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Artist Title Label Price Condition Media
 Prairie High School Concert Band A Clinic Concert Century 23269(M) $30 VG/EX LP Info Buy
   1966,rwSchool   Item # 179409
 Princeton Footnotes Eight to the Bar ?? $15 VG/EX LP Info Buy
   1973?,slrw,student vocal groupSchool   Item # 195733
 Princeton Footnotes On the Road Princeton PRI-1001 $15 VG/EX LP Info Buy
   1982,gfld,student vocal groupSchool   Item # 179973
 Princeton Footnotes On the Road Princeton PRI-1001 $24.99 SS LP Info Buy
   1982,gfld,student vocal groupSchool   Item # 167783
 Princeton High School Concert Choir Tour '68 Director DR-7327(M) $20 VG+/VG+ LP Info Buy
   1968,private press,gospelSchool   Item # 142236
 Princeton Massoons 1978 ?? $30 SS LP Info Buy
   1978,gfld,student vocal groupSchool   Item # 194627
 Pueblo Fine Arts Department I Believe Spencer-Alquist SA-0819 $35 VG+/M- LP Info Buy
   197?,2lpSchool   Item # 174922
 Purdue University Band Big Ten Salute FSR 1207(M) $12 VG/VG+ LP Info Buy
   195?-6?,wobc,slrwSchool   Item # 167629
 Purdue University Band Music for Majorettes FSR LP-1222(M) $30 EX/EX LP Info Buy
   196?,osw,insertSchool   Item # 199101
 Purdue University Band Rhythms in Color RCA Custom 8011-9140(M) $12 VG+/EX LP Info Buy
   195?-6?School   Item # 167679
 Purdue University Band Rhythms in Color RCA Custom 8011-9140(M) $15 EX/EX LP Info Buy
   195?-6?,oswSchool   Item # 184923
 Purdue University Band USTA Contest Twirling Album Fidelity Sound LPS-1267(M) $12 VG/VG LP Info Buy
   196?,rwSchool   Item # 192082
 Purdue University Symphonic Band Field of Color Sesac B 401/402(M) $12 VG/VG+ LP Info Buy
   196?School   Item # 108141
 Purdue University Varsity Glee Club Program No. 6 U-18705 $6.95 VG/M- LP Info Buy
   196?School   Item # 108142
 Purdue University Varsity Glee Club S/T RCA Custom F9-OL-5800(M) $32 VG+/VG+ LP Info Buy
   195?,ten inch lpSchool   Item # 157705
 Queen of Peace High School To You With Song SS-4761 $28 VG+/VG+ LP Info Buy
   1965,socSchool   Item # 179429
 Queen of Peace High School To You With Song SS-4761 $30 VG+/EX LP Info Buy
   1965School   Item # 179430
 R.O.V.A. High School Concert Band & Jazz Band 1973 RPC Z-55331 $32 VG+/VG+ LP Info Buy
   1973School   Item # 161265
 Raytown High School Choirs The Sound of '76 DWC-1000 $35 VG+/M- LP Info Buy
   1976School   Item # 178989
 Regina High School Choral Festival Night & Day Jul-99 $30 VG+/EX LP Info Buy
   1967,slrwSchool   Item # 179388
 Regina High School Choral Festival Peace from Regina High School Century 34192 $32 VG+/M- LP Info Buy
   1970?,oswSchool   Item # 179406
 Regina High School Choral Festival Songs for All Seasons UA UAS 163-17178 $30 VG+/EX LP Info Buy
   1968,osw,slrwSchool   Item # 179387
 Rich Central High School The Singing Olympians Tour England 1973 LP-150-73 $30 VG+/EX LP Info Buy
   1973School   Item # 179385
 Rithum Machine Just Friends ??? $24.99 SS LP Info Buy
   large jazz combo possible high school groupSchool   Item # 59910
 Rock Island High School Rocky Shares 200 Years of Memories Delta DRS75-534 $30 EX/EX LP Info Buy
   1976,gfld,bklt intactSchool   Item # 161802
 Rock Island High School Rocky Shares 200 Years of Memories Delta DRS75-534 $40 SS LP Info Buy
   1976,gfld,bklt intactSchool   Item # 178928
 Rolling Stone Normal College Choir Class Of 1870 Sesac N 3701/02(M) $32 EX/M- LP Info Buy
   196?School   Item # 79746
 Round Lake Grade School Band 19th Annual Mid-West National Band Clinic Souvenir Album Century 23221(M) $65 VG/VG+ LP Info Buy
   1965,2lp,Chicago lakefront/skyline cover art,rw,smspltSchool   Item # 183519
 Rust College A'Capella Choir A Tribute to Natalie Doxey, Director Emeritus Century 29570 $65 EX/EX LP Info Buy
   196?-7?,osw,private pressSchool   Item # 142189
 Rutgers Glee Club 100 Years of Football RGC 723 $12 VG+/VG+ LP Info Buy
   1969School   Item # 167028
 Rutgers University Livingston College Jazz Ensemble Music of the Masters Past & Present with Clifford Jordan R.J.E./P.J. ATS/RJE-PJ 001 $325 VG+/M- LP Info Buy
   1981,slrw,private press school jazz LPSchool   Item # 192605
 Sacred Heart Academy Glee Club Songs From Great Shows Delta DR462(M) $50 VG+/EX LP Info Buy
   196?School   Item # 210411
 Saint Gall's School & Community Bands Blue & Silver Concert Fidelity Award LO8P-0194(M) $24.99 VG+/EX LP Info Buy
   196?,pieces by Anderson,Gershwin,Sousa,WagnerSchool   Item # 148947
 Seaman High School Pop Concert 1971 Audio House AHS 14871 $30 VG+/VG+ LP Info Buy
   1971,blue wax,slrw,'superstar','rainy days & mondays'School   Item # 179407
 Sheldon Community High School Choral Highlights 1964 RPC Z-32151 $32 EX/EX LP Info Buy
   1964School   Item # 161264
 Shenango Area High School Midwestern District Chorus 1972 United Sound USR 4114 $32 VG+/EX LP Info Buy
   1972School   Item # 166953
 Shortridge Choral Department Presents... Century 33497 $35 VG+/M- LP Info Buy
   1969,2lpSchool   Item # 191760
 Sidney Lanier High School The Vikings in Concert Spring 1971 Houston Educational HER 1081 $30 VG+/M- LP Info Buy
   1971School   Item # 179639
 Simpson Jr. H.S. May 1965 Bye Bye Birdie Crest Records SIM6465 $20 VG+/VG+ LP Info Buy
   1965,autographed oc by the guitarist? cool gibson guitar on coverSchool   Item # 100759
 Smithereens At Smith and at Wiggins VQR CSRV 2013 $24.99 VG+/VG+ LP Info Buy
   1965,Smith College singing groupSchool   Item # 127298
 Society of Orpheus & Bacchus S/T SOB 2 $15 VG+/M- LP Info Buy
   1969,gfld,Yale University student groupSchool   Item # 167514
 Souders, Jackie Official Seattle World's Fair Band Seafair MB-2257(M) $6.95 VG/VG+ LP Info Buy
   1962,gfld,die-cut cover,tol,soc,slrwSchool   Item # 171378
 Sound Generation Live! private SG-1001 $12 VG/EX LP Info Buy
   197?,Arkansas Christian campus rock vocal group,'Put Your Hand In the Hand','He Ain't Heavy','My Sweet Lord'School   Item # 165818
 Sound Generation Soul Expression Century 35797 $35 VG/VG+ LP Info Buy
   196?-7?,John Brown University campus rock vocal group,'california soul','out of my head',rw,sm tear obcSchool   Item # 179400
 Sound of Five Someday Wingham LPS 1972 $10 VG+/VG LP Info Buy
   1972,Monmouth College groupSchool   Item # 72146
 Sound of Five Someday Wingham LPS 1972 $10 VG/VG+ LP Info Buy
   1972,Monmouth College group,rwSchool   Item # 194712
 Sound of Five Takin' it to the Limit Apogee MK28 1266 $12 EX/EX LP Info Buy
   1982,Monmouth College group,'Got to Get You into my Life' beatlesongSchool   Item # 72145
 South Dakota All-State Chorus The 1975 South Dakota All-State Chorus Mark MC-6120 $40 VG/EX LP Info Buy
   1975,slrwSchool   Item # 208091
 South Dakota All-State Chorus The 1977 South Dakota All-State Chorus Mark MC-6225 $50 EX/EX LP Info Buy
   1977,oswSchool   Item # 207927
 South Hillside Sensations At Kansas Music Educators Convention Audio House AHCI 18F79 $50 VG/VG LP Info Buy
   1979. Rare private custom recording white label in generic Audio House cover. Chorus with piano accompaniment. Songs include Clap Your Hands, Beautiful World, Every Morning When I Wake Up, PussywillowSchool   Item # 213397
 Southeast Iowa Bandmasters Association First Annual Honor Band Century 33428 $24.99 EX/M- LP Info Buy
   1969,oswSchool   Item # 197390
 Southwest Texas State College Band The Presidents' Marches Wonderland LP 163 $6.95 M-/EX LP Info Buy
   1975,osw,coSchool   Item # 105027
 Southwestern Community College Southwestern Sounds SR-5774 $40 VG+/M- LP Info Buy
   1972,osw,'big mama cass','vehicle','something' beatlesongSchool   Item # 161902
 St. Mary's Academy A Cappella Choir Happy Days Are Here Again Delta DR 423 $10 VG+/VG+ LP Info Buy
    196?-7?,gfld,private,Nauvoo IllinoisSchool   Item # 151095
 St. Mary's College Cold Cuts Bound for Faraway Places Audiofonics 971030 $32 VG/M- LP Info Buy
   1979,stain ocSchool   Item # 167908
 St. Olaf Choir Portrait of the Orient E-1637 $40 SS LP Info Buy
   1989,gfldSchool   Item # 157049
 St. Olaf Choir S/T St. Olaf VLP 1007(M) $20 VG/VG LP Info Buy
   195?,ten inch lp,red waxSchool   Item # 150408
 St. Olaf College Live at the Lion's Pause Sound 80 S80-1618 $175 VG/VG+ LP Info Buy
   1979,rw,fifteen original works by 44 performersSchool   Item # 199267
 State College of Iowa-Cedar Falls Concert Band Cocnert Band 1965-66 Vol. I Century 25224(M) $35 VG/EX LP Info Buy
   1966,slrwSchool   Item # 208331
 State College of Iowa-Cedar Falls Concert Band Concert Band 1965-66 Vol. II Century 25223(M) $35 VG/EX LP Info Buy
   1966,rwSchool   Item # 183461
 State College of Iowa-Cedar Falls Concert Chorale 10th Annual Tallcorn Music Conference Century 20904(M) $50 VG+/M- LP Info Buy
   1965,slrwSchool   Item # 208344
 State Univ College at Potsdam College Jazz Ensemble S/T Silver Crest Custom PO51269 $35 VG+/VG+ LP Info Buy
   1969,stock sleeve,'The Swinger','Mercy, Mercy','Goin' Out of My Head'School   Item # 120229
 State University of Iowa University Sing 1964 Century 19744(M) $24.99 VG/VG+ LP Info Buy
   1964,ten inch lp,rwSchool   Item # 155211
 Stoneleigh-Burnham Octette ...Here We Come Again! USR 8809 $32 EX/EX LP Info Buy
   1976,oswSchool   Item # 173197
 Summer College Institute Sounds Of Music From Summer College Institute State College of Iowa, Cedar Falls Century $75 SS LP Info Buy
   1966School   Item # 211595
 Sumner High School Swing Ding Century 23406(M) $50 VG+/M- LP Info Buy
   1966,oswSchool   Item # 208353
 Sutherland High School Jazz Band 1983-84 State Champs Westmark MC 21676 $50 SS LP Info Buy
   1984School   Item # 185245
 Take Five S/T 7005 $35 VG/VG- LP Info Buy
   1969,local folk rock group from North Central College, Naperville, Illinois,'59th Street Bridge Song','The Sound of Silence','A Hazy Shade of Winter','Chelsea Morning','Both Sides Now'School   Item # 194708
 Tartan High School Jazz Ensemble Gary Roseth, Director Encore Productions E-770 $35 VG/M- LP Info Buy
   1981,rwSchool   Item # 183452
 Tennessee Tech Band Heritage of the March Vol. 55 PDB-428 $32 VG/EX LP Info Buy
   197?,smspltSchool   Item # 152359
 Terry, Clark Festival '70 Mark UMC 2635 $30 VG/VG+ LP Info Buy
   1970,Charles City High School,h2o ocSchool   Item # 191726
 Terry, Clark Festival '70 Mark UMC 2635 $35 VG+/VG+ LP Info Buy
   1970,Charles City High SchoolSchool   Item # 81642
 Terry, Clark Festival '73 Sound 80 S80-502-2935 $24.99 VG+/VG+ LP Info Buy
   1973,2lp,Charles City High SchoolSchool   Item # 185636
 Terry, Clark Festival '73 Sound 80 S80-502-2935 $28 VG/EX LP Info Buy
   1973,2lp,Charles City High School,slrwSchool   Item # 191820
 Thomson High School Music Department 1977 Band & Chorus RPC Z 469871 $30 VG/EX LP Info Buy
   1977,h2o ocSchool   Item # 179408
 Thornton Fractional North High School Sound of the 40's Delta DRS 74 135 $24.99 VG+/VG+ LP Info Buy
   1974,illinois private pressSchool   Item # 153051
 Time of Day All Kinds of Time HCAO HRS-7309 $40 VG-/VG+ LP Info Buy
   1973,Harding College (Arkansas) rock group,heavy rw,smsplt,'listen to the music','teach your children','get together'School   Item # 194679
 Tremper High School Golden Strings Vintage 1985 Tremper THS-85G186 $50 VG+/M- LP Info Buy
   1985,Nancy Reagan photo cover art,kenosha wisconsin hsSchool   Item # 166064
 Trinity College Something Old, Something New TC105 $20 EX/VG+ LP Info Buy
   197?,oswSchool   Item # 158902
 Triton College Jazz Band Captured Live! Brewster BRS-192 $50 VG/VG LP Info Buy
   Early 1980s? Private school band jazz funk.School   Item # 212499
 Tropical Elementary School Tuners Tropical Tuners' Top Hits JBP AR4520 $95 VG/M- LP Info Buy
   197?-8?,rwSchool   Item # 209762
 Tufts Univ Chorus Songs of Tufts Radax TU 1852(M) $32 VG/VG LP Info Buy
   1958?,smsplt,spine splitSchool   Item # 148511
 Tuna de la Escuela Tecnica Superior de Ingenieros Industriales de Barcelona S/T Spanish Heritage Association SHA-0004 $32 VG+/EX LP Info Buy
   196?-7?,Spain?School   Item # 170871
 Twin City Institute for Talented Youth Orchestra 1981 Westmark WMC-28015 $24.99 VG+/EX LP Info Buy
   1981,oswSchool   Item # 185728
 Uarkettes Those Fabulous... Mark MRS-2161 $30 VG/EX LP Info Buy
   1970,Univ of Arkansas group,wocSchool   Item # 167773
 Uarkettes Those Fabulous... Mark MRS-2161 $35 VG+/EX LP Info Buy
   1970,Univ of Arkansas group,oswSchool   Item # 194687
 United Township High School Concert Band Fredlo 6407LP(M) $30 VG/VG+ LP Info Buy
   1964,smsplt,rw,insertSchool   Item # 190835
 Univ of North Dakota Presents Varsity Bards / University Chorus Century Custom 21198 $32 VG+/EX LP Info Buy
   196?-7?School   Item # 151093
 Univ of Pennsylvania Counterparts Vintage AMP 8694 $10 VG+/M- LP Info Buy
   1986School   Item # 142834
 University High School Choirs & Chamber Singers, 1965-1968 Century 29655 $75 VG+/M- LP Info Buy
   1968,oswSchool   Item # 208435
 University of Dayton 1963 Homecoming Premiere 'Say It With Music' Players' 11251(M) $32 VG+/M- LP Info Buy
   1963,student musicalSchool   Item # 161910
 University of Florida Jazz Band Hansen's Jazz Ensemble Sampler Charles Hansen CHHA11574 $125 VG/VG+ LP Info Buy
   197?,smsplt,soc,Wade Marcus arrangementsSchool   Item # 143960
 University Of Illinois Extension In Music LPS 217-09 $75 VG/M- LP Info Buy
   1973,stamp oc,1973 Illinois Summer Youth Music 25th Anniversary, Junior Concert Orchestra, John Higgins ConductorSchool   Item # 210464
 University of Illinois Medicare 7, 8, or 9 Dixieland Jazz Band Medicare Jazz Delta DRS 78M 723 $32 EX/EX LP Info Buy
   1978,2lp,osw,faculty groupSchool   Item # 148003
 University of Illinois Medicare 7, 8, or 9 Dixieland Jazz Band Medicare Jazz Delta DRS 78M 723 $32 VG+/M- LP Info Buy
   1978,2lp,faculty groupSchool   Item # 174266
 University of Illinois Varsity Men's Glee Club The Singing Illini W4RS-4481 $35 VG+/VG+ LP Info Buy
   1968School   Item # 187217
 University of Illinois-Chicago The Big Blue Band UIC 7-7876 $40 EX/EX LP Info Buy
   1967,oswSchool   Item # 187216
 University Of Iowa 1970 All State Music Camp Black Band Mark UMC 2698 $75 SS LP Info Buy
   1970School   Item # 211601
 University Of Iowa 1971 All State Music Camp Black Band Mark $50 SS LP Info Buy
   1970. Don Jackson (Conductor)School   Item # 211623
 University Of Iowa 1971 All State Music Camp Chorus And Orchestra Mark MC-1537 $50 SS LP Info Buy
   1971School   Item # 211600

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