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Artist Title Label Price Condition Media
 Adams, Bryan Heaven (lp,live) / Diana / Fits Ya Good A&M AMY 256 (1985,UK,pc) $11 VG+/EX 12in Info Buy
   80sRock   Item # 17097-12
 Adams, Bryan & Tina Turner It's Only Love (album version,live version) A&M SP-17358 (1984,wlp) $8 EX 12in Info Buy
   80sRock   Item # 17075-12
 Alarm Absolute Reality / Majority / Reason 36 I.R.S. L33-17108 (1985,wlp,pc,rw) $8 VG/VG+ 12in Info Buy
   80sRock   Item # 17178-12
 America In Concert Capitol ST-12422 $6.95 VG/M- LP Info Buy
   198580sRock   Item # 212209
 Art of Noise & Max Headroom Paranoimia (extended,lp) / Why Me? / A Nation Rejects China 4V9 43017 (1986,pc,prst obc,soc) $6 VG+/M- 12in Info Buy
   80sRock   Item # 17089-12
 Art of Noise & Tom Jones Kiss (art of noise mix,battery mix,7 inch version) China 871 039-1 (1988,djl,wol) $6 EX 12in Info Buy
   80sRock   Item # 17088-12
 Aztec Two-Step Living In America Reflex 8601 $17.99 SS LP Info Buy
   1986 original press, still factory sealed80sRock   Item # 214414
 Banks, Tony The Fugitive Atlantic 80071 $14.99 EX/SS LP Info Buy
   Still factory sealed original press from 1983, cututout cover. Genesis member. Slight rackwear and creasing on cover.80sRock   Item # 214415
 Belew, Adrian Mr. Music Head Atlantic 81959-1 $8.95 VG+/VG+ LP Info Buy
   1989,digital80sRock   Item # 212761
 Bonedaddys Push Am Forward (extended dance remix,backward never instrumental mix,lp version) / Soul Makossa (gn Chameleon V-74550 (1988,pc,co,soc) $6 VG+/EX 12in Info Buy
   80sRock   Item # 17103-12
 Book of Love Modigliani (Lost in Your Eyes) (i dream of jeanne mix,requiem mass,mo'dub'iani,7 inch remix) Sire 0-20650 (1986,pc,slrw,toc) $6 VG/VG+ 12in Info Buy
   80sRock   Item # 17169-12
 Briley, Martin One Night With A Stranger Mercury 422-810 332-1 M-1 $5.95 VG/EX LP Info Buy
   1983,in shrink,soc,lyric sleeve,co80sRock   Item # 212250
 Browne, Jackson Lawyers in Love Asylum 60268-1 $4.95 VG/VG+ LP Info Buy
   198380sRock   Item # 213500
 Bunburys Fight (No Matter How Long) / same Arista ADP-9735 (1988,djl,Barry Gibb) $8 EX 12in Info Buy
   80sRock   Item # 17151-12
 Carnes, Kim Cafe Racers EMI SO-17106 $12.99 VG/SS LP Info Buy
   Still factory sealed from 1983. Cover has promo stamper on front where the shrink is partly removed with a razor.80sRock   Item # 214409
 Cetera, Peter Livin' in the Limelight / Album Excerpts Full Moon PRO-A-990 (1981,djl,pc,soc) $8 VG/M- 12in Info Buy
   80sRock   Item # 17085-12
 Citizen Sex And Society Ovation OV 1758 $6.95 VG/VG+ LP Info Buy
   1980 original white label promo with lyrics inner sleeve insert. Cover is cutout, has sticker and small writing.80sRock   Item # 214133
 Collins, Phil Sussudio (extended mix,lp verion) / The Man with the Horn Atlantic 0-86895 (1985,osw) $5 VG+ 12in Info Buy
   80sRock   Item # 17118-12
 Communards Don't Leave Me this Way (mega mix,gotham city mix,original) MCA 23665 (1986) $8 M- 12in Info Buy
   80sRock   Item # 17165-12
 Culture Club Kissing to be Clever Epic FE 38398 $5.95 VG/EX LP Info Buy
   1982,lyric sleeve80sRock   Item # 213746
 Cure Between The Forest And The Sea Baktabak BAK 6006 $35 VG+/EX LP Info Buy
   1989 UK blue wax. The Robert Smith Interviews Volume 1.80sRock   Item # 213434
 Curtiss A Courtesy Twin Tone TTR 8015 $8.95 VG+/EX LP Info Buy
   1980. Price sticker on cover.80sRock   Item # 212926
 Death Of Samantha Come All Ye Faithless Homestead HMS150-1 $15 VG/VG LP Info Buy
   1989 insert80sRock   Item # 213369
 Desert Rose Band Love Reunited / Hard Times Curb MCA-53142 $6 VG 7in Info Buy
   1987,Chris Hillman80sRock   Item # 31579-45
 Dolby, Thomas Hot Sauce (extended,murder dub,7 inch remix) / Salsa Picante (extended) EMI Manhattan V-56114 (1988,pc,co) $5 VG+/M- 12in Info Buy
   80sRock   Item # 17115-12
 Duran Duran Arena Capitol SWAV-12374 $5.95 VG/VG+ LP Info Buy
   1984,gfld,lyric sleeve80sRock   Item # 212337
 Duran Duran New Moon On Monday / Tiger Tiger Capitol B-5309 $5 VG/VG+ 7in Info Buy
   1983,pic sleeve & 45,slrw,soc80sRock   Item # 31673-45
 East Of Eden Murder Red Window Scratch Records EOE-31787 $4.95 VG/EX LP Info Buy
   1987. 6 Song EP. Cover has heavy ringwear.80sRock   Item # 212515
 EIEIO Land Of Opportunity Demon FIEND 56 $15 VG+/EX LP Info Buy
   1986 UK press with label insert.80sRock   Item # 213679
 Endgames Waiting for Another Chance mono / stereo MCA 52393 $6 VG+ 7in Info Buy
   1983,wlp,sol80sRock   Item # 31534-45
 Enid American Love Columbia FC 38852 $7.95 VG/M- LP Info Buy
   1983. Includes original lyric sleeve.80sRock   Item # 212636
 Eurogliders Heaven (Must Be There) / Waiting for You Columbia 38-04626 $6 EX 7in Info Buy
   1984,ocs80sRock   Item # 31525-45
 Eurythmics Julia (edited) / Sexcrime (Nineteen Eighty-Four) (special radio edit) RCA JB-14015 $6 EX 7in Info Buy
   1984,djl,ocs80sRock   Item # 31508-45
 Eurythmics Would I Lie to You? (lp,extended) / Here Comes that Sinking Feeling RCA PW-14079 (1985,wlp) $8 M- 12in Info Buy
   80sRock   Item # 17087-12
 Fixx Less Cities, More Moving People / Deeper & Deeper MCA FIXXT 7 (1984,UK,pc,soc) $8 VG+/VG+ 12in Info Buy
   80sRock   Item # 17180-12
 Flash And The Pan S/T Epic JE 36018 $4.95 VG+/VG+ LP Info Buy
   197980sRock   Item # 212689
 Fleetwood Mac Mirage Warner Bros 1-23607 $4.95 VG/EX LP Info Buy
   1982,lyric sleeve,rw,soc80sRock   Item # 212245
 Fleetwood Mac Mirage Warner Bros 1-23607 $19.99 SS LP Info Buy
   Still factory sealed from 1982. Cover is cutout and has the 'Hold Me' song sticker on the shrink. Includes original lyric sleeve insert.80sRock   Item # 214429
 Fools Heavy Mental EMI America SW-17046 $15 SS LP Info Buy
   1981. Cutout corner in cover. Some rack wear on bottom spine and top seam.80sRock   Item # 212927
 Franke & the Knockouts You're My GIrl / She's a Runner / Tonight / One for All Millennium DJL1-4101 (1981,pc,soc,special limited $8 VG/M- 12in Info Buy
   80sRock   Item # 17086-12
 Frida Something's Going On Atlantic 80018-1 $14.99 SS LP Info Buy
   Still factory sealed cutout from 1982 with lyric sleeve. Shrink is torn a bit on the back.80sRock   Item # 214374
 Fun Boy Three Waiting Chrysalis B6V 41417 $7.95 VG/VG+ LP Info Buy
   1983. Cover has some ringwear.80sRock   Item # 212763
 Gabriel, Peter Sledgehammer (extended dance remix,extended mix) / Don't Break this Rhythm / I Have the Touch (85 Re Geffen 0-20456 (1986,pc) $6 VG+/M- 12in Info Buy
   80sRock   Item # 17123-12
 General Public Tenderness (special dance mix) / Never You Done That (special dance mix,dub mix) I.R.S SP-70413 (1984,pc) $6 VG+/M- 12in Info Buy
   80sRock   Item # 17166-12
 Genesis Invisible Touch (special remix dance version,lp version) / Last Domino Atlantic 0-86816 (1986,co) $5 M- 12in Info Buy
   80sRock   Item # 17111-12
 Genesis Land of Confusion (extended,short) / Feeding the Fire Atlantic 0-86761 (1986,pc,co,slrw) $7 VG+/M- 12in Info Buy
   80sRock   Item # 17110-12
 Germino, Mark London Moon And Barnyard Remedies RCA Victor AEL1-5852 $14.99 SS LP Info Buy
   1986 cututout, still factory sealed80sRock   Item # 214401
 Go-Go's Beauty And The Beat IRS SP-70021 $12.99 VG/VG+ LP Info Buy
   Still factory sealed from 1981, with lyric sleeve insert and 'Our Lips Our Sealed' song sticker. Cover has cutout mark and the shrink is partly torn/removed.80sRock   Item # 214399
 Haircut 100 Fantastic Day / Ski Club of Great Britain Arista CLIP 123 (1982,UK,pc) $15 SS 12in Info Buy
   80sRock   Item # 17171-12
 Hall, Daryl Foolish Pride (extended remix,edited remix,dub) / What's Gonna Happen to Us RCA 5748-1-RD (1986,djl,pc) $6 VG+/M- 12in Info Buy
   80sRock   Item # 17120-12
 Harrison, Jerry The Red And the Black Sire SRK 3631 $4.95 VG+/VG+ LP Info Buy
   1981,of the Talking Heads,lyric sleeve80sRock   Item # 212812
 Heyward, Nick North of a Miracle Arista AL8-8106 $14.99 EX/SS LP Info Buy
   Still factory sealed cutout from 1983 (seal is partly open). Includes factory song sticker and lyric sleeve. Vocalist from Haircut 100.80sRock   Item # 214413
 Industry Still of the Night (extended,dub,edit) Capitol SPRO-9226 (1983,djl) $24.99 EX 12in Info Buy
   80sRock   Item # 17167-12
 INXS S/T Atco 7 90184-1-Y $30 EX/SS LP Info Buy
   1980 original cutout, still factory sealed. The cover has a couple light creases around the cutout hole area.80sRock   Item # 214384
 INXS The Swing Atco 7 90160-1 $14.99 SS LP Info Buy
   1984 still sealed cutout gatefold cover80sRock   Item # 214383
 Jeff Healey Band Hell To Pay Arista AL-8632 $14.99 SS LP Info Buy
   199080sRock   Item # 212492
 Kane Gang The Bad And Lowdown World Of The Kane Gang Kitchenware KWLP 2 $8.95 VG/VG+ LP Info Buy
   198580sRock   Item # 212455
 Kane, Kieran I Feel it With You / She's Looking for Something New Elektra E-47415 $8 EX 7in Info Buy
   1982,ocs80sRock   Item # 31626-45
 Kool Ray And The Polaroidz Introducing... Stuff SR-80-001 $30 VG+/EX LP Info Buy
   1980 local private press from Urbana IL.80sRock   Item # 213435
 Leslie Bell And The First Bang Band Today America, Tomorrow The World Stoprock 87-0103 $10 VG/EX LP Info Buy
   198780sRock   Item # 212531
 Lover Speaks The Lover Speaks A&M SP-6-5127 $45 EX/SS LP Info Buy
   1986 still factory sealed cutout with song sticker. Synthpop with the Annie Lennox song 'No More I Love You'.80sRock   Item # 214412
 Mary My Hope Museum Silvertone 1183-1-1 $16.99 SS LP Info Buy
   1989. Song sticker and cutout notch on cover. Slight wear on spine and a small crease.80sRock   Item # 212461
 Mason & Fenn Profiles Columbia FC 40142 $8.95 VG/EX LP Info Buy
   1985 original pressing with Masterdisk stampers. Includes custom inner sleeve insert.80sRock   Item # 214106
 Matt Bianco Don't Blame it on that Girl (extended version,rare groove mix) / Wap Bam Boogie (orig,12 inch versio Atlantic DMD 1243 (1988,djl,pc,co,soc,slrw) $5 VG+/VG+ 12in Info Buy
   80sRock   Item # 17114-12
 McDonald, Michael If That's What it Takes Warner Bros W1-23703 $7.95 VG+/EX LP Info Buy
   1982,lyric sleeve80sRock   Item # 213747
 Menudo Same RCA AFL1-5420 $24.99 SS LP Info Buy
   1985, Ricky Martin,tiny cutout mark in cover.80sRock   Item # 212965
 Michael, George Monkey (extended version,acappella,extra beats) Columbia 44 07849 (1987,pc) $5 VG+/M- 12in Info Buy
   80sRock   Item # 17078-12
 Midnight Oil Blue Sky Mine (food on the table mix) / same Columbia CAS 2020 (1990,wlp) $8 M- 12in Info Buy
   80sRock   Item # 17077-12
 Moody Blues Sur La Mer Polydor 422 835 756-1 $5.95 VG/EX LP Info Buy
   1988,soc,sol,lyric sleeve80sRock   Item # 212286
 Moody Blues The Present Threshold TRL-1-2902 $7.95 VG/EX LP Info Buy
   1983,gfld,soc,co80sRock   Item # 212229
 Nails Every Time I Touch You / Mood Swing / Home of the Brave RCA JW-13922 (1984,wlp) $7 VG+ 12in Info Buy
   80sRock   Item # 17189-12
 Nevil, Robbie Wot's it to Ya (extended to ya remix,dub to ya mix,to ya remix) Manhattan SPRO-79076 (1986,djl,pc,co,slrw) $9 VG+/VG+ 12in Info Buy
   80sRock   Item # 17108-12
 Night Ranger 7 Wishes MCA 5593 $15 SS LP Info Buy
   198580sRock   Item # 213796
 Nugent, Ted Scream Dream Epic FE 36404 $4.95 VG/VG LP Info Buy
   1980,orig inner sleeve,slrw80sRock   Item # 212472
 Numa Band S/T Ovation OV 1760 $5.95 VG/EX LP Info Buy
   1980,co,wlp80sRock   Item # 213875
 Oingo Boingo Oingo Boing EP IRS SP 70400 $7.95 VGVG+ LP Info Buy
   1980 12 inch 4 Song EP80sRock   Item # 213748
 Oingo Boingo Weird Science / same MCA 52633 $10 EX 7in Info Buy
   1985,wlp,ocs80sRock   Item # 31502-45
 One Nation Strong Enough IRS 42201 $19.99 SS LP Info Buy
   Still factory sealed from 1988 with original song sticker. Shrink is torn a little.80sRock   Item # 214189
 Orrall, Robert Ellis Special Pain RCA Victor MFL1-8502 $14.99 SS LP Info Buy
   Still sealed 5 song mini lp from 1983. Includes lyric sleeve insert. Cover has small cututout mark.80sRock   Item # 214408
 Palmer, Robert Discipline of Love (Why Did You Do It) (lp version,edit) Island PR 791 (1985,wlp) $5 M- 12in Info Buy
   80sRock   Item # 17082-12
 Palmer, Robert Early in the Morning (extended,single,instrumental) / Disturbing Behavior EMI Manhattan V-56113 (1988,pc,co) $6 VG+/M- 12in Info Buy
   80sRock   Item # 17083-12
 Palmer, Robert Johnny & Mary Island PRO-A-906 (1980,djl,pc,soc,special one side $8 VG+/M- 12in Info Buy
   80sRock   Item # 17084-12
 Parr, John S/T Atlantic 80180-1 $14.99 SS LP Info Buy
   Still sealed cutout from 1984. With 'Naughty Naughty' song sticker on the shrink and includes lyric sleeve insert.80sRock   Item # 214400
 Pat MacDonald & The Essentials Lowdown Mountain Railroad MT 52799 $50 VG+/VG+ LP Info Buy
   1981. Pre-Timbuk 3. Autographed on back cover (P. MacD.)80sRock   Item # 212766
 Petty, Tom You're Gonna Get It! Shelter 67.619 $24.99 VG+/VG+ LP Info Buy
   Original 1978 pressing made in France with rare gatefold cover.80sRock   Item # 213921
 Petty, Tom & the Heartbreakers Change of Heart / Heartbreakers Beach Party Backstreet BSR-52181 $6 VG+/EX 7in Info Buy
   1982,red wax,plastic sleeve with title sticker80sRock   Item # 31528-45
 Plant, Robert Pictures at Eleven Swan Song 59418 $4.95 VG/VG+ LP Info Buy
   1982,Spain,orig inner sleeve,soc80sRock   Item # 212293
 Plant, Robert Shaken 'n' Stirred EsParanza 90265-1-E $4.95 EX/VG LP Info Buy
   1985,orig inner sleeve,cover in shrink with song sticker80sRock   Item # 212509
 Police Ghost in the Machine A&M SP 3730 $35 M-/VG+ LP Info Buy
   1981 original pressing. Cover is still in the shrink with the factory song sticker. Includes original inner sleeve insert. STERLING TJ stampers Ted Jensen mastered.80sRock   Item # 214476
 Portnoy, Gary Cheers (Where Everybody Knows Your Name) / Jenny Applause AS 106 $10 EX 7in Info Buy
   198280sRock   Item # 31638-45
 Rea, Chris I Can Hear Your Heartbeat (new re-edited club mix) / Let it Loose (extended club mix) Magnet MAGE-256 (1983,Canada,pc,soc) $10 VG+/VG+ 12in Info Buy
   80sRock   Item # 17074-12
 Red Rider Breaking Curfew EMI ST 12317 $12.99 VG+/SS LP Info Buy
   1984. Still factory sealed with promo stamping on front cover and light razor cut where they removed part of the shrink.80sRock   Item # 214381
 Roman Holliday Don't Try to Stop It / same Jive JD 1 9084 (1983,djl) $8 EX 12in Info Buy
   80sRock   Item # 17173-12
 Sad Cafe Politics Of Existing Atlantic 81649-1 $14.99 SS LP Info Buy
   1985 original still sealed cutout.80sRock   Item # 214393
 Semi-Twang Salty Tears WB1-25682 $7.95 M-/EX LP Info Buy
   1988. Original in shrink with inner sleeve insert.80sRock   Item # 213699
 Shakedown Heat It Up All Meat $40 SS LP Info Buy
   197?-198?,custom art lyric sleeve80sRock   Item # 212341
 Spector, Ronnie Siren Polish PRG 808 $7.95 EX/EX LP Info Buy
   1980,co,insert,in shrink. Genya Ravan production80sRock   Item # 213576
 Spooner Wildest Dreams DALi D1-74760 $10 VG/M- LP Info Buy
   1987. Pre-Garbage. Sticker on cover.80sRock   Item # 212959
 Tyler, Bonnie It's a Heartache / It's About Time RCA PB-11249 $5 EX 7in Info Buy
   1978,ocs80sRock   Item # 31207-45
 U2 October Island 90092-1 $15 VG+/VG+ LP Info Buy
   1981. Original pressing purple label.80sRock   Item # 212792

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