederick,Darlene Love,Nino Tempo,Colleen Fitzpatrick,Peter Gallagher,Sweet Inspirations,London Fog,Ray Sharkey  (A&M SP-4840 LP)  $16  VG+/EX  1980
151683	In the Mood:  Ralph Burns Big Band,Beverly d'Angelo,Jennifer Holliday  (Atlantic 81788-1 LP)  $13  VG+/M-  1987,co,prst oc,J.J. Johnson,Bill Watrous,Harvey Mason
154829	Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom:  John Williams  (Polydor 821 592-1 Y-1 LP)  $15  EX/M-  1984,gfld,digital,photo insert
149821	Inside Moves:  Ambrosia,Eagles,Lady Sylvia,Pablo Cruise,Leo Sayer,Boz Scaggs,Spinners  (Full Moon/WB FMH 3506 LP)  $6  VG+/M-  1980,prst oc
153059	Invaders from Mars:  David Storrs  (Enigma SJ-73226 LP)  $23  VG+/M-  1986,wobc
147180	Iron Eagle:  Queen,Dio,Katrina & the Waves,George Clinton,Helix,Jon Butcher Axis,King Kobra,Eric Martin,Urgent,Adrenalin  (Capitol SV-12499 LP)  $15  VG+/M-  1986,osw,sost "One Vision",prst oc,scratch oc
148195	Jessica:  Maurice Chevalier,Dusty Negulesco  (United Artists UAL 4096(M) LP)  $20  VG+/EX  1962,Vespa scooter cover art,"The Vespa Road","The Vespa Song","Vespalero"
151751	Jesus Christ Superstar:  Andrew Lloyd Webber/Tim Rice  (Decca DXSA 7206 LP)  $13  EX/EX  1970,2lp box,book
149820	Joe:  Jerry Butler,Exuma,Dean Michaels,Bobby Scott  (Mercury SRM-1-605 LP)  $23  VG/EX  1970,wlp,rw
147128	Johnny Be Good:  Judas Priest,Ted Nugent,Kix,Saga,Myles Goodwyn,Jon Astley,Frozen Ghost,Dirty Looks,Fiona,Bernie Shanahan  (Atlantic 81837-1 LP)  $10  VG+/M-  1988,co,prst obc
151748	Jumpin' Jack Flash:  Banarama,Billy Branigan,Face to Face,Gwen Guthrie,Kool & the Gang,Thomas Newman,Rene & Angela,Rolling Stones,Supremes  (Mercury 830 545-1 LP)  $9  VG/VG+  1986,woc,prst obc
154197	Kean:  Robert Wright & George Forrest  (Columbia Masterworks KOL 5720(M) LP)  $23  VG+/VG+  196?,wlp,gfld,six eye label,bklt intact,alfred drake,orig broadway cast
147121	King of Comedy:  Pretenders,BB King,Talking Heads,Bob James,Ray Charles,Van Morrison  (Warner Bros 23765-1 LP)  $10  VG+/M-  1983,lyric sleeve,prst oc
147177	La Bamba:  Los Lobos,Howard Huntsberry,Marshall Crenshaw,Brian Setzer,Bo Diddley  (Slash 1-25605 LP)  $11  VG+/M-  1987,prst oc
147146	La Cage aux Folles:  Original Cast  (RCA Red Seal Digital HBC1-4824 LP)  $12  VG+/M-  1983,gfld,co
148161	Langford, Frances:  The Frances Langford Show, NBC-TV, Sunday, May 1, 1960  (Chanford KB-2175(M) LP)  $58  VG/EX  1960,promo-only,smsplt,special guests Johnny Mathis,Three Stooges,Don Ameche,Mary Costa,Hermione Gingold,Bob Cummings,Ray Heindorf,Jack Costanzo
148335	Last Emperor:  Ryuichi Sakamoto,David Byrne,Cong Su  (Virgin 1-90690 LP)  $15  EX/EX  1987,osw,orig inner sleeve
151752	Leader of the Pack:  Ellie Greenwich,Orig Broadway Cast  (Elektra 60420-1 LP)  $18  VG+/EX  1985,wlp
147150	Legend:  Bryan Ferry,Jon Anderson,Tangerine Dream  (MCA 6165 LP)  $13  VG+/EX  1986
151694	Les Girls:  Gene Kelly,Mitzi Gaynor,Kay Kendall  (MGM E3590 ST(M) LP)  $18  VG+/VG+  195?,Cole Porter
148404	Lipstick:  Michel Polnareff  (Atlantic SD 18178 LP)  $17  VG/VG+  1976,soc
152048	Live & Let Die:  George Martin,Paul McCartney & Wings  (United Artists UA-LA100 G LP)  $9  VG/EX  1973,gfld,James Bond,slrw
149401	Live & Let Die:  George Martin,Paul McCartney & Wings  (United Artists UA-LA100 G LP)  $12  VG+/VG  1973,James Bond,gfld
147141	Lonely Lady:  Ellis Hall Jr,Roger Voudouris,Felony,Pia Zadora,Stephanie Spruill,Oren Waters,Jeff Harrington,Charles Calello  (Allegiance AV 441 LP)  $12  VG+/M-  1983,co
147129	Looking For Love :  Connie Francis,Claus Ogerman  (MGM E-4229(M) LP)  $14  VG/VG+  196?,co,smsplt
147151	Lost Boys:  INXS,Jimmy Barnes,Lou Gramm,Roger Daltrey,Echo & the Bunnymen,Gerard McMann,Eddie & the Tide,Tim Cappello,Mummy Calls,Thomas Newman  (Atlantic 81767-1 LP)  $11  VG+/M-  1987,co,sost "Good Times"
155435	Lost Horizon:  Burt Bacharach,Hal David,Shawn Phillips  (Bell 1300 LP)  $7  VG+/EX  1973,gfld,Peter Finch
148196	Lost In the Stars:  Original New York Cast  (Decca DL 8028(M) LP)  $38  VG+/VG+  1949,Todd Duncan,Kurt Weill
147088	Love Minus One:  Denny Vaughan,Sharalee Beard,Kenny Colman  (Margabi LM1-01 LP)  $55  VG+/VG+  1972,djl
147140	Love Story:  Francis Lai,Ali McGraw,Ryan O'Neal  (Paramount PAS-7000 LP)  $15  VG/VG  1970,2lp,dialogue & music
151742	Luv:  Original Broadway Cast  (Columbia Masterworks DOS 718 LP)  $16  VG/VG+  196?,2lp box,bklt,Alan Arkin,Mike Nichols
155387	M*A*S*H:  Johnny Mandel  (Columbia Masterworks S 32753 LP)  $14  EX/EX  1973,osw
151749	Mahogany:  Diana Ross,Michael Masser  (Motown M6-858S1 LP)  $7  VG/VG+  1975,slrw
151684	Manhattan:  Zubin Mehta & the New York Philharmonic  (Columbia Masterworks JS 36020 LP)  $9  VG+/M-  1979,George Gershwin pieces
148634	Melba:  Patrice Munsel  (RCA Victor Red Seal LM-7012(M) LP)  $150  VG+/VG+  195?,ten inch lp,opera pieces by Gounod,Rossini,Mozart,Donizetti,Puccini,Verdi,Bach,Mendelssohn
151689	Metropolis:  Giorgio Moroder,Freddie Mercury,Pat Benatar,Bonnie Tyler,Loverboy,Jon Anderson,Cycle V,Billy Squier,Adam Ant  (Columbia JS 39526 LP)  $13  VG+/EX  1984,gfld,lyric sleeve
147182	Miami Vice 2:  Jackson Browne,Phil Collins,Damned,Jan Hammer,Steve Jones,Gladys Knight & the Pips,Patti LaBelle,Bill Champlin,Roxy Music,Andy Taylor  (MCA 6192 LP)  $10  VG+/M-  1986
149822	Midnight Cowboy:  John Barry,Nilsson,The Groop,Leslie Miller  (United Artists UAS 5198 LP)  $7  VG/VG+  1969,orig,h2o damage oc
153662	Mike's Murder:  Joe Jackson  (A&M SP-4931 LP)  $13  VG+/M-  1983,co,soc
147166	Milk and Honey:  Original Broadway Cast  (RCA Victor LOC-1065(M) LP)  $11  VG+/EX  1961,Don Appell & Jerry Herman,swobc
147102	Milk and Honey:  Original Broadway Cast  (RCA Victor LSO-1065 LP)  $10  VG+/VG+  1961,Living Stereo,Don Appell & Jerry Herman
147080	Mishima:  Philip Glass  (Nonesuch Digital 79113 LP)  $12  VG/VG+  1985,co
151746	Miss Liberty:  Original Broadway Cast  (Columbia Masterworks OL 4220(M) LP)  $18  EX/EX  196?,osw,two eye label,Irving Berlin
151236	Molly Maguires:  Henry Mancini  (Paramount PAS-6000 LP)  $22  VG+/VG  1970
152049	Moonraker:  John Barry,Shirley Bassey  (United Artists UA-LA971-I LP)  $21  VG+/EX  1979,James Bond
151744	Most Happy Fella:  Original Broadway Cast  (Columbia Masterworks O3L-240(M) LP)  $25  VG+/VG+  195?-6?,3lp box,bklt,grey six eye label,wobc,Frank Loesser
152905	Murmur of the Heart:  Sidney Bechet,Dizzy Gillespie,Henri Renaud,Charlie Parker  (Roulette SR-3006 LP)  $31  VG+/EX  1971,co,slrw
151698	My Fair Lady:  Frederick Loewe,Alan Jay Lerner  (Columbia Masterworks OL 5090 LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  195?-6?,orig six eye label,Al Hirschfeld cover art,toc
151690	My One & Only You:  George & Ira Gershwin  (Atlantic 80110-1-E LP)  $12  VG+/M-  1983,Twiggy,Tommy Tune,prst oc,djts oc
149031	Naked Carmen:  John Corigliano,David A. Hess  (Mercury SRM 1-604 LP)  $28  VG+/M-  1970,gfld,wlp,bklt intact
147143	Never Ending Story:  Klaus Doldinger,Giorgio Moroder,Limahl  (EMI America ST-17139 LP)  $15  VG+/EX  1984,prst oc,scratch oc
147142	Never On Sunday:  Manos Hadjidakis  (United Artists UAL 4070(M) LP)  $16  VG/VG+  1960,orig
148337	Never On Sunday:  Manos Hadjidakis  (United Artists UAS 5070 LP)  $17  VG+/VG+  1960,orig
147144	Night Shift:  Al Jarreau,Quarterflash,Rod Stewart,Burt Bacharach,Marhsall Crenshaw,Heaven 17,Pointer Sisters,Rufus & Chaka Khan,Talk Talk  (Warner Bros 1-23702 LP)  $11  EX/M-  1982,osw,co
154210	Night the Lights Went Out In Georgia:  Tanya Tucker,Glen Campbell,George Jones,Tammy Wynette,Dennis Quaid,Kristy McNichol,David Shire,Billy Preston & Syreeta  (Mirage WTG 16051 LP)  $13  VG+/EX  1981,djts oc,prst obc
147082	No Strings:  Richard Rodgers,Samuel Taylor  (Capitol SO 1695 LP)  $11  VG/VG+  196?,orig broadway cast,toc
147130	Nothing In Common:  Thompson Twins,Carly Simon,Christopher Cross,Nick Heyward,Richard Marx,Aretha Franklin,Kinks,Cruzados,Pat Leonard,Real to Reel  (Arista AL9 8438 LP)  $12  VG+/M-  1986,Tom Hanks,Jackie Gleason,prst obc
151233	Odessa File:  Andrew Lloyd Webber  (MCA 2084 LP)  $24  EX/M-  1974,co
147739	Oklahoma Crude:  Henry Mancini  (RCA Victor APL1-0271 LP)  $11  EX/M-  1973,osw,co
147108	Oklahoma!:  Original Broadway Cast  (Decca DL 79017(E) LP)  $12  EX/VG+  197?,re,25th anniv edition,osw,Rodgers & Hammerstein
147770	Oliver!:  Original Cast  (Decca LK 4359(M) LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  1960,UK
147083	On the Town:  Leonard Bernstein  (Columbia Masterworks OS 2028 LP)  $25  VG/VG+  1960,orig six eye label,orig cast,bklt sleeve,smsplt
151230	One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest:  Jack Nitzsche  (Fantasy F-9500 LP)  $13  EX/M-  1975,gfld,osw,Jack Nicholson,academy award nomination cover art,no poster
147131	One from the Heart:  Tom Waits,Crystal Gayle  (Columbia PC 37703 LP)  $15  EX/M-  1982,prst obc
150083	One On One:  Charles Fox,Paul Williams,Seals & Crofts  (Warner Bros BS 3076 LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  1977,soc,co
147179	Out of Africa:  John Barry  (MCA 6158 LP)  $8  VG+/EX  1985,prst obc
147094	Outland:  Jerry Goldsmith  (Warner Bros HS 3551 LP)  $16  EX/EX  1981,osw,co
147662	Outrageous!:  Paul Hoffert,Brenda Hoffert,Cecile Frenette  (Polydor PD-1-8902 LP)  $17  VG/EX  1977
151685	Perfect:  Jermaine Jackson,Pointer Sisters,Thompson Twins,Wham!,Dan Hartman,Berlin,Nona Hendryx,Whitney Houston,Lou Reed,Jermaine Stewart  (Arista AL9-8278 LP)  $12  SS  1985,co
155338	Peter Gunn:  Henry Mancini  (RCA Victor LSP-1956 LP)  $18  VG/VG+  1959,orig,smsplt,Living Stereo,sm tear oc
147400	Pink Panther:  Henry Mancini  (RCA Victor LSP-2795 LP)  $23  EX/VG  1964,black label orig,osw
151587	Pins & Needles:  Harold Rome  (Columbia Masterworks OL 5810(M) LP)  $38  EX/EX  1962,gfld,Barbra Streisand,soc,prst oc,prst ol,sewing tools cover art,originally produced by the International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union 1937
147133	Playing for Keeps:  Pete Townshend,Chris Thompson,Peter Frampton,Eugene Wilde,Hinton Battle,Phil Collins,Sister Sledge,Arcania,Joe Cruz,Julian Lennon  (Atlantic 81678-1 LP)  $9  VG+/M-  1986,co,sost
152980	Porgy & Bess:  Sidney Poitier,Dorothy Dandridge,Brock Peters,Pearl Bailey  (Philips 840 033 RY LP)  $25  EX/EX  195?-6?,Netherlands,gfld,bklt intact,soc
150206	Post, Mike:  S/T  (RCA Victor AFL1-5183 LP)  $8  EX/EX  1984,"A-Team"
148199	Pride & the Passion:  George Antheil  (Capitol W-873(M) LP)  $28  VG+/EX  1957,swobc
151745	Princess Bride:  Mark Knopfler  (Warner Bros 1-25610 LP)  $16  VG+/M-  1987,prst oc
148130	QB VII:  Jerry Goldsmith  (ABC ABCD-822 LP)  $21  VG+/M-  1974,osw
147075	Rampage:  Ennio Morricone  (Virgin 1-90644 LP)  $18  VG+/M-  1987,co,prst oc
152015	Red Mill / Naughty Marietta:  Gordon MacRae,Carmen Dragon,George Greeley  (Capitol T-551(M) LP)  $18  VG/VG+  195?,turquoise label,rw,partial smsplt
151624	Return of the Pink Panther:  Henry Mancini  (RCA Victor ABL1-0968 LP)  $21  VG+/EX  1975,poster
148186	Rise & Fall of the Third Reich:  Lalo Schifrin,Lawrence Foster   (MGM S1E 12 ST LP)  $28  VG+/EX  1967,gfld,co
148347	Road to Hong Kong:  Bing Crosby,Bob Hope  (Liberty LOM 16002(M) LP)  $17  EX/M-  195?,osw
151235	Rocky:  Bill Conti  (Liberty LO-693 LP)  $13  VG+/M-  1976,re,osw
149288	Rocky 2:  Conti, Bill  (United Artists UA-LA972-I LP)  $19  SS  1979,co
147109	Running Scared:  Klymaxx,Patti LaBelle,Michael McDonald,New Edition,Ready for the World,Fee Waybill,Kim wilde  (MCA 6169 LP)  $14  SS  1986,co,sost
150781	Salsa: The Motion Picture:  Wilkins,Mavis Vegas Davis,Grupo Niche,Laura Branigan,Kenny Ortega,Bobby Rosa,Tito Puente,Marisela,Edwin Hawkins Singers,Bobby Caldwell,Michael Sembello,Mongo Santamaria,Charlie Palmieri  (MCA 6232 LP)  $11  VG+/M-  1988
148464	Saturday Night Fever:  VA-Bee Gees,Tavares,Kool & the Gang,MFSB,Yvonne Elliman,Trammps,Walter Murphy  (RSO RS 2 4001 LP)  $22  SS  1977,2lp,John Travolta,lyric sleeves,insert
148710	Schifrin, Lalo:  Once A Thief  (Verve V 8624 LP)  $45  VG/VG+  196?,gfld,smspt
148386	Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band:  VA-Peter Frampton,Bee Gees,Aerosmith,Alice Cooper,Earth Wind & Fire,Steve Martin,Billy Preston,George Burns,Paul Nicholas  (RSO RS 2 4100  LP)  $16  SS  1978,2lp,Beatles songs,seal partially open,poster
147127	She's Having a Baby:  Dave Wakeling,Love & Rockets,Gene Loves Jezebel,XTC,Bryan Ferry,Kirsty MacColl,Everything But the Girl,Kate Bush,Carmel,Dr. Calculus  (IRS 6211 LP)  $14  VG+/M-  1988,co
147792	Silencers:  Dean Martin,Elmer Bernstein,Gene Page  (Reprise RS-6211 LP)  $21  VG+/VG+  196?,"Dean Martin as Matt Helm Sings Songs from 'The Silencers'"
147095	Singing Nun:  Harry Sukman,Debbie Reynolds  (MGM S1E-7 ST LP)  $16  VG+/M-  196?,gfld,scooter cover art
147112	Skidoo:  Harry Nilsson  (RCA Victor LSO-1152 LP)  $57  SS  1968,psych
150783	Slugger's Wife:  Rebecca De Mornay,Van Stephenson,Nik Kershaw,James Ingram,Klymaxx,Loudon Wainwright III,Jimmy Buffett,Don Felder  (MCA 5578 LP)  $25  EX/EX  1985,osw,co
147074	Some Kind of Wonderful:  Flesh for Lulu,Pete Shelley,Furniture,Blue Room,Stephen Duffy,Jesus & Mary Chain,Apartments,March Violets,Lick the Tins  (MCA 6200 LP)  $15  SS  1986,co,sost "I Go Crazy",seal partially open
147184	Something Wild:  David Byrne,Celia Cruz,Fine Young Cannibals,UB40,Oingo Boingo,Jimmy Cliff,Steve Jones,Sonny Okossun,Jerry Harrison,New Order,Sister Carol  (MCA 6194 LP)  $11  VG+/EX  1986,talking heads members
147183	Soul Man:  Sam Moore,Lou Reed,Models,Nu Shooz,Martha Davis,Sly Stone,Ricky,Brenda Russell,Vesta Williams,Rae Dawn Chong,Tom Scott  (A&M SP 3903 LP)  $8  VG+/EX  1986,sost
153994	Spinal Tap:  This Is Spinal Tap OST  (Polydor 422-817-846-1 LP)  $21  VG/VG+  1984,gfld,soc,lyric sleeve
147185	St. Elmo's Fire:  John Parr,Billy Squier,Elefante,Jon Anderson,Fee Waybill,David Foster,Vikki Moss,Airplay  (Atlantic 81261-1-E LP)  $10  VG+/M-  1985,sost,prst oc
152047	Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan:  James Horner  (Atlantic SD 19363 LP)  $18  EX/EX  1982,osw,digital
148553	Star Wars:  John Williams  (20th Century 2T-541 LP)  $21  VG+/VG  1977,2lp,insert,poster has small tear on the crease - otherwise fine
153007	Stormy Monday:  B.B. King,Mike Figgis,Krakow Jazz Ensemble  (Virgin 1-90962 LP)  $18  VG+/M-  1988,co,prst oc
149380	Summer of '42:  Michel Legrand  (Warner Bros WS 1925 LP)  $14  EX/VG  1971,"Picasso Suite",osw
147067	Sweet Charity:  Shirley MacLaine,Sammy Davis Jr  (Decca DL 71502 LP)  $33  SS  1969,gfld,co,Cy Coleman,Neil Simon,"Rich Man's Frug"
154828	Sweet Dreams: The Life & Times of Patsy Cline:  Patsy Cline  (MCA 6149 LP)  $9  VG+/EX  1985,insert
148221	Taming of the Shrew:  Nino Rota  (RCA Victor Red Seal VDM-117(M) LP)  $21  VG+/M-  1967,deep groove,gfld,Taylor/Burton
147742	The Bobo:  Francis Lai  (Warner Bros WS 1711 LP)  $28  VG+/EX  196?,Peter Sellers,co,gold label,osw,smsplt
147157	Thief Who Came To Dinner:  Henry Mancini  (Warner Bros BS 2700 LP)  $25  VG/EX  1973,wlp,prst oc
148375	Three Little Words:  Bert Kalmar  (MGM E-516(M) LP)  $38  VG+/VG  1950,ten inch lp,Fred Astaire
151231	Threepenny Opera:  Kurt Weill,Berthold Brecht,Lotte Lenya  (MGM E3121(M) LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  196?,co,original cast
152058	Thunderball:  John Barry,Tom Jones  (United Artists UAS 5132 LP)  $48  SS  1965,orig,co,rare sealed
149960	Times Square:  Suzi Quatro,Pretenders,Roxy Music,Gary Numan,Talking Heads,XTC,Ramones,Ruts,Lou Reed,Cure,Patti Smith,David Johansen  (RSO RS-2- 4203 LP)  $16  VG+/EX  1980,2lp,wlp,orig inner sleeves
153756	To Sir, With Love:  Lulu,Mindbenders,Ron Grainer  (Fontana SRF-67569 LP)  $24  EX/M-  1967
147069	Together?:  Burt Bacharach  (RCA Victor ABL1 3541 LP)  $10  VG+/EX  1979,osw,soc
149033	Tom Sawyer:  Amerikids,Richard Wolfe  (RCA Camden ACL1-0254 LP)  $8  VG+/VG+  1973
151747	Tom Sawyer:  John Williams,Richard & Robert Sherman  (United Artists UA-LA057-F LP)  $14  VG+/EX  1973,lyric sheet binded obc,co
151979	Twister:  Stephen Eastin & Company  (Fortune LP)  $95  VG/VG+  1973,actual levi's denim cover art,rw
151758	Two Tickets To Paris:  Joey Dee & the Starliters,Willie Davis,Henry Glover,Gary Crosby,Kay Medford,Jeri Lynne Fraser  (Roulette R 25182(M) LP)  $15  VG/EX  196?,"Teenage Vamp",smsplt
148373	Two Weeks With Love:  Busby Berkeley,Georgie Stoll,Leo Arnaud  (MGM E-530(M) LP)  $28  VG+/VG  1950,ten inch lp,smsplt
147137	Up the Creek:  Cheap Trick,Beach Boys,Heart,Ian Hunter,Kick Axe  (Pasha SZ 39333 LP)  $16  VG+/M-  1984,lyric sleeve
147068	Urban Cowboy:  Jimmy Buffett,Charlie Daniels,Eagles,Dan Fogelberg,Mickey Gilley,Johnny Lee,Anne Murray,Bonnie Raitt,Linda Ronstadt,J.D. Souther,Kenny Rogers,Boz Scaggs,Bob Seger,Joe Walsh  (Asylum DP 90002 LP)  $14  EX/M-  1980,2lp,orig inner sleeves
147134	V.I.P.s:  Miklos Rozsa  (MGM E-4152 ST(M) LP)  $18  VG/EX  196?,co,partial smsplt
147187	VA-History of MGM Movie Music Vol. 1:  Max Steiner,Alfred Newman,Miklos Rozsa,Lerner & Loewe,Jerome Kern,Bronislau Kaper,Meredith Wilson,Adolph Deutsch,John Green,Gene Kelly  (MGM 2-SE-15-ST(E) LP)  $12  VG+/EX  1973,2lp,co
150321	VA-Roland Douette,Yehudi Menuhin,Harry Rabinowitz,Kenyon Emyrs-Roberts,Derek Hilton,David Munrow,Herbert Chappell,Joseph Horowitz,Georgia Browne,Marcus Dods:  Favorite Themes from Masterpiece Theatre  (Gloucester CPM T10 LP)  $16  VG+/EX  1981,gfld
147155	VA-Special In-Store Play Disc Featuring Excerpts from Star Wars/The Empire Strikes Back:  John Williams,Meco,Boris Midney,Empire Jazz,Adventures of Luke Skywalker  (RSO RPO 1025 LP)  $33  M-  1980,promo-only star wars sampler,plain cover with title sticker,tear oc
147101	VA-TV Theme Song Sing-Along Album:  Desi Arnaz,Al Caiola,Flatt & Scruggs,Bob Crane,Andy Griffith,Gene Roddenberry,Frankie Laine,Monkees,Eddie Albert,Lalo Schifrin,Ray Conniff,Jud Canlon's Rhythmaires,Les Elgart  (Rhino RNLP 703 LP)  $11  VG+/M-  1985,themes from i love lucy,leave it to beaver,dobie gillis,star trek,petticoat junction...
153058	Valley Girl:  Modern English,Men at Work,Psychedelic Furs,Gary Myrick,Bonnie Hayes & the Wild Combo,Josie Cotton,Plimsouls  (Avatar AVAL 5 LP)  $48  VG+/VG  1984,UK,osw
147148	Valley of the Dolls:  Dory & Andre Previn,Johnny Williams  (20th Century Fox S4196 LP)  $15  VG+/EX  1967,osw
147737	Vertigo:  Bernard Herrmann  (Mercury MG-20384(M) LP)  $65  VG/VG+  1958,orig black label,smsplt
147138	Victor / Victoria:  Henry Mancini,Leslie Bricusse  (MGM MG 1 5407 LP)  $13  EX/EX  1982,gfld
151687	Vision Quest:  Journey,John Waite,Style Council,Madonna,Don Henley,Dio,Red Rider,Sammy Hagar,Foreigner  (Geffen GHS 24063 LP)  $11  VG+/M-  1985,prst oc
151691	Wanderers:  Four Seasons,Lee Dorsey,Angels,Shirelles,Ben E. King,Isley Brothers,Contours,Dion  (Warner Bros BSK 3359 LP)  $7  VG/VG+  1979,prst oc
147122	War Lover:  Shiro Hirosaki  (Colpix CP 512(M) LP)  $27  VG+/M-  1962
151695	War of the Worlds:  Richard Burton,Julie Covington  (Columbia PC2 35290 LP)  $32  VG+/EX  1978,2lp,wlp,djts oc,color booklet
147081	Warriors:  Barry DeVorzon,Joe Walsh,Genya Ravan,Desmond Child,Ismael Miranda,Mandrill  (A&M SP 4761 LP)  $21  VG+/EX  1979,wlp,prst obc,orig inner sleeve
147103	Washington: Behind Closed Doors:  Dominic Frontiere  (ABC AB-1044 LP)  $18  VG+/M-  1977,osw,co
151688	WC Fields and Me:  Henry Mancini  (MCA 2092 LP)  $15  VG/EX  1976,co
150053	We Were Happy There!:  Patrick Garland,Carl Davis  (Decca DL 75145 LP)  $23  VG+/EX  196?-7?,gfld,wlp,soc,orig inner sleeve,2 tracks pop-psych,John Gielgud
153006	Weird Science:  Oingo Boingo,Broken Homes,Cheyne,Wall of Voodoo,Ira & the Geeks,Wild Men of Wonga,Taxxi,Max Carl,Kim Wilde,Lords of the New Church,Killing Joke  (MCA 6146 LP)  $13  VG+/M-  1985,co
149285	Who Is Killing the Great Chefs of Europe?:  Mancini, Henry  (Epic SE 35692 LP)  $16  VG+/EX  1978,wlp,djts obc,prst obc
147110	Who's That Girl:  Madonna,Scritti Politti,Club Nouveau,Coati Mundi,Michael Davidson,Duncan Faure  (Sire 1-25611 LP)  $10  EX/VG+  1987,osw
147176	Who's That Girl:  Madonna,Scritti Politti,Club Nouveau,Coati Mundi,Michael Davidson,Duncan Faure  (Sire 1-25611 LP)  $11  EX/EX  1987,prst oc
147115	Wild In the Streets:  Les Baxter,Barry Mann,Cynthia Weil,Davie Allan,Mike Curb  (Tower SKAO 5099 LP)  $21  VG/VG+  1968,gfld
147136	Wild Life:  Bananarama,Peter Case,Louise Goffin,Charlotte Caffey,Hanover Fist,Charlie Sexton,Ron Wood,Van Stephenson,Andy Summers,Three O'Clock,Eddie Van Halen,What Is This  (MCA 5523 LP)  $11  VG+/EX  1984,prst oc,insert
147096	Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory:  Leslie Bricusse,Anthony Newley  (Paramount PAS 6012 LP)  $95  VG+/VG+  1971
150449	Winter Equinox:  Dennis Dragon  (Festival FR1007 LP)  $23  VG/VG  1976,woc
148374	With a Song In My Heart:  Jane Froman,George Greeley  (Capitol L-309(M) LP)  $20  VG+/VG  1952,ten inch lp
153762	Yentl:  Barbra Streisand,Michel Legrand  (Columbia JS 39152 LP)  $8  EX/EX  1983,lyric sleeve,gfld,osw
147077	Yol:  Sebastian Argol  (Warner Bros 1-23816 LP)  $20  VG+/M-  1982,prst oc
153958	You Are What You Eat:  Rosko,Peter Yarrow,Tiny Tim,John Herold,Hamsa El Din,John Simon,Eleanor Baruchian,Paul Butterfield,Electric Flag  (Columbia Masterworks OS 3240 LP)  $28  VG+/VG+  1968?,co,360 label
146817	You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown:  Clark Genser,Original Cast  (MGM S1E-9 OC X LP)  $11  VG/VG  196?,no booklet
150143	Young Girls of Rochefort:  Michel Legrand  (United Artists UAS 6662 LP)  $45  SS  1968,orchestral version
150382	Your Cheatin' Heart:  Hank Williams,Hank Williams Jr,George Hamilton,Fred Karger  (MGM SE-4260 LP)  $18  VG/VG+  196?,slrw
148493	Your Own Thing:  Original Cast  (RCA Victor LSO-1148 LP)  $16  VG+/VG  1968,Hal Hester,Danny Apolinar,hippie-rock musical rework of "Twelfth Night",psych cover art
147076	Zoot Suit:  Daniel Valdez,Shorty Rogers  (MCA 5267 LP)  $28  VG/EX  1981,prst oc


152550	Associated Press:  The World In Sound 1978  (Associated Press AP 1978 LP)  $25  VG+/M-  1978,slrw
152549	Associated Press:  The World In Sound 1979  (Associated Press AP 1979 LP)  $35  VG+/M-  1979,slrw
152548	Associated Press:  The World In Sound 1980  (Associated Press AP 1980 LP)  $35  VG+/M-  1980
152547	Associated Press:  The World In Sound 1981  (Associated Press AP 1981 LP)  $25  VG+/M-  1981
152546	Associated Press:  The World In Sound 1982  (Associated Press AP 1982 LP)  $35  VG+/M-  1982
154390	Bernstein, Leonard:  Discusses  (Special Service 91A 02031 LP)  $45  SS  196?-7?,discussion of beethoven's 3rd & 5th symphonies,bach's st. matthew passion & the music of charles ives
151213	Brennan, Walter:  Dutchman's Gold  (Dot DLP 3309(M) LP)  $19  EX/EX  196?
148345	CBS News:  9:34 AM, EST, May 5, 1961  (Columbia XX 1 LP)  $33  VG+/VG  1961,orig eyes label,Man in Space part 1 &2, recording of the space voyage of america's 1st astronaut,kennedy statement
155163	Churchill, Sir Winston:  I Can Hear It Now  (Columbia Masterworks KL 5066(M) LP)  $18  VG+/VG+  196?,six eye label,bklt,slrw obc,narrated by Edward R. Murrow
152369	Conversa-Phone:  Round-the-World Malay Language Record Course  (Conversa-Phone CX-152 LP)  $24  EX/EX  1964,language instruction,bklt,osw
153123	Cowlan, Bert:  The Sounds of Poverty  (Aural 9009(M?) LP)  $48  VG/VG+  196?,rw,smsplt,sol,soc,swoc
148528	Cronkite, Walter & Fred W. Friendly:  The Way It Was - The Sixties  (CBS F3M 38858 LP)  $18  VG+/M-  1983,2nd press,3lp box,bklt
150789	Dean, James:  S/T  (Warner Bros BS 2843(M) LP)  $8  VG+/EX  1975,toc,dialogue & music excerpts from his films
152360	Dirksen, Sen. Everett McKinley:  Gallant Men: Stories of the American Adventure  (Capitol ST-2643 LP)  $18  EX/EX  196?,osw
148720	Dirksen, Sen. Everett McKinley:  Gallant Men: Stories of the American Adventure  (Capitol T-2643(M) LP)  $17  VG+/EX  196?
152370	Donegan, Martin:  A Treasury of Greek Mythology Vol. V  (CMS 656 LP)  $45  SS  1973,co
152552	Donegan, Martin:  Short Stories of Edgar Allan Poe Vol. V  (CMS 592/2 LP)  $41  EX/M-  1970,2lp,co
149844	Dufilho, Jacques & Rosy Varte:  Le Medecin Malgre Lui de Moliere  (Spoken Arts SA-SSB-116(M) LP)  $35  VG+/M-  1965,France,sm tear obc
154160	Facenda, John:  The Nativity  (Manuscript MS-571(M) LP)  $13  VG/VG+  1957,gfld,bklt intact,toc,swobc
153610	Furbay, Dr. John:  Four Dreams of Man  (Columbia SCTV 83856(M) LP)  $23  VG+/EX  195?,autographed oc
146962	Genn, Leo & Miklos Rozsa:  Kipling's Jungle Book / Thief of Baghdad Suite  (RCA Victor Red Seal LM-2118(M) LP)  $20  VG+/VG+  1957,rousseau cover art
149314	Hayes-Marshall, Pamela:  Memoirs of Fanny Hill  (Recorded Literature RL-5 LP)  $17  VG+/VG+/EX  1963,2lp,soc
151792	Hearst, James:  Things As They Are  (Variety JH 200(M) LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  1965
150796	Hitler's Inferno Vol. 2:  Marches, Songs, Speeches of Nazi Germany: A Startling, Shocking Documentary of the Nazi Holocaust 1932-45  (Audio Masterpiece AM 2450 LP)  $75  SS  1961
148207	Holbrook, Hal:  Mark Twain Tonight!  (Columbia Masterworks OS 3080 LP)  $26  SS  196?,orig gray 360 label
151195	Huntley, Chet:  Winston Churchill: The Memory of a Great Man  (RCA Victor Red Seal LM-2723(M) LP)  $15  EX/EX  196?,osw
153934	Jacobs, Henry:  The Wide Weird World of Shorty Petterstein  (World Pacific WPM-412(M) LP)  $55  VG/VG  196?,deep groove,smsplts,toc,Watts Tower cover art
153069	Janssen, David:  Voices of Freedom: The Story of America's Citizen Soldier In the National Guard  (National Guard NG 1000 LP)  $13  EX/EX  1976,osw,US Air Force Symphony in Blue,Singing Sergeants,military
152553	Jones, James:  Reads James Jones  (CMS 552 LP)  $11  EX/EX  1968,osw,co,selections from "the thin red line" & "from here to eternity"
152347	Kennedy, Robert F.:  A Memorial  (Columbia Masterworks D2S 792 LP)  $18  VG+/EX  1968,2lp,insert,1st album is speeches by rfk - mono,2nd album is a recording of the funeral service - stereo,liner notes by Coretta Scott King
152066	King Jr., Rev. Dr. Martin Luther:  In Search of Freedom  (Mercury ST-61170(E) LP)  $28  EX/EX  196?,osw,co
147278	Knight, Vick & the Concord Avenue Strolling Players:  The Mystery of the Little Old Lady in Tennis Shoes  (Key KLP-2550(M) LP)  $150  SS  196?,rare original still sealed,back cover art of 9 other releases!!
148185	Lest We Forget:  Sounds of the Third Reich: The Rise & Collapse of Nazi Germany, 1933-45 - Actual Recorded Voices, Music & Sounds  (Sonic Workshop 0300 LP)  $95  VG/VG+  195?,2lp,smsplt,hologram on cover,sm tear oc
151897	Lundberg, Victor:  An Open Letter  (Liberty LST-7547 LP)  $16  VG/M-  196?,co,soc,anti-hippie rattletrap,music by Benny Carter,Sid Feller
149872	MacArthur, Gen. Douglas:  Speech to Congress April 19, 1951  (Columbia PL 4410(M) LP)  $25  VG+/VG+  195?,promo?,military,smsplt
149847	MacArthur, Gen. Douglas:  The Complete Life of...Through His Own Words  (Atlantic 8095(M) LP)  $24  VG+/EX  1964,osw,scratch oc,co,military
148983	MacGregor, Byron:  Americans  (Westbound WB 1000 LP)  $12  VG+/EX  1974,slrw
155273	McKenna, Siobhan & John Neville:  Countess Cathleen  (Tradition TLP 501(M) LP)  $25  VG/EX  196?,W.B. Yeats
152346	McNaspy, C.J.:  All About Music: An Introduction to the Language of Good Music  (America Record Society ARS LP)  $12  VG/EX  1963,smsplt
153078	Moon Mission Accomplished:  The Fantastic Voyage of Apollo 11  (Springboard SPB-2000 LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  196?-7?,osw
148367	NBC News:  Go! Colonel Glenn In Orbit  (Crown Publishers N80P-5464 LP)  $28  VG/EX  1962,paper sleeve
151865	O'Brien, Pat:  Proudly Wear the Green  (Michael Marc WG-971-1 LP)  $13  EX/EX  1971
148287	Parliamo ingles:  Let Us Speak English  (Cambridge Language Series L-16-S LP)  $47  SS  196?,2lp,english lessons for spanish speakers
154263	Pope John Paul II:  Journey to America  (Catholic Media Services LP)  $17  SS  1979
148052	Pope Paul VI:  The Keys to Peace Offered to the World by His Holiness  (Manning Organization LE-1 LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  1965,lim ed,swoc
150700	Reagan, Ronald / Brian Aherne:  Tales from the Great Book Vol. 2: Joseph / Abraham  (RCA Victor LBY-1029(M) LP)  $15  EX/VG+  1959
151335	Redgrave, Sir Michael & Sir Ralph Richardson:  Shakespeare / Soul of an Age  (Caedmon TC 1170(M) LP)  $22  EX/EX  1962,gfld,panoramic statue silhouette cover art,inner booklet intact
152351	Riquier, Georges, & Lucienne Le Marchand:  The Golden Treasury of French Prose, Vol. 2  (Spoken Arts SA 796(M) LP)  $17  SS  196?,gargoyle sculpture cover art
149301	Scourby, Alexander:  Best Loved Passages from the King James Version of the Holy Bible Vol. IV  (Synthetic Plastics LP)  $15  SS  196?
153855	Shoenbrun, David:  Who's Right In Vietnam?  (Chicago Committee of Business Executives LP)  $18  EX/VG+  1968,osw,private press
150337	Sparer, Paul & Jack Curtis:  Literature of Revolutionary America  (EAV Lexington LE 7673/74(M) LP)  $15  VG/VG+  1962,2lp,library pocket & stickers oc
153724	VA-Herb Fanning,Tom Motlow,J.B. Murray,Lem Tolley,Clarence Rolman:  Voices of Lynchburg  (Tennessee Squire Association 62900 LP)  $10  VG/M-  197?,rw
152298	VA-Herb Fanning,Tom Motlow,J.B. Murray,Lem Tolley,Clarence Rolman:  Voices of Lynchburg  (Tennessee Squire Association 62900 LP)  $12  EX/M-  197?,osw
149034	VA-The Poems of Rudyard Kipling:  Boris Karloff,Edward Woodward,Nigel Davenport,Ronald Fraser,Murray Melvin  (Caedmon TC 1193 LP)  $15  VG/VG+  197?,book,smsplt
155169	Waltons:  Christmas Album  (Columbia C 33193 LP)  $8  VG/VG+  1974,rw,Roger Kellaway
148184	World War II:  Hitler's March On Czechoslovakia  (Time Capsule TC 201(M) LP)  $21  VG+/VG+  1968
148579	All Star Inter Conference Band:  College Marches at Halftime U.S.A.  (Somerset SF-17300 LP)  $16  VG+/EX  195?-6?,college fight songs of Texas,USC,Notre Dame,Navy,Wisconsin,Army,Georgia Tech
153929	Coe, Joni:  Bodywork & Weight Training  (Gateway GSLP 7624 LP)  $28  VG/VG+  1983,gfld,soc,bklt intact
152054	Denver Broncos:  The Year of the Broncos  (Fleetwood FCLP 3104(M) LP)  $21  VG+/VG+  1978,gfld,narrated by Bob Martin
152544	Hawkeye Fever:  University of Iowa...a Nashville Musical Salute  (All-Pro AP-1038 LP)  $35  VG+/VG  1981,sm tear oc
153928	Kennedy, Jayne:  Love Your Body  (Compleat CPL-1-1001 LP)  $7  EX/VG+  1982,osw,bklt,excercise record
150092	Knievel, Evel:  S/T  (Amherst AMH 1001 LP)  $15  VG+/M-  1974,gfld,full color photo insert
150226	Kyser, Kay:  Campus Rally  (Harmony HL 7136(M) LP)  $15  VG/VG+  195?,smsplt,college football songs
152367	Louisian State University:  The Sounds of Tiger Football  (Sounds of Football DF 29352 LP)  $42  EX/EX  1972,osw
150991	McCarthy, Clem & Ed Sullivan:  Voice of American Sports  (Riverside RLP 7522(M) LP)  $55  VG+/VG+  196?,sm tears obc
153127	National Football League Marching Band:  The National Football League Marching Songs  (RCA Victor LPM-2292(M) LP)  $33  VG+/VG+  1960,swobc
147812	New York Mets:  The Amazing Mets  (Buddah METS 1969 LP)  $20  VG+/VG+  1969
147051	Rosburg, Bob:  Hear How to Improve Your Golf!  (Carlton CHH/15(M) LP)  $15  VG+/VG+  1960,smsplt
148524	VA-1988 Summer Olympics Album: One Moment in Time:  Whitney Houston,John Williams,Bee Gees,Taylor Dayne,Four Tops,Eric Carmen,Bunburys,Kashif,Jennifer Holliday,Christians,Odds & Ends  (Arista AL-8551 LP)  $9  VG+/M-  1988,lyric sleeve,prst obc
147114	VA-The Official Music of the XXIIIrd Olympiad Los Angeles 1984:  Foreigner,Loverboy,Toto,Herbie Hancock,Bob James,Philip Glass,Giorgio Moroder  (Columbia BJS 39322 LP)  $11  VG+/M-  1984,gfld,prst obc


151603	Actual Business Letters:  Dictated at Various Speeds  (Stenodisc 502 LP)  $25  EX/EX  196?,osw,shorthand dictation practice record,secretary listening to record player cover art
148155	Alexander, "Bill":  The Will to Win or How to Achieve Your Goal  (Edward M. Miller & Assoc. EM-1015(M) LP)  $35  VG+/EX  1961,self-help
148000	An Authentic Program for a Strip Tease:  unknown artist  (Dyna-Disc SCH-828 LP)  $21  VG+/VG+  196?,burlesque cover art
148002	Annis, Edward R., M.D.:  Anxiety & a Decade of Tranquilizer Therapy  (Wallace Laboratories XTV-94828 LP)  $55  VG+/EX  1964,gfld,bklt intact,insert,luncheon address by the president of the ama for doctors at new york hilton,one-sided record
150399	Archer International Morse Code Beginners Course:  Learn Code the Easy Way  (Archer 20-025 LP)  $15  VG/VG  196?,soc,toc
148584	Bakker, Jim:  How to Accomplish the Impossible  (Pax PMR 7001-R LP)  $11  EX/EX  1977,osw,cover art pic of televangelist jim in space with a satellite
146742	Ballantine, Eddie:  Don McNeill Presents March Around the Breakfast Table  (Coral CRL 57291(M) LP)  $30  EX/VG+  195?-6?,osw,insert,happy breakfast family cover art
151301	Baroque Bouquet:  Plant Music  (Amherst AMH 9001 LP)  $12  VG/EX  1976
148486	Behanna, Gert:  Who Is the Alcoholic?  (Word W 3358-LP(M) LP)  $11  EX/VG  196?,osw,cool modern cover art
152221	Berberian, Cathy:  Revolution: An Operatic First  (Fontana MGF-27564(M) LP)  $75  VG/VG+  196?,operatic beatles songs,revolver parody cover art,rw,djs obc
151303	Big Bells Creative World Marching Band:  The Marching Band Spectacular  (BBI-Creative World  LP)  $38  VG+/M-  1978,large booklet insert,"dr. pepper theme","muppet show theme","opus One","Boogie Nights"
150579	Boston Baked Beans:  The Stipper - Music-to-Strip-By  (Diplomat DS2384 LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  196?,osw
151297	Brahe DDS, Neil:  Personal Power - The Golden Thread of Effective Dental Practice  (Project D UR4M-1809 LP)  $35  VG+/EX  196?-7?,private press
152349	Cabot, Sebastian:  Bob Dylan, Poet  (MGM E-4431(M) LP)  $33  VG/VG  196?,toc,co,"a dramatic reading with music"
151601	Cantelon, Willard:  New World Money System  (Vibrant VPS 1509(M) LP)  $17  VG+/VG  196?,"This Record May Be Worth More Than It's Weight In Gold",investment advice,world currencies & un building cover art
148165	Chevrolet:  Growth Unit 1: Setting Goals for the Future  (Chevrolet U4-RL-3605 LP)  $38  VG/VG+  196?,corporate sales record
148596	Davis Grossfeld, Muriel:  The Club 15 Exercise Routine  (Club 15 S4RM-0447 LP)  $33  VG+/VG  196?,us olympic gymnast/"teen-age consultant, campbell soup company",smsplt,private pressf
152361	de Sade, Marquis Donatien Alphonse FranÁois:  Justine or the Misfortune of Virtue  (Sadisc(M) LP)  $98  SS  196?,box set,unexpurgated,adults only
151977	Erotica Series #4:  Erotic Delights of Lady C.  (Fax LP 1008(M) LP)  $17  VG+/VG+  196?,nude painting cover art,blue wax
147152	Friendly, Fred & Bob Hope:  The Quick & the Dead Vol. 1: The Atom Bomb  (RCA Victor Red Seal LM 1129(M) LP)  $40  VG+/VG+  195?,soc,smsplt
147153	Friendly, Fred & Bob Hope:  The Quick & the Dead Vol. 2: The Hydrogen Bomb  (RCA Victor Red Seal LM 1130(M) LP)  $38  VG/VG+  195?,soc,smsplts
149759	Garson, Mort:  Signs of the Zodiac: Capricorn  (A&M SP-4213 LP)  $38  VG/EX  197?,gfld,brown label,electronic,swoc
148137	Garson, Mort:  Signs of the Zodiac: Gemini  (A&M SP-4213 LP)  $40  VG+/EX  197?,gfld,brown label,electronic,swoc
148256	Gentleman Jim & the Palace Pit Orchestra:  Music to Strip By  (Alshire S-5160 LP)  $18  VG/VG+  196?-7?
153931	Gleason, Jackie:  Softly  (Capitol Creative Products SL-6664 LP)  $28  SS  1970,promo item for Placidyl sleep medication,insert
147808	Goldberg, Michael:  Learn to Hustle  (Groove Sound GS1001 LP)  $10  VG+/VG+  1976,instructions by Jeff & Jack Shelley
153853	Harrington, Bob:  How You Can Be Successful In Troubled Times  (Bob Harrington BH #19 LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  197?
153852	Harrington, Bob:  How You Can Be Successful In Troubled Times  (Bob Harrington BH #19 LP)  $13  VG/VG+  197?,rw,autographed obc
150404	Hear How to Touch Type:  Prepared by a "Leading Educator"  (Brother LP)  $11  EX/EX  196?,osw
148729	Hensel, Carol:  Carole Hensel's Excercise & Dance Program  (Vintage VNI 7713 LP)  $13  VG/EX  1981,funky disco-lite versions of "Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now","I Will Survive",no book,soc
148604	Hensel, Carol:  Dancersize  (Vintage VNJ 7701 LP)  $15  VG+/EX  1980,osw,woc,funky disco-lite versions of "Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now","I Will Survive",bklt
153782	JD Feelgood & the Nashville All Stars:  Aerobics Country Style  (Looking Good LG 1009 LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  1982,bklt
149469	Jones, Charles "Tremendous":  The Price of Leadership  (Life Management Services RI 2407 LP)  $18  VG/VG+  196?-7?,2lp,smsplts
147998	Jordan, Cliff & Bill Hamilton:  Reminiscing  (Bildon FM 71122 LP)  $21  EX/EX  1974,osw,"a businessman who likes to sing - a musician who likes to play"
148179	Kittenger, Kenneth C., Ph.D.:  News - A Discovery of the Mind - Presented to the World  (International University Trust  LP)  $45  VG+/EX  195?-6?,"a new philosophy"
149875	Klaas, Betty:  Dynamic Weight Loss - Change the Way You THINK About Food  (Dynamic Weight Loss 9023 LP)  $35  VG+/VG+  1973
152353	Klokken Ringers:  A Festival of Bells  (Omnisound N-1020 LP)  $10  VG+/EX  1978,funny looking kids ringing bells cover art
148927	Kounovsky, Nicholas:  Fitness Sessions & Sixometrics Exercises from...The Joy of Feeling Fit  (Cassette Developmetn EX 1107/08 LP)  $12  VG+/EX/VG+  1971,2lp
151602	Kuzell MD, William C.:  Osteoporosis: The Most Prevalent Bone Disease  (Ciba Clinical MG-78847 LP)  $18  VG+/EX  1961,gfld
150916	Linkletter, Art:  We Love You, Call Collect Plus Interviews With Young Drug Users  (Word WST-8511-LP LP)  $18  SS  196?
151298	Little, Thomas:  12 Keys to Human Relations & Human Sexuality  (Slave SRE-125(M) LP)  $95  VG+/M-  1973,business card taped to cover
148500	Locatelli, Battista:  Battista's Hole In the Wall, Las Vegas, Nevada  (Battista BLP-1000 LP)  $15  VG+/M-  1977,Italian restaraunt owner sings & entertains,liner notes by Dean Koontz!,Italy map cover art,slrw,newspaper ad insert
147398	Mathis, Hon. Dawson:  Reasons to Sing  (Land O' Roses RSR 349 LP)  $38  VG+/EX  1976,us congressman from georgia sings about god & country
155245	Meehan, Lindsay & Pat Tahaney:  Tupperware's Big Top Jubilee 1978  (Tupperware LP)  $12  EX/M-  1978,yellow wax,osw
148992	Mercier, Art:  Game Calling In Hi-Fi Vol. 1  (Mercury GC 100(M) LP)  $18  EX/EX  196?,sobc,duck goose squirrel crow hawk fox coyote,hunters with dead ducks cover art
151320	Meyer, Paul J.:  How to Master Time Organization  (Success Motivation Institute SMI-1327(M) LP)  $25  VG+/M-  1964,book
150327	Mrs. Miller:  Mrs. Miller's Greatest Hits  (Capitol T 2494(M) LP)  $15  VG/VG  196?,"A Hard Day's Night" beatlesong
148056	New Relations:  Great Vibes With Mufftars  (Johnny Dollar JD 1209 LP)  $14  VG/VG+  1980,guitar made out of a car muffler!!
152033	Noebel, David:  The Marxist Minstrels: The Communist Subversion of American Folk Music  (Christian Crusade 26009(M) LP)  $78  EX/EX  196?,anti-commie paranoia,"mass hysteria produced by the beatles...the communists know full well that mass hysteria causes emotional instability, and therefore devised a devious plan to subvert the youth of the free world with the use of music"
147050	Omarr, Sydney:  Scorpio October 23 to November 21  (Astro A 110(M?) LP)  $15  VG+/VG+  196?,liner notes by Henry Miller,osw,stain obc
151333	Peale, Dr. Norman Vincent:  The Power of Positive Thinking  (Listening Library R 1606(M) LP)  $35  VG+/EX  1952,soc,16 rpm
150352	Rash, Dick:  Songs of Victory  (Crusade LP 145-02 LP)  $78  VG+/EX  196?,his real name.
148245	Reveen:  Relax With Reveen  (Vancouver Recording Studio QC 286 LP)  $23  EX/VG+  196?,Canada,osw,Master the Power of Self-Suggestion"
155507	Rippy, Rodney Allen:  Take Life a Little Easier  (Bell 1311 LP)  $15  VG/VG  1974,gfld,orig inner sleeve,wol,kid from the Burger King commercials
152371	Robert, Cavett:  The Six Magic Principles of Human Engineering  (Edward M. Miller EM 6600(M) LP)  $18  VG+/VG+  196?,sticker wear oc
153932	Robinson, Uncle Bud:  Uncle Bud's Hospital Experience  (Beacon Hill L-114(M) LP)  $18  VG/EX  196?,woc
151097	Rotary Club of Cedar Rapids Iowa:  Pete Passes the Gavel  (A-K Sound KM 2943 LP)  $25  EX/EX  1978,private press
151982	Rowland, Jack:  The 4th Dimension  (Hi-Hat BP 3065(M) LP)  $16  VG+/EX  196?,above average baritone voice,goofy cover art
150794	Ruud, Brian:  From a Bum Trip To...the Trip Beyond  (Trip Beyond LP 71311 LP)  $46  EX/VG  196?-197?,black/white negative image cover art,spoken word about how he got over a life of drugs and crime
150793	Ruud, Brian:  From a Bum Trip To...the Trip Beyond  (Trip Beyond LP 71311 LP)  $60  EX/VG+  196?-197?,black/white negative image cover art,spoken word about how he got over a life of drugs and crime,osw
149754	Schneider, John H.:  40th Anniversary Diem & Wing Paper Co.  (Audiocraft LP)  $35  EX  195?-6?,acetate,plain cover
149686	Shanghai School of Dancing Orchestra:  The White-Haired Girl  (China M-937/938 LP)  $48  VG+/M-  1971,China,2x10 inch lps,Communist Cultural Revolution ballet,inserts
150356	Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth:  Rhythm Reflections by the Remnants  (D-12896 LP)  $59  VG/VG+  196?-7?,nuns play popular favorites like "Begin the Beguine","Georgy Girl",soc,woc,private press
149790	Slenderide:  The Sound Exercise Program  (SL 3736(M) LP)  $12  VG/VG  196?
147762	Slenderide:  The Sound Exercise Program  (SL 3736(M) LP)  $14  VG+/VG+  196?
154618	Swaggart, Jimmy:  What the Bible Says About Drugs  (JIM Sermon Series K9 LP)  $35  EX/EX  196?-7?,osw,16 rpm
152029	Swinging Brass & Swinging Strings:  AMF Presents Music for Swingers  (AMF 6001 LP)  $18  VG+/EX  196?,Evan-Piccone bowling costume cover art,"dedicated to the millions of swingers in the United States & all over the world who regularly enjoy the fun of bowling","Music to Watch Girls By","Casino Royale","Swingers Theme"
147393	TNT:  S/T  (TNT S-4140 LP)  $35  VG+/VG+  197?,Mexico?,abstract devil having relations cover art,"keep out of reach of persons under 21 years"
151336	Turner, Glenn W.:  Speaks Out "You Can Better Your Best"  (Souncot SC 1114(M) LP)  $23  VG+/EX  197?,motivational speaker with a hare lip handicap
148004	VA-9 Distinguished Americans Speak On Oil's First Century:  Gen. Alfred Gruenther,Norman Rockwell,Donald Douglas Sr,David Sarnoff,Harvey Firestone Jr,Gen. Mark Clark,Frank Pace,Eric Johnston,John J. McCloy  (Gotham GRC-5495(M) LP)  $45  VG+/VG+  1959,radio spots about oil - "born in freedom, working for progress",rockwell cover art,maroon wax,smsplt
151995	VA-Edison Military Band,Billy Murray,Irving Gillette,Arthur Collins,Vernon Archibald,Enrico Caruso,Ada Jones,Edward Meeker,John Philip Sousa,Presidents Theodore Roosevelt,Taft,Wilson,Harding,Coolidge,Hoover,FDR:  Maytag Anniversary Album: 75 Years of Making Washing Machines  (Mark 56 838 LP)  $38  SS  1982,hit songs of 1907 + excerpts from presidential speeches,antique washing machines cover art
148712	VA-Janie Fricke,Don Gant,Louis Nunley,Lisa Silver,Charnessa,Bob Bowker,Leslie Miller,Buzz Cason,Jamie Carr,Bonnie Koloc,Ed Bruce,Donnie Shelton,Bonnie Herman,Ginger Holladay,Larry Keith,Leo Burnett Co.:  Music We've Made Together  (United Airlines UAL-LB-15 LP)  $50  VG/VG+  1980,rw,promo-only,United Airlines advertising music
150347	VA-Tony Bennett,Ray Price,Frankie Laine,Jerry Vale,Mitch Miller,Bobby Vinton,Robert Goulet,Doris Day,Mike Douglas,Ray Conniff Singers:  Heartaches By the Number  (CBS Special Products P 17676 LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  1984,gfld,promo item for blood pressure medication,Wyatt pharmaceutical,inserts
150701	VA-Vikki Carr,Sanborn Singers,Percy Faith,Mormon Tabernacle Choir,Robert Goulet,Ray Conniff,Johnny Mathis,Ray Price,Johnny Mann Singers,Mitch Miller:  Sounds of Christmas  (Amway VA-2035 LP)  $12  SS  1974,Amway xmas comp
152131	Visual Concepts:  Perceptive Reading Development  (Visual Concepts 23287 LP)  $22  VG/VG+  196?,rw
151192	Welch, Robert:  What Is the John Birch Society?  (John Birch Society JBS-2566 LP)  $98  SS  196?-7?,plain cover,the illuminati speak...
148193	"Z":  Music for Sensuous Lovers  (Sensuous 5800 LP)  $38  VG+/EX  1971,slrw


152223	3M Music Makers:  Do You Hear What I Hear?  (3M MM2-73 LP)  $33  VG+/EX  197?,christmas,soc,corporate release
147928	Adams, Edie:  Behind Those Swingin' Doors  (Decca DL 34092(M) LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  196?
155301	Adams, Edie:  Show Time On Broadway  (CSP 256S LP)  $18  VG/VG+  196?,rw
153551	Akers, Karen:  Presenting Karen Akers  (Rizzoli 1001 LP)  $9  VG+/EX  1981,sticker wear oc
153552	Alberghetti, Anna Maria:  Love Makes the World Go Round  (MGM E4001(M) LP)  $33  VG/VG+  196?,soc
151355	Ameling, Emmy:  Christmas Songs from Europe  (Peters International PLE 092 LP)  $28  VG+/M-  1977,gfld
148302	Ames Brothers:  Destination Moon  (RCA Victor LPM-1680(M) LP)  $16  VG+/EX  1958,orig
149751	Ames Brothers:  Knees Up! Mother Brown & Other Funny Songs  (Epic LN 24069(M) LP)  $25  VG+/EX  1963,wlp
153710	Ames Brothers:  Sings the Best of the Bands  (RCA Victor LPM-2273(M) LP)  $13  VG/VG+  1960,smsplt
151938	Ames, Ed:  Best of...  (RCA Victor LSP-4184 LP)  $8  EX/EX  1969,osw,orange label
150074	Ames, Ed:  My Cup Runneth Over  (RCA Victor LSP-3774 LP)  $8  VG+/VG+  1967,black label,songs from "The Sound Of Music" "Sherry!" and "I Do! I Do!" etc.
153100	Ames, Nancy:  The Incredible  (Liberty LST 7276 LP)  $23  VG+/EX  196?,sm tear oc
150220	Ames, Nancy:  Versatile  (Sunset SUM-1109(M) LP)  $16  VG+/VG+  196?,osw
147059	Andrews Sisters:  Near You  (Vocalion VL 73611 LP)  $15  EX/EX  196?,osw
150326	Andrews Sisters:  Pistol Packin' Mamas  (Sears SPS-451 LP)  $15  VG+/VG+  196?,re
149621	Andrews Sisters:  S/T  (NCB AR-30025 LP)  $35  M-  1984,Denmark,picture disc,clear vinyl sleeve
155541	Andrews, Julie:  T.V.'s Fair Julie  (CSP P 18304 LP)  $10  VG+/M-  1972,re,sobc
152387	Arbors:  A Symphony for Susan  (Date TEM 3003(M) LP)  $18  VG+/VG+  1967,djs ol
151895	Astaire, Fred:  An Evening With Fred Astaire  (Chrysler Corporation K80P-1087(M) LP)  $14  VG/EX  1958,Chrysler promo item,Jonah Jones,David Rose,smsplt
155283	Astaire, Fred:  An Evening With Fred Astaire  (Chrysler Corporation K80P-1087(M) LP)  $14  VG+/VG+  1958,Chrysler promo item,Jonah Jones,David Rose
146909	Astaire, Fred:  Now  (Kapp KL-1165(M) LP)  $11  VG/VG  195?,smsplt,sm tear oc
147945	Bailey, Pearl:  Abroad  (Roulette R-25012(M) LP)  $18  VG+/VG+  195?,deep groove black label
153540	Baker, Josephine:  Chante Paris  (RCA Victor International FSP 101 LP)  $33  EX/VG+  1961,osw
147913	Bari, Tony:  Encore: Moods Italo Americano  (Tru-Tone TT-9(M) LP)  $35  VG+/VG+  195?
147061	Barry Sisters:  Side by Side  (Roulette R-25136(M) LP)  $18  VG+/VG+  195?,osw,sl h2o obc
147062	Barry Sisters:  We Belong Together  (Roulette SR 25156 LP)  $23  EX/VG+  196?,osw
147833	Bassey, Shirley:  Never Never Never  (United Artists UA-LA055-F LP)  $11  VG+/EX  1973,gfld,sm tear oc
147920	Bassey, Shirley:  Shirley  (Pickwick SHM 3094 LP)  $9  VG+/M-  1981,UK,"Spinning Wheel","Light My Fire"
147922	Bassey, Shirley:  The Best of...  (Odeon 5C 054-04003 LP)  $12  VG+/EX  197?,Netherlands
149002	Becaud, Gilbert:  Becaud  (Columbia 2C 184-15.656 LP)  $22  EX/EX  1975,France,2lp
150666	Belafonte, Harry:  At Carnegie Hall  (RCA Victor LSO-6006 LP)  $25  EX/EX  1959,2lp,orange label re,osw
154391	Belafonte, Harry:  Ballads, Blues & Boasters  (RCA Victor LSP 2953 LP)  $15  EX/VG+  1963,osw
154388	Belafonte, Harry:  Belafonte  (RCA Victor LPM-1150(M) LP)  $11  VG/EX  1956,orig,rw
148599	Belafonte, Harry:  Belafonte  (RCA Victor LPM-1150(M) LP)  $12  VG+/EX  1956,orig
148543	Belafonte, Harry:  Calypso  (RCA Victor LPM-1248(M) LP)  $23  VG+/VG+  1956,orig black label,mono
153022	Belafonte, Harry:  Jump Up Calypso  (RCA Victor LSP 2388 LP)  $15  VG+/EX  1961,black label,living stereo
153021	Belafonte, Harry:  Midnight Special  (RCA Victor LSP-2449 LP)  $15  VG+/VG+  196?,orig black label,with Bob Dylan
153026	Belafonte, Harry:  Midnight Special  (RCA Victor LSP-2449 LP)  $15  VG+/EX  196?,2nd press?,with Bob Dylan
153023	Belafonte, Harry:  Play Me  (RCA Victor APL1-0094 LP)  $14  EX/M-  1973,osw,co,Jay Berliner,Eloise Laws
153036	Belafonte, Harry:  Returns to Carnegie Hall  (RCA Victor LOC-6007(M) LP)  $20  VG/EX  1960,2lp,orig,with Odetta,Miriam Makeba,Chad Mitchell Trio,Belafonte Folk Singers,soc
153035	Belafonte, Harry:  S/T  (Adam VIII A8R-8009 LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  1974,2lp,co,slrw
148598	Belafonte, Harry:  Sings of the Caribbean  (RCA Victor LPM-1505(M) LP)  $23  EX/EX  1957,orig
154393	Belafonte, Harry:  This Is...  (RCA Victor VPS-6024 LP)  $10  VG/EX  1970,2lp,rw
148597	Belafonte, Harry:  To Wish You A Merry Christmas   (RCA Victor LPM-1887(M) LP)  $20  EX/VG+  1958,orig,department store bag
151365	Belafonte, Harry & Nana Mouskouri:  An Evening With Belafonte  (RCA Victor LSP 1402 LP)  $16  VG+/VG  196?
149749	Bennett, Jimmy & Linda:  Smiles  (LPS 7504 LP)  $21  VG+/VG+  197?,woc
153737	Bennett, Tony:  Berlin  (Columbia C 44029 LP)  $10  EX/VG+  1987,osw,sost "Cheek to Cheek"
153861	Bennett, Tony:  Love Story  (Columbia CS 9892 LP)  $9  VG+/EX  196?,2lp,slrw,swobc
148632	Bennett, Tony:  Something  (Columbia C 30280 LP)  $14  EX/M-  197?,beatlesongs,osw,swobc
149183	Bennett, Tony:  The Movie Song Album  (Columbia CS 9272 LP)  $14  VG+/SS  196?,inner seal intact
147060	Bennett, Tony:  This Is All I Ask  (Columbia CS 8856 LP)  $15  VG+/EX  1963,360 label,soc,sol,slrw
151360	Bergen, Polly:  Act One Sing Too  (Philips PHS 600-084 LP)  $17  EX/VG+  196?
150583	Bergen, Polly:  Sings the Hit Songs From Do Re Mi & Annie Get Your Gun  (Columbia CS 8432 LP)  $15  VG/VG+  196?,orig six eye label,prst ol,woc,djs obc
147962	Bergen, Polly:  The Party's Over  (Columbia CL 1031(M) LP)  $12  VG+/EX  195?-6?,orig six eye label,sm tears obc
147929	Bishop, Joey:  Sings Country Western  (ABC ABCS-656 LP)  $20  EX/EX  196?,osw,co,Rat Pack member
152403	Black, Cilla:  Especially For You  (K-tel ONE 1085 LP)  $15  EX/M-  1980,UK,osw
148312	Boone, Pat:  Golden Hits  (Dot DLP-25814 LP)  $8  VG+/EX  196?,osw
149799	Boone, Pat:  Moonglow  (Dot DLP 25270 LP)  $11  VG/EX  196?,slrw
148955	Boone, Pat:  Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport  (Dot DLP 3534(M) LP)  $12  VG/VG+  196?,prst oc,soc
150520	Boone, Pat:  White Christmas  (Pickwick SPC-1024 LP)  $12  SS  1979,re
150168	Boyer, Charles:  Where Does Love Go  (Valiant VLS 25001 LP)  $35  SS  196?,co
150028	Brewer, Teresa:  My Golden Favorites  (Coral CRL 57351(M) LP)  $20  EX/EX  196?
147732	Brewer, Teresa:  S/T  (Vocalion VL 3693(M) LP)  $14  VG+/EX  196?,soc
150026	Brewer, Teresa:  Songs Everybody Knows  (Coral CRL 757361 LP)  $20  EX/EX  196?,original,osw
155126	Bryant, Anita:  Greatest Hits  (Columbia CS 8756 LP)  $11  EX/VG+  1963,orig,osw
147959	Budd, Julie:  Wild & Wonderful  (MGM SE-4607 LP)  $16  EX/M-  197?,osw
150144	Burnett, Carol:  Here's Carol!  (Vocalion VL 73824 LP)  $17  VG+/EX  196?,sticker wear oc
148111	Capra, Remo:  Just Say I Love Her...  (Columbia CL 1496(M) LP)  $10  VG/EX  195?-6?,six eye label,orig,prst ol,djs obc
151321	Carr, Vikki:  That's All  (Sunset SUS-5228 LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  196?,osw,staple hole oc
152385	Carr, Vikki:  Vikki!  (Liberty LST 7548 LP)  $9  VG/EX  196?,slrw
155118	Carroll, Diahann:  A Tribute To Ethel Waters  (Orinda ORC 400 LP)  $20  VG/EX  1978,digital master disc recording,duke ellington orch.,test pressing white cover,woc
147919	Carroll, Diahann:  Accompanied by the Andre Previn Trio  (Sunset SUS-5253 LP)  $13  VG+/EX  196?,re
148896	Carroll, Diahann:  S/T  (Motown M6 80551 LP)  $12  VG/EX  1974,wlp,woc
148503	Cedar Rapids Harmony Hawks / Vigortones:  In Concert / The Best of...  (Hitran LP-32567(M) LP)  $35  VG/VG+  1966,iowa barber shop quartets,slrw
155427	Cedar Rapids Harmony Hawks / Vigortones:  In Concert / The Best of...  (Hitran LP-32567(M) LP)  $40  EX/VG+  1966,iowa barber shop quartets,osw
153101	Chakiris, George:  Memories Are Made of These  (Capitol ST-1813 LP)  $15  VG/VG+  196?,smsplt,photo inserts
150424	Charles, Ray Chorus:  I Love  (Essex ESLP-103(M) LP)  $21  VG/VG  195?,ten inch lp,topless cheesecake cover art,smsplt,toc
148339	Chevalier, Maurice:  S/T  (Sonopress DA 35543 LP)  $17  EX/VG+/EX  1977,France,2lp,osw
153565	Christy, June:  The Best of...  (Capitol Starline ST-1693 LP)  $21  VG+/EX  196?,gold starline label
147947	Christy, June:  The Intimate Miss Christy  (Capitol ST-1953 LP)  $17  VG+/VG+  196?,black rainbow label
151818	Christy, June/Stan Kenton/Four Freshman:  Road Show  (Capitol STBO 1327 LP)  $23  VG/VG+  1960,2lp,smsplt,bklt,orig black/rainbow center label
148668	Clark, Buddy:  Greatest Hits  (Columbia CS 9434(E) LP)  $10  EX/EX  197?,osw,swobc
155457	Clark, Petula:  Color My World/Who Am I  (Warner Bros WS 1673 LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  196?,gold label
151643	Clark, Petula:  Greatest Hits Vol.1  (Warner Bros WS 1765 LP)  $7  VG/EX  196?,green label,soc
155455	Clark, Petula:  Now  (MGM SE-4859 LP)  $13  EX/M-  1972,osw
149800	Clark, Petula:  Petula  (Warner Bros  WS 1743 LP)  $9  VG+/M-  196?,green label,"Don't Give Up","Kiss Me Goodbye",co
153585	Clark, Petula:  The Other Man's Grass is Always Greener  (Warner Bros  WS 1719 LP)  $12  VG+/EX  1968,green label
155456	Clark, Petula:  These Are My Songs  (Warner Bros WS 1698 LP)  $10  VG/VG+  196?,orig gold label,woc,wol
148945	Classic Collection:  A Barbershop Album  (Classic Productions LP)  $20  EX/VG+  1980,autographed oc,colorado private press,textured cover
146910	Clooney, Rosemary:  Swing Around Rosie  (Coral CRL 757266 LP)  $18  VG+/VG+  195?,orig,smsplt
155299	Clooney, Rosemary:  Young at Heart  (Harmony HL 7236(M) LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  196?
151322	Clooney, Rosemary & Perez Prado:  A Touch of Tabasco  (RCA Victor LSP-2133 LP)  $45  VG+/M-  1960,orig living stereo black label
148392	Cole, Johnny & the Robert Evans Chorus:  12 Days of Christmas  (Yuletide Series YS-216 LP)  $20  SS  196?-7?
151501	Cole, Nat King:  A Many Splendored Thing  (Longines Symphonette SYS 5161 LP)  $7  VG/VG+  196?,soc,sol
151781	Cole, Nat King:  Nat King Cole Story  (Capitol SWCL-1613 LP)  $23  VG+/EX  197?,re,3p box,bklt,co,red target label
148894	Cole, Nat King:  Nature Boy  (Capitol DT 2348 LP)  $15  EX/EX  1965,osw
151822	Cole, Nat King:  The Best of...  (Capitol SKAO-2944 LP)  $7  VG+/EX  197?,re
147053	Cole, Nat King:  The Best of...  (Capitol SN 516036 LP)  $8  SS  198?,re
155357	Cole, Nat King:  The Golden Library Collection  (Capitol Special Markets SLDR-9112 LP)  $25  EX/M-  1984,4lp box,inserts,orig custom mailer
155281	Cole, Nat King:  The Greatest of...Vols. 1 & 2  (Capitol Special Markets SLB-6803 LP)  $12  VG/EX  1972,2lp
147924	Cole, Nat King:  The Greatest of...Vols. 1 & 2  (Capitol Special Markets SLB-6803 LP)  $15  EX/EX/M-  1972,2lp,osw
150116	Colonna, Jerry:  Let's All Sing With...  (Liberty LRP 3046(M) LP)  $23  VG/VG+  195?,smsplt,Muzzy Marcellino
147388	Colvin, Lee:  Paul Shank's French Quarter Presents Lee Colvin with Pop 'N Corn  (Phoenix LPM 8927(M) LP)  $15  VG+/EX  1963,Scottsdale Arizona lounge act
150270	Como, Perry:  In Nashville  (RCA Starcall HY 1009 LP)  $19  VG/VG+  1975,UK,soc,sol,Chet Atkins production
149058	Como, Perry:  In Person  (RCA Victor LSPX-1001 LP)  $9  EX/EX  1970,osw,swobc
150570	Como, Perry:  Love Makes the World Go Round  (RCA Camden CAS-805(E) LP)  $10  EX/M-  1964,osw,swobc
153630	Como, Perry:  Over the Rainbow  (RCA ANL1-2969 LP)  $10  EX/M-  1978,osw,swobc
153792	Como, Perry:  Pure Gold  (RCA ANL1-0975(E) LP)  $10  EX/EX  1975,osw
148615	Como, Perry:  Saturday Night With Mr. C  (RCA Victor LOP-1004(M) LP)  $14  VG+/EX  1958,black label orig,swobc
155286	Como, Perry:  Sing To Me, Mr. C.  (RCA Victor LSP-2390 LP)  $14  VG+/EX  1961,orig black label
150514	Como, Perry:  Sweetest Sounds  (Pickwick ACL-0444 LP)  $7  EX/EX  1974,osw,co,re,swobc
149055	Como, Perry:  The Shadow of Your Smile  (Pickwick CAS-2547 LP)  $8  EX/EX  1972,osw,swobc
153629	Como, Perry:  This is Perry Como  (RCA Victor VPS-6026(E) LP)  $14  EX/M-  1970,2lp,osw,swobc
153741	Como, Perry:  Today  (RCA Victor 6368 1-R LP)  $15  EX/M-  1987,osw,sost
153868	Como, Perry:  Where You're Concerned  (RCA Victor AFL1-2641 LP)  $15  VG+/M-  1978,sobc,swobc
151739	Conroy, Jeannie:  Jeannie Sings Christmas at Waterville Valley, NH  (Schooner Sc. 85013 LP)  $11  VG/EX  197?-8?,slrw
149184	Cook, Barbara:  At Carnegie Hall  (Columbia Masterworks M 33438 LP)  $11  VG/EX  1975,wlp,co,djts oc,slrw
153557	Corey, Jill:  Sometimes I'm Happy, Sometimes I'm Blue  (Columbia CL 1095(M) LP)  $25  VG+/VG+  1957,orig six eye label
152190	Cory, Troy:  The Closest I Ever Came  (Cinema Prize 1686-SLP LP)  $11  VG+/EX  197?,"Something" beatlesong
152389	Crew Cuts:  S/T  (Mercury Wing MGW-12177(M) LP)  $32  VG/EX  196?,Arnolt-Bristol roadster cover art,slrw
149687	Crosby, Bing:  A Musical Autobiography  (MCA Coral CDMSP 801(M) LP)  $28  VG/EX/M-/EX/EX/EX  197?-8?,UK,5lp box,bklt,soc,toc
149688	Crosby, Bing:  A Musical Autobiography  (MCA Coral CDMSP 801(M) LP)  $33  VG+/M-  197?-8?,UK,5lp box,bklt,toc
152388	Crosby, Bing:  I Wish You a Merry Christmas  (Warner Bros W 1484(M) LP)  $14  VG+/EX  1962
150561	Crosby, Bing:  That Christmas Feeling  (Decca DL 78781(E) LP)  $22  SS  196?
149572	Crosby, Bing:  That's What Life Is All About  (United Artists UA-LA554-G LP)  $11  VG+/EX  1975,gfld,slrw
153740	Crosby, Bing:  The Best of Bing  (MCA 2-4045 LP)  $7  VG+/EX  1973,1980,2lp,re,osw
149573	Crosby, Bing:  The Very Best of...  (MGM E-4203(M) LP)  $8  VG+/VG+  196?,osw
149574	Crosby, Bing:  Where the Blue of the Night Meets the Gold of the Day  (Biograph BLP-M-1 LP)  $12  VG/EX  1977,gfld,songs from Bing's films 1930-31,rw
149186	Crosby, Bing & Rosemary Clooney:  That Travelin' Two-Beat  (Capitol T-2300(M) LP)  $12  VG/EX  196?,soc,Billy May
154161	Crosby, Bing, Frank Sinatra & Fred Waring:  12 Songs of Christmas  (Reprise F-2022(M) LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  196?,tri-color label,co,swobc
149386	Cullen, Bill:  Minstrel Spectacular  (ABC-Paramount ABCS-264 LP)  $14  EX/EX  196?,minstrel show songs,osw
147911	Damita Jo:  I'll Save the Last Dance for You  (Mercury MG-20642(M) LP)  $18  EX/VG+  195?,osw,orig deep groove
147065	Damone, Vic:  Angela Mia  (CSP CSY 8046 LP)  $9  VG+/EX  196?,re,soc
148355	Damone, Vic:  Country Love Songs  (Warner Bros WS 1607 LP)  $10  EX/EX  196?,co
155288	Damone, Vic:  You Were Only Fooling  (Warner Bros W 1602(M) LP)  $15  EX/VG+  196?,osw,co,orig
155287	Damone, Vic:  Yours for a Song  (Mercury MG 20163(M) LP)  $18  VG+/VG+  195?-6?,orig
147941	Danno, Jacqueline:  A Favored French Singer Singing Favorite French Songs  (Capitol ST 10321 LP)  $45  VG+/EX  196?
146847	Dassin, Joe:  MÈlancolie  (CBS 84691 LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  1980,Netherlands,"The Guitar Don't Lie"
153013	Davidson, John:  S/T  (Columbia CS 6462 LP)  $5  VG+/VG+  196?,360 label,osw,"Stormy"
151790	Davis Jr., Sammy:  Nat King Cole Song Book  (Reprise R 6164(M) LP)  $12  EX/EX  196?,co,tri-color label
148637	Davis Jr., Sammy:  What Kind of Fool Am I & Other Show-Stoppers  (Reprise R9 6051 LP)  $8  EX/M-  196?,brown label re,osw,co,swobc
147354	Day, Doris:  Day By Day  (Columbia CL 942(M) LP)  $16  VG/VG+  1957,orig six eye label
148348	Day, Doris:  Day By Day  (Columbia CL 942(M) LP)  $18  VG/EX  1957,orig six eye label
146948	Day, Doris:  Day By Night  (Columbia CL 1053(M) LP)  $23  VG/VG+  195?,orig six eye lbl,woc
147938	Day, Doris:  Day Dreams  (Columbia CL 624(M) LP)  $30  VG+/EX  195?,orig six eye label
146947	Day, Doris:  Day in Hollywood  (Columbia CL 749(M) LP)  $18  VG/VG  195?,orig maroon label
155294	Day, Doris:  Greatest Hits  (Columbia CL 1210(E) LP)  $25  VG+/VG+  196?,six eye label,slrw
155183	Day, Doris:  Greatest Hits  (Columbia CS 8635(E) LP)  $10  VG+/VG+  196?,360 label
153754	Day, Doris:  Love Him  (Columbia CL 2131(M) LP)  $36  VG+/EX  1965?,orig 360 label
147066	Day, Doris:  Show Time  (Columbia CL 1470(M) LP)  $15  VG/VG+  1960,rw,six eye label
149801	Day, Doris:  Show Time  (Columbia CS 8261 LP)  $18  VG+/EX  1960,toc,six eye label
155263	Day, Doris:  The Doris Day Christmas Album  (Columbia CS 9026 LP)  $20  VG+/VG+  196?,orig 360 label
153555	Day, Doris:  The Magic of...  (Harmony HS 11382(E) LP)  $13  EX/EX  197?,osw
148354	Day, Doris:  Whatever Will Be, Will Be (Que Sera, Sera)  (Harmony HS 11282(E) LP)  $14  EX/EX  197?,re,osw,brown label
147932	Day, Doris:  Wonderful Day  (CSP XTV-82021 LP)  $15  VG+/VG+  195?,swoc,lim ed
147926	Day, Doris:  You're My Thrill  (Columbia CL 6071(M) LP)  $35  VG/VG  195?,ten inch lp,sobc
153056	Day, Doris & James Cagney:  Love Me Or Leave Me OST  (Columbia CL 710(M) LP)  $16  VG+/VG+  195?,six eye label
151323	Day, Sanny:  Sunny Sanny  (RCA Camden CAS 10222 LP)  $75  EX/M-  1968,Germany,autographed postcard insert,Mat Mathews
150309	de Cormier, Robert Singers:  Folk Album  (Command RS 897 SD LP)  $13  VG+/EX  1966,gfld
151346	De Cormier, Robert Singers:  S/T  (Command RS 853 SD LP)  $12  VG+/M-  1963,1972,re,soc
152034	Deauville, Ronnie:  Smoke Dreams  (Era EL 20002(M) LP)  $25  VG+/VG+  195?-6?,strange cover art,soc,sol
154439	Dees, Michael:  Talk to Me, Baby!  (Capitol ST-104 LP)  $13  VG/VG+  196?,rw,soc,wobc
147820	Dees, Michael:  The Michael Dees Affair!  (Capitol ST 2899 LP)  $11  VG/VG+  196?,slrw,stain oc
149862	Delicato, Paul:  Ice Cream Sodas & Lollipops & a Red Hot Spinning Top  (AOA 5001 LP)  $15  EX/EX  1975,osw
154822	Della Chiesa, Vivienne:  Sings Say It With Music & Other Hits  (20th Century-Fox TFM-3177(M) LP)  $18  VG+/VG+  1965,osw
149793	Della Chiesa, Vivienne:  Vivienne!!  (Encore 1001(M) LP)  $21  VG/VG+  196?,Dick Hyman,smsplt
155258	Desmond, Johnny:  Blue Smoke  (Columbia CL 1477(M) LP)  $15  VG+/EX  196?,6 eyes label
147064	Di Mara Sisters:  Accent Italiano!  (Roulette SR 25117 LP)  $18  EX/VG+  196?,osw
147956	Di Mara Sisters:  Hit Movie Themes In Italiano  (Roulette R-25188(M) LP)  $23  VG+/VG+  196?,osw
147914	Di Mara Sisters:  Italian Songs Mama Never Taught Me  (Roulette SR-25265 LP)  $18  VG+/EX  196?
147957	Di Mara Sisters:  Italy Volume 2  (Roulette R-25134(M) LP)  $17  VG/VG+  195?-6?,toc,smsplt
147955	Di Mara Sisters:  Melodie d'Italy  (Roulette SR-25151 LP)  $18  VG+/VG+  196?
147954	Di Mara Sisters:  Memorie di Roma  (Roulette SR-25096 LP)  $18  VG+/EX  196?
147806	Dietrich, Marlene:  American Songs In German for the O.S.S.  (Columbia GL 105(M) LP)  $80  VG+/VG+  194?-5?,ten inch lp,black label,swoc
147943	Dietrich, Marlene:  Mythos  (H–rzu Exclusiv 1C 134-32 770 LP)  $28  VG/EX  197?-8?,Germany,2lp
155292	Dietrich, Marlene:  The Best of...  (Columbia C 32245 LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  1973
150809	Do Ray Mi Trio:  That Wonderfully Musical...  (Stere-O-Craft RCS 508M(M) LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  195?,co
154396	Dodd, Ken:  Tears & The River  (Liberty LST-7442(M) LP)  $9  VG+/VG+  196?
155289	Eddy, Nelson:  A Starry Night  (Everest LPBR 9004(M) LP)  $12  VG/VG+  1960,smsplt,sm tear oc,Skitch Henderson
153273	Eliran, Ron:  Sings  (Decca DL 74989 LP)  $23  VG+/EX  196?-7?,co,"Yesterday" beatlesong in hebrew
153526	Ennis, Ethel:  God Bless the Child  (RCA Camden ACL1-0157 LP)  $15  SS  1973,co
152072	Everett, Chad:  Chad  (Calliope LP)  $13  VG/EX  1976,gfld,rw
147632	Farrell, Eileen:  I've Got a Right to Sing the Blues!  (Columbia CL 1465(M) LP)  $15  VG/EX  195?-6?,six eye label
148759	Feinstein, Michael:  Pure Gershwin  (Parnassus PR-0100 LP)  $6  VG+/EX  1985
153668	Feliciano, Jose:  Alive Alive-O!/In Concert at the London Palladium  (RCA Victor LSP-6021 LP)  $30  VG+/M-  1969,2lp,partially sealed,slrw
148340	Feliciano, Jose:  Sings  (Pickwick CAS-2563 LP)  $15  SS  1972,co
151809	Feliciano, Jose:  That the Spirit Needs  (RCA Victor LSP-4573 LP)  $19  VG+/VG+  1970?,gfld,co,"Wild World"
147329	Ferro, Talya:  Look at Me  (MGM SE 4567 LP)  $23  VG+/VG+  196?,soc,paint oc,sm tear ol,sol
150564	Fisher, Eddie:  Thinking of You  (RCA Victor LPM-1548(M) LP)  $13  VG+/EX  1957,smsplt
147387	Fitzgerald, Ella:  Sings the Rodgers and Hart Song Book  (Verve MG V-4002-2(M) LP)  $45  VG/VG+  1956,2lp,orig deep groove,orange/black label,toc
151066	Fitzgerald, Ella:  Whisper Not  (Verve 2304 393 LP)  $48  VG+/M-  1966,France,orig,soc
152043	Fleetwoods:  The Very Best of...  (United Artists UA-LA334-E LP)  $9  VG+/M-  1975,co
149187	Forrest, Sylvia:  The Nights Are Never Long Enough With You  (Forrest FR-1009 LP)  $55  SS  198?
153045	Four Aces:  Hits from Broadway  (Decca DL 78855 LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  195?-6?
148305	Four Aces:  There Goes My Heart  (Vocalion VL 73881 LP)  $11  VG+/EX  196?-7?,osw
153708	Four Freshmen:  Stars In Our Eyes  (Capitol T-1682 LP)  $15  VG+/VG+  196?
149527	Four Lads :  Moments To Remember  (Tele House CD 2043(E) LP)  $11  EX/VG  1975,2lp,osw
149486	Four Populaires:  Oh Those Good Ones!  (Squire LP 557(M) LP)  $18  VG+/VG+  195?-6?,autographed obc,vocal quartet from Greenbrier resort in West Virginia
149674	Franchi, Sergio:  La Dolce Italy  (RCA Victor LPM-3500(M) LP)  $18  VG+/EX  1966,wobc
147063	Francis, Connie:  At the Copa  (MGM E3913(M) LP)  $17  EX/VG+  196?,orig
151361	Francis, Connie:  Follow the Boys  (MGM SE 4123 LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  196?,osw
147965	Francis, Connie:  Jealous Heart  (MGM ST-90645 LP)  $23  EX/M-  196?,capitol record club pressing,osw
147777	Francis, Connie:  Sings Folk Favorites  (Metro M 538(M) LP)  $9  EX/VG+  196?,osw
153584	Francis, Connie:  Sings Jewish Favorites  (MGM SE 3869 LP)  $21  VG+/VG+  196?,sobc
148674	Francis, Connie:  Songs to a Swinging Band  (MGM E 3893(M) LP)  $8  VG+/VG  196?,osw
155270	Francis, Connie:  The Very Best of...  (MGM SE-4167 LP)  $12  EX/VG+  196?,osw
149395	Francois, Jacqueline:  Vive La Francois!  (Columbia CL 996(M) LP)  $25  VG+/EX  195?,six eye label,Michel Legrand
148228	Garland, Judy:  Collector's Items 1936-45  (Decca DEA 7-5(E) LP)  $17  VG+/EX  197?,2lp
152075	Garland, Judy:  Forever Judy  (MGM PX 102(E) LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  196?,lim ed
149504	Garland, Judy:  That's Entertainment  (Capitol T-1467(M) LP)  $14  VG+/VG+  1960,orig,smsplt
148981	Gary & Sandy:  From Clay to Crystal  (Kevin Hunter Productions GS 1001 LP)  $15  VG+/EX  1982,autographed obc,photo insert,private press lougne
146888	Gary, John:  Sings Your All-Time Favorite Songs  (RCA Victor LSP-3411 LP)  $14  EX/EX  1965,osw
150314	Gary, John:  The Best of...  (RCA Victor LPM-3730(M) LP)  $14  EX/EX  1967,osw
150262	Gary, John:  This Is John Gary  (RCA Victor VPS-6041-1 LP)  $25  EX/EX  1971,2lp,autographed oc,tan label
147888	Gaylords:  Italiano Favorites  (Mercury Wing MGW-12139(M) LP)  $9  EX/VG+  196?,osw
148218	Gaylords:  Italiano Favorites  (Mercury Wing SRW-16139-W LP)  $10  EX/EX  196?,osw
149394	Glasser, Don & Lois Costello:  Dance to Music Smooth as Glass  (Stepheny MF 4016(M) LP)  $23  EX/VG+  196?,osw
151513	Good Music:  Beautiful Music Service Vol. 10  (Good Music GMC 12754 LP)  $85  VG/M-  1975,woc,soc
151514	Good Music:  Beautiful Music Service Vol. 10  (Good Music GMC 12754 LP)  $95  VG+/M-  1975,soc
151635	Good Music:  Beautiful Music Service Vol. 2  (Good Music GMC 12754 LP)  $95  VG+/M-  1975,"Good Vibrations","More Today than Yesterday"
151511	Good Music Singers:  Volume 3-V  (Good Music LP)  $95  SS  1976
150580	Gorme, Eydie:  Otra Vez  (RCA Victor LSP-4237 LP)  $18  EX/M-  1969,osw,co
153752	Gorme, Eydie & the Trio Los Panchos:  Amor  (Columbia CS 9003 LP)  $18  VG+/VG+  196?,orig,360 label
148276	Gorme, Eydie & the Trio Los Panchos:  More Amor  (Columbia CS 9176 LP)  $13  EX/VG+  196?,osw,360 label
149880	Gorody, Tony:  Sings & Plays the Warwick's Favorites Vol. II  (Paris ACA-6583 LP)  $25  VG+/EX  197?,Houston lounge singer,wobc
149879	Gorody, Tony:  Sings & Plays the Warwick's Favorites Vol. III  (Special Edition ACA 6692 LP)  $25  VG+/EX  197?,Houston lounge singer,wobc
149597	Gotch, Lee's Ivy Barflies:  To the Tables Down at Mory's  (Somerset SF-7600 LP)  $38  EX/EX  196?,osw,"songs for getting together, drinking beer & raising hell"
148301	Goulet, Robert:  I Remember You  (Columbia CL 2482(M) LP)  $11  EX/EX  196?,360 label,osw
148542	Griffin, Merv:  Sings!  (Merv Griffin Show C 1060 LP)  $18  VG+/VG+  196?
154612	Hall, Dora:  The Great Country Hits Series Two  (Premore PL1183 LP)  $28  SS  197?-8?
148506	Hall, Dora:  Travelin' With...  (Cozy PL-1010 LP)  $18  VG+/VG+  197?,swobc
155490	Harrington Brothers:  School Days  (private AM-80-119 LP)  $35  VG+/EX  197?-8?
149359	Haymes, Dick:  For You, For Me, For Evermore  (Audiophile AP 130 LP)  $14  EX/EX  1976,osw,soc
147958	Haymes, Dick & the Andrews Sisters:  Club 15  (Sounds Rare SR5004 LP)  $12  VG+/M-  1980
151026	Henderson, Ken:  Tiki Room  (Fredlo 7216LPS LP)  $15  VG+/VG+  197?,iowa lounge singer/one-man band
151074	Henderson, Ken & Howard Sanders:  Escape  (Emir  EM 1475 LP)  $17  VG+/VG+  1974,osw,smsplt
153718	Hugo & Luigi Chorus:  Cascading Voices  (RCA Victor LSP 2641 LP)  $14  VG/EX  1963
148240	Humperdinck, Engelbert:  You & Your Lover  (Epic FE 38087 LP)  $15  SS  1983
149741	Husmann, Ron:  S/T  (Capitol ST-1624 LP)  $20  VG+/EX  196?,smsplt
155365	Iglesias, Julio:  1100 Bel Air Place  (Columbia QC 39157 LP)  $4  EX/EX  1984,osw
150656	Iglesias, Julio:  Julio  (CBS 10038 LP)  $9  VG+/EX  1983,UK
149542	Iglesias, Julio:  Julio  (Columbia FC 38640 LP)  $10  SS  1983
149918	In Crowd Singers:  Will Bronson Presents...  (Solid State SM 17005(M) LP)  $23  EX/EX  1966,gfld,osw
149871	In Crowd Singers:  Will Bronson Presents...  (Solid State SS 18005 LP)  $19  VG/EX  1966,gfld,slrw
153728	Ink Spots:  Greatest Hits  (Jango JA-776 LP)  $12  VG+/M-  1986,digital,direct-to-disc 
155297	James, Joni:  The Mood Is Swinging  (MGM E 3987(M) LP)  $23  VG/VG  196?,smsplt
151778	Jeanmarie, Zizi:  Sings  (Columbia WL 108(M) LP)  $21  VG/VG+  195?-6?,Michel Legrand,Andre Popp,toc,woc,spinewear
147324	Jeanmarie, Zizi:  Zizi  (Philips PHS 600-161 LP)  $17  EX/VG+  1964,osw
149374	Jenkins, Gordon's Malibu Singers:  S/T  (GWP ST-2030 LP)  $22  EX/M-  1970,osw,"Spinning Wheel",co
152355	Joey & Luigi:  The Turnabouts  (TNT LP 101 LP)  $16  VG/VG+  196?,autographed back cover,rw
149010	Jolson, Al:  The Best of...  (Decca DXSA 7169(E) LP)  $11  VG+/EX  196?,2lp
155279	Jolson, Al:  The Jolson Story: Among My Souvenirs  (Decca DL 79050 LP)  $10  VG+/VG+  195?
147755	Jones, Allan:  Sings for a Man and a Woman  (Scepter SRM 566 LP)  $15  VG+/EX  196?-7?
149056	Jones, Jack:  Greatest Hits  (Kapp KS 3559 LP)  $8  EX/EX  196?,osw,swobc
152227	Jones, Jack:  Greatest Hits Vol. 2  (Kapp KS-3602 LP)  $8  EX/EX  196?,osw,co
155280	Jones, Jack:  Jack Jones Sings  (Kapp KL-1500(M) LP)  $9  VG+/EX  196?,co,Ralph Carmichael
153657	Jones, Jack:  L.A. Break Ddown  (RCA Victor LSP-4108 LP)  $13  VG/EX  196?-7?,slrw,soc
153755	Jones, Jack:  The Impossible Dream  (Kapp KS-3486 LP)  $12  VG+/EX  196?
148621	Jones, Jack:  There's Love & There's Love & There's Love  (Kapp KS-3435 LP)  $11  VG+/M-  196?,osw,swobc
146889	Jones, Nick:  The Highland Lakes at Christmas  (Highland Lakes National Bank JW 33701 CC LP)  $35  EX/VG+  196?-7?,osw,texas private press,from club comanche on lake lbj
148617	Jones, Tom:  Live at Caesars Palace  (London 2XPAS 71049/50 LP)  $16  VG+/M-/EX  197?,2lp,soc,swobc
155259	Jones, Tom:  She's A Lady  (Parrot LP)  $10  VG+/EX  196?,osw
146972	Kallen, Kitty:  Sings  (Mercury Wing SRW-16241 LP)  $18  VG+/VG+  196?,osw
150614	Kallmann, Gunter Chorus:  Love Is Blue  (Four Corners FCS-4256 LP)  $17  SS  196?,co,vg+ cover
154782	Kashi, Aliza:  S/T  (Jubilee JGS 8025 LP)  $16  EX/VG+  196?,osw
153545	Kazan, Lainie:  Right Now!  (MGM SE-4340 LP)  $21  VG+/VG+  196?,co
148697	Kelly, Gene:  Best of...from Classic MGM Films  (MCA 25166 LP)  $15  EX/EX  1987,prst obc,soc,swobc
150453	Kerr, Anita & Rod McKuen:  Home To the Sea  (Warner Bros WS 1764 LP)  $15  EX/EX  196?,osw
150590	Kerr, Anita Quartet:  Velvet Voices  (Sesac N-2601/02(M) LP)  $48  VG+/VG+  196?,smsplt
153072	Kerr, Anita Singers:  A Christmas Story  (Ampex A10142 LP)  $13  VG/VG+  1971,gfld,wlp,prst oc,soc
152200	Kerr, Anita Singers:  Daytime, Nighttime  (Philips 6830 093 LP)  $21  VG+/M-  197?,Netherlands,"Your Song","Mrs. Robinson","If Not for You" bob dylan song,"Yesterday" beatlesong
148007	Kerr, Anita Singers:  Reflect On the Hits of Burt Bacharach & Hal David  (Dot DLP 25906 LP)  $17  VG+/VG+  196?,co,mirrored reflection cover art
148360	Kerr, Anita Singers:  Velvet Voices & Bold Brass  (Dot DLP 25951 LP)  $12  EX/EX  196?,"Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da" beatlesong,osw,co
151308	Kidder & Sons Incorporated:  All In the Family  (Shelex SHX-73-10 LP)  $28  VG+/M-  1973,osw,barbershop quartet
148364	King Family:  A King Family Christmas  (Fleetwood Custom FCLP 3038 LP)  $22  VG+/M-  196?-7?
149392	Lacey, Fran:  !!Fran!!  (Bel Canto SR 1008 LP)  $25  VG/VG+  195?,blue wax,smsplt
155295	Laine, Frankie:  I'm Gonna Live 'Till I Die  (Harmony HS 11345 LP)  $13  VG/VG+  196?,rw
153024	Laine, Frankie:  Take Me Back To Laine Country  (ABC ABCS-657 LP)  $15  VG+/EX  196?-7?
148638	Laine, Frankie:  That Lucky Old Sun  (Pickwick SPC-3526 LP)  $12  EX/M-  197?,osw,swobc
150427	Laine, Frankie:  That's My Desire  (Mercury MG 20080(M) LP)  $11  VG/VG  195?-6?,orig black label,smsplt,wobc,cheesecake cover art
148270	Laine, Frankie:  The Roving Gambler  (Harmony HS 11129 LP)  $13  EX/M-  196?,osw
153538	Langford, Frances:  Sings Old Songs for Old Friends  (Capitol ST-1865 LP)  $14  VG+/VG+  196?
150803	Laura:  S/T  (Ovation OV 1411 LP)  $14  EX/VG+  1970,osw
149174	Lavalle, Paul & the Cities Service Band of America:  Great Band Music  (RCA Victor LPM-1133(M) LP)  $13  VG+/EX  1955
148740	Lawrence, Gertrude & Noel Coward:  Noel & Gertie  (RCA Victor LCT-1156(M) LP)  $28  VG+/VG+  1954,1929-38 recordings
153019	Lawrence, Steve:  About that Girl  (Coral CRL 57050(M) LP)  $28  VG+/VG+  195?-6?
153025	Lawrence, Steve:  Here's Steve Lawrence  (Vocalion VL 73775(E) LP)  $14  VG+/EX  196?
150560	Lawrence, Steve:  Portrait of Steve  (MGM SE-4824 LP)  $16  EX/EX  1972,Nelson Riddle,osw,soc,"Ain't No Sunshine"
155182	Lawrence, Steve:  Sings of Love & Sad Young Men  (Columbia CS 9340 LP)  $9  VG+/VG+  196?,360 label
148618	Lawrence, Steve:  Take It On Home  (Applause APLP-1001 LP)  $10  EX/M-  1981,osw,swobc
150566	Lawrence, Steve:  The Best of...  (ABC-Paramount ABC-392(M) LP)  $11  VG+/VG  196?,osw
151925	Lawrence, Steve & Eydie Gorme:  The Very Best of Eydie & Steve  (United Artists UAS 6191 LP)  $20  VG+/EX  196?
148393	Lawrence, Vicki:  Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia  (Bell 1120 LP)  $18  SS  1973
152316	Lee, Brenda:  All the Way  (Decca DL 4176(M) LP)  $14  VG+/VG+  196?
151368	Lee, Brenda & Pete Fountain:  For the First Time  (Decca ST-91509 LP)  $18  EX/EX  196?,osw
153586	Lee, Peggy:  A Natural Woman  (Capitol ST 183 LP)  $25  VG+/VG+  1969,black rainbow label,"Dock of the Bay","Spinning Wheel"
147944	Lee, Peggy:  All Aglow Again!  (Capitol Starline T-1366(M) LP)  $20  VG/VG  196?,black/gold starline label,woc,partial smsplt
147930	Lee, Peggy:  Basin Street East  (Capitol ST-1520 LP)  $18  VG/VG+  196?,black/rainbow label,smsplt
153525	Lee, Peggy:  Basin Street East  (Capitol T-1520(M) LP)  $23  VG+/VG+  196?,black/rainbow label
153563	Lee, Peggy:  I'm a Woman  (Capitol T-1857(M) LP)  $20  VG+/VG+  1965?,black rainbow label,orig
147351	Lee, Peggy:  Latin ala Lee!  (Capitol ST-1290 LP)  $23  EX/EX  196?,osw,black rainbow label
147917	Lee, Peggy:  Let's Love  (Atlantic SD 18108 LP)  $26  EX/M-  1974,osw
147350	Lee, Peggy:  Miss Peggy Lee  (Harmony H 30024(E) LP)  $14  EX/EX  197?,re,osw,brown label
147056	Lennon Sisters:  A Diary of Favorites  (Ranwood R8066 LP)  $13  VG+/M-  197?,swobc
147055	Lennon Sisters:  Golden Goodies by...  (Ranwood R. 8056 LP)  $11  VG+/M-  197?,re
152400	Lennon Sisters:  Lawrence Welk Presents...  (Brunswick BL 54039(M) LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  1957,orig
148260	Lennon Sisters:  Sing Twelve Great Hits...Vol. 2  (Dot DLP 25622 LP)  $28  EX/EX  196?,osw
148343	Lennon Sisters:  Sing Twelve Great Hits...Vol. 2  (Dot DLP 3622(M) LP)  $23  VG+/VG+  196?
149018	Lennon Sisters:  Somethin' Stupid  (Dot DLP 25797 LP)  $11  EX/EX  196?,osw
147057	Lennon Sisters:  Somethin' Stupid  (Ranwood R 8008 LP)  $8  VG+/M-  197?,re
151851	Lennon Sisters:  Somethin' Stupid  (Ranwood R 8008 LP)  $8  EX/EX  197?,re,osw,co
154820	Les Djinns Singers:  60 French Girls Sing Encore  (ABC-Paramount ABCS-368 LP)  $35  VG+/VG+  196?,co
149864	Les Djinns Singers:  60 French Girls Sing Songs of Paris  (ABC-Paramount ABCS-418 LP)  $25  VG+/EX  196?,co
152391	Lettermen:  ...and "Live!"  (Capitol ST-2758 LP)  $8  VG+/EX  196?
152390	Lettermen:  ...and "Live!"  (Capitol T-2758(M) LP)  $7  VG/EX  196?,slrw
148313	Lettermen:  Hurt So Bad  (Capitol ST-269 LP)  $13  EX/VG+  196?,osw,black/rainbow label
151325	London, Julie:  All Through the Night  (Liberty LST-7434 LP)  $28  VG+/VG+  196?,woc,Bud Shank
149393	London, Julie:  By Myself  (Liberty MCR-1(M) LP)  $23  VG+/M-  196?,record club issue
151326	London, Julie:  By Myself  (Liberty SCR-1 LP)  $22  VG+/EX  196?,woc
153564	London, Julie:  Gone With the Wind  (Sunset SUS-5207(E) LP)  $14  VG+/VG+  196?
153561	London, Julie:  Julie is her Name  (Liberty LRP 3006(M) LP)  $28  VG+/VG+  195?,turquoise label
147948	London, Julie:  Julie is her Name  (Liberty LRP-3006(M) LP)  $20  VG+/VG+  195?-196?,rainbow on side of black label
147822	London, Julie:  Julie's Golden Greats  (Liberty LST-7291 LP)  $35  VG+/VG+  196?
147937	London, Julie:  Love Letters  (Liberty LRP 3231(M) LP)  $38  VG+/VG+  196?
153562	Longet, Claudine:  Claudine  (A&M SP 4121 LP)  $11  EX/VG+  196?,osw,co
147969	Longet, Claudine:  Claudine  (A&M SP 4121 LP)  $13  EX/M-  196?
147970	Longet, Claudine:  Colours  (A&M SP 4163 LP)  $18  EX/EX  196?
147971	Longet, Claudine:  Love is Blue  (A&M SP-4142 LP)  $14  EX/EX  196?,osw
149503	Lopez, Trini:  All My Best  (Silver Eagle SE-1006 LP)  $9  VG+/EX  1982
154482	Lopez, Trini:  At PJ's  (Reprise R9-6093 LP)  $10  VG/VG+  196?,woc
153715	Lopez, Trini:  At PJ's  (Reprise R9-6093 LP)  $12  EX/VG+  196?
153714	Lopez, Trini:  Live At Basin St. East  (Reprise RS-6134 LP)  $10  VG+/EX  196?
148718	Lopez, Trini:  The Folk Album  (Reprise RS 6147 LP)  $8  VG+/VG  196?,Don Costa,orig tri-color label
147458	Lopez, Trini:  Viva  (Capitol SW 71009 LP)  $18  EX/EX  1972,osw,wobc
152364	Lowell, Gene Chorus:  Halls of Ivy  (Warner Bros W 1244(M) LP)  $21  VG+/EX  1958,osw,smsplt,college songs
153003	Luboff, Norman Choir:  Sleepy Time Songs  (Columbia CL 1179(M) LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  195?-6?,six eye label,soc
149755	Lucas, Nick:  Painting the Clouds With Sunshine  (Decca DL 8653(M) LP)  $9  VG+/VG+  195?,sobc
148726	Lynne, Gloria:  Try A Little Tenderness  (Everest SDBR-1090 LP)  $10  VG+/VG  1960,Nat Hentoff liner notes,slrw,swoc
147294	MacKenzie, Gisele:  Gisele  (RCA Victor LSP-1790 LP)  $11  VG+/EX  1958,Living Stereo,Axel Stordahl,smsplt
149779	Macrae, Gordon:  The Seasons of Love  (Capitol ST 1146 LP)  $15  VG+/EX  1959,smsplt
147456	Manilow, Barry:  2:00 AM Paradise Cafe  (Arista AL 8-8254 LP)  $12  EX/M-  1984,osw,Gerry Mulligan,Sarah Vaughan,Mel Torme,Mundell Lowe,Shelly Manne,lyric sleeve
153014	Mann, Johnny Singers:  Flowing Voices  (Sunset SUM-1115(M) LP)  $13  EX/EX  196?,osw
151453	Mann, Johnny Singers:  Golden Mann  (Liberty LST 7629 LP)  $12  VG/M-  196?,co,soc
147349	Mario Singers:  A Souvenir Recording  (Mario's Restaurant LP)  $23  SS  196?,denver italian restaurant group
155437	Marks, Guy:  Loving You Has Made Me Bananas  (ABC ABCS 648 LP)  $14  VG+/VG+  196?,co
147538	Marks, Guy:  Loving You Has Made Me Bananas  (ABC ABCS 648 LP)  $15  VG+/EX  196?,co,osw
152035	Marlo, Micki:  Married I Can Always Get  (ABC-Paramount ABC-295(M) LP)  $35  VG/VG+  196?,wlp,soc,bridal cover art,smsplt,toc
152061	Martin, Dean:  20 Great Hits  (TeeVee SL8-8115 LP)  $23  SS  1978,2lp
151899	Martin, Dean:  Greatest Hits Vol 2  (Reprise RS 6320 LP)  $16  SS  196?
154587	Martin, Dean:  Nashville Sessions  (Warner Bros W1-23870 LP)  $10  VG+/VG+  1983,swobc
147966	Martin, Dean:  Sittin' on Top of the World  (Reprise MS 2113 LP)  $18  SS  1973
155278	Martin, Dean:  Somewhere There's A Someone  (Reprise R 6201(M) LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  196?,co,orig
155072	Martin, Dean:  The Best of...  (Capitol SM-2601 LP)  $8  VG+/EX  197?,re,blue label,slrw
150834	Martin, Dean:  Welcome To My World  (Reprise RS 6250 LP)  $8  M-/VG  196?,osw,tri-color label,sost "Little Ole Wine Drinker, Me"
155369	Martin, Dean:  Winter Romance  (Capitol T-91285(M) LP)  $19  EX/EX  196?,osw,christmas
147026	Martin, Mary:  Girl Crazy  (Columbia Masterworks OL 7060(M) LP)  $23  VG+/SS  1959,inner bag still sealed,two eye label,George & Ira Gershwin,Louis Carlyle,Eddie Chappel,Lehman Engel,djs obc,doll & horse cover art
155131	Martin, Tony:  Fly Me To the Moon  (Dot DLP 25466 LP)  $7  VG+/EX  196?,slrw
148739	Martin, Tony:  Fly Me To the Moon  (Dot DLP 25466 LP)  $8  EX/EX  196?,osw,swobc
148616	Martin, Tony:  I'll See You In My Dreams  (Applause LP)  $6  VG+/EX  1982,co,swobc
147934	Martin, Tony:  S/T  (Audio Fidelity AFSD 6200 LP)  $16  EX/M-  1968,osw
155284	Martino, Al:  I Wish You Love  (Capitol SF-714 LP)  $6  VG/VG+  197?,green target label re of "My Cherie",rw
152129	Martino, Al:  Spanish Eyes  (Capitol ST 2435 LP)  $20  VG+/VG+  1966,UK,soc
148912	Mathis, Johnny:  Christmas Eve  (Columbia C 40447 LP)  $9  EX/EX  1986,osw
149191	Mathis, Johnny:  I Just Found Out About Love  (Columbia Musical Treasury DS 446 LP)  $11  VG+/EX  1969
155124	Mathis, Johnny:  Once In A While  (Columbia C 44156 LP)  $13  SS  1988
155125	Mathis, Johnny:  People  (Columbia CS 9871 LP)  $10  SS  196?,feels like re
146907	Mathis, Johnny:  The Rhythms & Ballads of Broadway  (Columbia C2L 17(M) LP)  $18  VG+/M-  196?,2lp
149246	Mathis, Johnny:  You Light Up My Life  (Columbia JC 35259 LP)  $6  VG+/EX  1978,osw,sost "Too Much Too Little Too Late",Deniece Williams
155123	Mathis, Johnny & Henry Mancini:  The Hollywood Musicals  (Columbia C 40372 LP)  $12  SS  1986
153217	Mayorga, Lincoln & Amanda McBroom:  Growing Up In Hollywood Town  (Sheffield Lab 13 LP)  $20  VG/EX  1980,audiophile,rw
149622	McGuire Sisters:  Just for Old Time's Sake  (Jasmine JAS 1511 LP)  $25  EX/EX  1961,198?,re,UK
150044	McKellar, Kenneth:  Roamin' In the Gloamin'  (London PS 149 LP)  $18  VG+/VG+  195?-6?,soc
155274	McKuen, Rod:  At Carnegie Hall  (Warner Bros 2WS 1794 LP)  $20  VG/VG+  1969,2lp,rw,woc,smsplt
152669	McKuen, Rod:  Through European Windows  (RCA Victor LSP-3786 LP)  $14  VG+/VG+  1967
147788	Mexicali Singers :  Ride Again  (Warner Bros W 1677(M) LP)  $18  VG+/EX  196?,co
147437	Mexicali Singers :  S/T  (Warner Bros WS 1641 LP)  $17  EX/VG+  196?,osw,co,anita kerr production
148290	Mexicali Singers :  The Further Adventures of...  (Warner Bros WS 1651 LP)  $17  VG+/EX  196?,co
154231	Middlebrooks, Harry:  Funny How Time Slips Away  (Capitol ST-2850 LP)  $11  VG/VG+  196?,soc,slrw,wobc
150302	Millionaires:  Remember the Good Times  (NR9770 LP)  $33  VG/EX  197?,private press,autographed obc,rw
150172	Mills Brothers:  In a Mellow Tone  (Vocalion VL 73607 LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  195?,soc
148382	Mills Brothers:  Timeless  (Sunnyvale SVL-1023 LP)  $20  SS  1978
147005	Mistletones:  Hello Christmas  (Duke Street DSR 31001 LP)  $9  EX/M-  1983,Canada,osw,co
150123	Moms & Dads:  The Best of...  (GNP Crescendo GNPS 2087 LP)  $15  SS  1974
153097	Monro, Matt:  From Russia With Love  (Liberty LRP-3356(M) LP)  $22  VG+/EX  196?
149001	Montand, Yves:  Olympia "81"  (Philips 6113 250 LP)  $20  VG+/VG+/EX  1981,France,2lp,lyric sleeves,toc
148291	Monte, Lou:  Songs for Pizza Lovers  (RCA Victor LPM-1877(M) LP)  $17  EX/VG+  1958
147017	Morgan, Jane:  All the Way  (Kapp KL-1080(M) LP)  $14  VG/VG  195?,smsplt
153570	Morgan, Jane:  Fascination  (Kapp KL-1006(M) LP)  $15  VG+/VG+  1962
147729	Morgan, Jane:  Fascination  (Kapp KS-3017 LP)  $18  VG+/VG+  1962
151240	Morgan, Jane:  Fresh Flavor  (Epic BN 26211 LP)  $21  EX/EX  196?,osw
149787	Morgan, Jane:  The Second Time Around  (Kapp KS-3239 LP)  $16  VG/EX  1961,slrw
147960	Morgan, Jaye P.:  What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life  (Beverly Hills BHS 24 LP)  $20  EX/EX  197?,osw
149727	Morris, Libby:  Ad-Libby  (RCA Victor LPM-3506(M) LP)  $15  VG+/M-  1966
152402	Mouskouri, Nana:  Songs of My Land  (Fontana MGF-27563(M) LP)  $17  VG+/VG+  196?
150266	Nabors, Jim:  The Way of Love  (Columbia KC 31336 LP)  $15  SS  1972
148602	Naval Air Training Command Choir:  Mighty Navy Wings  (Navy LP)  $34  EX/EX  197?,osw,military band
155366	Newley, Anthony:  Ain't It Funny  (MGM MV-5096 LP)  $14  VG/VG+  1972,wlp,rw
150346	Newman, Phyllis:  Those Were the Days  (Sire London SES 97002 LP)  $21  EX/EX  1968,"When I'm 64" beatlesong,osw
155266	Newton, Wayne:  The Long & Winding Road  (Capitol ST-474 LP)  $16  VG+/VG+  197?,osw,beatlesong,chewed corner
151589	Olsen, Carl & the Lyric Singers:  In Concert With Instrumentals  (Lyric Productions LPC-3003(M) LP)  $33  VG+/M-  196?,osw,private press
150229	Olsen, Dorothy:  I Know Where I'm Going  (RCA Victor LPM-1606(M) LP)  $18  VG+/VG+  1958,smsplt
147927	Page, Patti:  Let's Get Away From It All  (Mercury Wing MGW-12250(M) LP)  $18  VG+/EX  196?,co,2nd issue
148025	Page, Patti:  The Patti Page Collection  (Precision TVLP 76019 LP)  $8  EX/EX  1976,Canada,osw,swol
152405	Page, Patti:  The Waltz Queen  (Mercury MG 20318(M) LP)  $14  VG/VG+  195?-6?,black label,smsplt,scratches oc
147741	Page, Patti:  The Waltz Queen  (Mercury Wing MGW-12121(M) LP)  $12  EX/VG+  196?,2nd label,osw,co
149863	Patachou:  La Belle Epoque...Sings Songs of Aristide Bruant  (Columbia WL 140(M) LP)  $14  VG+/EX  195?-6?,Canada
150124	Paul, Les & Mary Ford:  Swingin' South!!  (Columbia CL 1928(M) LP)  $11  VG+/EX  1963,two eye label
151086	Paul, Les & Mary Ford:  Time to Dream  (Capitol T-802(M) LP)  $11  VG/VG  195?-6?,smsplt,slrw
152020	Peters, Bernadette:  S/T  (MCA 3230 LP)  $9  VG+/EX  1980,vargas cover art,co,sticker wear oc,insert
153275	Peterson, Glade:  Echoes of Sanpete  (SanVu RAV 12117 LP)  $35  VG+/VG+  196?-7?,utah private press
150343	Piaf, Edith:  Le Disque d'Or de...  (Columbia 2C 066-16.053 LP)  $18  VG+/M-  1975,France,gfld
147967	Piaf, Edith:  Los Grandes Exitos de...  (Odeon URL 7855(M) LP)  $18  VG+/EX  196?,Uruguay,laminated cover
147923	Piaf, Edith:  Potpourri par Piaf  (Capitol ST 10295 LP)  $17  EX/EX  196?
152005	Pied Pipers:  Cool & Warm  (Hamlin Castle 22234-S LP)  $18  EX/EX  1982,osw
150232	Platters:  Christmas With the...  (Mercury MG-20841(M) LP)  $23  VG+/VG  196?,wlp
155450	Playmates:  Visit the West Indies  (Forum F-16001(M) LP)  $16  VG/VG+  195?,smsplt
149189	Previn, Dory:  Mary C. Brown & the Hollywood Sign  (United Artists UAS-5657 LP)  $10  VG+/M-  1972,gfld,co
155523	Prysock, Arthur:  Fly My Love  (King KS 1088 LP)  $9  EX/EX  196?-7?,osw
154811	Prysock, Arthur:  Intimately Yours  (Old Town OTS 2008 LP)  $24  VG+/VG+  196?
153534	Quinn, Carmel:  Arthur Godfrey Presents...  (Columbia CL 629(M) LP)  $18  VG+/VG+  195?,six eye label,swobc
153533	Quinn, Carmel:  Carmel Quinn's TV Party  (Columbia CL 807(M) LP)  $18  VG/VG+  195?,six eye label,partial smsplt
151961	Raney, Sue:  Alive and In Love  (Imperial LP-12323 LP)  $65  VG+/EX  196?
153649	Raney, Sue:  New and Now!  (Imperial LP-9355(M) LP)  $28  VG/VG+  196?
146896	Reddy, Helen:  Ear Candy  (Capitol SO-11640 LP)  $12  EX/M-  1977,osw,lyric sleeve,produced by Kim Fowley
148399	Reddy, Helen:  We'll Sing In the Sunshine  (Capitol SW-11759 LP)  $6  EX/M-  1978,co,lyric sleeve
149777	Richards, Ann & Stan Kenton:  Two Much!  (Capitol ST-1495 LP)  $33  VG/VG+  195?-6?,orig,smsplt,slrw
155302	Robin, Tina:  The Four Seasons  (Coral CRL 57237(M) LP)  $38  VG/VG+  195?,orig maroon label,smsplt
152071	Rooney, Mickey:  Sings George M. Cohan  (RCA Victor LPM-1520(M) LP)  $35  VG+/VG+  1957
153863	Roselli, Jimmy:  3 A.M.  (M&R C-1015 LP)  $13  VG+/M-  1975,swobc
147397	Roselli, Jimmy:  Rock-A-Bye Your Baby  (United Artists UAL 3438(M) LP)  $13  EX/VG  196?,orig,osw
152091	Roselli, Jimmy:  Saloon Songs Vol. 2  (United Artists UAS 6585 LP)  $18  SS  1967,orig,slrw (cover wear where part of shrink tore away)
148930	Roselli, Jimmy:  This Heart of Mine  (RIC M1010(M) LP)  $15  VG+/VG  1964
148485	Royal Singers:  S/T  (Carrol LBS 124 LP)  $28  EX/M-  195?-6?,osw,Milton Berle liner notes
154361	Rural Route 4:  Saturday Night & Sunday Mornin'  (RR4 510092X LP)  $35  VG+/VG+  198?,barbershop,autographed obc
146751	Sadler, SSgt Barry:  Ballads of the Green Berets  (RCA Victor LSP-3547 LP)  $14  EX/VG  1966,osw,military
148991	Sadler, SSgt Barry:  Ballads of the Green Berets  (RCA Victor LSP-3547 LP)  $17  EX/EX  1966,osw,military
152050	Sakamoto, Kyu:  Sukiyaki  (Capitol ST-10349 LP)  $33  VG/EX  196?,soc
153638	Sandler, Tony & Ralph Young:  Cabaret  (Pickwick SPC-3301 LP)  $10  EX/EX  197?,osw,swobc
153869	Sandler, Tony & Ralph Young:  Side By Side  (Capitol ST 2598 LP)  $18  EX/EX  196?,osw,red target label re,swobc
150284	Sandler, Tony & Ralph Young:  Together  (Capitol ST-159 LP)  $20  EX/EX  196?,osw,orig
149773	Sandpipers:  Spanish Album  (A&M SP 4159 LP)  $15  M-/M-  196?,osw,sost "Guantanamera"
148387	Sedaka, Neil:  A Song  (Elektra 6E-102 LP)  $12  EX/M-  1977,co
150204	Sedaka, Neil:  All You Need Is the Music  (Elektra 6E-161 LP)  $7  EX/EX  1978,gfld,osw,co
151693	Sedaka, Neil:  Emergence  (RCA Victor APL1-1789 LP)  $10  VG+/M-  1971,re
150225	Sedaka, Neil:  Let's Go Steady Again  (RCA R133511 LP)  $13  SS  1976,vg+ cover
148107	Shaw, Robert Chorale:  Highlights from Porgy & Bess  (RCA Victor Red Seal LM-1124(M) LP)  $17  VG+/VG+  195?
151611	Shelburne, Bill:  Very Glad to Be Unhappy  (Sir LP-L421(M) LP)  $25  VG/VG  196?,Mexico,piano bar & afghan dog cover art
148234	Sherwood, Roberta:  My Song  (Vocalion VL 73842 LP)  $18  EX/EX  196?,osw,co
153018	Shore, Dinah:  Bouquet of Blues  (RCA Victor LPM-1214(M) LP)  $38  VG/EX  1956,orig black label,slrw,partial smsplt
153571	Shore, Dinah:  Bouquet of Blues  (RCA Victor LPM-1214(M) LP)  $40  VG+/EX  1956,orig black label
153587	Shore, Dinah:  Dinah, Yes Indeed!  (Capitol ST-1247 LP)  $28  VG/VG+  195?-6?,orig,smsplts
155290	Shore, Dinah:  Sings Cole Porter & Richard Rodgers  (Harmony HL 7010(M) LP)  $17  VG/VG+  195?-6?,red label,deep groove,rw
151362	Shore, Dinah:  You On My Mind  (RCA Victor CS 173 LP)  $9  VG+/VG+  196?
146970	Simeone, Harry & Elizabeth Firestone Wallis:  It's Alaska  (RCA Custom ALS-0656 LP)  $28  VG+/EX  196?,alaska airlines promotional item,girl on bearskin rug with totem pole cover art
148125	Simeone, Harry Chorale:  Sing We Now the Songs of Faith  (20th Fox SFX 3031 LP)  $9  VG+/VG+  195?,soc
150568	Sinatra, Frank:  A Swingin Affair  (Capitol W-803(M) LP)  $11  VG+/EX  196?,orig,black label,swobc
148667	Sinatra, Frank:  All Alone  (Reprise FS 1007 LP)  $10  EX/EX  1962,brown label re,osw,swobc
153605	Sinatra, Frank:  All the Way  (Capitol SW-1538 LP)  $12  VG/VG+  1961,orig
150150	Sinatra, Frank:  Close to You  (Capitol 2C 068-54579(M) LP)  $23  VG+/M-  1957,1983,re,France
150146	Sinatra, Frank:  Come Fly With Me  (Capitol SM-920 LP)  $18  SS  1958,197?,yellow label re,co,TWA airline cover art
150151	Sinatra, Frank:  Conducts Tone Poems of Color  (Capitol W-735(M) LP)  $35  VG/EX  195?-6?,black/rainbow label,soc,smsplt,co,Saul Bass cover design
151934	Sinatra, Frank:  I Remember Tommy  (Reprise R-1003(M) LP)  $25  EX/EX  1962,orig gfld,die-cut cover,orig tri-color label
153749	Sinatra, Frank:  I Remember Tommy  (Reprise R9-1003 LP)  $21  VG+/VG+  1962,orig gfld,orig label,soc,swobc
152087	Sinatra, Frank:  In Hollywood 1943-1949  (Columbia CL 2913(M) LP)  $12  VG+/M-  1968,djts oc,wobc
150972	Sinatra, Frank:  Ol' Blue Eyes Is Back  (Reprise FS4 2155(Q) LP)  $22  VG/EX  1973,gfld,h2o oc,quadraphonic
152906	Sinatra, Frank:  Only the Lonely  (Capitol SW-1053 LP)  $25  VG/EX  1958,orig black/rainbow label,soc,sm tear oc,slrw
151933	Sinatra, Frank:  Ring-A-Ding Ding!  (Reprise R9-1001 LP)  $27  EX/EX  1961,1st Reprise release,orig tri-color photo label,swobc
150565	Sinatra, Frank:  S/T  (CSP P 13298(E) LP)  $14  VG+/EX  197?,osw,soc,swobc
155181	Sinatra, Frank:  September of My Years  (Reprise FS 1014 LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  1965,orig label
153599	Sinatra, Frank:  September of My Years  (Reprise FS 1014 LP)  $15  VG+/M-  1965,orig label
153738	Sinatra, Frank:  She Shot Me Down  (Reprise FS 2305 LP)  $10  VG+/EX  1981,osw
153608	Sinatra, Frank:  Sinatra & Strings  (Reprise R-1004(M) LP)  $16  VG+/VG+  1962,orig tri-color label,Don Costa
151942	Sinatra, Frank:  Sinatra Sings...of Love and Things  (Capitol W-1729(M) LP)  $20  VG+/EX  195?-6?,orig
150654	Sinatra, Frank:  Sinatra Special  (Capitol Pickwick Series SPCB-3492(E) LP)  $11  VG+/EX  197?,2lp
153609	Sinatra, Frank:  Sinatra Swings  (Reprise R9-1002 LP)  $9  VG+/VG+  1962,orig tri-color label
153606	Sinatra, Frank:  Sinatra's Sinatra  (Reprise FS-1010 LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  1964,gfld,orig yellow/blue photo label,Nelson Riddle
146764	Sinatra, Frank:  Sinatra's Swingin' Session!!!  (Capitol SM-1491 LP)  $10  EX/M-  1961,198?,re,black/rainbow label,osw
153604	Sinatra, Frank:  Sinatra's Swingin' Session!!!  (Capitol W-1491(M) LP)  $14  VG+/VG+  1961,side logo black rainbow label
153607	Sinatra, Frank:  Sings the Select Cole Porter  (Capitol DT 2301 LP)  $18  M-/EX  196?,osw,Nelson Riddle
153637	Sinatra, Frank:  Sings the Select Cole Porter  (Capitol DW-2301 LP)  $16  VG+/EX  196?,osw,swobc,Nelson Riddle
148620	Sinatra, Frank:  Softly, As I Leave You  (Reprise F 1013 LP)  $12  EX/M-  1964,1981,re,osw,swobc
153864	Sinatra, Frank:  Someone To Watch Over Me  (Harmony HS 11277(E) LP)  $11  VG+/EX  197?,swobc
153597	Sinatra, Frank:  Strangers In the Night  (Reprise FS-1017 LP)  $10  VG+/VG+  1966,orig label
151940	Sinatra, Frank:  Swing Easy  (Capitol W-1429(M) LP)  $28  VG+/EX  1960,center logo rainbow label
155285	Sinatra, Frank:  That's Life  (Reprise F 1020(M) LP)  $15  EX/VG+  1966,orig,osw
153598	Sinatra, Frank:  That's Life  (Reprise F 1020(M) LP)  $18  EX/M-  1966,orig,osw
148619	Sinatra, Frank:  That's Life  (Reprise FS 1020 LP)  $12  EX/M-  1966,1981,re,osw,swobc
155180	Sinatra, Frank:  That's Life  (Reprise FS-1020 LP)  $16  EX/EX  1966,orig
151943	Sinatra, Frank:  The Essential...  (Columbia S3L 42(M) LP)  $28  VG+/M-  196?,3lp box,360 label,djts obc,bklt,insert,1939-52 recordings
153596	Sinatra, Frank:  The Frank Sinatra Story in Music  (Columbia C2L-6(M) LP)  $25  VG+/EX/VG+  195?,2lp,6 eyes lbl
149510	Sinatra, Frank:  The Main Event Live  (Reprise FS 2207 LP)  $10  EX/VG+  1974,osw
148734	Sinatra, Frank:  The Nearness of You  (Capitol Pickwick Series PC-3450(M) LP)  $10  EX/M-  196?,osw,swobc
153627	Sinatra, Frank:  The Paramount Years  (Retrospect 504 LP)  $13  VG+/M-  197?,osw,swobc,1943-47 radio broadcasts
150231	Sinatra, Frank:  The Rare Sinatra  (Capitol E-ST 24311 LP)  $17  SS  1978,UK
155129	Sinatra, Frank:  The World We Knew  (Reprise FS 1022 LP)  $11  VG+/M-  1967,orig,slrw
150148	Sinatra, Frank:  Vol. 3  (Joker SM 3632 LP)  $21  SS  1974,Italy,seal partially opened
150147	Sinatra, Frank:  Vol. 4  (Joker SM 3633 LP)  $15  VG+/M-  1974,Italy
147968	Sinatra, Frank:  Watertown  (Reprise FS 1031 LP)  $15  EX/EX  1970,gfld,no poster
153600	Sinatra, Frank & Antonio Carlos Jobim:  Francis Albert Sinatra & Antonio Carlos Jobim  (Reprise FS 1021 LP)  $13  VG/VG+  196?,orig tri-color label,Claus Ogerman
153602	Sinatra, Frank & Count Basie:  It Might As Well Be Swing  (Reprise FS 1012 LP)  $11  VG+/VG+  1964,orig
153601	Sinatra, Frank & Count Basie:  Sinatra at the Sands  (Reprise 2FS 1019 LP)  $24  VG+/VG+  1966,2lp,orig tri-color photo label,arranged/conducted by Quincy Jones
153603	Sinatra, Frank & Duke Ellington:  Francis A. & Edward K.  (Reprise FS 1024 LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  196?,orig tri-color label
151894	Sinatra, Frank/Antonio Carlos Jobim/Eumir Deodato:  Sinatra & Company  (Reprise FS 1033 LP)  $10  EX/EX  1971,osw
151937	Smith, Kate:  At Carnegie Hall  (RCA Victor LSP-2819 LP)  $11  EX/VG+  1963,osw
152399	Smith, Kate:  God Bless America  (Murray Hill M54556 LP)  $18  VG+/EX/M-/M-  1980,3lp box
151936	Smith, Kate:  Her Very Best  (RCA Special Products DVL1-0477 LP)  $9  VG+/VG+  1980
147905	Smith, Keely:  I Wish You Love  (Capitol ST-914 LP)  $20  EX/VG+  196?,osw
150264	Somethin' Smith & the Redheads:  Ain't We Got Fun Kinda Songs  (MGM E-3941(M) LP)  $19  VG/EX  196?,co,toc
147352	Somethin' Smith & the Redheads:  Crazy People  (Epic LN 3517(M) LP)  $17  VG+/VG+  195?,silly cover art
150243	Somethin' Smith & the Redheads:  Somethin' of Smith  (Epic LN 3649(M) LP)  $15  VG+/VG  195?
153589	Stafford, Jo:  Ballad of the Blues  (CSP CSRP 8139 LP)  $9  VG/VG+  196?,re,rw
153544	Stafford, Jo:  Greatest Hits  (Ross 6617 LP)  $17  VG+/EX  197?,co
151593	Standish, Kendall:  Sings Ye Olde Continental Taverne Souvenir Album  (Continental Can Company CSM 424 LP)  $65  VG+/M-  1970,promo item from the National Soft Drink Association Convention
151367	Starr, Kay:  Kay Starr's Again!  (Capitol ST-11323 LP)  $14  EX/EX  1974,osw
155298	Starr, Kay:  Sings!  (Coronet CX-106(M) LP)  $9  VG/VG+  196?,slrw,stain oc
154232	Starr, Kay:  Tears & Heartaches / Old Records  (Capitol T-2550(M) LP)  $12  VG/VG+  196?,rw,soc,sol,wobc
147946	Starr, Kay:  The Hits of Kay Starr  (Capitol DT-415 LP)  $13  EX/VG+  196?,osw
154198	Staton, Merrill Voices:  Sounds Broadway! Sounds Hollywood! Sounds Great!  (CSP CSRP 604 LP)  $12  EX/EX  196?,re,osw
151490	Strawberry Street Singers:  Fresh Fruit from...  (RCA Victor LSP-4084 LP)  $11  VG/M-  1969,soc,co
152198	Strawberry Street Singers:  You Can't Have Too Much of a Good Good Thing  (RCA Victor LSP-3912 LP)  $7  VG/VG+  1968,co,"When I'm 64" beatlesong
150652	Streisand, Barbra:  Color Me Barbra  (Columbia CS 9278 LP)  $13  VG+/EX  1966,orig 360 label,osw
153763	Streisand, Barbra:  Guilty  (Columbia LP)  $8  EX/EX  1980,Barry Gibb,gfld,osw,sost "Woman In Love"
150548	Streisand, Barbra:  Je m'appelle Barbra  (Columbia CS 9347 LP)  $10  EX/EX  196?,360 label,osw
153729	Streisand, Barbra:  One Voice  (Columbia OC 40788 LP)  $8  VG+/EX  1987
150048	Streisand, Barbra:  Stoney End  (Columbia PC 30376 LP)  $13  SS  197?
148639	Streisand, Barbra:  The Third Album  (Columbia KCS 8954 LP)  $8  EX/M-  197?,re,osw,swobc
147912	Stuarti, Enzo:  The Exciting...  (Jubilee JGS 5027 LP)  $15  VG+/EX  195?-6?
151464	Stutz Bear Cats:  S/T  (MMT MMTLP 112 LP)  $15  VG/M-  1982,UK,soc,sost "The Song I Sing"
147611	Teaneck Chorus:  S/T  (Rocper 109(M) LP)  $20  VG+  196?,blue wax,plain cover
152019	Temple, Shirley:  On the Good Ship Lollipop  (Movietone MTM 1001(M) LP)  $15  VG+/EX  1965
147961	Temple, Shirley:  Original Soundtracks  (20th Fox FOX-1003(M) LP)  $17  EX/EX  195?,sobc
151789	Thomas, Danny:  A Special Holiday Greeting from...and Your Local Navy Recruiter  (Navy 72357 LP)  $35  EX/M-  196?-7?,osw,christmas,military
152077	Thomas, Danny:  An Evening With...  (Columbia XTV 60818(M) LP)  $28  VG+/VG+  195?,red label,promo item for Post cereals
149794	Toliver, Joan:  S/T  (Kapp KRS-4502 LP)  $22  EX/EX  196?,co
148336	Trapp Family Singers:  Christmas With...  (Decca DL 9553(M) LP)  $9  VG/VG  195?,toc,smsplt
151903	Tucker, Sophie / Ted Lewis:  Vintage Show Biz Greats  (Folkways RFS 603 LP)  $31  EX/M-  1982,osw
153535	Uggams, Leslie:  Leslie Uggams on TV  (CSP CSRP 8506 LP)  $6  VG+/EX  196?,re
148236	Uncle Dick's Old-Time Singers:  Sing Along With the Happiest Sound of All  (Warner Bros WS 1681 LP)  $28  VG+/EX  196?
148252	VA-A Very Merry Christmas Volume VII:  Perry Como,Julie Andrews,Charley Pride,Arthur Fiedler,Danny Davis,Morton Gould,Robert Shaw,Ed Ames,Sir Thomas Beecham  (RCA Special Products DPL1-0049 LP)  $12  SS  1973
148253	VA-A Very Merry Christmas Volume VIII:  Bing Crosby,Nat King Cole,Dinah Shore,Glen Campbell,Peggy Lee,Tennessee Ernie Ford,Fred Waring,Roger Wagner Chorale,Charles Mackerras,Hollywood Pops Orchestra  (Capitol Special Markets SL-6954 LP)  $12  SS  1974?
150061	VA-Accents,Bobby Freeman,Don Rondo,LuAnn Simms,Della Reese,Gretchen Wyler:  Jubilee StereoSonic Vocal Sampler  (Jubilee SSJLP 802 LP)  $12  VG/VG+  196?,slrw
149081	VA-Andy Williams,Barbra Streisand,Ray Conniff,Johnny Mathis,Johnny Cash,Percy Faith,Jim Nabors,Patti Page,Tony Bennett,Jerry Vale,O.C. Smith,Robert Goulet,Andre Kostelanetz,Aretha Franklin,Charlie Byrd,John Davidson,Eydie Gorme,Doris Day,Leslie Uggams,John Barry,Pete Seeger,Andre Previn,Mel Torme,Brothers Four,Modernaires:  40 Great Stars 40 Great Hits - The Greatest Hits of the 60's  (Columbia G3P 23 LP)  $21  VG+/M-  196?,3lp,360 label
148249	VA-Barbra Streisand,Julie Andrews,Frank Sinatra,Doris Day,Andy Williams,Tony Bennett,Sammy Davis Jr,Bing Crosby,Ella Fitzgerald,Pete Fountain,Tex Beneke,Jo Stafford,Pat Boone:  The Many Moods of Christmas  (CSP P 12013 LP)  $15  SS  1973,goodyear promo item
149935	VA-Bing Crosby,Dick Haymes,Helen Forrest,Harry James,Betty Grable,Deanna Durbin,Vera Lynn,Jo Stafford,Dooley Wilson,Jimmy Dorsey,Ink Spots,Guy Lombardo,Tex Beneke,Glenn Miller,Dinah Shore,Artie Shaw,Perry Como,Harmonicats,Edith Piaf,Frances Langford,Kay Kyser:  The White Cliffs of Dover  (Good Music MSM2-35199 LP)  $20  VG+/EX/M-/EX  1990,3lp,sm tear oc
153640	VA-Bing Crosby,Nat King Cole,Tennessee Ernie Ford,Peggy Lee,Nancy Wilson,Lettermen,Glen Campbell,Franco Corelli,Hollywood Pops Orchestra:  The Sound of Christmas Vol. 2  (Capitol Creative Products SL-6534 LP)  $9  VG+/EX  196?
149928	VA-Brothers Castro,Vic Damone,Tennessee Ernie Ford,Four Freshmen,Glen Gray & Jonah Jones,Stan Kenton,Kingston Trio,Peggy Lee,Lettermen,Four Preps,Nancy Wilson:  Who's News!  (Capitol NP-1(M) LP)  $25  VG+/EX  195?
148250	VA-Carols & Candlelight:  Harry Belafonte,Leonard Bernstein,Kate Smith,John Davidson,Mahalia Jackson,Andre Kostelanetz,Julie Andrews,Doris Day,Yank Lawson,Bob Haggart,Tony Bennett,Stan Getz,Percy Faith,Enoch Light,Andy Williams  (CSP P 12525 LP)  $15  SS  1974,goodyear promo item
148194	VA-Christmas Presents:  Johnny Mann Singers,Vikki Carr,Percy Faith,Johnny Mathis,Mormon Tabernacle Choir,Julie Andrews,Johnny Cash,Ray Conniff Singers,Debbie Reynolds,Temple University Choir  (CSP P 13243 LP)  $18  SS  1976
149294	VA-Danny Thomas,Roger Wagner Chorale,Ralph Carmichael,London Bell Ringers,Westminster Brass Ensemble,Royal Philharmonic Orchestra:  The Salvation Army Presents Army of Stars: A Child Is Born  (Salvation Army LP)  $38  VG+/M-  1987,christmas
153073	VA-Ed Ames,Harry Belafonte,Lana Cantrell,Vic Damone,Arthur Fiedler,Morton Gould,Al Hirt,Norman Luboff Choir,Henry Mancini,Peter Nero,Leontyne Price,Robert Shaw Chorale:  Christmastime In Carol & Song  (RCA PRS-271 LP)  $13  SS  1968
148363	VA-Great Million Sellers Vol. 2:  Don Cherry,Karen Chandler,Ted Weems,Jack Haskell,Rita Moreno,Ted Stanford,Jeannie Thomas,Sylvia Saynt  (Strand SL 1064(M) LP)  $14  EX/EX  196?,osw
149075	VA-Great Stars Great Songs:  Aretha Franklin,Robert Goulet,Johnny Cash,Jim Nabors,Andre Kostelanetz,Gary Puckett,Percy Faith,Spiral Starecase,Blood Sweat & Tears,John Davidson,Peter Nero  (CSP CSS 1045 LP)  $12  VG/EX  196?,soc,rw
149077	VA-Harry Tobias...Golden Anniversary Album:  Tobias Brothers,Frank Sinatra,Ella Fitzgerald,Nat King Cole,Lou Rawls,Jerry Vale,Jody Miller,Ray Conniff,Billy Vaughn,Jimmy Dorsey,Jo Stafford,Gordon MacRae,Pat Boone  (Tobey Music T-200 LP)  $38  VG+/M-  197?
149971	VA-Jack Jones,George Shearing,Kay Starr,Hollyridge Strings,Al Martino,Freddy Martin,Tennessee Ernie Ford,Onzy Matthews,Donna Lynn:  Great New Releases from the Sound Capitol of the World June 1964  (Capitol PRO 2634 LP)  $23  EX/EX  1964,promo-only radio/tv programming use,osw
148397	VA-Jo Anne Castle,Johnny Maddox,Del Wood,Joe Fingers Carr,Charlie Young:  26 Non Stop Sing Along Honky Tonk Vol. 1  (K-tel NU-423 LP)  $14  SS  1971,co,bklt
148762	VA-John Davidson,Leonard Bernstein,Anna Moffo,Richard Tucker,Mahalia Jackson,Isaac Stern,Barbra Streisand,Petula Clark,Tony Bennett,Percy Faith,Andy Williams,Doris Day,Steve Lawrence,Ray Conniff:  Best of the Great Songs of Christmas  (CSP CSS 1478 LP)  $18  SS  196?-7?,goodyear promo
155170	VA-Keely Smith,Jack Jones,Four Freshmen,Ray Anthony,Harry James,Jonah Jones,Woody Herman,George Shearing,Laurindo Almeida,Al Martino,Stan Kenton:  Let's Bacardi Party  (Capitol Custom(M) LP)  $14  SS  195?-6?,Bacardi rum promo item
149633	VA-Lana Cantrell,Perry Como,Bing Crosby,Arthur Fiedler,John Gary,Norman Luboff Choir,Eugene Ormandy,Jan Peerce,Robert Shaw Chorale,Kate Smith:  Happy Holidays Vol. 14  (RCA Special Products DPL1-0376 LP)  $12  SS  1979,promo item for True Value Hardware
148187	VA-Lawrence Welk,Petula Clark,Bing Crosby,Erich Leinsdorf,Connie Francis,Mantovani,Lena Horne,Vladimir Horowitz,Joan Sutherland,Richard Kiley:  Great Songs of Christmas Album 9  (CSP CSS 1033 LP)  $18  SS  196?-7?,gfld,goodyear promo
155354	VA-Leonard Bernstein,Anita Bryant,Ray Conniff,Julie Andrews,Peter Nero,Jim Nabors,Mahalia Jackson,Brothers Four,Robert Goulet,John Davidson,Mormon Tabernacle Choir,Steve Lawrence,Eydie Gorme,Tony Bennett,Patti Page,Percy Faith,Mitch Miller,Johnny Mathis,Andre Kostelanetz,Doris Day,Johnny Cash,Aretha Franklin,New Christy Minstrels:  A Christmas Present  (Ronco P 11772 LP)  $23  VG+/VG+  1973,gfld,pop-up christmas scene
152345	VA-Liz Callaway,Bob Gunton,Steven Jacob,Cris Groenendaal,George Hearn,Judy Kaye,Victoria Mallory,Angela Lansbury:  A Stephen Sondheim Evening  (RCA Red Seal CBL2-4745 LP)  $17  VG+/M-  1983,2lp,co,bklt
149672	VA-Louis Prima,Dick Contino,Frank Sinatra,Hugo Winterhalter,Eddie Fisher,Enrico Caruso,Tony Martin,Hugo Montenegro,Lou Monte,Living Strings,Sergio Franchi,Three Suns,Domenico Modugno,Peter Nero,Sophia Loren,Al Hirt,Vic Damone,Julius LaRosa,Ray Ellis,Frankie Fanelli,Neapolitan Mandolins:  Love Italian Style Vols. 1 & 2  (RCA Special Products PRS-438(E) LP)  $11  VG/VG+  1973,2lp
147890	VA-Love At Home:  King Sisters,Alvino Rey,Del Courtney,Yvonne King  (Capitol DT 2352 LP)  $14  VG+/VG+  196?,woc
149970	VA-Nancy Wilson,Nils Lindberg,Kingston Trio,Jeannie Hoffman,Billy Liebert,Lettermen,Jo Stafford,Freddy Martin,Al Martino,Nancy Wilson,Leon McAuliffe,Good Time Singers,Big Ben Banjo Band:  Great New Releases from the Sound Capitol of the World January 1964  (Capitol PRO 2519 LP)  $20  VG+/VG+  1964,promo-only radio/tv programming use
149102	VA-O.C. Smith,Andre Kostelanetz,Percy Faith,Johnny Mathis,John Barry,Tony Bennett,Ray Conniff,John Davidson,Terry Baxter,Bobby Vinton:  Let the Sunshine In  (Columbia Musical Treasuries DS 943 LP)  $15  VG+/EX  1972,slrw
150271	VA-Roger Miller,Lynn Anderson,Dionne Warwick,Percy Faith,Jerry Vale,Ray Conniff,Connie Smith,Vikki Carr,Johnny Mathis,Johnny Duncan:  Open Up Your Heart  (Columbia House 1P 6116 LP)  $10  EX/EX  1974,osw
152156	VA-Rosemary Clooney,Henry Mancini,Ralph Hunter,Chet Atkins,Ames Brothers,Perez Prado,Sam Cooke,John Klein,Morton Gould,Robert Shaw Chorale,Leontyne Price,Fritz Reiner,Arthur Fiedler,Mario Lanza,Robert Russell Bennett:  Beautiful Hair Breck Presents the New Sound America Loves Best On RCA Victor Records  (RCA Victor SP-33-91 LP)  $15  VG/EX  196?,promo item for Breck shampoo,smsplt
150339	VA-S.O.C. Suburbanettes,Seven Hills,Independence,ISABELLA Puget Sound,Belles of Harmony,Greater Orlando,Cedar Rhapsody,O.K. City,Oakland,Chinook Winds,Ramapo Valley,Verdugo Hills,Tulsa No. 1,Old Pueblo,West Suburban:  Come Let's Sing of Christmas Day  (Sweet Adelines, Inc. SA-R-X LP)  $13  EX/EX  1964,osw
147684	VA-Season's Greetings from American Airlines:  Sandler & Young,Al Martino,Voices of Christmas,David Rose,Nat King Cole,Ella Fitzgerald,Glen Campbell,Peggy Lee,Hollywood Bowl Symphony Orchestra  (Capitol Special Markets SL-6687 LP)  $25  SS  196?,promo item for American Airlines,christmas
148376	VA-Showcase of Stars:  Eddie Heywood,Steve Lawrence,Anita O'Day,Platters,Enzo Stuarti,Joey Dee,Jack Teagarden,Enoch Light,Homer & Jethro,Julie London  (Guest Star G-1424(M) LP)  $9  SS  195?-6?
148400	VA-Showtime: the Best of Broadway:  Angela Lansbury,Mary Martin,Joel Grey,Barbra Streisand,Ethel Merman,Julie Andrews,Carol Lawrence,Carol Channing,Larry Kert,Judy Holliday,Dick Van Dyke  (Harmony KH 30132 LP)  $15  SS  197?
149958	VA-Teresa Brewer,Ames Brothers,McGuire Sisters,Roberta Sherwood,Jimmy Durante,Judy Garland,Les Brown,Billy Ward,Ray Charles Singers,Eddie Heywood,Billy Williams Revue,Russ Morgan:  Open House  (Decca DL 4205(M) LP)  $15  VG+/VG+  195?-6?
152136	VA-Teresa Brewer,Helen O'Connell,Bunny Berigan,Duke Ellington,Tommy Dorsey,Larry Clinton,Harry James:  We Believe In Toledo!  (RCA Special Products DPL1-0199 LP)  $16  VG+/EX  1976,soc,promo item for first federal savings of toledo
151892	VA-Tex Beneke,Ray Eberle,Modernaires,Paula Kelly:  Christmas Serenade In the Glenn Miller Style  (Columbia PC 38296 LP)  $13  SS  197?-8?,re
148439	VA-The Now Sounds of Today:  Kay Weaver,Ralph Lowe,Lee Scott  (Columbine CRH-70 LP)  $32  SS  197?-8?
152094	VA-Tony Martin,George Melachrino,Ames Brothers,Tommy Dorsey,Phil Harris,Lena Horne,Hugo Montenegro,Allan Jones,Nelson Eddy,Art Mooney,Eddie Fisher,Perez Prado,Sons of the Pioneers,Glenn Miller:  This is the Era of Memorable Song Hits: The Decade of the '30s  (RCA Victor VPM-6058(M) LP)  $14  VG+/M-  1972,2lp
149103	VA-Vic Damone,Jackie Gleason,Jo Stafford & Gordon MacRae,Pee Wee Hunt,Roger Wagner Chorale,Four Freshmen,Tennessee Ernie Ford,Goldman Band,Les Compagnons de la Chanson,Kay Kyser,Tino Contreras:  Great New Releases from the Sound Capitol of the World  (Capitol PRO 967/968/969/970 LP)  $21  VG+/EX  1962,promo-only radio/tv programming use,smsplt,wobc
154384	VA-Vic Damone,Lana Cantrell,Nat King Cole,Harry Belafonte,Johnny Mathis,Lou Rawls,Sergio Franchi,Norman Luboff Choir,Jim Reeves,John Gary,Anne Murray,Jack Jones:  Holiday Greetings  (RCA Special Products DPL1-0612 LP)  $28  SS  1983,promo item for budweiser,christmas
149919	VA-Winifred Shaw,Dick Powell,Judy Garland,Mickey Rooney,Douglas MacPhail,Ginger Rogers,Eric Rhodes,Bing Crosby,Ink Spots,James Newell,Frances Langford,Betty Hutton,Gracie Allen,Pied Pipers,Mills Brothers,Shep Fields,Bob Hope,Shirley Ross,W.C. Fields,Alice Faye,Gene Kelly,Chick Chandler,Rochelle Hudson,Ethel Merman,Don Ameche,Connie Russell,Anne Sothern,Robert Young,Carmen Miranda,Harry James,John Payne,Betty Grable,Jean Harlow,Red Skelton,Virginia O'Brien,Tommy Dorsey,Frank Sinatra,Eleanor Powell,Fred Astaire,Dixie Dunbar,Patsy Kelly,Johnny Downs,Yacht Club Boys,Jack Haley,Harry Owens,Harry Richman:  Hollywood Is On the Air  (Radiola 17/18(M) LP)  $28  VG+/EX  1972,2lp,radio programs of the 30s & 40s promoting musical films of the era
151369	Vale, Jerry:  Everybody Loves Somebody  (Columbia CS 9330 LP)  $14  M-/EX  196?,360 label,osw
153866	Vale, Jerry:  Greatest Hits  (Columbia CS 8778(E) LP)  $8  EX/EX  197?,re,osw,swobc
148633	Vale, Jerry:  Have You Looked Into Your Heart  (Columbia Limited Edition LE 10005 LP)  $7  EX/EX  197?,osw,re,swobc
148636	Vale, Jerry:  I Don't Know How To Love Her  (Columbia C 30799 LP)  $13  EX/EX  197?,osw,swobc
153865	Vale, Jerry:  Let It Be  (Columbia CS 1021 LP)  $11  EX/EX  197?,re,osw,swobc,beatlesong,"Raindrops keep Fallin on my Head"
149273	Vale, Jerry:  Love Is A Many-Splendored Thing  (Columbia C 32238 LP)  $10  EX/M-  1973,osw,swobc
148738	Vale, Jerry:  More Jerry Vale's Greatest Hits  (Columbia CS 9459 LP)  $9  EX/M-  197?,re,osw,swobc
153862	Vale, Jerry:  You Don't Have To Say You Love Me  (Columbia Limited Edition LE 10109 LP)  $9  EX/M-  197?,re,osw,swobc
155300	Valente, Caterina:  Golden Favorites  (Decca DL 4504(M) LP)  $25  VG+/VG+  196?
149676	Vallee, Rudy:  The Greatest Vaudeo-Doe-R of All Time!  (Pickwick SPC-3063 LP)  $9  EX/EX  197?,osw
153086	Vallee, Rudy:  The Kid from Maine  (Unique ULP-116(M) LP)  $15  VG+/VG+  1957,James Montgomery Flagg cover art,swobc
150227	Vinton, Bobby:  20 Greatest Hits  (K-tel NU9180 LP)  $8  VG+/VG+  1976,osw,co
150228	Vinton, Bobby:  20 Greatest Hits  (K-tel NU9180 LP)  $15  SS  1976,co
147054	Vinton, Bobby:  All-Time Greatest Hits  (Epic KEG 31487 LP)  $10  VG+/EX/M-  1972,2lp,orange label
153867	Vinton, Bobby:  Serenades of Love  (ABC ABCD-957 LP)  $12  EX/EX  1976,osw,swobc
149274	Vinton, Bobby:  The Love Album  (Epic EG 30431 LP)  $14  VG+/M-  197?,2lp,orange label,swobc
149065	Voices of Walter Schumann:  Walter Schumann Presents the Voices  (RCA Victor LSP-1558 LP)  $19  VG+/VG+  1958,Living Stereo,soc,swobc,orig deep groove black label,dog on top
155132	Wagoner, Porter:  Your Old Love Letters & Other Country Hits  (RCA Camden CAS-942(E) LP)  $8  VG+/VG+  1966
149190	Webb, Marti:  Tell Me On A Sunday  (Polydor PD-1-6260 LP)  $14  VG+/M-  1980,wlp,gfld,sost "take that look off your face"
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153713	Williams, Andy:  Andy  (Columbia Record Club P2S 5024 LP)  $10  VG+/EX  196?,2lp
153712	Williams, Andy:  Call Me Irresponsible  (Columbia CL 2171(M) LP)  $12  VG+/EX  196?,orig two eye label
150046	Williams, Andy:  Danny Boy  (Columbia CS 8551 LP)  $11  VG+/M-  196?,six eye label
150045	Williams, Andy:  Days of Wine & Roses  (Columbia CS 8815 LP)  $10  VG+/EX  1963,orig,swoc
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149017	Williams, Andy:  Greatest Hits Vol. 2  (Columbia KC 32384 LP)  $7  VG/EX  1973,soc,slrw
150278	Williams, Andy:  Love Theme from the Godfather  (Columbia KC 31303 LP)  $8  VG/VG+  1972,rw,soc
150283	Williams, Andy:  Solitaire  (Columbia KC 32383 LP)  $9  VG+/M-  1973,soc
153709	Williams, Andy:  Under Paris Skies  (Cadence CLP-3047(M) LP)  $12  EX/EX  196?,orig,Quincy Jones
150286	Williams, Andy:  You Lay Easy On My Mind  (Columbia KC 33234 LP)  $8  VG+/EX  1974,soc
155175	Wilson, Nancy:  Welcome to My Love  (Capitol ST-2844 LP)  $13  VG+/EX  196?,"Ode to Billie Joe"
150055	Wrightson, Earl & Lois Hunt:  Kiss Me, Kate  (Columbia CS 8568 LP)  $17  VG+/EX  1962,six eye label,djs ol,djs obc
151354	Zimmer, Norma:  Most Requested Songs  (RCA Victor LSP-4071 LP)  $13  VG+/M-  1969,soc
148563	Zimmer, Norma:  Sings True Love as Featured On the Lawrence Welk TV Show  (Dot DLP 25404 LP)  $11  VG/EX  196?,soc,sm tear oc,smsplt


150091	A Stone In David's Tower:  Adaptation from the original soundtrack  (Mofei or Tslil Israel, Ltd. LP)  $17  VG+/EX  197?,Israel,sound & light show in the Citadel of Jerusalem
148267	Alexander, Peter:  Melodien zum verlieben  (Polydor 237 033 SLPHM LP)  $13  VG/EX  196?,Germany,spinewear
151723	Alexander, Peter:  Schoene Weihnacht mit...  (Polydor 249 039 LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  196?,Germany,christmas
152008	Alexander, Peter:  So viel Farben hat die Liebe  (Ariola 89 499 LP)  $18  VG+/EX  1975,Germany,gfld
154816	Amranim:  Israel Today: Songs of Jerusalem  (Verve Forecast FTS-3043 LP)  $28  VG+/VG+  196?
152168	Ballet EspaÒol:  Ximenez-Vargas  (RCA Victor LSP-1952 LP)  $14  VG+/EX  1959,Living Stereo
151216	Bavarian Huntsmen Band & Chorus:  Sch¸tzenfest! Festival of the Hunters  (Kapp KS-3309 LP)  $25  EX/EX  196?,osw
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148775	Brothers Zim:  Greatest Hits  (Zimray 112 LP)  $13  VG/EX  1978,jewish music
149488	Cameroon Choristers:  A Festival of Songs  (DMI-51532 LP)  $23  SS  1981
150163	Cantor Barkan:  Kol Nidre in Moscow - Actually Recorded in the Central Synagogue  (MGM SE-4157 LP)  $18  VG/VG+  195?-6?,slrw
150110	Christova, Maria:  A Heritage of Folk Songs from Old Russia  (Nonesuch HS-2010 LP)  $20  VG+/M-  196?
147738	Dahomey Guinee:  Musique du Roi  (Roulette SR-9004(E) LP)  $15  VG/VG  196?,djs oc,djs ol
150815	Dahomey Guinee:  Musique du Roi  (Roulette SR-9004(E) LP)  $31  SS  196?,co
155545	Damari, Shoshana:  Kalaniot  (Warwick W 2015(M) LP)  $11  VG/VG  195?-6?,stains oc,smspts
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148021	Die Lustigen Akkordeon Jungens:  28 Akkordeon Truempfe  (Fiesta FLPS 1523 LP)  $18  EX/VG+  196?,osw
149532	Die Original Schneethaler:  S/T  (Philips International PHI 451 LP)  $23  EX/EX  196?,osw,co
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153514	Engelkinder:  Folk Music of the Tyrolean Alps  (Vox STPL 515.060 LP)  $28  SS  1958,1963,re
149907	Ensemble Nipponia:  Sounds of Beautiful Japan  (Columbia YS-10120-J LP)  $35  VG+/M-  1972,Japan,gfld,insert
152366	Famous German Student & Drinking Songs:  artists not listed  (Capitol ST-10519 LP)  $18  EX/EX  196?,osw,co
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148202	Freddy:  Junge komm bald wieder  (Karussell 2415 066 LP)  $15  VG+/VG+  197?,Germany
148722	Garezera Vasaras Vidusskolas:  Koris 1979  (Harmonija HLP-3025 LP)  $35  SS  1979,Latvian folk choir from Canada
151047	Gipsy Kings:  S/T  (Elektra Musician 60845-1 LP)  $14  VG+/M-  1988,wlp,co,sost "Bamboleo",dmm,audiophile vinyl
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152814	Hyacinthe, Jimmy:  S/T  (SIIS LP 035 LP)  $25  VG+/VG+  197?,Ivory Coast
153104	Incantation:  Music of the Andes  (PVC 8945 LP)  $21  VG+/VG+  1985,sm tear oc
150179	International Folk Singers:  Hava Nagila (Come, Let's Be Happy)  (London International TW 91256(M) LP)  $15  VG/VG  1960,lyric sheet,woc
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146741	Inti-Illimani Ensemble:  Viva Chile!  (Monitor MFS 769 LP)  $9  VG+/VG  196?,lyric insert
146853	King Sunny Ade:  Synchro System  (Mango MLPS 9737 LP)  $10  VG+/EX  1983
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148594	Latvian Folk Ensemble of New York:  Spoza zvaigzne atteceja...Behold, a bright star...  (Kaibala 50E02 LP)  $12  VG+/EX  196?-7?,soc,latvian folk songs of christmas & the winter solstice
154375	Le Choeur des Enfants de Monmartre:  Dominique the Singing Nun's Song  (Palace PST-767 LP)  $15  VG+/VG+  196?,osw
148743	Leander, Zarah:  Svenska Sangfavoriter  (Odeon PMES 513 LP)  $17  VG+/EX  196?,Sweden
151381	Lee, Riley & Gabriel:  Satori  (Sona Gaia LP 101 LP)  $21  VG/EX  1985,Netherlands,co,soc,zen music with shamisen & koto
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153536	Liane:  With Love from Vienna  (Verve MGV-20010(M) LP)  $18  VG/VG+  195?-6?,smsplt,rw,sung in German
151290	Lolita:  Sailor, Sailor & Lolita's Greatest German Hits  (Kapp KS-3219 LP)  $18  VG/EX  1961,smsplt
148728	Lubavitcher Chassidim:  Chabad Nigunim Volume 5  (Nichoach N-5724(M) LP)  $13  VG/EX  1964,smsplt,jewish music,Vladimir Heifetz
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148588	Mabuhay Singers:  Sariling Awit  (Villar MLS 5264 LP)  $15  VG+/VG+  197?,Phillipines
148587	Mabuhay Singers:  Sing Visayan Songs  (Villar MLP 5093-S LP)  $15  VG+/VG+  197?,Phillipines,cool geometric cover design
150071	Madrigalchor Klagenfurt:  Saison in ÷sterreich  (Amadeo AVRS 13 028 St LP)  $24  VG/M-  196?-7?,Austria,toc
147386	Makeba, Miriam:  Makeba!  (Reprise RS 6310 LP)  $20  VG+/EX  196?-7?,Germany,"Emavungwini (Down In the Dumps)"
152666	Makeba, Miriam:  The Many Voices of...  (Kapp KS-3274 LP)  $22  VG/VG+  196?,co,scratch oc
150808	Manhattan Brothers:  Out of Africa Always Something New  (Joy JL-1004 LP)  $95  EX/VG+  196?,osw,afro-pop,"wimoweh"
147396	Mathieu, Mireille:  S/T  (Capitol ST-306 LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  197?,green target label
153554	Mathieu, Mireille:  The Fabulous New French Singing Star  (Atlantic SD 8127 LP)  $16  VG+/EX  1966,djs oc,djs ol
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148582	Mayer, Sepp:  Oktoberfest - Recorded Live!  (UA International UNS 15557 LP)  $13  VG+/M-  1969,gfld,pretty girl with beer cover art
150178	Megama:  G-d Is Alive and Well In Jerusalem  (CBS 85660 LP)  $38  EX/EX  1982,Israel
151681	Milva:  Milva singt Stoltz  (Metronome 38 8371 LP)  $23  VG+/M-  1979,Germany
148275	Modugno, Domenico:  Modugno Sings Modugno  (UA International UNS 15528 LP)  $15  VG+/EX  1967
148950	Modugno, Domenico:  Viva Italia!  (Decca DL 4133(M) LP)  $33  EX/EX  196?,co
147712	Monika:  En Jodelstruss  (Pick 100-191 LP)  $15  VG+/M-  1979,Switzerland
150248	Montoya, Carlos:  MalgueÒa Recorded In Concert  (RCA Victor LPM-2380(M) LP)  $15  VG+/EX  1961,slrw
150113	Moon Stars:  Guitar Music  (New Wave NWLP 9 LP)  $17  VG+/VG+  196?-7?,Hong Kong
151729	Nicolas, Anne:  Folklore Roumain  (Verve MGV-20002(M) LP)  $21  VG/VG+  195?-6?,romanian folk songs recorded in france,Paul Toscano,smsplt,soc,spinewear
147347	Orchestra Balkan:  S/T  (Balkan Festival Productions BP-3468 LP)  $13  VG+/VG+  1979,milwaukee yugoslavian group
149495	Piatnitsky Chorus:  From Swanee River to Meadowlands  (Artia ALP-170(M) LP)  $18  VG+/VG  195?-6?,gfld,bklt intact
148649	Pilita:  Pilita In Tokyo  (Joelfina JF 7104 LP)  $18  SS  1972,filipina singer,seal partially open
146815	Pluhar, Erika:  So oder so ist das Leben  (Telefunken SLE 14762-P LP)  $11  VG+/EX  1974,Germany,soc,partial smsplt
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149475	Regensburger Cathedral Boys Choir:  Sing Folk Songs  (Decca DL 8994(M) LP)  $35  SS  1961,german songs
148286	Robertino:  The Young Italian Singing Sensation  (Kapp KS-3293 LP)  $15  VG+/EX  1962,co
148774	Roknich, Mirko:  Mirko Roknich Orchestra featuring Milutin Lazich  (private LP)  $18  VG+/EX  197?,yugoslav folk group
149791	Rolf, Ernst:  Inspeningar Fran Aren 1910-26  (Odeon PMES 583 LP)  $28  VG+/EX  1969,Sweden,osw
148069	Romanoff Singers:  Ballads of the Cossack  (Columbia CL 1608(M) LP)  $15  VG+/EX  195?-6?,six eye label,prst ol,djs obc
149736	Sabicas:  Sixteen Immortal Performances Flamenco Guitar  (ABC ABCS-735 LP)  $12  EX/VG+  1971,osw
148261	Schneebiegl, Rolf & his Schwarzwald Brass Band:  Oom-Pah! Oom-Pah! Brass Band from Baden-Baden  (Columbia WL 142(M) LP)  $15  EX/EX  195?
154814	Sheva, Bas:  Soul of a People  (Capitol W-1451(M) LP)  $50  VG+/VG+  1954,196?,re,Hebraic chants & songs,exotica
151737	Slovak Christmas Carols:    (Apon 2445(M) LP)  $27  VG+/VG+  1959,sobc
149806	Soldatenchor des Lehr-Bat. der Heeroffizierschule II & das Musikkorps 6 der Bundeswehr:  Drei Lilien, drei Lilien...  (Telefunken BLK 16141-PEX LP)  $10  VG/VG  195?-6?,Germany,military band & chorus
148578	St. Francis Children's Choir:  Koledy Polish Christmas Carols  (Chicago Polkas LP-591(M) LP)  $18  VG+/EX  196?
147711	Streichmusik Alder Urn”sch & Walter Mittelholzer:  Dem Alpschtee zue  (Exlibris 6858 065 LP)  $15  EX/EX  1973,Switzerland,osw
150160	Swiss Band Organ:  Folk Songs of the Alps  (Tradition TR 2081 LP)  $11  VG/M-  196?-7?,rw
155476	Sylvestre, Anne:  Chansons pour...  (Sylvestre T.No 133.032 LP)  $50  EX/EX  1977,France,gfld,inserts,childrens songs
148116	Tiroler Zugspitz-Echo:  Kl”nge aus der Heimat  (Morning Sun NR14709 LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  197?,autographed obc,tirolean folk songs
148721	Tris No Pardaugavas:  Mikstas Mebeles  (EBE PKGP-5 LP)  $25  VG+/M-  197?,Latvian folk trio
148931	Tris No Pardaugavas:  No Talama Robezam  (EBE SKVBDL-6 LP)  $25  VG+/M-  197?,Latvian folk trio
147344	Und die Nacht bleibt voll Gesang:  Lieder aus Hoffnung - Lieder aus Weihnacht  (Studio Union LP SU 9992 LP)  $18  VG+/EX  1985,Germany,bklt
154695	Utrechts Byzantijns Koor:  Utrechts Byzantine Choir  (Yevshan YFP-1014 LP)  $21  VG+/EX  197?-8?,Canada
148463	VA-An Evening at the Brown Bear:  Mario Tanzi,Magdalena Baranek,Paul Ilgen,Roberto de los Rios,Franz Rheinholz,Leo Held  (PI Productions LH 6318 LP)  $15  VG+/VG  197?,autographed oc,german songs
153088	VA-Cheyenne,Ponca,Sioux,Arikara,Omaha,Taos,Kiowa,Navajo,Crow,Pawnee,Shawnee,Plains,Tewa,Apache,Ute,Pima,Papago,Zuni,Hopi,Paiute:  Authentic Music of the American Indian  (Everest SDBR 3450/3(E) LP)  $33  VG/VG+  196?,3lp box,bklt,sm tear oc,smsplt
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148552	VA-Douce France:  Charles Trenet,Edith Piaf,Les Compagnons de la Chanson,Annie Cordy,Charles Aznavour,Cora Vaucaire,Luis Mariano,Gilbert Becaud,Jacqueline Danno,Bourvil,Rene-Louis Lafforgue,Jacques Helian,Lucienne Boyer,Georges Ulmer,Jean Seblon,Frehel,Albert Prejean,Lucienne Delyle,Alibert,Damia,Jean Gabin,Tino Rossi,Marie Dubas,Maurice Chevalier,Rina Ketty,Jean Lumiere,Mistinguett,Theodore Botrel  (PathÈ 2C 150-14.675 LP)  $68  VG+/M-  1978,France,2lp
151598	VA-Franz Faehndrich,Hans Aregger,Fredy Pulver,Ernst Fankhauser:  Ferien in der Schweiz  (Swiss Hit 537 LP)  $11  VG/EX  197?,Switzerland,gfld with scenic photos cover art,woc
149012	VA-Greece Today:  Manolis Kanaridis,Marion Siva,Laoura,Alecos Pandas,Fotis Dimas,Anna Chrisafi,Yannis Voyadjis,Yovanna  (Philips PHS 600-094(E) LP)  $18  VG+/M-  196?
147710	VA-Immer Gm¸etlich:  Kapelle B”rner Mutze,L”ndlerkapelle Echo vom Oberland,Kapelle Innerschwyzerbuebe,Kapelle Jost Ribary,Kapelle Moritz Cotting  (Exlibris XL 172103 LP)  $15  EX/EX  196?-7?,Switzerland,osw
148933	VA-Jazeps Vitols,Imants Sakks,Peteris Barisons,Jekabs Poruks,Emilis Melngailis,Longins Apkalns,Janis Norvilis,Janis Kalnins,Viktors Bastiks,Janis Straume,Andrejs Jurjans:  Saules Svetki  (Venus 1010 LP)  $25  VG+/EX  1975,latvian folk music
150112	VA-Kurt Adolf Thelen,Willi Hofmann,Der Rheinland-Chor,Gerhard Winkler,Das FFB-Orchester,Klaus Gross:  Happy German Drinking Music  (Tower T 5062(M) LP)  $18  EX/M-  196?,osw
149009	VA-L. Papathanasiou,P. Lambrou,P. Tsilimangos,Anna & E. Konstantinidi,K. Stefanopoulos,P. Panou,Mimika Kazantsi,Tina Chrisovitsanou,F. Rountas:  Let's Have a Greek Dance Party  (Philips International PHI 439(E) LP)  $15  VG+/M-  196?,wlp
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153515	VA-Matti Lehtinen,Mauno Kuusisto,Aarne Vainio:  Folk Songs from Finland  (Fiesta FLPS 1436(E) LP)  $35  EX/EX  197?,osw
148918	VA-Olle i Skratthult,Franzen & Berg,Ostby & Matthiessen,Lager & Olzen,Eddie Jahrl Kvarttet,Henry & Hans Ericksen:  Early Scandinavian Bands & Entertainers  (Banjar BR-1840 LP)  $25  EX/EX  1983,gfld,osw,re of 1904-39 78s
147895	VA-Sing ein Lied mit Onkel Bill:  Bill Ramsey,Wencke Myhre,Willy Hagara,Peter Rene K–rner,die Westf”lischen Nachtigallen  (Polydor 249 118 LP)  $12  VG+/EX  196?-7?,Germany
150103	VA-Streichmusik Alder,Jodlerklub Alpeblueme,Le Vegnolans,Jodlerklub Edelweiss,Seldwyler Dorfmusik,Laendler Trio Grossmann,Alphorn-Duo J. Marty,Jodelduo Baergroesli,Stegreifgruppe,Orchestra Antonio Zambelli:  Musical Treasures of Switzerland  (Philips International PHI 405 LP)  $12  VG+/VG+  196?,soc
148064	VA-Sweden In Music: A Musical Journey to the Land of the Midnight Sun:  Carl Anton,Leksands Spelmanslag,Thorstein Bergman,Drottningholm Chamber Orch,Jussi Bj–rling,Stockholm Philharmonic Orch,Sven Bertil Taube,Thore Skogman,÷jebok–ren,Walter Eriksson & Andrew Walter  (Odeon PMES 560 LP)  $18  VG+/EX  1968,Sweden,gfld,sobc
151610	VA-Telfer Baum,Orig. Almrauschquintett,Schuhplattlergrupper Zirler Buam,Zillertaler Schuerzenjaeger,die lustige Alpler,Jodler Express,Orig. Tiroler Spatzen,Milser Buam,Hippacher Trio:  Urlaub im Tirol  (Tyrolis LP 21 578 LP)  $20  VG+/VG+  197?,Austria,tirolean rooster cover art,soc
149807	VA-Treffpunkt Berlin:  Edith Schollwer,Ilse Trautschold,Bruno Fritz,Walter Gross,Willi Rose,Wolfgang Gruner,Joachim Roecker,Fred Oldoerp,die Schoeneberger Saengerknaben,die 3 Travellers,die Starlets,die Kapelle Otto Kermbach,Olaf Bienert,dix Rixdorfer Musike,Rudi Bohm  (Telefunken SLE 14186-P LP)  $8  VG/VG+  195?-6?,Germany
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154813	Yarkon Trio:  The Popular Music of Israel  (Capitol DT 10511 LP)  $13  VG/VG+  196?
155088	Zaldivar, Edmundo P.:  Carnavalitos de Argentina  (Capitol T-10004(M) LP)  $33  VG/VG  195?,smsplt,turquoise label
147692	Zodo, Zaya:  Mother of the Nations  (SY ZZ-1955 LP)  $35  SS  1980